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Top 21 Greatest Failures and Mistakes of the Human Species

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As you humans are about to engage in the perverse universal celebration of the illusion and delusion of time change and forward progression that your overlords have named New Years Day, it seems appropriate that I pen this list of the worst mistakes and failures of humanity as a species.

Nothing here is new, I have already revealed and comprehensively dissected all 21 of these human perversions in previous, lengthy essays. Therefore this will only be a listing, with perhaps 1 or 2 sentences of commentary for each failure. Should any of you be new to Forbidden Truth, I will gladly point you towards the specific texts and essays related to these specific failure and mistake.

There is no specific order to these twenty-one items, all are tremendous failures that have in the past, and continue today, to completely cripple all human potential for progress, and are directly contributing to the current devolutionary death spiral of humanity to near-term species extinction.

Let’s get to it:

++ No recognition or acknowledgment of the birth defect status of humanity. The only way to mitigate and cure a problem, is to recognize, acknowledge, face up to it. The human being came into existence as a monkey with a malformed, genetically deformed, brain. The failure of humanity to accept this fact, devastates and destroys all potential for mitigation.

++ Embrace of the Sacred Family Unit as core and guiding construct of every human society. The family unit is a terrible mistake. It is unviable, it ensures universal harm for all and the crippling of all potential for evolutionary progress. It is a stone age relic that should have been abandoned many thousands of years ago.

++ The ownership of all children as slaves. Throughout all of human history, and more so today than ever before, every child has been officially decreed to exist solely as a piece of owned property to be viciously molded into the diseased reflection of existing society.

++ The refusal and inability of humanity to openly and consciously face up to the Forbidden Truths of what death entails, and very specifically, the personal consequences each individual is certain and guaranteed to suffer, as a result of dying. The refusal of humanity to face up to the reality of death, is the singular failure that is most directly responsible for turning the species into a death worshipping cult.

++ The collective choice of humanity to embrace, legitimize, and promote afterlife mythology. This failure goes beyond organized religion and beyond religious cults. The perverse construct of an afterlife is what allowed religion to form and flourish, therefore afterlife mythology itself must be understood as the foundational failure of mind that led to the perversion of religion.

++ The command and control structure of government, ensuring universal slavery and oppression for all humans, under the pretense and illusion of providing freedom and protection.

++ The collective suicidal ideation of humanity as a species. More so today than ever before, humanity chooses to die. There is a death wish implanted within the consciousness of individuals, both genetically and environmentally. Death is perceived as the solution to a problem, instead of being recognized as THE singular problem that MUST be addressed, solved, and defeated.

++ The universal destruction of ego and love of Self, mandated as societal decree and manifesting as the collective willingness of the overwhelming majority of all humans to subjugate and sabotage their own Self-universe, in favor of serving as sheeple and slaves to the terrorist demands and dictates of others, both individuals and organized Hive Mind and Matrix-based structures.

++ The deranged notion of punishment, by which the infliction of harm and trauma and victimization upon those who are merely reflecting the Truth and the reality of their own experienced harm, trauma, and victimization, is declared to create justice, when in Truth it ensures universal injustice for all, and the perpetuation of an endless cycle of harm and trauma and victimization for everyone, always.

++ The universal use of organized educational systems, throughout the modern era of human existence and never more so than today, to brainwash and indoctrinate all children to embrace the legitimacy of their own society, and to destroy all capacity of all children to be able to recognize their sacred obligation to serve only Self, and to recognize and destroy everything that is harming and destroying them.

++ The embrace of money and monetary systems during the modern era, as a method to obtain freedom and success, when in Truth the very existence of money ensures universal slavery, oppression, and failure for all.

++ The choice by humanity to create a fictionalized universe of illusion and fantasy, manifesting as books, fables, organized sports, movies, television programs, celebrities, and the like, and to dwell within this universe, as a way to reject and deny and ignore the horrific realities and Truths of their own perceived existence, on an individual and collective level.

++ The inability and unwillingness of the human, individually and collectively, to develop the strength of mind to function and to go through life with the emotional autonomy that is necessary to thrive in isolation, and to be free of all toxic emotional, psychological, and functional enmeshment with fellow humans and/or other species of life.

