Human Imagination: A Symptom of Genetic Mental Illness & Brain Deformity

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Everywhere today, you find human societies, cultures, and government praising, fetishizing, deifying the human imagination as being a wonderful and precious asset of the individual human brain. Imagination is decreed to be the driving force behind creativity, innovation, scientific progress, mental health and well-being, intelligence, and many other overtly positive and necessary human traits. Without a good imagination, we are lost! Right??

What if all this is a lie, a perverse illusion and delusion? What if the human imagination is in fact one of the darkest, most destructive forms of universal brain dysfunction?!

A Forbidden Truth analysis of the human condition, absolutely reveals the latter to be True. There is something fundamentally perverse and obscene not only within the operational structure of human imagination, but just as importantly, in how the species chooses to deify and literally worship imagination as being a sacred, vital indicator of mental health.

Those of us who are sane and Superior know that the human brain is genetically diseased and malformed, that humanity exists as a birth defect species, on a direct level of brain development, physiology, and functionality.

If you dissect how humanity, individually and collectively, uses its imagination, how it chooses to perceive and to apply value to the capacity of the human brain to imagine things, you can see that something is terribly, foundationally, flawed.

In a nutshell: Every brain, every consciousness, should only be able to imagine, precisely and definitively what it is capable of achieving and creating and experiencing within functional reality. If something cannot be achieved, created, or experienced, it should not be imagined. It should be unimaginable, to both the conscious and subconscious realms of the mind. This is mental health, this is proper brain functionality, as exhibited by all other animals.

To be able to imagine things that are false, wrong, impossible to achieve, or functionally delusional, is a basic and profound error and malfunction of the brain. All such imagination is a profound negative, not positive, helpful, or indicative of any type of normal, natural, or appropriate brain functionality.

But humans suffer from this brain dysfunction, and completely refuse to acknowledge it as a dysfunction. No pun intended, but they imagine their imagination is a wondrous asset, something that sets them apart and above other species of life, when in reality the exact opposite is True. It is their very imagination itself, that renders them unable to even consciously imagine and envision the great harm and crippling of personal and species-wide potential, caused by both their obsessive compulsion to engage in wildly fantastical imagination, and their obsessive, subconscious need to perceive and judge such imaginations as being good, valuable, and positive.

Inferiors will argue that the imagination absolutely leads to scientific, technological, and social progress. If something cannot be first imagined, how can it be later achieved??They will vehemently decree that the virtues of a powerful and vibrant imagination absolutely outweigh any and all negatives of such an imagination.

But here we come to the crucial moment of Forbidden Truth understanding that human insiders who lack the Alien Eye, cannot and will not ever grasp: Whatever can be achieved, whatever is possible and True and scientifically valid and expressive of functional reality, should and indeed must be imagined beforehand. This type of imagination is simply intelligence and knowledge projected forward to enhance what already is. This type of imagination is simply a form of learning, that all species of life fully engage in. It indicates normal and appropriate brain functionality.

At the same time, within the exact same framework, the brain should not be able to imagine projections and “fantasies” of future realities that are false, wrong, impossible to achieve, or functionally delusional. A genetically healthy brain would simple be incapable of generating such imaginations, in reflection of the natural law that such imaginations are overtly harmful to the Self-universe, and serve to retard and cripple progress potential.

And because functionally healthy and sane brains individually and collectively do evolve and change over time, the parameters of imagination would also, naturally, shift and change over time, so that always, what is possible can be imagined, while what is not possible, cannot be imagined. This is the state of natural mental health experienced by most, if not all, known species of life. With the only glaring and absolute exception, being the pathetic human species.

Let’s cut right to a profoundly important example, to illuminate this Mind Bomb of Forbidden Truth:

2000 years ago, humans were capable of imagining the True and factual consequences of their own deaths, and were also capable of imagining a bizarre and fantastical afterlife delusion that had no basis in fact, reality, or sane thinking, inspired by their terror of the original, factually valid imagination. Both of these imaginations were indicative of genetic malformation and malfunction of the human brain. Why? Because if technological immortality could not be functionally achieved back then, imagining the true and factual consequences of dying, should have also been impossible.

