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The Profound Difference: government Only Lies, Because government IS A Lie

Of course government lies, all of the time, to everyone, everywhere. But the Superior is fully conscious of a much more profoundly important Forbidden Truth: government IS a lie. government came into existence and maintains its universal slavery over every human being on planet earth, via the organization of deception. Without lying, it would never have come to exist. It cannot change, it cannot become a force for Truth. It can only survive and exist by maintaining itself as the universal deception.

Police and the media exist as direct representatives and spokespeople for government. They cannot tell the Truth, they cannot value, represent, stand for or within, Truth. Of course they cannot, because their very existence is completely dependent upon accurately representing government, which is the lie as organism, the lie made real as a structure.

Seekers of Truth: The consciousness of mind to know government does not lie, because government is a lie, is a game-changer. It allows the aspiring Superior to despise and demand the annihilation of all government not what government does, but for what government is.

This consciousness also allows the Superior to place pigs, journalists, the media, and other direct agents of government in their proper place, recognizing the individuals who hold these positions as hostages of governments. Yes, they are terrorists, but their terrorism is mandated by the structure holding them hostage.

In all wars there must and will be extreme collateral damage. But there must also be a very direct and specific target. In the war for Truth, this direct and specific target must be government, the sentient structure that embodies, mandates, imposes, universal deception for all.

No individual who represents or serves government, in any capacity, be it local news anchor or president amerikkka, is ever the problem. The problem is government. Annihilate this structure, and you directly devastate a primary matrix of universal human deception.

And yes, I do love combining my Female Foot Pain fetish with profound Forbidden Truth expression, so enjoy the photo here, of a young and sexy news journalist filing a live report from an australian courthouse, in her bare feet. No Photoshopping or other image manipulation here, this is a 100% genuine photo.

Look at it, study it, and even if you don’t have a Female Foot Pain fetish, understand and learn what journalism is: The theatrical presentation of an image and a message. Deception dressed up in a long sleeved business jacket, always hiding the Truth, always concealing what government does not want you to see and to know.

The camera, the network, the Matrix, always shows you only what it wants you to see, and know.

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Gal with Blistered/Bleeding Feet at the Route 91 Harvest Festival Mass Murder Site??

Those of you who read My texts know I have a raging Female Foot Pain fetish.

But for the past few hours I have been completely focused on Stephen Craig Paddock’s uniquely impressive and brand spanking new lone gunman mass murder rampage at the Route 91 Harvest Festival music concert in Las Vegas, Nevada, which occurred just about 11 hours ago.

Still, I always keep a wide open mind, focused on many different things. I like to mix things up, feed my Self-universe in many different ways, at all times. So, take a look at the below photo. It was taken a few hours ago, at this music festival massacre site.

Many females wear uncomfortable shoes to music festivals, for the look and/or because they are masochists. This was a country music concert, and cowboy boots are directly associated with country music.

This gal was caught and trapped in the crowd as Stephen opened fire. Obviously she had to try to run away, and did so as fast as she could. Cowboy boots are not designed for running. Perhaps she rarely if ever wore cowboy boots before, and only wore them for the concert, of course never expecting to have to do any amount of running.

So now, look at how she is sitting at the curb. Still wearing her cowboy boots, but the toe boxes of both boots raised up from the ground. Now, look at her face. Is she looking directly at her feet?? It sure looks that way to Me.

Of course it is impossible for Me to know for sure, but I love to envision her feet bleeding inside of her boots, blisters having erupted on her heels and toes as she desperately tried to flee from the shooting.

In shock, numb from the event, but her feet throbbing in agony. She cannot walk another step, but is too frightened to take off her boots, or to ask for help. So she just sits, in agony.

So erotic!

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How To Successfully Maintain an Online Relationship with The Seer of Forbidden Truth

relationship 12.jpg

There are only about 10 primary commandments, and this basic tutorial will cover them all. But, before we begin, lets get one thing perfectly clear: The term “online relationship” references interactive communication only, meaning the ability to receive replies to online comments you make to The Seer, on a sustained and ongoing basis.

