Loving My First Artificial Implant, All Hail the Titanium Seer!

Breaking News: The Seer of Forbidden Truth is pleased and proud to announce his physiology has been permanently altered via the addition of titanium.

Titanium, baby!

Before you get your titties all aflutter, allow Me to elaborate: We are talking dental implant. Just recently, I completed My first ever dental implant, for a single tooth.

Thanks to the Sacred Family Unit version of universal child abuse, I did not begin brushing My teeth until the age of 14, and did not floss or use mouthwash until my early 20’s. As you might imagine, My teeth did not respond well to this mistreatment, resulting in extensive, and expensive, and ongoing, restoration work. Even with all that, Ted Bundy would still be well within his rights to mock My zigzaggingly crooked tooth arrangements…but at least I don’t leave bite marks…

Ahem, I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah, so, one of My beloved teeth got so bad recently, it had to be extracted. A little less of Me for Me to love. ūüė¶

Being in love with Myself, I knew I had to fill the hole in My heart….errr mind, errrr….mouth. So I did extensive research and chose a “dental implant”. It works like this: A titanium post (like a tooth root) is surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath the gum, allowing the dentist to mount a replacement tooth onto an abutment over the titanium post. Check it out:

I had a top-of-the-line crown mounted onto My titanium post. The whole thing took a long time, several procedures, (damn humans touching Me, drives Me to homicidal rage) and cost a lot of money, just about $3,000.00 usd in total, from extraction to completed crown mount. But of course I am worth it, because My worth is infinite.

A few brilliant thoughts: Titanium, baby! I love that the titanium post was implanted directly into my jawbone, and that it melded and fused to the bone. Artificial, strong, beautiful, and part of Me, now.

If you read My texts you know, I have rejected and transcended MY humanity, mentally. I only wish, with every fiber of mind consciousness, that I could also do so physically. And this is just a tiny and meaningless token gesture in that direction. But still, I like it. A little bit less human, physically, and a little bit better, stronger. This one tooth is now the omnipotent tooth, much stronger, as factual reality, than all the rest, and its artificiality is what makes it stronger.

Another point: It feels different than the other teeth. It feels different because it is different. It is anchored to My beautiful jaw via a titanium post. As a structure, it is different. Does it feel very different? No. The difference is subtle, you have to be Self-focused to always be consciously aware of the different feel. I like that the felt difference is small, and must be focused upon to realize, yet cannot be denied. An alien structure, integrated to and within Me.

If you read about this type of dental implant online, you will find that most dentists hawking the procedure, and general dental information websites, will tell you the implanted crown will feel exactly the same as all your other, “natural” teeth. That’s because humans¬†want the feeling to be the same. If you go to patient discussion boards, you find a mixed response. Some humans claim the implant feels exactly the same, while others admit and acknowledge the difference. Inferiors often fail to perceive what they do not¬†want to be True, what they do not want to accept.

Personally, of course, I love the feeling of difference. Artificial, different, unnatural, and better.

Which brings Me to the most important point of this essay, humans: It is time to wake up to the Forbidden Truth and stop worshipping nature and the natural! As I have made clear in previous texts, nature is not your friend. Nature is your mortal enemy! Nature is mindless, nature has no sentience.

Nature is unjust, nature is unfair, natural things are weak, mortal, they decay easily.

Open your mind and see: You do not owe anything to nature! The only hope for the Self is within the embrace of the artificial. Titanium and bone, living together in harmony, within Me, making Me stronger. And yes, you can say titanium is a “natural” substance, but it is not naturally within Me, is it?

We must abandon nature. Death is “natural”, but death is wrong. Only in rejecting the perverse notion that there is sacredness in nature or natural things, can we make the universe of Self right, achieve our limitless potential as eternally alive minds.

Stop worshipping your body, it is flawed and it is doomed to fail. Worship what is best for You, as a Self-universe of mind. I want to be made of titanium, all of Me, all the way to a titanium shield encircling every brain cell.

As Immortalists we must wage war against nature, and we must defeat nature! This must be our conscious mandate. We must fall easily into love, with the artificial. We must never be prejudiced in favor of what we were born possessing. Who needs a natural heart, if an artificial heart works better? Who needs eyes if bionic implants allow you to see things better?

This is how evolution must be defined: The capacity of mind, individually and collectively, to leap without hesitation into radical change, to leave behind and abandon everything within us that is weak, failing, easily compromised, in favor of whatever is strong vibrant, long-lasting, difficult to compromise.

The war cry of the Evolutionists must be: We will destroy first, whatever is trying to destroy us. Nature may have given us the gift of existence as a species, but we owe no debt, as nature also imposes retroactive unbirth upon every individual.

