No School Massacre, Tortured FL Child-slave Too Broken To Harvest Others

Hello moms and dads of Lake Minneola, Florida, amerikkka! How you doing? You had a bit of a scare a few hours ago, but the government wants to reassure you that everything is all right. In case you missed it, loyal and devoted slaveowners, a tortured child-slave currently imprisoned at Lake Minneola High School, fatally shot himself in the head just outside the school. I know it bummed you guys out, but you gotta just calm down and relax, because the universal trance is resuming, everything is almost back to normal, already.

So irritating, isn’t it!? You have traffic delays now, and for a few moments some of you had to worry that there might be another school massacre happening. Poor babies! It was so inconsiderate of this child-slave to self-murder right in front of the high school! Why couldn’t he have killed himself more quietly and privately, like inside the house where he was being kept prisoner by his own parents??

Well, relax. Everything is okay. Your child-slaves still belong to you, you still get to torment and victimize them at your leisure, later on today.

What a lucky break, that this crazy and evil child was too broken and destroyed to even try to take anyone else out. All we need now is a few hours of crime scene cleanup, and it’ll be like nothing at all ever even happened. No CNN news trucks to clog up traffic in the area, no nosy journalists knocking on doors to try to find someone who knew the infamous mass killer.

Nope, nothing like that, just a little blurb in the local paper, and everything will be forgotten in a few days:

Ya’ll get to continue to torture, traumatize and destroy all of your children, as you shake your head in rueful wonder, “What a terrible thing, I wonder why that anonymous, unidentified kid had to kill himself like that, out in the open, he could at least have kept it more private, just like we all try to do, as we torment our child-slaves.”

Whew, success! Another mass murder successfully prevented!

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Understanding Familial Universal Child Abuse Better

I received an interesting comment here at my WordPress blog, to my brilliant, profound essay honoring torture victim and Martyr Nathaniel Jouett. My reader, a 1 in 50 million genuinely aspiring Superior who respects and understands Truth, writes:

I interacted with a human who is clueless about the forbidden truths, and the dangers of living in the shackles of the univeral matrix of illusions in which he professed that children should not talk back to their parents and be obedient. I kept my mouth shut and did not mention anything about your manifesto in regards to universal child abuse, because I know it is obsolete to humans , and their minds aren’t capable of intercepting. So, I sat there and listened to his nonsense, as he went on to say that there should be a law that grants parents the right to kill their children if they are disobedient. I thought humans are more mentally deranged and irrational than I previous thought regarding the safety and well-being of children.

They could care less about the lives of the children. Mind you, this is a 35 yr old adult with children, who experienced childhood abuse and abandonment himself by one of his parents: he mentioned that both of his parents were abused as children, and his mother and her sister were sexually abused by her father, and both ran away from home as teens, to escape the abuse and chaos in their home environment. How can he support the abuse and outright killing of children, who did not ask to be born, and a lifetime of victimization of their entire existence (adulthood) to be legally murdered by slaveowners, because they fight against this abusive system? It’s even more difficult for teens to go along with this insane system because they want to be free and are more outspoken about the ills and injustices than older adults are. What’s your stance on this?

My reply, below, is well worthy of an entirely new post, and so it shall be.

As I have made clear in My texts, every 21st century society and government officially decrees every single child to be a subhuman piece of owned property, a possessed object that exists only to serve the needs, desires, emotional and intellectual projections of mind, of the owner. And who is the owner? The parent.

So, the human you dealt with was simply a little more honest and Truthful, to himself, in terms of consciously acknowledging his perceived entitlements as a slaveowner. As Superiors, we must understand that his perceptions are accurate. Meaning they are directly based upon what he, as a citizen-slave trapped within The Matrix of Universal Illusion, has been taught, told, and promised.

Slaves must obey. As a slave, he obeys The Matrix. And in turn, The Matrix gives him slaves by designating him a parent, and promises him that he can torture and torment his slaves, as a reward for maintaining obedience, accepting the tortures, torments, traumas, injustices, and eventual murder, as imposed by The Matrix.

So, of course he demands blind obedience from his children, exactly as The Matrix demands of him. Of course he believes he has a True Reality right to murder his children, he is being murdered himself. The only unusual aspect to your conversation, was his conscious awareness of his own right, on a True Reality level, to destroy children as he was himself destroyed as a child, and as he himself is being destroyed now, having bought into the system and agreed to serve as a slaveowner and to use children as his own personal Poison Containers.

Of course his consciousness is not at this level, he is not detached from his humanity, and he has not rejected/transcended his humanity as I have. Therefore he knows only on a True Reality level, not on a Forbidden Truth level, that he is inherently and intrinsically entitled to torture, torment, enslave, and murder any and every child-slave he is decreed the legal owner of, by his own slavemasters and murderers.

Teenagers are children, tortured and tormented children. Every teenager is offered the ultimate “deal with the devil”: Agree to integrate to the Hive Mind, become a lifelong doomed slave to society and government, and you will be rewarded with many perks.

Perks such as the right to breed, to own helpless children, and to transfer all of your rage, hate, torment, and trauma directly upon them, with complete moral and legal permission and authorization, so you can feel and believe yourself completely entitled, to be a good and moral and kind and loving and mentally healthy person, even as you torture, torment, destroy helpless children.

And of course there are many other perverse and perverted perks offered to teens, along the same level: The right to try to accumulate money so that you can revel in the suffering of others. The right to join the military so you can carry out mass murders and serial killings under complete legal and moral authority and commendation. The right to own animals as slaves, as subhuman pieces of owned property, to torture and torment them, just in case you don’t feel like breeding and using human children in this capacity. And literally hundreds more.

