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Salman Abedi, 23rd Murder Victim of the Ariana Grande Concert Bombing

His name is Salman Abedi, he is a tortured child-victim of 21st century human society and government, and he is the murder victim who sought and claimed vengeance, and expressed Forbidden Truth, when he chose to sacrifice his own existence in order to try to blow to pieces as many fellow human-borns as he could, at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, on Monday May 22nd, 2017.

Salman was a child, 20 years ago and 2 days ago. He did not ask to be born into, enslaved by, brainwashed and propagandized by, the hopelessly deranged society and government of the 21st century. He was not born muslim, the insanity and the evil of religion was maliciously imposed upon his helpless and supremely vulnerable child mind. He died two days ago, a murder victim of universal child abuse.

Those who practice christianity, and those who allow christianity to exist as murderer of Truth for all children and adults, are just as guilty of murdering Salman, as any muslim.

Your society and government chooses to demonize Salman as evil, judging his actions unforgivable and unjustifiable. You do this to cover up the Forbidden Truths:

a) To impose the insanity of religion upon the helpless and vulnerable mind of a child, is evil and unforgivable.

b) To commit universal child abuse as public policy mandate of every society and government, is evil and unforgivable.

c) To enslave every child and adult to the mind caves of ignorance and stupidity and falsehood, via citizenship and allegiance to the genocidal structures of patriotism, nationalism, and government, is evil and unforgivable.

d) To morally judge a tortured child you are guilty of having created, while refusing to see and know, understand and judge, yourselves and your own direct role in destroying the potential of every single child on earth to thrive within the glory of Truth, is evil and unforgivable..

And so much more.

Thank you Salman, for standing up and revealing Truth.

salman abedi78

The True face of 21st century media propaganda and brainwashing: The greatest victim of all demonized and denied his victimhood status, to cover up the genocidal evil and universal child abuse and destruction of 21st century society and government.

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What Is Religious Fundamentalism In The 21st Century?

It is a society, a culture, a nation-state of Self-haters and drone-slaves, serving the matrix of universal illusion as commanded. Humans who are god-dependent, god-subservient, god-fearing, god obeying. Religious fundamentalism is the beast of government wearing the mask of god, finding a way to get you idiots to waste your entire imaginary existence in terror of the mask.

Religious fundamentalism is a nation-state successfully deploying the insane god myth as a weapon of terror against its own citizens. It is a nation-state where no man, woman, or child is able to enjoy freedom from religion, especially if they believe they do.

Religious fundamentalism is a nation-state founded, sustained, grown, and strengthened by the ideological doctrine that god is on its side.

Religious fundamentalism is blooming within a society that promotes religion, uses religion to undermine, sabotage, cripple, and prevent the True progress potential of science, medicine, and technology.

Does all this sound familiar to you, amerikkkan, canadian, brit, aussie?? Do you see yourself clearly?? Or are you still too brainwashed to see religious fundamentalism outside of afghanistan, israel, saudi arabia, iran?

In the 21st century, the most religiously fundamentalism regimes are western, cloaking this Forbidden Truth, propagandizing you citizen-slaves, by demonizing primitive islamic regimes for their religious fundamentalism, which is very real, but far less sophisticated, less polished, and yes, less brutal in scope and magnitude, than the fundamentalism of the west.

It is amerikkka & the west that has elevated religion to serve as a direct inspirational and practical source for universal genocide. The guiding light of amerikkkan foreign policy: “Let me win your hearts and minds, or I’ll burn your damn huts down!“, rests on the wings of the Insane God Myth. As for domestic policy: Worship and obey our “way of life”, or else you will eternally burn in hell.

So, don’t you dare tell Me religious fundamentalism is bad and evil, when you choose to serve as obedient citizen-slaves to regimes more brutal, more sadistic, more terrorizing, in their own unacknowledged religious fundamentalism, than the regimes you judge and condemn.

See yourself as you are, so you may see your society and government for what it is, so you may be able to detonate the mind bomb illuminating who and what is your greatest and only True enemy!

Yes, islam has its version of eternal hell. But it is your own western regimes who threaten you, all of you, even and most especially the sane, Full Force Atheists, with eternal damnation in the christian version of hell, if you dare defy its political and ideological doctrines and decrees. So who is your greatest enemy??

