Donald and Hillary: Mr. and Mrs 2016 Human Being

hillarydonaldOne of the foundational Forbidden Truths of human leadership, brilliantly revealed by Me well over 15 years ago, is that the pathetic human species of sheeple will never choose anyone to lead them, who meets or exceeds their own level of personal functionality.

Always and forever, the human will choose humans inferior to them, as their primary leaders. This is the Law of Reflection: Humans reflect their perverse, diseased, and devolving natures upon others, and demand external validation of the house of cards universe of illusion and delusion upon which they have built and base their imaginary existence.

This Forbidden Truth is proven beyond all doubt today, in 2016, by the choice of 320+ million humans in the genocidal slave-state of amerikkka, to enslave themselves to either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Both of these humans represent and manifest the worst human features of barbarity, deceit, Self-hate, and Truth-hate. Both are slavemasters on a genocidal scale.

Both have already caused millions of human beings to suffer and die. Both are actively immoral and mentally ill, as mental illness is Truthfully defined.

These are the reasons why YOU humans have chosen to cage and continue destroying yourselves, by validating their right to shackle, harm, and murder you.

Donald represents the religion of monetary addiction: The glorification and sanctification of what is directly USED to enslave you. His seething, subconscious hatred, his insatiable appetite to destroy others, in the name of helping you, validates your own homicidal and suicidal ideations.

Hillary represents the religion of nationalistic state and family unit addiction: The maternal figure devouring her young, as all humans seek to do, and to have done in their names. She sold herself, fornicated and copulated her way to the top, just as every amerikkkan woman is encouraged and instructed to do.

Your leaders destroy you, as you wish to be destroyed.

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The Despicable Voter

Human beings are despicable creatures, in general. They prove this as a collective species, each and every day, in everything they choose to do. What you DO reflects and reveals what you ARE.

The voter earns limitless hatred and contempt from all who are sane, like Me. The voter directly destroys every living thing on this planet, by choosing to commit this singular act of universal genocide.

The vote does not merely conceal Truth, it destroys Truth. Every vote is a stated mandate, on a personal level, to be enslaved, victimized, and murdered. Every vote is the chosen signing of a death warrant for Self. And for ALL others, of course, because it legitimizes the deranged structure of government.

Voting destroys Truth because it functions as the absolute abdication and abandonment of all free will, dismembering the very concept of what freedom is.

If humanity were sane, no voting machine or booth or address could exist, as no sane creature would allow it to come into existence.


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Donald Trump & The Hive Mind of Government

Let us begin with an understanding that despite being prominantly featured in this essay title, Donald Trump, as an individual, is not the main focus of this essay. Due to his current popularity and name recognition, I am using Donald as a functional example and illustration of how the hive mind of government functions, and how this hive mind is operationally structured. The Forbidden Truths I am revealing in this essay have been and will be equally applicable to all individuals who claim an aspirational objective to become a top-level political leader within a cloaked dictatorship such as amerikkka.

Every government that has ever existed throughout all of human history, up to and including today, of course, has been a suffocating structure of universal slavery, oppression, and terrorization. This is how governance is defined, and this is how it functions. government controls, dictates, threatens, harms, destroys. government is the purest and the only human expression of genocide. Everything that a government externally labels as genocide, is an attempt to cloak and conceal the Forbidden Truth that every government is always carrying out and practicing genocide against its own citizen-slaves, all of the time, destroying them mentally and physically, from the outside in, and from the inside out.

The mandate of all government is to maintain a brutal and universal stranglehold of power, and to deploy this power against its own citizen-slaves, and to find ways to force these citizen-slaves to accept, embrace, and yes, applaus and cheer for their own current and ongoing future enslavement, and to relentlessly thwart any and all Truth-based change. Truth-based change is never a goal of any existing government, as it represents a direct threat to the matrix of universal illusion that is always in place and in effect. Any Truth-based change threatens to disrupt this matrix, and therefore is never allowed to occur, much less openly sought.

governments claim to be different from each other, this is a primary functional rule of how terrorist-based propaganda functions. “We are good and they are bad, we are right and they are wrong, we make your life better, they would make your life worse”, this is the ideological excreta of all governments,  regardless of how the government might label itself or other governments, in its effort to establish a false illusion of difference and distinction.

Now, with this preface fully understood by you brainwashed slaves, which is of course an incorrect assumption I am making only for the purpose of revealing Truths which you matrix-trapped fools are incapable of embracing, let us turn this dissection squarely to a single, specific government: amerikkka.