Your interaction with this 35 year old torture victim of 20th and 21st century human society, perfectly illustrates and illuminates the Forbidden Truths of Universal Child Abuse as I have so brilliantly revealed them. He was a victim and a creation of Universal Child Abuse, he decided to align with The Matrix as a tortured and tormented teenager and young adult, as 99.9999999% of all humans do, lacking the mind strength, the psychological capacity, to stand up for Self and for Truth, and now, as an adult, he is fully integrated to The Matrix, exactly reflecting and reenacting his own lifelong trauma, upon children, upon his owned slaves, exactly as instructed and rewarded for doing, by his slavemasters, exactly as all parents, everywhere on planet earth, are authorized and instructed to do.

The goal of society and government is to systematically destroy every child, and within this process, embedded within this process, to lure and beckon, bribe and reward and entice, every such destroyed child to come over to the “dark side”, to align with his destroyer, instead of becoming, as I am: Outlaw, Outcast, Outsider, Out and Out Outrageously into Self and Truth.

And it works. Almost every teenager “rebels” to some degree, and society covertly encourages such rebellion, knowing it is easier to control and direct traumatized and destroyed child minds via brainwashing and indoctrination, than via brute force. And as this pseudo-rebellion is covertly promoted, so are the perverse perks of Matrix integration

The perpetual cycle of Universal Child Abuse, destroying all children and destroying all human potential, perfectly illuminated by your very own interaction. Do you see it clearly now? I hope so, and thank you for seeking and valuing Forbidden Truth.

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Motherhood and Marriage: Truth Exposed by Martyr Isabel Martinez

Motherhood and marriage are devastating and barbaric rituals of human dysfunctionality.

Human existence is littered with examples of foundational and core social structures that cause universal harm for all, but are never openly acknowledged as such. Two primary examples of this, that I have extensively dissected within Forbidden Truth, are motherhood and marriage.

Marriage is a bizarre, irrational, illogical, artificial construct of the human species. It was created by societal leaders to serve as a premier form of social control, universal slavery, and to inculcate an illusion of profound meaning and purpose to human life, where none exists.

Marriage is the externally induced worship of personal slavery and emotional crippling. It spits in the face of human nature. It is a premier example of a human mistake that has only gotten stronger over time, proving humanity is devolving as a collective species, on emotional, intellectual, and ideological levels.

The torment caused by marriage is universal, it is a pathology of mind, a mental illness that can never be outed as such, never consciously recognized as such, because it has been woven into the fabric of reality perception with immense precision and intricacy, by The Matrix of Universal Illusion.

Many humans are very “happy” being married. Happy being slaves, happy being chained, happy being forced to waste a lifetime being raped, existing within a bubble they have built for themselves, happy pretending someone else loves them more than anybody else on earth.

To be married is to be mentally ill, delusional, to have abandoned Truth and reality in favor of a toxic mythology.

And then we have motherhood, one of the only social structures more toxic than marriage. Motherhood decimates the value of all children. It strips every child of all inherent and intrinsic value. It renders every human child a piece of worthless property. Property, owned property, nothing more!

Women worship motherhood as sacred and inalienable right, responsibility, obligation, and opportunity, all rolled into one. Why? Because it is the ultimate escape from the Truth, the ultimate form of reality illusion. Motherhood provides the ultimate escape from the realities of universal slavery at every level, women are subjected to. Motherhood is the chance to destroy a child in perfect reflection of how you were destroyed, without ever having to face up to this Forbidden Truth. Motherhood is the ultimate gift, the highest reward, given to women for agreeing to waste a lifetime in submissive servitude to The Matrix of Universal Illusion.

The social structure of motherhood, in and of itself, destroys every child. Not so much by the universal abuse it inspires women to inflict upon children,, but much more so by the Forbidden Truth it subconsciously implants within every child: You are worthless, you exist as a slave, you exist as randomly created property.

How can any child develop mental maturity within conscious understanding of his uniquely precious and irreplaceable value as a Self-universe, when he knows, as fact, that he was blindly, randomly, arbitrarily enslaved to a specific woman and man, simply because they had sexual intercourse with each other and their body fluids managed to commingle in a specific way?

The devastating impacts of motherhood can never be measured by you humans, they cannot even be perceived by you. Only the Alien Eye of the human transcendee, appreciates the universal horror of it all. The worthlessness of every child, proven and demonstrated by the decision, collectively, of an entire species, to abdicate and abandon its responsibility to ensure every child mind is given the opportunity to develop and thrive as an autonomous Self-universe.

And now we turn, to the main focus of this essay. Yes folks, all that was merely the prelude, setting the stage if you will, for the main event.

Yesterday morning, at around 2 AM, in Georgia, 33 year old Isabel Martinez, 2017 wife and mother, stabbed to death her husband and four of her five child-slaves, aged 2, 4, 7, and 10. The fifth slave, aged 9, was also stabbed, but it looks like she will survive. Oh well, nobody is perfeKt.

Mommy and wife Isabel waited a few hours, savoring her reflection of Truth on some level of conscious or subconscious mindfulness, then called 911, asking her society for “help”.

Read about it here:–law/murder-gwinnett-mom-charged-with-killing-children-father/8Ci6NQ3wQBYriq9f8RafxO/

You can read about the incident, get some operational details of what happened, but nowhere will you find the Truth revealed. Nowhere will you find motherhood and marriage outed as what they are, as demonstrated by Isabel. She herself will never be able to articulate the Truth of why she did what she did.

But I know why. Just read My prelude.

