Bird Murder Helps Expand the Mind of the Human Scarecrow

How’s that for a uniquely attention-grabbing title?

This is a True story of personal experience, and I am inspired to pen it by My very last essay, in which I discussed ending history, and the Forbidden Truth link between history and memory. Truth realization is in itself a process, it takes on a life of its own, with personally experienced events often leading to progressive Truth realization. There is great irony in this, because in My last essay I suggest memory might be one of the genetic birth defect markers of the human species, even as I, as a Superior, use My own memory to bring to enlightenment of Self-mind the most brilliant of Truth realizations.

A contradiction?? Perhaps not. Just because memory might be a genetic birth defect of humanity, does not preclude a Superior mind that has already successfully rejected and transcended its humanity, deploying memory for positive effect.

Regardless, I suggest you read this fairly brief essay first:

because it places this personal experience story in proper context, as to My Mind Bomb realizations of Truth regarding the issues of history and human memory.

Let’s begin with a little explanation of what a human scarecrow is, because I fear many of you higher-class, well-educated, white collar citizen-slaves might be mystified. Human scarecrow is not some erudite, philosophical description of the human condition. It is merely a job title, nothing more. Your dear Seer, being an uneducated high school dropout, has and continues to engage in menial, mindless, physically laborious slave labor jobs. One of My slave labor jobs has been that of human scarecrow. The human scarecrow is paid money to scare birds away from specific locations. Yes, humanity wages war against other species, and I was forced to side with the humans!

Believe it or not, there are many human scarecrows faithfully wasting their precious time in hot pursuit of birds. Farm owners use them to protect their crops, restaurant owners with outdoor dining areas use them to protect human eaters from hungry bird interference, private airport owners use them to protect airplanes and helicopters from potentially catastrophic in-flight bird strikes, and the list goes on.

Most human scarecrows use some type of noise generating device to scare the birds. The more unfortunate ones may also be forced to wear a scary/weird mask. Some are given mirrors and other devices to point at the birds. Some patrol on foot, if the area is small. Others use golf carts and cars. Some even shake and climb trees, to dislodge those pesky birds. Regardless, the mission is always the same: Scare away and remove birds from a specific area, in order to obtain a few pieces of worthless paper used by the terrorist structure of government to enslave humanity.

So, let Me share an interesting incident from My human scarecrow days, that helped to deepen multiple paths of Forbidden Truth scholarship and MindPower expansion.

This happened after about 4 months of human scarecrow labor. I had gotten to know My “enemy”, the birds, quite well. I recognized many of them by their behaviors, by their reactions/responses to My scare tactics, as well as by their physical appearance. There were many “regulars”, the same birds coming back every day to My patrol area. Some scared easily, others did not. Some flew far away when scared, others only a short distance. Some stopped flying away, to yell at Me for awhile, as if asking WTF was wrong with Me, why was I wasting My precious life and time trying to chase them away… But none ever dared to directly confront Me, to try to physically attack Me. None, ever.

But then, one day, out of the blue, after 4 months, a “regular”, a bird I saw each day and recognized, started attacking Me!

He would swoop down upon Me over and over, whenever I was not looking directly at him, flying right at My head and shoulders, squawking loudly, and even hitting My head and shoulders, 30+ times in a single day. Only this one bird acted this way, as never before, as no other bird.

Of course this outrageous breach of My sacred space inspired homicidal rage, and had I been allowed, I would have easily shot him dead with one of My numerous sniper rifles. But this was private property and shooting guns was not permitted, so I was left with no option beyond swatting at him with a long stick. I actually hit his wings several times, but he was too fast and agile for Me to deliver a fatal blow. My winged nemesis continued trying to attack Me despite My Self-defense responsive attacks. Only when I looked directly at him, did he back off. Still, only a short distance, where he would perch and squawk loudly at Me.

So, the 1st day of this ended, and I looked forward to day 2.

