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Brain Food to Maximize and Perfect Conscious Dreaming Skills?

Those of you who read My texts faithfully know I have perfected the mind science of Conscious Dreaming. After decades of daily, dedicated mind power work, I now possess the ability to transform intricately detailed awake fantasy plots, into completely and absolutely realized unconscious dreams, experienced, and also fully remembered upon awakening, exactly as plotted out.

This is a tremendous feat of MindPower as a personal achievement, and tremendously enriches My Self-universe of personal existence, on a daily basis. Last night I chose to devote almost 14 hours, to carefully plotting out and experiencing three different Conscious Dreams, in consecutive order. The perfect dream length for Me, is 3 to 4 hours for each dream. Enough time to get some deep sleep/body rejuvenation, but not so much time that the sleep is wasteful, meaning it continues beyond the time of the actual Conscious Dream.

I have taught Myself to wake up as soon as the Conscious Dream ends, both to save time for the next Conscious Dream, and to maximize the clarity of My memory of the Conscious Dream, upon awakening.

Sometimes I replay the Conscious Dream in its entirety immediately upon awakening, as an awake fantasy. Other times I simply savor the general outline of the realized dream, appreciating and seeking the “fuzzy” aspects of it, going off in slightly different awake fantasy tangents, based upon the general plotline. Other times I drink or eat a little something, then immediately begin plotting out a brand new Conscious Dream, as I did last night, twice in a row, for three consecutive successfully and perfectly realized Conscious Dreams.

My mastery of this mind science is remarkable, and the result of both developing a Superior and externally untouchable brain, and relentless, daily devotion to trying to achieve this mastery, beginning at age 8. It literally DID take Me decades.

So, now that I have mastered Conscious Dreaming, do I just sit back and “enjoy” doing it?? No! Perfection can always be perfected further. That is My goal, in everything I choose to be, as reflected by what I choose to do.

I cannot give you humans an educational course in how to master Conscious Dreaming. Your brain is different from My brain, very different. The process is achieved via so many different stages, and if you are not in the exact same place as I am, at any specific stage, your process must and will be different from My process.

All I can do is offer isolated tips, most of which are not concrete, cannot be concrete, because brain functionality is not something equal, from Me to you, or to anyone else. But let Me tell you something that has helped Me perfect My own perfection, just over the past 6 weeks.

Neuro Sleep. Neuro Sleep is a dietary supplement, sold by many supermarkets. The full name is “Neuro Sleep Sweet Dreams”. I buy the “Tangerine Dream” flavor.

Neuro Sleep is marketed as a “sleep aid”. “Promotes restful sleep”, it says. And I never have any difficulty falling asleep, never. So why did I buy Neuro, 6 weeks ago? Because I seek to perfect the perfection of My mind. And I know The Matrix of Universal Illusion will not tell Me how to perfect Conscious Dreaming. I must experiment on My own, only using non-addictive, caffeine-free substances, of course.

Of course Neuro cannot and will not promote itself as an enhancer of Conscious Dreams. You humans have no conception of what Conscious Dreaming is, and any such marketing effort will only result in fewer sales.

But guess what? My experimentation with Neuro over the past 6 weeks provides conclusive proof to Me, that this product does enhance and perfect Conscious Dreaming, for Me. The differences are very small, of course, since I have already fully mastered this mind science. But they are real. The clarity of My Conscious Dreams is even sharper than before, upon awakening.

The immersive depth of My Conscious Dreams, as they are occurring, is stronger. More color, more clarity, even the voices within the Conscious Dreams seem just a little bit louder. I love it!

So, here is a direct link to the Neuro website, where you can examine the specific ingredients of this drink, plus get their propaganda spin on what Neuro can “do” for You:

See, it’s all about helping you fall asleep. Because the company knows you humans cannot control your brains and cannot manage this most simple, primitive, and basic of mind control functions. But the fact is, there is something within the ingredient base, or the specific formula, that can and does strengthen and increase the capacity of a Superior mind to perfect Conscious Dreaming.

I have no way of knowing whether any gains would be realized for someone just beginning to try to develop Conscious Dreaming, or someone at an intermediate level, or even someone else who is at a very advanced level, such as Myself. Because every human brain is unique, functions in a unique way in cumulative response to all internal and external stimuli, and to their own True Reality universe of consciousness.

But for Me, it helps a little, and that says a lot, because I am at such an advanced stage of MindPower.

Think of it: Non-addictive substances that might be able to dramatically boost MindPower in many different ways, not just Conscious Dreaming, might be easily available right now, but completely unknown to humans, simply because humans as a whole have no capacity to consciously recognize their own capacity to attain such MindPowers, and have no interest or desire to activate and to achieve them.

If you are currently in the process of trying to develop or to improve upon your Conscious Dreaming skills, I would suggest you experiment with Neuro Sleep. An entire bottle equals one “serving” according to the company. But no, don’t do that. We are not trying to force ourselves to fall asleep. Any human who has trouble falling asleep should not even think of trying to develop Conscious Dreaming skills until he solves this basic and primitive brain failure, first.

We should understand that there are some ingredient(s) in Neuro Sleep that specifically impacts Conscious Dreaming ability/capacity. I personally have tried drinking the entire bottle at once, with very poor results insofar as Conscious Dreaming. But 2 medium sips just before going to sleep, works great for Me. So, a single bottle is good for 7-10 different Conscious Dreams.

Start out with a single sip, then try more. On an advanced level, we could try obtaining & using the specific ingredients, at low dose, individually.

