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A Measurement of Today’s Human Barbarism: amerikkka vs. yemen

Universal injustice for all. Universal victimization for all. Punishment and terrorization and destruction of and for everyone, this is the human experience of existence in 2017. It is the same everywhere, within every society, every culture, every government. But every society, every culture, every government, does things just a little bit differently. And why?? Just so they can point to each other and declare, “Look, over there, look at them. Look at the savage barbarians, look what they are doing. We don’t do that! Those humans are crazy!

Here’s a perfect illustration: Just a few days ago, amerikkka legally murdered 43 year old torture victim and Martyr Ronald Phillips, for reflecting the reality of his child abuse, by raping and murdering a 3 year old girl.

Then, just a few days later, Yemen legally murdered 41 year old torture victim and Martyr Muhammad al-Maghrabi for doing exactly the same thing, raping and murdering a 3 year old girl.

Read about Ronald’s murder here:

And Muhammad’s murder here:

The exact same perversely unjust and bloodthirsty act of murder carried out by two different governments to satiate the homicidal bloodlust of their tormented and terrorized citizen-slaves. Mirror images, both Martyrs are virtually the same age and did exactly the same thing, raped and killed 3 year old girls.

But look closer, read both news articles carefully, and for good measure, look at this uncensored video recording of Muhammad’s legal murder as it happened:

What do you see?? The illusion of difference, polar opposites, concealing the Truth of identical perversity.

amerikkka murdered Martyr Ronald Phillips in secret.The so-called freest and most open society secretly led this torture victim to an isolated room, tied him to a bed, and injected him with poisonous drugs. It boggles the mind, but nobody was allowed to take a photograph or record the murder on videotape, and no member of the media was allowed to talk to Ronald. He was just murdered, in complete secrecy, by the most open, free, and technologically advanced society on earth.

Now look at what Yemen did. They murdered Martyr Muhammad al-Maghrabi in the very center of their capital city’s main public gathering space. They publicized the murder, letting everyone know exactly when and where it would occur. They invited the public to witness it, and to bring their cameras, and video recorders. Right here in amerikkka, you can watch the legal murder as it happened, on video, right on, even as you can never and will never even see even a photo of Ronald’s murder.

The exact same thing was done, with the exact same end result, for the exact same reasons, by two different governments. But it was done differently. In amerikkka, the social trance of justice is validated via this antiseptic, secret and hidden, ritualistic murder, done in typical high-tech, just a “painless” injection.

In Yemen, the social trance of justice is validated via open celebration of bloodlust and rage, everyone is invited to watch and to rejoice, to record with their high-tech cameras and video camcorders, as the murder is carried out via low-tech assault rifle.

You would be right to conclude the amerikkkan way is more perverse, proves amerikkka to be a more barbaric society. But that’s not My main point. The point is to understand how societies and governments demonize each other for doing exactly the same thing, only in a cosmetically different way. And you pathetic idiots buy it, on both sides: “Look at what those evil savages over there just did!

Those of us who seek and know Truth mourn Ronald and Muhammad equally. We recognize them both to be tortured children, creations, martyrs, and murder victims of government, not of different governments, but of government itself, a perverse and genocidal structure of universal human oppression, slavery, and victimization, that should not exist.

And yet government thrives, because Truth is dead, and every government gives you citizen-slaves what you want: torture, injustice, victimization, barbarism, and legal murder, disguised as peace and protection, benevolence and justice.

amerikkka murdered Ronald for you, just the way you like it. Murder custom designed to appeal to your deranged sensibilities. And Yemen murdered Muhammad just the way the Yemen citizen-slaves like it, custom designed to appeal to their deranged sensibilities.

And the universal trance goes on…

Muhammad al-Maghrabi 2.png

Martyr Muhammad al-Maghrabi seconds before he is shot 5 times in the head with an assault rifle by his government.