Nobody should even dare to imagine it possible to establish or maintain any type of intimate or romantic relationship with the virginal and isolationist Seer.

You should also note the title speaks to maintaining, rather than establishing, such an online relationship. Why? Because it is rather easy to establish this relationship, meaning to get The Seer to reply to initial comments made to Him, online. As long as your comment is even modestly intelligent, decently respectful, somewhat worshipful, the odds are good the relationship can be established. But to successfully maintain it over time, that will be your challenge and difficulty.

So, here are the 10 commandments. Follow them faithfully, and your dreams of an ongoing, online relationship with The Seer may be realized, or, better stated, they may come True. 🙂

1) Never insult The Seer. You are privileged beyond all measure to be able to engage in interactive communication with a top-level Superior who has transcended his humanity and chooses to generously share profoundly valuable Truth with you, so always be very respectful.

2) If you think you may have inadvertently insulted The Seer, apologize immediately and sincerely, and beg His forgiveness. Remember, to The Seer you are simply one of the Unwashed Masses of inferiors, worthless on a personal level. You must prove Yourself worthy of maintaining the attention and occupying the time, of The Seer.

3) Praise The Seer often, and do so only with absolute sincerity. The Seer knows he is profoundly brilliant and constantly heaps praise upon Himself, but he also knows he deserves to be greatly admired and valued by all sane, sentient, Truth-seeking creatures. In openly praising The Seer, you demonstrate positive, Superior qualities about Yourself.

4) Do not bother The Seer by sending Him emails. The Seer prefers online and public contact, over any type of private contact, even if you have already established a longer-term online relationship. If you deem it necessary to email The Seer, always identify Yourself if you have engaged The Seer in previous, online dialogue, always clearly state your reason(s) for sending the email, and always be mindful that The Seer does not seek any type of email relationship, therefore the email contact will be brief and isolated.

5) Never lie to The Seer. As you should know from his chosen name, The Seer does not take kindly to any type of deception. Even a minor and insignificant lie, if directly made to The Seer and uncovered by Him, may result in His proactive termination of an existing, long-term online relationship.

6) Never suggest in your interactions with The Seer, that you might be contemplating the commission of any type of illegal or criminal action. This is a common method of legal entrapment by society and government, attempted against The Seer numerous times, and it will instantly irritate Him and drive Him to homicidal rage. Irony is duly noted, but the commandment still applies.

7) Never imply or state in your interactions with The Seer, that you might be under the legal age of adulthood as defined by the laws of the slave-state that holds you hostage. This is another form of legal entrapment attempted numerous times against The Seer, and it will result in permanent termination of the online relationship by Him.

8) Do not pretend to be a Superior, or to embrace Forbidden Truth, if you are in fact an Inferior. The Seer despises Inferiors who pretend, or as a delusion, imagine themselves to not be inferiors. He much prefers dialogue with a respectful Inferior who openly acknowledges his inferiority, while expressing awe, admiration, and curiosity about Him and His brilliant insights of Forbidden Truth.

9) Do challenge the brilliant insights of The Seer, by demonstrating high-level philosophical, analytical, and intellectual brain capacity. The Seer enjoys and welcomes all ideological challenges, but only from the rare opponents who possess minds that are capable of consciously understanding and considering the Truths He reveals, on a Superior level.

10) If you are a female human who suffers from corns, bunions, calluses, or any type of foot pain, or are afflicted by any type of foot deformity, or enjoy wearing painful dress shoes, or are forced to wear painful shoes due to a job situation, or have any specific interest in footwear, foot pain, or foot deformity, feel free to mention this to The Seer. Doing so may strengthen your online relationship with The Seer, as he has a raging Female Foot Pain fetish and despite his isolationist virginity, he often enjoys directly discussing female foot pain and deformity, on many different levels, with females.