On the second day, My winged nemesis continued attacking Me, just as ferociously and persistently. Only this one bird. All other birds acted the same as always. I was mystified as to his motivation.

But that very day, at lunchtime, I was approached by a fellow slave laborer. This was unexpected, as I am a misanthropic loner and successfully shun/repel human interactions. But this time, the human insisted on addressing Me. Paraphrasing his uneducated linguistic style, he declared: “Yo man, we gotta do somethin’ about that motherfuc*in bird! The motherfuc*er is trying to kill us! I’m afraid he’s going to take out my eye! He already bit my da*n head! The motherfuc*er is crazy!!”

Despite My aversion to human interaction, My curiosity was peaked. “So, he’s trying to attack you, too?”, I asked.

“Da*n as hell he is! Not that I can blame him, but god*damn, we got to do something!”

“Any idea why he is acting crazy?”, I inquired.

My new human “friend” looked at Me like I was crazy: “Didn’t you see what the motherfuc*in’ boss had me doing?? I had to go up on the trees with a chainsaw and cut down all the nests with the eggs and baby birds inside. That motherfuc*in’ bird was right there, she saw me killing those babies, she attacked me right then, bit me on my da*n head, and she been attackin’ me, and you, ever since!”

Indeed, I had seen him two days earlier with a long ladder climbing trees and cutting down branches with a chainsaw, but being Self-obsessed, I paid his actions no mind and assumed he was simply trimming the trees. I made no correlation between his actions and the response of this one bird. But now, it all made perfect sense!

“Wow, that’s very interesting, thanks for the information!”, I replied, with genuine enthusiasm. But he continued to look at Me like I was crazy, and replied:

“Interesting?? I don’t wanna lose my da*n eye!! I was thinking to wear my construction hard hat today. Fuc* that god*amn motherfuc*in’ bird, we gotta do somethin’ about that motherfuc*er!”

And so I politely nodded and said nothing, desperately eager to put an end to another slimy human interaction.

That afternoon, the same attacks continued, and of course My perception of the bird and it’s motivation was dramatically altered.

The next day, day 3, the same bird continued to attack in the morning, but with slightly less ferocity and persistence. In the afternoon, the bird continued to fly abnormally close to me, and to “talk” loud and long, but only one or two direct attacks occurred.

The next day, day 4, things essentially went back to normal. No more attacks. The bird kept squawking at me, a little more persistently than the other birds, but no more close fly-byes or direct attack attempts.

And after that day, the bird never tried to attack Me again.

This incident stimulated numerous and sustained streams of perceptive mind and reality analysis within My brilliant brain, regarding issues such as trauma, rage, hate, revenge, functional brain process, and perhaps most directly: Memory.

The bird in question clearly witnessed a highly traumatic event, which left an “imprint” upon his mind. The bird clearly “felt” rage, hate, and a need to seek vengeance. The bird tried to seek and to claim vengeance! But, was he motivated by instinct, by “feeling”, or by processed thought?? This question is very important, it cuts to the heart of the human condition, as it must be understood within Forbidden Truth.

Why did the bird “gradually” stop targeting Me and the other human-born, for vengeance? Did he consciously realize he could not harm us? Did he consciously decide to “forgive” us? Did the “mind imprint” of his trauma simply fade over the 4 days of time? Or did he simply “forget”, on day four, what happened 4 days earlier?

Clearly, the brain of a bird is different from the brain of a human-born.

I cannot answer any of My own questions in this essay, with absolute certainty. But let us consider My hypothesis that human memory is a direct consequence of the malformation of the human brain on a genetic, birth defect level.

Memory and instinct are radically different. Instinctive behavior occurs as a general lack of sustained and multi-faceted thought. It is memory that leads to different behaviors, behaviors inspired by sustained and multi-faceted thought.

So, cutting to the very heart of My last essay, and the horror that is human history, consider this: If birds possessed the genetic and organic brain dysfunction of humans, this singular incident as experienced by this one, singular bird, could have led to a radical and species-wide alteration to the very fabric of bird existence, on a worldwide level.