++ The human embrace of the perverse construct of materialism, by which the possession and ownership of objects obtained through Self-sacrifice and Self-harm, is accepted as fair trade for the loss and the destruction of the sacred freedom inherent only within absolute and unconditional ownership of Self and the perpetual maintenance of one’s own Self-universe.

++ The sanctification of majority rule, never more prevalent than today, even though the majority of humans are always wrong. Majority rule, not merely on a political level, but on the level of enacting public policy mandates and defining cultural norms, guarantees that no positive progress, no Truthful understanding, no evolutionary consciousness of mind, can or will ever be attained.

++ The pathological addiction of humanity to sanctification of the past. The history of humanity is a history of endless and ongoing mistakes and failures, never realized as such due to a consistent illusion of enlightenment and progress.

++ A consistent and pervasive inability by humanity, individually and collectively, to define the reality of what is occurring, within parameters of factually accurate Truth. Every child is abused, but humanity defines child abuse in order to conceal and reject this Truth. Religion is the worship of death, but society defines it as the worship of a creature capable of providing eternal life. And thousands of other direct and absolute examples of this definitional derangement.

++ The most mentally deranged, decide what constitutes mental health and mental illness. Throughout all of modern human history, the mental illness, mental dysfunction, and retardation of brain functionality of humanity as a whole, of the existing majority at any point in time, has been denied and cloaked so that the deranged choices made by every society and culture in real-time, can never be recognized for what they are.

++ Never has the personal sacredness of the individual been recognized, much less allowed to thrive. Throughout all of human history, the individual has been decreed an insignificant piece of something larger, mandated to serve, to sacrifice, to suffer, and to die, on behalf of something more valuable than Self, even though there is NOTHING more valuable than Self.

++ Throughout all of human history, the irrationality and instability of feelings have always been decreed more valuable, more legitimate, more natural and respectable, than the rationality and intellectual validity of thought and emotionless, deductive reasoning. The Superior thinker is decreed ill, for daring to subjugate feelings in favor of thought.

++ The philosophical delusion of morality flourishes, never more so than today, even as everyone is always viciously harming everyone else. Morality is the cloak by which the greatest evils are always successfully concealed from human consciousness.

So here we are, waiting for a “new” year to begin. A new year where nothing good and True and valuable can happen, absent an extraterrestrial intervention. The new year is just another illusion and delusion manufactured by The Matrix, eagerly sucked up by you pathetic and broken fools.

Break up the nightmare of a pointless and meaningless illusion of existence, break it up into time segments, so the walking dead can pretend to be able to look back, and look ahead, so they never see, never know, the horrific reality of Now, as it stands forever still, in real-time tribute to those who never existed, given the privilege of being allowed to pretend they exist.

No, the new year will not be happy, no more than the old year was. Happiness is the mental delusion of those too terrified to look, to see, to know, to embrace, the Forbidden Truths.

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Can Exposure to the Forbidden Truths Cause…

…humans to suffer a complete mental/nervous breakdown?

The answer to the above question is most definitely Yes. The Forbidden Truths, as I brilliantly reveal and articulate them, are absolutely terrifying and unbearable for the vast majority of all humans.

To be sure, most are not driven to a padded cell or straightjacket as a direct result of being exposed to My brilliant Manifesto of Forbidden Truth and other texts, but this is only because they feel “free” enough to flee from the exposure, to reject the Forbidden Truths, to demonize and attack both Me and the Truths themselves, etc…

But for a small percentage, none of these defense mechanisms work. The reason is that on some level of their subconscious mind, they think/know that I am absolutely right. This subconscious perception renders them unable to flee/reject, but at the same time, due to their damaged brains and inferior status, consciously accepting and embracing the Forbidden Truths is just impossible, as they are too terrifying to consciously bear.

When an inferior human finds himself in this situation, what I call a “feedback loop” can occur. The human is rendered simultaneously unable to reject and abandon the Forbidden Truths, but also completely unable to accept and embrace them. They perceive themselves trapped, with no way out, no escape. Terror confronts them on every side.

