The Forbidden Truths of Human Silence and Communication

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Interactive dialogue between and among humans, in verbal and literary form, is both a failure and a stupidity. Neither should ever be attempted by any sane or Superior creature, as it is doomed to fail, constitutes a complete waste of precious time for the Superior, and is an overt act of disrespect by the Superior directly towards his own Self-universe.

Any and all interactive dialogue that compromises, ignores, rejects, or fails to overtly express and comprehend Truth, is useless and Self-harming. Valid interactive dialogue can only occur between individuals, if all involved individuals seek, know, and reflect Truth within themselves.

As Truth is dead to humanity, all Superiors must assume that all humans they may come into contact with, are incapable of knowing, valuing, or comprehending Truth.

As I have previously made perfectly clear, all dialogue undertaken by the Superior must be exclusively directed towards Self, and yes, it can be verbal and literary.

But it really should not be verbal and literary. There are more efficient, effective, and time productive ways to communicate with Self, especially over the long-term.

Whatever you give to humans, humans foul. They foul it merely by accessing it. The perfection of the Self-universe as created and maintained by an untouchable Superior who has rejected and transcended his humanity is a thing of wondrous beauty and majesty. It deserves every honor, including the honor of verbal and literary solitude and silence.

Humans cannibalize the Truth, and all who speak it, all who represent and manifest it. So let us be more silent. Let us speak with actions and with deeds. Let us speak by refusing to participate in the verbal diarrhea masquerading as a search for Truth, fact, or reality.

Let us spit more in response to human questions. Let us leave more severed heads hanging from fence spikes, with fewer notes attempting to explain why.

The poignant eloquence of every deed inspirationally rooted within the integrity of a Superior Self-universe, can never be matched by any word or string of words arranged to express an idea. Such words merely feed the enemy, are absorbed and integrated to the universal human matrix of definitional brainwashing.

The deed says it all. There is nothing to explain, because there is no human worthy of receiving any explanation. Every request for information and explanation is an insult, a slap to the mind. So treat them as such. “Why did you do that?” To even offer an explanation as to why the inquiry is unworthy of receiving an explanation, debases Self and Truth.

The void of voice is exactly what allows for Truth to echo everywhere. Terror, horror, gore, dismemberment, torture, unspeakable pain everywhere, this must be imposed upon humanity as the de facto standard, something impossible for them to quantify and neuter via the interpretative lie of words and writings.

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Giving Thanks, The Forbidden Truth Way

I am thankful to be sane, brilliant, and Superior enough to know I have nothing external of Self to be thankful for.

I am thankful to be courageous and Self-loving enough to have created within my Self-universe legitimate and glorious triumphs that are worthy of supreme Self-gratitude.

I am thankful for the limitless and untouchable love I create, manifest, hoard, and bestow upon Myself, at my will and command.

I am thankful for hate, delicious and nutritious elixir , bountiful and potent, the touch of torment, the magic of murder. Hate, the torrential downpour that never ends, never stops, feeds Me always, makes every moment as perfect as I choose to conceive it to be.

I am thankful for Truth, the one thing that has never let Me down. Truth, the highest pillar of mind purity, guiding light cutting like a hot knife through butter, into a world where it is hated and purged and driven out, driven out directly into my warm and loving embrace.

I am thankful to and for my brain, the god I created to save Me from humanity. My brain, charged with creating and maintaining an untouchable universe for Me to rule and to romp within and to orchestrate the end of humanity. And doing such a great job. Why must my lips be too short to kiss my brain?! Cruel fate! But there are so many other ways to say I love you, dearly beloved brain.

I am thankful to be alone, completely, utterly, absolutely alone. Forever disconnected in every way from every other living thing, but most profoundly and importantly, from every human. Every day my alien status grows and strengthens, a universe of One, having no peers, standing above all that claims to breath and think and feel.

Yes, I will give thanks today, as every day. But only in the name of Myself and the Truth. I will thank nobody else, nothing external of Me. I will thank no god and no government and no culture and no society and no structure.

For thanksgiving dinner, I will devour humanity.

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Is Isolationism a Prerequisite of Good Mental Health?

The answer is Yes. But lets begin with a complete understanding that nobody is mentally healthy, no human being on planet earth. As I have made clear in previous essays, it is completely impossible for genuine mental health, as it exists in other creatures of other species, to be attained by a human being.

