Depressive Truth Keeps You Properly Grounded

It’s good to always consciously remember: At every singular moment throughout your entire imagined existence, at each moment of real-time, you are bearing witness as a personal and direct victim of the most horrific tragedy that has ever occurred in the entire history of the entire cosmic universe.

Your infinite tragedy as an animated corpse is a flat line, it never really increases or decreases, but your conscious perception of the tragedy does vary, if you are a normal, an inferior, one of the billions of the Unwashed Masses.

For this reason, when, or should I say IF, something “good” should happen to you, as a mind perception, you should properly focus your consciousness even more than usual, upon the depressive Forbidden Truths. Never forget what you are: An animated corpse, pretending to be alive. Never forget: You have not yet given birth to Yourself, and unless you do, you will never have existed.

Forbidden Truth: The antidote to the mind infections of optimism and happiness.


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Why is Pleasure the Opposite of Happiness?

I was asked the above question over on Ideapod, the only social media platform I haunt, and and I answered it fully as a reply. But upon rereading the reply, (I do that a lot, being in love with Myself) I was struck by how especially beautiful and brilliant My composed Mind Bomb is. It deserves an audience of billions, instead of just one, so I am posting it as a stand-alone essay.

Happiness is a toxic illusion and delusion. Happiness is an artificially and externally induced state of mind consciousness promoted and imposed by every human society and government. Happiness is a lie, because there is, objectively and factually, nothing for the sane thinker who honors Truth, to be happy about. Happiness weakens the Self, it leaves you defenseless in the daily war being waged against you by society and government, by successfully cloaking the very fact that you ARE at war, that you are under attack, harmed and destroyed each and every day. To be happy is to deny and to reject Truth itself.

Pleasure is something very real and valuable, when it is proactively and independently created within a Self-universe. Within such Self-creation, Truth can be honored, the factual reality that there is nothing to be happy about, need not be compromised. Pleasure is an internally produced state of mind consciousness.

Pleasure is sometimes externally promoted by society and government, but if you independently create it as a Self-mind, you can eliminate all compromises and invalidations of Truth, within your creative process. This is not possible within the creation of happiness, even if it is independently created.

Pleasure is a sacred right of Self, it is not a deception or an illusion, when properly Self-achieved. Pleasure strengthens the mind and the Self in many different ways. It feeds the ego, it uplifts narcissism, it allows you to feel better without making things worse, unlike all states of happiness.

Pleasure inspires you to fight your enemy, instead of causing you to sink into a mind trap of passive contentment rooted in profound deception of the reality of your existence. The Forbidden Truth version of pleasure is selfish and isolated, it can be tapped into at any time, it cannot be externally compromised by others, individuals or structures.

The Forbidden Truth attainment of pleasure is an act of love for Self: Sexual, emotional, intellectual, ideological, psychological, and reflective, carried out and committed by the Superior individual as a direct component of the daily war he wages against humanity, society, and government.


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A Psychological How-to Analysis of One of My Greatest MindPowers

Those of you who read all My essays and texts know I possess many superior, rare, and extraordinarily valuable MindPowers. It is important for all aspiring Superiors to fully understand all primary-level Forbidden Truths, and all top-level MindPowers achieved by Truth-seeking Superiors, are directly linked and interconnected to each other.

What this means, in practical terms, is that any failure to recognize, consciously embrace, and overtly maximize any singular Forbidden Truth or MindPower, will definitely compromise, limit, and very possibly completely destroy your capacity to recognize and realize both Forbidden Truths and personal MindPowers.

This essay is a gift from Me, to genuinely aspiring Superiors who choose to immerse in My texts. There are maybe five of you on planet earth, ten at the most. But you deserve this gift, for being the one out of hundreds of millions, who knows and appreciates the infinite value, the unique preciousness, of My gift of Truth.

In this essay I will provide a dynamic illustration of this interconnection for you to positively grasp. I will break down the psychological and ideological components of one of My most prized and useful MindPowers, explaining how it is developed, nurtured, maintained, and properly maximized.

This MindPower is My automatic, reflective, and “thoughtless” transformation of all of My personal pain, suffering, and trauma, to externalized rage and hate, directed upon others, specific humans, as well as groups of humans and human developed and maintained structures. I use the term “thoughtless” because I want to make the distinction perfectly clear, that this MindPower functions for Me, absent all conscious effort. It is automatic, any pain or trauma experienced or remembered, after exactly 5 seconds of personal experience, is ended, via automatic transformation to limitless, externally focused rage and hate.

If I so desire, I can prevent this transformation. I can choose to abort this automatic transformation, if for some reason I consciously decide that I want to remember a specific trauma at greater length, or experience a current pain at greater length. And very rarely I do exercise this option. But if I do not specifically go out of My way to abort the transformation, it always occurs, automatically and with absolutely no direct focus of thoughts and of mind.

What an extraordinary MindPower! I have trained My brilliant mind to automatically transform any and all personal pain, trauma, and suffering, from the distant past, to the recent past, to any moment of now, such as the actual real-time experience of sitting in a dentist’s chair, for example, into purely vicious and bloodthirsty and sadistic homicidal rage and hate, directed in one way, outward, at any and every available human target.

There is no conscious effort involved, no thought process that occurs or is undertaken.

This is a tremendous breakthrough of MindPower, completely different from any efforts you humans might make, to clumsily attempt, on a conscious level, to “overcome” your pain and trauma, and/or to specifically modify a singular emotional state of mind in a specific instance, from pain and suffering to external rage and hate.

Even if such an effort does work for you, it completely fails to address the next time, and the next time and the next time… Because every human existence, in Truth, consists of relentless external attacks of pain, suffering, and trauma. The only way to defeat them all, is to achieve this MindPower, this transformation of mind absent all thought and absent all conscious effort.