As the human brain evolved, an understanding of the consequences of death should only have occurred within the past 100 years, no earlier than year 1900, concurrent with the capacity to imagine successfully defeating and overcoming the consequences of death, via technological immortality.

So now, here we are, and the human imagination holds all of humanity hostage within The Matrix of Universal Illusion. Death is a problem easily solved, any sane outsider knows exactly what the solution is and how it must be attained, but because the human brain is genetically diseased and malformed, something imagined 2000+ years ago, that should have never been imagined, that would have never been imagined absent the birth defect status of the human brain, will now cause each of us, everyone born human, to be eternally murdered and retroactively unborn, even though this horrific fate is completely preventable and avoidable, absent the incapacity of humans today, to imagine, as evolutionary learning, technological immortality as being the actual and real solution to the problem of death.

Don’t you see, fools: An imagination that should never have been possible back then, is destroying all human capacity to imagine something now, that should be easily and obviously and clearly imaginable, today.

Read this essay, and know my brilliance, human fools! I despise you all, for your stupidity! Can’t you see what you are doing, and why you are doing it?! No, of course not, because you remain human, trapped within your birth defect, genetically crippled brain. You talk about mass murder rampages with disbelief and contempt, yet your own imagination is running rampant, on a rampage that is murdering every human being on planet earth.

If you were capable of sanity you would stop in your tracks. You would be thunderstruck by the conscious realization of what is wrong with you, with all other humans, and with the world itself. You would stop, and you would acknowledge on every level of consciousness, the Forbidden Truth that your brain is genetically defective. And within this knowledge you would abandon everything you hold dear and true today, knowing it all to be toxic and useless and false and a manifestation of your brain defectiveness.

But no, instead you will imagine I am wrong.


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Afterlife Mythology: Worse Than The Insane God Myth

Religion and the Insane God Myth is a devastatingly effective terrorist weapon of government, deployed to cause universal, genocidal harm against all human beings trapped upon this planet. In no way should we ever minimize the horrific havoc and destruction, on many different levels, that religion has always caused, does now and will continue to cause in the future.

But within any sober and reflective Forbidden Truth analysis of the state of humanity right now, in 2017, we must conclude that afterlife mythology itself, specifically separate from religion and the Insane God Myth, causes more and greater harm to humanity as a whole.

Why? Because right now, afterlife mythology is being marketed to the disillusioned god freaks, to the hipsters and the disaffected youth and the environmentalists and the new-agers and the progressives and the enlightened-wannabe’s, as a glorious new path of freedom and Self-determination and Truth. But it is nothing of the kind.

What is afterlife mythology, and how does it differ from the Insane God Myth? Afterlife mythology, in itself, requires no omnipotent creator and terrorist judge to exist, it imposes no threat of hell or lure of heaven, and it asks for no worship. But it does overtly require that you believe that existence after death is possible.

There are a hundred or more different versions of afterlife mythology, from reincarnation, to parallel universes, to becoming one with the earth, your decaying body fertilizing the goddamn soil and voila, just like that you can become a flower!

Listen to Me, you idiots: All afterlife mythology is bullsh*t. All of it. Those of you who like to pretend to be enlightened and progressive and in touch with the good mother earth and morally evolving because you reject traditional versions of religion and the Insane God Myth, you can successfully lie to yourselves, but you cannot deceive Me.

You are suffocating the Truth, and all human potential.

Afterlife mythology is more harmful than the Insane God Myth because it has become a haven for escapees of traditional religion, who use this Self-deception to continue to legitimize and fetishize death.

Society and government gladly encourages you to adopt this pseudo-rebel pose, because while afterlife mythology is slightly less useful that traditional religion, on a direct level, to the Matrix of Universal Illusion, it still serves completely the singular most important goal religion has always had: To make your death acceptable and agreeable to you.

