How To Locate Dangerous & Diabolical Terrorists

The news media would have you pathetic, brainwashed slaves believe that locating dangerous terrorists is extremely difficult, a hunt for a singular needle burrowing through an immense haystack. How absurd, how ridiculous!

The Forbidden Truth is, avoiding daily contact with numerous highly dangerous and destructive terrorists, is almost impossible. You will literally stumble across dangerous terrorists each and every day of your imagined existence, unless you remain isolated and alone, protected via a walled, gated, preferably windowless fortress.

Terrorists are everywhere, terrorizing you all of the time. But of course they do not wear t-shirts emblazoned with the words “Dangerous Terrorist” in bold letters. They hide what they are, but their functional operation is not physically hidden, they commit their terrorist acts in full view of everyone, the problem is that you fools cannot recognize or understand what a terrorist is, and therefore you cannot identify their actions as constituting terrorism.

In this essay I will expose just a few of the terrorists that you creatures encounter in your daily routines, but there is an even more important Truth to be gleaned from this dissection: As you read, you may come to find yourself revealed to actually be a terrorist! How’s that for a kick in the head: You may very well be an actual, functional terrorist, not merely a supporter of terrorism, as all citzen-slaves are, while lacking all conscious awareness of this fact. Here you see the devastating impact of definitional brainwashing and the propagandized hive mind of humanity.

So, let us begin. Is every parent a terrorist?? No. But every parent is officially empowered and authorized by human society to be a terrorist and to commit terrorist acts upon and against “their” child-slaves. And the vast majority of parents do exactly that, commit acts of terrorism, as terrorists, targeting and harming children. Therefore, on every block in every city, town, village, all across the world, you will find these terrorists, carrying out acts of brutal and catastrophically harmful terrorization.

Every political leader is a terrorist, using his ower to enslave, oppress, harm others.

Every religious leader, it does not matter if he claims authority over 2 others, or two million others, is a terrorist, deploying an insane myth to exert control and oppressive force against others, harming them, destroying their freedom of mind, their sanity of thought, their capacity to rise up within the glory of Self-love, and fight against death.

Every policeman is a terrorist, because he enforces and legitimizes the universal injustice and harm as carried out by the nation-state against its citizen-slaves.

Every military soldier is a terrorist, because he agrees to carry out deadly violence against anyone who threatens to expose the illegitimacy of the nation-state and to try to terminate its malevolent control and ownership of human bodies, minds, lives.

Every judicial judge is a terrorist, because he deploys the illegal weapon of punishment to harm and to destroy individual victims of government who are simply expressing and reflecting the harm committed against them by the state.

Every security guard is a terrorist, because in agreeing to serve as second and third tier social defenders, the security guard helps protect and strengthen the social infrastructure of the primary sponsor of terrorism, the nation-state.

Every teacher is a terrorist, destroying the mind potential of children, forcing children to narrow their minds and to abandon Truth via ritualized  educational indoctrination as mandated by the nation-state, deliberately deceiving children, deliberately implanting false and invalid reality perceptions upon children via curriculums such as history, social studies, civics and mathematics, which conceal and betray Truth and inspire the development of warped, irrational, and harmful thought patterns and brain function.

Every banker is a terrorist, controlling the flow of useless pieces of paper created by the nation-state for the specific purpose of imposing physical slavery through forced labor upon all citizen-slaves.

So here we see just a small collection of the terrorists that you humans encounter on a daily basis in your regular and normal routines. These very real terrorists are not simply as dangerous as Timothy McVeigh, Mohamed Atta, and other demonized pseudo-terrorists have been portrayed, but are of course far more dangerous, directly inflicting harm upon you on a face-to-face level.

Understanding the nature of terrorism, and integrating to core consciousness the Forbidden Truth that each of us is subjected to daily terrorization being carried out by overtly functional terrorists who impose their will upon us each each and every day, harming and destroying us, allows us to pierce the matrix of universal illusion that is the 21st century fight against the lie and the illusion of transnational terrorism being waged by first world nation-states.

This understanding allows us to appreciate the absurd farce that is the officially declared war against transnational terrorism. Nation-states while holding their own citizen-slaves in the tightest and most brutal grip of terrorism, carrying out terrorist acts against all citizen-slaves, each and every day, demonize foreign criminal gangs as constituting the most dangerous and horrific terrorists, specifically to brainwash and propagandize their own terror victims, to pledge loyalty and allegiance to their own terrorizers: Their own government and their own society.

The hopelessness of humanity is proven by the refusal and the inability on a brain function level, of victims of terrorism to accurately identify and target for destruction, the actual terrorists guilty and responsible for their ongoing victimization and destruction.

