The Perception of Possibility, Universally Crippled Within Humanity

“Every person takes the limits of their own field of vision for the limits of the world.”—Arthur Schopenhauer

Oh Arthur, thank you for exalting Forbidden Truth!

Pathetic humans: What do you perceive as being possible? Your mind, your brain, is crippled and shackled by the chains wrapped around your capacity to perceive. You see what is presented to you, within the shackles of what you are told was, is, will be, must be. Slaves existing within the organization of universal slavery, born into it, molded by it.

THIS is morality, THIS is responsibility, THIS is what we need to survive, THIS is what makes the world a better place. Every human perception of what is possible, limits and destroys the limitless possibility of a free mind, able to conceive of and envision a True spectrum of possibility, from horizon to horizon.

You see what you are told to see, allowed to see. You see the possibilities that have not been eliminated from your capacity to conceive.

The mandate of all 21st century societies and governments is to eliminate perceptive possibility.

So it is, as it has always been. How can something be done, be achieved, if it cannot be perceived, imagined, considered, envisioned as being an option, known to be possible?

Every question, every issue, every public debate, every existing ideological and concrete operational structure, dwells within the cage of perceived possibility. “We could do THAT“, says the human, only because he is allowed to conceive it possible. But everything else that can be done, cannot be done, because the human cannot conceive it possible.

No issue, no question, no problem, can ever be debated, considered, understood within the light of Truth, as long as there exists an externally imposed limitation of possibility perception. and the only way to eliminate this externally imposed limitation, is to eliminate government and the existing social structure, guilty of destroying possibility perception.


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Death: The Most Colorful of All the Colors

Death colors everything the Superior thinks, does, and is.

Death leaves an indelible mark upon everything, for the superior thinker who lives and breathes the Forbidden Truth that to die is exactly, absolutely, and implicitly the same as never having been born, and the Forbidden Truth that everyone who dies in the 21st century is a murder victim of the collective death wish consciousness of humanity as a species.

Death is a color, so bright it opens your eyes and mind to the lifelessness of all the other colors.

Death is a color, so dark it allows you to perceive the artificial illusions of light represented by all the other colors.

Death; so colorful it leaves the very universe itself, eternally colorless.

Put on your prescription and sunglasses, open your eyes and mind, and see the color of death.

Don’t let anyone else describe the color to you. Look at it yourself, so you may be properly blinded by the colorful light of Forbidden Truth.

Allow the color of death to darken and diminish all the other colors, to leave them faded and dull, useless and meaningless.

When you find the courage, brilliance, and MindPower to see the True color of death, you see through and past, over and under, the lie of the rainbow, and if you are strong enough, you disintegrate it to dust, as you allow the color of death to illuminate the eternal fragments of dust, fragments of dust blowing through the sands of time, void of all legacy, void of everything, eternally.

Blinded by the most colorful of lights, I see.

Your infinite tragedy, invisible to you, imperceptible to you, brightens the darkest of all worlds, My world, the world of Forbidden Truth, where death shines and beams brightly, and lives as none of you have lived, or can live, or will live.

To death, destroyer of worlds!


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Ownership of Self, Ownership of Mind

Do you own your brain? Or does your brain own You?? This question is not frivolous, it is central to any human effort to recognize, embrace, and dwell within the horrific glory of Forbidden Truth.

Ownership of your brain runs concurrent with ownership of Self, as a foundational requirement for all seekers of Truth, all who reject and seek to transcend their humanity. Brain ownership requires a massively developed, externally untouchable ego. As with so many other nodes of consciousness, ego is a vitally essential.

You must be supremely egotistical, a narcissist of the highest order, prideful in the purest sense of the term, to dictate always and everything to your brain. You must be the master of the universe, your brain subordinated to serve Your conscious will. So I am.

Your brain is central to your existence. But the Superior is above his brain. The Superior instructs and orders his brain what to think, feel, do, always from a position of absolute Truth and love of Self.

The brain owner controls absolutely, the functionality of his mind. All thoughts, feelings, perceptions, plans, actions, choices, are filtered through the Self. My brain follows Me, it does not direct Me.

Perceive the Truth, brain-burdened fools: If your brain tells you what to think and feel, you do not own Yourself. If you feed your brain caffeine and sedatives, psychotropic drugs and mass delusions like the insane god myth, and then try to integrate the distortions it delivers to you, to your reality perceptions, you own NOTHING. You exist as passive slave to your brain, instead of properly ordering it to serve you, within the light of Truth.

Stop ASKING your brain for enlightenment. Stop humiliating Yourself as a passive beggar. Truth is NOT buried deep inside your brain, the key held hostage within.

Truth is the free and open consciousness of sane and rational perception, thought direction and thought ownership, demanded by Self, within Self.

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The Problem of Human Cognitive Perception

As all who read My brilliant essays should know by now, the human being exists as a fatally flawed birth defect, on a species-wide level, and the epicenter of this birth defect status is clearly and certainly the human brain and its utter lack of positive and valid functionality. In this essay I will be focusing my Forbidden Truth dissection on a very specific aspect of human brain functionality failure, that of Cognitive Perception.

