The Beauty of your Decay

The maggots will have to wait their turn. It is not time for them to feast, yet.

But I see your decay, your slow motion transformation from the illusion of vitality to the Forbidden Truth reality of flesh and bone, cell and membrane, disintegration.

It is beautiful to watch you change, the skin wrinkle, the muscles shrivel, the bones twist and knob.

You say you are only 22 and I must be in dire need of new and better glasses, as you primp and strut in front of the mirror.

But no, it is you who need better vision, crippled and doomed hag, preparing for a night of clubbing. It is you who lack the capacity to see and to know what you are, as proven by what you will be.

Stop trying to make yourself more beautiful, because every mask you don, from your Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant to your Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Jeweled Pumps, illuminates your decay.

It is so beautiful, to see and to know you as you are, to pierce your self-illusion.

Patiently, the maggots wait.

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Why I Choose Life Over Death

Because life honors Me, while death insults Me.

Because I am sane.

Because I have already been dead, and will always be dead, in ways you are too stupid and inferior to understand.

Because I am talking about Myself, and not about you.

Because life is divided between the terrible and the horrible, while death is divided between the unbearable and the incalculably obscene.

That is all. You may now resume your illusion of being alive.

snip 17

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Mitigating the Genetic Defectiveness of the Human Brain

In several recent essays I brilliantly dissected the enigmatic issue of whether humanity is a biological and genetic birth defect, meaning the species came to exist only because a singular life form, possessing a genetically defective brain, managed to survive and breed, passing along its genetically defective brain to its biological creations. I provided evidentiary proof this is the factual reality of the human situation.

If you have not already read these Mind Bomb essays, they are here:

Now, lets move Forbidden Truth forward, by exploring the MANY different viable paths available, for humanity to mitigate its genetic brain defectiveness.

The process can only be undertaken if the species as a whole fully acknowledges this Forbidden Truth.

What is required is that every society, culture, government, every organized collective subset of humans, consciously and officially recognize every human being to possess a genetically defective brain that absolutely impairs his capacity to function within any degree of sanity, morality, natural instinct, or Self-interest.

The great and delicious irony, of course, is that the genetic brain defectiveness of humanity, in itself, renders this conscious recognition an impossibility for the vast majority of all humans, therefore an impossibility for any human society, culture, government. But that is irrelevant to this discussion, because the viability of My brilliant solutions is not impacted by the human inability to implement them.

Fully recognizing and officially decreeing humanity to be a birth defect species, from the inside, human perspective, changes everything. It allows the illegitimacy of normalcy, of majority rule, of mainstream opinion, to be uncloaked.

All popular beliefs, ideologies, life path choices, reality perceptions, can be recognized as WRONG, simply by acknowledging the human brain to be genetically defective. The majority will always be wrong, whatever the majority decides to do, wants to do, thinks, believes, supports, protects, defends, must be presumed wrong, invalid, mistaken: An inaccurate mind projection of a genetically defective brain, on a collective level.

This consciousness changes everything, it pierces the Matrix of Universal Illusion, it opens pathways to the Alien Eye, for humanity to begin to try to see itself from a detached perspective. This is the first, vital step to implementing any mitigation methods, and so for the purpose of this essay we must assume it is achieved, even as we acknowledge the genetically defective human brain, collectively, cannot attain such consciousness.

Here are eight completely different, fully viable paths of mitigation for genetic human brain defectiveness:

#1: Recognizing the genetic defectiveness of the human brain provides the ideological impetus to end parenthood and the family unit. How can the typical, average, “normal” human being, afflicted with a biologically broken brain, rear and nurture a helpless child with a supremely vulnerable, undeveloped brain, to attain appropriate and legitimate mental health and development?? It is impossible!

The Forbidden Truth that the majority of all humans are not fit to raise a child, and that all children must be nurtured in specialized ways by highly trained specialists in order to overcome and transcend the consequences of being born with genetically defective brains, becomes undeniably clear, inspiring the ending of parenthood with the understanding that parenthood is one of the foundational mistakes caused by humanity possessing a genetically defective brain.