The government of amerikkka applies a specific brainwashing label to itself, for the specific reason and purpose of establishing a false illusion of distinction and difference to its citizen-slaves in terms of how they are to perceive other governments and their citizenry. This deliberately deceptive label, propagandized by the amerikkkan regime to all children and to all adults on a relentless and pervasive level, can be summed up as follows:

amerikkka is a free and capitalist progressive democracy which proves freedom of opportunity and life path choice to all citizens, allowing them to live as they choose and to effect both personal and social positive change via open and transparent debate on issues and open and transparent ability to choose their political leaders.

None of this is True, of course. The Forbidden Truth is: amerikkka is a brutal dictatorship which demands universal slavery from all humans that it claims as citizens and residents, providing no freedom and allowing for no freedom, controlling and dictating all parameters of both behavior and thought via brainwashing, indoctrination, propaganda, deceit, threats, terrorization, harm, torment, murder, and genocide. No debate which exposes Truth is permitted. No change which threatens the existing social order is permitted. The government can neither be changed nor dissolved, as it perpetuates itself within existing structural and ideological parameters which cannot be changed by any individual or by any organized group of individuals.

Let us understand the three very specific, primary branches of universal deception which form the foundational roots of the amerikkkan government. These three branches are:

1: Freedom: The lie that the individual citizen-slave is allowed to do and to think as he wishes.

2: Choice: The lie that the individual is given the capacity and the opportunity to make personal choices that can impact his experience of existence.

3: Change: The lie that the individual possesses the power to attempt to effect and to achieve desired positive or beneficial changes on a personal or group level, in the future, by altering existing law, existing public policy mandates, and the physical identity of future political leaders.

So far, I have not even mentioned the name of Donald Trump. Why not?? Because he is an interchangeable figurehead. This essay is not about him, it is a Forbidden Truth dissection which reveals his role in the 2015-2016 matrix of universal illusion. His role is the same role performed by abraham lincoln and barack obama and ronald reagan and hillary clinton and george mcgovern and many other figureheads: They reinforce via personality cult the three primary universal deceptions of amerikkka as a government: Freedom, Choice, Change.

As an example, look at the legacy of abraham lincoln. By convincing the amerikkkan citizen-slaves of 1865 that their government was capable of instituting a great moral change to provide freedom to blacks, he successfully obtained 100 additional years of horrific oppression and slavery from both amerikkkan whites and amerikkkan blacks, whose universal slave status remained, of course, exactly and absolutely the same as it had been under previous regime leaders.

It can be an ideological lie: That amerikkkan whites were free and amerikkkan blacks deserved to be free, too, as espoused by abe. Or it can be the possession of a vagina, as Hillary stands upon. Or it can be a skin color, what barack used to become president. The specific detail offered by the propagandist does not matter, it is a superficial detail. What matters is the understanding of what is being offered, in each case: The lie of freedom, choice, change.

All governments exist as hive minds. The supreme leader is a figurehead, his actual power is no greater than that of the hive mind as a whole. The hive mind of the amerikkkan government consists of 500-1000 individuals, elected and unelected. This hive mind can never change, it can never progress, it can never provide freedom or choice. It represents humanity as a whole, devolving to extinction. No individual can alter the hive mind. No individual who threatens the hive mind is ever allowed to attain even the useless figurehead position of supreme leader.

Even if a Superior deceives the hive mind and attains the supreme leadership position, his power as an individual is that of an impotent figurehead, and the hive mind can and will dispose of him via numerous available mothods, from impeachment, to having him declared mentally incompetent, to assassination.

If Donald Trump becomes president, it is because the hive mind proactively decides beforehand, that he fits into the matrix and will strengthen it. Allowing him to try to become president, in and of itself, regardless of whether the hive mind allows him to win, strengthens the matrix by strengthening the lie and illusion of freedom and choice within the leadership selection process.

The primary method by which the hive mind can and will control whether or not donald trump becomes president, is via media control. The media is a propaganda unit of the government. This is not a conspiracy theory, it has nothing to do with conspiracy. It is a simple and obvious fact: In amerikkka, all mass media serves the existing regime, protects it, defends it, promotes it, controlling and shaping both public opinion, and the parameters of all public debate.

Thus far, the amerikkkan mass media has been hostile to donald trump. Why? Because the hive mind has not yet decided whether or not he can be allowed to attain the figurehead position of supreme leader, whether or not this would endanger the matrix of universal illusion to any significant degree.

