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Interactive Human Relationships are Incompatible with Mental Health and Strength

All interactive human “relationships” are inherently toxic and destructive to the Self-universe. A relationship must be defined as constituting any type of ongoing contact with a specific individual human, that goes beyond the specific meeting of legitimate personal needs.

For example, you can see a specific dentist regularly, and not have a “relationship” with him. You simply interact with him solely for the purpose of meeting a genuine physical need that you have. On the other hand, you can, and the vast majority of all humans do, have a relationship with their dentist. This is because they cannot conceive of even trying to detach themselves from humanity as a whole.

You must reject, renounce, and abandon the legitimacy of the very concept of interactive human relationships, is order to be able to interact with humans in this manner, absent all toxic enmeshment.

When humans try to impose their True Reality upon you via personalized dialogue, this act should be personally understood as mind rape. It does not happen to Me because I give off very hostile signals that are impossible to ignore, on the rare occasions when a human attempts to engage Me, but I understand that not everybody can deflect these mind rape attempts as effectively, and even I, within the slave labor environment, often must censor my own responses.

Isolationism is the only viable path to mental health and strength, and to thriving within a Self-universe based and bound by an unwavering embrace of all the Forbidden Truths. The inability of humans to even cope with, much less thrive within absolute and sustained isolation from all other humans, is a devastating indictment of humanity itself, and the universal destruction of potential and of mental health that it carries out against every child.

Let us understand, ideas and philosophies and thoughts can still be “shared” and exchanged, absent all directly interactive relationships. Just look at My publicly disseminated texts, millions and millions of words, countless thousands of unique and brilliant insights and philosophies comprehensively articulated for all of humanity to access, and even to engage in direct dialogue with Me as a response, as long as they meet My quality control contact standards.

All this absent all relationships. Even interactive contact can occur, without the poison of personal enmeshment, so long as at least one of the interacting parties is a top-level Superior, such as Myself.

Inferiors will say that children naturally and instinctively seek out interactive contact. Bullsh*t! That occurs after the child-slave has been trained, bribed, and indoctrinated like a dog, that he will be rewarded with food and with pleasant external stimulation, for engaging in interactive contact.

Infants are almost entirely Self-absorbed. Only their physical dependency on others, compromises this Self-absorption. It is society and government that ruthlessly exploits this physical weakness, using it as an opportunity and a perverse excuse, to destroy the capacity of every child to thrive within isolation.

Under the genocidal construct of “socialization”, society and government instructs every child caretaker that they must create toxic emotional enmeshment between themselves and the child. Systematically and ritualistically, every child is stripped of the very essence of Self-identification, forcibly integrated to become a functioning member of the Hive Mind of Universal Illusion.

This externally imposed genocide of mind plays out every single day, throughout all of childhood, to the point where the child can no longer conceive of regaining their natural state of mind, under which they were able to thrive in isolation.

Let us clearly understand, one of the integral components to the personal attainment of Forbidden Truth freedom of mind, is to regain the capacity to fully thrive within absolute personal isolationism, of body, of mind, of consciousness.

I use the term “regain”, because every child is maliciously stripped of this capacity. Even I was stripped of it, to some degree, despite diligently and obsessively working since the age of six, to reject and to transcend my humanity.

In all cases, the personal relationship must be understood as a mistake, mutually harmful to both involved parties, no matter how comforting and positive it might “feel” to either or both involved parties. It is a mistake because it is not compatible with Truth, or with realizing one’s own personal potential, or with any aspect of Truth-based freedom and personal autonomy as a Self-universe.

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Is Isolationism a Prerequisite of Good Mental Health?

The answer is Yes. But lets begin with a complete understanding that nobody is mentally healthy, no human being on planet earth. As I have made clear in previous essays, it is completely impossible for genuine mental health, as it exists in other creatures of other species, to be attained by a human being.

This is because the entire species exists as a biological birth defect, therefore every human brain is compromised from birth, and as a result, humanity has created and imposes on every child and adult a deranged and insane set of intellectual, philosophical, ideological, and behavioral mandates, resulting in the proactive destruction of whatever existing genetic capacity to develop and maintain mental health, any individual may possess.