2: The conscious realization that the majority is always wrong. This is BIG, a revolution of the mind!

Think about it: Right now, humanity embraces the premise that the majority is always right. Not simply majority rule on a government level, but every belief, behavior, lifestyle, life path choice…the majority choice is presumed right. But if the human brain is genetically defective, this presumption flips 100%: The majority choice MUST always be presumed the wrong, inferior, illegitimate choice.

So, the majority, the most defective, must forfeit their desires, their presumptions of what is best, to the minority, those who are less mentally defective. Within this consciousness, radical, positive, Truth-based change, becomes functionally viable.

3: All children are taught, from birth, that their brains are genetically defective and dysfunctional. They are taught this is a disability that must be fought and overcome via daily, lifelong, conscious struggle. Children learn not to emulate adults, not to trust their own mind impulses and cravings.

Children learn to question what their brain tells them to feel and to think, instead of blindly accepting these messages as being valid. “Your brain is damaged and defective”, is the most positive message any child, of any age, can receive, in terms of gaining the conscious capacity to mitigate and to heal the damage.

4: Selective breeding/eugenics becomes a perfectly logical and necessary element of mitigating the genetic defectiveness of the human brain. Of course it does! All birth defects are variable in nature. Some humans will possess better capacity to regain healthy brain functionality, than others. If these humans breed, the chances are better that the offspring brains will be less genetically damaged, and if selective breeding is continued for several generations, the overall level of genetic defectiveness may be significantly mitigated.

5: Development of drugs to suppress hyperactive brain regions, as well as stimulate underdeveloped brain regions.

For example, within the genetically defective human brain, natural instinct is abnormally weak and muted, while emotionalism is abnormally strong and dominant. Recognizing this, drugs can be developed to counteract this, and many other genetic dysfunctions of the human brain. Consider human desire, the lack of impulse control of humans, the inability of the brain to consider every potential consequence of a belief or an action, before choosing to accept/undertake it. Drugs to specifically alter these genetic flaws, can be developed.

6: Possible surgical modification of the brains of child caretakers and others in a position to influence the reality perceptions of others. Acknowledging the birth defect status of the species, allows us to define normalcy not by what the majority think or believe or do, but by a rational comparison of humans versus other animals, and by a True analysis of what is good, positive, and helpful to the individual human experience of existence.

Brain surgery must be recognized as a way to fix what is genetically wrong with the human brain, lobotomy in reverse if you will.

7: Possible elimination of memory and emotional nerve centers of the brain. Perhaps via drugs, or surgery, or a combination of both. I intend to address the issue of human memory in a lengthy essay, very soon. For now, lets just begin a dissection of the issue by questioning whether memory is necessary for humans to thrive within Truth and mental health, and specifically the issue of short-term versus long-term memory. There are many compelling indicators to suggest that long-term memory is both problematic and abnormal, as it functions within the human brain.

The same applies to emotions. You can “feel” things intellectually, but the human is pathologically compelled to feel things emotionally, a terrible weakness of the mind very likely rooted in genetic defectiveness.

8: Psychotherapy evolves to become a legitimate scientific discipline, mandated and mission-directed to help expose and lessen all of the consequences of genetic human brain dysfunction, on both an individual level, and just as importantly, to establish baseline criteria of what constitutes normal and appropriate brain functionality, absent all existing standards, and specifically void of all perceptions or judgements of the majority.

These eight paths of enlightenment are just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many more, and it all begins with the singular step of seeing and knowing yourselves as what you are: Mentally crippled and retarded creatures, your dysfunction originating on a genetic level, and everything that follows, including your environmental derangments, what was done to you during childhood, and what you do to every child, occurring in reflection of what you are, mind and brain defective, biologically, from birth.

Another Mind Bomb, successfully detonated by Me!