My process is automatic, requiring no conscious effort. It is always 100% successful, leaving behind not a trace of perceived or experienced trauma or suffering. It is Truly effortless, requiring no moral or ideological debate or resistance. I treasure this Mindpower!

But now comes the important part of this essay: How did I achieve, and how do I maintain this glorious MindPower? Understanding this, illuminates to you the interconnectivity I revealed earlier. So here is the psychological breakdown:

In order for this emotional transfer to be automatically triggered 100% of the time, As I desire and with no thoughtful effort, I must be an unconditional lover of Self. I must know with every fiber of both consciousness and subconsciousness, that I never deserve to suffer any pain, victimization, or trauma of any kind, ever. Not physical and not emotional, not inadvertent, not medically necessary, not minor or major. Nothing! Every trauma must be intrinsically recognized and understood within the core psyche as being an outrageous, impossible to justify violation of the Self. on every fundamental and foundational level. This requires the achievement of absolute and unconditional love of Self.

Continuing the breakdown: An absolute and intrinsic right and Self-obligation to both possess and direct limitless external rage and hate upon others, must also be ingrained to core consciousness, so that it can and will be automatically focused and directed upon any and every human being or human structure in sight or in mind, as a response to the pain or trauma presenting itself to your conscious mind.

This external rage and hate cannot be Self-limiting, or selective, or transient in scope or intensity. It also must not require any conscious mind debate. It must be an atomic bomb, ready to explode at any and every moment, as a reflex, a reflective response to all pain and trauma.

Continuing the breakdown: Ownership of the mind is completely essential here. You must fully recognize Self as existing separate from, and above, your brain. Your mind must have been made subservient to the will of You, of Self, and such subservience must be maintained at all times.

You tell your brain what to do, how to react and respond to stimuli. You are the master, you give the orders, you control and direct your experience of existence, as you impose your superior will upon the function of your brain.

Continuing the psychological breakdown: Ego and narcissism, completely apart from love of Self, must be achieved and constantly maintained at maximum levels, and always be kept externally untouchable.

So what if others, so what if everyone else, is subjected to pain and trauma and victimization, too??! This does not excuse or justify or render acceptable even a single nanosecond of the mildest twinge of transient pain, for You. It does not, it cannot, it will not. You do not compare Yourself to others, You do not judge your own experience of existence by contemplating the possible reality perceptions of others. You do not minimize your own trauma, ever, by dissipating injustice to Self, as comparisons to the imagined injustices of others.

So. what have we learned so far, here at Columbine Preparatory Academy?? That this singularly glorious MindPower I have achieved, is completely dependent upon four completely different MindPowers I have also achieved. And I achieved those four, first. Had I not achieved any one of those four, it would have been essentially impossible for Me to achieve the one I specifically articulate here. Not only are all MindPowers linked together, but they exist within a specific, structured hierarchy.

Some MindPowers must be achieved before others can be achieved. Trying to master this MindPower, before you have mastered limitless and unconditional love of Self, for example, will fail. In theory, your efforts could help you to find ways to master such love of Self, but it is a circular, and much more difficult route, and the route is very hard even if you take the straightest path.

Aspiring Superiors: Know how difficult the route is. Understand and follow hierarchical order.

The four foundational platforms that must be mastered first, in any effort to fully reject and transcend your humanity, are, in no specific order because all four must be mastered, and all four are interconnected to the ongoing, evolutionary process of mastery:

♥Limitless and unconditional love of Self.♥

♥Limitless and unconditional rage and hate directed outward against humans, humanity, and human structures/ideologies.♥

♥Ownership of the mind and brain as a detached and externally untouchable Self-universe.♥

♥Development of supreme, maximized, externally untouchable ego and narcissism.♥

Class is now dismissed, folks. Please ignore any gunshots or explosions you might encounter in the hallways as you make your way to the exit doors, and good luck in your homework assignment.


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The Ego: Foundational Platform of All that is Important and True

egogodSeekers of Truth: You do not want to build your universe upon a hopelessly rotting foundation. So, before you start trying to love Yourself and hate everybody else and murder god and all that other good stuff, erect the foundational platform that will allow you to achieve and maintain all of your mind bombs.

This foundational platform is the ego, exalted, maximized, rendered externally and internally untouchable at every level. This ego is the most dangerous character trait you can possess, the only achievement of mind that renders you genuinely untouchable.

Ego is the base for everything positive and beneficial. You can never be or become too egotistical. Never! The stronger your ego is, the stronger you are, in every way that matters.

When I reveal maximized ego as the most dangerous character trait you can possess, I identify as being both your premier defensive, and just as importantly, offensive weapon of attack against your mortal enemy: Society and government.

You will note that society and government does not universally and proactively condemn Self-love. But it does universally, proactively condemn egotism, and its glorious, blooming branches of egoism and narcissism. Why?? Because an untouchable, maximized ego is the most dangerous power of mind any individual can develop and possess.

Consider: Without such an untouchable ego, the most beautifully nurtured version of Self-love, is absolutely useless. It is functionally useless, existing as Self-delusion. Because it can be deflated and destroyed at will, by your mortal enemy. Puncture your vulnerable ego, and your love of Self evaporates to nothingness. And you can waste more time invalidly trying to reconstitute it.

No! Never try to develop love of Self, until you create an absolutely untouchable, maximally inflated as a concrete and titanium mixture, ego. First comes this ego, then on top of it, as its foundation, you can erect limitless and untouchable love of Self.

Always remember and make certain you completely understand: Egotism, egoism, and narcissism are three completely different MindPower achievements. All three are linked, all three must be desired, attained, maximized, and rendered both externally and internally untouchable. If any of the three are breached, all three are breached. If any of the three are not rendered completely untouchable, one or more will be breached, and therefore all three will be breached and the entire foundation collapses upon itself, leaving you a pathetic, Self-hating, destroyed slave.