Ronald Phillips 1.png

To accompany the news reports of his legal murder by the amerikkkan government, amerikkkan media published this photo, taken in 2005, of the room where Martyr Ronald Phillips was legally murdered by lethal injection on July 26, 2017. A photo of an EMPTY ROOM, taken 12 YEARS earlier. Freedom of the press in amerikkka in the 21st century.

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CNN Openly Admits Threatening, Terrorizing, Blackmailing Citizen-slave

Here it is folks, yet another glorious example of amerikkkan freedom.

To get an understanding of the fascist and terrorist principles by which the so-called “free” media, of the so-called “freest” regime in the world in 2017 operates, read this news article, written and published by CNN, in which this preeminent bastion of journalism openly outs itself as terrorist, blackmailer, and proud destroyer of free speech.

So, some hapless “family man” with amateur computer editing skills spliced together a few seconds of video footage to highlight the fake war donald trump is pretending to engage in with his amerikkkan media puppets. The supreme slavemaster of the world, donald trump, or much more likely one of his underlords, found this video footage online, edited it further, then posted it under his twitter account, exponentially strengthening the illusion of this fake war, created to conceal the real war waged by every government against its own people.

But wait, only now does the story get really interesting, from a Forbidden Truth perspective.

CNN, the single strongest, most mainstream and most well-known news media organization in amerikkka, decided to conduct an investigation of who created the initial video splice that superimposed the CNN logo over the face of Vince McMahon, the guy who was wrestling trump in the initial, original video footage.

CNN did an extensive, undercover investigation, and successfully uncloaked the “real” identity of this hapless citizen-slave, who had no way of knowing trump would further edit and then post the footage on the presidential twitter account.

So now, CNN had two viable options, to simply post the full identity of this citizen-slave in a news story, under the mantle of freedom of the press, or to simply post a news story in which it states it has uncovered the identity of the citizen-slave, but decided not to publicly reveal his name, in respect for individual/personal freedom of speech/expression. The latter option would uphold the mythical notion of freedom more than the former, but either choice would be much better than what CNN actually did.

CNN directly contacted this citizen-slave and told him, either via telephonic voicemail or e-mail, that it had uncovered his “real” identity. The slave panicked, publicly posted a profuse apology, then contacted CNN and begged them not to publicly reveal his “real” identity.

Again, CNN had two viable options, to either agree or refuse. But your media overlord chose to exercise neither.

Instead, this terrorist voice for the universal oppression that is government, publicly responded to the slave’s request with this, an exact Copy+Paste from the published article:

CNN is not publishing “HanA**holeSolo’s” name because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again. In addition, he said his statement could serve as an example to others not to do the same.

CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.

Think of it, you brainwashed slaves! Think about what CNN just did, what it proves to any sane thinker about the integrity of journalism, and the notion that journalists support and defend freedom of expression!

To say this published news article is an attempt to terrorize and blackmail “HanA**holeSolo”, is the understatement of the year.

In Truth, it is the most blatant, obvious, and transparent of attempts to terrorize and blackmail every amerikkkan citizen-slave, and just as much, every human being in the entire world, to not exercise their freedom of speech, freedom of artistic creation, freedom of expression via writing or any other creative mind process.

Imagine this exact parallel: ISIS terrorists kidnap a CNN reporter and threaten to behead him, but agree not to harm him if CNN agrees to “issue an extensive statement of apology for their biased media coverage of ISIS, shows their remorse by removing all existing online content that references ISIS as terrorists, and promises to never negatively refer to ISIS again, referring to them only as heroic freedom fighters, and ending all news articles with Allahu Akbar“, and declaring it reserves the right to behead the journalist later on, if any of these agreed-upon conditions are violated.

CNN, the entire western media, and every western regime would mercilessly demonize ISIS for such a request, declaring it outrageous, absurd, a violation of every basic principle of freedom, individual rights, etc..