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Nigger: A Forbidden Truth Analysis of Race-based Ego Destruction in Amerikkka

Every 21st century society and government must and does engage in a systematic, lifelong campaign, begun on the day of birth, to destroy the ego of every human being. Ego destruction is the foundational basis of universal human oppression, victimization, slavery, and murder, as carried out by every society and nation-state today. Ego destruction beheads love, the only valid form of love, which is of course Self-love. Ego destruction suffocates narcissism, the top pillar of mental health.

The systematic ego destruction of all individuals by every society and government is an act of genocide perpetrated on an individual level, against every human brain. It literally drives every individual to functional insanity, rendering him severely and permanently mentally ill, both in terms of Self-perception and in terms of each and every ideological and behavioral choice he makes throughout his existence.

Fully destroying the human ego is not an easy feat for society to achieve and maintain.

Every human being is born with a genetically retarded and dysfunctional brain. This is an absolute fact. But within this Forbidden Truth, we must not exaggerate the resulting consequences. The newborn baby still possess many genetically healthy instincts, and one of them is a functional ego, the capacity to possess and to maintain egoism, narcissism, egotism, and love of Self.

And this natural instinct is relatively strong. It is not dissolved to nothingness by a single social attack, or even multiple attacks. Society and government must and does engage in a daily, relentless, ongoing campaign of genocide against every human mind, from fetus status, continuing until the very day of death, to effectively neuter all instinctual capacity of the individual to maintain healthy ego, narcissism, and love of Self.

There are many thousands of different ways society achieves this malicious feat, many of which I have dissected at length in other essays.

In this essay, I just want to focus upon a singular, nation-state specific methodology of ego destruction. If you are a Truth-seeking Superior, it should open your minds to many other, similar malicious methodologies.

Nigger. It is a word affirmatively deployed by the amerikkkan regime in 2017, as it has been throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, to devastate the egos of millions of citizen-slaves. Let us dissect the exact methodology at play:

Within the historical context of this diseased and genocidal nation-state, meaning the 17th, 18th, 19th centuries of state-sponsored kidnapping and dehumanization of african-born humans, the word negro/nigger was used by the regime to officially decree these kidnap victims to be subhuman, worthless pieces of owned property.

Exactly as all children are decreed to be, today. But that’s another issue.

Sticking to the topic at hand, nigger was the word used to differentiate between the slaves not allowed to perceive their own slavery, the european whites, and the slaves allowed to perceive their own slavery, the kidnapped black africans.

Today, nobody in amerikkka is allowed to perceive their own slavery, even as it remains just as universal as it has always been. And so the word nigger had to be transitioned to serve a different goal. That goal is Self-destruction of the egos of amerikkkan blacks.

Every society loves to get its torture victims, its citizen-slaves, to actively collaborate within their own genocidal destruction. Why? Because this is the perfect cloak! How can the slave know he is being externally chained and destroyed, if he is successfully enticed to actively participate in his own chaining and destruction.

So here we are in 2017, and of course the current use of nigger dates back 50+ years, but lets just talk about it in the present tense.

In 2017, nigger is a denigrating insult when verbally or in written form deployed by european whites, and simultaneously a term of endearment and geniality, graciously accepted without question, when deployed by amerikkkan blacks within interpersonal interaction. “Yo, what’s up, my nigger?” “Nigger be chillin’!” Etc…

Did the black amerikkkan citizen-slaves kidnap this word to use as their own? No, of course not. They were told the word was theirs, it was a gift to them, part of their illusion of emancipation as provided by the regime of amerikkka. “Nobody else will call you nigger, anymore, slave. No! Now you get to call yourselves niggers, you lucky…bastards. You get the freedom to choose to be slaves, on your own terms, slaves. Come on, embrace the freedom to be a Self-enslaved nigger!”

And it worked! It worked beautifully, of course it did. Because none of the kidnapped africans wanted to be free. How could they want freedom? All they ever knew was slavery.

And so they coveted the slavery of the european white, and called it freedom. “I demand to be just as free as the slave over there is!” How pathetic.