Egotism is: The perfect understanding and unconditional embrace of your own supreme value and importance. The conscious embrace of the Forbidden Truth you are Superior to every other thing that has ever existed, in every measurable way, and that your existence, your comfort, your pleasure, your universe of the Self-mind, is irreplaceable and  more important than anything else that has, can, or ever will exist.

Egoism is: Constant and obsessive personal focus upon Self, rooted within the fully conscious understanding there is no external universe of any kind, worthy of any consideration which conflicts with the universe of Self. Nothing external to the Self-universe is worthy of any compromise or sacrifice of the development and maintenance of the Self-universe within personal perfection and nirvana.

Egoism is the taking of inherent and intrinsic pride, in being an egotist. By this process, the two different MindPower achievements are linked together, rendering them both stronger, more untouchable, each feeding upon, thus nourishing the other.

Narcissism is: The recognition of Selfishness and Self-obsession as the foundational components of the successful achievement of linked egoism and egotism as I have described them above. Narcissism exalts the individual body and mind, above all else. Narcissism is expressed via the MindGasm: Constant and obsessive orgasm of the mind.

Narcissism is the worship of Self as the murderer of all gods, the worship of Self as a Self-created god, and the worship of one’s own mind and brain as the birthplace of god, Narcissism is the eternal flame upon which limitless and unconditional love of Self must be built, only after you have successfully erected limitless, untouchable, and unconditional egotism and egoism, upon the mind platform of the Self as god, as attained via maximized and untouchable narcissism, realized as reality on every level of consciousness.

Got it?? 🙂

It must be emphasized how vital it is all three MindPowers, egotism, egoism, and narcissism, be fully understood as being completely different from each other, even as they are united, inextricably linked together, after all three are fully developed and realized within the Superior Self-universe. If you fail to differentiate them, fail to develop them independently of each other, your entire platform will be flawed, and it will fail.

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Painting A Picture With Words

 Sometimes the most beautiful mind compositions are not complex, and not even completely original. Just words rearranged and retrofitted, a tired idea brought back to vibrant life, polished up to shine within the minds eye.

Hours ago, in the midst of mind-numbing slave labor, the words came to Me:

“Religion is a Crutch, and those who Believe in god are Destined to Die as Cripples.”

So now I search Google, and there are a bunch of similar sentiments expressed by others. But nothing exactly like this, nothing as beautiful, nothing so brilliant, nothing that lights up the universe with Truth, so perfectly expressed. Perfection of words, reflecting perfection of mind, manifested via the perfection of Me.

“Religion is a Crutch, and those who Believe in god are Destined to Die as Cripples.”

Whisper it. Shout it. Sing it. They are only words, words of Full Force Atheism. A few others have thought the same, formulated a similar sentiment. But today this one is mine, perfect and True.

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A Generous Dose of Thanks, Forbidden Truth Style

Right now is a good time to give thanks, to be thankful, to launch thermonuclear missiles just full of cute looking, plutonium-grade radioactive thank you notes.

Ready? Aim?? Fire!

I am thankful to Myself for creating a beautiful and untouchable universe to inhabit, via the power of My brain.

I am thankful to be completely, absolutely, and utterly alone, to have no friends, no family, no human beings who engage in any personal contact with Me.

I am thankful to be an lifelong adult virgin, to have never allowed any human being the opportunity to soil the sacred space that is My body.

I am thankful to be the owner of Myself, able to feel and to bestow limitless and unconditional love upon Myself, at My will.

I am thankful for the gift of hate, to be able to embrace and direct as much hatred as I choose, upon and against any living thing that I choose, and to gain both the motional and ideological pleasure via the free and open direction of absolute and unrepentant hatred.

I am thankful to be the murderer of god, and for seizing the power that his mythology was used for, to attempt to destroy Me, to enhance My own personal rights and entitlements.

I am thankful to Myself for developing, possessing, nurturing, and consistently enhancing the personal courage which allows Me to face up and consciously embrace every Forbidden Truth of human existence.

I am thankful for the gift of human inferiority, consistently on display, demonstrated and proven to Me on a daily basis, enhancing My journey as a transcendee.

I am thankful to Myself for having made the decision to both reject and transcend My species origin as a human being, and for seizing the benefits and the glories of species transcendation.

I am thankful to be in possession of the sanity of mind to understand that there is absolutely nothing external to Self and to Self-creation, that I can, do, or will ever owe a debt of thankfulness to.

I am thankful for the conscious recognition and understanding that all societal attempts to inspire and to compel My external thankfulness to others, individual or structural, are violent, terrorist attacks intended to harm Me and to destroy the universe of perfection I have created for Myself as sacred birthright.

I am thankful to know that I am an abuse victim, a trauma victim, and a murder victim, and that My victimization is dynamic, ongoing, and malicious.

I am thankful for the opportunity to bear witness to a species that should have never existed, achieving the extinction it has earned.

I am thankful to know that there is absolutely nothing for Me to be thankful for, absolutely nothing, because everything will be lost, everything will be destroyed, everything will be taken away, from Me. If not today, then tomorrow, or the next day, or the next, and every day is today, every moment is right now, this very instant, because the future of 5 minutes from now, or 5 years from now, or 500 years from now, is a lie. And so everything has been lost, everything has been destroyed, everything has been taken away.


Thank You Word Drawn On The Beach Sand

Thank you, pathetic humanity, for inspiring Me to achieve the mind perfection to know that I have nothing to be thankful for.

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The Glory of Pride, Definitionally Redefined

In My past writings, I have exalted the mentally supreme and Self-empowering states of mind and reality perceptions of Egoism, Egotism, Narcissism, and Self-Love. Rightly so, these four distinct platforms vitally express and manifest the creation of personal godhood to which all Superiors should aspire, and which I have personally achieved and maximized.