And yet right here, today, in an openly published news article, CNN actually does the exact same thing to an amerikkkan citizen-slave, openly terrorizing, blackmailing him, forcing him to be silent, forcing him to alter his very words, under direct, blatant, overt, threat.

The parallel is exactly the same, yet the perverse hypocrisy remains invisible to you humans. Boggles the mind of any sane thinker, anyone open to sanity, to logic, to the most obvious of Truth!

Here is the direct url address of the CNN article, again:

amerikkkan Totalitarianism: Journalists using journalism as a weapon of terror, to blackmail Self-censorship and to compel future silence.

How perfectly Orwellian!

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Shame on CNN and All Other amerikkkan Media!

Journalists are propaganda mouthpieces for the government, nothing more. Media coverage of the Umpqua Community College school massacre proves this Truth. It is now almost eight hours after the massacre took place. The gunman has been confirmed dead, he was shot dead by police. The police know his identity, but refuse to provide his identity to the media. And what does the media do?? What is the media doing right now?? Patiently waiting!! Patiently waiting for police to decide that the time is right to provide the media with the identity of our newly minted mass murderer.

This is journalism??? No!! This is not journalism. This is shameful subservience, this proves that the media has no inclination and no capacity to stand up for Truth. The media serves the government, keeping whatever secrets the government wants to keep, as long as it wants to keep the secret.

Nobody should rely on the media to deliver any message they may seek to express. The media will suppress, censor, conceal any and all information it is told to suppress, censor, and conceal, by the government, federal, state, or local, and by any representative of the government, police officers, politicians, anyone affiliated in any way with the government.

Denying the Umpqua Community College mass killer an identity, even in death, is a way to demonize and dehumanize him. Every journalist has a moral obligation to demand to be given the identity of this Martyr, and to immediately publish his identity. Instead, CNN maintains a cloak of invisibility, denying this man his identity even in death, as it shamelessly exploits his act to gain money and to increase viewership.

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Government: Destroyer of All Freedom

What is freedom? Freedom is the capacity to experience a personal existence free of all externally imposed barriers of reality perception. Freedom is the ability to do exactly what you choose and desire, after being fully shielded from all external coercion and terrorization efforts to control and direct what you choose and desire to do. Freedom is ownership of your mind, by you, not having your mind copntrolled and directed by malicious external structures.

government is the destroyer of all freedom, because government is a designed structure of universal slavery. It is impossible for any government to provide, protect, or defend freedom, because to be governed is to be enslaved, and governments govern.

Any individual who honors government, spits upon Himself and upon all valid concepts of personal freedom. Any individual who relies upon government to provide, protect, or defend his freedom, is blind to the Forbidden Truth that he has never been free, he is not free, and he can never be free, for as long as government exists.

government is an institution of terror. It can only thrive by compelling allegiance and devotion via directly offensive terrorization of its own citizen-slaves, every individual that it claims territorial possession of, be it as citizen or resident.

Ideological ownership of all individuals as mind slaves, runs concurrent with physical ownership of all individuals as citizens and residents. Whoever owns your mind, gains the capacity to shape and direct your reality perceptions, owns you as a slave, in every way. The mandate of government is to own every citizen and resident by controlling how they think, what they think, and how they perceive bot their own personal universe, and the external universe as a whole. The achievement of this mandate ensures the absolute destruction not merely of all personal freedom in real-time, but the absolute destruction of all capacity of all individuals to accurately define what constitutes freedom, thereby rendering the proactive pursuit of personal freedom in the future, an absolute impossibility. How can you pursue what you have been deluded into falsely believing that you already possess?? You cannot!

