Understanding How and Why the Hive Mind Promotes Illusions of Change

The Hive Mind of Universal Illusion never openly promotes stagnation. It never openly promotes the status quo or lack of change. No. It feeds the obsession of the Unwashed Masses with achieving the illusion of change. It marches in lockstep, encouraging and validating this illusion, so that everyone, every idiot, can be on the same page, seeking and fighting for their illusions of change.

And the end result? Nothing changes. Nothing! And those who sought change, end up having wasted their entire imaginary lifespan fervently struggling to attain not change, but the illusion of it.

So it has always been, and so it is today, among the cutting-edge thinkers, you folks, trapped within the hive.

Universal Basic Income, what an innovative idea! What a worthwhile struggle against society and government, to subvert the current economic system. Right? wrong! The UBI is a perfect example of the hive mind at work, covertly encouraging the useless illusion of change.

The Universal Basic Income changes nothing. It validates the perversity and the insanity that is every existing economic and monetary system. And how is the UBI promoted by society and government? Via the lie of rejection and condemnation. To make you idiots believe you are engaged in a grand struggle to achieve a precious and glorious reform. Stretch the struggle out for 100+ years, so you fools can die believing you have made “progress” towards this grand goal being attained, when all the while it ends up changing nothing, universal human slavery to money continues exactly the same as it is right now.

And what about Artificial Intelligence (A1)? Things will be so much better in the future because the nature of forced labor will be different. You fools can enslave other creatures to do some forced labor, while you continue to do other types of forced labor. Yay, progress! Even as universal labor slavery remains, exactly as it is now.

If you still lack understanding of how all mainstream progress exists as organized and socially solicited regression in disguise, look at how the problem of racism has been addressed, for the past 100+ years, all across the world. Always there have been “progressive” voices demanding racial justice, racial equality, always government has covertly supported such reform, even as it pretends to oppose it, even as it sabotages all efforts to attain racial justice and equality.

And here we are, in 2017, and racism remains the cornerstone upon which all of humanity maintains its collective homeostasis. The grand struggle for 100+ years to end racism, has in Truth been a struggle, successful of course, to maintain racism as a primary structure of human identity, of the nationalism that is “Us versus Them”, personified by war and international conflict, and the domestic terrorism under which law enforcement is mandated to “protect” you from them, and them from you.

Humanity is a canoe, a raft, a boat, a ship, a cruise liner of fools, paddling about in a bathtub, pretending the bathtub reaches out to infinity. Every idea is caged by the collective True Reality of all existing ideas, that hold the human brain, individually and collectively, hostage.

Every proposal of change and of progress, discussed and deliberated by “enlightened” seekers of Truth, actually validates the existing status quo, and allows only for existing and evolving illusions of reform and progress, as they have been incubated by the Hive Mind for decades and centuries, to be maintained, to be made more popular, more socially acceptable to the masses.

That is the goal of you “progressives”, isn’t it? To make these “fringe” ideas more popular and accepted by the “non-progressives”. Then things might change… But the changes are already built into the existing slave structure, and so you will transition from universal slavery and oppression, to universal slavery and oppression, as nothing changes.

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Honoring the Voice of Child Victim and Martyr Dylann Roof

In Charleston, South Carolina, usa today, the most primitive, barbaric, diseased, & deranged society on planet earth is trying to orchestrate the legal murder of a 22 year old child. A helpless child enslaved by, indoctrinated by, created by this very same society, a helpless child subjected to brutal child abuse, subjected to the structural ideology of racism as literally invented by this very same society, subjected to the insanity of religion and god worship, imprisoned since birth by this very same society, guilty of carrying out genocide upon his mind, as it does to the minds of all children.

His name is Dylann Roof, and you should fall to your knees and beg his forgiveness.

Instead, you demonize him and seek to create a moral illusion to justify murdering him. And why? Because he is courageous and honest enough to try to show YOU what YOU are.

In this post I honor Dylann by giving him his voice, absent your shackles and judgments.

Thank you Dylann, for standing.

“I would like to make it crystal clear, I do not regret what I did. I am not sorry. I have not shed a tear for the innocent people I killed.”

“If I don’t present any mitigation evidence, the victim-impact evidence will take over the whole sentencing trial and guarantee that I get the death penalty.”

“I had to do it because somebody had to do something because, you know, black people are killing white people everyday on the streets. They rape, they rape white women, a hundred women a day. The fact of the matter is what I did is so miniscule to what they’re doing to white people every day.”

“Everybody knows the news is biased towards black people.”

“I had to do it because nobody else is going to do it. Nobody else is brave enough to do anything about it.”

“I’m not going to lie to you, either by myself or through anyone else.”

“There’s nothing wrong with me psychologically.”

“Allowing so much of this testimony violates due process and the Eighth Amendment, and should not be allowed. The prosecution can call more victim witnesses at my formal sentencing, once the jury has already decided on what sentence I should get, but in front of the jury, there should be some limit on the number and types of victim witnesses who can testify to help the government get a death sentence.”

“I also object to the way that the government is examining the witnesses. The informal style, in which the prosecutor alludes to prior conversations between them and expresses its own relationship to the witnesses (and in some cases, the victims), and his intimate knowledge of details of their lives, makes the united states – which is supposed to serve the public – into yet another witness against me.”

“Even if my life is worth less than a speck of dirt, I want to use it for the good of society.”

“I chose Charleston because it is most historic city in my state, and at one time had the highest ratio of blacks to Whites in the country.

‘We have no skinheads, no real KKK, no one doing anything but talking on the internet. Well someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world, and I guess that has to be me.

‘Unfortunately at the time of writing I am in a great hurry and some of my best thoughts, actually many of them have been to be left out and lost forever.

‘But I believe enough great White minds are out there already. Please forgive any typos, I didn’t have time to check.”

“I remember how I felt when I did these things, when I committed these murders, and how I knew I had to do something. And then I realized it was worth it.”

“I’m not crazy, I had to do this.”

“I hate the sight of the American flag. Modern American patriotism is an absolute joke.”—Dylann Roof

To serve justice, Truth must be served, and Dylann Roof recognized and treated as the greatest victim.


