Martyr Ian David Long and the Reflective Beauty of Outlaw Mass Murder


Ian David Long, Your Tortured Victim-Creation and amerikkkan Martyr

I am a huge fan of outlaw mass murder, for many different reasons, and it delights Me to bear witness to a steady increase, in recent decades and years, to this beautifully reflective individual act of catharsis by tortured victim-creations of 20th and 21st century human society, culture, and government, all across planet earth.

For those of us who are sane and capable of both recognizing and embracing the Forbidden Truths of human existence, the 00000000.01%, the deranged and perverse reaction of you humans to these events, demonizing guns and judging these Martyrs to be mentally ill and evil, does not merely justify each act, but elevates each act a noble and honorable message of Truth, delivered in the best possible way, to a species that is only capable of worshiping death, delusion, and hypocrisy.

Every outlaw mass murderer is a writer, a director, a teacher, a Seer, a Shaman, a psychologist, a doctor, a healer. You pathetic creatures do not heal, because you are incapable of it, and yet the outlaw mass murderer is trying to heal you. Your rejection of his efforts, delights Me.

Each and every time, you prove by your collective response that the outlaw mass murderer did the right thing. In a world where Truth is forever dead, in a world where life is hated and death is worshiped, in a world where the most mentally ill rule and determine and control the fate of the less mentally ill, in a world where the ritualistic destruction of all child minds is mandated by law and by public policy mandate of every existing society and government, in a world where every voice of Truth is silenced, snuffed out, ridiculed and rejected, in a world where universal harm, suffering, trauma, and victimization for all is deliberately imposed and inflicted, in a world where nothing can ever be seen, understood, known for what it is, just the facts, just the realities, so obvious and clear and undeniable, these few men and women who stand up and reflect themselves upon the world with independently inspired rage, hate, vengeance, and the infliction of as much external harm as they can, in vibrant and dynamic form, deserve the pure and unconditional admiration of their fellow victims, those of us who are genuinely enlightened to the True nature of the human condition.

Always I will stand up for Truth and for all who express it. It is the only way a human-born can honor Himself. Truth, so rare, so often hidden away, and always rejected and condemned when it is presented. The gift of Truth, I love it as I love Myself.

And so a new voice, a new messenger, receives my time and focus today. 28 year old Ian David Long, tortured victim of child abuse, a professional murderer taught to hate an imaginary enemy, sent thousands of miles away by his greatest enemy, his own society and government, brainwashed and propagandized and indoctrinated to dehumanize complete strangers, given deadly weapons and ordered to try to massacre these complete strangers with the promise of riches and rewards and parades and praise, decreed a moral hero for agreeing to participate in the Insane War Ritual as created and sponsored by his genocide-based society and government, has stood up, sacrificed his very opportunity to try to gain the gift of existence, in exchange for 5 minutes of freedom of mind, 5 minutes of independence of rage and hate, 5 minutes of revenge, payback for 28 years of injustice that began while he was still womb-trapped.

Less than 48 hours ago, Martyr Ian opened fire inside of a bar in Thousand Oaks, California, successfully harvesting 12 humans, and wounding 25 more. And immediately afterward, he Self-murdered, giving up on Himself, knowing that Truth is forever dead to humanity, knowing he could and would never be respected and honored and thanked and recognized as a leader of a human mind revolution that could put an end to the insanities of war, of alcohol consumption, of government and parenthood and universal child abuse. He left the universe as he entered the universe: a dead thing incapable of becoming alive, trapped within a species that is collectively dead in mind, in spirit, in consciousness.

Outlaw mass murder is a beautiful thing, not because it works, but because it doesn’t work. Every success is a failure, within a system that makes it impossible to define what failure is. this Forbidden Truth is one of the most precious and profound of them all. Within the pitch blackness of human consciousness, Ian David Long illuminated Himself and all of the Forbidden Truths, inside of the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California, amerikkka, 48 hours ago.

Thank you Ian, for standing up and shining brightly.

“I hope people call me insane… (laughing emojis).. wouldn’t that just be a big ball of irony? Yeah.. I’m insane, but the only thing you people do after these shootings is ‘hopes and prayers’.. or ‘keep you in my thoughts’… every time… and wonder why these keep happening…”—Ian David Long, Facebook post, moments before opening fire.
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Life Is Short and Bitter-Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez Less than 24 hours ago, a tortured and victimized child, created by 21st century human society, sought and claimed personal vengeance against society. He targeted military recruitment centers in Chattanooga, Tennessee, usa., killing four amerikkkan soldiers, child torture victims of amerikkkan society themselves, before tragically losing his own life. Let us pause to mark and to mourn the death of yet another destroyed child, Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez.

