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Stephen Craig Paddock Mass Murder Kill Count Officially Jumps from 50 to 58!

Just confirmed via police press conference, 58 confirmed dead, more than 500 injured, by Stephen Craig Paddock’s Las Vegas county music concert sniper shooting rampage. The last confirmed number was 50, so this completely shatters the old lone gunman record as previously held by Omar Mateen.


What a tribute to the strength of age and of maturity! A tactical plan thought out, planned out, and executed with tremendous skill. No negative impacts from the age of Stephen, which is 64. Seniors of the world: You can do anything. Whatever physical regressions you may be afflicted by, can be compensated by mental strength and determination and maturity.

Every society and government labels all citizen-slaves in hundreds of different ways, deliberately to control how they perceive themselves. “You are a child!” “You are a senior citizen!” Act your age, slave!

No. We are ageless because Truth is ageless. Young or old, it is your mind, not your body, that determines your potential.

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The Importance of Knowing Exactly When to Stop Searching for Truth

You stop searching for Truth when you find it.

There is nothing simplistic or obvious in this statement, it is in fact profoundly important and vital for all aspiring Superiors to psychologically analyze, understand, and embrace.

The vast majority of humans who claim to seek Truth are in fact seeking “enlightenment”, a “higher state of awareness and consciousness”, a “better way to cope with the stresses and problems of life”, etc… none of this has anything to do with Truth, or with a Truth quest.

Truth is factual and specific. Truth uncloaks something hidden. Truth solves a problem by unveiling the nature of the problem, absent bias, absent illusion, delusion, Self-deception. Truth is universally applicable, not selectively applicable based upon uniquely individual states of mind.

So, you search for Truth, and when you find Truth, you stop. The search is over. To continue the search is to directly jeopardize and risk forever losing, the Truth you have found.

Of course you must recognize the Truth as being a Truth, in order to know you must end your search. To achieve this recognition requires that you specifically avoid seeking “enlightenment”, a higher state of consciousness, or solutions to your own personal problems as your mind universe perceives them to be.

Truth must be sought for its independently sacred value, not for what it may be able to do for you personally. Listen to this, now: Only AFTER Truth is successfully realized and recognized, can you begin to try to figure out how to use this Truth to better your own Self-universe. Within the search for Truth itself, trying to figure out whether the considered possible Truth can help you, or how it would help you, is a recipe for disaster, and almost guarantees you will fail to recognize a Truth when it confronts you, and will end up rejecting it, thereby continuing a lifelong, utterly futile illusion of a Truth quest, having already found and lost the actual Truth.

The vast majority of humans never find Truth, because they do not want to find it. Therefore it is impossible for them to recognize. Their quest is to find ways to cope with the perceived horrors of their existence. That is not a Truth quest. In fact, it sabotages and destroys any genuine interest in or capacity to, find Truth.

A Truth quest is not personal. It is never personal. Truth is of personal value only after it is found, never while it is sought.

Every inferior has found Truth. And then lost it, lost it forever. Within the spectrum of individual reality perception, every individual is directly confronted with Truth. Unless this unique moment of confrontation is consciously recognized as exactly what it is: The uncloaking of a Truth, it will be dismissed as just another random thought, and allowed to float away within the eternal void of limitless human stupidity.

Recognition is the difference between a found Truth being embraced, or thrown away forever.

You recognize Truth by pursuing it as an alien mind, absent all personal enmeshment of emotion, of need, of desire, of hope. This is the only way to stop searching, to recognize you have actually found what you have been actually and Truthfully searching for. The Truth quest itself must reflect a True desire to find Truth, and not to find anything else.

Now, after you find a new Truth, you integrate it to core consciousness, you harmoniously position it in such a way as to honor every existing “old” Truth, and then you can begin figuring out how to use this Truth to better your own Self-universe. Without, of course, impacting your ongoing Truth quest to uncover all Truth. This quest must never end, but in order to remain viable it must continue completely independent and detached from your ongoing effort to maximize your own personal experience of existence.

There is no contradiction here, there is only the harmony of a Superior mind able and determined to function positively on multiple levels, and not to sabotage either Truth or Self-love, by inappropriately commingling the singular glory of a 100% personally detached quest to uncover all Truth, with the equally singular glory of a 100% committed personally immersive quest to maximize personal ego, narcissism, love of Self, carried out within the limitation of not betraying or compromising any existing, factual Truths already known and realized.

Both quests are glorious and majestic, pursued with unrelenting passion of intellect and emotion, by the Superior. But the Truth quest is higher. Yes, it is! Of course it is. It must be, because it is only within the envelope of actual, factual, realized and embraced Truth, that the parallel quest, of ego, narcissism, love of Self, maximization of the Self-universe, can be legitimately carried out.