For the purpose of this essay, let us begin with how humanity chooses to define both cognition and perception, individually as well as in combination. Human society defines cognition as the experience of learning, knowing, and understanding. While perception is defined as a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression. Both of these terms are then combined, to result in the supposedly valid and honored structure of cognitive perception.

The Forbidden Truth is that humans have never been able to properly apply a mental process of cognition, to accurately and validly understand their experience of existence, or the ongoing, underlying personal motivations and factual realities of their place in the universe, at any specific point in time, much less on a real-time, ongoing basis.

As to perception, this distinct process of brain functionality is even more fully and fatally flawed than that of cognition. Perception is the mindless worship of and addiction to, belief. Human perception is inherently mindless, because it involves the overt betrayal and rejection of reality and Truth, in favor of the creation of a fetish in favor of the unreality of belief. To go further, in a very real sense, humans use perception to justify the embrace of a belief system, for no legitimate reason, and to the effect of causing universal harm to all, and an abdication of all individual and collective potential.

Perceptions exist as individual brain defects, Every perception is always wrong and flawed, because the very process of acquiring perceptions is itself invalid, and should be recognized as invalid, and therefore automatically rejected as a viable brain functionality option. Humans approach and embrace individual perception as a belief, on steroids, absent all sentient awareness of this Truth.  They embrace defective brain functionality, building layers of false intellectual rationalization and a warped perspective of reality, into the very fabric of their individual and collective experience of existence.

The term “cognitive perception” maximizes the unreality of the unacknowledged belief system. It creates the functioning framework within which Truth itself is stripped of all importance, rendered both invisible and impossible to detect and distinguish from the universal matrix of human illusion. A sane species would fully recognize all of its brain functionality deficiencies and failures, taking active, open, cognizant steps to mitigate and alleviate the impacts all such failures and deficiencies.

Instead, humanity chooses to do the exact opposite, to worship belief, to apply perverse illusions of lofty ideal, to what is simply a diseased and invalid process of mind function. Belief should be utterly rejected and renounced as inherently and intrinsically wrong, a betrayal of Truth and of Self, and all of the fatally flawed constructs of human thought, such as cognition and perception, which are used to both cloak the form and function of belief as a brain process, and to justify personal belief by applying invalid legitimacy to it, deserve to be universally rejected.

Let me illustrate an excellent example of the fatally flawed nature of cognitive perception. It would be easy to fall back on the insane god myth as an illustration, but let us not go down this route. In a sense, to do so is to narrow the capacity of the inferior to appreciate his own pathologies of mind. Instead, I want to dissect the specific issue of time passage.

Humans choose to apply cognitive perception to their understanding, their personal experience, of the passage of time. Sometimes they perceive time as passing by in a slow manner. Other times they perceive time as passing by rapidly. Children sometimes perceive a single day as stretching on to a nearly endless length. As humans age, they often perceive time as speeding up, as passing by more rapidly. Someone diagnosed with a fatal illness may even perceive his entire existence as having passed by in an instant.

The Truth is, and this is very important for all Truth-seekers to accurately and comprehensively understand: Every individual perception of time passage is fatally flawed, because the passage of time should not be subjectively perceived, it should not be accepted or understood as a belief system. When humans give themselves permission to apply subjective judgment to concrete facts, all capacity to recognize Truth, and to function within its umbrella, is lost.

On the specific issue of time passage, the very embrace of cognitive permission as being valid, renders the actual reality, that the passage of time itself only exists as a false perception cloaking the Forbidden Truths of death, absolutely invisible and impossible for the average, typical, inferior human being to understand and embrace.

The passage of time is a lie, an artificial construct of the social matrix. You are given the gift of being allowed to uniquely perceive time passage by society and government, so that you may not, so that you must never, come to the conscious understanding that you are being deceived, that to die is for the fact, the reality, that you never existed and by proxy never experienced the passage of time, to be enlightened to conscious awareness.

Cognitive perception smothers all potential for conscious enlightenment of mind to reality and to Truth. Nothing is left real. in clarity of thought, because every illusion is granted legitimacy, and if society and government does not like a specific illusion, it is free to manipulate all reality perception in order to alter the popularity and/or the social acceptability, of the illusion, which exists as false and invalid cognitive perception, never recognized or understood as such.

The problem of cognitive perception is both external of, and internal to, individual brain functionality. Because humans cannot recognize cognitive perception as inherently invalid, with this invalidity specifically rooted in the dysfunctionality of their brains, society and government is free and able to ruthlessly and limitlessly exploit this flaw. The moment any human embraces perception as legitimate and valid, he extinguishes his own capacity to uncover and embrace Truth and reality, and he invites, as well as empowers, his greatest enemy to ruthlessly exploit his compromised individual brain on every level and on every issue.