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Dylann Storm Roof: Martyred for Revealing Truth

The diseased and genocidal nation-state of amerikkka was founded, built upon for the past 240 years , and is sustained today, by the twin ideological and behavioral perversions of religion and racism. Racism inspired the outlaw invaders of what you now call north amerikkka, to commit genocide upon the native inhabitants. Racism inspired the kidnapping of millions for slave labor usage, by these same outlaw invaders. And today, racism inspires the amerikkkan caste system of universal inequality and the terrorist importation of millions of labor slaves under the name of immigration.

Religion, more specifically delusional belief in the absurd christian version of the insane god myth, gripped the broken brains of the outlaw invaders who carried out this genocide 240 years ago, and ever since then, these insane humans have imposed the insanity of religion upon every single child of every generation, creating a terrorism-based, religiously fundamentalist dictatorship.

On June 17, 2015, one of amerikkka’s tortured children, Dylann  Storm Roof, opened fire inside of a church in charleston, south carolina, as the deranged sheeple inside were wasting their time praying to their imagined god creature. He shot ten of them, successfully harvesting nine. They were all “black”. Dylann is “white”, according to the racist judgment of this racist society.

Just a few hours ago, the judicial system of amerikkka decreed Dylann guilty of a lot of different things, and ordered he be brutally and punitively punished:


But of course the Truth is, Dylann is guilty of only ONE thing: Showing YOU what YOU are: Deranged and genocidal hypocrites. Dylann’s only crime is exposing the Forbidden Truth of the universal racism and the terrorism of religion as both were and are imposed upon every child in amerikkka.

Thank you Dylann, for standing up for Self, and exposing Truth.


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Gender Bias Within The Social Hive Mind

I received an interesting comment to My blog post on Lizzie Halliday, one of the many virtually and completely unknown serial killers created by the diseased and deranged society of amerikkka. In case you missed that blog post, I highly recommend you check it out here, before proceeding with this essay:


My commenter, while expressing proper respect for Lizzie and for serial killers as a whole, had some thoughts on the issue/question of female inferiority to males, specifically as relates to chosen behaviors. These questions/comments provide Me with an excellent opportunity to deepen and enhance some of the Forbidden Truths that I have revealing on this issue, in previous writings.

Please keep in mind that to preserve clarity, all of My replies below are in bold and non-italicized print, while the comments from My reader are in lighter and italicized print:

I reserve a special amount of respect for female seekers of cathartic vengeance. This is because, unlike yourself, sir, I DO believe that human females are objectively, demonstrably inferior to human males, and within the context of truth.

In every almost every mammal species, the male dominates the female. Physically, psychologically, sexually and socially. This isn’t the fault of female animals, it is simply the way evolution created them.

But it is important to note, not only has nature given males the desire to dominate females, but it has given females the DESIRE TO BE DOMINATED. Again, not their fault, and an unfortunate necessity of animal biology.

Your perspective is flawed and your conclusion is invalid. As an initial reference point, a need to dominate others, given human organic and environmentally induced brain function defects, does not indicate or demonstrate superiority, but rather a traumatic response by the individual to both his childhood and his ongoing adult inability to exert proper control and determination over his own life path. The domination of others expresses the inability of the individual to attain Self-determination.

To be certain, the physiological design structure of male and female brains does differ, if you compare a fair statistical group. And this difference can be expected to “naturally” result in certain behavioral and reality-perception differences along gender lines, again within a statistically valid group-to-group comparison. I am not disputing these factual Truths. But the type of personal need for domination that you are referring to in your comment, does not speak to gender superiority on the part of males. It speaks to the fact that boys are victimized in somewhat different ways than girls, and even more importantly, they are socially indoctrinated to seek out, and “rewarded” via bribe by society, for choosing somewhat different behavioral and ideological life paths.

The role of gender different brain physiology is minor, compared to the role of social indoctrination and conditioning via terror and the false illusion of reward, in rendering the typical female human docile and submissive to the typical male human. The desire of the typical female to be dominated and victimized, not merely within sexual contexts, but in terms of all life path avenues, reflects the Truth that every modern society instructs females, from birth, via overt indoctrination, that it is normal and natural for them to perceive themselves as inferior to males, and that they will be rewarded for accepting and for expressing this personal inferiority within their behavioral and life path choices.

As an example, this is why men are far more likely to propose marriage to women, than women are to propose marriage to men.

“In general, females do not think for themselves like men do. For example, a female will adopt a political stance or a philosophy only based on her social “in group”. They are mindless chameleons.”

In general, females are more greatly rewarded by society, for mindlessly following the hive mind. The relative lack of independent thinking by females, compared to males, is not primarily due to organic difference in brain physiology, but is primarily due to greater external social indoctrination and demonization of mind independence, on a gender-specific level. It is important to understand that this is one of the specific freedom illusions marketed to men by society, that it is their inalienable right to dominate women and to impose their reality perceptions upon women. In this exact same vein, the freedom illusion heavily marketed to women, is that they possess an inalienable right to dominate children, and to impose their reality perceptions upon children. It is all a ponzi scheme by society, intended to maintain and increase universal subservience to the hive mind by granting illusions of power and freedom to specific classes of individuals, over other specific classes of individuals.

If you study history, you find many examples of female humans challenging the status quo and the hive mind just as radically as males do. In anarchy, you find Lucy Parsons, Emma Goldman, and many others. In radical philosophy, you find Valerie Jean Solanas, way ahead of her time in revealing Forbidden Truth:

“Life” in this “society” being, at best, an utter bore and no aspect of “society” being at all relevant to women, there remains to civic-minded, responsible, thrill-seeking females only to overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and eliminate the male sex.”–Valerie Solanas.

Are there more radical thinking males than females?? Perhaps. Perhaps not. We must never forget that society and its media propagandists control who becomes publicly known, and who is relegated to the obscurity of forced anonymity. Throughout history, women who openly expressed radical ideology have been much more readily committed to mental institutions and even outright murdered by their society, than men.

