I Pledge Allegiance to My Terrorist Government: Unmasking The Forbidden Truth of Terrorism

On October 4, 2017, ISGS, The Islamic State in The Greater Sahara, successfully harvested four members of the elite Special Forces mobile terrorist unit of the amerikkkan regime.

Almost immediately after this impressive feat, video footage depicting the firefight and the demise of the four amerikkkan soldier-slaves, became available. The footage was obtained by the amerikkkan regime, and by the western media, and withheld from all public view, upon the demand of the amerikkkan regime.

Five days ago, ISIS released to the public an official video of the event, including footage of the four soldiers being harvested. ISIS did what all western media outlets refused to do, for months: Show Truth and reality. Once again, the fascist and orwellian amerikkkan regime demanded complete censorship, from all western media.

I have spent 25 hours, over the past 5 days, looking for western media entity with the courage to publish this 9:15 minute video, in uncensored form: “Assault of the Brave Against the Army of the Americans”. None have done so. Not one, out of 10,000+. Every single one continues to propagandize for the amerikkkan regime, as it claims to be protecting western minds from ISIS propaganda.

So here we see two primary level Forbidden Truths exposed:

  •  Your government is your greatest enemy and the only structure worthy of being labelled as a terrorist entity that carries out terrorism. Your government, terrorizing you.
  •  Every media organization directly serves and represents government. Not Truth, not freedom, not facts, not reality, not information, not the right to know, or to see or to understand anything. Media is the public relations face of the terrorism that is government.

The successful harvesting of four elite amerikkkan soldiers by the ISGS government, carried out via active firefight, posed an existential threat to the ongoing propaganda of strength and invincibility delivered by the amerikkkan regime to its citizen-slaves.

From the very beginning, video footage of this successful attack has existed and been in the possession of the media, and it has been consistently censored, as part of the open-air conspiracy of Truth murder carried out by the regime, in tandem with western media, which exists as a mouthpiece specifically deployed to prop up illusions of legitimacy for all western societies and governments.

This video footage has existed for months. It has been openly circulated among and between western media and journalists, all of whom have chosen to completely censor it from all exposure to the public. This has been done in response to the direct order of the terrorist regime of amerikkka.

The public release by ISIS of this video 5 days ago, only forced the western media to acknowledge that the video footage itself exists, after the western media concealed and withheld this fact from the public, for months.

I have viewed , “Assault of the Brave Against the Army of the Americans”, the full and uncensored 9:15 version, on the Dark Web, but will not provide any link to any such sites. The issue is not whether I can find a way to view the video, the issue is that your terrorist overlords prevent you from doing so, and you worship these terrorists as your benefactors, your protectors and defenders of freedom and safety and your glorious “way of life”.

Further, the amerikkkan regime has successfully terrorized and/or shut down independent internet entities such as and, to censor this video.

To maintain the illusion of press freedom, the amerikkkan regime authorized a military news service, SOFREP, to selectively edit and release to the general media, a censored, 5 minute version of the original 9+ minute ISIS video, and to allow other western media entities to link to or to embed this censored video, within their news reports on the incident:

I will not provide a link to this censored and edited amerikkkan propaganda machine version of the video. To do so would be to help serve the agenda of universal Truth murder that defines 21st century western government and media. The purpose of this essay is to illuminate the Forbidden Truth of what every citizen-slave of the west faces: Relentless, ongoing, real-time propaganda and censorship of all Truth, facts, and reality, NOT specifically relating to ISIS or even to war itself, but every aspect of existence.

To all human-borns capable of piercing The Matrix of Universal Illusion: Know and understand that everything you are being told about life itself, by your governments and societies, is pure propaganda and deception. Everything you are told about the future, about religion, about education, about law and crime and child abuse and social reform and progress and science and technology and love and money and racism and equality and freedom and justice, and everything else, it is all lies.

It is the open-air conspiracy of terrorists who own and control human capital, deploying puppets such as the media and journalists, to manipulate the reality perceptions of their citizen-slaves, their human capital.