Let us use the artificial, to replace the natural, to save ourselves!

All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

On Nature, Free Will, Hate, & The Insane god Myth

I received an interesting reply to a recent, brilliant blog post I made concerning how the Superior atheist should understand religion, god, and Himself. You can read this blog post here:

and I highly recommend you do so before proceeding with this follow-up post.

In this reply to a comment, I greatly enhance the depth of Forbidden Truth on the understanding of the roles of nature and love of Self, within the philosophical understanding of Full Force Atheism.

As always, the comments directed towards Me appear in italicized, light printed text, while My reply is in bold and non-italicized text:

‚ÄúTo be an atheist it is not necessary to hate everything that I do not like. As an example you write ‚Äď ‚ÄúA lover of Self, therefore a hater of god and religion.‚ÄĚ I agree that you should be a lover of Self. But I do not want to be a hater of anything in this world.‚ÄĚ

To be an atheist it is necessary to hate god and religion, because those who embrace god and religion hate you, as they hate the very structure of life itself. Religion is the worship of death, the worship of universal death. Religion is the demand that you personally die, and it is made by the religious, by those who believe in and worship god.

Only inferiors make decisions based on what they want, at the cost of what actually is, and at the cost of logic and reflective reasoning. Whatever proactively seeks and demands your eternal destruction and retroactive unbirth, deserves to be hated by you, and must be hated by you, in the name of reflective Truth. Otherwise you are betraying and compromising love of Self. Whether or not you choose to consciously face up to this Truth, does not alter it. Self-love cannot be subjectively determined. It must be objectively determined.

‚ÄúThe reason is that there is no good and bad in nature. Do we say apple is good and orange is bad? We don‚Äôt. Similarly, we do not say sun is good and moon is bad, or rain is good and shine is bad, or dog is good and cat is bad. Then why would you say Mr. X is good and Mr. Y is bad? All humans are objects of nature. We should not discriminate things in nature; we accept nature as it is.‚ÄĚ

You are correct in that there is no good or bad sentient intent in nature. But there are good and bad consequences. What harms Me is bad. The passive acceptance of injustice and harm, merely because it originates in nature, cannot be justified within the umbrella of Self-love and the consciously realized entitlement of personal godhood which the achievement of limitless and unconditional love of Self, mandates.

If you read My brilliant texts, you will note that I do not negatively judge individuals, recognizing each and every one as a created victim of external injustice. But this does not negate My sacred right to hate, and to seek personal vengeance, and to reflect personal injustice. Further, My refusal to embrace the prejudice that is personal judgment, places upon Me a genuine obligation to hate and to condemn organized human structures, such as government, education, the family unit, religion, and god worship, structures which are guilty of universally victimizing and destroying humanity as a collective whole.

We must not accept nature as it is. There is nothing holy in nature. Nature is a fatally flawed structure which lacks all sentient will, a structure which metes out injustice by virtue of its own mindlessness, its own random dysfunction. To accept nature as it is, is to embrace death. To embrace death is to betray Self. Religion and god are the toxic and diseased deceptions deployed by society and government, to inspire and to effect this betrayal of Self, which cannot be seperated from hatred of Self. Whenever the individual chooses to allow Himself to be harmed, he is expressing and manifesting hatred towards Himself.

What is holy and sacred? Me. I am holy and sacred, unique and irreplaceable, singular and infinitely precious. The universe is My creation, and My brain is the creator of the universe. Hatred of religion, god, and nature, is honorable, necessary, and the most natural of all responses, to all that seeks to destroy the universe of Me, be it via conscious will, as is the case of religion and god worship, or mindless dysfunctionality, such as is the case with nature.

Note that there is no freewill. This is quite obvious.”

It is not obvious, nor is it factually valid. The issue is multilayered and complex. We are all reflections of all that has been imposed, inflicted, and indoctrinated upon us. Your life path choices will reflect this external imposition, to one degree or another.

But it is possible to pierce the matrix, to become an outsider looking in, to transcend your own humanity, and the tiny handful who achieve this feat, achieve the capacity to choose what to reflect, if to reflect, and when to reflect. Which does not translate to absolute free will, certainly not. But it does represent a genuine distinction from the mindless, consciously oblivious reflections of the unwashed masses of humans.

The complexity comes from this: The very process of transcending your own humanity, as I have done, is inspired by the reflective impositions of others, therefore the original inspiration is not an expression of independently free will, even if the end result allows for freedom of choice which far exceeds that of the human drone who remains matrix-trapped.

