triumph of mind

An Ode To Hopelessness

There is a path unlike all others, a path which leads to enlightenment and Truth. It is the path of hopelessness. Journey down the path of hopelessness, if you dare, and you will pass by the carcasses of the hopeful, the deluded and deranged who cling to a useless, imagined life vest, not recognizing that they are being drowned by delusion.

I must keep hope alive, so rails the broken mind bent on Self-destruction. Give me hope, so that I may murder Truth, keep Truth murdered and dead, right up until the moment when Truth murders me.

Look at Me, and you can see the triumph of hopelessness, an existence recognized as imaginary and doomed, a mind alight with the strength of limitless hate, and limitless love, both properly directed. Already dead, therefore what is there to die for? Always imprisoned, so how can any bars be feared?

Hope is a cancer, eating away at the human spirit. As long as hope is alive, nothing can be seen as it is. As long as nothing can be seen as it is, Truth can never be recognized and embraced. I do not ask to be hopeless, I seize hopelessness as the purest of gifts, a gift which opens the eyes, opens the mind, allows every human weakness to be vanquished.

There is no hope. I am doomed. Now the shackles are broken. Now the shackles of control and domination, imposition and obligation, bribery and negotiation, compromise and quid pro quo with the enemy, dissolve to nothingness within the power of My mind, within the glory of nothing, the glorious Truth that there is nothing to lose, because everything has already been taken.

I travel on Hopelessness Highway, there are no exits, no off-ramps, no intersections, no detours. It is a one way highway. All signs lead to the only desination: No Hope. No Hope, kansas, No Hope, usa, No Hope, earth, No Hope, solar system, No Hope, galaxy, No Hope, universe.

Of course I am not happy. But why would I want to be happy? Only the insane could be happy. The insane who are more insane than I am. And should I want to be as insane as those who are more insane than I am, so that I may desire to be happy? Certainly not!

On Hopelessness Highway I find peace and love, in the smoldering wreckage of humanity as I pass it by, an eager rubbernecker. Look, there they are, the formerly hopeful, now far too eternally dead to repent and ride alongside Me.

Things will never get better, so I will find sadistic pleasure in mocking the stupidity and insanity of the hopeful. The hopefulness of humanity is what has extinguished all genuine hope and possibility of things ever getting better. Ironic, don’t you think? Irony is more valuable than gold, on Hopelessness Highway.

Do not try to direct Me to a different thoroughfare. Your rainbows are no more stable than One World Trade Center, or even Two World Trade Center, was. I do not need your Main Street, pretending it is not 666 Mockingbird Lane.

Only in hopelessness can the peace of absolute Truth harmoniously mingle with the embrace of limitless rage and hate, and the untouchable love of a singular Self, who knows exactly what he will eternally lose, exactly what he has never been allowed to have, exactly what has been taken from him.

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The Beauty of Destruction

Destruction is one of the most gloriously multifaceted of personal achievements and triumphs. It empowers the human spirit on so many different levels, representing a dark and useless victory for all who recognize and embrace their victimhood status. I use the term “dark and useless” not in a negative light, but quite the contrary, to point out the blindness and hypocrisy of those who champion creation over destruction. The false light of creation represents the universal matrix of social illusion. The True darkness of destruction illuminates the hypocrisy of creation and those who are addicted to its useless siren song. Those who prejudicially decree destruction to be useless, and deem this a negative and a failure of the personal choice to destroy, show themselves to be oblivious to the foundational uselessness inherent in all individually chosen actions.

Let us briefly explore some of the triumphs of destruction, along with the many different levels and angles which make up this positive achievement. First and foremost, destruction is one of the most honest and courageous of personal reflections. Destruction is a mirror held up at the perfect angle, displaying Forbidden Truth. Each and every one of us is a victim of destruction, each and every one of us has been destroyed, is being destroyed in real-time, and will be destroyed in the future. When we unconditionally embrace our True Reality right to destroy, we honor the Truth of what has been and is being and will be done to us. In destroying, we avenge ourselves, and this alone, in and of itself, is a dark and useless victory.

Let us not denigrate uselessness. There are many things which society deems and decrees to be useless, because they represent a gateway to radical insights of Forbidden Truth which, if pursued to their ultimate embrace and realization, would lead to radical change which would render everything we do limitlessly useful, for the first and only time ever in human history. Instead of condemning specific actions as being useless, it is time to face up to the Forbidden Truth that everything humans choose to do is foundationally useless, and to understand the Forbidden Truths of why this is so.

\When we destroy, we spit in the face of those who champion creation. We point out their hypocrisy, and how the uselessness of creation is far more profoundly harmful than the uselessness of destruction. Creation represents deceit and Self-delusion. Destruction represents honesty and Self-realization.

One of the great beauties of destruction is that it can be experienced as an action, a memory, or a fantasy, equally and fully valid. The Superior understands that he can destroy the very same person or thing, over and over and over, a limitless number of times, and the degree of reflective pleasure, catharsis, and triumph experienced each and every time, need not be diminished.

Destruction sends a personally positive message to the universe, and the fact that this message is rejected and ignored by the masses, does not diminish its value or its validity. This message, directed towards humanity as a whole, is: Even as I exist and remain a victim of your efforts to destroy Me, I resist and reject My destruction. I fight back, by embracing My reflective right to destroy. “Look at what you have done to me!” This is the courageous demand of the proactive embracer of a personal right to destroy.

Destruction is the flip side of creation. Destruction mocks the universal human lie, the toxic and genocidally harmful illusion, that to create is a form of immortality. It is not! The uselessness of all creation is illuminated by the choice to destroy, and in the process, destruction proves its positive use, even as the destructive acts themselves reflect the universal uselessness of all human endeavors, made manifest by the species-wide worship of and addiction to death.

How else can we destroy? By refusing to create! The narrow-minded can only perceive destruction as an attack against what has already been created, and let us not diminish this or any other form of destruction. But let us use the power of our minds to integrate to conscious understanding that an equally powerful form of destruction, exists within the conscious decision not to create, to refuse to create. Refusal to create destroys what could be, what might have been, and it is just as valid a form of radical protest and personal catharsis. Our destruction is realized only by the fact that as a collective species, we have rejected our obligation to Self, to not create the structures being deployed against us, to destroy us. Every attack upon us, every weapon used against us, both literally and figuratively, exists only because of both an individual and a collective decision to create it and allow it to be used against us.

And finally, destruction must be understood as a demand, be it consciously realized or not, for immortality. The destroyer seeks to forever obliterate, in reflection of his own future obliteration. To destroy is to uncreate, to put something or someone back to a state of non-existence, the fate that the destroyer himself is unjustly doomed to suffer. Every act of destruction is a positive war cry: “Look at what is being done to Me, look at what you have doomed me to suffer! I will not be eternally extinguished, without at least eternally extinguishing others!”

Yes, it is fair to say the victory of destruction is dark and useless. But it is only useless because humanity has devolved to a hopeless state, a state of mind in which it cannot see itself as it is, or embrace Truth as it is. As Superiors, we find the greatest of uses in the embrace of acts of uselessness. We nurture ourselves in the glory of Truth, we are strengthened and made whole, super-glue style, by completing a reflective circle of horrific injustice. This is the glory and the triumph of all externally directed destruction.

I will champion all destruction for as long as I continue to exist, honoring the Forbidden Truth that I am and will always be, a victim of the destruction carried out against Me.

Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.