You, every citizen of the west, are a slave to a terrorist organization. USA or ISIS or ISGS, the letters do not make any difference. The usa citizen-slave is more of a slave than any member of ISIS, specifically because he is more mind-blinded to this Forbidden Truth.

If anyone can locate the full and uncensored 9+ minute ISIS video of Assault of the Brave Against the Army of the Americans, either provide a direct link here, or, if you are too terrorized, email it to me privately, and I will proudly publish it for the world to view, on both of My platforms.

And if you cannot find this video online, use this fact to gain a Forbidden Truth understanding of just how much of a terrorist regime amerikkka is, to be able to successfully bully, intimidate, and terrorize every western media organization in the world, to completely wipe this video off the cyberspace universe.

government can never be made free. government is the destroyer of all freedom, the murderer of all Truth. Truth is dead, about everything, all across the world, today and every day, past, present, and future, because of your collective choice, as a species, to submit as slaves to the terrorism and the tyranny inherent within the functional reality of being governed by a government.

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CNN Openly Admits Threatening, Terrorizing, Blackmailing Citizen-slave

Here it is folks, yet another glorious example of amerikkkan freedom.

To get an understanding of the fascist and terrorist principles by which the so-called “free” media, of the so-called “freest” regime in the world in 2017 operates, read this news article, written and published by CNN, in which this preeminent bastion of journalism openly outs itself as terrorist, blackmailer, and proud destroyer of free speech.

So, some hapless “family man” with amateur computer editing skills spliced together a few seconds of video footage to highlight the fake war donald trump is pretending to engage in with his amerikkkan media puppets. The supreme slavemaster of the world, donald trump, or much more likely one of his underlords, found this video footage online, edited it further, then posted it under his twitter account, exponentially strengthening the illusion of this fake war, created to conceal the real war waged by every government against its own people.

But wait, only now does the story get really interesting, from a Forbidden Truth perspective.

CNN, the single strongest, most mainstream and most well-known news media organization in amerikkka, decided to conduct an investigation of who created the initial video splice that superimposed the CNN logo over the face of Vince McMahon, the guy who was wrestling trump in the initial, original video footage.

CNN did an extensive, undercover investigation, and successfully uncloaked the “real” identity of this hapless citizen-slave, who had no way of knowing trump would further edit and then post the footage on the presidential twitter account.

So now, CNN had two viable options, to simply post the full identity of this citizen-slave in a news story, under the mantle of freedom of the press, or to simply post a news story in which it states it has uncovered the identity of the citizen-slave, but decided not to publicly reveal his name, in respect for individual/personal freedom of speech/expression. The latter option would uphold the mythical notion of freedom more than the former, but either choice would be much better than what CNN actually did.

CNN directly contacted this citizen-slave and told him, either via telephonic voicemail or e-mail, that it had uncovered his “real” identity. The slave panicked, publicly posted a profuse apology, then contacted CNN and begged them not to publicly reveal his “real” identity.

Again, CNN had two viable options, to either agree or refuse. But your media overlord chose to exercise neither.

Instead, this terrorist voice for the universal oppression that is government, publicly responded to the slave’s request with this, an exact Copy+Paste from the published article:

CNN is not publishing “HanA**holeSolo’s” name because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again. In addition, he said his statement could serve as an example to others not to do the same.

CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.

Think of it, you brainwashed slaves! Think about what CNN just did, what it proves to any sane thinker about the integrity of journalism, and the notion that journalists support and defend freedom of expression!

To say this published news article is an attempt to terrorize and blackmail “HanA**holeSolo”, is the understatement of the year.

In Truth, it is the most blatant, obvious, and transparent of attempts to terrorize and blackmail every amerikkkan citizen-slave, and just as much, every human being in the entire world, to not exercise their freedom of speech, freedom of artistic creation, freedom of expression via writing or any other creative mind process.

Imagine this exact parallel: ISIS terrorists kidnap a CNN reporter and threaten to behead him, but agree not to harm him if CNN agrees to “issue an extensive statement of apology for their biased media coverage of ISIS, shows their remorse by removing all existing online content that references ISIS as terrorists, and promises to never negatively refer to ISIS again, referring to them only as heroic freedom fighters, and ending all news articles with Allahu Akbar“, and declaring it reserves the right to behead the journalist later on, if any of these agreed-upon conditions are violated.