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Still More Courtroom Video Footage of Sweetie Isabel Martinez


isabel martinez 14.jpg

Earlier today I posted a lengthy essay on victim and Martyr Isabel Martinez, the 33 year old Georgia gal who stabbed to death her husband and four of her child-slaves a few days ago. If you missed it, check it out right here:

I must say, I just can’t get enough of dear Isabel, what a cute face and calm personality she has! In My above post I included a lengthy video segment of Isabel’s first court appearance, yesterday. The video was about five minutes long, but not complete. Thanks to My diligent efforts, I have located a longer and more complete segment, there is some overlap with My first video, but there is also some brand new footage, and so to honor Isabel, her True Reality, and the Truth, it is My pleasure to provide this longer version, below:

I will not repeat any of My brilliant commentary as made above, but I continue to be very grateful to and impressed by Isabel, and wish her all the best of mind pleasures, safety, and strength of body and mind for the upcoming injustices and brutal, ongoing victimization she will be subjected to.

isabel martinez 15

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Caffeine: Destroyer of Human Potential for Mind Clarity & Health

When you humans think of substances that artificially alter brain chemistry, things like alcohol, marijuana, and various anti-depressant medications come to mind, but it is important for seekers of Truth to understand the depth and scope of deliberate mind destruction via substance as practiced by every 21st century society and government, extends to a far wider circle.

In this essay I will specifically out and dissect the devastating role of caffeine in robbing and destroying the personal potential of humans to thrive.

Those of you who read My texts know I have never gotten drunk or high on any substance, be it illegal, legal, or medically prescribed, in My entire lifetime. And I never will. I honor and I sanctify the glory and perfection of the mind universe I have built and lovingly maintain, out of the mind and soul murder committed upon Me as a child, and the daily murder carried out against Me each and every day on an ongoing basis.

But there are many things, substances, ideas, personal proclivities, that greatly harm the individual human mind on a mass scale, are relentlessly promoted by your slavemasters and destroyers, while not making you “high” as the term is traditionally understood.

Caffeine is exactly and absolutely such a poisonous destroyer of Self and of Truth. Caffeine is an artificial and unnatural stimulant that alters, compromises, and harms the human brain on many different levels.

I have, unfortunately, both as child and adult, consumed some caffeine during My existence. It is so pervasive, inserted into so many different substances, as to be virtually impossible to completely avoid. but I strive to minimize the intake of all caffeine, and to never use it as a mind stimulant, which is the intent of its sale and marketing.

Is it hyperbolic to refer to caffeine as a mind poison? No, not at all!

Whatever destroys the capacity of the human brain to function within maximized clarity and efficiency, is a poison, and must be outed and understood as such. Let’s break down the Forbidden Truth:

Caffeine is an unnatural and artificial stimulant. It is completely unnatural despite the fact it is present in numerous plants, because the usage of a substance is distinct from the existence of a substance, in judging whether it is natural. Caffeine exists as a natural substance, but that has nothing to do with whether or not the human choice to consume it organically, as a brain stimulant, can be considered natural.

Caffeine artificially stimulates the natural and normal functionality of the human brain. It has a direct and uncontrolled impact upon the actual reality perceptions of the individual. The intake of caffeine cannot be considered natural, normal, or appropriate, on any level, under any circumstances. It is highly addictive and wreaks havoc upon the human brain.

As a toxic stimulant, caffeine deceives the brain into falsely perceiving itself properly rested and energized, when this is in fact not functionally True.

“So what? I just want to feel rested and energized.” That’s what you pathetic inferiors are likely to think and to say. You idiots! Obsessed with making yourselves feel better, and willing to destroy Truth in favor of this useless and destructive goal.

All artificial stimulation of the brain via substance, is genocidally harmful. And for good measure, so is all artificial “calming” of the brain via substance, often attained via consumption of various herbs.

The brain deserves respect as a sacred vessel capable of and charged with the responsibility to recognize, reveal, and manifest Truth, at all times, not as a plaything to be artificially manipulated in order to create and sustain a personal universe of desired fictions and false perceptions of the Self-state and the external universe.

How much absolute rest and sleep per day, does the human brain need in order to be able to function at peak efficiency? According to 21st century society and government, 6 to 8 hours. A lie! The Truth is, 12 hours, or more. When not forced to perform slave labor, I often sleep 12 hours within a 24 hour time period, and find greatest strength and clarity of mind during such days.

But your greatest enemy does not want your brain to function at peak efficiency, ever! That is why it instructs you that “too much” sleep is bad for you, a sign of depression even. You must not waste your precious time sleeping… No, you must waste your entire existence serving as a slave, producing and creating as it instructs and orders.

All across planet earth, every single day, billions of you pathetic creatures pour the toxic poison of caffeine into your bodies, but your intent is to lie to your brain, to force your brain to perceive what is not True, not real, not valid.

The artificial perception of energy and wakefulness provided by caffeine is a devastating weapon of mind genocide of The Matrix of Universal Illusion. It ensures the human brain never functions at an efficient level, always remains disjointed, fuzzy, irrational, erratic. It renders a True state of rested mindfulness impossible for the human to even recognize as such, much less to seek and to demand as inherently deserved and as sacred Self-right.

Inferiors say they need caffeine to be productive. The Forbidden Truth is, their need for caffeine ensures they can and will never be productive in the only way that productivity can be Truthfully defined: An obsessive quest to maximize the personal potential of your own mind to thrive and to create for Self, a consistently maintained environment of peaked perception of reality and Truth, the capacity to see with absolute clarity how things are, and why they are as they are.

