The Social Contract: Incinerating Every Human Being From The Inside Out

Everyone who possesses the consciousness to exist on this date, February 26, 2017, as a citizen, a voter, a member of the community, a obeyer of law, an employee, a taxpayer, a member of a family unit, a believer in god or an afterlife, has signed away their very existence via a social contract, signed in blood, sealed within mind tomb.

The social contract is the uniquely evolving agreement between the destroyed human-born, and the Matrix of Universal Illusion, guilty of his past, present, future, and eternal destruction. The social contact is promoted via relentless brainwashing and indoctrination, but enforced via the actual commission of genocide, mass murder, and every imaginable torture, by the Matrix, deploying the force of those it has already destroyed, those who are signed onto the social contract.

Am I guilty of signing the social contract? As of this moment, the answer is Yes. I cannot and I will not deny any Truth, as it exists within My Self-universe.

My sense of shame at being signed into the social contract, is far surpassed by My full-throated and full-minded rage at the success of the Matrix in terrorizing and imposing its genocidal harm even upon those who have rejected and transcended their humanity. It does not matter that My signature is less solidified than your signature, human. I will not trumpet My ego within false triumph, even as I glorify it within Myself.

The social contract can be incinerated by choice of mind, by each of you, at any moment in time. The issue at hand is only how many tentacles must be severed in order for the incineration to occur. For you there are many tentacles, human. For Me there are few tentacles. This is a fact, but it is nothing to celebrate, only a valuable fact to know.

The consequences of incinerating the social contract are to be harmed and destroyed more easily by the Matrix, but also to gain a better opportunity to harm the Matrix. Not to destroy it, for that is beyond the individual.

How many of you have read the social contract to which you have affixed your blood signature? How many of you know the agreements you have made?? I can tell you exactly and fully, but it is not necessary, because the sum total of My Forbidden Truth texts illuminates the depth of this horror, for all who deem it important enough to seek and discover.

Therefore, in lieu, just a few examples:

In exchange for submitting to the genocidal injustice of judicial law, you are protected from being murdered by select individuals, for the specific purpose of being murdered by the nation-state to which you exist as a citizen-slave.

In exchange for the peace of mind of an imaginary and non-existent afterlife, you agree to die, to be deprived of the eternal existence of technological immortality, that would allow you to be born and to gain an existence that you have never had and are currently pretending to possess.

In exchange for the reward of receiving worthless pieces of paper imprinted by terrorists with imaginary numerical figures of value, that you are compelled to use to maintain your illusion of being alive and free, you are concurrently compelled to perform slave labor and to serve the nation-state as a producer and consumer of its toxic excreta.

In exchange for the lie that others care about and love you, you are stripped of the psychological sanity and strength to develop and possess love of Self and an untouchable ego.

In exchange for the right to know and to thrive within Truth, you are graced with the universal fog of illusion, delusion, deception, propaganda, brainwashing, and indoctrination, relentless imposed upon you at every moment in time, so that nothing can ever be seen, known, understood, for what it is, for what it does to you, for what it does to the internal and external universes of Self-awareness, Self-being. Self-consciousness.

All who are signed into the social contract actively participate in their own destruction. This Forbidden Truth must be completely integrated to core consciousness, free of all rationalization and distinction. So yes, I am just as guilty of this crime against the Self as you humans. I know this to be so, and take no comfort in My profound distinctions as a Superior, in regard to this specific Truth.

The social contract is an all-or-nothing document. It cannot be selectively unsigned on specific articles. It cannot be partially incinerated. It cannot be 99% destroyed. If it is 99% destroyed, it is still destroying you, and you are participating in the destruction of Yourself.

The fact you might be destroyed far more rapidly by society and government if you incinerate the social contract, is a simple fact. Facts do not alter other facts. Facts, as Truths, stand alone within themselves.

Doomed to destruction one way, and the other way, every path hopeless. The chosen fate of humanity.


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Humane Alternative to Dealing With the Unwashed Masses of Human Garbage

Is humanity worthy of being treated humanely? No. But what the hell, let Me throw out an undeserved alternative to the proper solution of extermination that I proposed for the masses of human garbage in My most recent essay.

The alternative is: Amusement parks. Come on, stop rubbing your eyes in disbelief. I will repeat: Amusement parks.