CNN, the entire western media, and every western regime would mercilessly demonize ISIS for such a request, declaring it outrageous, absurd, a violation of every basic principle of freedom, individual rights, etc..

And yet right here, today, in an openly published news article, CNN actually does the exact same thing to an amerikkkan citizen-slave, openly terrorizing, blackmailing him, forcing him to be silent, forcing him to alter his very words, under direct, blatant, overt, threat.

The parallel is exactly the same, yet the perverse hypocrisy remains invisible to you humans. Boggles the mind of any sane thinker, anyone open to sanity, to logic, to the most obvious of Truth!

Here is the direct url address of the CNN article, again:

amerikkkan Totalitarianism: Journalists using journalism as a weapon of terror, to blackmail Self-censorship and to compel future silence.

How perfectly Orwellian!

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Who Are The Leaders of 21st Century Humanity?

As I have clearly and comprehensively revealed within My brilliant texts, leadership itself is an invalid and failed human construct, an ideological and behavioral pathology which cripples and destroys all human potential.

This “leads” us, no pun intended, to the next step: Who are the foundational leaders of 21st century humanity? There are four separate and distinct groups, and seekers of Truth must understand their primary role in subjugating all human potential to rise up and put an end to the leadership construct itself.

They are:

1: Elected political leaders.
2: Appointed political and secular leaders.
3: Religious leaders.
4: The mainstream media

Elected political leaders form the cornerstone of the perverse leadership construct. They are the official slavemasters of the unwashed masses, their authority to lead decreed absolute, by virtue of their success in brainwashing, terrorizing, and appeasing a majority of the Unwashed Masses.

It is important to understand that the local elected councilman of a tiny town, plays just as great a role in maintaining the toxic structure of leadership, as does the president or prime minister of an entire country.

Next we have the appointed political and secular leaders. These are the police chiefs, the school board administrators, the municipal budget directors, all who are given leadership positions by elected political leaders. Their role is even more insidiously sinister than the elected leader, because they operate more covertly.

Next, all who preach the insane god myth, using religion to terrorize, oppress, and impose the lie of morality, cloaking the universal malice of their society.

Last but NOT least, the mainstream media. I used to think these humans were mouthpieces for leaders. I was WRONG. Journalists CONTROL what the unwashed masses see, hear, think, believe. They DICTATE the universe of ideas AND of reality perception. Absolute leaders.

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Shame on CNN and All Other amerikkkan Media!

Journalists are propaganda mouthpieces for the government, nothing more. Media coverage of the Umpqua Community College school massacre proves this Truth. It is now almost eight hours after the massacre took place. The gunman has been confirmed dead, he was shot dead by police. The police know his identity, but refuse to provide his identity to the media. And what does the media do?? What is the media doing right now?? Patiently waiting!! Patiently waiting for police to decide that the time is right to provide the media with the identity of our newly minted mass murderer.

This is journalism??? No!! This is not journalism. This is shameful subservience, this proves that the media has no inclination and no capacity to stand up for Truth. The media serves the government, keeping whatever secrets the government wants to keep, as long as it wants to keep the secret.

Nobody should rely on the media to deliver any message they may seek to express. The media will suppress, censor, conceal any and all information it is told to suppress, censor, and conceal, by the government, federal, state, or local, and by any representative of the government, police officers, politicians, anyone affiliated in any way with the government.

Denying the Umpqua Community College mass killer an identity, even in death, is a way to demonize and dehumanize him. Every journalist has a moral obligation to demand to be given the identity of this Martyr, and to immediately publish his identity. Instead, CNN maintains a cloak of invisibility, denying this man his identity even in death, as it shamelessly exploits his act to gain money and to increase viewership.