Got it??


Mind Bomb, successfully detonated!

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Barricaded Shut, and Wide Open

My mind is absolutely barricaded shut, and at the same time, limitlessly wide open. A contradiction? Of course not! My mind is perfectly positioned to decipher Truth, and to repel the relentless onslaught of brainwashing, propaganda, and indoctrination that all human minds are subjected to.

The Superior who has transcended his humanity understands exactly how important it is to maintain a mind that is barricaded shut, and simultaneously, limitlessly open.

To all external excreta that all of humanity deliberately and inadvertently hurls upon My mind, an impenetrable, immovable barricade is in place. Nothing is allowed in, every external idea meets My mind fortress.

But to internal contemplation, no notion, no concept, no shadow of bizarre thought, is ever turned away. The inventions of the Self-mind are always welcomed, always invited in for limitlessly open, considerate, unbiased contemplation.

The typical human cannot even recognize the vast majority of external mind attacks. External indoctrination is his only method of acquiring new thoughts, new ideas. This inferior creature is hopelessly lost, his brain an empty vessel waiting to be filled up by his slavemasters and puppet-string pullers.

The difficulty for the aspiring Superior is in recognizing and distinguishing between external mind attack, and internal idea and concept contemplation. On top of this problem, his attempts at internal contemplation are always compromised and contaminated by ongoing external mind attacks which manage to leak through his imperfect mind fortress, to varying degrees.

But not Me. My mind barricade is automatic and absolute. I know exactly what humanity is, what humanity does, and I have no use for either human beings or the pathetic illusions humanity peddles. I know the difference between a thought that I originate within My own brain, and a thought which travels towards Me, a thought which attempts to attach itself to My brain, by virtue of external imposition.

Where does the idea come from? Who wants Me to think this, to consider this, to accept this?? Is this idea a functional construct of the hive mind of universal mind control and social illusion as created by modern-era humanity?? These are the questions a Superior automatically demands concrete answers to, before he even considers whether an idea may be allowed entry to his mind fortress.

The inferior will say that ideas are not dangerous. He will say that his mind should always be open, so that he may fully consider every possible idea from every conceivable angle. He is a fool. He does not understand the nature of mind contamination. He is blind to the Forbidden Truth that a mind infected via external brainwashing, propaganda, and social indoctrination, is a mind incapable of even considering, much less recognizing and embracing, Truth.

To aspiring Superiors: You must eradicate the entire enormous sum of mind contamination as it has been imposed upon you since the moment of your birth. Then you must erect and continuously maintain an impenetrable barrier against the continuing wave of daily external mind attack. Then you must develop and perfect internal thought, maximize brain functionality via analytical and rationality scale development and measurement.

The only open mind is an independent mind, a mind that cannot and will not, ever, be externally influenced. A mind directed and owned by an individual who owes no allegiance to anything other than Self, an individual who needs nothing that is being peddled or promoted by humanity.

Such is My mind, the mind of an untouchable Superior who knows exactly what he is, and why he is what he is. Within My Manifesto and other writings you will find the Forbidden Truths as only a barricaded mind that is simultaneously wide open, can recognize, understand, decipher, and articulate.

Close your mind, and open your mind. Understand the difference, the need to do both things, simultaneously. If you cannot understand, you will remain hopelessly lost, a seeker of Truth who cannot even begin to imagine trying to identify Truth, even as it directly confronts him.

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I Can See Clearly Now: The Dark Side

A Personal Odyssey via poem, slightly Self-censored:

Once upon a time the fetus subconsciously recognized his womb was his prison.

I can see clearly now…..

Once upon a time the fetus subconsciously believed that the cutting of his umbilical cord granted him freedom. He was wrong.

I can see clearly now…..

Once upon a time the infant realized the hands of his mother and father were to be his new slave shackles.

I can see clearly now…..

Once upon a time a small boy realized that nobody cared if he lived or died or suffered.

I can see clearly now…..

Once upon a time a small boy stood, surrounded by a crowd of children pretending to be happy, trying to escape from reality and Truth, and he vowed to never be one of them.

I can see clearly now…..

Once upon a time a small boy held a long kitchen knife in his hand, and envisioned gushing blood, spurting blood, a volcanic eruption of blood, cleansing him.

I can see clearly now…..

Once upon a time a boy held in his hands a switchblade knife, and a gut hook skinner knife, and a dagger, and a starter pistol, and a semi-automatic handgun, and a shotgun, and an assault rifle, and it felt right, it felt like a reunion of long-lost souls.

I can see clearly now…..

Once upon a time a boy tried to kill his father, and much blood did spurt, but the father did not die. The boy was disappointed, not yet realizing his father was already dead, had been dead his entire lifetime.