A tiny handful of Top-level Superiors such as Myself, who successfully reject and transcend their humanity, can regenerate and newly develop some mental health, but to apply the term “mentally healthy” would still be misleading.

The Superior pieces Himself back together, making Himself stronger than any Normal could ever hope to be, in many different ways. But his mental “health” always reflects and embodies the destruction, the victimization, the harm and the damage he has been offensively subjected to.

Okay, so let’s back to the main point of this essay: Isolationism. I am an absolute isolationist. Isolationism is more than misanthropy, more than being a “loner”. The isolationist is someone who knows and understands that all human contact is directly harmful to him. He knows that not only does he feel better when he is always and forever alone, he IS better, in every measurable way, when he is alone.

The isolationist knows that humans are mentally ill, and their mental illness is contagious and communicable, a disease in every sense of the term. Any direct, ongoing exposure to humans will directly weaken, endanger, and compromise whatever level of mental “health” you may currently possess.

Here we are in the 21st century, and every socially and governmentally empowered psychological and psychiatric organization on earth, overtly promotes human “relationships” as a key to establishing and maintaining good mental health. Everyone is told they must maintain contact with other humans, voluntary, ongoing contact, genuine relationships, in order to maintain mental health.

But it is all a lie! Every such relationship, sexual or non-sexual, familial, close “friendship”, casual acquaintance, every single relationship on earth, directly harms the mental health of all involved parties.

Humans bring each other down, they infect each other with their own mental pathologies. Cross-contamination is the universal result of all direct human contact.

Society promotes and mandates interpersonal relationships, specifically because universal mental dysfunction and disease is necessary and vital, in order for The Hive Mind of Universal Illusion and Delusion, to continue to thrive, invisible, unthinkable, and undetectable to you humans.

And of course you diseased creatures claim to feel so much better when you engage in interpersonal relationships. You feel mentally healthier, but this illusion is the same as that of the crack cocaine addict who feels better after he gets his “fix”. Feeling better has nothing to do with being better. The external manipulation of your personal feelings is one of the most genocidal weapons available to and deployed by The Matrix against all humans, to continuously sabotage any capacity or motivation they make possess, to try to fight against their mental illness and disease.

As an absolute isolationist, I spend every possible moment of My existence, alone.

I maintain no personal relationships of any kind. I have never had voluntary interactive sex with any human being. As an adult, I have never had a social relationship with any human being.

Complete, long-term, and absolute isolationism has played a primary role in helping Me to regain much of My externally, environmentally destroyed mental health, and to develop profoundly valuable and unique mental strengths that most human-borns can never even conceive of.

My mental health is dangerous to The Matrix. It could, in theory, expose to the consciousness of others, the very facts of universal human mental illness and derangement. For this reason, My mental health is denied and rejected as valid. If I were to suddenly become famous among humans, for any reason, society and government would label Me mentally ill, not for what I might have done, but for the life path I have led, and very specifically, for having lived My entire lifetime as an absolute isolationist.

Always, among humans, mental health as it is Truthfully defined, will be denigrated, condemned, and labelled as mental illness. This is done for the specific reason of allowing the universal mental derangements under which the species as a whole operates and functions, to be kept cloaked, invisible, and hidden from all human consciousness and awareness.

When you fully understand this Forbidden Truth, you can begin to try to perceive the insanity of humanity as it plays out, every day, always, as it has in the past, is today, and will in the future. You can begin to develop an Alien Eye, to detach from the immersive, toxic addiction that is your conscious relationship with humanity as a whole, directly linked to your own private, interpersonal relationships with individual humans.

Understand: Isolationism on a personal level, is the gateway to more than just better mental health. It is the gateway to successfully isolate yourself from the very real disease that is humanity itself!

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Sexual Freedom: Truthfully Defined and Personally Achieved

I currently enjoy sexual freedom, as I have attained and consistently maintained for several decades. Understanding the full parameters of this remarkable feat of personal MindPower, opens a wormhole to the nature of universal human slavery not merely on this specific issue, but on slavery as a whole.