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Umpqua Community College Breaking News Update

CNN just suggested at least 13 people shot dead approximately 6 hours ago at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. Body count rises from initial reports of 10 fatalities. Lone gunman claimed cathartic vengeance, prowling from classroom to classroom. Police still refuse to confirm identity of shooter, and of course CNN waits patiently, instead of demanding facts, as any True journalist would.

You can follow the CNN updates right here:

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Vester Lee Flanagan: Amerikkkan Martyr

Just a few hours ago, a tortured victim-creation of amerikkkan society named Vester Lee Flanagan, also known as Bryce Williams, attempted to pierce the matrix of universal illusion which constitutes the social trance of 21st century human existence. During a live television “news” interview, Vester opened fire on the reporter, her cameraman, and the interviewee, successfully killing the reporter and cameraman.

You will note above, that I am encircling the word news in quotation marks. This is because the hive mind of societal and governmental leadership controls and dictates what it allows to become newsworthy. Martyr Vester was himself a participant in this matrix, having served as a news reporter for the very same television station that he targeted for personal vengeance. Let us appreciate this incident as being far more than an act of personal vengeance, but a genuine attempt to expose the news media for what it is: A primary propaganda, indoctrination, and command/control component of social and governmental leadership.

This is a dynamic and developing incident, and I will not have the time to post updates, so I suggest you follow online news sources such as CNN, for the latest developments:

Let us begin by paying our respects and sympathy to Vester Lee Flanagan, who tragically chose to commit Self-murder after his seeking and claiming of vengeance. It is important, at this time, with society demonizing Vester, as it does all who attempt to pierce the matrix, that all seekers of Truth take the time to pause, giving honor and respect to a rare individual who stood up for Truth and for Self.

This shooting attack was filmed live by Vester as he carried it out, and it is perverse beyond all measure that the news media is censoring this content, refusing to show it, even as it demonizes Vester and condemns his actions. It is therefore my pleasure to locate and to post a direct link to Vester’s uncensored recording of his own shooting attack. But first, some still images as recorded by Vester:

And now the uncensored live-recorded video perspective of Vester Lee Flanagan, in the seconds before he opens fire, recorded by him from his perspective:

So rare to get the actual, exact perspective of the seeker and claimer of personal vengeance as he carries out his seminal act. Thank you, Vester!

The news media delivers propaganda and lies, on behalf of government. Just watch the few seconds of the above live broadcast just before Vester opened fire, and you see this Truth in living color, no pun intended. A “business leader” is being given air time in order to try to promote the insane idea of tourism, convincing slaves to travel and waste the useless pieces of paper given to them for agreeing to waste their imaginary existences shackled to an economic system which owns them from birth until death.

I do not know how far advanced Vester was, in his understanding of the universal matrix of social illusion. All attainment of personal vengeance is personal, even as it reflects and expresses the reality of the horrific structures which destroy us all. What speaks volumes is how Vester is being treated now, his actions demonized as crazy, his voice of Truth distorted and silenced via censorship of his actions and his words.

Distortion is all you will ever find in journalism. Facts and reality come in rare moments when an individual transcends the matrix via a focused act which expresses both Truth and True Reality, which is exactly what Vester Lee Flanagan did just a few hours ago.

‘The church shooting was the tipping point…but my anger has been building steadily…I’ve been a human powder keg for a while…just waiting to go BOOM!!!!’ ‘ Also, I was influenced by Seung–Hui Cho. That’s my boy right there. He got NEARLY double the amount that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold got…just sayin’.—Vester Lee Flanagan

vester flanagan

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Charleston Church Massacre: The Missing Headlines

Just 24 hours ago, a tortured 21 year old child named Dylann Storm Roof opened fire inside of a famous church in Charleston, South Carolina, usa, harvesting nine humans, including a state senator who was also the pastor of the church. As you might imagine, this was the #1 news story for the past 24 hours, with all manner of Breaking News bulletins and updates.

Fortuitously, I enjoyed a respite from slave labor today, and was able to fully immerse Myself in the blanket news coverage by the cable TV news networks. But of course there was a downside. My disgust with the perverse, hypocritical, lie-based, propagandizing news coverage grew greater with each passing hour. From promoting the insane god myth, to demonizing a tortured child-victim, to blaming an inanimate object, the gun, to completely ignoring and denying the guilt and responsiblity that amerikkkan society and government bears, the media engaged in a brutal assault upon Truth, as it frantically served its governmental overlords in rejecting and concealing the Truths expressed and revealed by Dylann Storm Roof.

