hopelessness of humanity

Possibility, Mind Murder, and the Supreme Irony of it All

Everything is possible, if only the individual and collective brains of humanity are capable of perceiving the thing, anything, to be possible.

Nothing is possible, if the individual and collective brains of humanity are incapable of perceiving a thing, anything, to be possible.

Controlling and limiting human perception of what is possible, absolutely, completely, and effectively controls and determines what is actually possible.

No human being is allowed to attain mental maturity absent the proactive destruction of his capacity to accurately perceive what is actually possible.

Therefore, as factual reality, humanity as a species is both individually and collectively guilty, by choice, of destroying it’s own capacity to perceive, to know, and to realize it’s own possibility and potentiality, as well as it’s own capacity to consciously recognize and understand what it has done.

Not only can possibility never be realized, not even the reality of its destruction, can be realized.

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The Creator and the Creations

The creator of all of humanity, is child abuse. Everything that exists within the social construct of everyday life, every structure, every ideology, every behavior, belief, and choice, made both individually and collectively, is a mirrored response to the personal experience of child abuse. Each of us exists as a mirrored reflection of the limitless horror of the past, as it has been imposed upon us, and as it is being imposed upon us.

The past is never more than one second old. The past is every current day, dated back by the next day, by the tomorrow of today. The creations accept the lie of imposed history, the lie that there is a past, a present, and a future. But there is only a past, endlessly repeating, a past which renders every moment of the present, a reflection of the past, and a past which renders all concept, all perception of all futures, a pure illusion. Nobody has a future, because it has already been destroyed by the past, within which all of humanity is hopelessly trapped.

Look at yourself with the Alien Eye of Forbidden Truth, and you will see that you are a creation. You were created by child abuse. When you were enslaved at birth to your biological creators and to a family, you were created by child abuse. When you were given a name, told you are john or adolf or barack, you were created by child abuse. When you were told your last name is that of your family, you were created by child abuse. When you were told that you have a heritage, that you have traditions and customs and a legacy of the past, you were created by child abuse.

When you were taught a history, told things used to be a certain way, you were created by child abuse. And when the world was imposed upon you, at every step, from your introduction to toys, to your observation of men working, to your introduction to sports, to your socialization via exposure to other children, you were created by child abuse.

Nothing can ever be right, nothing can ever be the way it should be, because you are a creation of child abuse. Nothing you think, feel, believe, or do, reflects reality, autonomy, or Truth. Nothing! You are playing out a horrific script, the worst horror movie any creature could ever conjure up, as your present and future destiny, and it is impossible for you to divest from this script. Because you are a creation, and your creator has written the script, in defining reality through a universal matrix of illusion.

Every rebellion you strive to achieve, exists as pure farce. A rebellion chained by conformity, a rebellion inside of a cage, where you have been told how to rebel, by your creator. Child abuse is the reason why you rebel by voting, you rebel by asking for more worthless pieces of paper imprinted with meaningless symbols, you rebel by demanding the right to pretend to be free, you rebel by demanding the right to cling to toxic lies, myths, and delusions.

The human is always nothing more than a broken and destroyed child, pretending he is not. No grand achievement beckons his ambition. No glorious nirvana inspires his devotion. Never. He is always and forever small, petty, blind to himself, blind to all Truth-based possibility. He is determined to hate himself, as he pretends to love himself. He is determined to destroy himself, as he pretends to fight for a better future. He is determined to always experience abuse, because he is the creation of the creator: universal child abuse.

And so every single moment of every single day, every child on earth is being relentlessly abused, harmed, destroyed, stripped of all capacity to escape from universal child abuse. He cannot escape, he cannot be allowed to escape. To allow any child to escape from his creator, would expose the Forbidden Truth of the past, and of the present. Every child is supported and aided by his society, so you believed and so you must and will continue to believe, at the price you willingly pay: The daily, ongoing destruction of every child via the universal child abuse you cowards and hypocrites and destroyed creations can never find the heroism of mind to consciously face up to.