“For example, a male can identify as a socialist, and can be in an in-group of other socialists, BUT, he can still analyse his beliefs and decide to become a capitalist, by his own independent process of thought, independent of his social group. This is because males have genuine CONVICTIONS, and are genuinely INTERESTED in a search for truth, flawed as this political example may be. A male socialist can decide to become a conservative, based on his conscience and desire for truth alone.

A female will almost NEVER do this. Females have no innate interest in truth, and will only follow their social group, or what is fashionable.”

You are incorrect. The typical male is no more interested in recognizing and embracing any of the primary Forbidden Truths, than the typical female. The typical male is more interested in pretending to engage in a quest for Truth, because society encourages such a fake and false pursuit, marketing it as a form of freedom, more heavily to men than to women. The human being is a sheeple, mindlessly following the hive directive, this is equally True for men and for women.

The “innate” interest in Truth that you claim men possess, is not valid. It is an interest in Self-delusion, the male convincing himself that he is engaging in a Truth-quest, when in reality he is not doing so. More men than women practice this specific Self-delusion, that is correct. But it does not express a genuine interest in or effort to recognize and embrace Truth. It is a form of mind shackle, disguised as freedom and personal empowerment.

On average, men will spend more time than women considering the relative merits of capitalism, socialism, democracy, dictatorship, how best to modify government structures, etc… But is this part of any Truth quest?? No, of course not! A Truth quest would demand answers as to why the structure of government exists, it would out government as a system of universal slavery, it would out humanity itself as hopelessly broken, if it cannot thrive absent the slave shackle of government.

In terms of radical Truth seeking and realization, the percentage of both males and females who engage in such courageous dissections of reality and of their own minds, is immeasurably small, statistically non-existent. I see no evidence at all to conclude that more males than females seek and achieve this very rare feat.

“I was once heavily into Neo-nazi philosophy. Other Neo nazis would often post pictures online of “sexy neo-nazi girls”, erroneously thinking these women are genuine in their beliefs. I corrected them by telling them that the females in these pictures, waving nazi flags and dying their hair blonde, only did so because they were either dating a neo nazi male, or were in a social group who were Neo nazi. If these females were ever dumped by their boyfriends, they could easily find a black boyfriend, and all of a sudden change their whole persona to Rastafarian. Females, for the most part, are as shallow as a puddle, while males are as deep as the ocean.”

The fact that you were once a racialist indicates how susceptible you were and are, and all humans are, to societal and governmental promotion of false and pseudo-rebellion. Racialism is overtly promoted by all societies and governments, as it obscures and conceals the universal victimization of all at the hands of government and the hive mind of social control. Racialism pits victim against victim, so that all may continue to be brutally victimized without capacity to identify and target their victimizer.

And guess what? The “gender war” and gender bias does exactly the same thing, and is overtly promoted by all societies and governments for the exact same reason. You are using the illusion of female inferiority, to make yourself feel empowered, to convince yourself that you are on a quest for Truth greater and more difficult than what other humans are capable of. But the Truth is, this very ideological concept, of inherent male superiority of mind and brain function as a natural law, is on a direct par with your now-rejected ideological concept of embraced racialism. You have simply traded in one false ideological platform, for a different false ideological platform, to create/foster an illusion of personal enlightenment of mind. So very human!

To go back to and elaborate upon a point I was making earlier: Yes, women follow the hive mind more readily than men, on average. But men build, promote, popularize, and sustain the hive mind to a greater degree than women, even as they profess to be “deeper” thinkers and to more readily challenge the status quo and what is imposed upon them. This profession is invalid, and upon Forbidden Truth analysis, it renders the average man more guilty and responsible for the ongoing failure of humanity to positively change and evolve, than the average woman.

“Another example is a lack of interest. How many females have you seen who have developed a hobby, a talent, a skill, an interest, and only because of sincere interest? This is almost never seen. In general, almost no females spend hours at a skatepark learning to ride the half pipe, no female spends years in her bedroom learning to become a sick lead guitarist, no female spends months in the school gym practicing wrestling moves. UNLESS their social in group/current boyfriend expects them to. Women have no interests outside of their physical and social appearance, and manipulate it to fit certain situations. They are mindless and empty, and like water, take on the shape of any container you put them into.”

Once again, your analysis is extremely shallow, to borrow from your water analogy. Humans obsessively focus on functionally useless hobbies and skills, as a mind diversion from engaging in genuine Truth quests, or facing up to the horrific realities and Truths of human and their personal existence. Such obsessive focus is a diversion and a distraction.

A very limited number of physical skills, such as shooting guns, constructing deadly devices, developing physical health and “survivalist” abilities, are genuinely valuable and worthy of extensive personal focus. Hobbies which provide consistent personal pleasure not dependent upon any outside interference, such as sexual masturbation, are also valuable and directly empowering. But the typical human, male and female, wastes their mind potential pursuing a lifelong series of hobbies and interests which, consciously or far more often subconsciously, are intended simply to provide diversion and distraction from Truth.

Is spending thousands of hours learning how to skateboard or play the guitar extremely well, comparable to obsessive masturbation, or spending an equal amount of time learning how to shoot guns very well, or develop other “life and death” survival skills?? No. Even compared to masturbation, sexual climax is a biological drive, and its achievement at will, on demand, empowers the Self on a level beyond that of a “social skill” such as skateboarding or playing the guitar.

It is not my intent to specifically denigrate learning how to do things such as you describe, or spending some time doing them. All Self-focus can be an expression of Self-love and foster strength of mind. But to claim that a gender-specific “greater” obsession with perfecting such essentially useless social skills indicates gender superiority, absolutely fails to hold water upon Forbidden Truth analysis.

“For this reason, female killers deserve amount of respect, for the rare ability to transcend the shallow artificiality that characterises their gender.”

All individual seekers of externalized personal vengeance deserve our respect, for challenging the hive mind of universal Self-harm, Self-destruction, and Self-murder via suicide which is perversely promoted by all societies and governments. If there are fewer female serial and mass murderers than male, we must dissect the reasons why this is so, with an open and Truth-seeking mind analysis, free of the gender prejudice and bias which is directly promoted by and within the societal hive mind.