It was an “unspeakable tragedy”, says the media. Isabel “went crazy”, she was mentally ill, depressed, declares society and government. No. NO!

Speak it! Speak the Truth!

You idiots. Isabel showed you the Truth, forced you to see the reality, at least for a brief moment, of what motherhood and marriage is.

You hurt your children and your spouses. All of you, all of you mothers and fathers and wives and husbands. You hurt them day after day. Your illusion and delusion of love is one of the knives you use, over and over you stab them, but you cannot see this. The social trance will not allow it. And so the harm you cause is rendered invisible, disguised as love and help and benevolent nurture.

And so you cast mommy and wife Isabel out, you decree her different from you. Why? Because she shows you the Forbidden Truth of what you are. She threatens to unravel and topple the house of cards illusion upon which you choose to base, develop, and maintain your existence.

She must be crazy or evil, she must have “lost her mind”, so it must be, in order for you to continue to successfully cloak and deny the insanity, the evil, the mindlessness, inherent within the actual structures of motherhood and marriage. The structures that you continue to embrace and deploy to cause universal harm to yourselves and to every child.

Can’t you see it, the gift of Truth Isabel Martinez offers you? Can’t you see the sacrifice she has made, in the name of Truth? No, you can’t, and you never will be able to. That is the “unspeakable tragedy”.

Thank you Isabel, for standing up. I’m so glad you are alive, so glad you spared Yourself from harm, as you reflected your lifelong victimization. Be strong, Isabel. They will tell you that you are insane and evil, that you did it because you were mentally ill. I ask you, Isabel, to somehow find the strength, the wisdom, to see Yourself as I see and as I know you to be:

Victim, courageous messenger of Truth, a reflection of all that is wrong with society and humanity. Your actions yesterday are a gift to the world, you deserve to be thanked, not punished.

Because nobody deserves to die, nobody deserves to be murdered and destroyed, as a mind, their potential snuffed out. And that is what was done to you, Isabel. And so you showed us the Truth, you showed us what all the other victims hide from, as they slowly and methodically and ritualistically destroy their husbands, wives, daughters, sons.

Peace, enlightenment, and strength of mind is My wish for you, Isabel. Grow your mind, seek Truth as it is, as I know it. See and know Yourself within this light, see and know your own special place, as messenger, emissary, of light and Truth, to a species hopelessly trapped within the darkness of universal illusion.

You can read my 100,000+ word dissections of motherhood and parenthood, via My Main Manifesto gateway page:

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Recognizing What is Guilty and Responsible For Our Mistakes

Recently I have received several interesting replies to My brilliant essays, particularly at this WordPress blog. I always reply to posted comments I deem worthy, but I know that these comments receive far less exposure than My actual essays, so sometimes My reply deserves to be fleshed out into an actual new essay. This is the case here.

Genuine Truth-seekers should already know that breeding is a mistake. When we breed, we create new slaves for The Matrix of Universal Illusion to brainwash and destroy. When we breed, we help society and government to maintain and strengthen the genocidal lie that death is necessary and good, by creating a replacement for ourselves. When we breed, we diminish and dilute ourselves, we fragment our Self-universe, we actively harm ourselves, and this is True even if we find the Truth and courage within ourselves to completely reject and abandon all “parental” responsibilities and obligations as demanded and imposed by society, upon birth.

So, breeding is a personal mistake of the individual, given the fact that we can, in most cases, fully control whether or not we breed, simply by refusing to engage in interactive sexual contact with humans. But who is to blame for this mistake? Should we blame ourselves, should we accept guilt and responsibility for “our” mistake?? No!

In a recent comment to an essay, a genuinely aspiring Superior addressed her own mistake in breeding, in her own words: “SEER, I wish that I was armed with this knowledge prior to creating a child. Oh, Boy! I know I made a BIG MISTAKE that i cannot reverse.”

Yes, it was a mistake, and it is very important that all aspiring Superiors consciously and fully acknowledge all mistakes they make. But knowing and acknowledging a mistake is completely different from assigning guilt and responsibility for the mistake having occurred. We must blame the appropriate parties, in acknowledgement of our victimhood status.

Here is My full reply to the comment of this aspiring Superior, with a few additional closing remarks. Please note that the perspective I offer is fully applicable to all individual mistakes resulting from societal and governmental brainwashing, indoctrination, and child abuse:

Every society and government on planet earth successfully destroys the capacity of every child to recognize, comprehend, embrace, and reflect Truth. It is then up to every destroyed child to try to rebuild and recreate this capacity within his own MindScape and True Reality. The vast majority of all humans, children and adults, 99.9999999% of them, never even try to do so, never even consciously perceive what has been taken away from them. These are the brainwashed sheeple, the Unwashed Masses, the hopelessly broken Inferiors.

The rest of us, a tiny minority, can only try, with varying degrees of success, to regain this supremely and profoundly precious and important MindPower.

The process is always very long, very slow, and quite difficult. So it was for even Me, even as I began at age 6, just about the earliest possible age to begin such a process. Because I began so early, and was so very determined and obsessive in My quest, I was able to attain a level of Truth consciousness by the age of 13, that allowed Me to make numerous Sacred Vows to Myself at that age, that guided and shaped My life path choices throughout My later childhood and young adult years.

Almost no children, literally one in a billion, begin such a process at age 6. As I state, most humans never even know what has been taken away from them. The tiny minority that do come to this conscious realization, generally do so beginning at the age of 13-25. At this point it is far too late to avoid making tactical mistakes and Truth betrayals, such as choosing to engage in interactive sexual contact with humans, and breeding.