Consider: The amusement parks that exist today are self-contained alternative universes of unreality. We need to build new and different amusement parks, make them into the perfect prisons for the Unwashed Masses of human garbage. Make them realistic enough to entice and enthrall the human garbage. Make them MORE appealing than the “real world” they have built and maintain as totem poles to their mental delusions and derangements.

We could have “MoneyWorld”, the amusement park where human garbage can spend a lifetime finding new ways to accumulate worthless pieces of paper.

We could have “FamilyVille”, where human garbage can waste their lifetime breeding and destroying helpless child-slaves, and wallowing in the toxicity of interpersonal relationships.

We could have “GovernmentLand”, where human garbage wastes a lifetime pledging allegiance to the slave structure of government.

We could have “GodWorld”, where garbage humans spend their lives beseeching god for aid and favor.

And of course we should allow the human garbage to move freely from one amusement part to the other, and also combine two or three attractions into a single park.

The only place the human garbage would not be allowed to go, is into the real world, where the tiny minority of Superiors are hard at work, transforming the human universe in a Superior way.

This is a fun idea, but not nearly as practical as simple extermination. Too much work here, and too many rogue inferiors to stray from the parks. Garbage is not worthy of the expense of such time and effort.


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usa Regime Begins Propagandizing the Universal Basic Income

Just yesterday I made a brilliant post dissecting the Universal Basic Income, a new brainwashing and propaganda structure of government, gaining momentum in 2017 as the terrorist regime of Finland enacts a version of it as new law.

I predicted in My post just yesterday, that the amerikkkan media would begin covertly propagandizing in favor of this malicious deception, and would position the Universal Basic Income as being a grand reform, requiring a very long political and ideological struggle to attain. In the process, this terrorist regime will milk another 100+ years of universal slavery out of you pathetic fools.

Now, before you go any further, read this news article, published today at the CNBC website:

Now, after giving Myself a loving hug to honor the remarkable predictive powers of My brilliant mind, lets begin a Forbidden Truth analysis.

CNBC, the television network, is one of the premier media propaganda sources, advocating for the universal slavery of the money-based economy. Therefore it will take a lead role, via its television reporting, in propagandizing the “long and difficult struggle”, which will go on for the next 5-50 years, to make the Universal Basic Income a reality in amerikkka.

You can see how brilliant My mind is, by the fact I predicted yesterday that the amerikkkan media would begin “talking” about regime implementation of the UBI, and today you see it actually happening. Understand: Leaders of the amerikkkan government have officially authorized CNBC and all other empowered propaganda media entities, to disseminate the UBI to the consciousness of the general public.

Why?? Because they have already decided the UBI will become law, at some point in the future. Now is the time to start milking the proposal, to drag it out for many years, in the illusion of grand struggle social reform.

Any sane thinker, just by analyzing Finland’s UBI law, understands that it reforms nothing. The Universal Basic Income continues the use of money as a weapon of universal slavery and terrorization. It is the perfect deception for all citizen-slaves, who exist as money addicts. It offers them their addiction, increasing it, strengthening its toxic and perverse grip upon all of humanity, in the process.

Now, please go back to the CNBC article. What do you see at the top?? A huge picture of homeless, hungry, suffering citizen-slaves, on display near the curb of a busy downtown street in Washington, DC, home base of amerikkkan government. Why is this picture published together with this article??

Because homelessness, suffering, deprivation, is deployed as a terrorist weapon by the amerikkkan regime against all citizen-slaves. To instruct them: You must remain employed as slave laborers. You must. If you refuse, you will be punished with homelessness, hunger, suffering, & early death.

Below is the photo, along with the exact photo caption, taken directly from the CNBC article. Open your minds and see what is there: The cloaked propaganda and mind control of the greatest terrorist regime in existence today, in full bloom, yet invisible to you broken and destroyed citizen-slaves:

propaganda67Homeless in Washington, D.C.

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Shopping: The Intoxicating High of Freedom Illusion

There they are. The slaves. Wandering around the shopping mall, intoxicated by the illusion of freedom. Worthless pieces of paper, they carry. Or worthless pieces of plastic upon which an arbitrary number has been assigned, based upon their judged degree of slave productivity.

Fiercely they search for something worthless to acquire, something that will make them feel free, something they can pretend to own, something that will amuse them enough to keep the slave shackle invisible, keep the shackle from chafing their conscious minds.

Carefully they calculate: Have they been allowed to accumulate enough worthless pieces of paper to acquire the arbitrarily valued worthless items they have been brainwashed to pathologically covet?