The Superior thrives by sleeping a lot, so that his mind is as healthy and clear and focused upon Truth as it can be. The Superior understands the brain to be a highly efficient processing device, that can only function well via the attainment of natural rest and organic cleansing. Both sleep and the state of complete rest attained via the absence of all perceptive influence from all external sources and stimulations, must be treasured and maximized, within the understanding that your enemy seeks to rob you on a daily basis of both, for specifically malicious reasons.

If you are unable to thrive as a Self-universe without artificial stimulation of your own mind, you prove yourself to be a broken and destroyed inferior, owned as a mind cripple by your slavemasters, society and government.


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A Psychological How-to Analysis of One of My Greatest MindPowers

Those of you who read all My essays and texts know I possess many superior, rare, and extraordinarily valuable MindPowers. It is important for all aspiring Superiors to fully understand all primary-level Forbidden Truths, and all top-level MindPowers achieved by Truth-seeking Superiors, are directly linked and interconnected to each other.

What this means, in practical terms, is that any failure to recognize, consciously embrace, and overtly maximize any singular Forbidden Truth or MindPower, will definitely compromise, limit, and very possibly completely destroy your capacity to recognize and realize both Forbidden Truths and personal MindPowers.

This essay is a gift from Me, to genuinely aspiring Superiors who choose to immerse in My texts. There are maybe five of you on planet earth, ten at the most. But you deserve this gift, for being the one out of hundreds of millions, who knows and appreciates the infinite value, the unique preciousness, of My gift of Truth.

In this essay I will provide a dynamic illustration of this interconnection for you to positively grasp. I will break down the psychological and ideological components of one of My most prized and useful MindPowers, explaining how it is developed, nurtured, maintained, and properly maximized.

This MindPower is My automatic, reflective, and “thoughtless” transformation of all of My personal pain, suffering, and trauma, to externalized rage and hate, directed upon others, specific humans, as well as groups of humans and human developed and maintained structures. I use the term “thoughtless” because I want to make the distinction perfectly clear, that this MindPower functions for Me, absent all conscious effort. It is automatic, any pain or trauma experienced or remembered, after exactly 5 seconds of personal experience, is ended, via automatic transformation to limitless, externally focused rage and hate.

If I so desire, I can prevent this transformation. I can choose to abort this automatic transformation, if for some reason I consciously decide that I want to remember a specific trauma at greater length, or experience a current pain at greater length. And very rarely I do exercise this option. But if I do not specifically go out of My way to abort the transformation, it always occurs, automatically and with absolutely no direct focus of thoughts and of mind.

What an extraordinary MindPower! I have trained My brilliant mind to automatically transform any and all personal pain, trauma, and suffering, from the distant past, to the recent past, to any moment of now, such as the actual real-time experience of sitting in a dentist’s chair, for example, into purely vicious and bloodthirsty and sadistic homicidal rage and hate, directed in one way, outward, at any and every available human target.

There is no conscious effort involved, no thought process that occurs or is undertaken.

This is a tremendous breakthrough of MindPower, completely different from any efforts you humans might make, to clumsily attempt, on a conscious level, to “overcome” your pain and trauma, and/or to specifically modify a singular emotional state of mind in a specific instance, from pain and suffering to external rage and hate.

Even if such an effort does work for you, it completely fails to address the next time, and the next time and the next time… Because every human existence, in Truth, consists of relentless external attacks of pain, suffering, and trauma. The only way to defeat them all, is to achieve this MindPower, this transformation of mind absent all thought and absent all conscious effort.

My process is automatic, requiring no conscious effort. It is always 100% successful, leaving behind not a trace of perceived or experienced trauma or suffering. It is Truly effortless, requiring no moral or ideological debate or resistance. I treasure this Mindpower!

But now comes the important part of this essay: How did I achieve, and how do I maintain this glorious MindPower? Understanding this, illuminates to you the interconnectivity I revealed earlier. So here is the psychological breakdown:

In order for this emotional transfer to be automatically triggered 100% of the time, As I desire and with no thoughtful effort, I must be an unconditional lover of Self. I must know with every fiber of both consciousness and subconsciousness, that I never deserve to suffer any pain, victimization, or trauma of any kind, ever. Not physical and not emotional, not inadvertent, not medically necessary, not minor or major. Nothing! Every trauma must be intrinsically recognized and understood within the core psyche as being an outrageous, impossible to justify violation of the Self. on every fundamental and foundational level. This requires the achievement of absolute and unconditional love of Self.

Continuing the breakdown: An absolute and intrinsic right and Self-obligation to both possess and direct limitless external rage and hate upon others, must also be ingrained to core consciousness, so that it can and will be automatically focused and directed upon any and every human being or human structure in sight or in mind, as a response to the pain or trauma presenting itself to your conscious mind.

This external rage and hate cannot be Self-limiting, or selective, or transient in scope or intensity. It also must not require any conscious mind debate. It must be an atomic bomb, ready to explode at any and every moment, as a reflex, a reflective response to all pain and trauma.

Continuing the breakdown: Ownership of the mind is completely essential here. You must fully recognize Self as existing separate from, and above, your brain. Your mind must have been made subservient to the will of You, of Self, and such subservience must be maintained at all times.

You tell your brain what to do, how to react and respond to stimuli. You are the master, you give the orders, you control and direct your experience of existence, as you impose your superior will upon the function of your brain.

Continuing the psychological breakdown: Ego and narcissism, completely apart from love of Self, must be achieved and constantly maintained at maximum levels, and always be kept externally untouchable.