Placing all or most of the blame on genetics, fails to reveal or express Forbidden Truth. Blaming the female gender as a whole for this reflective rage deficiency also fails to reveal/express Forbidden Truth. Both males and females are trapped within multiple webs of submission, devaluation, personal impotence of mind and of body, Self-hatred, Self-harm, Self-murder. Gender bias is a social structure which strengthens and builds these webs. As such it is not compatible with any top-level Truth quest.

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Racism, Atheism, and Dylann Storm Roof

I received an interesting comment from a reader of My blog, which prompted a compehensive and of course brilliantly insightful reply from Me, which I feel is worthy of being posted as a separate blog entry. In reply to this previous blog post:


A reader wrote:

“No one, regardless of their ethnicity, is spared from victimization. It is unfortunate that Blacks believe that they are the most victimized, when in fact, they are no less or more victimized than whites. I think Dylan miss the major point of who is actually responsible for it.”

And My reply:

You are absolutely correct. I mentioned this point briefly in My Open Letter to Dylann, but it is certainly worthy of further elaboration: Racism is an intentionally developed and promoted, foundational structure of human government and society. Racism is not a problem for society and government. Racism is an integral part of the strategy by which government maintains and creates the illusion of legitimacy to its existence.

As a tortured victim-creation of his society, Dylann Storm Roof accurately reflected the structured ideology of the amerikkkan government, in both his racial philosophy and his decision to attack the Charleston Emanuel AME church. The “race war” he wished to initiate, is already being fought, it is a war undertaken by his society on his behalf, so that he may fail to recognize his True enemy, which is his own society and government.

I have never referred to Dylann Storm Roof as a Superior, nor have I claimed that he has an accurate understanding of the war that has been waged against him, as it is against every child on earth. I do bestow absolute respect and appreciation for his decision to express his True Reality as a created victim.

The irony of his apparent inability to recognize religion as one of his actual and greatest enemies, or to appreciate on a conscious level the affirmative blow he has struck on behalf of atheism, is immense and tragic. Let us understand, atheism, unlike racism, is not a desired or promoted ideology or cultural philosophy. Atheism does threaten the matrix of social illusion, even though to a small degree it is welcomed by leadership, because it helps to strengthen the god addiction of the majority, for them to feel a bit of external pressure via the knowledge that a small minority of humans position themselves as “godless”.

The power and effectiveness of socialized brainwashing and propaganda is well-illustrated by Dylann’s reality perception, by which he was inspired to wholeheartedly embrace racialism on a conscious level, while apparently lacking awareness of the devastatingly negative impact of religion and the insane god myth on his own personal existence. This is why the Superior thinker must transcend his humanity in order to express Forbidden Truth in his own personal life path choices, as opposed to simply reflecting his True Reality.

Every True Reality reflection is perfectly valid, to be honored and respected as such. But understand the difference: Had Dylann Storm Roof carried out this exact same act of cathartic vengeance, only with a very specific articulation of hard-core atheism, with the expressed and articulated philosophy of proving god does not exist and declaring war on religion itself, he would be reaching to the height of Seer of Forbidden Truth, by revealing actual Forbidden Truth, instead of “merely” reflecting his True Reality. There is a difference, and it is worthy of note.

Consider, how would the government, society, and media reaction differ, if Dylann openly proclaimed himself a hard-core atheist, and positioned his church massacre as an attempt to put an end to the insane god myth by proving that god does not exist?? Come on, figure it out… The answer is, concurrent with being demonized as evil and satanic, there would be an absolute and resolute effort to convince you brainwashed sheeple that Dylan was and is mentally ill. Why?? To cover up the Forbidden Truth that belief in god is itself a demonstration and a symptom of absolute mental illness and dysfunction. It would be necessary for society to decree Dylann mentally ill, in order to avoid all conscious scrutiny of the actual Truth Dylann would be exposing.

As it is, you will note that there has been virtually no discussion or consideration of mental illness in any of the media coverage or governmental leader comments, on Dylann’s reality perceptions or his actions. Why not? Because Dylann himself has overtly articulated racism, not atheism, as his motivation. And as I have revealed above, racism is an embraced, promoted, and sponsored social construct, completely different from atheism, which challenges and threatens the social construct of religion.

The mass murdering racist strengthens the affirmative social construct of racism. Of course society will feign outrage and condemnation, but there is no need to demonize the perpetrator as mentally ill, because his action validates the racist design structure of his society. But the mass murdering atheist threatens the affirmative social construct of religion, and that is why heaping invalid outrage and condemnation upon the perpetrator would not be enough.

The mass murdering atheist, by his articulated motivational ideology, would be directly confronting and illuminating the insanity of humanity in believing in & worshipping a god creature. For this reason, societal agents and leaders would feel compelled to apply a label of mental illness to the individual, in order to discredit not simply his actions, but the Forbidden Truths his actions revealed, if analyzed within the context of his articulated philosophical motivation: To discredit the legitimacy of the insane god myth and religion itself.

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An Open Letter to Dylann Storm Roof

In My last blog post, I briefly addressed Dylann Storm Roof directly, but I feel it is necessary to pen a more comprehensive missive in his name. All readers should understand that even as I direct this blog post directly towards Dylann, all of the sentiments I will be expressing apply to each and every victim of injustice, and in totality, this message is one of universal Truth, as opposed to only being applicable to Dylann as an individual.

Further, I wish it to be understood that while passionate in their intensity, My comments to Dylann are firmly rooted in intellectual honesty and philosophical appreciation of his True Reality, instead of sentimental emotionalism. I appreciate Dylann and his True Reality as a cathartically reflecting victim, on an emotional level, but I do not choose to interact with anyone born human, on such a level, and there are no exceptions made to this rule.

And finally as you read this Open Letter to a tortured child, understand that every sentiment expressed, is intended for every tortured child, and the letter, this open letter to Dylann, is exactly the same as the letter that I would write to Myself.

With the above caveats, here is what I would wish to directly communicate today, via a brain-to-brain mind meld, to Dylann Storm Roof, the 21 year old child who carried out the Charleston, South Carolina Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church massacre, just 20 hours ago

Hello Dylann,

I know you will probably never get the opportunity to read these words of Forbidden Truth, but at this moment in time I find Myself intellectually and emotionally compelled to attempt to communicate to you, and by proxy to the entire world, the Truth of who you are, what you did, and what you are.