All of the following criteria must be met, individually and in concert, in order for sexual freedom to be legitimately claimed as personal achievement:

1: The physical health, strength, and capacity to achieve climax of the sexual organ on a daily or more frequent basis.

2: The mental strength to want to achieve climax of the sexual organ on a daily or more frequent basis.

3: The freedom of mind to consciously embrace a sacred personal right to achieve sexual climax at will, to any and every mind projection as it is formulated within the Self-universe, absent all moral, ideological, or philosophical censorship or negative judgement.

4: The personal capacity to attain sexual climax at will, within the parameters of physical stamina, absent all physical contact with any and all living creatures.

5: The ability to achieve sexual arousal and climax without physically touching your own sexual organ.

6: Complete psychological and intellectual separation between the valid aspirational goal of personal pleasure via sexual arousal and climax, and the invalid social construct of external love.

7: Rejection of all externalized emotional projection upon external life forms, within the Self-realized operational process of attaining sexual arousal and climax.

8: The capacity to detach from all stressful or undesired external impositions, such as being locked inside of a cage against your will, in order to obtain and maintain the capacity to attain sexual climax at the ordered will of your own Self-mind.

9: A complete philosophical understanding of how and why universal sexual slavery is maliciously promoted and imposed by the Matrix of Universal Universal upon all human-borns.

10: The attainment of the psychological power and capacity to achieve sexual climax of the mind, as an autonomously functional brain, absent the attainment of sexual arousal or climax of any other body part. The ability to replace at will, or to attain within concurrence, the physical orgasm with the mental MindGasm.

11: A complete understanding of how the lie of sexual freedom is deployed by every society and government to brainwash and indoctrinate sexual dependency and toxic emotional enmeshment with other human beings, for the purpose of compelling the subconscious embrace of personal slavery and suppression of free will, within this, as well as all other, individual life path decisions and choices.

There are other criteria that must be met for 100% sexual freedom to be personally attained, but these eleven are primary, foundational level bullet points. Any single failure or compromise of any of the ten, directly eliminates all claim to Truth-based freedom on the issue as a whole.

Even more important than the glorious feat of attaining sexual freedom, is the Mind Wide Open conscious understanding, at all times, that attaining sexual freedom does not make you free. All personal freedoms are directly interconnected. Even as I Truthfully claim to be sexually free, I remain enslaved by society and government via the other cages it successfully maintains upon all human borns.

body parts5

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The Pleasures & Benefits of Lifelong Virginity

Those of you who have read my writings know that I am a lifelong adult virgin, by choice, by right, by philosophical communion with Self, in accurate understanding of my rejection of my humanity, and as the honorable reflection of Truth itself. In this essay I will broaden out the context within which the personal choice of virginity must be analyzed, and articulate why it is the only logical and sane life path decision for both Superiors and aspiring Superiors.

To begin, virginity must be understood as a personal choice, and not as a state of “innocence”, or a lack of sexual experience, which may be exernally compromised against individual will. This means, very simply, that an individual who is raped, or directly forced by another to physically engage in sexualized contact, does not lose the right to personally seize and claim sexual virginity. This rule must be equally applied to adults and to children. We must not allow any external violation of Self, to compromise our personal right and ability to seize and claim a personal path of behavioral and ideological Superiority.

Personally, I have always and will always very specifically identify Myself as an adult virgin. Why do I apply this preface?? Because I wish it to be clear to all sentient minds who access the True Reality that I choose to share with others, that I am a created victim of multifaceted forms of child abuse, and that one such facet was the repeated sexual rape I was subjected to at the hands of one of my biological creators, and therefore I exist as direct victim of human society and government, guilty of sponsoring universal child abuse and of imposing the deranged family unit structure of injustice upon all child and adult citizen-slaves.

It is important to understand that even as I insist upon referring to Myself as an adult virgin, I recognize Myself as a virgin, with no limitating quantifiers. I recognize Myself as a virgin because I have never, not as a child, and not as an adult, chosen to voluntarily engage in sexual contact with any living thing other than Myself, and have never engaged in such contact. Victims of rape should never allow external victimization of Self, to place a restriction or limitation upon their capacity to seize a Superior lifestyle path of Self-determination, moving forward.