From initial conscious realization of mind destruction, to reaching a threshold capacity of Truth insight as to the profoundly negative consequences of breeding, takes as least 7 years of daily and obsessive effort, usually much more. So even if you begin at age 13, you cannot expect to even begin to achieve such a profound insight of Truth, until age 20 at the earliest.

Still, fully recognizing the nature of such profound mistakes, in hindsight, at any age, is a great feat of MindPower, and marks you as the very rarest of humans, the one out of many millions, who found a way to regain the capacity to perceive and to consciously embrace primary-level Forbidden Truth.

Of course you should feel “regret” over being brainwashed, coerced, terrorized by society and government into agreeing to produce a replacement slave for Yourself.

But this sense of regret should be far surpassed by profound rage and hate directed at society and government for the mind rape and murder it is guilty of having carried out against you as a child, and profound pride in and love of Self, for fighting back and regaining the capacity to perceive, to know, and to understand, exactly what has been done to you, as a victim of the motherhood/parenthood ideological delusion and illusion.

You made a mistake, but the mistake was caused by the atrocities committed against you and your supremely vulnerable child mind. You bear no guilt or responsibility for the mistake you made. In recognizing Yourself as a pure victim, while simultaneously acknowledging that you did make a mistake as a result of your victimization, you glorify and honor both Self and Truth, which is a personal triumph that places the mistake within proper context, allowing you to learn and to know never to repeat the mistake, while negating all negative impact to consciousness.


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The Barbaric Cruelty of Motherhood, Fatherhood, and Parenthood

Back to basics we go, folks. Forbidden Truth 101:

Every human failure in force today, every dysfunction of ideology, structural mandate, and behavior, every collective mistake humanity has made and is making, can be directly traced, is directly linked in real-time, to the species-wide decision, dating back many thousands of years, to maintain the genocidal structures of motherhood, fatherhood, and parenthood.

Female human beings do not possess a viable, genetically healthy, maternal instinct. And male human beings do not possess a viable, genetically healthy, paternal instinct. Parenthood is a failed experiment, but this failure is universally cloaked, denied, and rejected. It is a Sacred Secret, not even allowed to be mentioned, considered, debated.

And why not? Because motherhood, fatherhood, and parenthood are a foundational platform upon which the Matrix of Universal Illusion built and maintains itself. These structures currently serve the beast, with two heads:

At the 1st head, motherhood, fatherhood, and parenthood ensure the universal destruction of every child on many different levels, thereby maintaining a continuous chain of universal slavery as both cloaked from the collective consciousness of humanity, and embraced and accepted on both conscious and subconscious levels, generation to generation, century to century, stone age to modern age.

At the 2nd head, motherhood, fatherhood, and parenthood continuously serve as the ultimate Poison Container for all human beings. Poison Container: “A receptacle into which adults project disowned parts of their psyches, so they can control these feelings in another body without danger to themselves. Just as family therapists today find that child abuse often functions to hold families together as a way of solving their emotional problems, so, too, the routine assault of children has been society’s most effective way of maintaining its collective emotional homeostasis.”–Lloyd deMause

Every child on earth alive at this moment, serves as a garbage container. This is the function of the child. Mothers, fathers, all members of the family unit, and all adult human beings on earth, collectively, project the factual reality of their own universal child abuse, all of the trauma, terror, rage, hate, frustration, impulse to harm others and to harm themselves, directly onto “their” children, and all children.

Right now, in 2017, on a worldwide level, every child exists to serve as a sponge, to absorb all of the rage and hate and fear of every adult in the world, who exists in shell-shock, as torture victims of the universal child abuse they experienced.

You can now see what universal child abuse is, if you are sane. You can see how it is directly integrated to the Hive Mind of Universal Illusion. You can see how it is seamlessly maintained and passed down universally, generation to generation, century to century.

Motherhood, fatherhood, and parenthood are the structural and operational forces, deployed by the Matrix, to successfully cloak every level of Truth regarding universal child abuse. The family unit, heralded by the Matrix as the sacred cornerstone of human existence, is in Truth the primary and direct cause of all of human failure, the cause of human devolution and regression on a species-wide level, the cause of the closed-circle cycle of mind, body, and soul destruction as experienced, manifested, and reflected by every generation of adults, at every point in time, throughout all of human history.

As long as motherhood, fatherhood, and parenthood are maintained as functional structures by humanity, the species will remain hopelessly doomed, as it continues to regress to extinction. And of course the Matrix will continue to maintain them. It is up to YOU, individually and collectively, to rise up in the name of Truth, and end the abomination that is the family unit.

But of course you cannot do that. You can’t even conceive of it on an individual level, the worldwide eradication of parenthood, even if you label yourself a progressive thinker and a seeker of Truth. The reason for this is your mind. Your mind is in chains and shackles. You can see as potentialities, only what the Matrix chooses to allow you to see.

Listen to Me, you idiots. It is so damn obvious: No child needs a mother, a father, or parents. No child needs to be loved. No child needs to be emotionally molested and psychologically crippled by the toxic enmeshment of vampiric affection. No child needs to be integrated to the existing culture. No child needs to be destroyed in the name of ritual and tradition and mythology. No child!!!

It is you who need these things! It is you who need to possess children as subhuman pieces of owned property. It is you who need to reflect your rage hate, terror, frustration, and obsessive personal delusions upon children.

It is you who need to believe the lie that others love you, and so you pretend to love children, desperately trying to make them believe that they can and do love you, so that you can feel loved, even as you hate yourself. It is you who are trying desperately to validate the cultural and traditional insanities of the past, and so you indoctrinate the helpless and vulnerable minds of children, and use the mental illness you create within them, to cloak from yourselves the Truth that you are mentally deranged.

