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An Understanding of Hierarchical Importance for Seekers of Forbidden Truth

A Forbidden Truth differs from an ordinary Truth, in that it is generally rejected, condemned, not known, and not accepted by a majority of all humans, and very often it is demonized and maliciously positioned as a lie, illusion, and deception, directly by human society and government, and influential cultural and media leaders given wide access to the Unwashed Masses of citizen-slaves.

There are many thousands of different Forbidden Truths, and of course they are all “important” to know, to understand, and to embrace, for any human who seeks and values Truth in general.

But at the same time, all such seekers must fully and consciously understand that there are complex and specifically ordered levels of hierarchical importance that should be known and followed, for anyone who is actively engaged in a real-time Forbidden Truth quest.

Peeling back the layers of illusion, delusion, and deception as created and maintained by the Matrix of Universal Illusion, is complex.

The mind-unveiling of Forbidden Truth is progressive and evolutionary in nature. For this reason, the hierarchy must be understood and respected. Recognizing and embracing primary-level Forbidden Truths can and should directly lead to the mind-discovery of secondary-level Forbidden Truths. Failing to recognize and embrace primary-level Forbidden Truths will render the discovery of secondary-level Forbidden Truths much more difficult or impossible.

Just as devastating, an initial discovery and focus upon a secondary-level Forbidden Truth can and does often result in failure and inability to perceive or accept the validity of primary-level Forbidden Truths which override the secondary level Truths in importance.

Let Me give you just one perfect example and illustration of this hierarchical importance.

A primary-level Forbidden Truth is that the human being is a genetic birth defect on a species-wide level, that the human brain is genetically & biologically defective.

The genetic birth defect status of humanity, that the brains of all human beings are defective on a biological level, is a primary-level Forbidden Truth. It is a very important Forbidden Truth to know and to embrace. What makes it so?? The fact that it provides the potential of a Mind Bomb awakening of personal consciousness, to many other Forbidden Truths, both primary and secondary.

Without this specific Forbidden Truth realization, entire pathways of Truth-based mind enlightenment, will remain dark and unknown, impossible to even begin to explore.

For example, the most direct way to begin to consciously question the legitimacy of all of the most basic human ideological and functional structures of the 21st century, is to recognize that they are the progressive, cumulative result of the biological and genetic mental retardation and deformation of the human brain, dating back to the creation of the very first human, a birth defect who managed to survive and breed.

Within this conscious Mind Bomb realization, the insanity of humanity as it exists today, an understanding nothing is as it should be and no progressive enlightenment or Truth-based change is occurring or can occur within any 21st century human society, sharpens into perfect focus. Absent this conscious Mind Bomb realization, such an understanding is very difficult, if not impossible to attain.

Further, and just as primarily important, this Mind Bomb Forbidden Truth allows the Superior thinker to consciously recognize and reject everything put forth by the Matrix of Universal Illusion. Truth cannot emanate from something that is biologically and genetically defective. How can something that is mentally diseased and defective, be allowed to define what is “normal”? How can mental health be defined and judged by something that is mentally diseased and defective? How can anything the birth defective human being chooses to do, to believe, to create, be legitimate and valid?

To go even further, the embrace of this singular Forbidden Truth Mind Bomb allows for proper and sane solutions to the collective human problem, to be consciously uncloaked. To see the problem is the wormhole key to uncloaking solutions to the problem!

Within the understanding humanity is a biological and genetic birth defect, the solutions are uncloaked. Nothing the human perceives as a valid path of ideology or behavioral choice, can be accepted, followed, implemented. The human brain is foundationally flawed. What it deems the best course of action, is always invalid, always the wrong path. Every path humanity has followed, leading to this very moment in time, the universe of human reality perception of April 14, 2017, is wrong and illegitimate, something to be rejected and abandoned as the failed mistakes made by the collective mental retardation and brain defectiveness of humanity as a species!

Now, do you see why the hierarchical order is so vital, you idiots?!

And to go even further, what are the actual solutions?? Stop everything. End every mistake. No more government, religion, family unit, parenthood, money, slave labor, emotional enmeshment, escapes from reality, false comforts. End it all! But how can humans end it all, when their brains are biologically and genetically defective and deformed, and these brains are what created each and every one of these stupid, failed, unviable mistakes in the first place??