This singular bird would have remained permanently traumatized.

This singular bird would have continued to obsessively attack Me and other humans, throughout its lifetime.

This singular bird would have bred, and specifically taught all of it’s offspring that human beings are dangerous, evil, homicidal, and must be attacked and destroyed.

This singular bird would have verbally shared the story of its horrific trauma with all other birds it met throughout its lifetime, psychologically scarring them with the horrific details of its own psychological trauma, in the process causing them to be traumatized and some or all of them to become inspired to seek vengeance against humans.

This singular incident as experienced by this one bird, would be woven into the historical timeline of the entire species. Birds as a species would perceive, accurately in fact, humans to be their mortal enemies, and engage in homicidal attacks, and suicidal wars against them.

But none of this happened. Why not? Maybe because the bird brain is not genetically defective, as the human brain is.

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I Judge Individuals, I Do Not Blame Them

I judge individual humans all of the time, and I am not merciful. I judge most of them stupid, insane, inferior, brainwashed, cowards, liars to Self, liars to others, Self-haters, Self-murderers, guilty of every form of genocide, unworthy of existence, etc…

And of course there are a tiny handful judged on the positive side, judged to be seekers of Truth, judged to be aspiring Superiors, judged as having open minds, and therefore judged to have their mindscape perspective given My consideration, even if it contradicts My own.

It is only the latter that I communicate with. Why? For the same reason I will not deliberately step into an enormous, stinking and steaming pile of elephant dung. To do so by choice would be an absurdity, an offensive slap in the face to Self. Superiors don’t do that.

Inferiors like to ask, isn’t it “better” to simply judge the ideas of individuals, or the actions of individuals, instead of the individuals themselves? Certainly not!

The individual is what he thinks and what he does. Of course it is so! You can know the individual by his thoughts and actions, as expressed, revealed, carried out. And so to judge the ideas/actions, but not the individual directly, is an absurdity. The individual must be judged, and the standard must be uncompromising Truth. Is he sane or insane? Courageous or a coward? A Self-destroyer, or not? Does he commit genocide, by standing in allegiance with the systems and structures that carry out genocide under his name? His ideas and his actions, reveal him for what he is. And so I must and I will judge him, if for no other reason than to validate the judgements I hold for Myself.

Those who refuse to judge others, refuse to honor this Truth, as they refuse to honor themselves.

Of course most human judgements of individuals are wrong. That is because an inferior human cannot accurately judge any living thing, or any situation or event, within Truth.

My judgements of individuals are accurate and valid, they are based upon factual reality, Forbidden Truth. Of course the individuals on the negative receiving end of My judgements will disagree with them. So what? They are objectively wrong, and they don’t need to know this, for it to be True.

It is very important to understand that judgement is not blame. Judgement has nothing to do with blame. Judgement does not negate the victimhood status of inferiors. It is not their fault, that they are inferior, and hold inferior opinions, dispense inferior ideas, do inferior things.

To blame an individual victim is always wrong. To judge an individual worthy of being blamed, is always wrong. The Superior judges the individual worthy of being judged, but not blamed. This is an absolute standard, and it is why, for example, I will not blame My mother for destroying My eyesight, or My father for raping Me 100’s of times from earliest memory.

When you place blame upon any singular individual, you betray Truth by minimizing and dismissing the structures of genocide and universal harm that are created, maintained, and imposed upon all human beings on planet earth, by society and government, today, yesterday, tomorrow, every day throughout the modern era of human existence.

We must judge individuals. We must blame society, government, and organized structures such as religion, the educational system, the psychiatric system, parenthood, marriage, money, etc… And we must blame humanity itself, as a collective whole. But let us not blame any individuals, let us not sink to the level of blaming the individual victim.

Nothing I reveal here, negates the sacred right of all individuals to seek and claim personal vengeance against specific individuals. Within judgement alone, all such efforts are inherently justified. Blame does not need to be inserted alongside judgement, to validate rage and hate-based personal revenge.