It is only in this very specific, admittedly rare circumstance, that My texts can directly and primarily drive a human to suffer a complete mental breakdown. And it has occurred. I have personally witnessed it, with email correspondents and even with face to face encounters a handful of times.

No details will be provided to you unworthy creatures, but suffice it to say these situations were/are deliciously delightful to Me. I am not without some pity for these inferiors, but My sadistic delight at their plight, wins out. Especially because most of them try to confront Me. It is a symptom of their mental breakdown, but I bite back, hard.

An interesting/amusing side note to this post: In mulling over the title, I considered going with “Can exposure to Forbidden Truth cause a human to become mentally ill?” But almost immediately I realized the invalidity of such a title. All of humanity is mentally ill. The entire species is mentally deranged. So, that’s when I modified the title to refer to a “complete mental/nervous breakdown”.

Mental illness is the status quo for humanity. Pathological dysfunction is how you inferiors function. Actual psychotic or other emotional breakdowns often occur specifically when the Matrix of Universal Illusion within which you fools function, is pierced by one or more unbearable Truths, and the inferior finds himself unable to successfully navigate back to the safety of the universal mental illness cloaked as “normal life”, by the matrix.


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How Humans Choose Their Leaders

We have already established as fact, via My brilliant texts, that leadership is a failed social experiment of the human species, a behavioral and ideological lifestyle choice inspired by universal species brain failure and dysfunction, a choice which causes universal harm not merely for every human, but for every living thing, plant and animal, on this planet, as well as ensuring evolutionary regression and devolution on a perpetual level, to result in near-term species extinction.

This is how humans choose their leaders: Not a single positive trait is sought, or even allowed to be displayed, by anyone who seeks to lead. Strength, intelligence, honesty, courage, morality, nothing like this is permitted to exist within the character of any elected or appointed or overtly terror-based, dictatorial leader.  leader.

All leaders must be terrorists, this is a prerequisite of the position. And why? Because every mainstream citizen-slave seeks & demands to be terrorized.

Every leader must openly manifest every pathology of mind and of character of the worst and most broken of humans: The regular, ordinary, mainstream human. He must be stupid, a coward, an outstanding liar for whom the lie can be easily and effectively communicated as absolute Truth, a Self-hater, Self-destructive, a hater of Truth, enraged on a homicidal level, while never openly acknowledging his external rage and hate.

Every leader must lack all introspective capacities, he must be totally unable to perceive himself as he Truly is. He must be narrow-minded, hypocritical, prejudiced against all life forms not human, prejudiced against all humans external to his own herd, , and a cheerleader for every existing deranged structure of the human matrix of universal illusion.

He must be the amplified voice of Mr. and Mrs slave, the premier salesman for universal human slavery and death for all.

Only then will you allow him to be your leader.

Only when you, all of you, individually and collectively, are absolutely certain anyone and everyone who aspires to lead, can never and will never allow you to ever glimpse, even for the briefest of seconds, any of the Forbidden Truths of what you are, any of the Forbidden Truths of what you have always done to yourselves, and what you have always done to the world around you, to every living thing, every moment of every day, in everything that you do, think, feel, in everything that you ARE, aspire to be, have any chance of becoming, will you open your arms and your mind to him, and hand him the leadership shackle, invite him to imprison, destroy, and murder you.

This is how you choose your leaders. This is the leadership structure of humanity, at every level.

Now you know the Truth. But the knowledge is useless, you do not want it, and you can rest assured, your leaders will make certain this message of Truth, as ALL such messages, will remain forever concealed.


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Why Do Humans Celebrate Halloween?

All holidays are inventions of the human devil, the hive mind of society which demands control, obedience, subservience, and the embrace of insane absurdity from, of, and by the Unwashed Masses. Every holiday has a specific intent, a functional, operational goal, to promote, legitimize, popularize, a primary human deranged pathological structure.