There is no separation of church and state in amerikkka, no freedom from religion, no limits of any kind on how religion and the Insane God Myth is used by the regime to terrorize amerikkkans, and the world.

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Lone Gunman Mosque Massacre in quebec city, canada: 23 Shot, 6 Fatally

Less than 24 hours ago, a torture victim and Martyr of western society named Alexandre Bissonnette walked into a mosque in canada and opened fire on humans as they were engaging in the deranged ritual of praying to an imaginary god creature. Alexandre shot 23 of them, not a shabby victim count, with 6 dead and 5 more critically wounded.

I am pleased to be able to report that Alexandre, aged 27, did not perish in the incident, as is the unfortunate fate of far too many lone mass murderers.

Every act of outlaw mass murder deserves our respect and appreciation. All occur as honorable, external reflections of immense personal trauma and victimization. Society and government bears 100% of all the guilt and responsibility for every such event.

If you study the history of lone gunman mass murder, as I enthusiastically do, you find relatively few house of worship massacres. School, workplace, even restaurant massacres, have been more common and frequent.

I have no interest in nitpicking the chosen ground zero Mind Bomb hunting grounds of outlaw mass murderers. But the simple fact is that the house of worship is a logical prime target. Horrific things happen, to children and to adults, within EVERY house of worship, from the church to the temple to the mosque.

Every house of worship is a house of horrors, and a house of genocide. It is where Truth and Self are murdered, each and every day, ritualistically, over and over. Genocide of human minds occurs every day within every house of worship, and this crime in NOT limited to adults. Helpless, supremely vulnerable children, their brains at the mercy of society and government, are forced inside of houses of worship, where they are terrorized, maliciously and overtly, via the Insane God Myth. Their genetic sanity is literally ripped from their helpless brains, as a public policy mandate, and the house of worship is deployed to specifically achieve this abomination.

So, let none of you humans DARE adopt a stance of morality, judgment, criticism, or condemnation against Martyr Alexandre. He deserves nothing but the highest respect, for finding the courage to shine a light of Truth upon the eternal darkness that is religion and the Insane God Myth.

Like all outlaw mass murders, society and government responds with proclamations of shock, outrage, and condemnation. Perverse hypocrites! You MADE Alexandre what he is, with your foundational structures of racism, nationalism, promotion and imposition of religion, and the use of religion to terrorize all citizen-slaves and create the illusion of a “war between the gods”, to cloak the actual war every society wages against its own citizen-slaves.

I wish Alexandre all the best on his life path journey, and to you insane god addicts, here is your PROOF that Allah is a lie. How could he let his own worshippers die, as they were praying to him?? Was he busy taking a bathroom break? Wake up to Truth, idiots!

You can read more details on Alexandre’s massacre, and view more interesting photos of him, at these two url addresses:

Alexandre Bissonnette Photos: Pictures of Quebec City Mosque Shooting Suspect

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An Appropriate Reply To: god Bless You

Interacting with humans is always pointless and useless, a waste of time and effort, and in a very real sense, an insult to Self, for those of us who have transcended our humanity. Still, witnessing the confusion, fear, and incredulity of the inferior upon being graced with a Forbidden Truth interaction, can provide momentary pleasure and amusement.

In this spirit, I would suggest the following reply when we are confronted with the deranged overture of “god bless you”, a pathetic sentiment that everyone who is forced to spend time around humans will invariably be confronted with, even if they successfully refrain from sneezing.

Of course a Superior look of contempt and disdain upon being victimized by this perverse human sentiment, is perfectly appropriate. But for those rare occasions when you feel like blowing out the already hopelessly deflated brain of an inferior, I would suggest:

“Please do not bestow the imaginary benevolence of a non-existent creature upon Me. You are looking at god. You have just spoken to god. I became god when I murdered the imaginary creature who holds you hostage. So thank you for advising Me to bless Myself. I do and I will. I bless Me.”

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An Atheist Understanding of Self, god, & religion

I received a brief but thought-provoking question concerning the “meaning” of atheism, how the atheist can be expected to perceive his own atheism. The question is enigmatic because it speaks to how external control of how individuals perceive themselves, limits and destroys the capacity of the individual to proactively seize Truth and factual reality, and apply it to revolutionary conclusions and personal mandates of radical change.