But back to the original mind bomb of universal ego destruction in amerikkka: Do you see it, or do I have to spell it out for you? Right among the many thousands of other deployed methodologies of ego destruction, we have the gem of nigger. In referring to themselves and their fellow amerikkkan blacks as niggers, the blacks actively participate in their own ego destruction: “I call Myself a nigger, I identify as a nigger, and a nigger is a worthless, subhuman piece of owned property. That’s me.

Of course the blacks will protest vehemently, claim they have “hijacked” the word and use it to empower themselves. Absolute bullsh*t! There are a billion words they could have invented to differentiate themselves as an exalted group of humans. But no, they chose to accept the slave label given to them by their former and current slavemasters.

They were niggers, and they are niggers. By choice. They choose to live as terrorized, victimized slaves in 2017, as do all amerikkkan citizen-slaves who do not actively identify as anarchists, openly demanding the beheading of the regime.

So understand this: Even as every society and government actively seeks to destroy the egos of all citizen-slaves, they achieve their greatest triumphs in getting you citizen-slaves to affirmatively participate in your own ego destruction, with no conscious awareness of what you are doing.

Getting millions of amerikkkan blacks to literally stab their own egos on a daily basis, “Hey nigger, yo nigger, you be such a fine little baby nigger….“, this is a beautiful illustration of the triumph of the slave-state in the 2017 first world. Where Truth is dead, where freedom can and will never be defined or identified for what it is, where all of humanity participates in its own terrorization, victimization, and destruction, while pretending to be free.

ego 32

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Subconscious Psychological Desires Dictate The Fate of Humanity

What is desire? It is what the human thinks and believes himself to want and need.

What is the subconscious? It is the motivational force behind all collective choices humanity makes, individually and more importantly, at least in the context of this essay, collectively, minus all open, sentient awareness.

When you combine subconsciousness and desire, as it exists within a mentally deranged species, you get choices made that are impossible to justify, with utterly no insight to the need to justify them. You get what humanity is today: Hopelessly doomed, with no ability to recognize its reality to be so, much less to understand and know why it is so.

Let’s briefly dissect a few of the most universally pervasive subconscious desires of the human:

Hatred of self: The human believes he deserves to suffer, therefore he seeks out suffering, he insists upon creating and supporting a society within which he is subjected to relentless, ongoing victimization.

Suicidal ideation: The human wants to die, he desires death as the reward he is given for enduring an undesired, unfulfilling life. Death is a subconscious craving, and so he refuses to even try to defeat it. He pretends to be devoted to finding cures for diseases that are merely the symptoms of the actual disease of death. He does this to ensure he dies, to ensure that nothing will prevent him from attaining this desire.

Hatred of others: The human is subconsciously consumed by hatred of others. He desires them to suffer and to be harmed. He channels and directs this hatred in ways that allow him to deny this desire, to create Self-delusions of moral, legal, philosophical justification for the suffering he is in Truth directly responsible for causing others to endure.

Moral purity: The human desires to perceive himself as kind, caring, morally benevolent towards others, even as he is filled with sadistic desire to harm them, to both cause and witness their suffering. And so he engages in activities which allow him to maintain the delusion he is kind and caring, as he actually inflicts harm and pain.

To feel loved: One of the strongest of subconscious desires is to feel loved. Not to be loved, but merely to feel loved. This desire can only be satiated via external projection of deception: To get another living thing to act towards him in such a way that he can successfully lie to himself, convince himself, that the living thing loves him.

To be enslaved: Physically and mentally, the human subconsciously desires slavery and bondage. He desires to be ordered and commanded, he desires to have his choices limited and controlled. He desires to be forced to do things, compelled by others, individuals and structures, to serve their demands.

To project the illusion of a better future: Seeking a better future requires the abdication of a better NOW. It is the ultimate act of masochistic Self-hate, cloaked within subconscious desire.