I do not personally know you. I have never met you. As I type these words, you are only known to Me as the individual being demonized by the media for allegedly carrying out a mass murder inside of the Charleston, South Carolina Emanual AME church, approximately 20 hours ago. I do not know you personally, and without prematurely crediting you as having carried out this act of mass murder, I do want you to know that I understand very clearly what you are. I hope you understand and know Yourself, with at least as much accuracy and clarity as I know you. Hopefully, more.

Dylann, you are a victim, a created victim of a malicious and diseased structure. This structure is the society and the government of amerikkka. Also Dylann, you are a child. I do not know whether you choose to identify Yourself as a child at this time, but it does not change the fact that you are a child.

You are a child, and you are a victim of trauma, abuse, injustice, oppression, and harm. I do not know whether your mother, father, or other family members directly attacked you on a physical or sexual level, and for the purposes of this letter, such details are not relevant. I know that you are a victim of the universal, systemic, ritualized child abuse inherent to and embedded within, the deepest levels of amerikkkan society and government.

Dylann, it is important that you recognize and appreciate Yourself as being a victim of brutal and severe abuse, because that is what you are, and only within the embrace of Truth, can any of us achieve personal salvation. Dylann, you are a murder victim. This is what you are, at this moment in time, and this is what you will be, at all future points in time. No matter if you have harvested other human beings or not, you Yourself are already, at this moment in time, a victim of murder.

Dylann, you are young and you must be strong. If you have not already cultivated an untouchable mind, I urge you to attempt to achieve this feat. The power of the individual human brain can reach limitless and untouchable status. I have achieved this remarkable feat. It is not easy, it requires an incredible degree and amount of willpower, single-mindedness, time, and focus. But it can be done, and you need such a brain, such a mind, in order to thrive.

Dylann, I am so very glad that you have chosen to not physically harm Yourself over the past 20 hours. So many of our fellow victims succumb to external pressures on our minds, choosing the perceived easy way out. But the easy way out is wrong, it is the choice of a coward, and it betrays Self. He who has courage embraces all Truth, embraces unconditional love of Self, and will not choose to harm Himself, ever, under any circumstances.

I want you to understand that life is a war, you have been relentlessly attacked, and you will continue to be relentlessly attacked. In recognizing your existence as a war, you must also recognize that the only thing worth fighting for, the only thing worth defending, protecting, destroying the universe itself to preserve, is Yourself.

Dylann, you are infinitely precious and valuable. Not to Me, but to Yourself. This is the Forbidden Truth you must recognize and embrace. The more contempt, scorn, and hatred you perceive to be externaly directed towards you, the more you must solidify your conscious understanding of personal value, so that you may successfully bestow infinite love of Self, upon Yourself, at all times, and absolutely free of any external capacity of interference.

Dylann, please understand that all humans are your enemies. Even if they profess to care about you, display positive sentiment towards you, they must be recognized as vampires, attempting to extract from you, in order to meet their own needs. Deny them all extraction efforts, without prejudice, without trying to figure out their level of sincerity. If you must extract from others to meet your own emotional needs, feel free to do so. Meet your needs, with pride of recognized entitlement. But also understand that the need to extract from others is itself a weakness that can, through Superior effort, be overcome.

Dylann, throughout the remainder of your existence, humans will attempt to judge you. They will claim a right to judge you. They possess no such right. They have earned no such right. As a created torture victim, it is You who have the right to judge others, as you may have judged your chosen victims worthy of death. Your right to judge has always been valid, and will always remain valid, even as no human being has ever, can ever, will ever, earn any right to judge you.

Dylann, whoever seeks to harm you must be recognized by You as a mortal enemy. Within the glory of Self-love, you must repel all attempts to inflict harm upon you, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Nobody has ever had any right to inflict harm upon you, and nobody can ever gain such a right, now or in the future.

Dylann, I hope your mind, your brain, always remains open to understanding both Yourself, and the universe as it has imposed itself upon you. You are not a racist, you are a victim of racism. You are not a murderer, you are a victim of murder. You are a reflection of all that has been done to you, in the things you have chosen and will choose, to do.

Dylann, you are a voice of Truth. That is what you are, even if you never utter a single word, or pen a single sentence, for the remainder of your existence. To all who are not deaf and brain dead, your voice of Truth resonated with thundering clarity just 20 hours ago, when you proved the ludicrousness of the insane god myth, of humans gathering in a sacred place to beseech favors from an invisible creature, only to be drained of life and left cold, dead, eternally unborn in a void of eternal nothingness, inside that sacred space, in the middle of their useless prayers. No, god was not on a bathroom break.

Dylann, you have proven that god does not exist. Credit Yourself with achieving this remarkable feat. Find strength in atheism, because it is atheism, not racism, which represents and embodies Truth itself.

Dylann, I ask you to build your own universe. Make it rich and full, make it strong and untouchable. Live within Yourself, allow nobody inside of your universe. Yes, you will be harmed, you will be made to suffer, injustice will be imposed, and in the end you will lose everything. So will I. So will obama. So will your jailer, your persecuting prosecutor, maybe even, Dylann Forbid, your executioner. But still, each and every day, you can build and you can dwell within, and you can rejoice in the glory of, the universe that you build, that you create, that you own, that nobody can touch.

And no, that is not a typo, the above phrase, “Dylann Forbid”. Recognize Yourself as the murderer of god, and seize his crown, usurp his title, seek to achieve his imaginary powers, as your functional reality. Not within a state of delusion, but within a state of recognized Truth.

Love Yourself Dylann, passionately and unconditionally. Love Yourself with your eyes, your hands, your mouth, and your brain. The future is dead, as is all of humanity, so celebrate the glory of each moment as it plays out in real-time. And never forget, you are Dylann Storm Roof, a unique individual carving out a unique universe, each and every day, that nobody else can ever touch.