There you go, folks, the Top Ten commandments for enjoying a sustained and mutually positive online relationship with The Seer. There are other rules, of course, but if you strictly follow these ten, there is a good chance the relationship can flourish.

Just remember, The Seer does not forgive humans easily, or often, so it is recommended that all transgressions be always avoided, or you may find out, too late, that you have forever destroyed the online relationship that you were trying to cultivate.

This has been a Public Service Announcement brought to you by The Seer of Forbidden Truth, in conjunction with Match Made In Hell Enterprises, LLC.

relationship 11All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

‘Tis The Season to Bribe and to be Bribed

The humans are hard at work this christmas season, as they are every christmas season, desperately trying to bribe each other, while simultaneously, and equally desperately, soliciting favor from other humans, and even from imaginary creatures.

Every “gift” that is given, every present carefully wrapped, attached to a carefully chosen gift card, every “donation” given, to formally organized charities as well as to the randomly encountered homeless alcoholic, is a bribe, it is a shakedown attempt, an extortion demand.

Every gift and present given, it does not matter what it is or what the relationship is between the giver and the giftee, is a bribe. The bribe says: “Look, I am gonna give you this, and in return you must pretend to love and to care about me, to appreciate and to value me, and you must express and show this love and caring and value and appreciaton to me. I will use your false sentiments in order to feel better about myself, to delude myself into believing that I am loved and cared for and valued. I need this from you, because I am an emotionally and psychologically crippled creature, who cannot bestow proper love and care and value upon myself.”

Every christmas present given, is a selfish and psychologically violent extraction attempt. None of it represents generosity or empathic benevolence. None of it! The husband who gives his wife a christmas present, wants to get more sexual contact from her. The boyfriend who presents his christmas present together with a marriage proposal, is demanding lifelong sexual, emotional, and legal slavery under a direct bribe.

The mother who secretly deciphers which material object her 5 year old son-slave most desperately covets, and makes certain to place it under the christmas tree with a note signed “love, mom”, is not expressing love, she is demanding love, she is attempting to extract hugs, expressions of love, from the child that she is enslaving, and very likely abusing and victimizing. She cannot love herself, and so she must force others to profess their love to her, and under this coerced extortion of emotion, she is able to convince herself that she is loved, at least for awhile.

All charitable contributions and donations are made under this same perverse mindset, intermingled with subconscious and unconscious guilt, shame, and  Self-humiliation. “I don’t deserve what I have, so I must give a little bit of it away so that I can convince myself that I am a good person by suffering, in order to allow someone else to suffer less.”

Donations to strangers and to charities are also a direct attempt to bribe, extort, and shakedown the nonexistent god creature. “Look, over here, look at me god, I’m willing to make myself suffer in some tiny way, by giving away something I could use for myself. See how unselfish I am! See how moral and kind and caring I am!! Now you must reward me with eternal existence in heaven. You owe me now, god!”

The Superior never gives presents to any human being, and never donates anything to any human in need. He understands that it is his obligation to place Self above all others, and he meets all of his own emotional needs within the embrace of absolute Truth, therefore the very idea of attempting to obtain love from others, or attempting to bribe a nonexistent god creature, is recognized by him as insane beyond all measure.

I give to Myself, everything that I want and need. My gifts to Myself flow daily, and my delight at their receipt is untainted by vampiric human enmeshment. My debt is owed only to Myself, and I pay off this debt each day, with interest. My generosity towards Myself has no ulterior motivations, it represents and expresses the purity of the only valid form of love, Self-love.

So go ahead, waste your useless lives trying to figure out which bribes will find the most favor with your intended extortion victims. Invade the shopping malls as part of your grand predatory quest to extract from others what you cannot bestow upon yourself. Go to the Hallmark Card store after you have finished a long day of slave labor in painful dress pumps, and spend an hour walking the racks, carefully examining different greeting cards, trying to find the one that will most effectively pierce the psyche of your targeted victim(s). And please make sure to ease your agonized foot out of its pump prison, give us Female Foot Pain fetishists an unintended gift, to be enjoyed later, in the privacy of our homes.