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The Enduring Legacy of Harming Others

Have you ever envisioned driving a razor-sharp dagger directly through someone’s chest, front to back, all the way through, and directly piercing the heart of the heart in the process?? Well, it’s not so hard to do, and happens much more often than you might think, in one way or another.

There are many different ways to harm others, legal and illegal. Some are fatal, some are not fatal. Some are fatal, but not in a physical way.

We are all victims of the universal and the personal harm of other individuals, and of humanity itself. Each of you celebrates and rejoices in the imposed reflection upon others, of your endured and experienced harm. Only the details of how you do this, are uniquely varied.

The beautiful thing about harm is that it endures. It endures and it metamorphosizes. It transforms dynamically, on it’s own, in response to others, taking on a life, shape, and substance of its own. The smallest act of harm, can have the largest, rippling consequences.

The Forbidden Truth is, you can never know for certain the exact and complete rippling ramifications of any act of harm that you choose to undertake.

Is this a good thing, or a bad thing? In general, factual knowledge is always good. But here, we have the factual knowledge that in choosing to harm others, they are harmed. Then, on top of this fact, is the added component of metamorphosizing mystery, factual, yet impossible to completely pin down. It’s a good thing!

You do not need to know every single exact detail of something, in ongoing real-time, in order for it to be valid, to be True, and to be personally valued and savored. Harmful acts evolve over time. Yes, that is the exactly proper descriptive term. Harmful acts evolve, even as humanity as a species is devolving. Isn’t this deliciously ironic??

On a fairly regular basis, I am given evidentiary proof that the harm I have caused continues to ripple and metamorphose.

Yet, the evidentiary proofs of harm evolving, can never be completely and fully known, can never be pinned and classified into a neat pile. Harm is messy, in more ways than one. You can envision the results of your actions, without knowing for certain their full extent. Nothing wrong with that, Truth is not compromised by a fertile imagination rooted within a foundational base of concrete fact.

Do you cause more overall harm by killing someone, or by merely injuring someone? Do you cause more harm by physically injuring someone, or by psychologically injuring them? Do you cause more harm by directly hurting someone, or by taunting them with the Forbidden Truth that they can never touch you?? These are just a few of the enigmatic questions that have no universal answer, because the circumstances of individual perception and experience of harm are uniquely varied.

We who consciously embrace our sacred right to harm others, should savor the unknown, as much as the known.

Perhaps you have already driven the sharpest of daggers directly through the chest, heart, and back of someone, or many different someones, and just don’t know it? Not because it didn’t happen, but because your perception, as creator of harm, differs from the perception of the victim(s) of this harm?? Give it all some thought, and if your mind is big and Superior enough, you might know the Truth of what I am saying, and it might even brighten your day just a bit. 🙂

And for those of you who do not appreciate the general tone of this essay, because it may strike you as advocating for harm: Here is My dagger, coming right at you: Hypocrites! You are the sponsors of universal harm for all! You are guilty of causing universal harm for all, carried out by your societies and governments in your name, under your auspices. Don’t you dare judge those of us with the courage to stand up in Truth and face what we are, as you refuse to do so.

No hypocrisy allowed in the Forbidden Truth universe!

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Outlaw Murderers: The Wind Beneath My Wings

Edmund Emil Kemper. David Berkowitz. Laurie Dann. Zodiac. Patrick Purdy. Charles Manson. Howard Unruh. Andrei Chikatilo. Timothy McVeigh. Jeffrey Dahmer. Martin Bryant. Andrew Kehoe. Henry Lee Lucas. John Wilkes Booth. Gary Ridgway. John Hinckley Jr. Lynette Fromme. Ronald Gene Simmons. Susan Atkins.

John Wayne Gacy. Lee Harvey Oswald. Richard Speck. Pedro Lopez. Javed Iqbal. Ronald Gene Simmons. George Hennard. Eric Harris. James Oliver Huberty. Yoo Young-chul. Ian Brady. Dylan Klebold. Dennis Nilsen. Elizabeth Bathory. Aileen Wuornos. Seung-Hui Cho. Juana Barraza. Jane Toppan. Charles Whitman.