Every functional pathology of human freedom illusion described in George Orwell’s book, “1984”, already exists as reality today. via the design and operational structures of 2015 government. government has always prevented and destroyed all freedom, of course. But what it has achieved in the 20th and 21st centuries goes beyond this great horror, insofar as fully destroying the capacity of 99.99999999% of all humans to even recognize, define, or understand what freedom is, what constitutes freedom. Without this understanding and definition, the need to destroy all governments in order to obtain freedom, is impossible for humans to embrace as factual reality. This renders the achievement of anarchy impossible for you brainwashed slaves to even imagine aspiring to, much less proactively demanding and establishing via mass rebellion.

I am an anarchist because I am sane. I am an anarchist because I love Myself. I am an anarchist because I perceive, with crystal clarity, the universal matrix of illusion within which you deranged cowards choose to cling to useless and invalid illusions of personal freedom, ideological freedom, freedom of the press, and freedom of expression, as provided to you by the slave-state of government, none of which have any basis in reality or in Truth.

There is not one human being on this planet who enjoys personal freedom, ideological freedom, freedom of the press, or freedom of expression, and as long as the genocidal structure of government exists, no individual can ever or will ever achieve personal freedom, ideological freedom, freedom of the press, or freedom of expression. No freedom is possible until the universal slave structure of government is eradicated from the human experience of existence.

“Until they became conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.”-George Orwell

“War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.”–George Orwell

The mandate of government, in proactively choosing and successfully achieving the feat of destroying the mind of every child and adult, rendering Truth and reality, forever dead: “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”–George Orwell

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Charlie Hebdo Message to the World

A few brief but brilliant Forbidden Truth takeaways from last week’s Charlie Hebdo massacre, reinforcing the perverse and pathetic hopelessness of the human condition:

The opportunity of humanity to face up to the horrific impact of religion itself, was, as it always is, rejected with no consideration. A sane species would thank the “terrorists” for demonstrating as living proof, in real-time, not merely their own personal victimization at the hands of organized religion, but the True pathology of religion itself, the unviability of this mass delusion, and proactively be inspired to a worldwide movement to demand the absolute eradication of religion.

Instead, the exact opposite has occurred, the insanity of humanity is proven yet again, over and over, as this deranged species clings ever more ferociously to the insane god myth, even as it is confronted with real-time proof that not only does god not exist, but religion destroys sanity itself. But of course, how can the insane face up to this Forbidden Truth? They cannot, for it would require them to recognize and acknowledge their own coillective and individual insanity.

The impact upon the universal illusion of personal freedom via western-style democracy has been just as horrific. The “right” to make fun of specific aspects of religious belief, is not merely useless, but it strengthens the universal matrix of propaganda, indoctrination, and censorship of all Truth. Leaders of society and government, including the pope himself, have exploited the Charlie Hebdo massacre to actually increase the degree of respect that religion itself holds, within human society, as beautifully illustrated by this papal speech:

And look at the new issue of Charlie Hebdo magazine, published today. What do you see on the front cover? An image of the prophet mohammad holding up a sign reading “JE SUIS CHARLIE” (“I am Charlie”) below the headline “TOUT EST PARDONNE” (“All is forgiven”). Here is the exact image:

How’s that for a kick in the head, folks? In response to proof that god does not exist and that religion is terrible, the actual victims and target of this proof, have chosen to create a million new copies of a magazine, to specifically promote the existence of god! How else can any sane thinker interprete a front page image of the imaginary ambassador and emissary of the religion of islam holding up a sign which says “I Am Charlie” and above his head the words “All Is Forgiven”?!

god and religion are being promoted by Charlie Hebdo magazine, and free speech is being destroyed, any capacity of the human to even seek to understand what constitutes free speech, is being destroyed, there can be no greater proof than the new cover of Charlie Hebdo magazine.

Every cartoonist and writer and journalist who contributed content to the new issue of Charlie Hebdo magazine is guilty of aligning himself with the victims of religion who carried out the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Each contributer is now a terrorist, imposing the terror of organized religion upon millions of victims, legitimizing and strengthening the insane god myth, without which this mass killing would not have occurred. This Forbidden Truth, like all others, is so glaringly obvious to any sane thinker, but completely invisible to the mentally deranged, Truthfuly defined as any human who believes god either does or might exist.