But at the same time, the mass media has fostered donald trump’s candidacy. Why? Because the candidacy itself strengthens the matrix, even if the hive mind ultimately determines that it is not advantageous to allow him to become president. There is plenty of time for the hive mind to use its media propagandists to destroy donald trump’s candidacy, in future months, to ensure he does not become president. For now, there is no reason to destroy his candidacy, it serves as a perfect form of propaganda to strengthen the absurd lie that the amerikkkan political system is open and free and allows the citizen-slaves to choose their new leader and effect change for the future.

All three of the foundational roots of universal deception of the amerikkkan government: Freedom, Choice, Change, are buried more deeply, more successfully hidden from all public consciousness as Forbidden Truths, by the donald trump presidential candidacy.

I have no psychic powers. I cannot tell you today, September 28, 2015, whether or not donald trump will become the next supreme leader of the most evil and diseased government humanity has ever devised. But I can tell you several things that are much more important. I can tell you some Forbidden Truths:

  • The existing hive mind of the amerikkkan government will choose and determine whether or not donald trump is allowed to become president.
  • It makes no difference whether or not donald trump becomes president, because the hive mind of the amerikkkan government will remain unaltered and untouched.
  • Donald Trump is strengthening the regime of amerikkka, and the diseased and malicious institution of government itself, by his very candidacy. He challenges nothing, he exposes nothing, he enlightens nobody to the True nature, purpose, and functional consequences of government, which exists as the greatest of shackles upon all of humanity, destroying and dooming the entire species.

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The Greatest Con Game on Earth

Ladies and gentlemen, deformed human brains of all ages, shapes, sizes, and colors, it is time once again to commence playing the greatest con game on earth, a/k/a, and otherwise known as, the amerikkkan presidential election cycle. Yes, it all officially began just a few days ago, and it will continue for the next 19 months, yes NINETEEN months, until November 8, 2016. 19 months of relentless media and social brainwashing and indoctrination, to the bizarre, insane, and absurd concept that a free people is being empowered to choose its next supreme leader. Nineteen months of deception and illusion, a show and a soap opera, to be played out for 350 million slaves. The longest show on earth, intended to ensure the lifelong slavery and genocidal slaughter of each and every observer and participant.

The Forbidden Truth definition: Election: noun, A theatrically organized charade intended to brainwash an organized nation-state of citizen-slaves that they are being given the freedom to choose their next leader. Or, Election: noun, A three ring circus organized and orchestrated by currently elected slavemasters to inspire the patriotic allegiance of citizen-slaves by convincing them they are free to change their futures. Or, Election: noun, A government sponsored pseudo-rebellion by which terrorized citizen-slaves are convinced to reject civil war and armed overthrow of their slavemasters, by the perverse lie that they can use a pen and a ballot to achieve freedom and emancipation.

For the next 19 months your media propagandists, serving and obeying the demand of their governmental overlords, will bombard you with the most absurd illusion of freedom imaginable: That you, as an individual, face a grand and crucial choice in personally deciding the specific identity of the figurehead slavemaster who is to rule over your existence for four years. 19 months of wasted, imaginary existence. 19 months, enough time to make technological immortality a reality. Enough time to end the family unit. Enough time to eradicate religion from the consciousness of all of humanity. But no, you will eagerly waste all this time playing an absurd game of Let Me Pretend To Be Free. Shame, eternal shame on all of you!

You are told that amerikkka is a free democracy. You are told this so that you may never realize the Forbidden Truth: That amerikkka is a religiously fundamentalist dictatorship, void of all freedom, a worldwide warmongerer, the greatest international source of terrorist harm, carried out for the sole purpose of creating imaginary enemies so that you may never recognize who your only real and True and valid enemy is: Your government, the amerikkkan government.

It’s a democracy and you are free, so you can vote. Yes you can, you can vote. You can vote for whichever new slavemasters your current slavemasters deem acceptable. And if you don’t vote, that’s okay, but you will be just as much a slave, until you die, every moment of the future, just as you have, every moment of the past.

Everyone who is given the opportunity to become your supreme slavemaster, is already a top-level slavemaster. Yes, the senator already owns and terrorizes millions of slaves. So does the governor, and the mayor. Relax, don’t worry, they are experienced slavemasters. They know what they are doing, they know how to keep you successfully enslaved, as they are already enslaving millions. They want more slaves, 5 million, 20 million, that’s not enough, so vote for the mayor, the governor, the senator, for president. The slavemaster wants more slaves. Comply!