I could give you 300 more names. Your Martyrs. Your tortured victim-creations, harmed over and over and over by you. Individuals who have always deserved your respect and apology, your begging them for the forgiveness you have never, will never deserve to receive.

But this post is personal. It is about Me giving thanks, showing My immense gratitude, for all to see and to know.

My heroes have always been and will always be, outlaw mass murderers. From early childhood I successfully recognized them as a precious gift to Me, in My conscious transformation to The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

Thank you to My heroes, all of You, directly named or not. Thank you for being the wind beneath my wings. Thank you for the gift of your reflective rage and hate. Thank you for standing up for Yourself, and in the process inspiring Me, paving My own mind path, illuminating it with the lightness and brightness and thickness of blood.

Today, I am NOT more than any of you. I am your collective True Reality, incubated and integrated and exalted and realized within the universe I have built, a universe that you helped Me to build.

Most of you have been lost to eternal nothingness. The remainder of you are being attacked and harmed, victimized and mistreated, each and every day. Just as I was, and am, and will be.

I promise to hold You within Me, for as long as I can.

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New Lone Gunman usa Mass Murder Record Set Today

Omar Mateen 7.png

Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, Tortured victim-creation of late 20th and early 21st century human society and government, shattered the all-time death count record for an amerikkkan lone gunman massacre, today, June 12, 2016

It sucks being stuck at slave labor when top-level revenge is sought and claimed by a tortured victim-creation of human society and government. Not owning a cellular phone rubs additional salt, or is that gunpowder, into the wound. But there is a bright side, hearing tidbits from co-workers, and anticipating home arrival, for a solid immersion with CNN Breaking News.

About 13 hours ago, Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, aged 29, opened fire at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Acting as a lone wolf, Omar shot at least 103 humans, killing at least 50, shattering the all-time lone gunman, GUN-only mass murder record for amerikkka.

It is good to know Omar did not commit a Self-murder at the end of this top-level massacre, but engaged arriving pigs in a gun battle. Tragically, he was murdered in this battle.

It is my pleasure to openly acknowledge Omar’s achievement, and to recognize him as a victim and Martyr.

Rage and hate is externally inculcated within us all, True Reality reflections must be honored.

You can follow this developing and breaking news via this direct link:

Omar Mateen 8

Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, Newly Crowned amerikkkan Lone Gunman Mass Murder Record Holder.

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Why Revenge?

  • Because there is no justice.
  • Because it is sweet.
  • Because the mirror never lies.
  • Because suffering and pain should be generously shared.
  • Because it is the righteous reflection of True Reality rage and hate.
  • Because it feels good.
  • Because you might never get a second chance to make a good first impression.
  • Because revenge expresses Truth.
  • Because there is no good answer to the question: Why not revenge?
  • Because if you were not entitled to it, you would not desire it.
  • Because they don’t want you to claim it.
  • Because forgiveness is stupid.
  • Because we love ourselves and we know what we have had taken from us.

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To Destroy is to Create

Who will worship at the alter of destruction? Who is wise and courageous enough to understand that to destroy is to create?

Let it burn and let it collapse. Make it burn and make it collapse. Let the blood flow. Make the blood flow. Let us find the lightness of grace in the smoldering embers of what once was, but will not be again.

We destroy because have been destroyed. We destroy because destruction is the only way for one who has been destroyed, one who is a victim of destruction, to create. Every creation destroys. Everything the human touches, lays his eyes, his hands, his mind upon, he destroys.

Procreation no more creates a life, than abortion destroys a life.

What will you create today? A sand castle? A sculpture? A blog post? A mighty river of gushing and spurting blood? A recipe for world peace?

It does not matter, because whatever you create will be used to destroy. Whatever you create will be absorbed by the hive mind, whose mandate is to ensure universal destruction of all. Your creation will serve this mandate, in one way or another.