In amerikkka, christmas promotes the insane god myth. new years day promotes the perverse, absurd concept of sacrificing the present reality for an imaginary future that is impossible for us to experience due to the eternal nothingness of personal death.

valentine’s day promotes the validity of the absurd concept of romantic love. veteran’s day promotes becoming a legal murderer for your greatest enemy and personal destroyer. memorial day fetishizes committing suicide and murdering yourself to protect and defend and strengthen your slavemaster. mothers day promotes the legitimacy of the universally harmful and functionally absurd sacred family unit delusion. fathers day does the exact same thing as mothers day.

independence day promotes the deranged concept that a government which enslaves and oppresses you, actually provides you with personal freedom. labor day fetishizes and idolizes personal labor slavery as a noble and honorable life path choice. thanksgiving promotes nationalistic genocide under the lies of peace and freedom.

Every holiday strengthens different foundational structures of human oppression, victimization, injustice, enslavement, and torment. This is the function of the holiday for society and government.

And so we come to halloween, one of the most popular of all holidays, a holiday which has increased in popularity just in recent decades. And why?? Because halloween cuts right to the heart of engaging a population that is devolving to extinction. A population obsessed with death, worshipping death. A population to whom terror is a way of life, human beings who have always been terrorized, who are always being terrorized, who find catharsis in terrorizing others.

halloween is a celebration of terrorism, it empowers adults to terrorize children as a public policy. It empowers children to look into the face of death with eagerness, curiousity, and delight. “Frighten me, so that I can pretend the real and True terrorism I have experienced every other day of my real life, is imaginary. Frighten me, so that I can believe that to be terrorized is normal, natural, fun. And even more importantly, allow me to frighten others, to be the terrorist. It’s all in good fun, I will terrorize children by wearing a scary costume on halloween, then the next day I will terrorize children by spanking them, and the next day I will rejoice in the terrorism carried out by my government to murder complete strangers it has demonized for me.”

Halloween brings terrorism into the mainstream. Halloween legitimizes the terrorism which is an integral part of everyday life, for all 21st century humans. Halloween promotes both the terrorizing of others, and being terrorized by others, as natural, normal, as mainstream as worshipping a non-existent god creature.

Halloween celebrates the human worship of death. Skeletons, ghosts, goblins, zombies, vampires. Halloween positions fear as desirable, and death as an amusement. It is the perfect holiday to meet the needs of the pathologically suicidal and the pathologically homicidal. “It’s fun to be scared… death!”

Planet earth exists as an asylum for the mentally deranged. The deranged run the asylum, the deranged decree what is normal and what is not, and they do so in order to conceal from themselves, their own derangement.

That is why the holiday of halloween exists, so that for one day out the 365, humans can pretend they are deranged. By this pretense, they conceal from themselves, and from all of human consciousness, the Forbidden Truth that they are in fact functionally deranged all of the time, all 365 days of the year, as they murder themselves, murder others, terrorize others, terrorize themselves, abuse themselves, abuse others, and worship death, in pathological reflection of their own personal destruction as created victims of the greatest horror show in the universe: The daily experience of childhood, adulthood, socialization, and citizenship within the mind cages of 21st century human society.

Each of you is Freddy, Jason, and Michael, and every other boogeyman.  The terrorism and murder rampage that you carry out is 365 days a year, and it is no myth or legend or superstition. It is the reality of child abuse, or war, of hunting, of punishment, of discipline, of mind control, of child ownership, of universal slavery for all, of the mind shackle. Each of you is fleeing in terror, all of the time, fleeing in terror of the Truth. And each of you is terrorizing others, longing to capture, to tear apart, to open veins, to suck the life out of everyone and everything.


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James Eagan Holmes: Victim of Ongoing Injustice

Oh, you think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING!–Bane, The Dark Knight Rises

You humans destroy whatever confronts you with Truth. There is no greater proof of this, than your treatment of your own created torture victims. A few days ago you proved yourselves unworthy of the gift of life, as a collective species, when you dared to pass judgment upon your own created torture victim, James Eagan Holmes, condemning him to remain inside of a cage and subjected to your ongoing attempts to further victimize and traumatize him.

Your cage lock of this tortured child is an attempt not to protect anyone from being harmed, but to silence a voice of Truth. The actions of James inside of a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012 were not criminal, immoral, insane, or evil. James’ actions on that day were simply an honest, accurate, justified, and morally reflective response to the maliciousness and to the derangements of human society, which were imposed and inflicted upon him.