Sacrificing now for the future, allows all the masochistic Self-hate to be consciously denied, it provides the perfect excuse: “I must suffer now, so things will be better later on…”

To destroy the world: Everywhere you see the manifestations of this universal subconscious desire. From the child who deliberately steps on an ant, to the wealthy homeowner who insists on placing his recyclables into the wrong garbage container, to those who support thermonuclear weapons and technology. Everyone wants to play a part, big or small, in helping to destroy worlds, the worlds of Self-universe, as demonstrated by the ant steppers, the natural universe, and the human universe as a whole.

These are just a few examples of how the subconscious desires of humanity have turned planet earth into a torture chamber for all living things. And yet nobody is addressing this issue. Of course not! How could they? If the issue were addressed, the collective subconscious would be uncloaked.

And here you see the devastating impact of Truth being dead to humanity. Truth is dead! Nothing ever needs to be seen or understood for what it is. All of existence is built upon a collective platform of mass delusion. Nothing needs to be acknowledged, uncloaked within the rational mind. Subconscious desire determine everything humanity does, every collective choice, but not only can the choices never be questioned within the light of Truth, but the very fact of subconscious desire being the foundational force behind it all, never needs to be perceived by anyone, individually or collectively.

You can only blame yourselves for this horrific predicament. The collective you, what you do as a reflection of what you are, reflecting what you cannot see, because you refuse to see it: The conscious dwelling in forever fear of the subconscious, the conscious seeing only what the subconscious will allow it to see.

I see you, humans. And what do I see? I see the mental derangement of a species too deranged to see itself as it is. I see the iron hand gripping your minds, compelling you to do as you do. I see within you, what you can never see within yourselves.

Perception is everything. You perceive to see yourselves, but you do not. And from this starting point, nothing you choose to do can ever be grounded within the light of Truth. Everything is in shadows, the desires of the universally broken mind determining every aspect of the present and future, within constant, universal mindlessness.

How can you know what you do, when you cannot know why you are doing what you do?

It is easy to blame psychologists and psychiatrists, to say it is their job to bring the subconscious to light. But how can they? They serve humanity, they are employed and deployed to create an illusion of legitimacy for the status quo, not to expose the universal charades upon which you base your deranged universe of reality perception.

Whoever attempts to expose the subconscious of humanity, to humanity, will be destroyed by humanity.

Because to Truthfully see yourselves as you are is to experience an unbearable psychological collapse. The consciously aware exposure of the Forbidden Truths of subconscious desire, as I have just briefly illuminated in this essay, is too much for the human mind, diseased and deformed genetically and environmentally, to bear.

Blinded by the light, what delicious irony, for the Superior, gazing sadistically with his Alien Eye. The sadism is more ideological than it is emotional, of course, as befits a Superior.

In the modern era of human existence, only one philosophical “movement” has attempted to try to peel back the cloak of human subconscious desire, in terms of how it has, is, and will shape all human choices, thereby determining the destiny of humanity. This philosophical movement is called “Psychohistory: The Science of Historical Motivation.”

The Psychohistory movement is fatally flawed. It does NOT expose or reveal the Forbidden Truths of human subconscious desire, as I have just done within this brilliant essay. It is the inferior attempt of an inferior species to gaze in upon itself, without having successfully rejected and transcended its humanity.

But still, it is the only branch of psychology or psychiatry to possess any degree of functional, Truth-based validity. Not because it successfully exposes Truth, but because it tries to. This is why almost none of you have ever even heard of Psychohistory. It is the hidden, bastard stepchild of the mental health industry, and for this reason it is worthy of our analysis and consideration, those of us who seek to reject and transcend our humanity, and to uncloak the actual Forbidden Truths of human existence.

You can start here:

I do not promote psychohistory. I promote the Superior dissection of psychohistorical theories and texts, within the light of Forbidden Truth as I have revealed it to be within My texts. Psychohistory is the failed attempt by broken humans to perform mind surgery upon themselves, they cannot see themselves as they are, because they remain mentally crippled, on a personal level, by the collective weight of the very past, the very history, that psychohistory attempts to expose.