Only at this point of perceptive consciousness can the mind bomb solutions be properly envisioned. The need for genetic manipulation of the human brain, “radical” experimentation with surgery and drugs, perhaps even the deliberate destruction of human memory and emotions as they occur within the collectively defective human brain. Or, less “radical” paths, such as raising every child within an antiseptic environment where all Forbidden Truth is nurtured and revealed, so he may overcome his genetic defectiveness.

In this brilliant essay I have achieved a dual feat of enlightenment, call it the Mother of all Mind Bombs, if you will: While demonstrating via perfect example and illustration the supreme importance of hierarchical order for all humans engaged in Truth quests, I have also, simultaneously, uncloaked viable paths to new endgame solutions to the greatest problems of humanity.

Now, it’s just up to you pathetic, biologically and genetically brain defective and retarded creatures, to pathologically reject and universally shun the Forbidden Truth I so generously grace you with, and the solutions I so brilliantly provide and offer. I’m very confident you will do just that. You must, otherwise My brilliant insights of Forbidden Truth are proven wrong. And that cannot, and will not, happen.

Thank you for rejecting the Truth of your genetic birth defectiveness, deformation, and retardation of your collective brains. Your brains compel this. And so, in doing so, you prove Me right. Ironic! 🙂


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The Need to be Needed

The need to be needed is the most crippling of all human psychological dysfunctions. It is the foundational root of both Self-hate, and the deranged obsession of the human to obtain illusions of love from others. The need to be needed expresses as factual reality, the inability of the individual to meet his own most basic needs.

It is important that seekers of Truth understand that there is nothing natural or normal in the nearly universal human need to be needed by others. What this psychological state of mind expresses, is the pathology of genetic brain defect, relentless exploited and amplified by the organized social destruction of ego, narcissism, and the capacity to recognize the external universe as worthless and meaningless in direct relation to the obligation of the individual to utilize his brain to create and sustain an internal, Self-universe.

In many ways, the human pathology of needing to be needed is far more destructive and devastating, than the human pathology of needing to be loved. Why? Because it is broader in scope, and therefore can be ruthlessly exploited in many more ways by society and government. When you need to be needed, you place Yourself at the mercy of all other humans, not merely the select few that you are brainwashed into trying to vampirically extract love from.

The broken humans who have fallen prey to the need to be needed, and this of course includes 99.999999999% of all members of this disgraced species, have given away their very existence to others. They have redefined personal slavery, taken personal slavery to its highest point: “I am nothing unless I can serve the desires and demands of others. I relinquish my ownership of Self, use me, abuse me, exploit me, make me feel valuable, by proving me to be worthless“, this is the factual, experienced personal consequence of allowing society and government to cause you, the individual, to need to be needed.

Let us not minimize the horrific impact of this diseased frame of mind. The husband who gives money away to gis wife, the wife who gives her sexual organs away to her husband, the policeman who protects some victims from being harmed by other victims, the soldier who defends his greatest victimizer, the parent who breeds and enslaves children because he needs to feel needed, the list of universal horrors directly inspired by this one human pathology, is endless.

Remember this television commercial by the usa army? It closes with “We need you in the army…” How many millions of children, stripped of all capacity to value Self,  rendered desperate to feel needed by others, were murdered by the amerikkkan regime by virtue of this single line of a brainwashing jingle:

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The Greatest Failure

The greatest failure of humanity as a species, is that he cannot see and know himself as he is. To the unenlightened mind, this may not seem so terrible, but it is. Let us engage in a Forbidden Truth dissection of this horrific failure, from all angles and aspects, beginning with the most important thing of all, definitional clarity. No Forbidden Truth can even be understood, much less directly addressed, unless it is absolutely defined in a way which negates the cloak of universal illusion and delusion which humanity embraces on all aspects and issues of its functional existence.

So, what do I mean when I decree that humanity cannot and does not see and know himself as he is, on a species-wide level? I am referencing the immense and unbridgeable gap between reality and illusion, and I refer to the ongoing, dynamic choices which humanity collectively makes, as a species, in the past, the present, and the future. To see something with your eyes is useless, unless the imagery can be accurately interpreted by the brain, the mind’s eye. To see something with your eyes is not to know, to understand, why it exists as it does, and the ramifications of the choice and decision by humanity to allow it to exist.