A few days ago, you proved James to be right, in his choice to seek and to claim personal vengeance inside of that theatre on that day. You proved him right by choosing to demonize him, by choosing to judge him, by choosing to try to punish and harm him. Here is a news article which describes the horrific injustice carried out against James, on Wednesday, August 26, 2015:

James Holmes was and will always be your created victim. He has never deserved to be punished or harmed, by anyone, in any manner. Your collective choice, as a society, to deny him victimhood status, and to maliciously attempt to inflict punishment and harm upon him, is impossible to justify on any level. All anti-social, anti-human,  reflective acts of personal catharsis that have ever been undertaken and that will in the future be undertaken, are proven justified by the exact and specific manner in which you have chosen to treat James Eagan Holmes.

You took your created victim and you demonized him. You created a fictional plotline in which you gave yourselves permission to judge as evil and insane, an individual guilty of nothing more than proving to you, how evil and insane you are, individually and collectively, as individual human beings representing your society, and as a collective species.

The criminal trial of James Eagan Holmes, as is the case with all judicial proceedings and with all judicial verdicts handed down by humanity, embodies and personifies the malice and the derangement of humanity as a species. All judicial proceedings are absurd farces, in which a structure which is utterly and completely void of all morality and justice, adopts an illusionary stance within which it pretends to possess the moral and benevolent standing upon which to judge and punish an individual it is directly guilty of creating and of victimizing.

The motivation for this absurd farce is to deny reality and Truth. All judicial verdicts of punishment and harm are motivated by the blind terror of humanity as a whole, at the mere thought of being exposed and revealed to be guilty of and responsible for the justified reflections of individual victims such as James Eagan Holmes.

On July 20th 21012, James Eagan Holmes attempted to harvest as many human beings as he could, inside of a movie theatre which was showing a fictional, fake, acted, theatrical production. This fictional production was titled: The Dark Knight Rises, and it provided humans with an escape from reality and Truth, and the opportunity to descend into a fictional world of imaginary good and evil, imaginary justice and righteousness, and ritualized violence deployed to achieve emotional catharsis.

The Forbidden Truth is this: Everything done to James in the wake of his movie theatre massacre was a continuation of the fictionalized illusion of justice and morality which was depicted on-screen in the movie The Dark Knight Rises. You humans went to see this movie for the purpose of escaping from reality and from Truth, so you could pretend to be representatives of goodness, justice, morality, when in Truth you exist as sponsors of every imaginable horror: Sponsors of the universal abuse, victimization, and torment of all children. Sponsors of universal suffering and death for everyone.

You go to movie theatres and watch fictional tales of morality, as in real-life you ritualistically destroy every child via organized structures such as parenthood, and education, discipline and indoctrination. You murder complete strangers and creatures innocent and morally superior to you via organized rituals such as abortion and hunting and war. You gather together to watch fictional stories to brainwash yourselves into believing that you are good, that justice is your mandate, as all around, each and every day, you inflict universal injustice upon all.

James Eagan Holmes should be honored and celebrated as a Seer of Forbidden Truth, for his specfic deed on July 20, 2012 inside an Aurora movie theater. He should be honored and thanked by every seeker of Truth, for piercing the matrix of human illusion, for demonstrating the deranged hypocrisy of humanity in creating and wallowing in fictional tales of imaginary goodness and morality and justice, as humanity does the exact opposite, carrying out evil, immorality and injustice against everyone.

And none of you get it, none of you humans. It is so obvious that the arrest, prosecution, demonization, and punishment of James exists as nothing more than a fictional extension of the mental deformation of an entire species, which motivated the creation and the viewing of the movie The Dark Knight Rises. You decree James Eagan Holmes mentally ill, when all he has done is prove the mental illness of humanity as a species.

If you creatures were sane or good, you would never create fictional stories which allow you to escape from reality and pretend that goodness and justice exist and are sought and celebrated by you. You would never hurt individuals who show you the Truth of what you are. You would thank them, honor them, apologize to them, beg them for forgiveness, treat them as victims. You would never even conceive of judging them guilty of anything. You would judge yourselves guilty, you would accept the blame and the responsibility that you bear. You would reform yourselves, instead of pretending to try to reform your created victims, as you terrorize and traumatize them further.