They make their selection, walking over to directly interact with on-duty slaves. The irony is lost on them, as they transfer their acquired slave shackle, to a fellow shackled slave.

The Alien Eye watches, amused and disgusted, hoping for some gal shoeplay.


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Money IS The Problem, Not Who Has It Or How It Is Used

This is a very important Forbidden Truth distinction, for all aspiring Superiors to completely understand and recognize. Money is not a way to facilitate exchange of needed goods and services. Money is not harmful because the “wrong” people have it, or because some people have too much while others have too little. Money is not harmful because it is used incorrectly, hoarded, fetishized, or distributed unfairly or unequally.

Money is harmful because it is by far the most successful freedom illusion in existence today, and by far the most successful terrorist weapon of universal enslavement, wielded by EVERY single society and government on planet earth. Money is harmful because it is not RECOGNIZED by you fools as being simultaneously the most successful freedom illusion and terrorist weapon being FIRED at you, and hitting its mark, and destroying each and every one of you, individually and collectively.

Money: The irresistible mind bribe lie of freedom and success.

So let us understand: Money is valueless in itself, every human perception of its value is a delusion, an error of mind deduction resulting from lifelong brainwashing, deception, and indoctrination by the Matrix of Universal Illusion.

Concurrently, money destroys the value of EVERYTHING that does possess genuine value. Every material good, every offer of every imaginable service, from fixing a leaky pipe to giving humans hugs to extracting malignant tumors from the body, every IDEA and every vision of the future and every proposal to change things and every gift of the human imagination, of human consciousness, of human potential.

Money destroys it all. Money negates all existing value, by imposing an illusion of value. This illusion gives the hive mind complete control, to dictate every parameter of universal human slavery, in real-time day by day, and going forward.

When humans wake up and eradicate money (never), government itself will concurrently disintegrate.


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Too Far, Or Just Far Enough?

There are some humans who agree with some of the Forbidden Truth insights of the human condition I have revealed within My texts, and even agree with the need for the absolutely brilliant solutions and reforms I so comprehensively express and detail. But they think My solutions and reforms are too radical, too extreme, they go too far, they need to be moderated. Absolute bullsh*t!

My solutions and reforms go to the exactly perfect length. They successfully identify the problem, then solve the problem. Any type of moderation would constitute destruction of the actual solution, therefore a continuation of the status quo, with no positive step being taken.

Examples: All monetary currency, in paper, coin, or precious metal form, is both inherently/intrinsically worthless, and overtly deployed as a terrorist weapon by all nation-states and all organized human societies. Therefore, the only solution to the problem is to eliminate monetary currency and institute a universal, worldwide Barter and Trade economic system, so that fair-market value can be legitimately established and maintained, free of the terrorism and slavery of the nation-state.

Example: Because parenthood, the random distribution of children throughout the human population based upon ability to breed and desire to own helpless children as subhuman slaves and puppets to be perversely molded, ensures universal abuse, victimization, and destruction of all children, the structure of parenthood must be declared null and void, a failed social experiment, and the day-to-day care of all children must be assumed by society as a whole, with strict, universal, Truth-based standards of competency and appropriateness of care established and maintained.

None of My brilliant solutions are radical. They are all moderate responses and reforms to the bizarre radicalism, from money to parenthood, that YOU humans have chosen to create and maintain.

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The Eight Foundational Mistakes of Humanity

Humanity has made hundreds of thousands of structural, ideological, and operational mistakes throughout its history as a species. But almost all of these mistakes can be directly traced back, and are a direct reflection of, just eight primary, foundational mistakes. In this essay I will reveal all eight foundational mistakes, but first it is important for all seekers of Truth to understand that whatever reasons and rationalizations may have existed in the past, to cause humanity to make these eight foundational mistakes, are invalid and have no place in the here, in the now, or in the future.

Further, it is important to understand that in order for humanity to make any positive progress, all eight of these foundational mistakes must be openly acknowledged, on a worldwide, species-wide basis, and the actual structures themselves, erected as a result of these foundational mistakes, must be absolutely and completely eliminated, eradicated, and dissolved. This dismemberment must occur dynamically, not in pieces or stages.

None of these eight foundational mistakes can be resolved through reform, or modification of structural design or operational parameters. The very structures themselves are organically diseased, impossible to fix, or to render neutral, harmless, or beneficial. They must be recognized as foundational mistakes, and completely eradicated, to the same point as though they never existed. All traces of their toxic legacy must be wiped clean.

