Umpqua Community College massacre

Umpqua Community College Mass Killer Confirmed Dead

Tragic news out of Oregon, police news conference on CNN just confirmed that the still not publicly identified mass murderer who carried out the Umpqua Community College massacre a few hours ago, is dead. Let us all pause and reflect upon the tragedy of a tortured victim-creation of human society, his existence cut short, his life destroyed by his society.

As you humans mourn his victims, I mourn Him, understanding and knowing that He is the greatest victim of all.

No hypocrisy, no demonization, disrespectful comments to this blog post will not be posted, they will be permanently deleted.

Our great victim sought and claimed personal vengeance, sacrificing his existence in the name of expressing his True Reality and reflecting the torment that was inflicted and imposed upon him. He is the original victim, he deserves our absolutely sympathy, empathy, respect, and to be recognized as a teacher, a True teacher, an individual who has shown the world and expressed to the world, the Truth of his personal victimization at the hands of humanity.

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