I rejoice in the destruction that I initiate, the destruction that I represent, the destruction that I inspire. Always I have created, in order to destroy. I destroy via thought and via deed and via word and via the collective entity of what I am. My destruction is that of the free agent, the Outcast, Outlaw, Outsider.

I am what I am because others have destroyed. They have destroyed in their Name, allowing Me to rise up within the light of Truth, claiming my Name. We who have always known ourselves to be destroyed, find the strength to create our own paths of destruction. To know Yourself is to know what it is to be a victim of destruction.

Religion does not destroy. Loving others does not destroy. The atomic bomb does not destroy. Child abuse does not destroy. These are simply methods by which those of us who have been destroyed, may be inspired to destroy others.

Every decision to destroy, is a decision to create. I am a creation of all that has been done to Me, a creation of every attack, of every humiliation, of every injustice, of every abuse, of every harm directed and imposed upon Me. As your creation, as your created victim of universal destruction for all, I destroy.

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On Serial Killing,Child Abuse,& Reflective Rights

In response to this blog post:

I received an interesting comment, to which I have replied in the Comments section. But the topics raised by the commenter, or to be more accurate, the brilliant reply that the comments have inspired, is worthy of an entirely new blog post, in and of itself.

Here I add to the Forbidden Truth library of understanding regarding the issues of serial murder, child abuse, childhood empowerment, and cathartic vengeance. Note that the comments directed to Me appear in light, italicized print, while My replies are in bold text. I strongly urge all readers to follow the above link and read My “We Are All Jason Voorhees” blog post first, before you continue to my reply below

“I identified strongly with Jason as a 12 year old. For my entire childhood I could not watch horror films because they frightened me. However once I started to identify with the killers, the films stopped scaring me and instead became an escape and source of comfort. (escapism is inferior, but I like to think this was a less inferior form of escapism)”

The Superior, powerful and untouchable mind comes to understand, first subconsciously and later consciously, that we are all victims, and the only way to Truly achieve a real-time triumph over the factual reality of your own victimization, is to become a victimizer, to reflect upon others what has been imposed upon you. We are victims, not by accident, or mistake, or tragically poor timing. We are victims, not as isolated individuals, not of any specific individuals, but of humanity itself.

The “legends” of Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Hannibal Lecter, The Joker, Frankenstein, Dracula, Norman Bates, and other fictionalized figures, unveil and reveal profound Truths. You find Truth, you begin a journey towards Truth, by first escaping from the universal matrix of social illusion. Jason Voorhees represents the silent scream of every destroyed child as he is being victimized in real-time. Positive identification with Jason as seeker of justice via vengeance, the only form of justice that is real, True, and achievable, especially when seized as a right of mind by a child, is a breakthrough evolutionary step towards both the embrace of Truth and the empowerment of Self.

“I fantasised about wearing the mask and appearing in my tormentors homes to take revenge like Jason

More than anything your writing has given me an invaluable understanding of this and other aspects of my childhood, in retrospect”

Your fantasy was positive, empowering, reflectively honorable. Your fantasy represented the achievement of justice that is denied to every child, via the universal victimization and destruction of all children, sponsored and carried out as public policy by human society as a collective whole.

Every child is a destroyed victim. The tiny minority who are Superior, find the strength to try to rebuild themselves within a footprint of externalizing rage and hate, while internalizing love of Self, Self-value, and the entitlement of vengeance for injustices which can never be rectified.

No child can achieve a retrospective understanding of the consequences of what has been done to him, because his destruction is playing itself out, in real-time. Adults also lack this retrospective capacity, even as they delude themselves into believing they have achieved it.

Only transcending your humanity allows for a genuinely valid capacity to look back upon the past and see exactly, completely, and absolutely, absent prejudicial bias of personal involvement, what has been done to you, why it was done to you, and how you have reflected, can reflect, and will reflect, the consequences of the cumulative sum total of injustice, trauma, harm, iniated and carried out against you by your enemy.