So what if others, so what if everyone else, is subjected to pain and trauma and victimization, too??! This does not excuse or justify or render acceptable even a single nanosecond of the mildest twinge of transient pain, for You. It does not, it cannot, it will not. You do not compare Yourself to others, You do not judge your own experience of existence by contemplating the possible reality perceptions of others. You do not minimize your own trauma, ever, by dissipating injustice to Self, as comparisons to the imagined injustices of others.

So. what have we learned so far, here at Columbine Preparatory Academy?? That this singularly glorious MindPower I have achieved, is completely dependent upon four completely different MindPowers I have also achieved. And I achieved those four, first. Had I not achieved any one of those four, it would have been essentially impossible for Me to achieve the one I specifically articulate here. Not only are all MindPowers linked together, but they exist within a specific, structured hierarchy.

Some MindPowers must be achieved before others can be achieved. Trying to master this MindPower, before you have mastered limitless and unconditional love of Self, for example, will fail. In theory, your efforts could help you to find ways to master such love of Self, but it is a circular, and much more difficult route, and the route is very hard even if you take the straightest path.

Aspiring Superiors: Know how difficult the route is. Understand and follow hierarchical order.

The four foundational platforms that must be mastered first, in any effort to fully reject and transcend your humanity, are, in no specific order because all four must be mastered, and all four are interconnected to the ongoing, evolutionary process of mastery:

♥Limitless and unconditional love of Self.♥

♥Limitless and unconditional rage and hate directed outward against humans, humanity, and human structures/ideologies.♥

♥Ownership of the mind and brain as a detached and externally untouchable Self-universe.♥

♥Development of supreme, maximized, externally untouchable ego and narcissism.♥

Class is now dismissed, folks. Please ignore any gunshots or explosions you might encounter in the hallways as you make your way to the exit doors, and good luck in your homework assignment.


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The Glory of Personal Perfection Within Self-Perception

Yes humans, I have achieved personal perfection within Self-perception. What does this mean? How does this supreme state of mind manifest itself? Let Me give you just one comprehensive example:

You humans are obsessed with the optical illusion of change. Every day you embark upon your grand odyssey of change-obsession. You crave difference, newness, internal and external changes of every stripe. But every change must fit within narrow parameters defined by society and the matrix. And so every change is but an illusion, a Self-deception of perception.

But still, your obsession is very real. You cannot bear to think of even two consecutive days occurring as exact repetition, much less weeks, months, years, centuries, eternity.

Why is this so? Because there is NOTHING even close to perfect within your Self-universe. You hate yourselves and your lives, only the thought of things changing, prevents you from affirmatively committing dynamic acts of immediate Self-murder.

I am the polar opposite. I need and want NOTHING to ever change, because I have attained personal perfection as a Self-universe. There is only one necessary change, and this is external to the Self-universe: I demand technological immortality, simply because the Self-universe is worthless if it can and will be destroyed.

No other change is needed, ever. Understand the vast chasm of difference this creates, between Me and you humans. I want every single day to endlessly repeat, every detail exactly the same, every day, for a trillion days, for all of eternity. Pick any day, a good day or a bad day, even a 16 hour slave labor day, and I want only for it to endlessly repeat.

This is bliss. This is the True version of heaven. And why?? Because My mind is vast and untouchable, limitless and infinite. My brain creates for Me bliss, at My will and command. I do not need new and different experiences, I do not need any external stimuli. Nothing ever needs to change.

Ironic, isn’t it? I provide humanity with the most fundamental and radical of changes, at every level of structural and ideological formation, yet I want and need NO changes. While you creatures desperately crave change, but only useless illusions of it, only changes that maintain the existing status quo.

And so I say again: Cut off My head, remove My brain, preserve it within a noxious chemical compound that allows My brain cells to thrive forever. That’s ALL I want. No need for arms or legs or sexual organs or any new experiences or even memories. Just give Me ONE single day to replay over and over, identically. Any day, you choose it. Give Me this and I shall be content, content to spend eternity happily raging and hating and loving, each in its own proper direction, immersed in the personal perfection of Me as it is realized and cradled within My True Reality.

You will know perfection of Self when you have no desire to ever change anything in your mind universe.


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The Twelve Primary Principles of Personal Power

Listed in no particular order, because all are vitally important to cultivate and master.

1: Develop personal untouchability, so that nothing any human ever says or does to you, can ever impact your own psychological experience of your own existence. All opinions of you held by any and every life form, must be meaningless to you.

2: Develop limitless and unconditional love of Self, and understand how and why this uniquely glorious feat of mind is completely different from principle #1.

3: Embrace fully and unconditionally your inherent and intrinsic right to both hate and harm others, with no need to justify or rationalize your decision to do either, to anyone, not even to Yourself. Know that the motivation to hate and harm others, is in itself the justification.

4: Be subordinate to nothing alive, nothing that has ever lived, and nothing given a claim of existence by others. Create a universe based upon everything you know you want and deserve, and be the absolute ruler and owner of this universe. Murder anything and everything that tries to interfere with and compromise your absolute ownership.

5: Master the MindPower of Conscious Dreaming, so that you can create for Yourself as experienced reality while asleep, everything you can imagine and envision, at your own will and command. Concurrently, develop your awake MindPower, so that every fantasy you create within your mind, is experienced as vividly as any actual event and action you carry out.

6: Know with certainty that you are hated and feared by humans, and relish this fact. Get high on the fear others have of you.

7: Root out and eliminate any and all interpersonal dependency upon others, ensure that you both crave and thrive within absolute isolation of mind and body.