And what of dear Hillary Rodham Clinton, our designated early cycle front-runner? Such a sweetheart, she was the secretary of state of amerikkka, directly serving the will of existing slavemaster barack, so in a very real way, she has already directly owned as a slave, each and every amerikkkan citizen. My dear slave, you can feel comfortable shackled by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Do you not worship the past? She owned you already, let her own you once again, only this time by official proclamation.

Choose your new supreme slavemaster, slave! Take your time, there is no rush. You have 19 months to decide. Of course there is no rush, you have always been a slave, you will always be a slave, pretending to be free, pretending to be alive. Maybe you will die within the next 19 months? No problem, you are a drone, you are 7 of 9, you will have served your masters with honor, go forth to your cosmic eternity of nothingness, and don’t worry, the greatest con game on earth will continue without any interruption.

The single greatest con of every presidential election, is not the ongoing illusion of freedom. That is actually the second greatest con. The #1 con is the perverse lie, drilled into your skull with more vehemence than Jeffrey Dahmer used, that you are shaping the future, determining your future. Ha! Shaping the future, something alive. But the Truth is you are already dead, when you cast a ballot in an election, you are actually signing your own death certificate, fools! Every existing and aspiring slavemaster talks about the future, and because Truth has always been dead to you, this absurd lie and illusion is so eagerly seized and celebrated. Yes, the future, we will make it better, somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come truuuue… But no, you idiots, they don’t! It’s just the greatest con game on earth, in full bloom!

The future, your future, is eternal nothingness, retroactive unbirth, you never existed, you were never born, you never lived. That is the future, that is your future. But no, you are a citizen, you are a voter, you are a human being, and Truth is dead to you.

Seven years ago you chose Barack Obama as your new slavemaster. The future looks bright, everything will change, things will be better. And now, here we are, and how many millions of amerikkkans have been retroactively unborn via death? Nothing has changed, unless you have died, in which case the only change is that you have successfully aborted yourself inside of a womb. Nothing has gotten better, everything has gotten worse. Your slave status is greater today. Your future is far more hopeless than it was seven years ago, because you have wasted seven years worshipping your own deaths and celebrating your universal slavery.

government has stolen those seven years of your existence, just as it has stolen every previous year, and just as it is plotting, each and every day, in ongoing, real-time, to steal every moment of your imaginary future existence. And now the charade begins anew, the future, we must make it bright, choose a new slavemaster, allow him to convince you that the future will be bright, so that nothing may change, so that everything will be worse, so that your eternal coffin may continue sparkling and gleaming, in the future, somewhere over the rainbow.

Seven years ago you chose a supreme slavemaster because his skin color allowed you to pretend you were evolving. And now you are being graced with the opportunity to choose a female slavemaster, to once again delude yourself into believing you are evolving, making progress, going in the right direction. You fools! Your terrorist regime has perfected the siren lure of superficiality. Look at his skin, look at her breasts, something new, something different. But it is only the greatest con game on earth, concealing the Forbidden Truth that all slavemasters are slavemasters, and all slavery is slavery, and all existence as a slave to a government is hopeless, hopelessly doomed.

Dear amerikkkan, you are the kidnapped african negro, the year is 1840, you stand on a plantation in South Carolina and you feel joyful, because 10 different white men are offering to enslave you, they each hold out a shackle, “Come, be my slave…no, don’t listen to him, my shackle is nicer, look at the gold trimming….” You feel so happy, you are being given a choice, there is a younger slavemaster, and an older one, their eyes are different, their faces are different, and you get to choose. So lucky, you slave.

And now it is 2015, dear amerikkkan, and what I have described above is exactly what an election is. Each of you, on november 8, 2016, will be the 1840 kidnapped african. It doesn’t matter if you do not vote, simply by allowing this election to occur, you are choosing a slavemaster, you are making love to the slave shackle, you are dooming yourselves, and all of humanity. This is the Forbidden Truth.

voting change

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The Absurdity of Majority Rule

Democracy, voting, and elections are all built upon the foundational premise of majority rule. This premise holds that whatever a majority of humans within any particular social construct indicate a desire for, they are entitled to obtain, and by proxy, to impose upon the minority against their will. Let us analyze this perversion of all aspects of freedom and personal autonomy, from the Forbidden Truth perspective.

To begin, the structure of majority rule is fundamentally biased. It assumes that whatever a majority of humans want, is either right, or better, or both right and better. But under what rationale can it be presumed that the conclusions of the majority are more valid, more accurate, or more beneficial to the universe, than the conclusions of the minority? None! There is no sane basis to think that the conclusions of the majority possess any greater validity than the conclusions of the minority. In Truth, as I will soon outline, the exact opposite is True.