This issue becomes much more complex when we consider the human adult who has “voluntarily” chosen to engage in sexual contact with others, and then claims personal entitlement to refer to Himself as a virgin, because he is vowing to never make this choice again, in the future. I use quotation marks for the word “voluntary”, because in Truth, no personal choice is ever made, totally free of the coercive influence of external imposition, as expressed via trauma, victimization, brainwashing, social indoctrination, and many other plague viruses of the mind, as experienced in response to external attacks.

The fact remains, humans are pathological liars, and their most popular target of deception, is Self. Therefore, when an individual who has voluntarily chosen to engage in sexual contact with others in the past, claims to recognize the error of his ways and takes a vow of personal celibacy for the future, such a vow cannot be taken at face value, and the individual may not accurately refer to Himself as a virgin.

I want to very clearly define the term virginity, within Forbidden Truth. While there is an absolute component of abstinence from sexual intimacy with others within this definition, there is also an equal requirement that all emotional enmeshment and interactive addiction to fellow humans, be rejected and not allowed to occur. There are many humans who form extremely toxic interpersonal relationships with other humans, but choose not to engage in sexual intimacy with these humans.

It is an affront to the Superior path of personal autonomy of body and of mind, for such humans to claim the honor of being virgins. Such humans are not virgins, because this honorable title demands freedom of both mind and body, from the shackle that is the interpersonal relationship.

Another vital point worthy of clarification, is that human contact, be it visual or physical, can occur without violating personal virginity status. For example, you can “rape” others, on a directly personal level, using your eyes and your brain, by decreeing them sexual objects available for your attainment of personal pleasure.

Such rapes do not violate personal virginity status, and such rapes may vary widely in terms of their interactivity. Meaning, the rapist may simply observe a complete stranger in a public environment, never making any physical contact with the individual, or even speaking a single word to them, yet gain hundreds or thousands of masturbatory climaxes as a direct result of memory integration of this singular event. Or he may pay money to a prostitute and physically touch parts of her body, and even sexually climax near her body, but as long as he forms no interpersonal relationship with her, and does not insert any sexual organs into her body, or in the case of a female, choose to allow anyone to insert sexual organs into her body, virginity status is not violated.

Virginity must be defined as the combined personal autonomy of body and of mind, from all interpersonal relationships, as sought, demanded, and obtained for Self. The personal right and the sacred entitlement of the individual to seek and obtain sexual climax, is in no way diminished or compromised by the seizure of such personal autonomy by the individual.

Before I move on to outlining the pleasures and benefits of lifelong virginity, let Me, for the official record, reveal the details of my own lifelong virginity status. As a young child I was forced to perform oral sex upon my father hundreds of times. At the age of 13 I made a series of Sacred Vows to Myself, one of which was to never engage in sexual contact with any human being for the remainder of my existence.

Decades have passed since I made this sacred vow, and of course I have kept and honored it. How have I kept and honored it? By never allowing any human to touch my sexual organs. By never touching the sexual organs of any human being. By never forming any interpersonal relationship with any human being. By never attempting to form any interpersonal relationship with any human, meaning never going on a “date”, never “socializing” with a human being, etc… This is my triumph of Self and of mind.

Inferiors say that the future cannot be predicted, but this is not True in terms of personal choices made within a functionally healthy mind. As long as I know Truth, and as long as I know Myself, I can predict with absolute certainty the fact that not only am I a lifelong virgin as of the moment in August of 2015 that I am typing these words on a keyboard, but my virginity status will continue for as long as I exist within the possession of a sane and functionally healthy brain. Because I am the owner of Myself, the owner of my mind, and I am not capable of choosing to betray Myself, to violate the terms of personal superiority and untouchability that I have chosen to embrace and to develop and to solidify, and have achieved as absolute and glorious feat.

Within the understanding of the above personal achievement, let Me be perfectly clear that I am a prolific masturbator and recognize the achievement of sexual climax as a personal pleasure to which I enjoy limitless right. I strive to achieve masturbatory climax an average of 2.5 times during every 24 hour time period, and have met this goal dating back decades, resulting in tens of thousands of masturbatory climaxes. Additionally, on a few rare occasions, I have engaged prostitutes in physical touch and body manipulation which involved no sexual organ contact and no formation of an interpersonal relationship, therefore in no way compromising my lifelong virginity status.