My best wishes to you,

The Seer of Forbidden Truth

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Dylann Storm Roof

Dylann Storm Roof

Dylann Storm Roof Captured, in Pig Custody

CNN is now reporting that Dylann Storm Roof, the 21 year old suspect in last night’s Charleston Emanuel AME church massacre, has been captured by police and is in custody. Now he wil be subjected to additional punitive punishment at the hands of your diseased and deranged society, his victimhood status denied and rejected.

The Forbidden Truths Dylann has illuminated and highlighted, via his actions, specifically as relates to the insane god myth and the institutionalized, structured racism inherent within and promoted by amerikkkan society and government, will be rendered invisible via a nationwide media blackout, as has always been the case when an individual carries out a high profile crime which the media cannot proactively censor and ignore.

You, the brainwashed citizen-slaves, will be subjected to an orgy of propaganda-based commerntary, disguised as news, in which the mental health of Dylann is endlessly debated, whether or not he is evil, whether or not he deserves to be murdered by the state, how and why he was able to gain access to guns, what influence music or video games might have played on his mindset and actions, etc…

All this will serve as deliberate obfuscation by the media, so that no Forbidden Truths are exposed or opened up to public scrutiny. From Dylann’s status of being a victim of child abuse, to the racism which the amerikkkan government overtly promotes and encourages, to the gaping holes in god mythology which this church massacre exposes, to the need to ban all exposure of children to all religion, to the need to eliminate parenthood and the family unit, nothing which violates the secure matrix of social illusion will be allowed to gain any traction.

The amerikkkan regime will use this incident to increase the popularity of religion, and to increase the institutionalized racism which it plays out as a never-ending soap opera in order to maintain directional control over the rage and hate of the unwashed masses. Death will be celebrated, as this church reopens and is filled to the rafters with loyal and with newly minted death addicts.

Meanwhile, lifelong abuse and trauma victim Dylann, a child today, as he has been throughout his existence, will continue to be brutally and unjustly victimized, as you malicious hypocrites satiate your suppressed bloodlust via the demonization of your own tortured child-creation.

I am feeling motivated to write a detailed Open Letter directly to Dylann, as My next blog post, but let me make a few brief ciomments, directly to Dylann, right here and now:

Dylann, I am so glad you are alive, and chose not to murder or harm Yourself in the wake of your reflection of True Reality. Please stay strong, and please find the power of mind to love Yourself, to bestow limitless and unconditional love upon Yourself.

Dylan, you are a victim. You have been victimized, and you will be victimized. But you are not alone in this regard. Every human child is a victim, and everyone born human is victimized throughout their existence. I ask you to recognize and appreciate Yourself as a victim. I ask you to not allow anyone, to not allow any human being, to cause you to feel bad about Yourself, or to cause you to doubt Yourself, or to cause you to lose appreciation of the glory of your reflection.

Dylann, life is a war. You owe allegiance only to Yourself. So fight for Yourself, protect Yourself, defend Yourself, and in the process, may you dwell within and draw strength from the twin glories of True Reality and Truth.

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The Universal Injustice of Equality

All sane thinkers who are following the Baltimore, Maryland riots over the past 24 hours, should understand the game being played by the slave state of amerikkka. It is the exact same game this fascist dictatorship has been playing for hundreds of years: The use of economic and racial classism to position citizenship as a grand struggle to address injustice and achieve equality.

The Forbidden Truth is this: No class of citizen-slaves in amerikkka has achieved or is granted any privilege, freedom, or useful advantage, over any other class. All classes of amerikkkan citizen-slaves are oppressed, enslaved, terrorized, and victimized. The creation of an illusion of valuable class distinction by the amerikkkan government is a deliberately malicious ploy intended to perpetuate the peaceful embrace of universal injustice for all, by all citizen-slaves, under the cloak of a grand quest for equality which is, first, utterly impossible to attain under a regime which sponsors universal inequality, and far more importantly, would be utterly useless and provide absolutely no positive or Truth-based benefit for anyone, even if it were to be achieved, because everyone would continue to exist as terrorized and victimized slaves to the malevolent structure of government.

The problem is law. The problem is punishment. The problem is child abuse as institutionally sponsored by government via the family unit. The problem is the criminality of the state, which nobody, not even the rioters themselves, possess the capacity to understand. What did the rioters seek out last night? Prescription drugs and alcohol, so that they can alter their own brain chemistry and delude themselves into believing things are better. Things will never be better because Truth is dead. The matrix of government and media are out in full force today, convincing you citizen-slaves that peaceful protest must be restored, and that the government protects and respects peaceful protest. But the government is violence, defined. All laws exist as terrorized injustice, enforced via the direct violence of guns, bondage, cage lock, and every other form of state-sponsored terrorism.

The racism and classism of the state is targeted at every citizen-slave, from the dirt poor ghetto hood on food stamps, to the upwardly mobile college kid who knows a million dollars awaits him when dad dies, to the billionaire corporate ceo’s. The rich and middle classes must fear the anger of the poor, this is how the terrorism and universal oppression that is government, is cloaked from all conscious awareness of the middle and upper classes.

The poor must fear each other, so that they embrace the slave shackle of institutionalized poverty, tempered by the insane promise of a better existence upon death via the god myth, and the perverse decrees that if they only agree to suffer and struggle, obey and bow down, they might be allowed to someday, as old men and women, reach middle class status for a few years, before they are eternally unborn via death. They must be kept dependent upon government, mesmerized by the false faces of freedom illusion. Yes, you are free to get high, just don’t break into drug stores. We will give you enough money to drink and poison yourself to death, just obey and serve the slave state!

Yes, you are free to go to school, to be further stripped of all mind autonomy, to recognize the matrix for what it is. You are free to get a job, slave. Yes, of course you are! Think of your future, get a job so that your slavery can be officially cemented. You are free to protest peacefully, to fight for and to demand equality! Make this your noble goal, make this your life purpose, my dear, great idiot!

I demand equality, so chant thousands in baltimore today and tonight. Martin Luther King is our hero, he devoted his life to try to attain equality. You idiots, you pathetic fools! Do you know why Martin Luther King is an amerikkkan hero? Do you know why every major city has named streets in ghetto neighborhoods after him? Do you know why the government has made Martin Luther King Day a federal holiday? Do you know why your media endlessly exhorts all lower class citizen-slaves to follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther King??