Next, majority rule is an inherently unjust system. Why should the majority get to impose upon the minority? This spits in the face of all rational definitions of freedom, equality, and individual autonomy. The Forbidden Truth is that the single most basic foundational premise of the “free democracy” form of government: Majority rule, guarantees and demands that individuals be denied freedom, equality, and autonomy. From the very outset, the democracy guarantees that nothing it claims to provide to its slaves, can actually be provided.

Digging deeper, majority rule overtly promotes every imaginable form of social propaganda, indoctrination, and brainwashing, by turning reality into nothing more than a popularity contest. Whatever the existing social structure can convince the majority to embrace, can be automatically imposed by force of law, against the minority. This ensures absolute contempt for all Truth, and for every version of equality and justice.

Now, let me let you in on an open secret, that any sane mind already knows, which of course means that you creatures are blind to: The majority is always wrong! Always, the majority will be wrong. Always, the majority will make the stupid, inferior, insane, Self-destroying choice. Always! Why is the majority always wrong? Because the vast majority of all children are brutally tortured and destroyed of all capacity to love Self and to make rational, sane, life path decisions based upon Truth. Therefore the vast majority of all voters are now and will always be, destroyed ex-children incapable of making positive choices to improve their own existences.

Majority rule is an absolute stroke of tactical genius for government. Majority rule guarantees that a broken and destroyed, deranged and Self-hating majority of adults, brutally victimized ex-children, will control and dictate the shape of every future, of all futures, because every generation of children is so destroyed by every generation of adults. Therefore you have an unbreakable cycle that guarantees no positive evolution, no progress of any kind, no capacity to break free of any existing ideological and behavioral pathologies as desired and promoted by the existing governmental and social leadership structures.

Majority rule is the guarantee that nothing will change, the guarantee that nothing will get better, the guarantee that every mistake ever made by modern era humanity will be perpetually repeated, dressed up within useless illusions of cosmetic and superficial change which are guaranteed to change nothing substantive. Majority rule is why every generation of citizen-slaves feels free and deludes itself into believing that a better future is being forged, even as their slavery remains just as brutal as it has ever been, and their future just as hopelessly devoid of any possibility of even becoming real, much less better.

It is time to end all voting, to end all elections, and to destroy the toxic and impossible to redeem structure that is government. It is time to recognize voting and elections for what they are: Useless illusions of imaginary freedom that serve to guarantee an existence in lifelong shackles, followed by an eternity of cosmic nothingness.

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Promoting the Vote, Betraying Humanity

google, facebook, and wordpress, among many other companies which serve as shills for the amerikkkan government, are all overtly promoting and encouraging their users to vote today.

WordPress has had this perverse message at the bottom of its pages for weeks:

2014 Midterm ElectionsElection Day: November 4, 2014 We’re offering tools to give you access to the customized voter information you need to cast a ballot on or before Election Day and then tell the world that you voted by embedding the custom I Voted badge. Learn More.

The google search engine “doodle” for today is this:

U.S. Elections 2014

And just look at what facebook is choosing to do today, to eternally darken and destroy My future, your future, every future:

Let us clearly understand that no rebellion via technology which is controlled by a company, is possible. All companies are owned by the state, all companies are used by the state to impose a universe of illusion, to create a false reality, to shape the future in the same darkness of the past and present. The internet and social media has never been, can never be, and will never be, a path to revolutionary change, because the internet is controlled by companies, and all companies are controlled by government

Did television or radio or newspapers or xerox zines or the telephone or any other communicative technology lead to any betterment of the human condition? No. And neither will the internet or any current or future version of social media. Every new technology is hijacked by the terrorist structure that is government, and then used by this terrorist structure to coerce, compel, and brainwash obedience for and embrace of, the existing structures of universal oppression, victimization, and slavery.

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I Vote

Welcome to the Forbidden Truth voting booth. Here there are no human candidates, no terrorists who pretend to vie for leadership positions as they lie to and bribe citizen-slaves from a pre-vetted position of state sponsorship. Here you will find no majority rule, as the majority are recognized to be inferior and broken creatures unfit to impose their pathologies upon others. Here your vote will really count because you are understood to exist as an independent universe of one, entitled to Truth-based freedom, autonomy of mind and of will, and to attain every Superior environment you seek. Are you ready to begin voting?? I am, and with each vote cast, I explode and shatter the mythological domains you remain hopelessly beholden to and shackled by.

