isis uncensored detonation cord beheading video

The Gift of government and religion

Hello Citizens and Worshippers! Hello and warm greetings to you all. This blog post is directed to all citizens and to all worshippers. If you are only a citizen, it applies to you too, as the solo shackle of citizenship alone, still renders you complicit in the universal darkness which envelopes your species.

I want to draw your attention to a video that your governments do not want you to see, a video that is being censored. I will provide a direct link below, after my titilating description, but before I deliver the primary Forbidden Truth message which inspires this post.

So yes, I am talking about yet another ISIS video, taking the catharsis of reflective rage to new heights of realism. This ISIS video is not new, in fact it is almost one month old, but I would venture to guess that most of you have not even seen it. Why not? Because the governments of the world have chosen to engage in a concerted and tactically motivated conspiracy to censor it, even as they proclaim their noble defense and honor of freedom, of knowledge, of fact, of free speech and free expression and freedom of mind for all individuals. All this is of course, bullsh*t. But that is not the primary Forbidden Truth to be gleaned, so please be patient.

Let us begin with a description, to entice/titilate and/or warn away all of you potential viewers, depending upon your degree of willingness to face up to the homicidal bloodthirst which exists within each of you, no matter how fervently you may deny it.

Our video, not available on netflix or even pay-per-view television, will open with 4 humans being locked inside of a car, and a rocket propelled grenade being shot into the car, prompting the four men to burn to death. Second segment features 5 men locked inside of a large metal cage, which is then lifted up by a crane and slowly submerged into a deep pool of water, causing all 4 men to drown. Excellent production values here, including underwater cameras! And last but not least, 7 men are tied together with explosive det cord around their necks in a human chain, explosives are then detonated, causing several dynamic beheadings of a remote control variety. Quite creative, if you ask Me.

So, with the very honest and accurate above teaser, here is the direct link to the uncensored video:

So, now that the entertainment portion of this blog post is over, let us move on to the more important educational component. Seekers of Truth need to fully understand and integrate to core consciousness the factual reality that all organized atrocities and injustices which occur, anywhere on planet earth, carried out by any organized structure, must be collectively blamed on two things: government and religion.

government and religion is what causes all organized human violence. Not a specific government, and not a specific religion, but the diseased and deranged structure of government, and the diseased and deranged structure of religion, in their respective and collective totality. Western democracy and the religion of christianity, directly cause ISIS to burn humans alive, to drown humans alive, and to behead humans alive, in 2015, to the exact same degree that dictatorships and military controlled governments and the religion of islam, cause this to occur.

Exactly equal guilt and responsibility for all human atrocities which have occurred, are occurring, and will occur in the future, rests upon the structures of government and religion in their entirety, not upon any directional branch of these structures. All human beings who identify as citizens of any government, or believers/worshippers of any religion/god, bear equal guilt and responsibilty for being direct sponsors and causes of all organized atrocities, such as the ones expressed in the above ISIS video.

But wait, we are not finished with our Forbidden Truth dissection just yet. Because we have not yet defined within Truth, what an organized atrocity is. An organized atrocity is: A harmful, victimizing, and unjust action draped within an illusion of moral justification as decreed and imposed by a government or a religion. In the case of the above video, ISIS is the government and islam is the religion.

But let us go back to the Truthful definition of what an organized atrocity is. Within this definition, we who demand to see the world as it is, stripped of the matrix of illusion, understand that within the slave-state of amerikkka, as an example, abortion is an organized atrocity. The death penalty is an organized atrocity. War is an organized atrocity, sport hunting is an organized atrocity. Parenthood is an organized atrocity. Forced labor for money is an organized atrocity. Judicial punishment is an organized atrocity. The control of resources intended to cause starvation and deprivation based upon national border division, is an organized atrocity. And there are many, many more.

All organized atrocities are equal in their horrific injustice, in their victimization of the innocent, in their victimization of existing victims. And all organized atrocities are cloaked, hidden, censored, their functional motivation and their factual end result concealed via censorship of deeds, and propaganda manipulation of why they are being sponsored and carried out.

Do you see abortions being broadcast live on amerikkkan television? Or executions?? Or wars??? No. And the propaganda lies used by the amerikkkan regime to justify their sponsorship of these and many other organized atrocities, are just as devoid of all sanity and rationality as the propaganda lies used by isis to justify their organized atrocities.

Every organized atrocity occurs under the sponsorship of government and religion. Even if you divide atrocities in specific ways, such as fatal atrocities versus non-fatal atrocities, western regimes such as amerikkka directly carry out and commit far more organized atrocities, on a far greater scale, causing far more harm and death, than isis has done, can do, or will do. This is a fact, but in and of itself, it undermines the embrace of Forbidden Truth, because it allows for isis to lay claim to the propaganda position that it possesses a moral high ground.

government is immoral. religion is immoral. Both should not be allowed to exist. It is impossible to justify their existence within the parameters of Truth, of Self-love, of justice and the preservation of Self.  This Forbidden Truth is recognized via the conscious understanding that every organized atrocity is sponsored not by a government, and not by a religion, but by government and by religion, as organized structures. The murder of a womb-trapped fetus in nebraska, is absolutely and just as much the fault of the islamic members of isis that you see in the above video committing murder, as the cage drownings of the five men you see in the above video, is the fault of a moderate and mainstream democratic christian citizen-slave of amerikkka. Got it??

The gift of government and the gift of religion is universal oppression, victimization, enslavement, and murder, of all human beings, everywhere on earth, always, past, present, and future. But to be more specific, Me. Me: Oppressed, victimized, enslaved, and murdered. That is why I am an anarchist and an atheist, and it is why no sane life form who has broken free of the societal matrix of human illusion, can ever justify perceiving or identifying himself as a citizen, a voter, a worshipper, or a believer.

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