James Eagan Holmes, you will always be a tortured victim-creation of a species unworthy of existence. i honor your sacrifice, I appreciate you as an individual seeker of Truth, I wish you strength of mind and eternal, untouchable love of Self as you fight your daily war against humanity and the crimes it was, is, and will always be guilty of carrying out against you. Stay strong!

Colorado shooting suspect James Eagan Holmes makes his first court appearance in Aurora, Colorado, July 23, 2012. Holmes, the man accused of shooting dead 12 people in a Colorado movie theater during the midnight screening of the new Batman movie early Friday, made his first appearance in court on Monday, sitting silently in a red jailhouse jump suit and with his hair dyed bright red.All Text not in italics is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved

Humanity in Wonderland

I’m not big on watching movies, as the fictionalization of reality is one of the worst of all institutionalized human perversions, but for the sake of making an extremely important point, I wish to begin this blog post with a movie themed introduction.

Most of you creatures have probably watched a movie on Lifetime or WE or Oxygen network with a plotline that goes something like this: Small child either witnesses or is directly subjected to some type of horrific trauma, causing him/her to suffer a psychological collapse and retreat into a fantasy world, shunning all contact with others, refusing to face up to the realities of the world around him, and creating an elaborate set of fantasy environments and/or life forms, to which he establishes profoundly deep emotional connectivity, resisting and rejecting all external efforts to draw him back to the “real” world.

Listen up you fools, I have something important to tell you: Each and every one of you creatures, each and every one of you “adult” humans, save the 1 in 50 million who has successfully transcended his humanity, are spending your daily existences within this exact and absolute state of psychological collapse. Each and every one of you is a destroyed ex-child, psychologically destroyed, clinging to and constantly reinventing and reinforcing an utterly fantastical universe of pure illusion and pretense, to yourselves.

You dwell within a universe of illusion, this universe of ilusion is your escape from the horrors of the past, the horrors of what has been done to you, what is being done to you, in real-time, each and every moment.

Humanity in wonderland, this is the state of human existence today. Everyone is a destroyed ex-child. Everyone! The president of the united states and the homeless woman sleeping in a cardboard box and the billionaire commodities trader and the waitress in the local diner and the psychiatrist and the psychologist and the policeman and the serial killer and the devoted wife and the priest and the atheist and the anarchist and everyone, everyone else.

Everyone is psychologically destroyed. Everyone has retreated to a fantasy world, collectively and individually. Everyone is constantly mapping out a course within their fantasy world, which allows them to avoid facing the horror of their own childhood destruction, while simultaneously avoiding the horror of what is being done to them in real-time, each moment of the past, present, and future.

You must understand what this means, what the consequences are, of your species existing as destroyed ex-children, unable to even begin to imagine facing up to the horrors of past, present, and future. Every leader, every human leader, is a destroyed ex-child, living within a delusional fantasy world. Every scientist, doctor, philosopher, self-help guru, good samaritan, priest, president, coach, mentor, counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, everybody is broken, and everybody is devoted to breaking everyone else, to making sure that everyone is broken and always remains broken, because to allow anyone to not be broken, allows the Forbidden Truth that everyone is a destroyed ex-child hopelessly trapped within a self-created fantasy world, to be uncovered.

Make no mistake, I was a human child, and I was relentlessly destroyed just like you creatures. But I am different. Instead of immersing Myself in a world of fantasy and illusion, I was and I am, the one in 50 million who faced every horror head-on. I dismembered every Wonderland that you humans offered to Me, and every Wonderland that My brain offered to provide to Me. I claimed ownership of my brain, by transcending my humanity. I took the horrific trauma that you humans choose to inflict upon every child and upon every adult, and I integrated it to My core consciousness. I used it to elevate Myself to the one dimension that you humans can never find the courage to explore, the dimension of Truth, of factual reality, as it is, free of all distortion and free of the toxic projections of the destroyed seeker of comfort, safety, and fantasy. In point of fact, I transcended My humanity.

