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Kaylee Muthart and the Forbidden Truths of Religion, god, and Blindness

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 Kaylee, along with all the rest of you humans, under the delusion she can see.


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 Kaylee, along with all the rest of you humans, still under the delusion she can see.

The perversity, insanity, hopelessness, and overt malice of humanity as a species is never indicated or proven by what any individual human being might do. Never! It is proven by the collective response of humanity, meaning the existing social, cultural, and governmental structure, to what individual humans, created victims of the existing society, actually do.

All human-borns who are capable of breaching The Matrix of Universal Illusion, read and understand this illumination of clear, obvious, undeniable, Forbidden Truth:

On February 6th, 2018, a 20 year old tortured child-victim of amerikkkan society, culture, and government, her imposed identity cage is Kaylee Muthart, gouged out her own eyes, permanently blinding herself, in front of a church in Anderson, South Carolina. Read:

The Forbidden Truth: Religion and god are the most lethal and toxic of all drugs, inducing, imposing, and maintaining consistent, lifelong, psychotic delusion and derangement for billions of human-borns, yesterday, today, tomorrow, in the real-time moment of now.

Martyr Kaylee mutilated herself, destroyed one of her most uniquely valuable personal assets as a Self-universe, in front of a church, a church, one of the most primitive, barbaric, perverse, functionally deranged, and harmful concepts ever developed by mankind, an instrument created and deployed by human society and government to promote and to legitimize the universal delusion of god, and to deploy the ideology behind this delusion, you call it “religion”, as a devastating weapon of universal human slavery, oppression, terrorization, destruction, and murder.

Religion should not exist today, anywhere on planet earth. The delusional derangement of the insane god myth should never have come into existence as an organized human social and cultural structure, it should have been rejected always, on a cultural and social level, outed as a mistake, a failure, a virus, a toxic addiction of the human brain, an illness to be treated and cured and eradicated.

But no, none of that has happened, not 2000 years ago, not 500 years ago, and not today. Instead, this addictive virus has been relentlessly promoted and viciously imposed upon all human beings, as official public policy mandate of every society, every culture, every government, resulting in the genocide of countless trillions of human minds and lives, helpless minds with their potential to thrive within Truth mercilessly snuffed out.

And so here we are. One month ago this tortured child, your victim, your creation, gouged out her own eyes in tribute to your collective delusion, your collective insanity. And now, one month later, Kaylee is back, and everything is just fine. Kaylee is back home, with her “family” and community, eyeless, but completely integrated back to her deranged society, once again serving the Hive Mind of Universal Illusion, and delusion.

We now know the terrible thing responsible for Kaylee’s “mistake”: Not god, not religion, not her mother, who helped introduce her helpless and supremely vulnerable child mind to the insanity of religion, not society and not government. Nope, none of those things are responsible.

The guilty demon is actually methamphetamine, a physical substance that alters brain chemistry and reality perception. Evil drug, we must now pretend to launch a crusade against it, so declares amerikkkan society and government.

Yes, Martyr Kaylee is back at her “home”, again imprisoned to a family unit, declared mentally cured by licensed 21st century psychiatrists and psychologists, cured of her terrible addiction to a terrible drug that caused her to do a terrible thing, to herself.

And now Martyr Kaylee is being deployed by the amerikkkan government, via its media puppets, as an inspirational figure, a survivor of the terrible curse of drugs.

jesus fuckin* christ!

Hundreds of the most popular news media resources owned and controlled by the amerikkkan regime, from People Magazine to Cosmopolitan Magazine, to The Washington Post to BuzzFeed to Fox News, are hailing the great news: Kaylee is back home, still believing in god, and blaming drugs for her blindness, blaming drugs for causing her to gouge out her eyes.

Yes, she can now see the light! Ahahahaaaaaa! Martyr Kaylee now knows what she did wrong! god will forgive her for making this terrible mistake, of ingesting this terrible drug, methamphetamine, that infected and warped her brain. Eyeless Kaylee is back in the good grace of god, and everything is again right with the world.

But what is the Forbidden Truth??

Kaylee is more mentally deranged now, than ever before.

Martyr Kaylee Muthart is literally being used and deployed as a drug right now, by the amerikkkan government, to help addict others, and keep others addicted, everyone addicted, to the exact same perversion of mind that is guilty of causing her to mutilate herself, and you, all of you, to mutilate your own minds and bodies and to amputate your own potential to dwell within the glorious light of Truth!

And to anyone who thinks I am being melodramatic: Open your eyes, you blind fools! Can’t you see the horror of it all?! Can’t you see that you have been made mind-blind, and that your mind-blindness is far more horrific than what was done and is being done to Martyr Kaylee?

You were blinded, you are being blinded, in real-time, every real-time moment of now, by the Insane God Myth as it is deployed against you as terrorist weapon, by your society and government.

Kaylee will wake up every morning for the rest of her imaginary existence to pitch darkness, but the True darkness where she dwells is in her addiction to the insanity of religion, and her inability to pierce and illuminate The Matrix of Universal Illusion, and identify the root causes of her mind-blindness, which is exactly and only what has caused her eye blindness.

Her horrific fate exactly parallels your horrific fate, each of you who can still pretend to possess 20/20, or less perfect, eye vision. You are all just as completely blind as Kaylee is, and just as guilty of allowing every child to be blinded, and every adult to remain blinded, by the mental disease and derangement that is religion and belief in god.

And what if you claim to be an atheist, claim to be enlightened enough to reject the insanity of religion?? Unless you can see and know the True horror of religion, and take a personal oath to seek and attain the eradication of this scourge, you too, are just as blind.