I vote to end all governmental rule, I vote to identify government as a structure based solely on terrorism and enslavement of mankind, therefore a structure which must be rejected and eliminated from every aspect of authority.

I vote to end all ideological leadership, to terminate all social positions which are given the power to influence human thought and belief systems. No more presidents, popes, teachers, news anchors. No more illegitimate pilots to steer a vulnerable species into abysses of delusion and illusion.

I vote to end all social promotion of insane god mythology. I vote to have religion declared a severe and contagious form of mental illness which must be both proactively prevented by eliminating religion from all public discourse, and aggressively treated by openly decreeing all religious beliefs to be harmful and false fables.

I vote to immediately begin devoting every technological, social science, robotics, medicine, and engineering resource to be combined and to work together to unlock all of the keys to immortality of the brain, so that each of us may enjoy an eternity of existence as a brain, via the effective elimination of death as it is properly defined: The cessation of individual brain functionality.

I vote to eliminate parenthood and the family unit, to have both declared as failed social experiments, as well as malicious forms of personal enslavement which violate all parameters of human and individual rights.

I vote to institute Universal, Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, designed and structured to allow every child in the world to develop brain functionality which is rooted and built upon the embrace of all Truth and unqualified development of Self-love and narcissism.

I vote to declare the past a failure, to declare the present a continuation of the failed past, and to declare the future an uncharted course of limitless potential which must, by its very nature, openly defy and reject every existing human-based ideological and behavioral system of the past and of the present.

I vote to end all cultural traditions, to terminate all race and nationality-based rituals of the past. I vote to immediately end all official holidays, as celebrated by all societies and governments. I vote to establish a new universal holiday, the only holiday of the year to single out for celebration: The day of Your birth.

I vote to end all punishment, of all living things, at every level. I vote to have punishment itself declared a violation of the most basic rights of every living thing.

I vote to have children decreed morally and psychologically healthier than adults, entitled to chart a new course into the future, absent all education as indoctrination, absent all attempts by all adults to control, direct, or influence their intellectual development.

I vote to end all voting, recognizing that at the present time, adult humans exist as broken and destroyed, functionally deranged ex-children, hence unfit to shape and manipulate their own futures via majority decision.

There are many other votes I could and would cast, but these are a fitting set, to begin the process of putting an end to the horrors that each of you is guilty of sponsoring and ensuring the continuation of, by participating in the toxic freedom illusion that is election day in amerikkka.

Here is a brochure from 1911, when women were not allowed to vote in amerikkka, explaining why they should not be allowed to vote. Read this with the Alien Eye of Truth, and you will understand how voting and elections have always been nothing more than ways to provide human slaves with an illusion of freedom:

The Voter: Betrayer of Self,Freedom,and Truth

Today is November 4. 2014, according to the time lords who rule over every aspect of your imaginary existence, and the terrorist regime that is amerikkka has decreed this specific day to be an “election day”. Yes, it is an election day, the day every media outlet in the country, as directed by its governing overlords, has conspired to propagandize as a glorious day of freedom and opportunity, a precious gift from your government, a chance for you to change the future, direct the future, control the future, make the future better than the past. Change things!

But it is all a lie, the darkest and the deepest of all deceptions. It is the lie that destroys each and every moment in time, the lie which stretches back thousands of years, and forward thousands of years, the lie which guasrantees universal slavery and death for all who are born human, past, present, and future. The lie that will only be broken by the total extinction of a species that should never have come to exist.

Are you a voter? Did you vote today? Have you ever voted? Even if you have never voted, do you recognize the electoral process as valid? Do you support the right to vote? If you answer Yes to any of these questions, you are guilty of conspiring to destroy the very foundational fabrics of what constitutes freedom, autonomy, and the most basic of human rights. To vote is to chain Yourself to a ticking time bomb, and swallow the key that can diffuse this bomb. To vote is to conspire with the entity that has already destroyed you in so many different ways, to empower it to continue destroying you, and every other sentiently existing creature, to destroy you each day until you become nothing, forever.

Elections and the right to vote are the single greatest overtly dynamic illusion of freedom that modern era humanity has created. Elections and the right to vote do not alter any aspect of the universal experience of slavery which has defined human existence for thousands of years, and yet you insane fools are blind to this Truth, and eagerly agree to vote and participate in elections. This is because you were born slaves, you grew up as slaves, you are slaves. Slavery is all you have ever known, slavery is all that you can conceive of in your broken minds. You have created and embraced definitions of freedom, that have nothing whatsoever to do with actually experiencing Truth-based freedom. In Truth, you are terrified of freedom, you shun and reject it. You demand the right to pretend to be free, as you demand that actual slavery remain at all times imposed as shackle upon you.