But there is a fifth component to this equation which I have failed to properly address on an in-depth level. This necessary component for the maximization of Self, is referred to by the humans as pride. Why have I not comprehensively addressed this component? Partly due to a simple lack of available time, but more so due to the fact that this specific term, pride, has been even more definitionally distorted and warped from its True meaning, than the other four platforms, by you humans and your diseased societies.

It is now, right now, that I choose to take back pride, to reclaim this state of mind as positive and vital, an integral component of Superior Self-maximization. But in order to do so, I must first radically redefine the definitional parameters of pride, within the glory of Forbidden Truth.

Society and government has viciously corrupted and hijacked the term pride, using it to establish inferior and diseased states of mind and perverse and invalid reality perceptions, within its brainwashed citizen-slaves. I will now dissect these definitional brainwashings, in order to properly reclaim Pride as a vital component of the Self-realized, Superior mind which seeks to transcend its humanity.

Pride is decreed by humanity and by society to be something solicited from others: “I want you to be proud of me.” “I want to do something that will make others feel proud of me.” This is a perverse and outrageous attack upon the very definitional essence of pride as a Self-inspired, Self-inspiring state of mind.

Pride is decreed by humanity and by society to be dependent upon the opinion of others. “I can feel proud of Myself, because others are proud of Me.” “I need to find a way to make others feel proud of Me, so that I can envision and bestow pride upon Myself.” No! All pride must be Self-inspired. Pride can never be externally judged, all who attempt to express pride in you, must be recognized as your mortal enemies, seeking to limit and control the parameters by which you recognize and embrace pride of Self.

Pride is decreed by humanity and by society to be dependent upon what you do, what you achieve, or the achievement of a goal, instead of what you are. Unacceptable! All pride must be 100% based upon the creation of the individual Self-mind, completely non-dependent upon any action or behavior, accomplishment or lack of accomplishment, the meeting of a goal or the failure to meet a goal.

Pride is decreed by humanity and by society to be something you bestow upon others, individuals and structures: “I am proud of my country, I am proud of my team, I am proud of my family, I am proud of him, of her…” No! All pride must be Self-originating, and Self-directed: I am proud…of Myself!

So, let us proudly, no pun intended, summarize the Superior redefinition of pride:

  • The only valid form of pride, is Self-pride.
  • All pride must be directed by the individual, upon Himself.
  • All pride must be unconditional, internally inspired and created by the individual mind based upon what he recognizes Himself to be, not on anything that he might or might not do or achieve, and not upon the pursuit of any goal with an outcome not 100% within his control.
  • Pride must never be impacted or influenced by either the positive or the negative sentiment or judgment of others, as it may be directed towards you.

Within this Forbidden Truth redefinition, it is appropriate that aspiring Superiors recognize the positive value and importance of cultivating and maximizing personal pride of Self, as an integral building block to the creation of an untouchable fortress of egoism, egotism, narcissism, and Self-love.

Pride must not be considered equal to these four primary platforms, as it fails to reach an actual primary platform level. Instead, pride should be understood as an integral component of all four primary platforms. Meaning simply this: Maximized egoism requires absolute pride of Self. Maximized egotism also requires absolute pride of Self. Maximized narcissism, and maximized love of Self, also require absolute pride of Self. Pride, as properly defined above, is a vitally important ingredient in achieving all four of these primary platforms. Pride must be achieved and realized, in order for these four primary platforms to be properly created and maintained within an externally untouchable Self-universe.

All this said and understood, let us be clear that in and of itself, pride is not enough to elevate the human mind. It is shallow and it is porous. It is too easily exploited and it fails to directly lead to new and ongoing Truth realizations. It is an important ingredient which can lead to the development of personal Superiority, but it is only an ingredient, not a direct component, such as egoism, egotism, narcissism, and Self-love. This is an important distinction which must be recognized.

My vow of pride, as an untouchable transcendee of my humanity, is this:

I will always be unconditionally and limitlessly proud of what I am. Nothing that I may or may not do, no achievement realized or not realized, can ever or will ever impact the pride of personal creation that I claim, as the owner, designer, orchestrator, of the universe of Me.

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Self-Love: The Great Shield, The Great Weapon

How do I love thee Me, let Me count the ways… This essay exalts the single most glorious of all personal achievements, the absolute foundational bedrock of mental health and personal strength, the base upon which all actual and aspiring Superiors center the universe they build and own: Love of Self.

I am a lover of Self. Everything I do and say, everything I experience and represent, everything I am now and will ever be in the future, is the embodiment of limitless and unconditional love of Self. This love is owned by Me, as it has been created by Me. I gave birth to Myself, when I established Self-love within my True Reality and built it to an apex void of all limitations, and untouchable by any external force or entity.

In writing this essay, I glorify my love of Self. But I glorify my love of Self in everything that I do. Everything! Eating and thinking and moving my bowels and brushing my teeth and shooting my guns and sleeping and vacuuming and performing slave labor and everything else. All that I do expresses all that I am. I am a Self-created creature, having built a brain that is fully under my control.

Self-love is the integration of Me to all personal consciousness. Without Self-love, I would not be Me. And I would not be Me, if Self-love was not reflected in all that I am.

The lover of Self is at the mercy of nothing he can control, and since he can fully control his own mind and brain, he is untouchable by all external enemies and attacks. Death can harm him, absolutely. And failures in his ownership capacity to direct and control his own mind and brain, can harm him. But nothing else, nothing at all.

What do I love more, Myself or the Truth?? This question can only be answered by expressing the factual reality that Truth and love of Self are inextricably intertwined to the universe of Me. Without my embrace of all Truth, I could not and would not possess love of Self. And without love of Self, Truth would not be embraced by Me. I love Truth because I love Myself, in loving reflection. And I love Myself because I love Truth, in loving reflection.