How many terrorists have you located and identified today, this week, this month, this year???? And what have you done to try to stop their reign of terror, waged directly against you?? Might you even be a terrorist, and simply have never realized this Forbidden Truth?? How pathetic is that, as you continue to support the “war against terrorism” being waged by the terrorists who are terrorizing you??!

Open your eyes. Open your mind. See and know the Forbidden Truth!

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Tactical Analysis of the 9/11 Attacks

It is beautifully appropriate that I choose March 20th, 2015, the date that you humans consider to be the first day of spring, and celebrate as a renewal of your fatally flawed illusion of life, to offer up this tactical analysis of one of the most successful days and actions of human initiated destruction in the history of this doomed species. I refer to September 11, 2001, when 19 tortured victim creations of human society and government, directly, intentionally, and proactively harvested a total of 2,977 other humans.

This brief essay will provide a tactical overview of the primary components that came into play to allow and cause the specific revenge attack of 9/11/2001 to achieve a most impressive victim count in terms of fatalities, in comparison to all previous and later date revenge attacks by human victims. But let us first acknowledge that these attacks did not come anywhere close to maximizing human potential for fatal carnage. The fact that this incident stands as the most successful revenge attack by a singular or group of human beings, in known human history, speaks to the failure of humans to maximize their homicidal potential.

That being said, the 9/11 attacks achieved an impressive fatality count, in comparison to other planned and executed mass casualty revenge attacks, and it is well worth exploring the tactical factors and elements that came into play to allow this fatality count to be achieved. So, here we go:

  • Element of suprise: The 9/11 attacks successfully utilized an element of surprise which is essential to maximizing carnage. The coordinated hijacking of four large aircraft and their use as weapons of mass destruction was not expected or anticipated by any of the law enforcement structures of the amerikkkan government. This element of surprise played an integral role in helping the attack to be successful, and this is evidenced by the fact that any similar attempt made today, utilizing the exact same operational tactics, would stand a far smaller chance of achieving similar success.
  • Undetected and coordinated conspiracy: The 9/11 revenge attacks are an example of what rarely occurs and is difficult to achieve: An undetected, coordinated conspiracy among a group of human beings which plays out to its operational conclusion absent all governmental and law enforcement detection and intervention. 19 active players, backed up by a command and control structure which involved at least 3 additional players, worked together to achieve the end result of the 9/11 attacks. Due to the inferior nature of humans, these types of organized conspiracies targeting government and society rarely achieve success, and are therefore overtly encouraged by government, over lone wolf attacks. What we witnessed on 9/11 was the rare example of a conspiracy properly designed and executed, and not undermined by the functional inferiority of the typical and general human populace.
  • Suicidal ideation of the attackers: Let there be no doubt, the absolute willingness and desire of the 19 9/11 attackers to personally die, played an integral role in allowing for the achievement of their high harvest count. The 9/11 attacks were a suicide mission, all 19 attackers knew that, operationally, the only way their attacks could prove successful, would be for them to personally perish. Without the overt intention to personally perish, it would have been impossible for these specific attacks to be carried out in the specific way that they were.
  •  Innovative tactics: Every successful attempt to harvest humans on a mass scale must involve a specific tactical plan. The tactical plan of 9/11 was innovative, in a way that goes beyond merely being different from previous tactical plans of other seekers of vengeance. Specifically, an object not normally thought of as a weapon of mass destruction, a large aircraft, was recognized as being potentially useful as a weapon of mass destruction, and was deployed as such, in a specific plan which maximized its potential lethality.
  • Margin of error accounted for: The revenge attack of 9/11 were specifically planned to allow for a margin of error to occur, without resulting in catastrophic failure of the planned mass casualty outcome. Specifically, there were four separate and distinct components to the attack, and even the absolute failure of one or more components, would not have necessarily derailed the overall attack in a catastrophic manner. For example, even if a potential hijacker had been stopped by airport security and that specific flight cancelled or delayed, it is unlikely that the conspiracy plot as a whole would have immediately unravelled, and therefore the other three hijackings would have gone forward as planned.

Just as importantly, the operational failure of any of the four hijackings, once underway, would not and did not undermine the potential of success for the other hijackings. Each hijacking was designed to occur separate and distinct from the others, to stand on its own, with a singular failure only impacting 25% of the operational potential of the overall event. Even two or three failures, compromising 50% or 75% of the operation, still allowed for the achievement of an impressive fatality count.

In point of fact, this operation suffered a 25% failure rate, in terms of united airlines flight 93 crashing into an empty field, killing a total of only 40 people, yet this failure in no way compromised the much greater success of the remaining 75% of the operation. It is worth noting that even if all four hijacked planes had crashed into empty ground, causing no on-ground fatalities, we would still have had 227 fatalities, not including the 19 actors, which would not allow for the overall operation to be deemed a failure, when judged free of bias.