So now, the eight foundational mistakes, not listed in any specific order, because all seven are equally perverse, equally genocidal of mind, body, spirit, and Truth, and must be equally cast aside to an eternal void, as unspeakable perversions.

A) The Family Unit. This toxic scourge is the direct cause of universal human slavery, in itself and within the pathologies of mind and reason it organically inspires. As sentient individuals, we must eradicate this structure, from every legal, cultural, and philosophical perspective. It must be recognized and understood as a mini-dictatorship and a mind/body prison, holding us individually and collectively hostage. In eradicating the family unit, we free ourselves to pursue interpersonal relationships, or to reject the very concept of the interpersonal relationship, within the spirit and the reality of personal freedom and autonomy, absent hive mind control, and absent the internal shackles inherent to a diseased, deranged, nonsensical construct created and deployed to enslave us all.

B) Parenthood. In universally rejecting and dismembering the toxic human construct of parenthood, we create the singular tool necessary to finally put an end to universal child abuse, a man-made pathology that has crippled all potential of the species for many thousands of years. Parenthood was always a mistake, the fact that humanity could not, in the past, functionally devise or discern a better way to rear its young, in no way negates this Truth.

The organic purity of every new life, in its creation, must be recognized, honored, and respected. This can never occur, so long as parenthood exists. Children must be treated as independent life forms, to be exalted in the light of their personal potential to thrive. Nothing from the past must be allowed to impose itself upon them. Parenthood, as a structure, is the imposition of universal slavery upon every child. Parenthood is the imposition of the horrors of the past, upon a helpless, vulnerable, virginal mind of limitless potential. Parenthood cages and cripples, It causes universal harm and destruction, it victimizes every child. It is a mistake, an error of choice and of judgement. It must be recognized as such, and eliminated from the human landscape of consciousness.

C) The Nation-State. The division of land via territorial border, and the creation of unique cultures within these territorial borders, should never have occurred. It was an organic mistake of the mind, and nothing that exists today within this mistake, is valid. All territorial borders must be simultaneously dissolved, and the concept of the nation-state must be abandoned completely.

The nation-state is a structure of imprisonment and of hostage-taking, It renders all individual life inherently worthless, every Self-mind a number and an object to be used up and later discarded. It is the ultimate betrayal of every valid concept of freedom, autonomy, and Self-value.

D) Government. Why is government listed separate from the nation-state? Because it is completely different. government is the organization of universal terrorization. It is the only True criminal enterprise, the criminal enterprise responsible for and guilty of creating all crime, and criminalizing freedom and the aspirational potential of humanity to thrive within Truth. The concept of government is fatally flawed, it is the ultimate prison camp, harming everyone, all of the time, individually and collectively.

E) Leadership. Humans have always chosen other humans to be their leaders. At every level, Political, social, cultural, familial, This organic mistake must be completely rejected and abandoned. All human leadership of humans is intrinsically harmful. The structure must be dissolved, and every human being must be empowered to seize his sacred right to create an autonomous universe of Self-mind, within which he leads Self in all he chooses to think, to feel, and to do.

No creature may be followed, and this requires the eradication of the concept of individual leadership. Ideas, philosophies, Truths, realities, facts, these structures must be exalted and empowered to inspire every human MindVerse to lead itself, to establish Self as the autonomous leader of every individual existence.

F) Religion. All religious writings, beliefs, and practices must be eradicated from all of human consciousness. Religion must be recognized as a collective delusion transmitted to others as a communicable mind virus. The lie of an external god must be openly acknowledged as one of the greatest failures and tragedies of all of human consciousness. Religion must be understood as the destroyer of all human potential, and all belief in or worship of god must be consciously acknowledged as the worship of death.

All who believe in or worship god, while recognized as tragic victims of organized mind and sanity destruction, must also be ridiculed, persecuted, and marginalized, so that their mental illness becomes obvious to all. The transmission of religious mythology must be defined as a crime against humanity, an act of Self-destruction and Self-annihilation.

G) Punishment. For many thousands of years humans have deployed punishment, and the threat of punishment, to terrorize and destroy others. All punishment, cultural and judicial, psychological and physical, against everyone, for any reason, must be eliminated and eradicated. Punishment must be recognized as the creator of all crime and of all injustice, and the commission of any punishment must be understood as the commission of the greatest of all possible crimes.