I will now transition to an analysis of the many pleasures and benefits of lifelong virginity, a path of Superiority which all who are born human should strive to claim and to attain. One of the greatest horrors of the human condition is the enslavement of individual minds, to other individual minds. Such enslavement automatically causes the loss of all individuality, and it is a core structure of social control. All sexualized personal relationships violate and betray personal freedom and autonomy. All personal relationships shackle all individuals, on many different levels.

The freedom of the virgin may be accurately described as the freedom of a newly created fetus, possessing a mind unburdened by the needs and demands of all other life forms. The virgin owns Himself, because the virgin refuses to allow others to own him. This form of freedom is central to any quest to become a Superior. Now, if you violated your own virginity in the past, by choice,and later seek to free yourself of the horrific ritual that is the human relationship, you enjoy this right, and there is nothing wrong in making a proactive vow to never again in the future form such a human relationship. But you should do so without laying claim to being a virgin. Honor the tiny handful of born humans who have never chosen to violate their virginity, such as Myself, even as you attempt to overcome your own failures of the past.

The human being is a filthy creature, diseased on many levels, in many different ways. All who violate their own autonomy of body and of mind, by choice, are guilty of soiling themselves. Understand and accept the mark of personal failure inherent in such a choice, even as you equally understand that this choice was coercively imposed upon you by the hive mind of organized human leadership.

The slavery that is the interpersonal relationship directly leads to the embrace of many other forms of human slavery. Purity of mind is in Truth much more important, much more useful, than purity of body. The lifelong virgin lays claim to a unique mindscape unpolluted by implanted memories of past mistakes.

Because let us be clear, all sexual contact with others, and all interpersonal relationships, are not only immensely harmful in real-time, as they occur, but remain harmful on an ongoing basis, in hindsight. The harm caused by any such encounter remains dynamic and impactful, even decades later, even if the individual takes a vow of lifelong future celibacy and abstinence from all interpersonal relationships.

Owning your body must run concurrent with owning your mind. The achievement of sexual climax is positive, beneficial, a physically and mentally healthy act, and a natural goal which should not be denied or mitigated. The Superior virgin possesses fully conscious awareness of this Forbidden Truth, and that it has nothing whatsoever to do with interactive sexual contact, or with establishing any interpersonal relationship. The Superior virgin instinctually maximizes both the frequency and the duration of his sexual climaxes, free of all guilt, free of all externally imposed qualifiers, and free of all need to be aided by others in what is understood as a profoundly personal activity.

Intimacy must not be defined within the context of an interactive relationship. Intimacy must be defined as the greatest love of all, the expression of affection that an indivual developes, maximes, and bestows within and upon Himself. Intimacy is the perfection of an individual in love with Himself, making love to Himself, giving love to Himself, free of all external contamination, limited only by the universe of Self-love he has created and bestows upon himself, with unconditional pride and understanding of right, on all levels of consciousness.

Humans have nothing of value to offer Me. And they have nothing of value to offer you. If you fail to embrace this Truth as valid and accurate, it is because you exist as a broken inferior. You seek value from others, but all that you are doing is destroying whatever remaining value might still exist within yourself. Not a day goes by that I do not pause to give thanks to my own brilliant childhood mind, in recognizing the need to embrace lifelong virginity at a young age, and proactively granting Myself both physical and psychological untouchability on a maximized scale.

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On the Directionality of Hate

I received an interesting question and comment from an aspiring reader. He or she states:

SEER, I know this is a bit off topic, but I have to ask. Is it fair to say that humans subconsciously hate each other but consciously won’t admit it. I, personally, on a subconscious level detest humans, so other humans are no different than me. Also, humans have been conditioned to conceal their true feelings and lie to avoid hurting others feelings. What’s your take on this?”