  • Good luck: Yes, good luck. It is clear to any unbiased thinker that good luck, and it would even be fair to use the phrase blind luck, played a significant role in helping the 9/11 attack achieve its high fatality count. It was impossible for the strategic planners of the 9/11 attack to know for certain, or even to logically assume, that one or both of the world trade center towers would actually collapse, in response to an aircraft being flown into them. Not even the most learned building engineer could have known exactly how the buildings would respond to such a trauma, even if given factually unknowable in advance information such as the exact speed of the aircraft, angle of impact, or location/building height of impact.

If one or both of the world trade center towers had not actually collapsed, the fatality count would have been much lower, there is no doubt about that. In fact, the overall harvest count might have been as low as 500 , or even less, if the entire incident had played out exactly as it did, with the only difference being that neither tower collapsed. The strategic planners of the 9/11 attack may well have hoped to cause both towers to collapse, but if they were logical thinkers and tacticians, they should not have assumed this would occur, even assuming direct strikes to both towers. Therefore, what we have here, even given the 25% failure of flight 93, was a “best case scenario” which did involve an absolute element of good luck, allowing the fatality count to reach the 2,977 mark.

  • Strategic planning and execution: The 9/11 attack plan was good, both in terms of chosen targets and in terms of operationally training and preparing the attackers, mentally and physically. The plan contained built-in redundancies to compensate for isolated failures, which in fact did occur and were compensated for. The execution of the plan itself, was also good. All 19 hijackers successfully bypassed airport security. None of them betrayed the plot itself, either intentionally or accidently, as would be expected given the nature of humans. Once aboard the aircraft, tactical actions were good and successful, even taking into account the ultimate failure of the four hijackers on flight 93 to successfully reach their desired destination. They still succeeded in bringing the plane down. In terms of piloting their aircraft, we see excellent training and retention of knowledge by the three pilots who did reach their destinations and made impact exactly upon their chosen building targets.

To conclude, the 9/11 attacks are an example of good tactical planning and execution. They cannot be “redone”, however. This type of attack can only achieve results on this scale, as a singular, uniquely planned event utilizing the element of surprise both in time and in specific tactics. It is always possible to nitpick details, in terms of critique. For example, the three most successful hijackings utilized five hijackers. The one “failed” hijacking utilized only four hijackers. Perhaps it would have been more successful, if five hijackers had been used?

No tactical action can ever be “perfect”. It must be judged by results achieved, and reasonable potential for the achieved results. Analyzed fairly and objectively, the 9/11 attack must be given credit for being innovative, well-planned, well-executed, and successful beyond even the reasonable expectations of those who planned and executed it.

For anyone who might need to be brought up to speed, no pun intended, on the exact events of 9/11/2001, a very good factual overview can be found here:


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Je Suis Grand! Je Suis Magnifique!

Right now, as I type these words, 90,000 terrorist agents of the terrorist regime of France, have successfully trapped two victims of terrorism, Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, and are plotting to achieve their murder. The mighty State will win again, extinguishing the light of Truth via the True face, the only valid face, of terrorism: government. Saïd and Chérif Kouachi are creations and victims of the terrorist enterprise that is government. All of their actions reflect the Truth of their victimhood status, and prove them to be creations of the terrorism that they have been subjected to, at the hands of government and society.

The terrorist regime of France mobilized 90,000 terrorists to capture and murder two victims of terrorism, Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, and this has been done by the state, in order to continue to successfully maintain the universal cloak of illusion that government protects citizen-slaves from terrorism, and to conceal the Forbidden Truth that every government terrorizes its own citizen-slaves, and that every act of reflective violence which the state labels as terrorism, is nothing more than the response of individuals to the terrorism of the state, which they have been subjected to and victimized by since their birth.

To all sane thinkers, Saïd and Chérif Kouachi must be recognized as having achieved a great, but tragically useless triumph. Their triumph is not in harvesting twelve human beings, this is a mere by-product of their triumph. Their True triumph is in exposing the absolute lie of freedom of the press and of free speech, within all western societies.

Of course those of us who are Superior thinkers have always known that there is no freedom of the press, no free speech, no Truth-based freedom of any kind, provided or allowed by any government. But the massacre at Charlie Hebdo provides a beautifully unique illustration of how western societies successfully brainwash their citizen-slaves to believe that they enjoy freedom of speech and freedom of the press, even as they maliciously and fully deny both of these freedoms to all of their citizen-slaves.

Freedom of the press? The press is free?? Than why has not one single mainstream western media organization even suggested for discussion, much less openly revealed as absolute fact, the Forbidden Truth that religion, a belief in the existence of god, directly caused the Charlie Hebdo massacre to occur, and that god does not exist, and that god is a terrorist weapon of government which must be eradicated from all human consciousnes? I will tell you why: Because there is no freedom of the press, because the press exist as propaganda agents for the terrorist structure that is government, and the press itself function as terrorist agents of the state, utlizing words and images and imposing deceitful doctrine for the specific purpose of terrorizing citizen-slaves.