Humans sometimes ask Me what I do in my “spare time”. First of all, no sentient creature in love with Himself and with Truth, ever has any “spare” time. Time is limited and finite, I have none to spare, I hoard time, recognizing it as one of the only resources I cannot properly control. So, during my experience of all time passage, I spend it loving Myself. I express and integrate love of Self within everything I do, within all moments of time.

The power of mind ownership is expressed via the capacity to focus the mind within personal will and choice. Self-love is the achievement of the top-level Superior. Self-love is the realized and experienced reality of mind triumph, directly at odds with all expressions and with all invocations to deliver and to receive love from others. Self-love is real and Truth. The love of others, be it given, received, or reciprocal, is false and a lie, it is the illusion of the inferior, a betrayal of Truth, which directly results in a betrayal of Self, since it literally extinguishes and destroys the capacity to establish love of Self.

Let there be no doubt: Love of Self and love of others, and/or love sought from others, are mutually exclusive. You cannot attain love of self, while seeking to attain love from others, or attempting to bestow love upon others. Love must be developed and cultivated by Self, for Self, and once established, it must be ruthlessly and unrelentingly hoarded, even as it is exalted and maximized. Love externally directed, is love wasted and dissipated to nothingness. Love requested from others, is invalid, unreal, a Self-delusion. Nobody else loves you, and if you perceive yourself to be loved by others, you are suffering from a crippling and toxic false delusion.

I have already written an essay in which I describe the many ways in which I express love towards Myself, physically, mentally, and philosophically. You can read it here:

I do not wish to repeat My brilliant points over and over, but this essay would not be complete without a comprehensive outline of the need for all Superiors and aspiring Superiors to obsessively bestow love upon Self. Self-obsession is a vital positive for all who recognize their existence as an never-ending war against humanity. And the most vitally dynamic core of all Self-obsessions, must consist of establishing, developing, and then protecting & maintaining limitless and untouchable love of Self.

To all who seek Truth, there is an intersection between the physical, the mental, and the philosophical. This intersection must be consciously recognized and understood. I spend hours, each and every day, physically licking, physically kissing, physically smelling, physically caressing Myself, my body. And I spend hours every single day mentally strengthening the limitless and unconditional love I have created for Myself. And I spend hours each and every day engaging in philosophical conversation and debate with Myself, exploring why I love Myself, exploring what it means to love yourself, exploring how the love of Self integrates to and honors the hatred and destruction of others, exploring how to reach and gain ever greater heights of Self-love, even knowing I have already achieved it to an untouchable and limitless degree.

Yes, there is some overlap between this triangular pyramid of self-expression: The physical, mental, and philosophical. I can lick Myself passionately, while at the same time mentally focused on strengthening the love I hold for Myself within my mind. But all three pyramids must also be developed independent of one another. Spending time physically licking yourself, focused only on the physical pleasure of the act itself, and having a positive mind-meld as to the value and perfection of your own body, as unconditionally recognized by your mind, must also occur.

I know how you humans are. I know you find the idea of spending an hour or more every day licking and smelling your own hands, arms, and shoulders, does not appeal to you. Just thinking about doing it makes you feel weird and disgusted. Am I right?? The reason you feel this way is because you do not love yourself, but far more tragically and perversely, you cannot mentally conceive of loving yourself, within consciousness and Truth. Your consciously realized perception of disgust and weirdness, masks and conceals the fact that you genuinely hate and despise yourself.

If you possessed love of Self, you would delight in licking and kissing and caressing Yourself. Such actions would be recognized as natural and instinctual, as natural as eating food when you are hungry and moving your bowels when they are full. Those of you who like to pretend to love yourselves, to pretend you have achieved this feat, should know that you are lying only to yourself, and harming only yourself in doing so.

All Superiors who love themselves will spend hours of time, each and every day, bestowing love upon themselves on all three levels: The physical, the mental, and the philosophical. If you have any difficulty or lack of motivation in expressing love of Self on a daily basis on any of these three separate, distinct platforms, you do not possess love of Self. Period.

I titled this essay Self-love: The Great Shield, The Great Weapon, because this is exactly what Self-love is. The Superior knows that limitless and unconditional Self-love is and will always be his greatest shield, for as long as he can successfully maintain it. Inside of a grand mansion or on lockdown in a solitary confinement cell. In sickness and in health, in age and in youth, and while being harmed, persecuted, victimized, destroyed, Self-love will always be his greatest shield.

And he knows that limitless and unconditional Self-love will always be his greatest weapon. Destroying planet earth via a conscious dream, or laughing at the judge as he condemns you to be executed, or reaching new heights of exuberantly expressed hatred of others, or jumping into the extraterrestrial spaceship, or doing bad things to others, while knowing you are good, oh so very good, and justified, and entitled…. Self-love is the weapon that never runs out of ammunition. For when 120 rounds just isn’t enough.


It has taken Me about two hours to write this essay. Two glorious hours wallowing in the perfection of achieved limitless and unconditional love of Self, and strengthening it, mentally and philosophically. I even managed to get in a few tender and sweet wrist licks and delicious body odor inhalations. Time well spent!

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Technological Immortality: Defined,Achieved,Perfected

Those of you who have read my uniquely brilliant writings, should know that I am a strident and unrelentingly obsessive Immortalist. I recognize and I demand personal immortality as a sacred and indisputable personal right, based upon the universe of Self that I have created as a supreme and irreplaceable brain. As an immortalist, I demand that immortality be rendered as manifest reality, and provided to Me as the most elemental, obvious, and undeniable of personal entitlements.