So, I got to thinking, how about a blog post where I serve up the headlines that would be blasted across TV screens and newspaper front and op-ed pages, if humanity were sane, or if Truth were respected and honored, or if humanity were simply in the process of evolving, instead of devolving to extinction, as is the actual case.

Below you will find 8 top headlines that a sane and functional society would offer up to the public at large, in response to this exact same event occurring in the exact same fashion. You should understand, brainwashed fools, that I am not trying to be ironic or satirical in these headline texts. I am actually being rather conservative and measured in tone, while at the same time expressing what any honest and rational media would say.

It is a damning indictment of the hopelessness of the human condition, that these honest and forthright news headlines are perceived by you humans as absurd, laughable, and impossible to realistically imagine seeing or viewing on your newscasts and newspapers today and tomorrow. You dwell within a deranged matrix of pure illusion, where reality is made up by your leaders as they see fit, for you to accept and swallow without question or protest. How utterly pathetic!

And now, the headlines missing from last night’s Charleston Emanuel AME church massacre:

From The Washington Post: “Christian God Cultists on Defensive as Mass Murder Inside Church During Prayer Service Devastates Their Claims of a God Creature Existing”.
From The Los Angeles Times: “Is It Time To Abolish Parenthood: Another Mass Murder Exposes the Absurdity of Parental Child Ownership Laws.”
From The National Enquirer: “Does Jesus Christ Want His Worshippers to be Gunned Down as they Pray to Him Inside of His Church, Or Was He Just Taking a Bathroom Break?? Enquiring Minds Want to Know!”
From The Huffington Post: “Profiling Dylann Storm Roof, a Victimized Child Who Took Heroic Steps to Show His Society the Consequences of Institutionalized Racism and the Religious Indoctrination of Children.”
From The New York Times: “Why Do Grownups Pray to Imaginary Creatures? The Nation’s Leading Atheists Offer their Perspective.”
 From The Chicago Tribune: “No More Punishment: Mass Murderer Dylann Storm Roof is Captured, will be Housed In Private, Gated Community with Other Victims of Social Injustice and Childhood Trauma.”
From Psychology Today magazine: “Dylann Storm Roof, Psychologically Destroyed Child, Teaches Us Why Religion, Racial Identification, and the Family Unit Must be Abandoned as Primitive Relics of a Barbaric Era.”
From CNN: “President Barack Obama Has Just Concluded a Shameful and Bizarre Press Briefing on the Charleston Church Massacre, Blaming Inanimate Objects for the Outburst of Reflective Rage by a Socially Victimized Child, and Attempting to Use an Event Which Conclusively Demonstrates God Does Not Exist, to Promote Religion and Belief in God. Coming Up Next, Our Political Team Assesses Whether He is Still Fit to Lead the Nation.”

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Shameful CNN Coverage of AME church Massacre

It has now been about 16 hours since a lone gunman opened fire inside the Charleston Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church in South Carolina, successfully harvesting nine god worshipping addicts, before making a successful escape. Our newly minted mass murderer remains at large, and his specific identity is not yet being released by the media, even though Reuters news wire  is now specifically describing him as a “21 year old white male”. How can reuters know his exact age, if he has not been specifically identified? We see here yet another example of the news media, journalists who should have an absolute mandate to uncover and reveal Truth and facts, intentionally and deliberately concealing information from the public.

I am lucky enough to not have to perform slave labor today, and am therefore glued to CNN, which has established itself as the most influential and powerful news organization on earth, as of the early 21st century. In this blog post, one of several I will be making today on this specific event and the Forbidden Truths it reveals and expresses, I wish to emphatically condemn the utterly perverse and deranged nature of CNN’s news coverage of this church massacre.