To any sane thinker, an election is the most blatantly transparent of frauds. An illusion so absurd, that anyone who falls prey to it is proven mentally deranged, by this single failure of mind to perceive reality as it is. You are not ruled by a man, or by men. You are ruled by a government. The individual figureheads that a government positions as candidates in an election, are interchangeable. It makes no difference if they are male or female, light or dark skinned, old or young. It makes no differencer what words they say, or how they say them. Their accent and their clothing and their public face make no difference. They are politicians, owned and controlled and beholden to a government, the government which allows them to play the game of attaining power through an election.

Every election is sponsored by a government. Therefore the outcome of every election is 100% certain the moment you slaves agree to accept the end result. The outcome is always the same: You remain brutally enslaved to an utterly malicious and illegitimate structure of genocidal, universal harm, exactly the same after the election, as was the case before the election.

Elections were invented by government in order to suffocate all internal dissent and domestic unrest. Elections give you a piece of paper to use to pretend to fight for freedom, instead of a gun or bomb or knife, or words of Forbidden Truth, such as the text of this essay. The invention of the election is the most successful method of neutering and sterilizing the minds of human beings, ever conceived by government.

What a stroke of genius the right to vote and to participate in free elections is! Now, the slaves have stopped even trying to figure out what freedom is, they have stopped fighting for freedom, because they have been successfully brainwashed to believe they are free, or they can become free, or they can fight for freedom, simply by replacing the individual terrorist figureheads who carry the title of leader, with new and different terrorist figureheads, every 2 or 4 years.

Imagine the 1800 kidnapped african slave in amerikkka. Imagine him being enslaved to a single master. And then imagine him being told, “Great news, from now on you will get to personally choose a new slavemaster every 2 or 4 years, from 2 pre-selected individuals, who will continue keeping you in the exact same state of slavery you are enjoying now. Isn’t this wonderful?? Now you will be free, free to choose one slavemaster, or another slavemaster. Two different individual slavemasters, and you get to choose. Maybe you want a younger slavemaster? Maybe you want a slavemaster who is female? Maybe a slavemaster with big lips?? Every few years you can choose someone different. Nothing will change in terms of your slavery, but you are now free to choose!. It is election day, freedom has come to amerikkka!”

So tell Me, how can you be so blind, and such a coward? How can you read the above paragraph and not understand and fully accept the Forbidden Truth that it is just as insane for you to participate in, or simply accept as valid, the results of the election of November 4, 2014, as it would have been for the 1800 african slave to accept this absurd illusion of freedom I have outlined above.

Every election is the terrorism of the state being imposed upon every citizen-slave, a perverse ritual which neuters any capacity to seek freedom. The frustrations of daily slavery are dissipated every two years, all impetus to violent uprising against the government is abandoned in favor of marking a box on a piece of paper. All who vote are guilty, every bad thing that will happen tomorrow and the next day and every day until human extinction, is the fault of every human being who chooses to vote.

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Blogging: Just Another Freedom Illusion

Societies and governments deliver a never-ending stream of freedom illusions to all citizen-slaves, successfully brainwashing them to perceive themselves as free, as they remain, in Truth, hopelessly enslaved. Let us briefly dissect this issue, as always, from a Self-centered perspective.

Consider ISIS, a social structure that western regimes demonize as embodying the worst forms of slavery and oppression. Yet ISIS successfully convinces its disciples that they enjoy valuable freedoms, by pledging allegiance to this social structure. The freedom to worship a god, by proxy to worship death, the freedom to be protected from exposure to ideas and traditions which defy their indoctrinated minds, the freedom to revel in rage, hate, and murder, without having to face up to their own True Reality motivations, The freedom to pretend to be free, because humans never want to be free, they only desire to be allowed to pretend to be free.

Now, compare and contrast the freedoms of the ISIS citizen, with the freedoms of the amerikkkan citizen. If your mind is sane, you will recognize that they are identical. They are identical because all humans in the 21st century exist as tortured ex-children, enslaved by the same diseased structures, limited by the same genetic pathologies of mind, and subjected to the same ongoing, externalized traumas. These freedoms are not freedoms, they are illusions of freedom, The freedom to exist as a slave, without having to face up to this Truth.