Here is the question, followed by my brilliant dissection of Forbidden Truth:

“Seer, i thought that being atheist means that there is no life after death. Am i wrong?”

Yes, you are wrong. You are very wrong. There are several different, fully valid and appropriate definitional parameters that may be applied to the term “atheist”, but to posit this term to decree that there is “no life after death”, is not only inaccurate, but absolutely betrays Truth itself. No sane and Superior atheist could accept such a shallow, superficial, and blatantly false definition.

If you seek Truth, I invite you to consider the following appropriate definitions of how atheism should be understood and applied by Superior minds. Singularly and in combination, all of the following definitions are valid and express Truth:

Atheist: An individual who consciously recognizes and rejects the absurdity and the falsehood of all supernatural belief systems involving both organized and non-organized religion, and the concept of a god creature existing.

Atheist: An individual who understands the unique singularity of every existence, and in honor and in praise of the glory of Self, affirmatively embraces a personal right, need, and entitlement to preserve his own existence for an infinite period of time, utilizing any and all valid, scientific and technological methodologies which may or may not be readily available at a specific point in time.

Atheist: An individual who recognizes that his own physical death is unacceptable and must be proactively prevented via scientific and technological means, due to the factual reality that to die is to be retroactively unborn, to be eternally lost, and to have never existed at any point in time, past, present, or future.

Atheist: An individual who declares war upon and against religion, as a sponsor of death, and who declares war upon and against government, as the sponsor of religion, and who declares war upon and against death itself, decreeing death to be his mortal foe and his mortal enemy, seeking to negate his existence for all of eternity, past, present, and future.

Atheist: An individual who rejects all belief, renounces the very concept of belief, not only as relates to religion and god, but the very philosophical and ideological platforms under which any belief, in anything, is given credence, respect, and consideration by humans, their societies, and their governments.

Atheist: An individual who demands an end to death, so that he may begin to live, within the understanding that to die in the future, is to already be dead in the present moment.

Atheist: An individual who recognizes Himself to be entitled to every right, every power, and every privilege bestowed by any and every religious text upon any and every mythical god creature.

Atheist: An individual who has affirmatively chosen and directly achieved the feat of rejecting, renouncing, hating, destroying, dismembering, cannibalizing, and excreting every mythical god creature that has been imposed upon him by his society, his culture, his fellow humans, and his government(s).

Atheist: A lover of Self, therefore a hater of god and religion.

Atheist: A lover of Truth and factual reality, therefore a hater of all religious, supernatural, and afterlife mythologies, which betray Truth and express contempt for factual reality.

Atheist: An individual who consciously understands that because no individual can ever exist if he suffers the fate of dying, such fate cannot be allowed to occur, and he must accept and assume personal responsibility for preventing his own death from occurring, not via the embrace of any belief, but by demanding and achieving technological immortality for Himself.

Now, some inferiors will claim that these definitions are far too broad, that atheist must be more narrowly defined. No! Atheism must be broadened, it must be understood as a philosophy of life, not as a mere rejection of a narrow and specific belief. Only within such an understanding, can the atheist use his rejection of the insane god myth, as a springboard to attacking and defeating the actual social goals and mandates of religion, which are very broad and parasitically malicious, and which include brainwashing and coercing all of humanity to accept, embrace, and welcome their own deaths, which occur as societally sponsored murders, and cause retroactive unbirth.

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Top Five Original Forbidden Truth Quotes on Atheism

As those of you who read My writings should know by now, I am the hardest of hard-core atheists. Here are five of My best original quotes, which capture the essence of contempt that I hold for the insane god myth, and are brilliantly memorable and enigmatic, to boot.

“Sunday, as every day, I worship at the Temple of Truth, the Mosque of Me, and the Church of Doing Whatever the Hell I Want”

“Religion: You can LIVE without it! Support Technological Immortality!”

 “At the intersection of Stupidity Street, Insanity Avenue, and Coward Court, you will see a sign that reads Dead End. Follow that sign and you will find god.”

“Are you looking for Yourself? First you must find, murder, dissect, cannibalize, and excrete god. Then you may be able to recognize Yourself as entitled to every real privilege claimed by this imaginary creature.”

“The worship of god is the worship of death. The worship of Self is the worship of Life. Murder god, so that you may give birth to the True glory of Self-Worship.”

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