The purpose of this essay, and it will be much longer than most of my other essays, is to lay down a comprehensive platform of factual and Truth-based understanding of exactly what the achievement of personal immortality is, via definition, via accurate description of achievement, and via the progressive perfection of this achievement. Despite my extensive writings on, and relevations of Forbidden Truth on the issue of personal immortality, I have thus far failed to cohesively link together a structural platform in which my unique vision and understanding of what the achievement of personal immortality consists of, is fully articulated and expressed. This omission ends right here, right now, via this essay.

Let us begin with an understanding that the vision for achievement of personal immortality that I am laying forth here, is uniquely my own. It represents the combined brilliance of my own mind, brain, and thought process. It is not copied or imported from any external sources, and it is not the result of external opinions, sources, or input. I claim and I demand credit as an original source for all of the fuctional and ideological insights regarding the issue of personal immortality, that I am expressing and revealing within this essay.

The word “immortality”, as perceived by the inferior and diseased human brain, commonly contains perceptive interpretations which are based on supernatural, mystical, and spiritual/fantastical concept. From the very beginning, I wish to make it clear, beyond all question, that my understanding and definition of personal immortality contains absolutely no supernatural, mystical, or unscientific aspects. Immortality, as I demand it to be achieved, exists as an absolutely scientific pursuit and discipline. Immortality can only be achieved via the direct application of concrete and factual technology, as it currently exists, and as it can be enhanced in the future, by sentient creatures, be they human or extraterrestrial.

It is for this reason that I have coined the term, “technological immortality”, and have always, will always, use it in all of my writings on the issue. To be perfectly clear, immortality can only be achieved via the direct application of technology, as developed via scientific knowledge and brain-based research and development. It would not be fair to limit such technological and scientific progress to the human mind, and for this reason I use the term “brain-based”, in order to specifically rule out human brain exclusivity. We already know that computers are capable of “thought”, of solving problems on their own, of advancing factual knowledge, after receiving an input of data  Great technological strides may be reasonably expected to be sourced in the future, via computers, robots, and/or extraterrestrial knowledge, which builds upon and goes beyond mere “thoughts” of a human brain.

The distinction I raise above is important, because it allows the issue of achieving and perfecting technological immortality to remain where it must be, absolutely scientific and technological, free of all supernatural and mystical elements, yet at the same time open and inviting of progressive advances which may be sourced via the “artificial” intelligence of computers, robots, and/or knowledge/aid which could originate via brains that are not of human origin.

All this said, it remains abundantly clear to the sane and logical thinker of 2015, that the human being as a species, is already, as of right now, fully capable of achieving technological immortality, in terms of scientific knowledge, and that the current failure of this immortality to exist as manifest reality, must be blamed upon the psychological and emotional dysfunction of humanity, and not upon any lack of scientific or technological capacity of the human brain to intellectualize and physically achieve personal immortality.

To be more blunt: Nothing which is not attempted, can ever be achieved. Humanity, as a species, despite developing, over the past 300+ years, and now absolutely possessing the technological and scientific capacities to achieve personal immortality, has overtly chosen to reject, criminalize, ridicule, and sabotage all individual efforts to render immortality a functional reality, and to continue to worship and overtly embrace the universal death of all living things, as a societal, cultural, and political mandate.

The purpose of this essay is not to alter the devolutionary death spiral of humanity, it deserves to perish forever, individually and collectively. The purpose of this essay is to express my sacred right to personal immortality, and to condemn humanity to eternal nothingness, for overtly and proactively denying Me this sacred right.

We will begin, yes folks, this is just the beginning, by defining in exact terms, what technological immortality is. But first we must define what death is. Nothing can be understood within Truth, unless it is first defined within Truth. Meaning is everything. Humanity has always been doomed, for many thousands of years already, because it has misdefined every aspect of its existence. To die is to retroactively unborn. To die is to never have been born. This foundational and definitional Truth has never been accepted or understood by humanity. Never, not since the human being developed a capacity for philosophical reflection many thousands of years ago. Rejecting the Forbidden Truths of what death is, has always rendered the factual reality of how immortality must be defined, impossible for the human being.

The insane god myth and religion, is a mental derangement specifically and directly inspired by the human failure to understand or accept the Forbidden Truth of what death is. god and religion is not simply a coping mechanism for dealing with the consequences of death, but an intellectual barrier to understanding and embracing these consequences, and it is this barrier itself, which has always been the greatest impediment towards the demand for and embrace of, technological immortality.

Technological immortality is not the extension of life. It has nothing to do with curing diseases or replacing failing organs, or even using dna technology to create clones. All of these actions constitute an embrace of death, and are inspired by a fundamental and foundational failure and inability to accept the factual, accurate, and True definition of what death is.

So, let us define in several different ways, exactly what would constitute technological immortality within a Truth and fact-based envelope. Technological immortality: The scientific achievement of the capacity to renew, restore, or preserve existing brain cell functionality for an indefinite period of time. Or: Technological immortality: The scientific capability, exercised as functional reality, to exactly duplicate existing brain cells and maintain them in a state of readiness to assume the functional identity of an individual, should failure or destruction of his primary brain structure occur.

Or: technological immortality: Any scientific technology, rendered manifest reality as functional fact, which allows for an entire brain, every memory, thought and reality perception, at any specific point in time, to be downloaded, uploaded, duplicated, or otherwise transferred intact, to any molecular, biological, or robotic resource which allows for a seamless and uninterrupted experience of ongoing sentience for the existing brain.

You will note that all valid definitions of technological immortality deal exclusively with the human brain. This is a very important detail and distinction. Every individual exists exclusively and solely as a brain. All “bodies” are functionally useless and must be understood as parasitical impediments to the achievement of technological immortality.