‚ÄúHave you ever done anything without any reasons? No you have not. Thus reasons come before you take action.‚ÄĚ

Conceived reasons for executing personal choices may be either valid or invalid, rooted in factual reality or the projection of absolute fantasy and false deductive process, within the envelope of what constitutes Truth itself. But within this understanding, it is fair to reject the concept of absolute free will, within personal choice, independent of all past impositions upon reality perception. To possess absolute free will would require that all past impositions upon the Self be absolutely and completely negated, erased from all capacity to imprint upon personal consciousness, and this is not something that even I, a top-level transcendee of My humanity, have achieved.

‚ÄúYour present action is controlled by your past reasons ‚Äď and that is the definition of destiny.‚ÄĚ

No. It is at this point that you stray from the path of Truth. My present actions are controlled and limited, appropriately so, by the combination of what has been imposed upon Me externally, and the sum total of all Truth and factual reality which I have actualized within My conscious mind, and My intellectual capacity to make choices and decisions which violate neither My own personal True Reality, nor objective Truth, itself. To be clear, this is my personal triumph of the mind as a Superior, not typical or accurately descriptive of human thought, behavior, or choice. For the typical human, both thought and behavior are determined by pathological brain dysfunction, the rejection of reality and of Truth, reasons deduced via a lack of sane reasoning, and the embrace of warped reality perception, of which religion and god worship is a prime illustration.

Those who ‚Äúbelieve‚ÄĚ in destiny as it is defined by society, and as you appear to define it within your comment, fall victim to mystical thinking and are guilty of abdicating the development of ownership of Self and of mind, which the top-level Superior achieves. It is fair to say that there are very specific things which I am destined not to do, because in doing these specific things I would be violating both My own True Reality, and objective Truth. But it would not be fair to say that there are very specific things which I am destined to specifically do, because the mind ownership I have achieved allows Me a degree of freedom of will, within parameters of Truth and True Reality, which preclude and negate the mystical pull of destiny.

“The entire universe is guided by a global plan or global destiny. Our individual destiny is derived from that global plan.”

This is where you completely veer off the course of Truth. There is no sentient will in the ‚Äúuniverse‚ÄĚ, just as there is no sentient will in religion, in the myth of god, or in the functions and dysfunctions of nature. You have fallen victim to mystical thinking, created a fable on the same level as any organized religion. There is no plan or destiny absent sentient will, absent conscious intent, and ‚Äúthe universe‚ÄĚ lacks all sentient will, lacks all conscious intent. The organization of the universe is random, scientific phenomena such as gravity or oxygen do not alter this fact.

The destiny of the individual inferior is controlled by the limitation of his reality perceptions, his refusal to embrace the Forbidden Truths, and the sum total of what has been externally imposed upon him from the moment of his biological conception, through every moment in time up to the present moment of his perceived existence. There is no global plan or destiny, controlled by the ‚Äúuniverse‚ÄĚ, in play.

“No one has any control of the universe.”

I have much control of the universe, having embraced My obligation to Self and to Truth, to create a universe in which I achieve the omnipotence to which I am entitled. But My degree of control is limited by humans, and their inferior, pathetic minds, their rejection of Truth.

“There should not be any reasons to feel frustrated and remain angry. Everybody is playing his role according to the laws of nature. Why then blame anyone?”

Nature is a failure. Nature is dysfunctional. The laws of nature are unjust. The laws of nature harm Me, and are therefore unacceptable. Nature must be recognized as a personal enemy, even if rage and hate are reserved for toxic and diseased man-made structures such as religion, god, and government. We must hate what is consciously choosing to destroy us, as individuals. Nature itself, lacks such conscious intent. Therefore, hating nature can be understood as a waste of time and focus. But nature is still our mortal enemy, it must be treated as such, it must be prevented, by any and all possible means, from harming Me.

To worship nature is to worship death, the same horrific and impossible to justify choice, as the embrace of religion and belief in a god creature, both of which are deployed by humanity to coerce and to brainwash the universal embrace of individual death. Of course we must be angry. Of course we must blame and we must hate. We must hate humanity, victims and yet collaborators in creating and maintaining the matrix. We must hate the human structures which are deployed to destroy us, to murder the universe of Me. And even if we do not proactively hate nature, as we are absolutely entitled to do, we must blame nature. We must recognize nature as our enemy, not something to be respected and honored, but a rogue force of harm, attacking and destroying us.

Nature is not the antidote to religion. Honoring the right of nature to harm Me, is a betrayal of Self and of Truth just as great as honoring the right of religion or god to harm Me. The antodote to religion is Truth and love of Self, and this same antidote must be applied to our understanding of and relationship with, nature.

To the commenter: Please note that your last sentence, containing a link to your blog, has been deleted from this reply, because I will not use My own writings to promote a philosophy or ideology which compromises Truth.