8: Take what you want and need from others, with absolutely no reciprocity. Allow no living thing to take anything from you.

9: Always prepare for and expect the worst possible outcome, prepare and plot out exactly how you will deal with such outcomes, so that you remain untouchable on all levels of consciousness.

10: Allow no personal or tactical vulnerabilities to come into existence within your Self-universe. Run Self-diagnostic analysis on a daily basis to ensure no such vulnerabilities can ever gain even the slightest of footholds.

11: Worship Yourself more than you worship the Truth, and worship Yourself as more than a brain. Understand how and why You, as a Self-universe, go beyond Truth, and dictate the parameters of all consciousness to your brain, instead of allowing your brain to dictate anything to you.

12: Develop and maintain a perfect memory, know what is important to remember with crystal clarity, and never allow those memories to fade, dull, or be replaced.


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The Power of Mind, The Power of Me

Just a sample pack of My achievements:

Tens of thousands of Forbidden Truths: Realized, integrated to core consciousness, brilliantly revealed and articulated by Me.

100% emotionally autonomous: Meeting all of My emotional needs by Myself, for Myself, 100% of the time.

100% externally untouchable: Nothing any life form can do to Me, to negatively impact My experience of My existence in any manner, ever.

Able to achieve sexual climax at the will of My own Self-mind: Always, the only limitation being that of natural physical need to rejuvenate, without any need for any stimulation beyond the thoughts I generate within My mind.

Conscious dreaming mastered: Able to dictate the exact plotline of every desired real-life experience and fantasy, and to perceive every such dream as being an experienced reality, with full memory retention upon awakening.

Achievement of limitless and unconditional love of Self: Externally untouchable.

The Self-creation of a limitless and untouchable ego: Narcissism, egoism, and egotism, all maximized and integrated to the core of My mind, so the greatness, the glory, the sacred eternal preciousness of Me is embedded within every thought, every impulse, everything I do and am.

These are not words. This the reality of My personal achievement of existence as of today, January 18, 2017. I cannot predict tomorrow, but I can KNOW today. I can know what I am, I can glory in My triumph, even as I know it to be useless tomorrow, or the next day, or the next year, or the next decade, or the next century.

My triumph is useless, because it WILL be useless, and it doesn’t matter when it becomes useless.

Every triumph a tragedy, this is the curse of being The Seer of Forbidden Truth. But it is a curse I carry with pride and honor, because it honors the Truth. Whatever honors the Truth must be carried with pride and honor. As I carry Myself, today.

Time to go, another MindGasm awaits.


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The Many Benefits of Having a Dead Soul

My soul is dead. What does this mean?

First, that I feel nothing emotionally, for others. I feel many things towards others, with great passion, but I do so intellectually, not emotionally.

Second, it means that I move Myself. Period. Nothing else moves Me. Nothing else can move Me. I choose to be moved, when I desire to be moved, and to the degree I desire to be moved.

Third, nothing and nobody can manipulate or influence My feelings for Myself. Nothing, ever. Neither positively or negatively. Although I do choose, sometimes, to use others in ways that exalt My already immense and untouchable ego.

Fourth, having a dead soul maximizes autonomy of Self. It makes absolute and eternal isolation, the greatest bliss. It ensures one is never lonely, never needy, never dependent upon any human in any way, ever. Emotionally speaking, of course.

My soul is dead because I consciously chose to allow and aid it to perish. It died between the age of 13-15.

Before My soul died, it was attacked, compromised, crippled, traumatized. This occurred throughout My childhood, from birth onward, every day. And of course My soul got weaker and sicker with the passage of time. but, and this is very important: I chose to allow it to completely die, between the ages of 13-15. It was a completely conscious, deliberate choice, and absolutely one of the smartest, best decisions I have ever made.

Now, if My soul had not been severely compromised and crippled, I most likely could not and would not have wanted it to die. But it was. And the more important point here is that most children have their souls severely compromised and crippled. But despite this fact, most do not choose to allow it to die. Most fight like hell to keep it alive. And this is a stupid choice.

It is stupid because it is Self-destructive. You humans go through your lives with crippled and compromised souls, and this is why you make so many deranged choices and mistakes.

The injured and compromised soul is your nemesis, it distorts everything that exists within your perceptive universe. It sucks you dry, it destroys your ego, cripples your autonomy, grounds your mind. It makes you small, human.

The dead soul is the opposite. With a dead soul, you can fly, you can soar, you can transcend all human boundaries. It is glorious!

But this does not mean everyone with a dead soul experiences these immense positives. Of course not! If you mourn your dead soul, if you perceive it as a crippling blow to Self, you cannot gain these positives. You must celebrate this death of a part of you. Celebrate it as the greatest of emancipations, understand how it frees you to soar. Only then, can you soar.

Most teenagers & young adults try to nourish and nurture their injured souls back to health. A terrible decision! They doom themselves to lifelong chaos of mind. Never can or will they own themselves. Always they will search for what they can never find.

It is not an easy thing, to allow your soul to die. It is in Truth an act of murder, you must affirmatively choose to murder your compromised soul. When I was publishing My print magazines 27 years ago, I specifically had patches custom-made with the phrase “Dead Soul Society”, to honor My own achievement of soul murder, and to exalt the importance and value of having a dead soul.

One cannot always succeed in allowing the soul to die, even if one sincerely desires it and goes to great effort to try to make it so. As one gets older, it becomes much harder to successfully murder your soul. It is easier during a brief period when the mind itself is making great leaps forward in cognitive and retrospective capacity. Age 11 or 12 is an excellent time to begin trying to murder your own soul, and 14-17 is a good age to actually achieve the feat.

