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The Death of Communication


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According to The Matrix of Universal Illusion, communication between and among humans has never been easier, more effective, more easily established and maintained, than it is today, at this very moment, in 2018.

That is absolute bullsh*t! What we are witnessing at this inflection point in the human timeline, is the actual death of all human capacity to communicate.

Interactive communication does not require any specific technology, nor does it require a willingness on the part of humans to listen. No. What is required is the capacity to understand what is real and valid, factual and True, and the psychological motivation to place value upon such understanding, upon realities and facts and Truths.

Interactive dialogue is not communication, it is merely humans attempting to justify their reality perceptions to themselves, by bullying or deceiving others to accept such perceptions as being valid. Majority delusion determining which lies and illusions to embrace.

Humans have never been able to communicate, or interested in trying to do so. Following orders and edicts, finding slavemasters to dictate and control their reality perceptions, that is the human way. And we see this Forbidden Truth demonstrated now, in the 21st century, to a greater degree than ever before.

In theory, the capacity for Truth-based communication has never been greater, yet at the same time, the actual engagement of such communication has never been lower.

All dialogue is internally caged and controlled, by the shackles of mind that rule the collective consciousness of humanity. No idea, no insight, no Truth that strays beyond the accepted and prescribed boundaries of The Hive Mind of Universal Illusion, is ever allowed to transfer from one mind to another. Everyone terrorizes themselves, without even knowing they are doing so, or understanding why they do so.

Just one of the reasons I will write less, publicly, in the future, is because Truth must always be honored in deed. If human communication is dead, and it is, and I spend time directly addressing humanity, even if such dialogue is internally centered, as it has always been for Me, I am still disrespecting the True facts of publicly focused expression of ideas and of dialogue.

I have given humanity all of the primary Forbidden Truths, and been met with complete apathy, hostility, and rejection, as befits a species incapable of engaging in Truth-based communication. I will continue to rub your faces in your own mind excrement, because it pleases Me to do so, and because it is what you deserve. I will continue to write and express Truth, because doing so honors and sanctifies Me.

But, more so than ever, I will always retain conscious awareness of what humanity has done to Me, beyond My childhood soul murder and the daily, relentless attacks upon and against My Self-universe, in terms of overtly rejecting the public communication of Truth that constitutes My body of writings, dating back 28 years.

It is a gift unparalleled in the annals of human history, a brilliant and Superior mind dissecting and reflecting back at humanity, everything that is wrong with the species. Addressing every problem, providing uniquely brilliant solutions to every human problem. A torture victim giving his very own destroyers the capacity to save themselves.

As Truth is dead, so too is communication. Nothing that is True can ever be accepted, known, understood, unless and until the human brain is capable of engaging in free and open communication, the shackles of universal illusion and delusion severed by all parties involved.

This has never been, and will never be, possible.

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I Judge Individuals, I Do Not Blame Them

I judge individual humans all of the time, and I am not merciful. I judge most of them stupid, insane, inferior, brainwashed, cowards, liars to Self, liars to others, Self-haters, Self-murderers, guilty of every form of genocide, unworthy of existence, etc…

And of course there are a tiny handful judged on the positive side, judged to be seekers of Truth, judged to be aspiring Superiors, judged as having open minds, and therefore judged to have their mindscape perspective given My consideration, even if it contradicts My own.

It is only the latter that I communicate with. Why? For the same reason I will not deliberately step into an enormous, stinking and steaming pile of elephant dung. To do so by choice would be an absurdity, an offensive slap in the face to Self. Superiors don’t do that.

Inferiors like to ask, isn’t it “better” to simply judge the ideas of individuals, or the actions of individuals, instead of the individuals themselves? Certainly not!

The individual is what he thinks and what he does. Of course it is so! You can know the individual by his thoughts and actions, as expressed, revealed, carried out. And so to judge the ideas/actions, but not the individual directly, is an absurdity. The individual must be judged, and the standard must be uncompromising Truth. Is he sane or insane? Courageous or a coward? A Self-destroyer, or not? Does he commit genocide, by standing in allegiance with the systems and structures that carry out genocide under his name? His ideas and his actions, reveal him for what he is. And so I must and I will judge him, if for no other reason than to validate the judgements I hold for Myself.