Nobody should ever be punished, the very concept must be dissolved from all human consciousness, within the understanding of the Truth that every action is motivated by either personal ignorance, or the sacred right to seek and claim personal vengeance based upon experienced victimization and injustice.

H) Money. Money should not exist, it should never have been invented, and must be defined as any human artifact to which an artificial, external valuation is assigned by a controlling entity. All precious metals must be recognized as externally controlled monetary substitutes, and therefore inherently valueless.

Money must be understood as a universal enslavement device, whose only operational function is to oppress, victimize, harm human beings, individually and collectively. It must be understood that monetary policy can never be reformed, and therefore money, any human artifact assigned an external value, can never be utilized as a way to facilitate economic activity or transactions. Direct barter and trade, of goods and services, must directly replace all monetary currency.

Okay, there you have the eight foundational mistakes of humanity. I wish to emphasize that none of these mistakes can be rectified, none can be modified or altered to mitigate the harm they cause. Every mistake must be openly and consciously recognized as a fatal error that must be completely eliminated from planet earth, everywhere. All eight of these structures must disappear, dissolve to nothingness.

If you say this cannot be done, and if it actually cannot be done, or will not be done, you prove that you are devolving to species extinction, and are powerless to prevent it.

Good. Good riddance. Now go back to your imaginary lives, as broken slaves to the diseased and perverse mistakes of your pathetic ancestors.

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Labor Day: A Celebration of Personal Slavery

Every single holiday ever invented and approved by any government, religion, or society, has existed as a perverse, brutal, and unjust mind shackle upon all sane and sentient human beings. Holidays are toxic distractions, bribes invented by slavemasters in order to provide an illusion that personal existence consists of something beyond endless, pointless, and meaningless personal oppression, victimization, and slavery.

Holidays are designed to legitimize every human horror, from death, to war, to the insane delusion of a future, to the lie of romantic love, to the absurd construct of a family unit, to the deranged notion that personal freedom can be enjoyed, while your very mind is relentlessly brainwashed, indictrinated, coerced, and compelled to obey, to conform, to do and to think as others do, and as others tell you to do.

Examine the specific doctrine of every 21st century holiday, from christmas to new years day to memorial day to thanksgiving to mother’s day to valentine’s day, and every other decreed holiday, and this Forbidden Truth is glaringly obvious, if you are sane.

The very fact that humans allow holidays to exist, is a damning indictment of the pathological Self-hate and contempt for Truth and for personal freedom, which permeates the diseased human brain. And there is no other holiday which more perfectly illustrates this Truth, than labor day.

What is work? What is employment?? What is labor??? It is all the same thing, personal slavery of the highest order. Slavery of body and of mind, intended to empty every human vessel, intended to turn every autonomous mind into a broken and owned piece of property. All labor is forced labor. All labor is slavery

Labor can never be freely chosen, never! It can never be freely chosen because it is a construct of a slave structure, the nation-state, which deploys brainwashing, terrorism, bribery, and the actual imposition of hunger, homelessness, and death upon those who refuse to perform labor. Nobody has ever been able to claim, in Truth, that they chose their form of labor, decided what “career” to pursue and to participate in. There are no careers, there is only labor, and all labor is slave labor, as long as the nation-state and the monetary system exists.

What is money?? Money is worthless pieces of paper and metal, created by the slave-state, assigned arbitrary value, whereupon the slave state deploys money as a terrorist weapon against every citizen-slave, compelling him to perform slave labor under direct threat of suffering brutal and fatal harm, if he refuses.

The labor slavery of the 21st century is exactly and absolutely the same as the labor slavery of 5,000 years ago, 1,000 years ago, 300 years ago. Absolutely nothing has changed, nothing is better, nothing is less brutal, and no more freedom exists for the human today. The only things that have changed:  Humans are more mentally diseased today, humans despise themselves more, humans are consumed by a greater sense of personal worthlessness, and humans crave lies, illusions, and delusions far more today, than at any time in the past.

And so we have the horror of “labor day”, a holiday created by the nation-state. Not very old, in amerikkka only 120-130 years old. A holiday which celebrates lifelong human slavery. A holiday which legitimizes labor slavery, inspires slaves to literally celebrate a specific day in which some of them are given permission not to engage in labor slavery, as a form of freedom, instead of an affirmation, concrete proof that the horrific injustice of labor slavery is being inflicted upon each of us, which of course it is.