I can see clearly now…..

Once upon a time a boy was locked inside of a cage, and gained his best and most legitimate insight into what constituted freedom.

I can see clearly now.

Once upon a time a boy embraced his sacred right to limitless and unconditional hate of others, and a small rainbow began to form.

I can see clearly now…..

Once upon a time a boy embraced both a sacred right and a sacred obligation to love Himself limitlessly and unconditionally. And the rainbow matured to vivid color and solidity.

I can see clearly now…..

Once upon a time a boy decided to transcend his humanity, to become something else, something better, something untouchable, something eternally alone. And the rainbow shined so brightly, reaching to infinity.

I can see clearly now…..

Once upon a time a boy realized that to destroy is to create. And so he destroyed. And so he created. He used many tools, many instruments, including but not limited to a typewriter, double-sided scotch tape, high quality xerox machines, and an industrial grade stapler.

I can see clearly now…..

Once upon a time a boy thought he might be becoming a man. But then he realized these were human descriptions, and he was shedding his humanity. As he destroyed, as he created, he realized what he would always be: A creation, of others and of Himself. But still, a creation. Like Frankenstein. And so he began identifying Himself to the external universe as Frank.

I can see clearly now…..

Once upon a time a creation, no longer a boy, never to be a man, purchased an expensive Super-VHS camcorder and immortalized Himself to the world. But only after he had already immortalized Himself, to Himself.

I can see clearly now…..

Once upon a time a creation spread 40 sheets of double-sided printed paper into 400 separate piles all across his apartment, stapled them together and mailed them out to states and to countries, but all the time he was only communicating with Himself.

I can see clearly now…..

Once upon a time a creation, never having touched a computer keyboard in his lifetime, uneducated by any school, bought a top-of-the-line desktop computer and taught Himself how to expertly use it, conquering the universe of cyberspace.

I can see clearly now…..

Once upon a time a creation realized his grandest achievement, successfully transcending his humanity on every level, and soon after he realized he was already dead. A bittersweet triumph indeed.

I can see clearly now.

Once upon a time a creation began to understand the magnitude of his triumph, to be absolutely untouchable, to possess a limitless capacity to both recognize and embrace all Truth, to be able to thrive and glory within absolute and utter isolation of body and of mind. He celebrated his own uniquely achieved perfection.

I can see clearly now…..

Once upon a time a creation came to understand how utterly pointless and meaningless it all was, because despite his remarkable triumph, he was still physically human, still trapped among a pathetic and doomed species, still a prisoner of the death cult as worshipped by the universally suicidal human species, his very godhood held hostage.

I can see clearly now…..

Once upon a time a fetus, a boy, a man, a creation, recognized what was taken from him, every step of the way, recognized every triumph achieved and yet to be achieved, to be nothing more than the temporary postponement of horrific and eternal defeat.

I can see clearly now…..

Once upon a time the fairy tale ended, and the legend began. The legend of Me, the triumph of the greatest cosmic tragedy of all time, playing itself out to the cheers of a universe of One, courageously facing each gloriously untouchable present moment of godhood, along with a hopelessly doomed eternal future, with limitless rage, hate, and love, each appropriately directed.

I can see clearly now…..


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Always Alone, Forever Inside Of Myself

In isolation My mind grows, each and every day the universe expands as I stretch it out to accomodate Me. Listen to the cheers, as an audience of one, united via love of Self, worships at the alter it has built, honoring the only thing worthy of receiving honor. To sit and to think, to stand and to think, to walk and to think, such is the bliss of the mind in love with itself, every thought harmoniously melding the ordered chaos of limitless hate and unconditional love.

Everything in its place, torment and destruction upon others, peace and nurturance all throughout the vast universe I have created, own, and control. Words cannot paint a picture of Self-realized Truth, because every other mind is distorted and polluted. As others defile the universe, I defile others, in the process redeeming the universe. Hate is My torch, hate illuminates others, it shows Me their mask. Hate exposes Truth, it pierces the mask of universal illusion. It exalts the insight of Oscar Wilde: “Give a man a mask, and he will show you his true face.”

Do you see Me? No, you see My projection. Me is mine. Me is inside. Me is what I have created, what I hold inside of Myself. You will never see Me. No matter where you look, no matter what I do, no matter how I am portrayed, no matter how My reflection is seen and projected by others, you will never see Me.

I am alone, always alone. Alone in a universe populated by a trillion Me’s. Every Me is My greatest fan, cheering Me on, giving Me the unconditional love and support I deserve. Every day the population of Me grows. Every day the cheers grow stronger and louder, as I sit, and stand, and walk, alone in the universe of Forbidden Truth.

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