The aspiring Superior must consciously embrace, at all times, the Forbidden Truth that his brain functionality is both genetically and environmentally compromised, from birth and on an ongoing, real-time basis. Perception must always be recognized for what it is, understood as a flawed and invalid symptom of brain dysfunction, and affirmatively, overtly, abandoned and rejected, within full consciousness and as part of an ongoing personal war to uncover and to maximize the recognition of fact, reality, and Truth.

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Reality Versus Perception

You do not work for a company or a boss, you sacrifice your freedom to a slavemaster.

You do not pray to a god, you commit suicide at the request of human leaders.

You do not create a family, you suffocate your personal identity so that others may pretend to develop theirs.

You do not make the world a better place, you ensure thet nobody can or will ever make the world a better place.

You do not evolve, you devolve.

You do not solve problems, you celebrate and rejoice in the harm they cause to others.

You do not desire to thrive, you gain solace in the subconscious understanding that nobody will ever thrive, because of the functioning social structures you build and maintain.

You do not love others, you conceal your contempt for Self by pretending to love them.

You do not make mistakes and experience failures, you are a mistake and you are a failure.

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Child Abuse in Retrospective

It is interesting to dissect your own experience of child abuse, by consciously recreating your emotional and intellectual state of mind at specific points in time, while it was occurring, after it ended, and throughout the years leading up to the present moment in time. By comparing your states of mind as they are, to how they were, the evolutionary impacts can be gauged and measured, the maturing of a Superior mind can be accurately assessed.

I like to begin at age 4, from My first conscious memories of confusion, terror, trauma, personal helplessness. Then I go to age 6, to standing in the school playground and vowing to never be one of those, never to be a human being, My first conscious effort to transcend. Then I go to age 8, consumed by rage, handling knives for the first time, envisioning murder and destruction of others. Then I go to age 10, awakening of the potential of guns and bombs to wreak mass havoc, and directly beginning to assault those who abused Me. Then I go to age 13, the stabbing and the subsequent cage lock, and My sacred vows, a seminal moment and point in time. Then to age 16, beginning of full isolation, obtaining and shooting guns, conscious work on transcending My humanity.

Even the adult years contain nuanced changes in perception, such as the full embrace of Forbidden Truth that those who abused Me are as much victims as I am and was.

As the years pass, the Forbidden Truth that time heals nothing, is proven. I am what I will always be: A victim of child abuse, destroyed. Only existing as a triumphant creation of Self, of mind, of courage, of love, of hate. If I should ever perceive My moment of death, those final seconds will be a reliving of My abuse. They will not be any triumphant illusion of victory. I know what I am. I know why I am what I am. I will always face the Truth of My creation.

This song speaks Truth, it speaks to the adult looking back and knowing, understanding, that he will always be an abused child:

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Blinded By The Light

Dear human, are you still blinded by the light? Do you perceive your reality via artificial light, the fluorescent and incandescent and high-intensity discharge bulbs created by your fellow torture victims to provide illusions of safety and comfort? Does the sun serve a similar role in your fatally flawed existence? The warmth and the light of the sun might be of natural origin, but the role it plays for so many of you inferiors, is void of reflective Truth.

The Superior seeks out darkness, the Superior understands that humans use light to hide from themselves and from the Truth. It is within absolute darkness and silence, the isolation within which you can recognize Yourself as the ultimate singularity, that the Superior finds the courage and insight to dissect himself and immerse in the darkness which has always been imposed upon him.

Hope is guided by artificial light. Hopelessness is the precious gift unveiled by a communion with darkness. They say the light helps you see, but that is a lie. The light is a weapon being used against you, designed to distort and conceal, intentionally deployed to inspire an existence rooted within false comfort and illusion. How fitting that you spend the christmas season erecting tiny and useless lights and draping them around your structural prisons. How mindless you creatures are, mesmerizing yourselves via a pattern of lights which serve no purpose, which only break up the natural perfection of universal darkness which might be able to illuminate your minds to Truth.

I seek out the darkness, of night, of sleep, of eyes shut but mind wide open. The silence and the darkness are precious gifts, to be filled with courage and understanding. These voids allow you to perceive the eternal void of a non-existent future. The darkness is where ideas grow, reality perceptions blossom, the universal matrix of social illusion can be successfully perceived and pierced.

The rising of the sun is nothing to look forward to. With the sun come the humans, blind idiots awakening to an artificially inspired brightness of mind, ready to waste yet another day, lost inside of the dream world they have been indoctrinated to perceive as real.

If I could, I would set off a bomb inside of the very heart of the sun, shattering it into a billion tiny and dying embers of light. I desire to witness the shattering of the sun, as symbolic victory over the blindness of the species into which I was born. The Truth is, I have already destroyed the sun, and all artificial points of light, by transcending My own humanity. No matter how much light might be imposed upon Me, I dwell within the eternal darkness of a Self-directed, Self-controlled mind.

The world that you humans have created is supremely dark. Your choice to dwell within artificial light exists as a pathology, allowing you to deny the very Truths which shape and determine every horror, every torment, every nightmare which stands vigilant, always haunting every past, every present, and every future.

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