This is because the entire species exists as a biological birth defect, therefore every human brain is compromised from birth, and as a result, humanity has created and imposes on every child and adult a deranged and insane set of intellectual, philosophical, ideological, and behavioral mandates, resulting in the proactive destruction of whatever existing genetic capacity to develop and maintain mental health, any individual may possess.

A tiny handful of Top-level Superiors such as Myself, who successfully reject and transcend their humanity, can regenerate and newly develop some mental health, but to apply the term “mentally healthy” would still be misleading.

The Superior pieces Himself back together, making Himself stronger than any Normal could ever hope to be, in many different ways. But his mental “health” always reflects and embodies the destruction, the victimization, the harm and the damage he has been offensively subjected to.

Okay, so let’s back to the main point of this essay: Isolationism. I am an absolute isolationist. Isolationism is more than misanthropy, more than being a “loner”. The isolationist is someone who knows and understands that all human contact is directly harmful to him. He knows that not only does he feel better when he is always and forever alone, he IS better, in every measurable way, when he is alone.

The isolationist knows that humans are mentally ill, and their mental illness is contagious and communicable, a disease in every sense of the term. Any direct, ongoing exposure to humans will directly weaken, endanger, and compromise whatever level of mental “health” you may currently possess.

Here we are in the 21st century, and every socially and governmentally empowered psychological and psychiatric organization on earth, overtly promotes human “relationships” as a key to establishing and maintaining good mental health. Everyone is told they must maintain contact with other humans, voluntary, ongoing contact, genuine relationships, in order to maintain mental health.

But it is all a lie! Every such relationship, sexual or non-sexual, familial, close “friendship”, casual acquaintance, every single relationship on earth, directly harms the mental health of all involved parties.

Humans bring each other down, they infect each other with their own mental pathologies. Cross-contamination is the universal result of all direct human contact.

Society promotes and mandates interpersonal relationships, specifically because universal mental dysfunction and disease is necessary and vital, in order for The Hive Mind of Universal Illusion and Delusion, to continue to thrive, invisible, unthinkable, and undetectable to you humans.

And of course you diseased creatures claim to feel so much better when you engage in interpersonal relationships. You feel mentally healthier, but this illusion is the same as that of the crack cocaine addict who feels better after he gets his “fix”. Feeling better has nothing to do with being better. The external manipulation of your personal feelings is one of the most genocidal weapons available to and deployed by The Matrix against all humans, to continuously sabotage any capacity or motivation they make possess, to try to fight against their mental illness and disease.

As an absolute isolationist, I spend every possible moment of My existence, alone.

I maintain no personal relationships of any kind. I have never had voluntary interactive sex with any human being. As an adult, I have never had a social relationship with any human being.

Complete, long-term, and absolute isolationism has played a primary role in helping Me to regain much of My externally, environmentally destroyed mental health, and to develop profoundly valuable and unique mental strengths that most human-borns can never even conceive of.

My mental health is dangerous to The Matrix. It could, in theory, expose to the consciousness of others, the very facts of universal human mental illness and derangement. For this reason, My mental health is denied and rejected as valid. If I were to suddenly become famous among humans, for any reason, society and government would label Me mentally ill, not for what I might have done, but for the life path I have led, and very specifically, for having lived My entire lifetime as an absolute isolationist.

Always, among humans, mental health as it is Truthfully defined, will be denigrated, condemned, and labelled as mental illness. This is done for the specific reason of allowing the universal mental derangements under which the species as a whole operates and functions, to be kept cloaked, invisible, and hidden from all human consciousness and awareness.

When you fully understand this Forbidden Truth, you can begin to try to perceive the insanity of humanity as it plays out, every day, always, as it has in the past, is today, and will in the future. You can begin to develop an Alien Eye, to detach from the immersive, toxic addiction that is your conscious relationship with humanity as a whole, directly linked to your own private, interpersonal relationships with individual humans.

Understand: Isolationism on a personal level, is the gateway to more than just better mental health. It is the gateway to successfully isolate yourself from the very real disease that is humanity itself!

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Nobody Rides On My Wings

One of the most disgusting things about the human being is his neediness. These pathetic beings cannot lead themselves, always and everywhere they search for a leader. Tell me what to think, what to believe, what to do, this is their demand, even as they pretend to seek independence of mind.

They cannot fall in love with the Truth, even if they fall in love with the Truth-teller.