It is you, every single one of you who has ever or does now accept the label and serves in the functional capacity of mother, father, or parent, who need the child. Desperately, pathologically, and within mental illness. The child does not need you, it is you who need the child, and you will destroy the child, you will suck every last drop of autonomous potential out of every child on earth, just to meet your own needs, as a torture victim of universal child abuse.

What do children need? To have the sacred autonomy of their mind-universe honored, respected, and left alone, as they try to figure out what is wrong with you humans and the deranged world you have chosen to create and cling to. To be empowered to love themselves. To be empowered to develop a limitless and untouchable ego. To be taught mothing, so they may develop the mind capacity to learn and accept what it True. To be protected from all mythologies, so they may learn and know that the only allegiance they owe, is to Self and Truth. To be inspired to always meet their own needs, to never become dependent upon or enmeshed with others.

Motherhood, fatherhood, and parenthood represent the antithesis of everything a child needs. Motherhood, fatherhood, and parenthood ensure every child gets nothing he needs, and everything he does not need.

How do you replace parenthood?? By ending it. Declaring motherhood and fatherhood an obsolete, failed social experiment.

And then creating a new system of child-rearing, the polar opposite of all elements existing within family units, exactly as I have outlined in My brilliant texts on Mandatory Parental (Caretaker) Competency Testing and the elimination of all child abuse. Just a small sampling below:

I call on all brain sentient creatures who imagine themselves progressive and capable of recognizing and embracing Forbidden Truth, to move beyond anarchy and atheism. Don’t you see, parenthood is the greatest problem, the singular, foundational root of all other human failures!


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The Years of Blindness Helped Me To See

I am legally blind without eyeglasses. Have been legally blind since about the age of 8. I became legally blind thanks to my mother, who deliberately poured shampoo into my eyes and refused to let Me rinse it out, hundreds of times, throughout My childhood. So my blindness was progressive, slow and deliberate destruction over time. The darkening of part of a Self- universe, even as other parts ignited with the brilliant flame of a mind on fire, seeking & attaining Truth.

Even though I was legally blind since age 8, I did not get my first pair of prescription eyeglasses until age 25. Why? As a child, nobody cared or noticed. As an “adult”, in quotes because mental maturity for those born human is not attained until approximately age 35, I enjoyed the blurriness, staring into faces but never actually making eye contact. The blurriness of your external world, directly helped Me to bring into crystal clear focus, the inner universe of Forbidden Truth I was so ragefully cultivating.

Why did I finally choose to get prescription eyeglasses at age 25, despite being legally blind since age 8? Because I was hit by a car while walking across a street, and My legal blindness did play a role in this incident occurring.

So, being a lover of Self and always embracing Truth, I weighed the cost-to-benefit ratio and decided the Self-loving thing to do was go see an eye doctor and learn if eyeglasses could improve My vision.

And they did, quite a lot. With My prescription eyeglasses I was no longer legally blind, at least in one eye, even though My vision was still permanently, severely damaged.

I chose to wear My eyeglasses, but I have absolutely no regrets about spending approximately 17 years in legal blindness. The blindness represented the Truth of what was done to Me, and it played a direct and highly positive role in helping Me to both reject and transcend My humanity in later years, and to develop conscious realization of MANY different Forbidden Truths of humanity.

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Originally published at, join Me there for 700+ uniquely brilliant insights of Forbidden Truth:

The Functional Need to Eliminate Biological Parenthood

Those of you who have read My texts know that a core centerpierce of Forbidden Truth philosophy demands that the sacred family unit be declared null, void, and eliminated from all human social structures. I have dissected and fully articulated this demand, and the reasons behind it, in many of My writings, most notably this page of My Main Manifesto:

And within this updated, brilliant blog essay:

But in rereading My texts, and you can be certain that being a narcissist and egoist of the highest order, I spend a great deal of time reveling in the brilliance of all My past activities, I have noticed that one very specific point regarding the issue of Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, has not been delivered as clearly and forcefully as it needs to be.

The purpose of this essay is to fully, absolutely, and comprehensively address this singular point, which is the need to eliminate biological creation as playing any role in who is empowered to serve as a child caretaker. If any of you have not yet read the two texts linked above, I strongly recommend that you do so immediately, before proceeding to this essay, because I am not repeating Myself here, and all of the primary Truths and revelations regarding the need to eliminate the sacred family unit as a whole, are brilliantly articulated in the above texts, and not within this follow-up essay, which is intended to merely clarify a singular point.

So, in My full dissections of this supremely important issue, I completely explain why parenthood is a functional failure, why it must be abandoned as a structure, and how Mandatory Parental (Child Rearing) Competency Testing must be designed, structured, and universally implemented across all of planet earth. Failure to do so will result in continuing the current death spiral of species devolution, to result in certain and unavoidable near-term species extinction.

What I have realized, upon multiple rereadings of My texts, is that I have not articulated in proper detail, the need to end all placement of children within the caretaker environment of the biological creator. Very simply, My proposals leave open the possibility that the biological creator of a child, who must of course be forced to undergo Mandatory Parental Competency Testing if they wish to be allowed to care for a child, may be allowed to serve as caretaker to their biologically created child, if they pass these tests.

This end result is flawed and unacceptable, even if the biological creator fully passes the tests and demonstrates competency, because it legitimizes the structure of child slavery and child ownership via biological creation. This structure, and I speak of the structure, in and of itself, is wrong, harmful to all children, and legitimizes child abuse, even if the specific child being cared for by competent biological creators, is not individually and directly abused.