I see you for what you are, dear vampires and extortionists. Your efforts are pathetic and grotesque, and you can only deceive yourselves to a limited degree, for a limited time. You do not even try to obtain what you truly need, what is truly useful: Genuine, unconditional, and externally untouchable love of Self. You are pathetic in your cowardice, your neediness, your dependency.


Oh god, my poor feet! I’ve spent an hour trying to find the perfect christmas card, and my corns are just throbbing! I’ve got to get this shoe off, ahhhh…what a relief!



I must find the perfect christmas card, the one card that will get my son-slave to hug me and claim to love me! I’m sure nobody will notice that I have eased my agonized foot out of its pump prison, I just can’t stand the pain anymore!

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An Image of 21st Century Labor Day Freedom

Today, September 7, 2015, has been officially decreed as a celebration of the holiday of labor day by the slave-state of amerikkka. I have already written and published, just a few hours ago, a brilliant Forbidden Truth dissection of this horrific perversion of human rights and freedom. So now, I will indulge in a less strident but just as poignant visual illustration of the horror of all forced labor, with a Female Foot Pain Fetish twist.

Observe the fully candid image below, taken inside an airport concourse. We see two female labor slaves, forced to perform slave labor for money, forced to dress up in specific clothing by their slavemaster, forced to wear specific shoes, dress pumps, not even free to choose their own footwear.

And so the female slaves make do with momentarily freeing their feet from the physical pain that they are being forced to endure. They cannot ignore the physical pain in their feet, but at the same time they cannot comprehend the True and factual nature of their slavery, of body and of mind, which constitutes all employment, all labor, all economic activity, all work done in exchange for money.

Observe the sweetie on the right side: She has liberated her toes so beautifully, but not her mind! Forced to wear closed toe dress pumps, she rebels openly and publicly, in full view of complete strangers, and maybe even her supervisor/manager/boss. She defies her slavemaster, liberates her toes, frees her toes, as she stands so delicately, so erotically, on top of her pumps.

Does she have corns, or calluses?? Hard corns on top of her toes, or soft corns in-between her toes, or maybe even an IPK, an Intractable Plantar Keratosis on the balls of her feet?? Inquiring minds with a Female Foot Pain Fetish, want to know!

But in a more philosophical vein, the poignancy evoked by this image, as relates to the perversion of the labor day holiday, is very real and must not be made light of. She is freeing her agonized feet, but she cannot free her mind. Like all of you, she is a labor slave, and the chances that she realizes the True facts and reality of universal labor slavery, are almost zero.

Our sweetie seizes upon the opportunity to liberate her feet, to momentarily, temporarily relieve immediate physical pain, even as she submits to an existence of relentless and unmitigated slavery as a worker, a citizen, a worshipper, a wife, a girlfriend, a mother, a daughter. Why? Because she can deny all of those horrors, pretend she is not suffering, pretend she is not being harmed and victimized.

She can ignore all Truth, just as you humans do. But in the moment, in this moment of time, as captured by this photograph, she cannot ignore, and she cannot even tolerate, the oppression being inflicted upon her feet by the shoes she is being forced to wear, as a labor slave. This is so very poignant, so beautifully illustrative of the hopelessness of the human condition, to the deep thinker.

Philosophy and the female foot pain fetish, harmoniously melded:

21st century freedom, corn and bunion style.

21st century freedom, corn and bunion style.

Bad Samaritan, and Proud Of It

I am a bad samaritan. I do not help people. Even using the term “people”, offends my sensibilities. They are humans, and should be referred to as such. The mere word, “people”, bestows a sense of familiarity that the human being does not deserve to receive from Me. In this essay I will outline some of the primary reasons that I do not help humans.

I do not help humans because nobody helped Me when I was a child, and I honor the law of reflection: Do onto others as they have done onto you. This philosophical law is honorable and just, rational and sane and respectful of Self. I do not and I will not help, because I was not helped. I am a victim of willful harm, collectively sponsored and carried out via actions, and lack of actions, respectively, both of which represent the official behavioral and ideological standards of humanity as a whole, not of isolated rogue humans.