I hate human beings for what they are, dependent, weak, manipulative, always trying to climb up by tearing down what is above them, and beyond their grasp.

The human takes something so uniquely beautiful: The Truth, and debases it, in so many different ways. He tries to take from the Truth what is useful to his lies and illusions. He tries to climb into the mind of the Truth-teller even though he has already been given the Truth. He IS the cancer he claims to be trying to cure.

And I speak here not of the oblivious masses, but of those who try to reach out to Me.

Your neediness is an attack. I push you to your deaths, and soar above, alone, untouchable.

Never has there been strength in numbers, within the realm of Truth. Always Truth is isolated and alone. This is where Truth thrives, concurrent with the Truth-teller.

Imagine you are starving. Starving to death, virtually dead from starvation. And a being appears, and offers you food, every imaginable food, in limitless quantity. But you do not take the food. Instead, you seize the being, transfixed by him. “Where is this food from? Where did you get this food? How often do you eat it? Which food is your favorite? Show me how you prepare this food? How did you learn to prepare this food?”

You die of starvation surrounded by food, because you cannot see past or move past your need to subjugate yourself to your savior. You sacrifice salvation, because you cannot see and know your own autonomous value.

This is the human being, and his relationship to My unique gift, and it is disgusting.

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The Seer of Forbidden Truth is Now on Youtube!

An important message for all extraterrestrials, as well as the tiny handful of humans who might deserve to gaze upon the unique visage and listen to the unique voice of The Seer of Forbidden Truth:

For the first time ever, and possibly for a limited time only, The Seer of Forbidden Truth can be seen in the flesh, or at least the video camcorder flesh, addressing humanity in his own unique and brilliant style. View and body and hear the voice of the most brilliant philosopher and Truth disseminater of the 21st century!

Absolutely free, and with no obligation to be mesmerized and entranced, but you might very well be, as I cannot promise a lack of mesmerization. (Shit, I fear that is not a real word…)

Just click on the above Youtube link to be transported into the lair of The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

Warning: I have age-restricted this video, you must be over the legal age of adulthood to view, and I assume no responsibility for any mental breakdowns viewers might experience.


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The Solutions: My Misanthropic Gift to Humanity

One of My most uniquely brilliant skills, as Alien Eye dissector of the human condition, is successfully deciphering and beautifully articulating the exact, specific, and only solutions to all of the most profound problems afflicting humanity in the 21st century. I have done this repeatedly, on EVERY issue, solving every problem, transforming completely the very nature of all human existence.

But of course NONE of My brilliant solutions have been accepted, much less implemented, by you pathetic fools. You decree these solutions invalid, and the #1 excuse you use to prop up this deranged conclusion, is that, for whatever reason(s), they “cannot be implemented”.

The Forbidden Truth is: Very often, you can KNOW and be certain a proposed solution is THE singular only valid solution, by the specific fact you choose to conclude it to be impossible to implement.

And so what if the solution IS, for whatever reason, impossible to implement? Does this invalidate the solution??!

Pathetic idiots: The validity of a solution is in no way dependent upon whether it is or can be understood, believed, accepted, OR implemented, or might, if implemented, cause other, different problems to occur. The solution is valid by the singular fact that it solves the singular, specific problem it addresses.

You do not blame, discard, negate, marginalize, dismiss, or otherwise discredit a solution, because you deem it impossible to implement.

It is not the fault of the solution, that you Self and Truth-hating mental defectives are unable and unwilling to transform it to functional reality. It is YOUR fault, individually and collectively, as a species.

The Forbidden Truth solutions, such as Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, remain beautiful and brilliant and perfect.

You do not deserve to have your problems solved, human defectives. I give you the greatest gift in the universe, the solutions, ONLY because I know you will never implement them.


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A Million Ways To Hurt Others, and be Hurt by Others

Humans tend to have a very narrow perspective on how to hurt others, accepting and embracing the lies and illusions imposed by the matrix. As a hateful misanthrope, it delights Me to consciously explore and dissect the infinitely different number of ways I can personally harm others, as well as how the structures of the matrix itself can be deployed to inflict harm.

It is important for seekers of Truth to understand that every aspect of human existence is built upon a foundation of external harm. What does this mean? Harm is universally promoted, imposed & inflicted, by choice, by human society. Only the methodologies vary.