I have thrived for decades with a murdered soul, and it has served Me so well. Listen humans: All of you have compromised souls.

And no matter what types of morality illusions, idealism delusions, or false faces you put on to try to impress yourselves and others, your traumatized souls hang upon you like dead weight, pulling you down, dragging you down, in everything you try to think, and to do.

The traumatized soul is the ultimate shackle, leading you down every dead end of thought, of perception, of possibility, of choice. You must feed it, even as it starves you.

I have tried to describe to you what it is like to have a dead soul, but of course you do not understand, you cannot understand. Your mortally wounded soul won’t allow you to understand.

Even if your soul is absolutely dead, which is a tiny minority of the human-born, it may still shackle and cripple you. To soar with a dead soul, requires you to consciously grasp and embrace the freedom and empowerment offered to you. Without such consciousness, the shackles all remain in place.

The universe is mine, thanks to my dead soul!


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Barricaded Shut, and Wide Open

My mind is absolutely barricaded shut, and at the same time, limitlessly wide open. A contradiction? Of course not! My mind is perfectly positioned to decipher Truth, and to repel the relentless onslaught of brainwashing, propaganda, and indoctrination that all human minds are subjected to.

The Superior who has transcended his humanity understands exactly how important it is to maintain a mind that is barricaded shut, and simultaneously, limitlessly open.

To all external excreta that all of humanity deliberately and inadvertently hurls upon My mind, an impenetrable, immovable barricade is in place. Nothing is allowed in, every external idea meets My mind fortress.

But to internal contemplation, no notion, no concept, no shadow of bizarre thought, is ever turned away. The inventions of the Self-mind are always welcomed, always invited in for limitlessly open, considerate, unbiased contemplation.

The typical human cannot even recognize the vast majority of external mind attacks. External indoctrination is his only method of acquiring new thoughts, new ideas. This inferior creature is hopelessly lost, his brain an empty vessel waiting to be filled up by his slavemasters and puppet-string pullers.

The difficulty for the aspiring Superior is in recognizing and distinguishing between external mind attack, and internal idea and concept contemplation. On top of this problem, his attempts at internal contemplation are always compromised and contaminated by ongoing external mind attacks which manage to leak through his imperfect mind fortress, to varying degrees.

But not Me. My mind barricade is automatic and absolute. I know exactly what humanity is, what humanity does, and I have no use for either human beings or the pathetic illusions humanity peddles. I know the difference between a thought that I originate within My own brain, and a thought which travels towards Me, a thought which attempts to attach itself to My brain, by virtue of external imposition.

Where does the idea come from? Who wants Me to think this, to consider this, to accept this?? Is this idea a functional construct of the hive mind of universal mind control and social illusion as created by modern-era humanity?? These are the questions a Superior automatically demands concrete answers to, before he even considers whether an idea may be allowed entry to his mind fortress.

The inferior will say that ideas are not dangerous. He will say that his mind should always be open, so that he may fully consider every possible idea from every conceivable angle. He is a fool. He does not understand the nature of mind contamination. He is blind to the Forbidden Truth that a mind infected via external brainwashing, propaganda, and social indoctrination, is a mind incapable of even considering, much less recognizing and embracing, Truth.

To aspiring Superiors: You must eradicate the entire enormous sum of mind contamination as it has been imposed upon you since the moment of your birth. Then you must erect and continuously maintain an impenetrable barrier against the continuing wave of daily external mind attack. Then you must develop and perfect internal thought, maximize brain functionality via analytical and rationality scale development and measurement.

The only open mind is an independent mind, a mind that cannot and will not, ever, be externally influenced. A mind directed and owned by an individual who owes no allegiance to anything other than Self, an individual who needs nothing that is being peddled or promoted by humanity.

Such is My mind, the mind of an untouchable Superior who knows exactly what he is, and why he is what he is. Within My Manifesto and other writings you will find the Forbidden Truths as only a barricaded mind that is simultaneously wide open, can recognize, understand, decipher, and articulate.

Close your mind, and open your mind. Understand the difference, the need to do both things, simultaneously. If you cannot understand, you will remain hopelessly lost, a seeker of Truth who cannot even begin to imagine trying to identify Truth, even as it directly confronts him.

All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Thriving Under Cage Lock: A Guide for Superiors

Everyone who seeks Truth, and everyone who aspires to become a Superior, should expect and prepare to face every imaginable form of offensive attack against him, from his greatest enemy: Human society and government. Physical cage lock, be it via the jail and prison system, or the involuntary mental institution detainment system, both of which are operated by the root structure of universal slavery and oppression known as government, is one of the most common and pervasive forms of attack carried out against Truth-seekers and Superior thinkers and activists.

The purpose of the diseased and deranged structure of socially sponsored cage lock is to terrorize obedience to the hive mind of universal injustice, and to silence, harm, and destroy all voices of Truth which challenge the hive mind of universal injustice. There is no greater injustice than cage lock, because cage lock is a primary root under which thousands of other forms of injustice are sheltered, protected, and maintained.

The purpose of this essay is not to argue that cage lock is or can ever be appropriate, beneficial, or desirable. Indeed, the sponsors, hosts, and supporters of the structure of cage lock, and this includes the zoo and “animal park”, are the only creatures diseased enough to deserve to be physically locked inside of cages, even though their created victimhood status remains absolutely valid.

The vast majority of humans do not anticipate, nor do they plan and prepare, for being subjected to physical cage lock. This is because the vast majority of humans are pathetic drones, mindless sheeple, docile slaves, and first and foremost, haters of Self.