Free speech? Citizen-slaves of western regimes enjoy free speech?? Absolute bulls*it! The western citizen-slave is free to say what he wants, as long as he censors himself, and as long as the terrorist state deems his words and writings to pose no functional danger to the terrorist state being able to continue to successfully terrorize its citizen-slaves. Freedom of speech?? I Myself, in this very blog post, am being forced to censor My own words, because I know, as does any sane thinker, that freedom of speech is a pure lie and illusion.

The conduct of all western regimes and western media, in direct response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, proves the utter contempt that western regimes have for free speech and for freedom of the press. The conduct of the western press in response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, proves the press and media to have absolutely no interest in either Truth-based freedom, or in exposing Truth via free and open expression and dialogue. The media chooses to align itself with state-sponsored terrorism, against the victims of terrorism, and against Truth itself.

And so Saïd and Chérif Kouachi are not martyrs of islam, or martys of allah. They are martyrs of government and of society, martyrs of western society just as much as martyrs of islamic society. They were born into western society, they were brainwashed and indoctrinated to believe in god, by western society. god is the terrorist weapon which was deployed against them. But this Truth is Forbidden, and so they are now demonized as individuals, “radical” islam is demonized, a group of tortured and destroyed children who are attempting to form a nation-state, al-Qaeda in Yemen, are being demonized to cloak the genocidal crimes of the west, in imposing religion upon the world, and positioning christianity as being at war with islam, in order to successfully terrorize their own citizen-slaves.

To Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, tortured and victimized creations of the terrorism of government, at this crucial hour, with your fate still to be determined, I wish you all the best, and only the best. I wish you life, eternal life in this world, the only world, the only existence you have ever and will ever know. I wish you enlightenment of mind, I wish you to find the strength of mind to recognize that god is a lie, while at the same time, the strength of mind to understand that what you did at Charlie Hebdo constitutes a noble attempt to lay some Truth upon the world, upon all of western consciousness.

Saïd and Chérif, you have not proven that god is great, because god does not exist. But I wish you could and would know, that you have proven Truth, you have proven the Truth that free speech and freedom of the press has never existed in the west, and is as dead today, as I type these words, as it has ever been.

Saïd and Chérif, I wish you the strength of mind, at this crucial moment in time, to choose life for Yourselves. Recognize Yourselves as the True god, to replace the false illusion of god which terrorists have implanted and imposed upon you. You are not terrorists, and you are not freedom fighters, but you can be agents of Truth. I know it is beyond your capabilities, you are broken humans, but still, I ask you to try to recognize and embrace Truth.

And, Saïd and Chérif, if you do recognize and embrace Truth, if this True miracle happens, you would do this: Strip naked, glory in your achievement and your True Reality, realize orgasms of body and mind, and walk out to the pigs, naked, hands up, and sexual organ at full arousal, so that if the pigs shoot you dead, you will be the greatest of Martyrs, in the eyes and minds of all who embrace Truth.

And, Said and Chérif, as the pigs close in on you, shouting and bloodthirsty and thanking god for your capture, smile at them and say only this: “Je Suis Grand! Je Suis Magnifique!” This would be so perfect, My fellow victims. Please, open your minds! Picture it, yourselves repeating to the pigs, over and over, “Je Suis Grand! Je Suis Magnifique!” With only six little words, you will successfully mock all of western society, with its deranged “Je Suis Charlie” bleeting of allegiance, and you will successfully mock god and religion, with its deranged Allāhu Akbar الله أكبر  propaganda message, and you will successfully demonstrate a love of Self to the world, but most importantly to Yourselves, that will keep you strong and render you untouchable, as you embrace both life and Truth. My best to you both.

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Victims of Terrorism, Reflecting Truth Today

There are no terrorist acts, there are only reflections of the personal terrorism of everyday life, as carried out by the State, and as experienced by individuals who deserve, from the very outset, to be recognized as torture and trauma victims, and to always be treated as such.

I appreciate all acts of reflective violence and rage, because they expose the True source of all violence, they reveal the creator of injustice, they showcase the inspiration for all hate and for all need to achieve and realize personal vengeance, to be the State. Every state, every government structure.

No government fights terrorism. Governments are the sponsor of all terrorism. No government honors freedom of the press. The press and news media exist to serve the ideological mandates of government. Governments solicit reflective acts of violence in order to gain patriotic allegiance from their citizen-slaves, by terrorizing them with the threat of future external violence, and promising to keep them safe, all the while terrorizing every citizen-slaves on a primary level.

Let us integrate these Forbidden Truths to core consciousness, as we honor all individual rights of reflection.


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