All militaries exist as weapons of government, brainwashing, bribing, and terrorizing helpless, vulnerable children to agree to serve as mindless murderers for the state, to protect, defend, and bestow an illusion of legitimacy to the very structure which is enslaving and destroying all who pledge allegiance, all who are pathetic enough to perceive themselves as citizens to a government.

Just as no government on planet earth has a legitimate right to exist, no military force or structure has a legitimate right to exist. All expressions of cathartic rage and hate directed towards governments and their diseased and deranged structures, are inherently and reflectively valid.

Before claiming his personal vengeance, child-martyr Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez expressed his reality perceptions via two blog posts. He used, one of the only internet media hosts which attempts to protect and defend free speech, at least to a limited degree. I am pleased that as of this moment, has not deleted this blog. You may, at least for now, view it here:

It is unfortunate that Muhammad apparently was addicted to the insane god myth, but his plight in this regard both reflects and illuminates the reality of universal child abuse as sponsored and imposed by government and 21st century human society. Religion is yet another weapon deployed by all human governments, those of us who seek to know and to reflect Truth in all that we do and say, should strive to integrate this fact to core consciousness, and to overcome the terrorist brainwashing of all nation-states.

I am pleased and proud to single out 24 year old child martyr Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez as a victimized and destroyed child, guilty of no crime, deserving of unconditional empathy, respect, and sympathy from all who are sane and possess sentient minds. Muhammad is a victim of the criminality of the state, and the cowardice and blindness of humanity as a collective species. He was betrayed by his species, as are all children in the 21st century.

I will mourn Muhammad, because you creatures refuse to mourn him, refuse to grant him victimhood status. I will mourn Muhammad because you diseased hypocrites insist upon either demonizing him, in the west, or using him as a propaganda weapon, within islamist society. I will mourn Muhammad because I recognize and I know exactly what he was: A destroyed child, your created victim.

Yes Muhammad, life is short and bitter. It pains Me that you learned this Truth as a victimized and destroyed child, and it enrages Me your sacrifice of your very existence will only be used by your destroyer to propagandize allegiance to government.


You can access media-biased news articles detailing the life journey of Mohammad, here:

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Happy Memorial Day, Patriots!

Memorial Day: A celebration of the suicidal ideation of destroyed children brainwashed to mass murder total strangers so that slavemasters who destroyed them can propagandize allegiance and devotion from other destroyed ex-children brainwashed to imagine that they are alive and free.

War: A social ritual invented by leaders of government and intended to misdirect the homicidal and suicidal ideation of destroyed current and ex-children, away from the society and government guilty of their destruction, and towards a demonized foreign enemy consisting of complete strangers.

The ritual of war is a top-level example and illustration of the full-fledged mental derangement of humanity as a species. War is the organized pathology of suicide and homicide, celebrated and fetishized to glorify allegiance to the nation-state. Patriotism is the expression of homicidal and suicidal ideation, in favor of the greatest of enemies, in honor of who is destroying you.

The patriot celebrates memorial day: “Thank you so much for dying in my name, thank you so much for committing suicide on my behalf, so that I may be able to pretend to be free and alive, as I follow your example, and commit suicide every day of my existence.”

The patriot celebrates memorial day: “Thank you so much for killing in my name. I celebrate your acts of murder and I use them to cathartically relieve and express my homicidal rage. Your murders are my murders, moral, legal, justified, necessary, so that I may never have to face up to the Truth that I am a murder victim, and never acknowledge who is guilty of murdering me.”

Every soldier who has ever fought in any war in the history of modern humanity, has served the cause of slavery. The idea that a war could be fought to protect or to gain freedom, is preposterous and utterly absurd. Every war strengthens the diseased structure of the nation-state, legitimizes the concept of government, universal enslaver of humanity. The soldier and the patriot are both equal puppets of government, dead and blind, suicidal and homicidal, playing out a script written for them by their puppetmaster.