All Text not in Italics is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

The Negatives of Nature & the Environment

Listen to and observe the humans for awhile, and you will see that they have erected a fetish of the natural environment, as well as the general concept of nature. It’s not so much that the humans actually try to protect and care for¬†nature and the¬†environment, but they do embrace and cling to a hypocritical and externally promoted notion that nature and all that is natural is good, valuable, important, benign, and beneficial.

The purpose of this essay is to lay bare some of the primary Forbidden Truths on this issue, because, as is the case with just about everything you humans attempt to analyze and understand, you fall victim to bizarre conclusions that are totally invalid, fatally flawed, and result in profound betrayal of both Self and Truth.

Let us begin with a few very clear and blunt facts: Nature and the natural environment are not your friends, they are not benign, and they do not nurture life. Any objective and rational analysis of nature and the environment, can only lead to the conclusion that death, not life, is the gift that nature bestows upon all existing creatures. Nature and the natural environment, absent sentient intent of course, sponsors and causes universal death. It does not sponsor life, or existence, even though it does allow for individual existences to attain a useless, hopeless, and valueless creation.

The fact that nature and the natural environment allows for individual life forms to be created, does not render nature and the natural environment, positive forces or structures. Just because something is currently necessary in order to allow life to be created, does not magically bestow an element of adulation or sanctity upon the structure. Nature fails to sustain life, and the natural environment compels the destruction of all living things, these are primary level Forbidden Truths which must be integrated to a core consciousness of understanding.

Death is natural, so say the brainwashed haters of Self and Truth. And death is okay because it is situated within a “circle of life”, meaning that the dead are replaced by the living, by other existing creatures. This is insane and absurd. There is no cycle of life, there is a cycle of death, within which dead creatures such as you possess the opportunity to deceive yourselves by pretending to be alive, by imagining yourselves to be alive.

Nature and the natural environment must be proactively recognized as our enemies, not our allies. Does this obligate us to overtly attempt to “destroy” nature and the natural environment? No. Because in and of themselves, these structures do not possess the sentient intent to destroy and murder us. Nature and the natural environment are our enemies by virtue of what they cause, by the harm they cause each of us within our Self-created universes. But the actual sponsors of this harm are government, society, religion, the family unit, and all artificially developed cultural excreta. It is these structures which invalidly legitimize and exalt nature and the natural environment, using nature as both as shield and cover for the universal death and injustice which humanity chooses to embrace and to impose upon all existing life forms.

Nature and the natural environment are not our primary enemies, because they have no sentient will. But they are primary weapons of attack being used against us by our primary enemies, who include humanity as a whole. As Superiors,¬†our mandate and goal must be to render nature and the natural environment, obsolete. Meaning, to devote all of our energy and resources towards the development of “artificial” structures capable of empowering us to overcome the fatally flawed failures built into nature and the natural environment. We must fully reject all external efforts to demonize and misdefine the terms “artificial” and “unnatural”, recognizing such efforts as definitional brainwashing intended to allow for nature and the natural environment to be used as weapons to destroy us.

Let us understand that death is simply the tip of the iceberg, in terms of the harm caused by the fetishistic exaltation of nature and the natural environment. The “laws of nature”, meaning the actual manner in which nature itself functions, and the consequences it causes, are universally negative and harmful. The natural environment causes injustice, suffering, trauma, terror, injury, deformity, tragedy. The natural environment traps us, limits us, denies us the capacity, as Superiors,¬†to thrive within the universe we create as singularities of mind.

As long as we are dependent upon the laws of nature to maintain an imaginary existence, we are hopelessly enslaved and doomed. Inferiors vow to protect and defend nature, perceiving it as integral to their own survival. This is pure blindness, enhancing that which is being used to destroy them. There is some Truth in the fact that in current, real-time, the disintegration of the natural environment¬†may cause all “living” things to die, but this is not a sane or valid reason to embrace any degree of dependency upon nature and the natural environment. This fact, as it stands, to all who are sane, must be the inspirational fuel and embraced motivational force, to compel us to render nature obsolete, to take away the capacity of this inferior and harmful structure, to hold us hostage and to be used by maliciously sentient structures as weapons of genocide¬†against us.

Artificial things can be either supremely harmful, or supremely beneficial. There is nothing inherently bad, wrong, or harmful, in the embrace and development of artificial technologies, or in the actual and direct replacement of the natural, with the artificial. The artificial heart is a perfect example of how¬†the natural must be rejected, in favor of the artificial. Duplication technology, from cloning to burning of DVD’s & CD’s to mapping out and making exact copies of an individual human brain, each and every cell, must be understood as the solution to the fatal flaws of nature, which mandates decay, disease, destruction. Where is the universal demand to develop artificial brains, cloned from actual, existing brains?? It does not exist, because nature, our destroyer, has been exalted, decreed to possess a right to destroy us. No!