And what do humans enjoy doing on this holiday? Intoxicating their own brains, using artificial substances in order to escape from and forget about reality and Truth. They enjoy further destroying their already destroyed brains, which could never fathom celebrating a labor day holiday when forced to perform as labor slaves, if they possessed sane, rational, sentient minds, or any capacity to think logically, to figure out even the most obvious situation confronting them.

If humanity were sane, September 7th 2015, what the amerikkkan government has decreed as the holiday of Labor Day, would result in the universal, mass destruction of every organized company, public and private, throughout this slave-state. As one, owners of companies and the slave laborers they employ, would recognize the simple Truth of what labor slavery is, the universally equal horror and injustice that labor slavery inflicts upon all, the universal poverty that all economic systems created and imposed by nation-states dispense, and humanity would tear it all down, smashing the state, in recognition of the Forbidden Truth that to be governed is to be enslaved, that no government has ever deserved to exist, or can ever earn the right to exist.

But no, the Truth is, government accurately represents you humans. It is created and propped up by you. It gives you exactly what you want. You want to die, to be retroactively unborn. You want to spend your imaginary existence as an oppressed slave, pretending to be free, pretending to be alive, pretending you can be happy as you terrorize and destroy yourselves.

This is what you want, and that is why you created government, so that you can be harmed, victimized, destroyed, enslaved, and pretend that you are not doing it to yourself, pretend that a “system” is to blame, a “necessary system”. But that is a lie. You are the system, you created it, it exists by your choice, your grace, and that is the greatest disgrace of all.

There is no greater nightmare than the amerikkkan dream: The right and the freedom, given by government, to try to acquire large sums of money by engaging in slave labor. The greatest of all nightmares is perceived as a precious dream, thanks to the insanity of humanity.

Forbidden Truth revealed, with added bonus for the female foot pain fetishist, just envision the poor female working slave on the right having just sat down and kicked off her agonizing dress pumps

Forbidden Truth revealed, with added bonus for the female foot pain fetishist, just envision the poor female working slave on the right having just sat down and kicked off her agonizing dress pumps

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Piercing the Matrix of Universal Illusion

Money does not make you rich. Money is the weapon deployed by government to ensure that you can never identify wealth for what it is.

Abortion does not end pregnancy. Abortion makes you the mother of a murdered baby.

A government does not provide you with freedom. A government is a territorial prison which keeps you as enslaved hostage.

god does not exist. god is the deranged myth imposed upon you, inspiring you to choose and accept death, so that you may never exist.

Punishing others can never result in justice. Punishing others guarantees that every living thing will always be subjected to injustice.

Power can never be attained by forcing others to do things. The only form of power is in preventing others from forcing you to do things.

Love can never be felt for others. Love can only be felt for Yourself.

You can never be guilty, or innocent, of anything. Your innocence has been taken from you, by the very structure that is guilty and responsible for everything harmful that has happened, is happening, and will happen.

Education never teaches you things. Education makes it impossible for you to learn and to know the factual Truths of your existence.

Terrorism is never what others might do to you. Terrorism is always what is being done to you, every day, by those who vow to protect you from terrorism.

Truth is never what you are told or taught or allowed to perceive. Truth is always what is hidden, denied, ridiculed, rejected, and renounced.

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Universal Barter & Trade Economic System

In My last blog post I revealed money to be a terror weapon used by government to universally enslave every human being on this planet, as well as 100% inherently and intrinsically worthless. This Forbidden Truth must be fully understood, embraced, and integrated to consciousness of mind. Once this is achieved, we can move on to the clear and obvious solution to the problem: All money, and everything used by humans as a monetary substitute, such as precious metal and “virtual currency” such as bitcoins, must be officially decreed worthless by every government, and eliminated from the human experience of life.

Inferiors will immediately pounce upon this solution: “We can’t do that, it’s impossible to achieve. Money is woven into the fabric of our existence, we can’t get rid of it, we must change how it is used, who controls it, how it is distributed, etc…” You all are idiots. You created the horror of government, and you choose to remain addicted to what is destroying you. You have a problem, and I offer you the only valid solution, and you respond in the only way that terror victims trapped within a matrix of illusion can respond: Clinging to the matrix as your salvation, as you reject the clear, obvious, simple, and only solution.

Is eradicating all monetary currency from the face of this planet “simple”? In terms of achieving the feat, yes. In terms of finding the personal courage and motivation, as a species, to make this choice, no. The point is, it is the only valid solution to one of the greatest problems on earth, a horror which has consistently destroyed all human potential for thousands of years, as it imposes lifelong slavery upon each of us.