Those who refuse to judge others, refuse to honor this Truth, as they refuse to honor themselves.

Of course most human judgements of individuals are wrong. That is because an inferior human cannot accurately judge any living thing, or any situation or event, within Truth.

My judgements of individuals are accurate and valid, they are based upon factual reality, Forbidden Truth. Of course the individuals on the negative receiving end of My judgements will disagree with them. So what? They are objectively wrong, and they don’t need to know this, for it to be True.

It is very important to understand that judgement is not blame. Judgement has nothing to do with blame. Judgement does not negate the victimhood status of inferiors. It is not their fault, that they are inferior, and hold inferior opinions, dispense inferior ideas, do inferior things.

To blame an individual victim is always wrong. To judge an individual worthy of being blamed, is always wrong. The Superior judges the individual worthy of being judged, but not blamed. This is an absolute standard, and it is why, for example, I will not blame My mother for destroying My eyesight, or My father for raping Me 100’s of times from earliest memory.

When you place blame upon any singular individual, you betray Truth by minimizing and dismissing the structures of genocide and universal harm that are created, maintained, and imposed upon all human beings on planet earth, by society and government, today, yesterday, tomorrow, every day throughout the modern era of human existence.

We must judge individuals. We must blame society, government, and organized structures such as religion, the educational system, the psychiatric system, parenthood, marriage, money, etc… And we must blame humanity itself, as a collective whole. But let us not blame any individuals, let us not sink to the level of blaming the individual victim.

Nothing I reveal here, negates the sacred right of all individuals to seek and claim personal vengeance against specific individuals. Within judgement alone, all such efforts are inherently justified. Blame does not need to be inserted alongside judgement, to validate rage and hate-based personal revenge.

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Interactive Dialogue: Illuminating, or Obscuring, Forbidden Truth?

The correct and True answer is almost always, the latter. Humanity as a species completely fails to deploy interactive communication towards the pursuit and attainment of knowledge, fact, reality, or Truth. Instead, interactive dialogue is valued for its “debate” opportunity. Debate, for humans, is psychological warfare. It is the attempt to bully, coerce, brainwash, and indoctrinate others to agree with your point of view, absent any genuine respect or appreciation for the facts, the reality, the Truths of the issue at hand.

You pathetic humans insist that interactive dialogue does not have to be combative, does not have to involve denying and rejecting Truth, but can serve to help discover and illuminate Truth. No! It does not work that way, you hypocrites. You engage in dialogue because you dislike and do not agree with a revealed Truth, and therefore seek to discredit it, by any means possible. Do you consciously acknowledge this is your objective? No. But it is.

A tiny handful of interactive dialogues can help to broaden and illuminate existing Forbidden Truths. But everyone involved in the dialogue has to be either a Superior or a genuinely aspiring Superior who has made significant progress towards achieving this feat of Self-improvement. This is the only way any interactive dialogue can service the Truth.

Less than one out of 100,000 humans fits into either of these two categories. Understanding the fact of this essay as revealed thus far, leads to the obvious and valid conclusion that the vast majority of all interactive dialogue not only fails to help illuminate Truth, but has the exact opposite impact, actively obscuring and sabotaging the efforts of aspiring Superiors to recognize and embrace Truth.

I am a full-fledged misanthrope. I don’t like humans, period. But the tiny handful who are genuinely aspiring Superiors, who seek, respect, value Truth and Truth-tellers above all else, are less worthy of My hatred.

And so I engage in very selective dialogue, with a small number of humans who attempt to engage with Me, understanding that the vast majority are unworthy, are not interested in illuminating Truth or in honoring Me, but are attempting to commit psychological warfare against Me, and by proxy, against Truth itself.

Nobody I engage in dialogue is trusted, nobody is believed, nobody is judged sincere, not even after 10+ years of consistent adulation, respect, and honor. In fact, those are the ones I am most suspicious of. But at the same time I fully acknowledge there are a tiny handful of genuine seekers and lovers of Truth. I know this to be True. But to identify an individual as such based on his interactive dialogue with Me? No. I know the human too well, to ever trust anyone.