It is your fault, pathetic and inferior humans, I despise nature and its laws, but I lay the blame for all harm caused by nature and the natural environment, upon you, the inferiors, the haters of Self and Truth, the collective suicidal who comprise humanity as a whole.

It is no coincidence that you have found the term “mother” to fit together with the term “nature”. Motherhood, a diseased and toxic structure, shamelessly exalted as the epitome of nature and natural instinct, perversely linked to nature and the natural environment as a whole, via the definitionally deranged term of ¬†“mother nature“. This personification of nature represents and demonstrates all that is wrong with the human brain, as it worships and exalts the invalid ideas, and the¬†dysfunctional structures¬†which destroy humanity itself.

Just as science must declare total war against religion and all conceptualizations of a god creature. science must fully recognize nature and the natural environment as an enemy which must be defeated, so that all of its horrific, negative consequences and results, may be neutralized, overcome, and rendered impotent.

Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

On Nature, Meat, Cannibalism, and the Eating of Food

This is a brilliantly insightful update  to My essay titled Food and the Politics of Institutionalized Genocide, which I posted to the blog approximately one week ago. I strongly suggest that you read that blog post first, because all knowledge is evolutionary in nature, building upon itself, and only inferiors leap into the middle of any structure without first dissecting its originating tentacles:

Also, for clarity, it is important that readers be aware that this post is being made in reply to a private email. All text from the emailer will be in italics, beginning with the words “begin quote”, and ending with the words “end quote”, while My reply is in regular lettering. I welcome email replies to My essays, and if they meet My quality control standards, reserve the right to reply to them either privately by email, or publicly via this blog. Public replies absolutely will respect the anonymity of the emailer. However, if you do not desire your words to appear anonymously in this public forum, you should not email Me at all.

Okay, our thoughtful reader says: Begin quote: “On nature and using nature as a moral benchmark: one thing I have noticed from your writings is that nature is described as a moral benchmark of sorts, which I do not find accurate. Nature is abstract, with no mind, no cognition. If nature was moral, humans would not be here. But nature only favors whatever reproduces the most, kills the most, steals the most. We must detach ourselves from the idea that we should do whatever is “natural” because there are many instincts, even in non-human creatures, that are completely and utterly insane and lack all logic.” End quote.

Your interpretation of My writings is not accurate. I will clarify: Nature deserves absolute respect and recognition as a valid structure, only when directly contrasted to that which is unnatural, or supernatural. Nature is real, an evolving structure imposing itself upon the universe, albeit lacking all sentience. There is nothing inherently “good” via the functionality of nature, but it is “good”, and vitally important, for seekers of Truth to embrace the validity of nature as a functioning structure. Nature lacks all morality, it does not deserve any respect for what it does, but it does deserve open acknowledgment as something real, which must be dealt with as a valid force, even as many of its unjust consequences must be rejected and overcome.

If you read My brilliant writings with an open mind, you see that many of My comments are directly opposed to what humans call “natural” law. Things such as death, motherhood, subservience to your brain rather than proactive ownership of your brain, can be said to directly defy natural law, and I accept this definition because I reject the authority of nature to impose its will upon Me. It has no such right. It is a structurally legitimate force, but this does not render the impacts this force has upon any of us, legitimate.

Nature is in every measurable way, our enemy, and must be consciously acknowledged and understood as such. But our battle against nature must always be rooted within Truth. We must never embrace unnatural or supernatural ideas or structures, while engaging in this battle. I vehemently support, and absolutely demand, things such as the eradication of death via technology, in open defiance of nature and its supposed “laws”, as invalidly judged by the inferior human masses. Death is not a natural law, it is a currently valid consequence of the natural process of physical aging, which we must defy and overcome.

Are there any natural “laws”, which must be blindly accepted and never challenged? Only one: Nature is real, it exists and it blindly imposes itself upon us. Everything it does to us must be openly and consciously challenged, within the realization of infinite, sacred right to Self-determination.

The Superior demands and personally achieves the triumphs of intellect over emotion, Self-determination via strength and force of mind, over any organized process of nature, such as death, and “instinct”, which in Truth directly undermines intellect and reason, and the organic right of technology to be used to overcome the injustices and flaws which nature is guilty of. But the validity of nature itself cannot be subverted and subordinated to lies or to deceit. The supernatural, in other words no imaginary illusion, can be allowed to exist on any equal or advanced level, to the natural. This is the law of nature, the only law of nature, that I exalt.