I look upon you creatures with contempt. Your blindness disgusts Me. What is so obvious to Me, you are hopelessly oblivious to. I know why you are as you are, I understand that to Alice, her Wonderland is the only reality she can perceive, and all of humanity has chosen to become lost in the same type of Wonderland, where the real, the True, the obvious, is invisible, impossible for you fools to find inside or outside of yourselves.

Do not accuse Me of painting with a broad brush. Why do I lump the atheist together with the priest? Why do I throw the anarchist in with the president? Why?? Because all humans are destroyed ex-children, and finding slivers of Truth within your broken minds, does not allow you to escape from Wonderland. It only allows you to pretend you have escaped, to delude yourselves into feeling enlightened, even as you remain trapped within your fantasy world. Perceiving a Truth, embracing a Truth, does not lift you above the psychological collapse of your mind. A Truth, or a set of Truths, are useless insofar as escaping from Wonderland itself.

I see things as they are, and they are so obvious. Parenthood is wrong.  Religion is wrong. Money is wrong. Punishment is Wrong. Sports is Wrong. government is wrong. Death is wrong. Loving others is wrong. Education is wrong. Tradition is wrong. Humility is wrong. Self-sacrifice is wrong. The family unit is wrong. Leadership is wrong. Forgiveness is wrong.

These things, and thousands more, that you humans find impossible to resist and to reject, are all wrong. They are wrong on a universal, fundamental, elemental level. They are as wrong as taking five gallon of gasoline, drenching every inch of your body with it, and firing a flamethrower directly into your own face. But is that really a good example, when you creatures are collectively suicidal, collectively murdering and destroying yourselves as factual reality??

And you pathetic creatures are up for debates on “issues”, at least some of you. You are willing to consider atheism, anarchism, even the elimination of parenthood, and maybe loving others is wrong…. I can find 1 in 1000, or 1 in 100,000, willing to consider isolated Truths. But this is useless, all this does is confirm that the state of humanity is trapped in Wonderland.

Because the 15 or so human structures that I have listed above as being wrong, along with thousands more, are fundamentally, foundationally, intrinsically wrong. They should never have come to exist, much less be universally embraced. If humanity were not trapped in a universal state of Wonderland, these structures would be recognized as ludicrous, they would never have come to be, in the first place.

This is what I see, with my Alien Eye. I see as ludicrous to exist, what you cannot even imagine challenging the existence of. I see the actual matrix, all of it, with crystal clarity, while you, at best, see isolated fragments swimming in fog and haze. You think My lens is distorted, but it is not. My lens reflects perfection of achieved mind.

Your Wonderland is invisible to you, all of you, just as much as that 6 year old girl in the Lifetime movie who witnessed her parents getting raped and stabbed to death and now refuses to speak to anyone except her imaginary friend. You need your Wonderland, you need to keep your eyes wide shut, your mind wide shut. Your Wonderland allows you to escape to a safe place, but just like Wonderland itself, your safe place, all of your safe places, are useless, worthless, illusions.

You destroy yourselves in order to keep Truth at bay. You protect yourselves from the Truth, willingly paying the price of personal destruction. You do it so you can smile, so you can laugh, so you can pretend to be happy, pretend to be loved, pretend to be safe, pretend to have a future, pretend that everything is okay and will be okay. It seems a fair trade-off to you, but you cannot perceive the consequences, the actual loss, because you have made your Wonderland, your reality.

Every problem can be solved, if it is faced within Truth. But destroyed ex-children cannot identify problems, much less solutions. In Wonderland the solution is perceived as a problem, and the problem is perceived as a solution. Everything is upside-down, because Truth is dead, and nothing can be seen or understood as it actually is.

I write this not to enlighten anyone. I write this because it is True, and because Truth cannot save Me from your Wonderland. I write this because I am not one of you, My mind is not in Wonderland, but My body is trapped by the horrific universe of illusion that you have created. My future is doomed, by you.

And so I hate you all, so very much, for what you are, even as I recognize you as created victims. I hate you, because I love Myself. I hate you because I know, if you could see yourselves as you Truly are, if you could see yourselves as I see you, you could not bear it. You would change, or you would choose to die, immediately, not in slow motion. But you will never see yourselves as you are. Wonderland does not allow that.

And there you all are. All of you. Humanity in Wonderland.

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