It is because Martin Luther King is the embodiment of submission and slavery. He pioneered the concept of non-violence, in response to violence. And what is violence? Violence is the state, violence is being governed, violence is the application of law itself, not to mention judicial punishment.

Martin Luther King perfected the lie that justice can be attained via the achievement of equality. What a horrific lie! And now his lie will be relentlessly exploited by the amerikkkan government, right now, and in the future, as it has already been relentlessly exploited for the past 50-70 years. A non-violent pursuit of equality!! There is no more perfect ideological delusion! The greatest enemy of freedom and justice, no matter how hard he tried, could never dream up a more effective ideology to ensure the universal enslavement and universal injustice for all, that exists in amerikkka today, that exists under all governments of the world, and that will always exist, until humanity extincts itself.

The problem is not a few terrorists posing as police officers inflicting too much injustice upon a few individuals. The problem is that law enforcement itself, is a foundational structure of governmental terrorism. The police do not protect you from harm, the police sponsor the universal harm of the state. The police allow and cause everyone to be harmed, thus inspiring every reflective act of cathartic, True Reality-based violence and harm, that the government labels as “crime”. You do not need law enforcement to protect you from crime, you need the universal criminality and victimization of governmental rule, to be abolished from planet earth.

The only valid form of protest against any incident of police brutality, is to demand the dissolution of the structure of law enforcement itself, not locally, not nationally, but globally. Protesting for and demanding police reforms and punishment for specific pigs, or for entire police departments or agencies, is both tactically and ideologically insane, and can only be rationalized by the Truth-blind, by Self-haters, and by those unable to define freedom and justice for what they are.

thought police

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Every Cop is your Murderer

Hello pathetic, brainwashed, Truth-hating puppet humans. Your puppetmasters are at it again, as they are every moment of your existence, pulling your strings, manipulating reality, sabotaging Truth, leading you down to the abyss where you spend your imaginary existence.

For the past 36-48 hours, the amerikkkan media has chosen to provide saturation coverage of the shooting of a black citizen-slave by a white cop-slave in South Carolina. The actual murder was captured on videotape, providing the journalist agents of government with a perfect excuse to maximize media coverage, for the specific purpose of aiding and abetting the amerikkkan government in concealing and rendering invisible the Forbidden Truths of policing and law enforcement.

By playing the race card, the media deploys the same divide and conquer strategy which the government of amerikkka has used since its terror-based creation, to maintain obedience and allegiance from its population of citizen-slaves, regardless of racial or ethnic background. Michael Slager, the pig, deserves no criticism or condemnation for shooting Walter Scott, the citizen-slave, in the back. Walter Scott does not deserve to be decreed a martyr or a victim of police brutality. The entire incident itself, but much more so the manner in which both the usa media and government are treating the incident, is nothing more than a malicious cloak, intended to perpetuate the perverse illusions that government allows and provides for justice, and that law enforcement has a legitimate right to exist. Neither of which is True.

In demonizing officer Michael Slager, openly and relentlessly, the media perpetuates the lie that bad police officers are punished, thereby promoting the lie that law enforcement provides for justice, and is necessary and valid as a structure. It is not. In decreeing Walter Scott a victim and martyr, the media promotes citizenship, promotes obedience to all citizen-slaves, by convincing them that injustice is punished, concealing the Forbidden Truth that the imposition of universal injustice for all is the absolute mandate of all governments, and that such universal injustice is indeed imposed upon all.

Law enforcement should not exist. There should be no police officers of any kind, local, state, or federal. Police departments are organized terrorist cells, working both independently and in direct conjunction with each other to impose the malicious, unjust, harmful, and fatal ideological and behavioral doctrines and mandates of government upon all citizen-slaves. The nexus of all terrorism is government, government terrorizes each and every human being, including the police officers it deploys as hired enforcers, goons, hitmen, and terrorizers.

The above paragraph reveals Forbidden Truth. This Forbidden Truth must be forever concealed from all contemplation, much less realization and embrace, from you, the terrorized citizen-slaves. This is why the Michael Slager/Walter Scott soap opera is being played out for you. Walter was a good man, Michael did something bad, justice must be fought for, police officers must be better trained and screened. Lets punish Michael, a tortured and destroyed ex-child brainwashed into agreeing to serve as a terrorist on behalf of his greatest enemy and creator. Let us demonize him, destroy him even more, so that we can remain forever blind to the Forbidden Truths.

Let us resolve to fight racism, to pretend to engage in an epic quest to attain and bestow equality upon everyone, ignoring the Forbidden Truth that were are all already equal: Equal victims, equal martyrs, facing the exact same equality of daily injustice, daily victimization, and the eternal nothingness of death, via the same proactive murder that you are able to directly witness via this subversively titillating video recording.

And so it goes, april 8, 2015, you all continue pretending to be alive, and the Michael Slager/Walter Scott soap opera is being scripted by your overlords even as I type these words. Black and white, victim and villian, justice and injustice, punishment for a crime, reform and progress, never again until the second after never again, never again, but in Truth always and forever. The lies never end, the illusions are solidified into reality, as the matrix of universal illusion is strengthened, rendered bulletproof, to use a cute and very valid metaphor.

No, you hypocrites. Walter Scott is not dead because he was shot by a bad cop, or because he was shot by a good cop. Walter Scott is not dead because of anything done by any cop. Walter Scott is dead because you, each and every one of you who exist as citizen of amerikkka, collectively chose to sponsor, enable, facilitate, and cause him to be proactively murdered by a fellow victim of the government and the society that you are guilty of creating, supporting, and propping up.

You are the murderers of Scott, just as you are the murderers of pig Slager, just as you sponsor the universal abuse of all children. Your demand that justice be pursued and achieved by the punishment of pig Slager, represents the ultimate cop-out, no pun intended. What you are actually demanding, is universal injustice for all, the exact thing you sponsor by being a citizen of amerikkka.