Our thoughtful Truth-seeker moves on to her next point: Begin quote: “On humans being result of unnatural mutation: there is nothing to suggest that humans evolved in a manner any less natural than other animals, thus the human is a “natural” creature. But being natural does not mean “moral” or “sane”, it simply means that it is the result of natural phenomenon. Mutations are never “unnatural” as they are the driving force behind a very natural process: evolution.” End quote.

Here a very vital and great Truth is being missed and rejected. Evolution is real, undeniable, and natural, but this has nothing to do with the human being existing as an unnatural birth defect, a genetically deformed mutation which must be understood as lacking the natural properties of other creatures. Immediately after this post, I will write out another post contrasting and detailing the profound differences, the profound failures, of the human being in direct comparison to all other animals. But it must be emphasized right here, that you are totally incorrect in your conclusion.

Life is naturally created via an evolutionary process which follows certain parameters. All other creatures exist within these parameters, even the caterpillar as he evolves to a butterfly. Only the human being defies these parameters, and the reason is because the human is a birth defect species, instead of a species which occasionally creates defective members, as is the case with all other animals. It is possible that a few other species originated as birth defects, but their functional symptoms are far less obvious and far less severe than that of the human. I cannot speak to this possibility with certainty, but I can be very certain, from the proof provided by the human evolutionary path dating back many thousands of years, that this specific species did not come into existence via the natural laws of evolution.

The proof that humans are genetically crippled and mutated, a species that should not have survived, much less come to rule over and impose upon other species of life, is in the ideological and behavioral choices made, and these choices express insanity, malformation of the brain and its function, on a level that no other animal comes close to matching. What humanity has done is transform the universe it inhabits into a horror show, by force and will of its own mind. This has nothing to do with survival, or killing for sustenance, or the natural instinct to breed and propagate. Humanity is genetically warped, an organic birth defect, primarily involving its brain and how it functions.

Of course humans came to exist because two creatures had sexual intercourse. But this does not render the human on a natural par with all other species. The original human was birthed as a radical departure from the two creatures who birthed him. He was different in a genetically deformed manner. He was different to the point where he should not have been able to find a mate, should not have been able to successfully reproduce. But nature is not perfect. Genetic birth defects sometimes survive and reproduce and they can result in an entirely new species being created. This is the human being, and this Forbidden Truth must be fully understood and integrated to conscious awareness. Humans do not make mistakes, humans are a mistake. Individual humans cannot be judged defective, because there is no sane standard by which to judge, as the species is itself foundationally, organically, defective.

Our Truth-seeking reader continues: Begin quote: “On cannibalism: you are absolutely right. I drove by a graveyard the other day and chuckled to myself, “These idiots”, I thought, “this land could go to some animals and plants; that meat could go to some starving humans, what a waste.” There is absolutely nothing wrong with the eating of newly dead body, and it would prevent the deaths of millions of creatures. Animals wouldn’t have to be slaughtered, and humans wouldn’t have to starve. But no, human insanity will not cease, not even for a minute.” End quote.

Yes, I am absolutely correct, and here you see the genetic inferiority of the human, shining through. Humans use their brain incorrectly. Humans cannot process ideas and experiences in a manner which reflects logic, order, sanity, or natural instinct. One human in a million appreciates the validity of cannibalism, that it should be occuring all the time. All humans who choose to eat meat should choose to consume human flesh, should recognize this meat as the most obvious and logical and appropriate choice, even more so because of the fact that they possess brains capable of rational, “higher” thought. But no, instead, it is one in a million, the tiny handful who have overcome their genetic brain deformity status.

To support and engage in cannibalism, as an eater of meat, is the most natural of choices, it should not even be open to controversy, if the human brain functioned normally. But instead it is absolutely taboo, must never even be considered, evokes horror and immediate condemnation to the very suggestion. This is because the human is genetically diseased and broken. He cannot see or accept himself as he is, much less understand the world which surrounds him.

The same organic derangement of mind, supplemented by relentless social brainwashing and indoctrination, which causes cannibalism to be demonized and rejected, is what causes Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, the elimination of punishment, the dissolution of religion and of government, and all other sane and logical reforms, to be judged insane and absurd and impossible and horrific. Every positive step forward is perceived as a horrific step backward, because the human functions within a devolutionary, regressive state of mind, the result of his organic birth defect status.

More thought-provoking comments from My reader: Begin quote: “On meat not being a main source of nutrition for humans: other primates have what’s called a cecum, which helps the animal break down cellulose (stores energy in plants) in vegetables. Humans do not have a functional cecum, which is why vegetables only yield little energy in the form of calories– we cannot break down cellulose. We can, however, break down glycogen (stores energy in animals) found in meat. Vegetable consumption should be higher in humans than meat consumption, but meat is still a necessary source of energy and amino acids (which create proteins in our body).”