The issues raised by the above comment are well worthy of being addressed in a new blog post, so here is my comprehensive reply, as given by Me in the Comments section of this blog:

It is fair and accurate to say that all humans hate themselves, and that all humans, be it consciously or subconsciously, hate other humans on a specifically narrow and limited level. It is very important to understand that both of these states of mind are overtly solicited, developed, encouraged, and coerced by society and government.

One of the very greatest of goals of every society and government, is to inspire all human beings to hate themselves. Self-hate is the foundational springboard to the universal embrace of suffering, victimization, and injustice, which is what every society must convince its citizen-slaves to affirmatively accept, in order to maintain its grip of power.

At the same time, very specific directionality of externalized hate, must occur as well. While the installation of universal Self-hate is the most important objective, governments understand that this alone will not produce a population which maximizes its slave potential, and a population which only hates itself is also far more likely to rise up and revolt against its slavemasters. Therefore, the inspiration of external hate is also very important and directly promoted.

But, the directionality of this external hate is very tightly controlled and orchestrated. No human is given the freedom to hate as he chooses, or as his True Reality dictates, or as the embrace of Truth itself, would naturally motivate. No, society instructs and directs, in very specific ways, who should be hated, and this direction occurs within the envelope of brainwashing and indoctrination.

For example, amerikkkan citizen-slaves are told to hate child molestors, to hate terrorists, to hate those who wish to take away their “freedoms”, to hate those who believe different things than they believe, to hate their “enemies”, to hate those who betray their vampiric relationship addictions, etc… But always, within these externalized hate “relationships”, underlying all external hate, is hatred of Self.

By controlling and directing who and what the individual is allowed to hate, society and government maintains control over how, where, and when hate is directed, in the process protecting itself from becoming a direct target of the hate of those it maintains ideological control over, meaning that amerikkkans are not allowed to hate amerikkka.

Because all humans hate themselves, they subconsciously hate each other, yes. You cannot possess genuinely positive sentiments for others, if you lack such sentiments towards Self. Every human on earth, in a very real way, is directly responsible for all the suffering experienced by every other human on earth, and therefore deserves to be hated by victims of injustice, and we are all victims of this injustice.

Here is the critical point: You say that you detest humans on a subconscious level. But if you are consciously aware of the fact that you detest humans, your hatred is being consciously realized and recognized, by you. This differs greatly from the vast majority, who also hate others, but cannot consciously recognize and embrace this factual reality within their own minds. Knowing that you hate humans, constitutes conscious awareness. Now, understanding why you hate humans, analyzing why you may hate specific humans more than you hate other humans, these are additional steps that the Superior mind dissects and analyzes in order to gain Forbidden Truth insights of Self, the nature of humanity, and the nature of how individual hate is directionally controlled and manipulated by society and government.

He who knows and understands Himself, within the embrace of Forbidden Truth, is very different from the unwashed masses of humans, who lack this capacity and achievement. The fact that you hate others, and others hate you, does not translate to your experience and understanding of hatred, being the same as those who hate you.

As to your comment that “humans have been conditioned to conceal their true feelings and lie to avoid hurting others feelings,” this speaks to the reality of the Acting Mask, which I have discussed within My Manifesto as well as several blog posts. Children are taught from birth that nobody cares about how they actually feel, that all lives must be spent as theatrical performances, the presentation of different faces to others, to gain their approval, to extract desired things from them, to manipulate and to deceive others, as you simultaneously deceive yourself.

Humans lie to others as they lie to themselves, and as they are being lied to. All of human existence, both on a species-wide and an individual level, is based upon an endless circle of lies and deception. This is the matrix. Nothing can be seen and understood as it is, because Truth has been affirmatively extinguished from all consciousness.

Most humans will not tell other humans that they hate them, not because they don’t want to hurt them, but because they lack the capacity to consciously face up to the reality of their hate. Some humans openly express hatred towards other humans, verbally, but this usually only occurs within and in the wake of an interpersonal relationship, and it occurs as an emotional defense mechanism, a response to being forced to face up to the fact that the individual is hated by the other, and hates Himself, a Truth that the inferior never wants to consciously face up to.