How can death be a problem, if there is an afterlife? How can death be recognized as the most horrific fate you can ever experience, as retroactive unbirth, the prevention of your birth, if you delusional fools buy into the absurdity of an existence after death??

In coming decades, the number of traditional god freaks will likely decline. But the number of afterlife addicts will increase. The result: Horrific status quo remains unchanged.

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An Atheist Understanding of Self, god, & religion

I received a brief but thought-provoking question concerning the “meaning” of atheism, how the atheist can be expected to perceive his own atheism. The question is enigmatic because it speaks to how external control of how individuals perceive themselves, limits and destroys the capacity of the individual to proactively seize Truth and factual reality, and apply it to revolutionary conclusions and personal mandates of radical change.

Here is the question, followed by my brilliant dissection of Forbidden Truth:

“Seer, i thought that being atheist means that there is no life after death. Am i wrong?”

Yes, you are wrong. You are very wrong. There are several different, fully valid and appropriate definitional parameters that may be applied to the term “atheist”, but to posit this term to decree that there is “no life after death”, is not only inaccurate, but absolutely betrays Truth itself. No sane and Superior atheist could accept such a shallow, superficial, and blatantly false definition.

If you seek Truth, I invite you to consider the following appropriate definitions of how atheism should be understood and applied by Superior minds. Singularly and in combination, all of the following definitions are valid and express Truth:

Atheist: An individual who consciously recognizes and rejects the absurdity and the falsehood of all supernatural belief systems involving both organized and non-organized religion, and the concept of a god creature existing.

Atheist: An individual who understands the unique singularity of every existence, and in honor and in praise of the glory of Self, affirmatively embraces a personal right, need, and entitlement to preserve his own existence for an infinite period of time, utilizing any and all valid, scientific and technological methodologies which may or may not be readily available at a specific point in time.

Atheist: An individual who recognizes that his own physical death is unacceptable and must be proactively prevented via scientific and technological means, due to the factual reality that to die is to be retroactively unborn, to be eternally lost, and to have never existed at any point in time, past, present, or future.

Atheist: An individual who declares war upon and against religion, as a sponsor of death, and who declares war upon and against government, as the sponsor of religion, and who declares war upon and against death itself, decreeing death to be his mortal foe and his mortal enemy, seeking to negate his existence for all of eternity, past, present, and future.

Atheist: An individual who rejects all belief, renounces the very concept of belief, not only as relates to religion and god, but the very philosophical and ideological platforms under which any belief, in anything, is given credence, respect, and consideration by humans, their societies, and their governments.

Atheist: An individual who demands an end to death, so that he may begin to live, within the understanding that to die in the future, is to already be dead in the present moment.

Atheist: An individual who recognizes Himself to be entitled to every right, every power, and every privilege bestowed by any and every religious text upon any and every mythical god creature.

Atheist: An individual who has affirmatively chosen and directly achieved the feat of rejecting, renouncing, hating, destroying, dismembering, cannibalizing, and excreting every mythical god creature that has been imposed upon him by his society, his culture, his fellow humans, and his government(s).

Atheist: A lover of Self, therefore a hater of god and religion.

Atheist: A lover of Truth and factual reality, therefore a hater of all religious, supernatural, and afterlife mythologies, which betray Truth and express contempt for factual reality.

Atheist: An individual who consciously understands that because no individual can ever exist if he suffers the fate of dying, such fate cannot be allowed to occur, and he must accept and assume personal responsibility for preventing his own death from occurring, not via the embrace of any belief, but by demanding and achieving technological immortality for Himself.

Now, some inferiors will claim that these definitions are far too broad, that atheist must be more narrowly defined. No! Atheism must be broadened, it must be understood as a philosophy of life, not as a mere rejection of a narrow and specific belief. Only within such an understanding, can the atheist use his rejection of the insane god myth, as a springboard to attacking and defeating the actual social goals and mandates of religion, which are very broad and parasitically malicious, and which include brainwashing and coercing all of humanity to accept, embrace, and welcome their own deaths, which occur as societally sponsored murders, and cause retroactive unbirth.

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