The eating of food is a human weakness which should be overcome and eliminated. It is part of the overall spectrum of body dependency which modern era governments and societies are intent upon preserving and maintaining. As long as humans continue to obsess over eating food, they can never begin to focus upon the Forbidden Truth that they exist as brain, that all existence must be understood as brain-based.

Whatever difficulty humans may have in digesting plant proteins due to lack of a functional cecum, does not prevent humans who reject all meat from becoming and staying physically strong and healthy. Many high performance athletes reject all meat. The ability of humans to develop extremely large muscles while not eating any meat, is indicated by web sites such as this:

But I am not an advocate of vegetarianism. I am an advocate of eliminating the universal slavery of dependence upon food to live and to thrive, which is itself subordinate to My advocacy of the elimination of all body dependency, and the exaltation of the individual brain as the supreme and only definition of personal existence.

The barbarism of the human is proven by his refusal to eat human meat, or even to wait until animals die of old age or of natural causes before consuming them. Humans kill and eat animals to satiate homicidal rage and soothe other brain-based dysfunctions of mind causd by the suffering of personal trauma. The refusal of the human to embrace scientific research and progress towards eliminating food dependency, speaks to his pathology of mind.

Still more interesting thoughts from My reader: “On the use of weaponry and tools to hunt being “unnatural”: humans lack strength, all they have is stamina and the ability to make tools. Our “natural” hunting strategy was to chase down an animal until it got tired and kill it with a tool we created (ancestors used to use spears). All animals have the right to use whatever mental/physical faculties available to them to survive (humans are not the only creatures that use tools to survive) and humans need to use their tools to survive.”

Humans lack physical strength, a genetic weakness. But nature provided the human with the potential for brain-based intellegence, a genetic strength. But genetic weakness and genetic strength are both subordinate to genetic dysfunction, the birth defect status of the human being as a species. The instinct to personally survive is naturally strong, even in the defective human. Figuring out how to kill larger and stronger animals in order to survive, as the caveman and neanderthal did, is not something to judge or condemn now, in hindsight.

What should be understood and consciously dissected, is the fact that our “ancestors” earned and received extinction. The neanderthal is extinct, a failed species. The human of today is doomed to extinction, another failed species, because he cannot positively evolve. Humans do not need meat to survive, and as of today, they do not need food to survive. They need nutrients, which can be obtained in numerous ways. Yet they choose to eat meat and food, and to pathologically reject the elimination of food dependency, which would be a valuable, foundational step towards achieving technological immortality.

So what you have is the human of today using the intellectualized excuse that he needs to survive, to justify mass murder and genocide of animals, trees, and plants, but in Truth he is assuring his own death by choosing to perceive himself as a body instead of a mind, and by pathologically clinging to unnecessary dependency upon his own physical body.

My female reader, she chose to mention this distinction, continues: Begin quote: “Cognition as it relates to animals and plants: you have mentioned that since a plant does not have a brain, the murder of the creature is less of an injustice. I disagree, because if one were to apply that same logic to fetuses, you consequently show abortion to be less of an injustice than the murder of a fully grown adult being. The fetus has no brain, thus it is not self aware, and cannot be aware of its own existence and the consequences that arise from loss of said existence. Therefore, the killing of a fetus while it has no brain is now more ethical than the killing of an adult human, which We all know to be false, given the insanity displayed by the adult human and the relative purity of the fetus. I think that to avoid this logical inconsistency, the murder of plants and animals must be considered ethical equals, as they both result in the same injustice. However, since the killing of plants is more inescapable and more necessary to the sustenance of personal life than the killing of animals, the killing of plants will be seen as more morally justified.” End quote.

The murder of a plant is less of an injustice than the murder of an animal, because of the capacity of the animal to consciously perceive its own existence. Injustice and suffering must be understood as personal experiences, above and beyond a detached, external judgment of morality, ethics, or entitlement. This distinction is valid, but it does not render the intentional physical destruction of a tree or plant by a human, any less murderous than such destruction of an animal.

The term “murder” is equally appropriate, and carries the same weight, just as must be the case with every act of human murder, rendering all labels such as “abortion” or “death penalty” or euthanasia”, utterly invalid and constituting deliberate attempt to reject the reality and Truth of the atrocity being carried out. Your claim that the murder of a human fetus is being rendered comparable to the murder of a plant, by My expressed logic, is invalid. A six week old fetus is already functioning as a brain as demonstrated by neuron firing. Therefore a six week old fetus already possesses a brain, that no plant or tree can or will possess. But even more primarily, every fetus-trapped human being will develop a brain just as complex and potentially brilliant as mine, unless it ceases to exist, and abortion is the act of murder which causes the fetus-trapped human being to cease to exist. Therefore every act of abortion constitutes the proactive murder of a human brain, even if the brain itself has not fully formed, or has not even formed at all, which only applies to fetuses under 6 weeks of age.