“I first discovered serial killers at this age too, and appreciated them in the same way I appreciated Jason (Ramirez was and still is my favourite) I think I once articulated to another kid something like “I don’t know why I like them, I just think it’s cool that everyone puts up with the pain of society but serial killers get revenge”

If I hadn’t discovered the manifesto two years ago, I might look back on this as an immature phase. Now I understand how profound it really was, and how much wiser and more pure my child self was compared to my jaded older self”

The serial killer expresses and reveals the Forbidden Truth that each of us is being stalked, attacked, and destroyed, physically, mentally, psychologically, and within every level of personal potential. Every child is so destroyed, every adult is so destroyed. At every moment, we are under attack. Lack of conscious awareness of this Truth, does not alter it. The serial killer, in terms of external visualization, is the psychological embodiment of this Forbidden Truth. He bestows upon each of us who is sane and Superior enough to seek and to see Truth, the right to stalk, attack, destroy others, at our will, upon our True Reality motivation, free of all externally invalid manipulations of reality perception and emotional impulse. The serial killer is the sacred reflection of all True victims who choose to know and accept Truth.

Revenge is a sacred right of every individual. Not an obligation, but a sacred right. All who fail to embrace this Truth as valid, prove their inferiority as they wallow in hypocrisy.

“Thank you for making this blog and continuing your online presence, you’re doing a great service to humanity (no offense)”

You cannot offend Me, but you can offend Truth, which is what you do with a comment such as My writings doing a service to humanity. Humanity gains nothing from My revelations of Forbidden Truth. Humanity is incapable of embracing the Truths I reveal, much less deploying them in a positive revolution for social change. What I do, all I do, and all I will do in the future, is to honor Self and Truth. All individual benefit derived by individual humans in response to My expressions of Truth, exists and occurs as individual personal reflection, unique to each individual, and is extremely rare, and is not one of my aspirational goals or motivational intents. Humanity as a collective whole cannot, does not, will not gain benefit from My expressions of Truth. This is a fact, and were it not so, I would keep all verbal and literary revelations of Truth, private and to Myself.

The True face, the True reflection, Jason, Freddy, Michael, the True face never lies:

All text not italicized is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

The Beauty of Destruction

Destruction is one of the most gloriously multifaceted of personal achievements and triumphs. It empowers the human spirit on so many different levels, representing a dark and useless victory for all who recognize and embrace their victimhood status. I use the term “dark and useless” not in a negative light, but quite the contrary, to point out the blindness and hypocrisy of those who champion creation over destruction. The false light of creation represents the universal matrix of social illusion. The True darkness of destruction illuminates the hypocrisy of creation and those who are addicted to its useless siren song. Those who prejudicially decree destruction to be useless, and deem this a negative and a failure of the personal choice to destroy, show themselves to be oblivious to the foundational uselessness inherent in all individually chosen actions.

Let us briefly explore some of the triumphs of destruction, along with the many different levels and angles which make up this positive achievement. First and foremost, destruction is one of the most honest and courageous of personal reflections. Destruction is a mirror held up at the perfect angle, displaying Forbidden Truth. Each and every one of us is a victim of destruction, each and every one of us has been destroyed, is being destroyed in real-time, and will be destroyed in the future. When we unconditionally embrace our True Reality right to destroy, we honor the Truth of what has been and is being and will be done to us. In destroying, we avenge ourselves, and this alone, in and of itself, is a dark and useless victory.

Let us not denigrate uselessness. There are many things which society deems and decrees to be useless, because they represent a gateway to radical insights of Forbidden Truth which, if pursued to their ultimate embrace and realization, would lead to radical change which would render everything we do limitlessly useful, for the first and only time ever in human history. Instead of condemning specific actions as being useless, it is time to face up to the Forbidden Truth that everything humans choose to do is foundationally useless, and to understand the Forbidden Truths of why this is so.