Among other species, one or more biological creators may be allowed to serve as caretaker to her/his biological creation, with no directly harmful result. But this is not True for the human being. The brain functionality of the human is diseased and compromised on both a genetic, birth defect level, and an environmental level of ongoing, daily trauma and pathology. Biologically creating children, has become synonymous with the enslavement of children, the ownership of children, and the right to mistreat children.

Only by eradicating the link between biological child creation, and the functional role of child caretaker, can children be emancipated from their subhuman, slave status, as universally decreed and imposed by all of humanity as a social structure, throughout all of human history.

Biological creation of children within the parenthood structure, results in the organic devaluation of all children. In the best case scenario, which is of course a one in a million shot today, the biological creator is fully competent and provides nurturing and non-abusive care, but the end result is still a reaffirmation of universal child abuse. Why?? For several reasons. First, because the structure itself, of parenthood resulting from biological creation, which is fatally flawed, is affirmed. But even more directly, the universal worthlessness and slave status of all children is affirmed. No matter how competent a specific caretaker may be, if the child he cares for is his biological creation, the value of all other children, is betrayed and compromised.

Biological parenthood decrees that the specific child you create, possesses greater value than all other children. This is a deranged ideological concept, yet it is universally embraced by all humans. This is why parents gleefully stuff their child-slaves with food three times a day, even as they do absolutely nothing to prevent hundreds of other children from dying of starvation every single day. This is why parents proudly decree that they would never abuse a child, as they stand by and do nothing upon hearing the muffled, hysterical screams of a child living in their apartment building, owned by a different biological creator.

Biological parenthood must be declared invalid, as a structure. In and of itself, the brilliant Mandatory Parental Competency Testing proposals I have fully articulated, will not effectively eliminate child abuse, if the flawed structure of allowing biological creators to obtain a caretaker role over the specific child(ren) they biologically create, is maintained. This structure promotes the dehumanization of children, it promotes absolute prejudice in terms of encouraging adults to judge the welfare of “their” child, as carrying greater importance and value than the welfare of “other” children, children they have not biologically created.

Therefore, Mandatory Parental Competency Testing must allow all adults who desire to serve as child caretakers, to attempt to demonstrate competency via the combination of their past behaviors as revealed via intensive background check, and, far more importantly, via the intensive multi-phased competency testing process I have detailed in My past writings, But this testing, and all end results, must be blind to biological creation as playing a role in how children are placed for caretaking.

There is no valid reason for biological creators to be allowed to obtain a caretaker role over their created child, even if they absolutely pass the Parental Competency Tests. They may be allowed to care for a child, or even multiple children, but the placement of children within their care must not relate to children they may have biologically created. If they insist or demand to be allowed to serve as caretakers to their biological creations, this fact, in and of itself, demonstrates incompetency to serve as a child caretaker.

All child caretakers, demonstrated competent via Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, must possess universal and equal respect for the value, importance, autonomy, and Self-value, of all children, of every child. Any preference to be allowed to serve as caretaker to a biologically created child, fails to express and reveal this necessary character trait.

Whatever maternal or paternal “instinct” the human being might still possess, to motivate her/him to desire to care for a biological child creation, over a non-biologically created child, is a pathological failure of mind and brain function, which must not be accepted. The human being must be forced to evolve past this dysfunction of mind, and the only way to achieve this result, and the universally positive consequences of all children being equally valued within personal autonomy, is to permanently terminate the structure of biological parenthood, within the structural implementation of Mandatory Parental Competency Testing.

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Additional Forbidden Truths on Maternal Instinct

I received an interesting comment/question to this essay:

You should read the entire above essay first, before proceeding to this followup. The comment below allows Me to expand upon the specific issue of maternal instinct, which I have written about extensively in my main Manifesto, which I highly recommend all seekers of Truth read in its entirety:

As always, my reply below will appear in bold and non-italicized text:

“Is there any basis to believe that there is a maternal instinct in at least some human mothers? We see it in animals as a simple instinctive awareness of how to PHYSICALLY nurture offspring until they are able to fend for themsleves, but there is no ritualised, lifelong bond. Would this be the extent of a true maternal instinct in human females? Granted it may be a moot question given the convoluted nature of human society’s perversity.”

Your question is interesting, but the answer is complex, and several different factors must be taken into account. First, we need to look at the instinctual responses of other female animals who breed. Some female animals provide almost no care to their offspring, while other female animals provide highly nurturing levels of care. Concurrent with this fact, is the equally important fact that as a general rule, the level of care that is provided, matches the level of care that is needed by the offspring. Simply put, some species of baby require a lot of care when they are young in order to grow up safe and healthy, while other species of baby do not, being much more self-sufficient.

The next point which must be emphasized and analyzed, is that human babies do require a significant amount of physical care in order to survive and develop into strong and healthy adults. In other species, the female biological creator usually provides this care, when it is needed by the baby for survival and to thrive. This fact speaks to a natural instinct existing in female animals, to provide necessary levels of care to offspring.

Now we must move forward to the reality of how human biological creators treat their children, the universal harm they cause to their children, the fact that while a majority do not directly terminate the existence of their child via physical violence, they do universally enslave, oppress, victimize, stunt all positive development, and use all children as personal Poison Containers, none of which is done by other female biological creators, of other species.

So, let us begin a Forbidden Truth analysis: Many other species of life possess a maternal instinct, and display it by providing positive and necessary aid to babies and offspring that they create, and in many cases to specific young members of their own species that they have not biologically created, but come to know via ongoing interaction.