Obviously, this is the #1 news story across all of amerikkka today. This church massacre provides a unique opportunity to the media and to all who consider themselves journalists, to tackle the issues of god addiction, the toxicity of religion, child abuse, victimization, and the like.

Instead, we have outrageous, perverse, impossible to justify, mentally deranged pandering by the media, to god addiction. CNN, supposedly an objective news reporting entity, is using this church massacre to both promote and legitimize religion. News anchors and reporters are literally decreeing, “All of us are praying for the victims of this terrible tragedy”. The unidentified harvester is being relentlessly demonized as an “evil monster”, instead of the clear and obvious victim of horrific abuse and injustice, that he is.

CNN is positioning this church massacre as an attack against “faith” and “religion”, and is proactively siding with faith and religion, betraying all Truth in the process. The Truth that no god creature exists, the Truth that religion is a toxic addiction of the mentally ill, mentally crippled, and the cowards who refuse to face up to the Forbidden Truths of physical death.

Religion and faith are being positioned as the actual victims, by CNN. This is done for the purpose of strengthening the insane god myth among all citizen-slaves throughout amerikkka. As always, the media puppetmasters are turning Truth upside down, as they serve their governmental overlords.

If humanity were sane, the immediate takeaway from last night’s Charleston South Carolina AME church massacre would be to openly and stridently question the existence of god, the impotence of god if he does exist, the uselessness of believing in or praying to god, and the universal harmfulness of religion as a social ritual, to be followed up by debate over whether religion itself should be decreed a mental illness, a form of child abuse, and new laws immediately proposed and instituted to protect all children from being subjected to this highly addictive and mental health destroying pathology of mind.

To those who wish to continue to follow this dynamic and breaking news event in real-time, but lack access to a television news station, I suggest this updating link:

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The Media: A Weapon of War

The editor-in-chief of Charlie Hebdo was not killed in today’s attack. His name is Gerard Biard and he declares, in part: Begin quote: “A newspaper is not a weapon of war.”  End quote. Really? Seriously?? Are you attempting satire, Mr. Biard?? My dear sir, this is not an appropriate time for satire, IMNSVHO.

Of course a newspaper is a weapon of war! Every news media entity serves a government, the owners and operators of every news media entity are themselves citizen-slaves of a government. War would not be possible in the 21st century, without the overt propagandization of citizen-slaves by the media. The inspiration to go to war can only be achieved by government deploying its media as a terrorist weapon against its own citizen-slaves, brainwashing them, convincing them via deceit and lies that a foreign enemy means them harm, while their own regime, their greatest enemy in Truth, intends to protect them from harm.

Right now, at this very moment, every amerikkkan news media source is being used to promote, encourage, and popularize the foreign wars that the amerikkkan government has chosen to engage in, and is contemplating initiating in the future. The very act that occurred today at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper/magazine, is being used by western media to promote the wars that the usa government desires to carry out.

So no, Mr. Biard, a newspaper most certainly and definately is a weapon of war, and the news media plays a direct and primary role in rendering war itself possible, more so in the 21st century, right now, than at any other time in the past. It is time for the news media to be held collectively accountable for directly sponsoring the insane war ritual. There can never be “freedom of the press” as long as governments exist and impose their will upon all journalists and all media entities.

Imagine if CNN were to denounce every act of military aggression by the amerikkkan government as immoral, illegal, and unacceptable. Imagine if CNN were to declare the amerikkkan regime guilty of war crimes for invading sovereign territories with weapons of mass destruction, which is exactly what the amerikkkan regime is doing. CNN does not “cover” war, CNN promotes and enables war. CNN, and of course I am referring to all of the amerikkkan media in this paragraph, exists as pure propaganda mouthpiece and cheerleader for every amerikkkan war. The warmongering of the amerikkan regime is only possible because it owns and completely controls its media, forcing them to legitimize genocidal foreign policy via brainwashing, indoctrination, and the True, cloaked face of terrorism: government terrorizing its own citizenry.