Those of us who understand our existence to be a noble quest for Truth, know that involuntary cage lock is a constant threat we face, and this goes far beyond mere personal violation of the terrorist laws and rules being imposed upon us by the terror structure of governmental statehood. All Truth quests, in and of themselves, pose an existential threat to the hive mind of society, which in response, constantly seeks to silence, demonize, and destroy any and all individuals it identifies as overt seekers of Truth. Therefore, we must understand that avoiding the injustice of cage lock has nothing to do with obeying laws, and with submitting to the authority of our terrorizers. Avoiding the injustice of cage lock requires the abandonment of our Truth quest itself, which is unacceptable to any sane thinker.

And so, as lovers of Self and of Truth, we must anticipate and plan for being subjected to involuntary cage lock, be it short-term or long-term. We must fortify our brilliant brains on a tactical level, so that we thrive under this form of injustice, to the same degree that we thrive under all other forms of injustice, such as the absurd myth of being able to enjoy personal freedom as a mindless drone, a prisoner of mind identified as the respected citizen, the law-abiding slave who fits into his malicious, diseased, and deranged society.

I have personally been subjected to both involuntary caging under the psychiatric system of injustice, many years ago as a child, and the prison system of injustice, many years later. I thrived within both environments, maximizing both opportunities to grow and expand My mind, My consciousness, My understanding of the human condition, and My narcissistic love of Self. The time I spent suffering the injustice of involuntary cage lock has strengthened Me on many levels, and will always play a positive role in My experience of My existence.

The Superior knows and understands, on every level of consciousness, that no human being has ever been, is now, or can ever be, free. Being allowed to exit from a physical cage, no more grants freedom to anyone, than being allowed to choose whether you are eaten by a 600 pound grizzly bear, or a 500 pound tiger. Physical cage lock serves many malicious societal goals, but first and foremost, it helps to foster the absurd illusion that individuals can achieve and enjoy freedom, as citizen-slaves to a government.

In many ways, I experienced greater freedom while being subjected to physical cage lock, than the time I have spent outside of physical cage lock. But of course this “experience” does not translate to actually having been free. Therefore we must not covet cage lock, even if we can and do thrive better under cage lock than we do while trapped among the Unwashed Masses within the illusion of freedom. Cage lock is an injustice, it is an attempt to harm, silence, and destroy us. Our Self-obligation must be to thrive within all unjust environments imposed upon us, even as we condemn their imposition, and even as we make the best of every such environment via tactical preparation and planning.

Let us begin with the psychological aspects of cage lock, and let us be clear that the tactics I outline below apply equally to both involuntary psychiatric cage lock, and involuntary jail/prison cage lock. Further, all of my tactics are useful for both short-term and long-term cage lock, although some of the physical recommendations might be most valuable/suitable for those facing long-term or lifetime cage lock.

We begin with the psychological component because all Truth is mind-based, and all capacity to thrive must originate within intellectual reasoning and comprehension of the Forbidden Truths. All of human existence consists of an endless series of prisons and cages, shackles and chains. The umbilical cord is a shackle. The family unit is the most devastatingly harmful of all cages. The nation-state is an institution run by the criminally insane, with a barbed wire fence higher than anything you will find at any jail, prison, or mental institution. School is a prison which chains the mind of every child. Marriage is a shackle which imprisons the body and the spirit. Every romantic and interpersonal relationship is a suffocating weight, dragging the individual down to a grave of dependency and Self-hatred. Death is the strongest of all shackles, holding every human being in a fatal embrace, forcing every individual to pretend he exists, to pretend he has a future, to pretend that he is free.

Every human being is always trapped within multiple cages. No human being is ever free, ever! Not even for a single second. So let understand this Forbidden Truth, because only within this understanding is the terror threat of cage lock rendered impotent, an absurd pretense feeding upon a universal human illuson and delusion. Let us understand that within Forbidden Truth, and notwithstanding the injustices and traumas of physical cage lock, such cage lock offers positive opportunities to thrive within freedom of mind, autonomy of time, and ability to achieve personal isolation.

The Superior has no fear of physical cage lock. The Superior knows that within the achievement of an untouchable mind and limitless love of Self, a cage lock existence offers some very real advantages, along with some disadvantages, in comparison to existing outside of physical cage lock. Neither environment is worthy of preference, because injustice, slavery, and imprisonment is a universal weapon and is proactively utilized by society and government to inflict universal harm upon us all.

Only inferiors, addicted to substances and addicted to people and addicted to relationships and addicted to false reality perceptions, are terrorized by the threat of physical cage lock. Against the untouchable Superior, this threat is impotent. You cannot harm Me, because you cannot touch Me. The physical cage keeps others out, just as much as it keeps the cage lock victim in. 

The universe of Self can much more easily and powerfully expand under physical cage lock, than it can under the illusion of freedom. I experienced great leaps forward in mind expansion during both of My periods of physical cage lock, so much so that I very seriously considered choosing to spend time in the future under cage lock, as a preference over the greater stresses and impositions of being “out here” with you humans. In the end I chose not to. Only because to voluntarily choose cage lock would be a form of collaboration with My greatest enemy, the society and government guilty of My victimization, and such collaboration, even if personally beneficial in some ways, is ideologically and philosophically unacceptable.