Why not a cover image of prophet mohammad shot dead, his corpse mutilated by bullets, and defaced with graffiti, the 5 dead cartoonists standing over his body and grinning, with the headline, “god is dead!” Oh no! Unacceptable, the Truth must be concealed and destroyed, long live religion, death to humanity!

Here you have the True headline, what Charlie Hebdo and every other mainstream news media publication is decreeing, and yes, Charlie Hebdo is a mainstream media publication, as it decrees to the world, by its chosen cover image:

Long Live Religion, Death to Humanity!

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The Media: A Weapon of War

The editor-in-chief of Charlie Hebdo was not killed in today’s attack. His name is Gerard Biard and he declares, in part: Begin quote: “A newspaper is not a weapon of war.”  End quote. Really? Seriously?? Are you attempting satire, Mr. Biard?? My dear sir, this is not an appropriate time for satire, IMNSVHO.

Of course a newspaper is a weapon of war! Every news media entity serves a government, the owners and operators of every news media entity are themselves citizen-slaves of a government. War would not be possible in the 21st century, without the overt propagandization of citizen-slaves by the media. The inspiration to go to war can only be achieved by government deploying its media as a terrorist weapon against its own citizen-slaves, brainwashing them, convincing them via deceit and lies that a foreign enemy means them harm, while their own regime, their greatest enemy in Truth, intends to protect them from harm.

Right now, at this very moment, every amerikkkan news media source is being used to promote, encourage, and popularize the foreign wars that the amerikkkan government has chosen to engage in, and is contemplating initiating in the future. The very act that occurred today at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper/magazine, is being used by western media to promote the wars that the usa government desires to carry out.

So no, Mr. Biard, a newspaper most certainly and definately is a weapon of war, and the news media plays a direct and primary role in rendering war itself possible, more so in the 21st century, right now, than at any other time in the past. It is time for the news media to be held collectively accountable for directly sponsoring the insane war ritual. There can never be “freedom of the press” as long as governments exist and impose their will upon all journalists and all media entities.

Imagine if CNN were to denounce every act of military aggression by the amerikkkan government as immoral, illegal, and unacceptable. Imagine if CNN were to declare the amerikkkan regime guilty of war crimes for invading sovereign territories with weapons of mass destruction, which is exactly what the amerikkkan regime is doing. CNN does not “cover” war, CNN promotes and enables war. CNN, and of course I am referring to all of the amerikkkan media in this paragraph, exists as pure propaganda mouthpiece and cheerleader for every amerikkkan war. The warmongering of the amerikkan regime is only possible because it owns and completely controls its media, forcing them to legitimize genocidal foreign policy via brainwashing, indoctrination, and the True, cloaked face of terrorism: government terrorizing its own citizenry.

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Direct Link:Uncensored Charlie Hebdo Police Execution

Here is a direct link to the specific video footage that CNN and all other mainstream western media has chosen to censor, of one of the Charlie Hebdo gunmen shooting and then executing a french police officer just before making their escape from the scene.

Note that there is NOTHING graphic about this footage, you see no blood even, because the distance of the video camera is so far. And yet every western news media organization has chosen and is continuing to choose to censor the imagery. This is what happened, this is the factual reality of what happened, and yet billions of human beings are being prevented from seeing it, by the media, the western media!

So, this is the freedom of the press you value so greatly??! This is the freedom of the press that amerikkkan citizen-slaves are willing to fight and to die for??! This is freedom?? You are free to be protected by your own media from seeing the factual reality of an act of violence that the west has inspired?? Shame on you, hypocrites!