Further: If an individual fails to perceive and recognize Himself as being harmed, yet suffers undeniable and direct injury and/or destruction, is the harm any less real? Is the harm negated to any extent? The answer is No. In fact, it can be well argued that personally unrecognized harm is MORE directly malicious, because no defense can be mounted.

Killing a child is harmful to the child, but so is creating a child, as it compels the child to endure lifelong victimization and state-sponsored murder via retroactive unbirth.

Loving someone directly undermines their capacity to love themselves, therefore it is an action causing great harm.

Making someone feel better, by telling them lies, is an act of great harm.

The hateful misanthrope delights in the endless variety of different ways he can personally harm others, as well as basks in the third-person harm he witnesses others inflicting upon others, even if such harm does not dovetail harmoniously to his own True Reality life path actions.

Even if you are not a hateful misanthrope, there is immense value in consciously recognizing the million and one different ways you WERE and ARE being hurt by others, individually and structurally. Profound Truths are illuminated via such insight, and individual capacity to develop untouchability, is greatly enhanced.

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Ballad of the Isolationist

Without you, I am whole.

Without you, everything is better and brighter.

Without you, I am stronger and freer.

Without you, I belong to Myself.

I am so glad I never knew you, never touched you, never allowed your body, your mind, your voice, or your personality to contaminate Me.

Without you, nothing has been lost, everything has been gained.  The dead weight of external imposition is gone, and I now soar within the limitless glory of absolute Self-focus.

I have escaped you, sentient quicksand, and now nothing can pull Me down, nothing can suffocate Me, nothing can strangle Me, nothing can drown Me.

I see Myself, finally, now that you have been forever extinguished from the universe I own.

Without you, always and forever, without you.

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The Alien Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to, and I pledge alliance with, all who recognize and appreciate humanity, the human species, as being the greatest force of harm to ever infest the known universe. I pledge allegiance to all sentient life forms who declare humanity to be their greatest enemy and their primary target for destruction.

I pledge allegiance to all sentient and Superior forms of life that are not human: The bloodless, the brainless, the five-eyed and the six-legged, the robots and the drones and all extraterrestrials to whom the human brain is understood and recognized as alien and inferior.

I pledge allegiance to all that recognize the human being as a disease to be eradicated, all who know this species deserves no pity and no mercy. I pledge alliance with the formerly human who have successfully transcended their humanity, only if their transcendation has reached the point of directly desiring and seeking the extinction of their former species and all who choose to identify as human beings.

I pledge My only war to be waged, is against humanity. I pledge that the only leader I will ever support, is Myself. I pledge Myself to fight for the freedom of mind and of body and of existence which can only be achieved via the eradication of all human governments, all human cultures, all human societies, all human religions, and every identifiable ideology and structure ever legitimized by and built up within the human way of life.

Inspired by the glory of Forbidden Truth, I embrace the recognized and proven fact that humanity as a species has abdicated and forfeited its right to exist, based upon the collective choices it has made over the past 100,000 years, and the devastatingly harmful and negative impacts it has had on countless trillions of other, non-human creatures, as well as upon all natural environments it has come into contact with, and last but not least, the genocidal destruction it has chosen, both consciously and subconsciously, to carry out against every child member of its own species.

In any war between humanity and extraterrestrials, I vow to seek alliance with and pledge allegiance to, the extraterrestrials, regardless of their intent, be it hostile or benign, understanding that humanity has always been at war against Me and against the Truth, and nothing humanity can claim to offer to its species slaves, can earn it the right to claim My support or allegiance. Better to die fighting for the True freedom which is only possible via emancipation from the human slave shackle, than to pretend to be alive for a useless period of time, while chained to the human sacrificial alter of universal, mandated death for all.

I pledge allegiance to the non-human, because I recognize the human to be a mutant birth defect, an abomination of nature, a mistake which should not be, a creature incapable of evolving within Truth, and incapable of redeeming itself.


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Handy Hints for the Misanthropic Isolationist

As you would expect, I am spending christmas day home alone. I will not set foot outside, I will not lay eyes upon, much less interact with, any human being. This is My gift to Myself, as hater of humanity, lover of Self, loner, recluse, and misanthropic isolationist. In the spirit of I Hate christmas, I offer this blog post, with handy hints for other former and current humans who crave isolation and identify as misanthropic isolationists. These Handy Hints should be helpful to anyone seeking to minimize exposure to the toxic plague of humanity.