Look at a few common freedom illusions. We have voting. Here, the citizen-slave pretends he can choose a leader, but in Truth he is choosing a slavemaster, as given permission to do by the existing structure which enslaves him. He celebrates the freedom to choose between 2 or 3 or 4 different slavemasters, preselected by the government which enslaves him, knowing in advance that whichever slavemaster wins, his slave status cannot and will not be altered. How can any creature who even wants to pretend to be sane, decree such a horrific submission to slavery, a freedom?

Another widely embraced freedom illusion is the “right” to possess weapons. You insane creatures pretend to enjoy a valuable freedom, because your slavemaster governments selectively choose to allow some of you to legally own some types of weapons. Even as the slavemaster government owns weapons thousands or millions of times more lethal and destructive. Yes slave, we will allow you to own a Glock 17L with a 33 round magazine, while we own thermonuclear warheads capable of destroying every living thing on earth. Enjoy your freedom, which we can revoke at any moment, as we choose.

I love weapons of all sorts, and own many, but not for an instant have I ever been brainwashed enough to consider such ownership a form of freedom. Just because something might be useful to you in allowing you to express your True Reality, does not mean its possession can ever provide you with freedom. Freedom must be understood as the exact opposite of being allowed to do things or to possess things. The very existence of an organized structure judging and determining what you are allowed to possess or to do, is functional proof of your slave status. Freedom is never having to consider what you might not be allowed to do. There is no such thing as a limited or restricted freedom. The limitation or restriction nullifies the very idea that a freedom could exist.

Another freedom illusion offered by modern era slavemaster governments, is the “right” to quit a job, to change jobs, to choose a job that you personally desire. Freedom?? Employment is forced slavery, coerced under direct threat of suffering harm, deprivation, suffering, and death due tro malnutrition, untreated disease, etc. So, you are free to quit a job, and suffer harm as societal punishment. You are free to change jobs, to alter the specific details of the slave labor you are being forced to perform. How in the name of sanity can this constitute freedom? It is exactly the same as an 1800 kidnapped amerikkkan black being allowed to choose his new master. Labor in the 21st century is exactly the same as it was during the roman empire, everyone who labors for money is a purely owned slave, exactly as an 1800 negro in amerikkka was.

And what about families? So many of you celebrate this as a freedom. You can marry, fornicate, create children, live with your sex partners, so much glorious freedom, lots of choices, no? Come on, you fools! Don’t you see that the family unit is a prison, created by government specifically to lock you inside of cages? The freedom to marry is the freedom to legally subjugate your independence of mind and body, under direct terror threat of punishment by government. The freedom to fornacate is the freedom to become toxically dependent upon someone else to meet your own sexual needs, one of the most horrific slave statuses. The freedom to create children, is the freedom to be legally and culturally compelled to serve as a mother or father, robbed of all autonomy of mind, body, time, and of your very identity as a unique and irreplaceable singularity.

All of these diseased social structures are freedom illusions, that have nothing to do with achieving actual, Truth-based freedom. There are thousands upon thousands of freedom illusions, each of us is bombarded by them each day, and those of us who aspire to Superiority must recognize them all, for what they are. I still value My weapons, even as I completely reject the absurd concept that owning them is a form of freedom. Just because something is a freedom illusion, does not mean it should be shunned on a personal level. It might provide some useful personal benefits, as owning weapons does. But every freedom illusion must be consciously recognized as being just that, a freedom illusion.

Which brings us to blogging. This blog is only 7 days old, but I have been publicly revealing Forbidden Truth for 25 years, utilizing everything from xerox printed magazines sent through the mail, to Usenet newsgroups, to camcorder videos, to a million word Manifesto which has been posted online continuously for the past 11 years. None of this has existed, or exists today, as a form of freedom. The right to express Truth is not a freedom, because it is under the complete control of government, a slavemaster structure. There are thousands of things I could type in this very sentence, which would result in My being thrown into a cage, be it judicial or psychiatric, by the government which claims ownership of Me as a slave.

Every sentence that I have ever written over the past 25 years, has been Self-censored. Every sentence is written based upon the fact that no public writing can ever be free. Freedom of the press, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, these are all pure illusions. As long as government exists, nobody can be free to write or say what he wishes.

The internet poses a few specific challenges to universal censorship of ideas, that government, the universal censor, is fully aware of, and fully capable of successfully overcoming. The terrorist force of law and punishment is malleable enough to render every new invention, every new technology, utterly useless in terms of providing Truth-based freedom.

And yet here I am, blogging. Not because it is a freedom. But because words allow Me to express to the universe the Forbidden Truth, that blogging is a freedom illusion. The universe I am addressing is the universe I have created, the universe of one, the universe of Me.

© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.