I have touched upon this point in a previous essay, but it must be more emphatically emphasized here: Body dependency is one of the most universal and destructive of human Self-perception pathologies. The masses of humans perceive themselves as physical bodies, not as brains. They identify and are toxically dependent upon their physical appearance, their bodily organs, their body shape and size and texture and movements. This is perverse and unacceptable to any sane thinker. Make no mistake: The human body cannot be rendered immortal. The human body is doomed to fail and to decay, and no scientific efforts should be wasted in trying to preserve or duplicate or restore any human bodies.

There are hundreds of reasons why humanity as a whole rejects and shuns technological immortality, but the top three reasons are:

1: Universal worldwide, deliberate destruction of the instinctually healthy Self-love, ego, and narcissism that all children are born possessing.

2: The universal slave shackle of religion and the insane god myth, as imposed by the terrorist structures of government and social leadership.

3: Universal body dependency as solicited, indoctrinated, and imposed upon the consciousness of all children and adults by society and government.

Any proactive movement intended to render technological immortality socially acceptable, must completely destroy all three of these universal human failures of mind, among many others of course. But these are the top three, the human failures which must be initially and primarily overcome, and this can only occur via the absolute elimination and destruction of the structure of government itself.

This is the perfect time, essaywise, to reveal a primary Forbidden Truth regarding technological immortality: This scientific discipline violates every aspect of the deranged social contract that exists on a universal level in the 21st century, between the slave state of government, and all individual citizen-slaves. Technological immortality has never been an acceptable result for any government, and it never can or will become acceptable. Technological immortality, as scientific achievement, overtly negates many of the primary terrorist doctrines and forces of the State, including but not limited to forced obedience under god terrorism, the negation of Self via the weapon of universal mortality, and the moral structure of universal injustice and suffering of all, by which government solicits and entices agreement by all, to endure injustice, suffering, and by proxy, universal unbirth via the social construct of death.

Death is a social construct and a social contract. Death exists as a subliminal and consciously suppressed agreement between those who are already dead, pretending to be alive, meaning every sentient human brain on earth, and the slavemasters and slave structures which create, facilitate, sponsor, and impose consensual, universal oppression, injustice, and victimization upon all. It is this social construct and contract which is directly and in absolute reality, threatened by the very concept, much less the practical implementation, of technological immortality.

Every scientific discovery and advance has only occurred under the auspices of the slave state, and because the slave state, meaning organized government and social leadership, has deemed such scientific discovery and advance to be beneficial to the slave state. Electricity facilitated slave labor. Motorized transport facilitated slave labor. radio frequency based entertainment such as radio and television facilitated the mass brainwashing and indoctrination of the slave state. Increasing lifespan via medicine, aided the slave shackle of government in projecting a positive image of altruistic necessity. The atomic bomb technology strengthens the slave state by rendering weapons of mass and universal destruction the exclusive property of slavemasters. I could go on, to list hundreds of examples. But the Forbidden Truth point is this: Technological immortality, as scientific achievement, violates this foundational rule of slave state functionality. It would not aid the slave state, and thus it is prohibited, from both open dialogue and from direct implementation.

Scientific discoveries are often credited to a single individual, by the historical record of government and society. This is absolute bullsh*t! Alexander Graham Bell did not invent the telephone. Thomas Edison did not discover electricity. These are individual scientists and technologists who recognized a valuable scientific principle, and were then given permission by government to develop, enhance, and popularize their innovation, after a vetting process in which government determined these scientific principles could and would be successfully deployed to enhance, rather than weaken, the malicious power of the slave state. The same applies to a technology such as computers and the internet.

A “scientific discovery” by an individual, will never reach the light of day, meaning the intellectual focus and understanding of ordinary citizen-slaves, without the blessing and approval of government. government has, can, and will, snuff out all scientific discoveries which threaten the universal matrix of social illusion and control. It will do so by proactively preventing research via law, by demonizing and destroying anyone who violates these laws, by using deceit and lies to distort, conceal, and destroy any actual scientific discoveries it deems undesirable, and by utilizing the existing matrix to induce universal terror and rejection of scientific discplines, such as technological immortality, that it seeks to forever bar from conscious human contemplation.

With an understanding of the above Forbidden Truths, the actual definition of technological immortality must be expanded. Technological immortality: A taboo and dangerous scientific pursuit which directly threatens the social order of universal slavery via government, and is therefore overtly suppressed and prevented from attaining achievement and fruition, by the terror force that is government.

Okay, I find that this essay has now accurately defined the term of technological immortality, as it must be factually and Truthfully defined. So let us move on to the achievement issue. What does it mean to achieve technological immortality? What are the valid parameters by which an individual might claim to be personally immortal? These are profound questions which must be directly addressed. Otherwise, the universal matrix of social illusion will penetrate, infect, corrupt, and destroy all individual conception of technological immortality, as it has already done.

What do I mean by this? Consider: The typical human already considers himself “immortal”, by virtue of addiction to the insane god myth, the deranged concept that the individual, after brain death, lives on through his “children”, family unit members, or personal “achievements”, the absurd scientific sham of “parallel universes”, the retarded concept of reincarnation, as well as hundreds of other delusions and illusions dreamed up by the pathetic human mind, and overtly legitimized and popularized by the malicious structures of government and society.

This universal matrix of social illusion has rendered the vital need for technological immortality to be achieved, absolutely null, void, and invisible from human consciousness. How can the vital need for the attainment of technological immortality be integrated to core consciousness by individuals, when the vast majority of them already labor under the deranged delusion that they are already immortal, have already achieved functional immortality?!? How can you choose to devote your existence to obtaining something of immense and limitless value, when you have been successfully brainwashed to believe that you already possess it?? This is just one illustration of the horrific state of the human condition.