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Martyr Esteban Santiago Shoots 13 at Ft. Lauderdale, FL Airport

We have an interesting mass murder shooting rampage that came down just a few hours ago inside of Ft. Lauderdale International Airport in Florida. Lone gunman rampage, happened just about 6 hours ago, so details are still sketchy, but definitely gets the blood pumping, no pun intended.

Tune in now to CNN or your favorite news media propaganda outlet, for the latest details. We have 13 shot, 5 fatally. Preliminary identification of our latest victim-Martyr is Esteban Santiago, aged 26, pictured below.

I am pleased and happy to be able to reveal that Esteban is alive and well, did not murder himself and was not shot dead by pigs. Somewhat rare for a high volume, lone gunman mass murder, but very good news for all of us who are sane and appreciate the lives and welfare of torture victims.

I enjoy following these incidents as “breaking news”, it is interesting to see how the media demonizes, minimizes, ostracizes, and otherwise portrays the primary and greatest victim.

In the case of Martyr Esteban, we see immediate demonization via mental illness. The media empowers the government to judge him mentally ill, cloaking the Forbidden Truth that all of human society and government functions within mental derangement.

By demonizing Esteban as mentally ill, his actions are immediately discredited to the general public, and anything he might say or write, any philosophies or ideologies or personal revelations of victimization, is equally discredited.

21st century societies and governments love to use the lie of mental illness to both discredit the ideologies of their greatest victims, and also to silence them. Those locked up in mental institutions against their will are given even less access to the media and the outside world, than those locked up in prisons.

My best wishes go out to Esteban, please stay strong and do not allow your enemy to infiltrate your Self-universe or negatively impact your True Reality.


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Protect the Dictatorship, Keep the Dictatorship Safe!

Great news, folks! Many thousands of heavily armed terrorists will be hard at work in Washington, DC on January 20th, to make sure there is a seamless transition of power from dictator barack obama, to dictator donald Trump. There is a threat, oh my goodness, a terrible threat, from dangerous anarchists:

The government is in danger, it must be protected! Fear not, terrorists armed with state of the art weaponry will protect the government, ensuring it remains safe, so that it may continue to terrorize, enslave, victimize, and murder every citizen.

Those crazy and evil anarchists want to disrupt the governing process! How dare they try to interfere in the structure of universal slavery for all, as voted for, as chosen, by you, the citizen-slaves.

Calm down, slaves. Your overlords want you to know they will stay safe, and destroy anyone who dares try to challenge their sacred right to enslave & terrorize you.

That’s why they instructed their media puppetmasters to write and disseminate the above Reuters news release. Gotta scare, or is that terrorize…those scary anarchists into staying away. Or at least to peaceably gather together and waste their time getting high on marijuana, as they fight for the newest and latest freedom illusion the dictatorship has decided to promote.

government and media working together, the hallmark of a healthy and thriving dictatorship.


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Flight 8501 and the Insanity of Humanity

Been watching CNN coverage of the plane crash, flight 8501, and I cannot resist a brief post raging against the insanity of humanity. The coverage absolutely boggles the mind of any sane thinker, and glaringly illustrates the perverse and pathetic nature of humanity, and how the media shamelessly panders to and legitimizes all human perversions of brain function.

CNN anchors are repeatedly referring to the rotting bodies inside the sea, as “souls”. “We must show dignity to the lost souls, we must recover the bodies so that the lost souls can be treated with dignity and brought to a final resting place”. How insane! How perversely deranged! There are no “souls”, there are rotting carcasses, broken and destroyed beyond all possibility of recovery, not even cryogenic preservation is a viable option. All of these bodies should be left to rot, to serve as food for the fish.

There is no legitimate value to “recovering” any majority of these bodies, as there is to recovering the black box and the wreckage, which can provide useful information regarding the cause of the crash. The 10 bodies that have already been recovered at this point in time, provide ample opportunity, via autopsy, to provide full cause of death information, which is a legitimate evidentiary pursuit. Let humanity begin the process of coming to grips with the Forbidden Truths of death, by abandoning all funeral and burial rituals. All dead bodies which have begun to decay are worthless and useless, their “identification” should not be pursued, and all notions that the treatment afforded to their bodies is a legitimate concern or something for those alive to spend time and effort focusing upon, should be called out publicly as insane and absurd.

CNN anchors repeatedly refer to the need to treat the DEAD bodies with “respect”. This is deranged. Nothing that is dead, can possess any conscious awareness of how it is being treated. It does not exist. And here we have CNN repeatedly sanctifying the Sacred Family Unit, pathologically repeating the need to coddle the deranged desires of family members, from every angle, from identifying and delivering the dead bodies to “families”, to actually, amazingly, giving huge sums of money to the family members of these rotting carcasses. Yes, money. My husband/wife/son/daughter is now a rotting carcass, so…..time to cash in! Gimme the money, we were all shackled to each other as slaves, and so now, with one slave less, we demand monetary compensation! How insane. But look at CNN, with a straight face decreeing that yes, of course, they must receive monetary compensation. So now those who hate their family members have a new hope to cling to: Maybe my “loved” one will die in a plane crash and I can cash in.

CNN and all news media propagandists are guilty of overtly concealing and denying the Forbidden Truths of death, overtly promoting the insanity of religion and afterlives, overtly guilty of sanctifying the perverse structures of family unit and monetary slavery. All news media sources carry this guilt and responsibility, in all of the reporting they choose to do, and an incident like a  commercial airline crash affords the perfect opportunity for media to pander to and increase the degree of mental dysfunction and derangement among all of humanity. Shame, eternal shame, upon all who have access to the unwashed masses and choose to betray Truth!

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