If you seek Truth as an aspiring Superior, you should know that interactive dialogue is the inferior path. All dialogue must be internal. Never will you have a conversation with a human that can ever be as honest, as open, as broad, as illuminating, as free, as all-encompassing, as the internal dialogue you must cultivate and engage in, with Yourself.

There is no need to solicit feedback from others, you fools. They have nothing to add to your mind-universe, if it is developed properly, if it can roam from the infinite blackness of where the rainbow begins, to the sea of blood where it ends. Every perspective, every point of view, every oppositional counterpoint to every idea, philosophy, and ideology, must exist completely within the Self-mind. Only then can it be Truthfully debated, internally weighed and placed exactly where it belongs, free of all external distortion.

Among humans, every dialogue is a discussion. Every discussion is a debate. Every debate is an argument. Every argument is combat. And all combat is warfare. And who/what is the enemy being fought against?? Truth, and its Tellers.

I wish for every idea I reveal to the world to stand in absolute isolation. Not touched by any comment. Every comment is a dilution, even if it contains only supreme adulation and adoration. The adulation does not enhance the brilliance revealed, any more than the condemnation or ridicule of a different commentator, could dilute the brilliance.

My favorite seekers of Truth are the silent ones, the ones who say nothing positive or negative, and who only ask very rare and infrequent questions, clearly formulated in response to a complete reading of My texts. They ask Me to elaborate upon a specific point or theme. They ask for clarification of specific aspects of Truth, as I have revealed it. I give them this elaboration/clarification, and they go silent again, as they integrate and absorb it to their internal dialogue Self-universe.

There is no need for any external dialogue. The Truth is given, by My generosity, then it must be debated internally, the only valid form of dialogue.

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Virtual Murder: The Superior Response to Online Personal Insults

Superiors know there are many different forms of murder, and most are perfectly legal. The Superior practices murder on a daily basis, and derives great pleasure from these eradications.

The maximized ego, and limitless love of Self, must be the driving force behind all acts of murder, be they considered or undertaken.

Currently, I respond to all personal insults directed towards Me within the realm of cyberspace, with the act of Virtual Murder. The inferior human is cast out forever from My universe, rendered non-existent. They lose all right not merely to engage Me in dialogue, but all right to have their words exist within any connectivity to My own.

No warnings are given to the inferior, and these virtual murders are impossible to reverse, even if apologies are made, forgiveness begged, or perfectly valid/superior comments are made in the future.

I and I alone am the judge of what constitutes a personal insult.

These virtual murders, like all murders undertaken by the Superior, honor Self and Truth. They are undertaken within the consciousness of personal untouchability as it has been achieved, and as it deserves to be maintained. The Superior does not slay the lion because he tries to murder him, while sparing the fly because he only tries to injure him. No. The Superior slays all who transgress upon him, level and severity are not factored into the response.

Years ago, I used to respond to such inferiors with Truthful messages such as “Thank you for the gift of your fear”. But no more. Time is too precious, and virtual murder is so much more efficient, appropriate, and satisfying. Time is a precious commodity, inferiors can achieve a form of victory, by successfully occupying the time of the Superior.

This post is a gift to humanity, informing the species that no warnings are issued and no second chances are given. Do with your gift as your True Reality dictates.

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An Appropriate Reply To: god Bless You

Interacting with humans is always pointless and useless, a waste of time and effort, and in a very real sense, an insult to Self, for those of us who have transcended our humanity. Still, witnessing the confusion, fear, and incredulity of the inferior upon being graced with a Forbidden Truth interaction, can provide momentary pleasure and amusement.

In this spirit, I would suggest the following reply when we are confronted with the deranged overture of “god bless you”, a pathetic sentiment that everyone who is forced to spend time around humans will invariably be confronted with, even if they successfully refrain from sneezing.

Of course a Superior look of contempt and disdain upon being victimized by this perverse human sentiment, is perfectly appropriate. But for those rare occasions when you feel like blowing out the already hopelessly deflated brain of an inferior, I would suggest:

“Please do not bestow the imaginary benevolence of a non-existent creature upon Me. You are looking at god. You have just spoken to god. I became god when I murdered the imaginary creature who holds you hostage. So thank you for advising Me to bless Myself. I do and I will. I bless Me.”

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