Recite after Me: “I am a patriot! I pledge allegiance to my slavemaster, who allows me to revel in artificial and invalid hatred of total strangers, who allows me to celebrate and rejoice in their suffering and death. I am a patriot! I pledge allegiance to my slavemaster, who compels children to sacrifice their existences in my name, on my behalf, so that I may feel valued and important and protected, and so that I may take subconscious pleasure in the fact that they are dead, in the process deluding myself into believing that I am alive. I am a patriot! I pledge allegiance to my slavemaster, for allowing me the great honor and privilege of pretending to be free, as I serve out my death sentence transitioning from and to an endless series of slave shackles.”

Memorial Day, an official holiday of the slave state of amerikkka. Officially and openly celebrating the homicidal and suicidal deaths of countless millions of human beings, helpless, tortured, abused children brainwashed and propagandized to misdirect their justified rage and hate against total strangers via carefully orchestrated scripts written and staged by their slavemasters for the purpose of turning them into martyrs, and the amerikkkan population of citizen-slaves into devoted patriots.

Memorial Day, a special day for amerikkkan citizen-slaves to wallow in the bloodshed of their own children: “They died for me, they died for us, they are our martyrs. Now I go to Walmart to take advantage of a 50% off sale, spending the useless, worthless pieces of paper my government allows me to accumulate in response to my agreement to serve as a lifelong slave to amerikkka, the government which forced our children to kill and to die in my name, in the name of amerikkka, so that the government can successfully delude me into believing I am free.”

There is no greater coward than the patriot, who does not merely celebrate having caused millions of children to kill and to die in his name, but who insists that in real time, today, tomorrow, and for the future up until the moment of human extinction, children continue to kill and to die in his name. The patriot is the official sponsor of child genocide, as perpetrated by the very regime to which he pledges eternal devotion, just as the regime is the official sponsor of war and of memorial day, carrying out child genocide to light and to fan the inspirational flame of patriotism.

Just as the 19 9/11 airplane hijackers are immortalized and idolized as martyrs by al-Qaeda, the amerikkkan regime has specifically created the holiday of memorial day to allow amerikkkan children brainwashed to serve as military soldiers, to be identified as martyrs. In doing so, war is legitimized, the genocide of amerikkkan children by the amerikkkan government is identified as noble, honorable, and a glorious sacrifice in the name of freedom, and millions of tortured and bloodthirsty amerikkkan children are continually inspired, generation after generation, to become patriots and to agree to kill and die on behalf of their slavemaster, the amerikkkan government.

War: A desperate struggle by slaves, to protect, preserve, maintain, and obtain….personal, cultural, and universal slavery.

War: An invention of the slave-state, intended to promote the illusion of personal and social freedom, in order to inspire the universal slavery of all citizens.

War: The most popular and effective way for a government to allow and enable its own greatest victims, its own citizen-slaves, to satiate their homicidal rage and suicidal Self-hatred, while concurrently inspiring patriotic loyalty, allegiance, and devotion, thereby strengthening and tightening its slave shackles.

The patriot is an idiot. The patriot embodies all that is wrong with the human mind. More so than any president or pope, it is the teeming masses of patriots who ensure enduring horror, injustice, slavery, and near-term species extinction, for humanity.


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The Need to be Needed

The need to be needed is the most crippling of all human psychological dysfunctions. It is the foundational root of both Self-hate, and the deranged obsession of the human to obtain illusions of love from others. The need to be needed expresses as factual reality, the inability of the individual to meet his own most basic needs.

It is important that seekers of Truth understand that there is nothing natural or normal in the nearly universal human need to be needed by others. What this psychological state of mind expresses, is the pathology of genetic brain defect, relentless exploited and amplified by the organized social destruction of ego, narcissism, and the capacity to recognize the external universe as worthless and meaningless in direct relation to the obligation of the individual to utilize his brain to create and sustain an internal, Self-universe.

In many ways, the human pathology of needing to be needed is far more destructive and devastating, than the human pathology of needing to be loved. Why? Because it is broader in scope, and therefore can be ruthlessly exploited in many more ways by society and government. When you need to be needed, you place Yourself at the mercy of all other humans, not merely the select few that you are brainwashed into trying to vampirically extract love from.