For example, two humans become vampirically enmeshed within an interpersonal relationship. One sucks the other dry, subconsciously realizes he can no longer extract what he needs to nourish Himself, and breaks off the relationship. The “victim” of the breakup is still able to suck on the other, and therefore may react with an expression of powerful emotional hatred, “I hate you!” Why? Because the conscious reality that he hates himself and needs to extract from others in order to feel loved, threatens to be exposed to him, on a conscious level.

Humans want and need to hurt others, but they do not want to consciously face up to this Truth. One of the great inspirations to open expression of hate, is the individual who exposes within the other, what the other is desperately trying to conceal from himself.

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Professional Cuddling: A Forbidden Truth Dissection

I have already graced the universe with a uniquely brilliant blog post in which I reveal many of the primary Forbidden Truths of human touch. To those who have not already read it, or just want to refresh their minds, here is the direct url:

I highly recommend that before you read this post, you fully immerse yourself in the Truths I have already revealed in the above post, on this important issue, as this blog post, in many ways, enhances and builds upon those Truths.

This follow-up post is prompted by my recent discovery of the fledgling professional cuddling industry. This perverse entry into the realm of organized human dysfunction is not brand new, and in fact has made national headlines dating back over a year, but for Me it is brand new, as I often miss popular “human interest” news, engaged as I am in my obsessive focus on serial and mass murder, the terrorism of the state, and other angles of the media indoctrination machine.

To bring everyone up to speed, “professional cuddling” as a real industry, as opposed to simply a front to cover up prostitution, was virtually non-existent until 2 or 3 years ago. But within the past 2-3 years, it has gained some national media attention, and promises to become more popular in coming years, as it perfectly serves the slave-based, dependency needs of broken humans pretending to be free and to evolve.

So, what is professional cuddling? Very simply, human beings charging money in exchange for completely non-sexual hugging, cuddling, and physically comforting other human beings. It is completely platonic, not simply a cover-up for sexual intimacy for money. Probably the most widely known proponent of professional cuddling is a woman named Samantha Hess, in Portland, Oregon. She has her own professional cuddling store, employing three other cuddlers, and you can examine the services she offers here:

To begin My dissection, let me make it clear that I appreciate prostitution as one of the most honest forms of human vampirism. In fact, in My Manifesto, I go so far as to refer to prostitutes as sexual saints, a sentiment I continue to hold. The honesty of the prostitute, in turning emotional vampirism into a cold and calculated monetary exchange, and not engaging in the perverse discrimination of relationship autonomy, is to be cheered and commended.

Likewise, the service offered by Samantha Hess and other professional cuddlers is far more honorable than the human who goes out on a date, or the family member who pretends to care about you as he/she touches you, or the psychotherapist who tries to convince you to seek and develop personal relationships with other humans, as part of the socially sponsored matrix of emotional enslavement via family unit and partnered sex.

It is not my primary intent to condemn Samantha Hess or the professional cuddling industry. The personal exploitation of others that she and this industry engage in, is mild, in comparison to the universal destruction of emotional autonomy and Self-love deliberately sponsored and carried out by all human societies and governments. Just as the prostitute provides a useful service to broken humans who are unable to revel in the unmitigated glory and perfection of solo masturbation, the professional cuddler provides a useful service to those who are addicted to external human touch, perhaps shielding them from feeling compelled to don the slave shackle of dating or engaging in mutually vampiric personal relationships.

What must be singled out for condemnation here, is the inferiority of the human being as a whole, the immense pathologies of mind which cripple human progress and lead to the “discovery” and embrace of a mental health “therapy” such as professional cuddling. Samantha and others are positioning professional cuddling as a form of therapy. Is it?? Yes, and less harmful than the therapy offered by licensed psychologists and psychiatrists. But the key term here is: less harmful. It is still harmful, it still denies and rejects the Forbidden Truths of human touch. It still addicts the human to other humans, it still renders it impossible for the individual to meet his own needs, to embrace the unconditional love of Self which is so beautifully expressed via touching of Self.