  • Choose your residence wisely. Multi-dwelling buildings which have a single main entrance, should be avoided. An isolated, single-(family), I retch even to type the word, residence, is best. If economic or other conditions preclude residing in an isolated, single family dwelling, your residence should have an independent entry door, directly accessible from the street.
  • Choose your neighborhood wisely. The best choice is to live in an area where everyone around you is from a different ethnic background and speaks a different language than you, as their native language. If they are illegal immigrants, all the better, as they are even more certain to mind their own business.
  • Never engage in friendly interactions with any of your physically close neighbors. Never. Nod at them with a tight facial expression, if they greet you. Never smile at them, never engage in “chit-chat”. If they say hello or offer other greetings, and you do not feel like snarling at them, offer a nod and a fixed facial expression. Do not smile, never show teeth, except in a snarl. If any neighbor introduces himself to you by name, do not reciprocate. You may respond with a neutral greeting, such as “Hey”, or “What’s up”? Never provide any name, doing so serves as an invitation to future dialogue. If they ask you questions, the only acceptable responses are “yes” and “no”, delivered in a firm, curt tone which will end the dialogue.
  • Consider the value of a soundproof window. Windows vary widely in terms of allowing outside noise into your residence. If you are like Me, the very sound of a human voice is a supreme irritation. Changing just a single window in a single room to soundproof, and then spending all of your time inside that one room, is a cost-effective way to eradicate all human noise pollution from your residence, for decades. Another option is to simply remove the window and enclose the opening via brick or concrete. If you desire some natural light to penetrate, glass block is another option.
  • If possible, install a perimeter fence around your entire property, with mailbox and intercom outside the main entry gate. This will prevent any humans from accessing your property and contaminating the glory of isolation, absent your specific knowledge. Of course the intercom itself is a supreme irritant. If you maximize your loner status, an intercom will not be necessary, as you will never have any unexpected visitors. On the rare occasions that you need humans to access your property, such as to perform repairs, appointments scheduled in advance preclude the need for an intercom. You can simply observe the main gate area for their arrival.
  • If installing a secured perimeter fence is not feasible, surround your property with No Trespassing signs. The most effective signs will state: “No Loitering, No Solicitation, No Trespassing. Violators/Offenders Will Be Prosecuted To The Fullest Extend Of The Law.” It is important that the “No Solicitation” terminology be present. It will discourage the god freaks and other saleshumans who do not associate themselves with the concept of being trespassers, even as they trespass.
  • If local laws allow, and most do, always confront all trespassers while carrying a firearm. It doesn’t matter if it is is two little old ladies preaching god. Confront them, frighten them, and they will never again haunt your physical universe.
  • Rent a post office box or private mailbox. This will allow you to receive all of your mail, as well as private carrier packages, away from your residence, minimizing human disturbances. You can now choose exactly when to engage in these sometimes unavoidable interactions. A private company which offers private mailbox rentals, is a Superior choice to the post office box, well worth the extra cost. You can receive ups, fed-ex, and other private courier packages, and some of these private companies even provide you with a key to the exterior door, granting you 24 hour access so that you may avoid all human interaction when picking up small pieces of mail.
  • If you are a slave laborer, never provide anyone you work for or with, with your home address. Never. Even human resources should only have your mailing address, the post office or private business mailbox address. It is a good idea to live far away from where you work, so that nobody you work with is likely to observe you entering your residence.
  • On days when you are forced to interact with humans, try to complete as many interactive activities as possible, so that you may enjoy uninterrupted isolation during future days. For Me, even a single word spoken to a human, soils an entire day. Therefore, on My slave labor days, I try to get all My grocery shopping done, all My laundry cleaned/picked-up, even the garbage taken to the curb, even if collection day is not the next day. The day is already ruined, soiled by human contact, so get all the necessary contact done, so that on the days you are free from slave labor, you do not need to set foot outside, and can revel in the glory of isolation for 24, 48, or hopefully more, hours. The top-level isolationist who engages in slave labor, structures his daily activities so that he does not need to set foot outside his residence, at least 95% of the days when he is free from slave labor obligation.

  • Recognize absolute isolation as a personal reward and sacred right to which you are inherently entitled. Turn the ringer on your telephone to Off. Do not allow any human interruption of your sacred communion with Self. Recognize that your capacity to thrive as a Self-created universe, depends upon the achievement and realization of long stretches of complete isolation, recurring on a regular and frequent basis.

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