Interactive Human Relationships are Incompatible with Mental Health and Strength

All interactive human “relationships” are inherently toxic and destructive to the Self-universe. A relationship must be defined as constituting any type of ongoing contact with a specific individual human, that goes beyond the specific meeting of legitimate personal needs.

For example, you can see a specific dentist regularly, and not have a “relationship” with him. You simply interact with him solely for the purpose of meeting a genuine physical need that you have. On the other hand, you can, and the vast majority of all humans do, have a relationship with their dentist. This is because they cannot conceive of even trying to detach themselves from humanity as a whole.

You must reject, renounce, and abandon the legitimacy of the very concept of interactive human relationships, is order to be able to interact with humans in this manner, absent all toxic enmeshment.

When humans try to impose their True Reality upon you via personalized dialogue, this act should be personally understood as mind rape. It does not happen to Me because I give off very hostile signals that are impossible to ignore, on the rare occasions when a human attempts to engage Me, but I understand that not everybody can deflect these mind rape attempts as effectively, and even I, within the slave labor environment, often must censor my own responses.

Isolationism is the only viable path to mental health and strength, and to thriving within a Self-universe based and bound by an unwavering embrace of all the Forbidden Truths. The inability of humans to even cope with, much less thrive within absolute and sustained isolation from all other humans, is a devastating indictment of humanity itself, and the universal destruction of potential and of mental health that it carries out against every child.

Let us understand, ideas and philosophies and thoughts can still be “shared” and exchanged, absent all directly interactive relationships. Just look at My publicly disseminated texts, millions and millions of words, countless thousands of unique and brilliant insights and philosophies comprehensively articulated for all of humanity to access, and even to engage in direct dialogue with Me as a response, as long as they meet My quality control contact standards.

All this absent all relationships. Even interactive contact can occur, without the poison of personal enmeshment, so long as at least one of the interacting parties is a top-level Superior, such as Myself.

Inferiors will say that children naturally and instinctively seek out interactive contact. Bullsh*t! That occurs after the child-slave has been trained, bribed, and indoctrinated like a dog, that he will be rewarded with food and with pleasant external stimulation, for engaging in interactive contact.

Infants are almost entirely Self-absorbed. Only their physical dependency on others, compromises this Self-absorption. It is society and government that ruthlessly exploits this physical weakness, using it as an opportunity and a perverse excuse, to destroy the capacity of every child to thrive within isolation.

Under the genocidal construct of “socialization”, society and government instructs every child caretaker that they must create toxic emotional enmeshment between themselves and the child. Systematically and ritualistically, every child is stripped of the very essence of Self-identification, forcibly integrated to become a functioning member of the Hive Mind of Universal Illusion.

This externally imposed genocide of mind plays out every single day, throughout all of childhood, to the point where the child can no longer conceive of regaining their natural state of mind, under which they were able to thrive in isolation.

Let us clearly understand, one of the integral components to the personal attainment of Forbidden Truth freedom of mind, is to regain the capacity to fully thrive within absolute personal isolationism, of body, of mind, of consciousness.

I use the term “regain”, because every child is maliciously stripped of this capacity. Even I was stripped of it, to some degree, despite diligently and obsessively working since the age of six, to reject and to transcend my humanity.

In all cases, the personal relationship must be understood as a mistake, mutually harmful to both involved parties, no matter how comforting and positive it might “feel” to either or both involved parties. It is a mistake because it is not compatible with Truth, or with realizing one’s own personal potential, or with any aspect of Truth-based freedom and personal autonomy as a Self-universe.

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Isolationism Versus The Human Herd Instinct

I am an absolute isolationist. What does this mean? It means I reject and abhor all human contact. I have never been on a date. I have never entertained a social visitor. I have never engaged in sexual contact with another human as an adult, or as a child of My free will. I do not have friends. I do not interact with humans on a voluntary, social level.

Isolationism expresses both My rejection of My humanity, and My transcending of species origin.

Tragically, My isolationism is not 100% complete. I am forced, against My will, to engage in some direct contact with humans, in order to maintain My health and welfare to an optimal degree. Who forces Me? My mortal enemy: Human society & government.

Individual isolationism as a life path choice, successfully realized, terrifies the hive mind of universal slavery. I am dangerous, a rogue drone, as are all isolationists. And so we are relentlessly and brutally persecuted and punished, demonized as insane, locked up in cages.

Living in herds used to increase the likelihood of a lengthier lifespan for humans, back in the old days. In the modern era, in terms of natural, environmental, AND social factors, living in herds DECREASES the lifespan, as diseases, familial/clan violence, the sharing of addictive/destructive habits and perversions/delusions of mind, all increase with direct human contact.

But the hive mind of universal illusion, enslavement, and oppression can only thrive when the sheeple are hopelessly locked within eternal, toxic enmeshment of mind and body. The isolationist poses an existential threat to the functional viability of the hive mind. In response, isolationism itself is condemned as a mental illness, an invalid choice, when in Truth it is the only positive, Self-loving path.

The Superior isolationist, who severs all communication with others, will be maliciously denied his most basic needs and rights, as direct and overt societal punishment.

My response: Death to humanity! And of course I have already successfully eradicated the human infestation of My universe. Well, almost.


All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Rerserved.