Is being touched in a loving way, a positive and emotionally healing experience? Of course it is! But other humans cannot touch you in a loving way. They cannot. They are vampires seeking to extract love from you at worst, or to extract money from you, at best. All external touch is not merely a compromise, but a deal with the devil, a betrayal of Self and of Truth. But still, being touched in a loving way is a good and positive thing. And there the human, the pathetic human, stands trapped. The solution is so glaringly obvious, but not to the diseased human. He can’t figure it out, because he is genetically diseased, emotionally enslaved, and societally brainwashed.

“Oh jeez, what do I do?? I need loving touch, but relationships are so hard and complicated, and the prostitute doesn’t seem kind, and mom has already proven she hates me by abusing me….where oh where can I get my loving touch??? Oh, praise the internet gods, Samantha in Portland has such a nice smile and she is selling platonic hugs and cuddling! I’ll let her touch me, finally I have found someone to make me feel loved!”

How pathetic is that? The solution is invisible and impossible for the humans to recognize or embrace, they are too broken and destroyed. They do not want to be loved, they want to feel loved, to find safe haven in yet another universal, societally sponsored delusion and illusion. So what is the solution? Exactly and only what I comprehensively outlined in my first blog post on the issue of human touch: Touch yourself! Kiss yourself, lick yourself, caress yourself, smell yourself, make love to yourself limitlessly and unconditionally, every single day, in a directly physical way, above and beyond masturbation, just as I do each and every day, as a top-level Superior.

I do not wish to repeat myself in this essay, but short form version: I embrace my need to be touched, by bestowing hours and hours of loving touch upon myself. I kiss Myself, every inch of my body that my mouth can reach. I lick myself, every inch that I can reach. I smell myself, especially after licking myself. So delicious! I caress and stroke myself. I stare at myself in a full length mirror for hours, in pure, unadulterated love. I make eye contact with Myself in the mirror, for hours, giving myself the purest, most unconditional form of love. I meet my own need to be touched, every day, for hours, basking in the glory of achieved limitless love of Self.

You see, this is the solution to the problem of needing to be touched. So obvious and simple, but nobody gets it, nobody is capable of it. Except Me, having harnessed the limitless power of my own mind. Samantha is not capable of it, nor any of the other professional cuddlers, and neither are their clients. Universal addiction and dependency reigns supreme, and people like Samantha represent a new vanguard, taking dependency to new dimensions, new levels of false rationalization.

I can easily envision many thousands of professional cuddling salons propping up all over the world, Samantha opening store number 5000 as she purchases her 50 million dollar mansion. Why? Because her solution is easy, and it rejects Forbidden Truth. Her solution allows humans to feel better without becoming better. Her solution provides an illusion of benign therapy, even as it sustains the emotional crippling of self-hate and toxic dependency.

Professional cuddling is a “new” idea, but within Forbidden Truth analysis it must be understood as originating from within the most ancient, most pathological of all human ideas: marriage, sexual slavery, emotional dependency, self-hate, personal impotence, all the way to hatred and rejection of Truth itself.

As for societal and governmental leaders, you can expect many decades, if not centuries, of fervent, moralistic debate on what place professional cuddling may be allowed to serve within society. There will be thousands of undercover police sting operations, with pigs posing as lonely men in need of a hug or cuddle, then trying to bribe or entice sexual contact from the professional cuddler. Whenever they are successful, screaming media headlines will condemn the professional cuddling industry. Psychologists and psychiatrists will refuse to identify professional cuddling as a valid form of therapy, as they inflict far greater harm via verbal terrorism and altered brain chemistry inspired demands that patients need to seek out and form vampiric emotional relationships with “real” people, not professional cuddlers.

Why will all this occur, for centuries to come? Because professional cuddling, like prostitution, threatens to undermine the Sacred Family Unit, which functions as the epicenter of social slavery and lifelong emotional dependency. In Truth, society and government does not wish to end prostitution, and it will not seek to end professional cuddling. It’s goal will be to marginalize professional cuddling, discourage it by labeling clients as loners and losers, so that it remains a less popular pursuit, not diminishing the popularity of marriage, the family unit, date-based fornication, and the development of vampiric human relationships, all of which are far more harmful and toxic, and less honest, than that of the prostitute and her john, or the professional cuddler and her client.

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