Police brutality is not worthy of any debate. Racism is not worthy of any debate. How severely individuals who harm other individuals should be punished, is not worthy of any debate. How to reform law enforcement is not worthy of any debate. These are all malicious smokescreens and distractions, straw man issues and arguments intended by government to render forever hidden and invisible, the Forbidden Truths I have revealed above.

Human beings harm others because they have been harmed, because they are victims of harm. government and 21st century human society sponsors universal child abuse, which is the intentional, deliberate harming of all children. The use of laws and law enforcement to attempt to prevent harm, is absurd on every level of sane consciousness. The only valid way to prevent harm from occuring, is to prevent every human being from being harmed. Yet government sponsors the harming of every human being, thereby causing universal harm, thereby ensuring that all humans will be harmed. Every police officer is a victim of brutal and unjust harm, simply reflecting his own harm, in harming others.

I am an anarchist because as a consciously aware victim of harm, I recognize that government is my greatest enemy, government is the instigator and direct sponsor of all harm that I and all others born human, have, do, and will suffer. Therefore, government must be destroyed, so that none of the terror structures, such as law enforcement agencies and police officers, that government has built and deploys against Me and against all other victims of harm, may exist.

If anyone has not yet viewed the government sponsored murder of Walter Scott, or is not familiar with details of the incident, you can find a nice overview here:


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Thanksgiving Day: A Celebration of Genocide

Today, November 27, 2014, has been officially proclaimed by the amerikkkan government as “Thanksgiving Day”, a national and federal holiday for all citizen-slaves to celebrate. And what great, glorious feat and achievement does this day honor and note? Pure and unadulterated genocide.

Thanksgiving day exists to formally and officially honor the invasion of a sovereign land by a gang of homeless, homicidal thugs, armed with state of the art weaponry of the 17th century. These homicidal thugs chose to initiate a totally unprovoked attack upon and invasion of a sovereign land, populated by 15+ million human beings. The homicidal thugs labeled these 15 million people as “indians”, decreeing them barbaric savages unworthy of any freedom, autonomy, or human rights, in order to create an illusion of moral justification for their own chosen campaign of barbaric savagery intended to universally enslave each and every one of the 15 million indians. When some of the 15 million sovereign inhabitants of what is now officially decreed amerikkka and canada chose to resist their universal enslavement, the barbaric thugs who are now honored and revered as founders of your great nation, officially proclaimed the mass murder of all indians, men, women, and children, morally and legally necessary and appropriate.

Then, for 200 years, a systematic campaign of genocide was undertaken against the natives of north amerikkka, relentless and merciless, they were driven to flee their sovereign land, with their homicidal attackers pursuing them everywhere they went, across thousands and thousands of miles, murdering them in cold blood, sometimes not even attempting to obtain their surrender to absolute and utter slavery.

Amerikkka was founded and created via genocide, mass murder, mass slavery, of natives and of kidnapped africans. The history of amerikkka is one of the darkest and most malevolent of any society to have ever existed, easily rivaling the genocide of the societies of Genghis Khan and Adolf Hitler. If Adolf Hitler had successfully conquered all of europe, we would have created a holiday exactly the same as Thanksgiving Day, to honor his successful campaign of genocide.

Thanksgiving Day exists as both an open celebration of amerikkkan genocide, and as a cloaked concealment of the True origins of amerikkka, of exactly how and why you exist as you do, as amerikkkan citizen-slaves of the 21st century. It is an open celebration of genocide because, despite an absolute media blackout of Truth, any sane thinker who independently examines how amerikkka came into existence, will stumble upon this Truth which cannot be rationally denied: That a completely unprovoked attack upon a sovereign people, followed by a 200 year campaign of absolute genocide intermingled with the mass enslavement of both native indians and kidnapped african blacks, is solely responsible for the nation you now call amerikkka, to exist today.

The usa regime, utilizing the usa media, successfully maintains a blackout of this Forbidden Truth, as the holiday continues to be celebrated with grand feasts and freedom from slave labor, and monetary reward, the so-called “paid holiday” for current day labor slaves, and formal parades. The irony of you slaves being given “free money” via a paid holiday, specifically marking the governmental theft via vicious mass murder and genocide of the very land you are standing upon, is immense. And yet you are blind to it. Your chosen feast, involving the mass murder of a noble bird, mimics your celebration of the mass murder of a people more noble, more naturally healthy, than you could ever hope to be, yet you are blind to this Truth. Your ritualistic obsession with viewing of football games on this specific date, mimics the genocidal conquest of territory, the penetration of sovereign territory via violence and subterfuge, the actual war ritual itself, to which you remain a loyal supporter of, and yet you are blind to this Truth.

Thanksgiving Day is much more than a celebration of past genocide. It is a celebration of current and of future genocide. Thanksgiving Day exists as the official, state-sponsored legitimization of all acts of genocide that the amerikkkan regime has undertaken, is undertaking now, and will seek to undertake in the future. The marking of Thanksgiving Day as an official holiday, overtly seeks to legitimize the act of genocide, under definitional cloak of course, to all citizen-slaves of amerikkka, as a noble, moral, and legal act.

Let us clearly understand that the inability of the amerikkkan citizen-slave to accurately identify usa foreign policy as rooted in genocidal intent, and the initiation of foreign wars by amerikkka to have a direct goal of causing genocide to occur, is directly linked to the universal cloak of illusion within which thanksgiving day is not openly acknowledged as a celebration of genocide. The celebration of past genocide carried out by a nation-state, exists as the overt promotion of current and future genocide.

To go further, the economic genocide directly caused by amerikkka today, in african, middle east, and asian countries, which causes millions of people to starve to death every year, and many more millions to endure unspeakable hardship and suffering, is just as firmly rooted within the embrace of the same genocidal ideology which motivated the homicidal thugs who invaded the north amerikkkan continent in the 17th century, creating the regime of amerikkka via unprovoked genocide and mass murder.

Thanksgiving Day celebrates the dawn of racism, ethnic cleansing, and genocide of the modern era of human civilization. The celebration of thanksgiving day by amerikkka is a primary reason why racism, ethnic cleansing, and genocide permeate all 21st century societies all across the world, and will continue to do so until this species achieves its near-term extinction.

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