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Record-breaking Stats for The Forbidden Truth Blog

Am pleased and proud to announce that yesterday. February 4th, 2015, saw The Forbidden Truth Blog completely shatter all Visitor and Page View numerical daily records. My brilliant blog had 7,851 unique visitors, who performed 13,336 unique Page Views, far exceeding My previous record highs, on both counts.

As always, these statistics do not represent any type of interest in exploring or embracing Forbidden Truth of any kind. The only reason I attained these record statistical highs, is because I searched for, located, and posted several direct links to the 22 minute ISIS immolation video of Muath Safi Yousef al-Kasasbeh, arabic name: معاذ صافي يوسف الكساسبة‎. The search engines immediately picked up My posts, thanks to the excellent service of wordpress.com, and many thousands of humans, desperately searching for this almost universally censored imagery, located the direct links via The Forbidden Truth Blog.

To give you an idea, I made three different blog posts which contained a direct link to this 22 minute censored video, and 10,512 of the total of 13,336 unique Page Views, went to these three specific pages. An additional 1,000+ page views went to older ISIS beheading video link posts that I have made. Virtually none of these visitors explored any of My other brilliantly insightful posts on child abuser, morality, violence, religion, or other Forbidden Truth topics. In point of fact, My Mandatory Parental Competency Testing essay, the most important and brilliant of all MY blog posts, received exactly two (2) views, out of the 13,336 daily total.

In another interesting statistical detail, I had 244 unique visitors yesterday, from the tiny country of israel, far and away an all-time record high. My average is 1 visitor per day, at most, from this slave-state, and the number of 244 is completely out of proportion to the population size of this country, versus other countries. Why 244 visitors from israel? Because Muath Safi Yousef al-Kasasbeh was an arab, and the regime solicited homicidal bloodthirst of israeli citizen-slaves revels in the viewing of arabs being brutally murdered. You can be certain that My 244 visitors from israel represent only a tiny fraction of the hundreds of thousands who accessed this immolation video via other sources, and achieved cathartic pleasure and joy, as well as sexual climaxes, from directly witnessing an arab being burned alive in real-time.

So, the records broken by The Forbidden Truth Blog yesterday in no way indicate any increased interest in Forbidden Truth on the part of humans. The exact opposite is proven, the absolute hopelessness of humanity, its addiction to the diseased and deranged structure of government, and the desperation of humanity to witness and to revel in state-sponsored murder. Every one of the 7,851 visitors to My blog, even if directed to the ISIS immolation posts by a search engine, had unlimited access to every single blog post, and yet the total page views was only 12,336, an average of 1.70 page views per visitor.

Each visitor viewed the immolation video, achieved sexual or mental pleasure/climax via the immolation, then left, content, fleeing from and overtly rejecting the uniquely valuable Forbidden Truths contained in My hundreds of other blog posts, which required only one or two mouse clicks to access. No comments were posted, no Likes were given, with every visitor clearly in terror of being considered an ISIS sympathizer or aspiring terrorist, should they openly identify themselves as liking the posts which contain the link to the uncensored immolation video.

Here you see the True face of 2015 humanity, a species of cowards, a species obsessed with murder and torment, overtly seeking it out, most especially when it is sponsored by a nation-state. A species willfully blind to and rejecting of its True nature. A species which cannot even begin to imagine trying to understand why it acts as it does, why it thinks as it does, why it clings to the perverse structures which ensure its collective doom.

And so I celebrate the proof given to Me, that humanity is doomed. I thank the species for proving that every conclusion I reach within My Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, located here:


is absolutely accurate. Thank you for rejecting all Truth, thank you for proving to Me that you will achieve the species extinction you have so richly earned, very soon. Thank you for helping Me to climax, both sexually and mentally, to this Truth, on this day.

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