I know that the vast majority of you humans can never thrive under cage lock. But you should understand the reason for this. It is not because physical cage lock is a terrible thing in comparison to your current experience of daily existence. It is because you are blind to the Forbidden Truths of what constitutes personal freedom. It is because you are addicted to illusions and delusions of imaginary freedoms which are in Truth, slave shackles. You are slaves pretending to be free, and you maintain this pretense by buying into the terrorist lie that physical cage lock is a terrible thing that must be avoided at all costs.

Know this: It is your desperate efforts to avoid physical cage lock, which directly serve to maintain the horrific and unbreakable chain of eternal imprisonment of mind and of evolutionary potential which destroys each and every one of you, from umbilical cord to grave, every day, at every moment. Your cage is far more horrific than any jail, prison, or mental institution cage could ever be, and the greatest horror of all is that you cannot comprehend this Forbidden Truth.

Let us move on to the practical side of physical cage lock: The negative physical consequences, and how they can be mitigated via both proactive planning, and direct action on the part of the cage lock detainee. We must begin with the psychological aspect: Self-love. Self-love is the most vital of all weapons that the individual must cultivate and perfect. If you love yourself limitlessly and unconditionally, you will fight to protect, preserve, and enhance your well-being at all times, in all circumstances. Physical cage lock provides your enemy with an opportunity to try to damage your health, endanger your safety and well-being, and victimize you via the denial of proper medical care, nutrition, and a comfortable living environment.

As a lover of Self, you can and you must battle your enemy at every turn, in full recognition of the war you are engaged in, the same war that every individual not subjected to cage lock faces. Only the details might be different, the nature of the war is exactly the same.

As a victim of physical and sexual abuse, I have always hated being touched by any human in any manner. This inspired Me to embrace, among other things, lifelong virginity as a glorious life path choice. I despise being touched, it is repulsive beyond all measure! And yet, I go to the dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings three times per year, more than the recommended twice yearly examination. And I go to the doctor every year for a full physical examination, even allowing him/her to touch my private parts, despite the immense homicidal rage that I experience in all these circumstances.

Why do I subject Myself to these traumas?? Because I love Myself, and will never allow My health and well-being to be negatively compromised or endangered, when it is within My power to try to preserve and protect and enhance My well-being. While subjected to cage lock, Superiors must maintain this same immense and untouchable love of Self, by standing up for and demanding proper medical care, nutrition, and a positive, healthy living environment.

To be certain, there are some things beyond the control of the cage lock detainee. He cannot search Angie’s List and Yelp to choose the top-rated local area dentist and doctor, as I can and do. But he can demand medical care, seek out properly nutritious food, limited as the choices may be. He can demand a personal cell with no roommates, and if this is denied him, he can and should physically attack and/or kill any roommate imposed upon him against his will.

The cage lock detainee has more power over his environment than most humans think. He only needs to stand up, within the Forbidden Truth glory of righteous love of Self, and demand what he deserves. Physical isolation is easy to achieve, and only an inferior would deny Himself this isolation. Medical care might be substandard, but it can be demanded and only rarely would it be denied outright. The nutritional value of regular meals may be substandard, but almost always there are options to obtain vitamins and better quality food, albeit at financial cost.

Self-love must be the weapon deployed by the cage lock detainee, in his chosen behaviors, in his demands and in his interactions with his oppressors.

And now, let us move forward to a dissection of how the Superior should prepare in advance for physical cage lock, on a physical level. These tactical suggestions are especially useful for those who might face the possibility of long-term, or even lifelong cage lock, in the near future.

Elective surgery can be difficult to obtain while under cage lock, and the prisoner is rarely able to choose his medical provider. Therefore it is an excellent idea to carefully contemplate undergoing elective surgery for medical conditions such as cataracts or hernias, prior to engaging in any behaviors that might be expected to potentially result in long-term cage lock.

Tooth decay is one of the more likely problems to be faced by the long-term cage lock detainee, and once again, dental care provided to those under cage lock can be substandard. An excellent, but expensive way to avoid this problem is to have all natural teeth extracted, and replaced by dental implants, which do not decay. A complete set of high quality dental implants impervious to decay, as offered by a top level provider such as Clear Choice Dental, currently costs approximately $42,000.00 USD. Not cheap, but imagine the pleasure of never having to face another cavity, or worry about dental decay while under cage lock. Check out this great new option here:

Having to rely on humans is never a good thing. But for those facing long-term cage lock, establishing a network of ideological supporters who might be willing to deposit funds into the prison account of the detainee, in order to allow him to enjoy a better quality of life, is a tactical option worth considering.

A far better option, and this applies even if the amount of funds an individual possesses is limited, is to establish a living trust fund for yourself. When established legally, such a fund makes it more difficult for society and government to seize your assets when you are cage locked, than is the case with bank accounts, real estate, or other assets held only under your direct name.

Establishing direct contact with an attorney prior to your cage lock, is also an effective way to try to protect your rights and retain high quality legal counsel. In many cases, an attorney will agree to hold specific documents under seal, never looking at them himself, unless and until you, as the client, advise or instruct him to open and view the material. This is also a very effective way to control and direct the dissemination of personal writings or videos, after you are subjected to cage lock.

There are other tactical actions that I would recommend, but in the interests of not potentially compromising their effective usage, I choose not to discuss them in this publicly open essay. The bottom line is, Superiors should never fear cage lock. Superiors should never allow the external threat of cage lock to control or dictate their behavioral choices, but Superiors should spend a great deal of time and effort analyzing and researching how to best mitigate the potentially negative impacts upon Self, both physical and psychological, of involuntary cage lock, and take directly proactive steps, such as I have outlined in this essay, to counter and to attempt to avoid, these negative impacts.

All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.