So, to the advanced scholar of Forbidden Truth: Understand that there is value in contemplating psychohistorical theories and texts, to gain bridge insights to the Forbidden Truths of subconscious desire, as they have historically shaped human behavioral choices and the development of deranged structures such as universal child abuse, the universal slavery of government, the psychological terrorism and death worship that is religion, etc…

Some texts are here:

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The Right Story, At The Right Time

I will always enjoy creating fictional stories. Because they have always been, will always be, perfect reflections of My evolving and dynamic Self-universe, at a specific moment in time.

But when it comes to savoring the fictional stories others create, My passion has ebbed. I have moved beyond the need to commune with the minds of others, most especially when such communion simply revolves around their reality perceptions, which is what the fictional story is.

The developing mind needs external stimulation, finds it genuinely useful. The developed mind of a top-level Superior, not really. Such a mind creates for itself all it needs, such a mind perceives the external universe with such depth and clarity, that every fictional story not Self-generated rings hollow and one-dimensional.

This does not diminish the legitimacy of the past. Always I will hold a hallowed spot within My mind for the fictional text stories which shaped and guided My Self-universe development.

At age eight, the infinite potential of My mind universe was ignited by the fictional story “The Lesson Of The Moth”, by Don Marquis::

the lesson of the moth

i was talking to a moth
the other evening
he was trying to break into
an electric light bulb
and fry himself on the wires

why do you fellows
pull this stunt i asked him
because it is the conventional
thing for moths or why
if that had been an uncovered
candle instead of an electric
light bulb you would
now be a small unsightly cinder
have you no sense

plenty of it he answered
but at times we get tired
of using it
we get bored with the routine
and crave beauty
and excitement
fire is beautiful
and we know that if we get
too close it will kill us
but what does that matter
it is better to be happy
for a moment
and be burned up with beauty
than to live a long time
and be bored all the while
so we wad all our life up
into one little roll
and then we shoot the roll
that is what life is for
it is better to be a part of beauty
for one instant and then cease to
exist than to exist forever
and never be a part of beauty
our attitude toward life
is come easy go easy
we are like human beings
used to be before they became
too civilized to enjoy themselves

and before i could argue him
out of his philosophy
he went and immolated himself
on a patent cigar lighter
i do not agree with him
myself i would rather have
half the happiness and twice
the longevity

but at the same time i wish
there was something i wanted
as badly as he wanted to fry himself

Then at age ten, “Frankenstein”, by Mary Shelley:

Then, at age 11, Moby-Dick by Herman Melville:

Then at age 13, The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe:

Thank you, fellow victims of mind-bleed, for feeding Me when I was mind-hungry, and for inspiring Me to seize the glory of feeding Myself.

“All that most maddens and torments; all that stirs up the lees of things; all truth with malice in it; all that cracks the sinews and cakes the brain; all the subtle demonisms of life and thought; all evil, to crazy Ahab, were visibly personified, and made practically assailable in Moby Dick. He piled upon the whale’s white hump the sum of all the general rage and hate felt by his whole race from Adam down; and then, as if his chest had been a mortar, he burst his hot heart’s shell upon it.”—-Herman Melville, Moby-Dick.


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The High of the Lie

All embraced lies, illusion, and delusions exist as a virulent form of personal intoxication of the brain. As is the case with all forms of intoxication, inability to psychologically cope with factual reality, is the motivation force behind the “choice” to become high on the lie.

Why is the word choice in italics?? Because the Unwashed Masses of inferiors always lack the capacity to perceive the motivational forces behind their choices and decisions. Yet another psychological failure, among literally thousands.

Just as most humans lack all conscious awareness as to why they are choosing to get high on alcohol or cocaine, they also lack all conscious awareness as to why they are getting high on the lie. But this form of intoxication differs in one very important respect: It only works when the Inferior specifically lacks not merely conscious understanding of why they are choosing to get high on the lie, but also lacks the capacity to realize what they are doing.