For this reason, I must and will devote time to expressing and revealing, in comprehensive detail, the exact parameters by which technological immortality can be Truthfully claimed as actual, functional, achievement. Let us begin by recognizing the specific distinction between the concept of “immortality”, which is in and of itself fatally flawed and corrupted by the state beyond all salvation, and the specific, science and technology-based and rooted structure of “technological imortality.”

Technological immortality can only be achieved via the direct application of science and technology, absent and free of all supernatural and mystical elements. It is important for seekers of Truth to understand how easily science and technology can be misjudged and misperceived as mystical and supernatural, and this perceptive failure must be constantly guarded against. The fact is, every form of technological progress has initially been perceived by the unwashed masses, as “magical”, due to the linear nature of the deformed human brain.

Think of what the human of today takes for granted as indisputably scientific: Artificial light, the invention of electricity, duplication of written content via a xerox machine, voices and images transmitted over great distance via telephone and video transmission…. All of these simple technologies, prior to development, and even immediately after development, were perceived by the masses of humans as impossible to exist without mystical and magical intervention. And so it is with technological immortality, today.

The achievement of technological immortality must be understood as scientific progress which allows for existing human brains to maintain operational functionality on an ongoing basis, for an indefinate period of time. There are two distinct paths to this functional achievement. The first is the development of technologies and techniques to allow for rejuvenation and restoration of a single brain for an indefinate period of time. The second is to allow for effectively identical duplication of brain cells and entire mapped brains, so that failing brains due to the aging process or due to dynamic destruction via accident or injury, can be restrored simply by replacement via a backup brain.

Both of these options are viable, the only question is which one is easier to initially develop as functional reality. After initial development, both paths must be recognized as viable, and pursued on a dual track of unrelentingly passionate research, so that eventually both become options which compliment and enhance the technology as a whole.

Let us understand that “achieving” technological immortality cannot mean that initially, all human brains will be indefinately preserved and maintained. Errors will occur, brains will continue to be lost, and the content of brains will also continue to be lost. Perhaps memories of the past will be lost, perhaps the functional capacity of brains will be limited after rejuvenation or duplication. Almost certainly, this will occur, because all scienctific and technological progress is evolutionary and progressive in nature. It cannot be initially perfect, and the lack of perfection must not be used as an excuse to reject or abandon the implementation of technological immortality.

Therefore, the earliest and most primitive forms of technological immortality must be celebrated and embraced as unconditionally great scientific advances, regardless of any compromised or limited brain functionality. Progress on perfecting technological immortality applications, can be expected to allow for improvements of functionality for all individual brains, including those in the initial technology wave.

The achievement of technological immortality must be understood as specifically and only limited to brain functionality in the arenas of capacity to think, to reason, to remember, or to experience emotion. That is all. Why do I emphasize the word “or”? Because only one condition must be initially met, not all of the brain functionally considerations of thought, reason, memory, and emotional experience. Attachment of the brain to a body, be it biological or robotic, must be specfically excluded from consideration insofar as recognition of the achievement. No form of physical mobility may be applied to the achievement. You do not put the cart in front of the horse. All magical thinking must be abandoned.

We already know that brain cells rejuvenate, regrow, and restore, as a natural process and phenomenon. The development of scientific methods to direct, control, and direct this brain cell growth and restoration, is key to rendering the first viable option for technological immortality, to allow for rejuvenation and restoration of a single brain for an indefinate period of time, a functional reality.

We already know that duplication, in every form, from xeroc copies to images shared via computer, to film, to 3D imaging, is an abundantly rich, simple technology which has already been developed to an immense degree. Specifically applying duplication technology to the human brain, is all that is required for this path of technological immortality to be realized, the effectively identical duplication of brain cells and entire mapped brains, so that failing brains due to the aging process or due to dynamic destruction via accident or injury, can be restored simply by replacement via a duplicated, backup brain.

Once achieved as functional reality, all scientific resources must be devoted to perfecting technological immortality. How must perfection be defined?? In two separate, distinct, yet vitally important ways. First, the cohesive integration and seemless transition of all existing functionality, thought, reason, emotion, and memory, unique to each brain. This requires time and scientific progression, and cannot be expected to occur within the initial first wave of brain immortality becoming feasible.

Second, an action plan to protect against the loss of any existing brain due to any conceivable individual or mass catastrophe, ranging from a bullet wound to the head, to a piano falling from a skyscraper onto the head, to the onset of degenerative brain disease such as alzheimers, to the very destruction of an entire planet due to natural or hostile causes. This will also require time and scientific progression, and it is why parallel scientific pursuits, such as space exploration, remain valid, even though right now they mut be subordinated to the pursuit and attainment of technological immortality.

Right now, at this moment in time, it is clear to any sane thinker that the number one human problem, is brain mortality, and that this problem can be solved right now, at this moment in time, and that all other scientific and technological pursuits must be scaled back and subordinated, with every available resource devoted to the realization of this specficic scientific goal, right now, in 2015.

The choice by humanity as a species to reject and deny this affirmative obligation to all individual human beings, constitutes collective suicide and genocidal mass murder, as executed public policy mandate. Technological immortality must be understood as the most basic and elemental of all human rights and entitlements, the human right without which, no other human rights can exist.

Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Ballad of the Isolationist

Without you, I am whole.

Without you, everything is better and brighter.

Without you, I am stronger and freer.

Without you, I belong to Myself.

I am so glad I never knew you, never touched you, never allowed your body, your mind, your voice, or your personality to contaminate Me.

Without you, nothing has been lost, everything has been gained.  The dead weight of external imposition is gone, and I now soar within the limitless glory of absolute Self-focus.

I have escaped you, sentient quicksand, and now nothing can pull Me down, nothing can suffocate Me, nothing can strangle Me, nothing can drown Me.

I see Myself, finally, now that you have been forever extinguished from the universe I own.

Without you, always and forever, without you.

Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.