I do not help humans because humans as a whole, and humanity as a species, has proven itself unworthy of receiving any help from Me. They do not deserve to be helped. In a very real way, helping a human would directly harm Me, it would be a betrayal of Truth, of reflection, and of the universal injustice that every Superior must recognize himself a created victim of.

I do not help humans because the human being is a vampire, the human seeks to extract what is valuable, from others. As an adult, I have selectively and on rare occasions received “help” from others, as I have chosen and upon my demand. This help has always been formally requested, such as a dentist filling a cavity, an eye doctor conducting an eye examination, etc… All help I have solicited, I have sacrificed money to receive, in order to ensure that no vampiric obligation can be perceived or claimed. All offers of help from others, that I do not directly solicit, are rejected by Me. All offers of help that I do solicit, exist as professional exchanges, void of all emotional baggage. No vampires feed upon Me.

I do not help humans because humans do not help themselves. Humans sabotage and destroy themselves, as a species. To offer or to provide help to members of such a species is an affront to all decent standards of justice and rationality. Why would I help creatures who refuse to help themselves? Creatures who loathe themselves, sacrifice and sabotage their own health, endanger and destroy themselves, and embrace their own deaths?! No, let such creatures suffer, and recognize the perverse hypocrisy inherent in any request for help  that such a creature might make.

I do not help humans because I do not like humans, and because I do not wish to help them. Helping humans does not make Me feel good. Helping humans does not improve my experience of my existence, in any manner. I do not do what I do not desire to do. I answer to Myself, I do things which please, excite, satisfy, enrich Me as a mind and exalt my place in the universe I have created and now own. Helping humans fails to meet any of these criteria.

Do I help other creatures, the non-human?? Rarely and selectively, yes. In these situations, my aid is void of emotion, rooted within instinctual identification of mind with a fellow victim, as all animals are victims of humans. I identify with creatures that are not human, because I have spent decades seeking to transcend my humanity, and now have achieved this glorious feat. I do not “care” about these creatures that I may help. My aid, rare and selective, is also selfish. The well-being of the animal is not a primary, or even a secondary, goal or motivation, and no emotional bond or connection between Me and the animal, is ever created.

Would I ever help a human?? In terms of saving or preserving the existence of a human, no. If a situation presented itself in which helping a human could reasonably expect to result in a very great and real benefit to Me, such as receiving a million dollars or gaining technological immortality, of course I would consider it, reflecting the glory of selfishness, ego, and Self-love. Likewise, if, for example, a woman with painful corns and bunions, wearing high heels and hobbling in pain, asked Me to carry her to her house, I might well leap at the opportunity, but only because I have a female foot fetish and doing so would provide Me with sexual pleasure and excitement.


“Yes dear, of course I will carry you back to your apartment, now that you have told me your high heeled boots have rubbed bleeding blisters on both your heels, and your baby toe corns have become so exquisitely painful that you just can’t bear to take another step!”—A Bad Samaritan doing a Good Deed.

Those of us who recognize humanity for what it is, have a Self-obligation to be bad samaritans. Let us never go out of our way to help the disgusting creatures guilty of victimizing us, and collectively destroying and murdering us. Let us be good to ourselves, let us give ourselves the best of everything, as we sacrifice nothing for others. Let us be mentally healthy enough to meet all of our own needs, and to both reject and condemn all societal efforts to coerce us into vampiric enmeshment with humans.

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Broken Body, Or Broken Mind?


When I am not busy composing uniquely brilliant mind bombs disguised as blog posts, there is a good chance I am scouring cyberspace for images and writings which feed My personal obsessions with Truth, violence, rage, hate, mind power, and deformed female feet, not necessarily in that specific order. Recently I came across a uniquely erotic, stimulating, and thought-provoking image which I have decided to dissect, no pun intended, and share with My unworthy audience. So, enjoy the photo, and feel free to make it larger by clicking on it. Larger is usually better, I have found.