The broken humans who have fallen prey to the need to be needed, and this of course includes 99.999999999% of all members of this disgraced species, have given away their very existence to others. They have redefined personal slavery, taken personal slavery to its highest point: “I am nothing unless I can serve the desires and demands of others. I relinquish my ownership of Self, use me, abuse me, exploit me, make me feel valuable, by proving me to be worthless“, this is the factual, experienced personal consequence of allowing society and government to cause you, the individual, to need to be needed.

Let us not minimize the horrific impact of this diseased frame of mind. The husband who gives money away to gis wife, the wife who gives her sexual organs away to her husband, the policeman who protects some victims from being harmed by other victims, the soldier who defends his greatest victimizer, the parent who breeds and enslaves children because he needs to feel needed, the list of universal horrors directly inspired by this one human pathology, is endless.

Remember this television commercial by the usa army? It closes with “We need you in the army…” How many millions of children, stripped of all capacity to value Self,  rendered desperate to feel needed by others, were murdered by the amerikkkan regime by virtue of this single line of a brainwashing jingle:

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A Happy Veterans Day Prayer

Attention all human children and adults who are claimed as citizen-slaves by the terrorist regime of amerikkka: Your hostage-takers are pleased and proud to declare the arbitrary date of november 11, 2014 as Veterans Day, with the letters capitalized, so that all who suck upon the teat of their slavemaster may come to believe that there is value and honor in defending your greatest enemy, against your lesser enemies.

Let all vulnerable minds already broken of the capacity to love and value Self, be drawn further into the abyss of deranged identification with their destroyer. Today is the day to praise the missing limbs, to covet the brain damage caused by the exploding bombs lovingly crafted by human hands attached to human minds who cannot conceive of what freedom is. Today is the day to solidify the sucidal ideation of your reality perception. Sure, you can keep smoking weed and playing video games, but why not consider taking the next step: Face death in a more head-on collison, and help your destroyer to render death itself a cultural mandate. Die with the honor of knowing you are helping your murderer to plant the death seed within every human mind, where it may grow and flourish and reach its full fruition.

god bless you, dear citizen-slave, as you sacrifice your existence for nothing. We honor your blindness of eye caused by our flying shrapnel, and your blindness of mind caused by what we have destroyed within you, as we continue our internal destruction of you on this blessed day.

There he is, your hero, sitting in a wheelchair, in the shade of a large bank, where armed guards control the flow of worthless pieces of paper deployed to universally enslave each of you. There he is, your hero, holding out a cup as he bleets the magic words: “I’m a veteran…” Search inside your pocket, dear slave. Have you a small piece of the worthless currency which enslaves you? Give it to the hero, so he may use it to stave of starvation for another day, so that a little of the magical dust which has rendered him a hero, may be rubbed off onto you. god is great! Allahu Akbar!

There he is, your hero. You may not see him, but maybe as you walk past the middle class residence located in a middle class neighborhood inside of your national prison, you can hear him. He is cursing and raving behind the locked door, he is terrorizing women and children once again, just as he did to become your hero. He is destroying lives and minds, just as his own life and mind has been destroyed. He used to have a unit, now he has a family, individuals and structures to become emotionally enslaved to, as he feeds upon the demons your society has blessed him with.

Let us thank god for war and for death, may god bless amerikkka so that war and death will always reign triumphant, safely cloaked within the illusions of freedom, loyalty, devotion, and Self-sacrifice. This we pray in the name of the predator, in the name of the heat-seeking missile lovingly crafted with the scientific mind and hands of the ex-child who exists as terrorized victim of all the dead soldiers who have been successfully feasted upon by the genetically healthy maggot.

Soon it will be thanksgiving, and then christmas, more hallowed days to be capitalized as your name is, dear lord god. More days set aside to glorify and celebrate genocide, universal slavery to government, and the worship of the ultimate terrorist, imaginary only to those outside of the toxic matrix, the god who props up death via his advertising agency, the amerikkkan government.

So let us pray for prey. Let us pray that no eye and no mind will ever become enlightened to any of the Forbidden Truths. Let us pray for all predatory actions to remain under the direction and control of our slavemasters. Let us pray for peace and love and hope, as we wage universal war and install universal hate, and render every existence a hopeless exercise of Self-delusion, everywhere, for everyone, always, until the end of mankind.

This we pray, in the name of the insanity that is government and god, nations under god, nations created within the insanity of god, nations created by destroyed ex-children, nations which ensure every child will be destroyed. May god bless us all, the children of the beast.

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