Be advised, this is a Youtube video, and because Youtube is controlled by western governments, you may expect this video to be deleted by Youtube, censored, very soon! For now, here it is, I will try to post a more permanent link, even though it is hardly worth the effort, since nothing graphic is shown. But still, I will post a more permanent link, in the name of Truth, and to defy the perverse censorship of the west. Please note, the uncensored portion of the footage begins at the .54 second mark:

Update: Just located a better source for this video, same footage, but in slo-mo and without any advertising. LiveLeak used to proudly stand up against all censorship, but lately they have given in to government pressure, not sure if this will stay up permanently, but should last longer than the Youtube clip:

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CNN Censors Footage of Charlie Hebdo Massacre

The hypocrisy of the human is so delightful to witness! An attack against a western news source is demonized by the western media as constituting an attack against freedom of the press, and in response, just hours later, the western media chooses to deliberately censor actual footage of the attack itself. Watch and listen to this video. The CNN anchor openly declares he is censoring the content of a dynamic, breaking news event, while in the same breath, the attackers of Charlie Hebdo are condemned for trying to censor the western press!

How can any sane thinker be blind to the perverse hypocrisy being demonstrated here? How can anyone fail to understand the proof being exhibited right before their eyes, that all notions of any press or newsmedia being free, are pure illusion. The Truth: Every government engages in constant censorship, by controlling its media, directly and indirectly, and every media exists as a propaganda mouthpiece for a government, both censoring content for the government, and delivering false content and ideology that the government is seeking to promote, impose, and popularize:

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Propaganda and Warmongering by CNN & all Western Media

This is how CNN, the largest news organization of the west, headquartered inside the united states and operating under the direct control of the amerikkkan regime, is covering today’s ISIS beheading of Peter Kassig:

To any sane thinker, this coverage boggles the mind. There is not a shred of journalistic integrity, not even the slightest pretense of unbiased, fair and balanced reporting of facts, with the goal of allowing viewers to decide for themselves why Peter Kassig was beheaded by ISIS. There is only blatant propaganda, unabashed demonizing of a war “enemy”, unrepentent cheerleading of patriotism and nationalism. It is sickening to contemplate that any thinker can imagine himself free, living under a regime that censors and controls everything that its media reports.

Like every mainstream media outlet, CNN provides the full and complete video of obama’s response to the ISIS beheading of Peter Kassig video, but does not allow any of its viewers to see the uncensored video. Think about this! The supreme leader of your fascist dictatorship, who has already declared war on ISIS, is given an open forum by the amerikkkan media to decree a pre-selected enemy as “evil, inhumane terrorists”, because of what they are doing, but you, the citizen-slaves, are not allowed to see the video itself!

You can read biased descriptions of it, filled with editorial opinions rooted in patriotism, nationalism, and warmongering, but you are overtly prevented, by the media, from simply watching the video that obama is responding to. Imagine a presidential debate, in which the media allows only one candidate to speak, and he overtly demonizes the other candidate, but the demonized candidate is not allowed to respond. That is exactly what we have here, and we cannot blame CNN, or any other media outlet. We must understand that the entire notion of journalistic freedom in the west, is nothing but pure illusion. There is no freedom of the press in amerikkka, none. The government decides what the media is allowed to say. Just as ISIS has its media spokesmen, the united states government has its media spokesmen, and they are called CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC, CBSNews, NBCNews, ABCNews, Huffington Post, and every single other tv, radio, newspaper, magazine, and internet news source which has readers, viewers, or listeners who number 10,000 or higher.

I provide the following direct links to the uncensored ISIS videos of Peter Kassig’s beheading not because I am a fan of ISIS, but because I am a fan of Truth, and the greatest evil you can ever discover, is what no government will allow you to see and to understand: That each and every one of us exists as terrorized hostage of the governmental structure, be it america, or ISIS or britain or iraq, which claims us as citizen. The state terrorizes its own. Every state. And that is why I am an anarchist.

The 2 minute uncensored video of Peter Kassig’s beheading:

And the 15 minute uncensored ISIS video of Peter Kassig’s beheading:

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