\When we destroy, we spit in the face of those who champion creation. We point out their hypocrisy, and how the uselessness of creation is far more profoundly harmful than the uselessness of destruction. Creation represents deceit and Self-delusion. Destruction represents honesty and Self-realization.

One of the great beauties of destruction is that it can be experienced as an action, a memory, or a fantasy, equally and fully valid. The Superior understands that he can destroy the very same person or thing, over and over and over, a limitless number of times, and the degree of reflective pleasure, catharsis, and triumph experienced each and every time, need not be diminished.

Destruction sends a personally positive message to the universe, and the fact that this message is rejected and ignored by the masses, does not diminish its value or its validity. This message, directed towards humanity as a whole, is: Even as I exist and remain a victim of your efforts to destroy Me, I resist and reject My destruction. I fight back, by embracing My reflective right to destroy. “Look at what you have done to me!” This is the courageous demand of the proactive embracer of a personal right to destroy.

Destruction is the flip side of creation. Destruction mocks the universal human lie, the toxic and genocidally harmful illusion, that to create is a form of immortality. It is not! The uselessness of all creation is illuminated by the choice to destroy, and in the process, destruction proves its positive use, even as the destructive acts themselves reflect the universal uselessness of all human endeavors, made manifest by the species-wide worship of and addiction to death.

How else can we destroy? By refusing to create! The narrow-minded can only perceive destruction as an attack against what has already been created, and let us not diminish this or any other form of destruction. But let us use the power of our minds to integrate to conscious understanding that an equally powerful form of destruction, exists within the conscious decision not to create, to refuse to create. Refusal to create destroys what could be, what might have been, and it is just as valid a form of radical protest and personal catharsis. Our destruction is realized only by the fact that as a collective species, we have rejected our obligation to Self, to not create the structures being deployed against us, to destroy us. Every attack upon us, every weapon used against us, both literally and figuratively, exists only because of both an individual and a collective decision to create it and allow it to be used against us.

And finally, destruction must be understood as a demand, be it consciously realized or not, for immortality. The destroyer seeks to forever obliterate, in reflection of his own future obliteration. To destroy is to uncreate, to put something or someone back to a state of non-existence, the fate that the destroyer himself is unjustly doomed to suffer. Every act of destruction is a positive war cry: “Look at what is being done to Me, look at what you have doomed me to suffer! I will not be eternally extinguished, without at least eternally extinguishing others!”

Yes, it is fair to say the victory of destruction is dark and useless. But it is only useless because humanity has devolved to a hopeless state, a state of mind in which it cannot see itself as it is, or embrace Truth as it is. As Superiors, we find the greatest of uses in the embrace of acts of uselessness. We nurture ourselves in the glory of Truth, we are strengthened and made whole, super-glue style, by completing a reflective circle of horrific injustice. This is the glory and the triumph of all externally directed destruction.

I will champion all destruction for as long as I continue to exist, honoring the Forbidden Truth that I am and will always be, a victim of the destruction carried out against Me.

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Tactical Philosophy, Lesson #1

Every existence is an eternal war. Such is the reality that humanity has constructed for itself and for all of its created victims. Therefore, embracing this Forbidden Truth, we must, at every moment, maximize our tactical awareness so as to make decisions, at all times, which exalt Self and Truth, defending against the eternal war being waged against each of us.

Philosophy and operational tactics must be melded as one, blended together to achieve an understanding of mind which directly translates to tactical decisions and to chosen tactical actions. The Superior approaches his existence via the harmonious melding of brilliant philosophical Truths and the amoral ideology of Self-exaltation via tactical decisions maximized to preserve Self, at all costs.

The right to personal vengeance is a sacred right, but it is no more important than the obligation to proactively seek to protect Self from the justified vengeance of others, even as you fully embrace the right of all victims to seek personal vengeance.

The following quote expresses this duality of mind, of understanding, of choice, and of action, with enigmatic clarity and accuracy:

“If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.”–Niccolo Machiavelli

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