Seeing and knowing yourself within reality and Truth is an extremely difficult achievement for the human being. It does not come “naturally”, and this is only the first immense hurdle that must be overcome in order for this self-realization within the boundaries of Truth, to successfully occur. Let us begin this comprehensive analysis by answering the question of why. Why is the human unable to see and know himself as he is?? The first problem is that he exists as a genetic birth defect, on a species-wide level. Genetically, the human brain is severely and fatally flawed in ways which directly interfere in, and completely block, his capacity to see and know himself as he is.

All Self-knowledge must be filtered within accurate and valid reality perception. Because this capacity is flawed within humanity on a genetic level, and this fact, this reality, this Truth, is not openly, absolutely, and consciously recognized and agreed to by the species as a whole, all capacity to compensate for this genetic flaw, is lost, abandoned, and not even attempted.

Let us understand, every reality perception of the human will always be fatally flawed, unless from the very outset of his attempt to perceive how and why he interacts with the universe as he does, he is able to fully accept and understand that his brain function is genetically flawed. Upon and within such acceptance and understanding, it is possible for the human being to begin to collectively minimize the impacts of this genetic flaw, for the specific purpose of developing the capacity to see and know himself as he is.

This effort must be consciously made, and it is impossible to even imagine attempting, without the absolute understanding and acceptance of the Forbidden Truth that the species as a whole is genetically defective. Do you understand this, you defective creatures? Seeing and knowing yourselves as you are, must be analyzed within the understanding of why you are as you are, and the greatest foundational Truth required to be embraced in order to answer this question of Why, is the understanding that your brain is genetically defective.

There is no way this horrific flaw can be addressed via “education”, or via “mental health therapy”, or even via a personal effort to strengthen the mind, absent the conscious embrace of all human brains being genetically flawed, because all you are doing is enhancing the genetic flaws, instead of recognizing, and then attempting to mitigate them. Within recognition and conscious embrace, attempts to mitigate and overcome the genetic brain function flaws can be attempted. How successful they would be is impossible to know, since humanity has never attempted this, but the most important Truth to initially understand is that obviously, nothing can be successfully achieved unless it is first attempted, and as vital first step, the only way humanity can ever hope to even imagine seeking and knowing itself as it is, is to acknowledge itself as a brain defective species, and to openly attempt to mitigate and minimize the functional consequences of this Forbidden Truth.

All human failures and mistakes stem from an inability to see and to know himself as he is. If you do not see and know yourself as you are, you cannot see the past, the present, or the future, you cannot understand why the past was horrific, and you cannot recognize how horrific the present is, and you cannot perceive the Truth that you are rendering the future far more horrific, by the real-time decisions you are making, in the present. You cannot see reality itself, as it is, unless you first see and know yourself, as you are. It is utterly impossible to address any issue, to analyze it and formulate logical, sane, and Truth-based solutions and a path going forward, unless you first see and know yourself as you are, and this is impossible without the foundational knowledge, fully embraced, that your brain is defective on a genetic level.

So, let us go forward and examine just a few of the various ways in which humanity fails to see and know itself as it is. First, humanity is unable to recognize and embrace factual reality. This is a pathology of mind. Humanity creates fiction and illusion for itself, a fantasy world within which it chooses to escape from and ignore reality, facts, and Truth. This pathology occurs on many different levels, from believing in god to watching movies to developing invalid notions of value, such as breeding children or obtaining money.

Let us understand, it is the creation of illusion which must be proactively addressed. Not the consumption, but the creation. Here you see the problem of the human who cannot see and know himself as he is. “There is nothing wrong with making fictional movies or writing fictional books or allowing religion to exist, we just need to control how we consume these creations”, bleats the broken human. No! If you could only see and know yourselves as you actually are, as a species, you would understand this reality perception is fatally flawed. The creation itself must not occur, once it has occurred it exists as mind virus, infecting and destroying creators and consumers alike, thus dooming all of humanity.

Next, humanity is a pathological coward, as a species. The pathological cowardice of the species must be understood and addressed within Truth. The absolute failure of humanity to do so, has resulted in the embrace of a universal matrix of illusion in which absolute and utter cowardice, is falsely perceived as representing and manifesting courage.

Next, humanity is collectively suicidal, as a dysfunction of the brain. The preservation of life and of existence is not desired nor is it pursued. But this collective suicidal ideation is not acknowledged, not addressed, not admitted. As I reveal above, no problem can ever be solved unless it is first openly acknowledged and understood as it is, and this is impossible without the human seeing himself as he is, not individually, but as a collective species.