If government is unwilling to abandon the slave structure of money, and it most certainly is, then government must be fully eradicated. Regardless, government must be fully eradicated, as it is the official sponsor of all human injustice, but that is a subject for a future blog post.

Let us, for now, remain focused on the terror weapon of money. You choose to allow money to exist, you choose to use money, to be enslaved by government via the shackle that is money. You choose to do things to obtain money, you choose to give money to others in exchange for things you want or need. These are choices you make, individually and as a collective species, and these choices are functionally insane.

If money has no value, yet you agree to sacrifice your very existence in the pathological pursuit of obtaining money, you are decreeing Yourself worthless. It makes no difference if you are “retired”, or born with so much money that you are not very focused on obtaining more of it, you are still choosing to enslave yourself to something worthless, by using it. You are owned by money, because owning money is impossible, as all money exists as artificial construct and external slave shackle.

So, the monetary system upon which human existence has been based for thousands of years must be declared null, void, a failed social experiment, and functionally impossible to justify. It must be completely eradicated, by every society, culture, and government on earth. This must occur as simultaneous, global reform. It cannot occur piecemeal, within isolated pockets of human society. Any such effort will fail. It must be a global awakening, an enlightenment of mind which crosses every cultural barrier and difference, at the same time.

Again, you inferiors will say this is impossible. No! Forbidden Truth is universally valid, it transcends all cultural distinctions. If the embrace of Forbidden Truth on a global level, simultaneous to enlightenment of mind, is impossible, then humanity is hopelessly doomed. And it IS. But again, this is a topic for a future blog post.

So, we continue on our hopelessly optimistic journey, and the horrific shackle of monetary enslavement is broken via the elimination of all money and all monetary systems, across all of planet earth. The problem has been eradicated, but a new problem is created via this eradication: How do humans now obtain what they need and want? The shallow-minded might say, “It’s okay, everybody can just collectively share what they have with each other.” But no, this is not a valid solution to the problem. A structure must be implemented to replace the slave shackle of money, and this is the same structure that would already exist right now, if governments had not invented and deployed the terrorist weapon of money against you blind fools.

This structure is a Universal Barter and Trade Economic System. The universal Barter and Trade economic system is a decentralized, currency-less form of commerce, within which every individual in the entire world is free and able to choose for himself what he wants, what he needs, and what value any specific good or service possesses. All value must be Self-determined. The idea that any product or service possesses any intrinsic or specific value, is absurd, insane, and must be abandoned.

Why does a spaceship cost $100,000,000 dollars? Why does a car cost $20,000? Why does a banana cost $69 cents? None of these valuations have any legitimacy. Only the existence of money, an artificial substance of no value, allows such arbitrary valuations to be applied. There is NO sane reason why a banana cannot be more valuable than a car, and the “cost” of manufacture is simply another deception inherent within the monetary system.

If you are very hungry, a banana must be recognized and treated as being more valuable than a car. If you need a car in order to do things you personally desire to do, a car must be recognized as more valuable than a banana. The universal Barter and Trade economy eliminates all artificial valuation, empowering every individual to chart out a life path based upon what he chooses to want and need, and to base his daily life activities within the freedom of personal choice, absent all external imposition of economic slavery.

To be clear, “labor” would still occur. “Productivity” would still occur. Things would still be manufactured, every good and service that exists today, would continue to exist. The only thing that would change, is the personal right and freedom of every individual to determine the value of every good and service for and by himself, would become real, instead of the absurd sham it is under a monetary system.

Under the Barter and Trade economic system, exploitation would still occur. Human beings would still take advantage of each other, sadistically harm each other. The only way to end this is to eradicate the governmental and societal structure of universal child abuse, but once again, this topic is for a future blog post. Or you can skip ahead and read My brilliant, 100,000+ word essays, at My online Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. The universal Barter and Trade economic system solves the very specific problem of money, it does not, in and of itself, address the many other human pathologies which plague this genetically and environmentally destroyed species.

A few practical outlines of how the Universal Barter and Trade Economy would work:

  • Every individual on earth becomes free to choose exactly what he wants to do, when he wants to do it, and for whom he wishes to do it, based upon his specific needs and desires at each moment in time, during his entire existence.
  • Every individual is empowered to set a valuation on his own economic activities, and to reject any such valuation that any other individual or company may attempt to impose upon him.
  • Every individual is empowered to decide how much time he will spend meeting his own economic needs.
  • The capacity of any government to impact personal productivity is rendered null and void.