The alcohol and cocaine addict can, but is not required, to face up to what he is doing, specifically getting high, without facing up to the reasons behind his choice. He can delude himself to believe that alcohol tastes good, makes him feel better, helps him socialize, etc…

The vitally distinctive difference from getting high on the lie, is the very fact of what the inferior is doing, intoxicating himself on deception and illusion, cannot be consciously acknowledged, ever. Because if it is, the high is lost, rendered no longer viable to the conscious mind.

For the Superior, in dissecting the inferiority of others with his Alien Eye, this analysis is critical. He can see clearly how you humans are utterly, blindingly intoxicated, yet can ever even begin to face up to this very fact. To do so would destroy the entire mindscape you have been compelled under force and bribery to cultivate since birth.

So, how can you get sober, if you cannot face the fact you are high on the lie?

You cannot! Here we see the hopelessness of the human situation. The alcohol addict can break free of his addiction by acknowledging he is addicted, never having to consciously face the reasons why he became addicted. He can simply substitute a different addiction, the Insane God Myth is very popular, but it could be the interpersonal relationship, an obsession with obtaining money, etc… Society and the individual perversely celebrates the lie of success, that the inferior has overcome his addiction.

But nobody who is high on the lie can acknowledge his addiction, to do so forces him to face up to the reason he is addicted: Because the Forbidden Truths are horrific, unbearable, and….True.

Society and government, sponsors of universal deception for all, maintain the Matrix of Universal Illusion, by which no human is allowed to even try to perceive his own High on the Lie addiction. And so the social trance remains, with no hope for individual, much less collective, enlightenment.


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The Skeleton Constructs His Living Legacy

I’ve spent most of the past 48 hours recording footage of Myself with My brand new, top quality, Panasonic 4K video camera. So many thousands of new images, new reflections, new snapshots to be hidden away forever, or maybe not forever. But regardless, as I stare into the lens, screaming, snarling, philosophizing, gazing soulfully, circling close for a money shot of my very crooked teeth, crippled eyes and muscular forearms, I fully recognize the charade being played out.

Living legacy is a very real thing. I have been constructing it for decades. It is a form of Self-honor, one of the ultimate gifts to Self. I OWN My living legacy, as I have created it, as I continue to create it, every moment of every day, by every choice I make. As I talk to and pose to the little black thing mounted to the tripod, I affirm every bit of My True Reality.

But absent life, there is NO living legacy.

Forbidden Truth: It doesn’t matter how sharp and clear the images are, they will all die when I die.

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The Human Obsession with Beauty and Perfection Illusion

All human societies, and virtually all humans, are personally obsessed with their illusion and delusion of beauty and perfection in others. Dissecting this perverse human obsession provides valuable insights to the insanity of humanity.

To begin, all externalized projections of beauty & perfection are foundationally invalid, a prejudicial judgment. But of course the human makes the judgment, lacking all sentient awareness of what he is doing, in reflection of the trauma he has experienced, as a victim of the prejudicial judgment of others.

And why is the human more obsessed with perceiving beauty & perfection in others, than creating it within and for Self? Because he is an egoless, Self-hating vampire. To externally seek and extract from others what he cannot create as a Self, this is the human way.

But even more than these reasons, beauty is an obsession because the human being is infinitely ugly, and cannot ever envision creating beauty as a Self-mind and within a Self-universe.

The ugliness of the human is profound and all-encompassing. It is physical, mental, psychological, ideological, philosophical. It is in all his thoughts, actions, choices and reality perceptions. It is not in what he DOES, but rather in what he IS. Beauty is his great lie, even as ugliness is his reality, the True face he hides most of all, from Himself.

And so he creates a fictionalized illusion of what beauty and perfection is. And he worships this illusion, in the process spitting upon & rejecting all actual beauty and perfection as it can be realized as a Superior creation within Self.

The human quest for external beauty is beyond pathetic: A blind man pretending to seek light even as he denies he gouged out his own eyes, and still continues to hide in pitch blackness.

I AM beauty and perfection. Therefore I do not seek it. I have grown beauty and perfection inside of Myself, as the roots of a tree belong to the tree, beauty and perfection belong to Me. <Profound AND poetic!


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