It is not My intent to minimize the environmental impacts of society and government in this essay, not at all! But I am going beyond, to the question of why humanity chooses to organizationally inflict limitless horror and injustice upon itself. Understand: The horrific impacts of society and government upon humanity as a whole cannot be recognized or understood, without first understanding that the reason why humanity has created diseased and deranged and malevolent external structures to terrorize and destroy itself, is because it exists as a genetic brain defect and rejects/denies this factual reality on all conscious levels. How can you see what you are doing, if you cannot understand why you are doing what you are doing?? You cannot! Got it?

Continuing, humanity is genetically addicted to want, at the cost of sacrificing, ignoring, and rejecting need. The human brain fails to process the profound difference between want and need, to embrace the fact that need must always supercede want, and that the two must never be confused, interchanged, or mistaken for the other.

You need technology to solve the problem of death. You want to believe that death does not result in your retroactive unbirth. You need to end child abuse by preventing all who would abuse children from gaining access to them, which requires the eradication of the family unit and of parenthood. But you want to preserve parenthood and the family because you need to abuse and destroy children, in reflection of the genetic brain defects that you cannot recognize and accept. If you recognized and accepted these brain defects, you could begin to understand why you need to abuse and destroy children, and then attempt to overcome this genetic pathology. Here you see two illustrations of the horrific impact of not being able to distinguish Need from Want, on a brain function level.

Continuing, the human brain is pathologically addicted to the concept of hope. Hope is a pathology of brain function, it cripples the capacity of humanity to make positve, proactive decisions which address problems that need to be solved. Hope is a paralyzing agent, inspiring not merely failure to address problems, but directly promoting the embrace of false, invalid, useless solution illusions which solve nothing and only doom humanity further. And yes, of course leaders of society and government ruthlessly promote and exploit this universal brain pathology, but it is the brain pathology itself that must be consciously understood and recognized as something to attempt to overcome on a species-wide level.

Continuing, humanity as a species suffers from the brain function pathology of “guilt”. In My chosen context, I am defining/referencing this term to mean a sense of personal unworth, a sense of deserving and needing to suffer, because others have suffered, or others are suffering, or others will suffer. This is pure pathology, rooted in a sense of personal worthlessness and masochistic ideation which afflicts no other species. Good fortune, the possibility of attaining something glorious, such as technological immortality, is pathologically rejected and feared by humanity as a whole, because the brain cannot sanely reconcile the horrors of past and present, with the glory of a potential future. “They suffered, they are suffering, so I must accept suffering too“, this deranged frame of mind dooms all of humanity.

Continuing, the human brain is pathologically addicted to currying favor with other human brains. Whatever is popular, whatever is accepted by a majority, is deemed necessary and valid and worthy of existence and of continuation, even if the individual himself rejects it on a personal level. Witness the atheists who respect the right of religion to exist, many of whom even think religion provides positive value.

Continuing, the human brain is pathologically addicted to the status quo. Genuine change is always rejected, renounced, and condemned, while the illusion of change, utterly useless and pointless modifications to the existing status quo, which solve nothing and change no root structural pathology or mistake, are hailed as representing great and positive change, even as in Truth they uphold and ensure the continuation of an invalid and horrific current perception of reality.

The human brain is narrow and perverse, illogical and dysfunction, betraying of its only natural mandate: To maximize the experience of existence for every human being, in every personally positive and beneficial way. Humanity is hopelessly doomed and will remain hopelessly doomed, to attain species extinction very soon, unless and until, immediately, humanity as a collective species openly and fully acknowledges, on every level, that the human brain is genetically defective, and that this species-wide defect has caused universal mistakes to have been made throughout all of human history. Mistakes such as the family unit, religion, government, forced labor, money, ethnicity, etc. Mistakes which must now be completely rejected, abandoned, and discarded.

But of course the problem, the unsolvable problem, is that the fact of the human brain being genetically diseased and dsyfunctional, cannot be consciously recognized or accepted by humans, because the human brain is genetically diseased and dysfunctional. The very problem itself, renders the capacity of those afflicted by the problem to recognize it, and then attempt to mitigate its horrific consequences, impossible. Quite ironic, no?

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