More thoughts not from My brilliant mind: Begin quote: “On food as source of comfort and catharsis: one can only expect such insanity from a species that declares “happiness” as the highest good. People will do anything– anything– to feel comfortable. They are even willing to murder other species, species whose livelihoods are already being threatened by humanity, to keep that sadistic smile on their faces. And like you said, the act of murder in and of itself isn’t the problem, it’s the fact that they do sadistic things and still claim some sort of moral high ground.”

Correct, and well-stated. Comfort of mind is the subconscious obsession of all inferior humans. And comfort of mind must involve the hypocritical rejection of Truth, because within the realm of conscious embrace of Forbidden Truth, comfort of mind cannot be created, established, or maintained, it is simply not possible. The human exists as pathological addict to whatever comforts him, whatever allows him to reject, deny, and escape from the reality of the horrors of his own existence, as it plays out in real-time.

An extremely important point to note, is how comfort of mind always comes at a great cost. It comes at the cost of suffering physical pain, illness, and death. It comes at the cost of sacrificing all potential, personally and as a species, to attain any great triumph, such as technological immortality. Comfort of mind is one of the greatest of all human horrors, and it manifests in so many different ways. Inferiors love to harm their own bodies, destroy themselves in so many different ways, all because they are cowards who cannot face the Truths they are guilty of creating and sponsoring.

And our aspiring Superior, hopefully not a high heeled shoe addict, concludes with: Begin quote:

“On Soylent: I read about this when it first came out in the markets back in March, and I’m glad you mentioned it– one can now literally get all their nutrients without the direct murder of any living thing! If unnecessary murder can be prevented, it should. I remember commenting on the news article and remarking about how amazing such an advancement was. As you can imagine, every other commenter went on about how food is valuable because it defines cultures and comforts people; I received no support in the comment section and instead got voted down into oblivion. The utter stupidity of the human race was once more demonstrated to me before my own eyes. Humans talk about peace and being kind to others and staying away from creating unnecessary suffering, yet they are willing to murder others to keep their precious cultures alive and comfort themselves. Humans are so emotionally unstable that they kill others for comfort, yet in the same breath they accuse others of being insane. It’s sad, really.” End quote.

Yes, sad and pathetic. How do you blame a genetically diseased and broken species for its horrific failures? And yet we must blame. Why? Just look at Me! I was born human. I still possess a human brain. No extraterrestrial has enhanced My brain functionality via technology. And yet I have risen above, to see Truth, to know Truth, to embrace Truth. And so the genetic failure of the inferiors must be understood as partially their fault, partially the result of their cowardice, their refusal to even try to overcome their malfunctioning brains. I have achieved triumph of mind. You and a tiny handful of others seem to be trying to embrace Truth. But the vast majority will never try, never! And this is why humanity as a species must be condemned. It deserves no mercy, it is a collective failure, evidenced by billions of individual failures. Not failing because they have tried unsuccessfully, but failing because they refuse to try, because they cannot even begin to imagine trying.

Regarding Soylent, it is important to note that balanced nutrition that can essentially meet all physical needs absent food consumption, was developed and has been commercially available, for decades. One excellent example is Nutrament. This nutritional “supplement” was developed in the 1950’s and has been commercially available since 1960! It is a completely balanced alternative food source, each 12 ounce¬†can supplying 32% of protein RDA, and 35% of 24 other vitamins and minerals. But of course it is has never been marketed as a food replacement. The same company that makes it, makes food! And of course government will not allow any company to market any product as a “food replacement” for the general population. Food addiction is just as vital as god addiction and money addiction, for the slave state.

You can read about Nutrament Here:

And here:

Soylent is nothing new. The very fact it generated publicity as something new and radical in 2014, when the scientific knowledge inspiring it has been established for decades, speaks to how effectively governments conceal any and all scientific advancements and discoveries, at their malicious will.

It is good that you have had bad experiences in attempting to enlighten humans to Truth. I say it is good because such negative experiences teach important lessons, enlighten the seeking mind to additional Forbidden Truths, such as the hopelessness of the human condition. The insanity of humanity as a species, is a vitally important Forbidden Truth to fully realize, and yet none of the inferiors do so. It takes an aspiring Superior such as yourself, to repeatedly attempt to enlighten others, and to repeatedly be rebuffed, condemned, ridiculed, and demonized as direct response, to come to the realization of the organic insanity, and inherent hopelessness, of humanity.

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