The human female who breeds, as a general rule, is motivated to seek and to maintain possession of their biological offspring, who need to be cared for in order to survive and to thrive. But what are the primary causes for this motivation?? Is it natural instinct? Or is it the relentless brainwashing and terrorization of human society, towards every female, that they are morally, legally, and culturally obligated to serve as mothers?? Or is it the desperate need of female humans, who exist as brutally victimized slaves, to obtain access to a human being, a baby and child, so that they may obtain personal catharsis by brutally victimizing and enslaving it?? Natural instinct is a primary motivation in the choice of other female animals to serve as caretakers to their offspring. But upon objective analysis, natural instinct is not the primary motivation of the female human being.

The term “motherhood” is itself hopelessly weighed down by countless centuries of social propaganda, brainwashing, and mythology. Other animals do not perceive themselves as “mothers”, but as caretakers to offspring, acting upon their natural instinct. To the human, motherhood is slave ownership, motherhood provides a warped sense of self-identity, motherhood is a death placebo, allowing the woman to more actively and eagerly court and embrace her own upcoming death, motherhood is a form of freedom illusion, the freedom to dictate, to terrorize, to victimize, to use a specific living thing in ways they are prohibited from using all other living things, as a Poison Container.

So yes, it is fair to say that most female babies are born possessing the capacity to develop a maternal instinct. But, in and of itself, this fact is meaningless. Because every female baby is also born deeply deformed on a genetic level, so that her maternal instinct cannot and does not develop naturally or normally, and is further warped and destroyed by the genocidally harmful external environment of relentless trauma that she is subjected to throughout her existence.

Female humans are unfit to care for their offspring, and whatever vestiges of maternal instinct they may possess, are diseased and deformed to the extent that they cannot, do not, and will not provide positive and nurturing care that allows a child to reach its potential. Female mothers hurt, harm, victimize, and destroy their children, in reflection of the fact, the Forbidden Truth, that they are hurt, harmed, victimized, and destroyed ex-children, genetically and environmentally broken.

For female humans to possess a legitimate maternal instinct, would require them to reject and renounce all social concepts of motherhood and the family unit, to recognize and respect the sacred autonomy of every child, and to be able to want what it is best for the child. The last requirement might seem fairly simple, but in Truth it is the most impossible for those who are human, as they are incapable of wanting the best for even themselves. How can a creature even begin to imagine wanting what is best for another, when it can never even begin to imagine wanting, or even understanding the definitional parameters inherent, in wanting what is best for Self??

A genetically and mentally healthy female human mother cannot come to exist, given the birth defect nature of the species, and the universal external trauma every human being is subjected to from the moment of their birth. Therefore, the maternal instinct of all human females will be severely damaged, stunted, warped, and dysfunctional, and if they serve as “mothers”, they will horribly harm their children. Now, if they are aspiring Superiors who reject the entire concept of motherhood as defined by society, and consciously desire to serve as emotionally detached caretakers to help nurture children and break the cycle of deliberate, universal child abuse of humanity, they could, in theory, recover some portion of their biological maternal instinct, and combine it with the detachment of a child caretaker, to perform this task more effectively. But we are talking 1 woman out of 50 milion, and only as theory.

Within functional, day-to-day reality, natural and healthy maternal instinct among humans does not exist. The obsession with serving as a mother, runs concurrent with the obsession to harm and destroy the children a woman is given possession of, as a mother. All of motherhood is shrouded in mysticism, mythology, and fantastical thinking which spits in the face of reality and Truth. You cannot compare the maternal instinct of other animals, to that of humans. Among humans, maternal insinct is buried and crushed under the titles of motherhood and the family unit, obscene and grotesque monstrosities of slavery, oppression, trauma, mental illness, and layer upon layer of obsessive mythology.

What would be a healthy, intellectual understanding of maternal instinct, for the human female? Simply this: I will help this child to survive and to thrive because within infinite love of Self, I desire to thrive and to survive, and absent all obligation and absent all responsibility and absent all emotional connectivity, this child possesses the potential to help Me to thrive and to survive, because his mind might be able to develop within the purity of Truth, healthier and stronger than my own, recognizing Myself as a victim of universal child abuse. Therefore I will strive to protect this child from being harmed, not for his sake, but for my own sake.

But of course this is beyond the capabilities of the human being, and I respect the law of reflectivity under which universal child abuse, as well as all forms of cathartic vengeance, take place.

You cannot obtain purity of maternal instinct in a human female. You cannot. All maternal instinct is compromised and warped. It cannot and it will not be restored to any purity of form. The most you can even imagine occurring, is for the compromised maternal instinct to be reshaped, reinvented, but this is only possible within the conscious embrace of all Forbidden Truth, by the rare, isolated individual. Not by the species as a whole, or any portion.

I certainly can’t think of any women off the top of my head who are truly, selflessly “maternal”, but I wonder if they exist. Not even necessarily Superior mothers, simply females who have a natural awareness of a child’s physical and psychological needs, and a desire to satisfy them.

All women are victims of universal child abuse. They cannot treat children with genuine benevolence, because they were not treated as children with genuine benevolence. Their physical and psychological needs were not met when they were children, and so they cannot meet the needs of children, as caretakers. Do they want to meet the needs of children via maternal instinct?? Perhaps a few do. Perhaps a few try. But they fail. They all fail. They fail because they are human, and the law of reflection applies. Their needs were not met. They were victimized and harmed as children. And so they do not meet the needs of children, and they harm them, victimize them.

It is not very difficult to articulate a desire which conflicts with your own True Reality. But to render this desire a manifest reality, to turn it into functional fact, meeting the needs of a child you have created, when nobody has ever met your own needs, that is a whole other story. That is an impossibility, unless you detach from your own humanity.