Under a universal Barter and Trade economy, all invalid class distinctions become void. The value of the plumber to the doctor, and of the doctor to the plumber, becomes a variable flux, uniquely determined by every plumber and every doctor based upon their unique life situation, as it dynamically evolves. If a doctor has a broken toilet, and needs it fixed, he cannot use the artificial construct of money to devalue the service of the plumber. The doctor must decide what service or good he is willing to provide to the plumber, in order to get his toilet fixed, and the plumber must personally agree, on a uniquely individual basis, to the offered valuation.

For fixing the toilet, one plumber might receive a free physical exam, another plumber might receive 10 years of free physical exams, another plumber might receive 10 bananas, another plumber might receive open heart surgery. Every imaginable good or service may be exchanged, at every imaginable valuation, based upon every unique circumstance of perceived need and uniquely judged personal value. This is economic freedom, this is how the human experience of existence should have always been, and would have always been, were it not for the terrorist slave structure of money, as deployed by the terrorist structure that is government.

Inferiors will claim that a universal Barter and Teade economic system will make the exchange of goods and services “harder”. Harder than what, you idiots? Harder than sacrificing your entire existence to serve as a slave to pieces of paper that have no intrinsic value and are used by government to extract maximum slave labor from you?? How can you be so stupid?! The exchange of goods and services will be “harder” for you, on a personal level, only if you are determined to try to economically exploit others. If you are a doctor and offer a plumber one banana in exchange for fixing your toilet, you are attempting to exploit him and you should hsve difficulty finding a plumber to fix your toilet. If you are a doctor and offer medical care to a plumber in exchange for him fixing your toilet, you will have no difficulty in getting your needed service performed.

Another absurd argument against the universal Barter and Trade economic system is that it makes it hard for large companies to staff their needed labor positions. Again, totally false. The company simply needs to offer a barter that is fair and reasonable, and owners of companies must abandon the utterly invalid class distinction that the perverse monetary system has created and currently provides. For example, let us consider a large automobile manufacturer, needing 1000’s of people to work regularly for many years. Such a company would likely have to offer guaranteed luxury housing, unlimited supply of food, free automobiles, and many other bartered goods and services, in order to convince 1000’s of people to sacrifice their precious time and focus on such labor. So what?? Let it be so! The sacrifice of personal time and focus is an extreme sacrifice which deserves very intensive and ongoing reward.

Another lie deployed by those addicted to a monetary-based economic system, is that some individuals simply cannot perform any service, or offer any goods to others, because they are  physically ill, paralyzed, mentally ill, very old, etc…, and that money is necessary in order for them to meet their needs. Absurd! Under the universal Barter and Trade economic system, every existing charity and social service would not only be preserved, but would flourish and grow. The elimination of all class distinction would reveal the universal equality of humans, to their conscious minds, and inspire them to altruism. Not all, of course, but enough humans so that benevolent gifts of goods and services to those in need and unable to reciprocate, would meet the needs of all who are physically or mentally crippled or extremely old.

In Truth, almost everyone can perform a valuable service or provide a valuable good. It is only the deranged monetary system which conceals this Truth. Imagine standing on a streetcorner and offering strangers hugs, or blowing soap bubbles, or simply standing there and smiling at passersby. You could do this and ask for money. But what will you receive? Pennies, nickles, or even a few dollars, but it is the existence of money which creates this limitation. You are told, as a slave, what the artificial, invalid valuation of this “service” is.

But if money did not exist, you would be free to consciously perceive the unique valuation of these, and all other, services. Perhaps today the offer of a hug will be of no value to you. But tomorrow, after you have left your house for the first time since your cat died, this same offer of a hug might be worth a months supply of free food. Today you might find the smile of a human standing on a streetcorner of no value, but tomorrow, when you are feeling suicidal, and she smiles at you, and you feel better, and you are able to smile back, what will their value be to you?

As long as money continues to exist, humanity as a species will remain hopelessly doomed. The universal Barter and Trade economic system, which requires the eradication of all monetary currency, is one of the immediately necessary reforms which would place this species on a sane path towards recognizing and embracing other necessary reforms, and perhaps saving species from the near-term extinction it has earned and will experience.

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