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The Social Propaganda of Feel-Good Stories

Social propaganda comes in many different forms, and one of the most insidiously malignant is the so-called “feel-good story”. What is a feel-good story? Defined within Forbidden Truth parameters: A media popularized news story which contains content intentionally focused upon making readers/viewers feel better, while promoting social lies and deceptions which subvert the capacity of readers/viewers to recognize and embrace actual Truth.

Here is a perfect example of a highly malignant feel-good news story, published just today via numerous media entities:

The above link is to the original news source, but as with most other feel-good news stories, this exact same content has been reprinted and copied by many other news organizations, such as:

This is a hallmark trait of feel-good news stories which propagandize, many different news organizations work together to popularize the content, so that what begins as a very local news story with very few readers/viewers, becomes nationally and internationally known, impacting the reality perceptions of many millions of brainwashed citizen-slaves.

Let us consider this very specific news story: An 88 year old man, ill and dying, pathologically carries with him a photo of his former wife, who has already died, pretending she is still “with” him as he eats breakfast in a restaurant. He looks forward to being reunited with her when he dies, via addiction to the insane god and afterlife myths. This is supposedly a wonderful tale of enduring love and devotion, an uplifting tribute to marriage, fidelity, faith, and external love. These are the messages that this socially viral feel-good news story seeks to propagandize, and successfully does so. And what of it? What is the harm, the inferior thinker might ask. The harm is great! Whatever destroys Truth, darkens the entire universe, renders enlightenment of mind an impossibility.

The Truth is, this news story is not uplifting and inspiring. The Truth is, it is a horror story so profound that nobody will touch it, a supreme tragedy and horror story playing out in real-time, rooted within the pathological human obsession with rejecting the Forbidden Truths of death. An 88 year old man, waiting to die, clings to the illusion that death is okay, by pathologically fixating upon a photograph of another human being who has already died, that he thinks used to love and care about him. Instead of consciously facing up to the horrific fate suffered by this woman, and to the near-term horrific fate which awaits him, he flees into a mind cave of absolute mental illness, in which he uses flawed memories of an illusion of love which itself can only exist in the past tense, to dwell within an imaginary universe which denies the factual realities of death.

What is being presented to millions of you as a positive and uplifting, feel-good news story, is in Truth a devastating horror tale, but you are blind to the horror. You are being brainwashed to actively reject the horrific Truths actually inherent in the facts of the story, in favor of pure illusion, a fairy tale implanted within the broken mind of an 88 year old man, but actively communicable and intended to infect your mind, every mind, the mind of every reader and viewer, of every age.

External love is a social myth. Marriage is a devastatingly brutal form of physical and emotional and behavioral and ideological slavery, created and sponsored by government. Religion and the afterlife are toxic shackles of social control and externally promoted mental illness. And death, death itself, the greatest of horrors, is something every government and society will stop at nothing to convince you, is something to meekly accept, embrace, and even look forward to.

This singular feel-good news story overtly subverts and renders invisible, the Forbidden Truths of love, marriage, god, religion, and death, among others. And of course it does not do so in a vacuum, it is one news story among thousands of different forms of social propaganda being hurled against us as offensive weapons each and every day of our existence.

Those of us who honor Truth and Self must understand the insidious nature of social propaganda. We must be vigilant against allowing feelings to gain any foothold within our minds, over fact, reality, and Truth. The Alien Eye must never close, as we are being attacked relentlessly, in thousands of different ways, each day. Everything externally presented to us, must be critically dissected within the preconception, not a bias but an understanding, that if it originates from society, it will contain lies, deception, and intentional propaganda/brainwashing/indoctrination messages and content.

This specific news story utilizes the terror threat of death to overtly promote the insane and toxic rituals of externalized love illusion, marriage, religion, god, and the supremely deranged and universally destructive concept that an afterlife can be experienced when you are dead and possess no brain function.

If you should ever come across a news/media story which is designed to make you feel good, and you actually do feel better after reading or viewing it, you must immediately reject this feeling, and commence a critical, Truth-based analysis of why the news/media story has impacted your emotional state. Invariably, if you embrace Forbidden Truth, you will find that propagandized deceit and subversion of reality/Truth, is directly at play in invalidly altering your emotional state.

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