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The Naming of Children

Universal child abuse is a structured and built human ideological and behavioral pathology. To understand any animation-required structure, to know what keeps it erect and maintains its function, you must dig down and expose its deepest roots. Only here can the foundations of the pathology be dissected within the glory of Forbidden Truth. Motherhood, fatherhood, and parenthood, as ideas, as impositional forces, as invalid mind constructs of the human, dwell within the foundation of universal child abuse, and yet there is an even deeper source point. It is: The naming of children.

The naming of children must be understood as a supreme atrocity, an atrocity by which a rationalized path allowing for all other child abuse atrocities to occur, is established. The naming of children is perfectly akin to the branding of cattle, only it goes much further than the establishment of slave ownership, it cuts to the very core of destroying all autonomy, independence, and capacity of the individual human being to establish an understanding of the parameters of the universe, the only valid universe, the universe of mind which each individual is obligated to maximize within factual reality.

Who names children? Destroyed ex-children officially empowered to destroy newly created children. The naming of a child by a parent is not merely a hostile act, but an act of supreme mind violence, destroying the potential of any child to perceive the universe as an open book awaiting both his discovery and his uncontrolled imprint. The named child is stripped of the capacity to recognize his limitless potential, forced to identify as nothing more than a piece of owned property.

“You are Johnny Smith, you belong to David Smith, he will define the parameters of your world, his beliefs, his ideas, his needs, his past, will be the clay which mold your mind”, this is the supreme horror which faces each and every child born human, because each and every child is given a name, and as universal structure, the negative impact upon a child of receiving a name, is identical.

You deranged inferiors decree that the naming of children is vital to their proper social development, to helping them to establish themselves as unique individuals who can chart their own course of future existence. But what you are doing is the exact, polar opposite. You are destroying their capacity to chart a course of autonomous existence. You are destroying them, deliberately and with malice, be it consciously acknowledged or not, just as you were destroyed when you were given a name when you were a child.

Heed the words of Forbidden Truth as well articulated by Oscar Wilde: There is no such thing as a good influence. Because to influence a person is to give him one’s own soul. He does not think his natural thoughts, or burn with his natural passions. His virtures are not real to him. His sins, if there are such thing as sins, are borrowed. He becomes an echo of someone else’s music, an actor of a part that has not been written for him.”

No child needs a name. No child needs to have their sense of personal identity molded and imposed via identity limitation: Let us understand the profound and multi-tiered levels of harm which are caused by the imposition of a name. We have gender, ethnic, cultural, tribal bias, running concurrent with the terrorism of being personally owned. How else can any sane thinker perceive the forced imposition of identity, than as familial slave ownership?? Immediately and universally, the named child is stripped of the capacity to formulate an identify within freedom and autonomy of mind. By being told: “This is who you are”. every child is in Truth told, under terrorist threat, “Here are the parameters of what we, as your individual slaveowners, as well as we, the society which claims you as citizen-slave, will allow you to become.

No child should be given a name, by anyone, not by a biological creator and not by any organized social or governmental structure. Every child should be told: You are a uniquely autonomous creature, and no other living thing has the right to “help” you to define your own place in the universe, or your own perceptual understanding of how the universe should function. By not naming you, we empower the only form of freedom that you can ever recognize as valid: The freedom to create a new universe within your own autonomous mind, free of all pre-existing ideological and behavioral pathologies and derangements which would be cloaked by the subversive influence of imposed identity.

The naming of children is the imposition of fatally flawed identity perception, by those who have already been destroyed by this child abuse atrocity.

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The True Face of Motherhood

Here you see not a bizarre anomaly, but the True face of motherhood among humans on planet earth, and the True nature by which each and every child on earth in the 21st century is treated:

Motherhood is wrong, it is a failed social experiment, it results in universal child abuse, every child in the world being harmed and destroyed. It is perverse beyond all measure that a single mother harvesting eight child-slaves makes international news headlines, while the Forbidden Truths of the universal destruction of every child via maternal child abuse, are completely denied and rejected by the media, by society, and by law enforcement.

Imagine the media response if a complete stranger had broken into this house and murdered eight children. The suspect would be named by the media, immediately demonized as a terrible criminal who must be punitively punished in the worst possible ways. But because it was Mommy Dearest, and the Sacred Family Unit must be sanctified at all costs, the murderer is not named, the incident is described as a terrible tragedy, and the murderer is not even immediately charged with a crime.

Society and the media will always go to great lengths to describe maternal or paternal massacres of child-slaves as isolated incidents impossible to predict or prevent, the result of mental illness. This is done in order to maintain legitimacy of the bizarre and deranged Sacred Family Unit structure within which every child is automatically decreed from biological conception to be a worthless, subhuman piece of owned property, entitled to no personal autonomy and no attempt to ensure their safety or benevolent care.

The elimination of the family unit and the imposition of universal, Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, as outlined here within My Manifesto of Forbidden Truth:

is the most obvious and logical and necessary of social reforms. It is the single social reform without which absolutely no other legitimate social reform can ever occur. The hopelessness of humanity, a devolving species doomed to near-term extinction, is proven by the fact that all discussion and contemplation of initiating Mandatory Parental Competency Testing has been decreed taboo, and a complete media, governmental, and societal blackout, all across the world, is in effect regarding this brilliant and vital reform.

Children are decreed, by every society and government on planet earth in the 21st century, to exist as Poison Containers, to suffer the cathartic reflection of rage, hate, and mental illness which is the birthright of every single adult, who was brutally victimized by universal child abuse. Every child must be brutally destroyed, because every adult exists as a brutalized and destroyed ex-child. This is the functional mandate of your societies, of every single society on earth.

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