I am familiar with many thousands of images that stimulate My mind on one, or even two levels, but this particular image is one of a few, which stimulates on numerous, multiple levels. It stimulates both My sexual obsessions, and My intellectual/ideological quest for Truth. So, let us explore the issues raised, yes the ISSUES raised. Get your mind out of the gutter, please!

Body dependency. This striking image uncloaks important Forbidden Truths on the nature of human body dependency in the 21st century. Let us understand that as of right now, human body dependency exists as a psychological problem. Robotics is already advanced enough to allow for bionic bodies, only governmental bans on research and development, are responsible for this failure of scientific advancement to reach proper fruition.

It is the human inferiors who choose to cling to body dependency, identifying themselves by how they look, addicted to their horrifically flawed images, incapable of seeing themselves with the clarity of the Superior mind, to identify as a brain. The wires protruding from the artificial leg of this gal, shock more than the missing leg itself. This is wrong. Humanity is not something to cling to, it is something to reject, something to strive to overcome.

Artificial limbs are not a sign of human progress. The positive embrace of the artificial body, would be a step forward for humanity, allowing for the conscious understanding that you do not need any aspect of the physical body you were born with, not even your sexual organs, and to go further, you do not need a body, period. The viability and sacred autonomy of a detached human brain, must be understood as being just as intrinsically valid as any form of brain attachment to a functioning body, be it original, robotically modified, or fully robotic/cybernetic.

Now, observe our sweetie’s intact leg, wearing a high heeled shoe. Here you can perceive the absurdity of the human condition. Humans intentionally and deliberately handicapping themselves, for emotional catharsis. Sabotaging their own freedom, their own potential, their own very survival, by choice. Or is it by choice?? We have already established the human to be a genetic birth defect. Nobody chooses, in advance, to be birthed as a genetic defect. And then the bombardment of ego and Self-love destruction at the hands of society, that every child is subjected to. No child consciously chooses, in advance, to be subjected to this destruction. So now we must explore the issue of choice. Just because she has a high heeled shoe on her intact leg, and we assume she put it on herself, does not mean she made this choice via independent free will, of mind.

Every personal choice must be understood as the combination of genetic failure, environmental terrorism, and the unique capacity of the individual, varying from day to day, in fact from moment to moment, to counterbalance these two horrific weights, against his instinctual need, and hopefully desire, to preserve and enhance his own existence. And so look again at the picture. There she is, on the ground, her robotic leg detached, and yet hindered just as much by the high heeled shoe she has chosen to wear on her uninjured leg. What a poignant comment on the human condition!

Humanity is broken. You can fix a cybernetic leg. You can remove an impractical high heeled shoe. Well, unless you are paralyzed, but that’s another fetish, for another time and post. But you cannot repair a broken mind. Humanity as a species chooses to cripple itself. Whatever physical crippling occurs, reflects the crippling of the mind, which occurs both voluntarily and involuntarily.

Does our sweetie feel pain in her shattered cybernetic leg? Or maybe the pain is worse in her intact leg and foot. Maybe the high heeled shoe is pressing on an inflamed corn or bunion? Maybe she took off her cybernetic foot and lower leg just to try to gain sympathy from passersby, to get them to stop and offer to carry her away, without having to reveal the Truth of her foot pain?? This is the human, lying to others as she (or he), deceives herself.

If you saw this sweetie lying in the street, would you be drawn to her because she is classically beautiful in face and torso and buttocks, or would the wires sticking out of her leg stump draw you in, mesmerizing you?? Or maybe you would be fixated on her one foot, and the high heeled shoe attached to it. You might draw a strange look if your first words to her are, “Hi, are you okay? Is your foot hurting??”

Personally, I would be drawn to both her intact foot, and to her cybernetic stump. The wires must be probed and explored, it must be clear whether or not they can move independently, whether or not sensation, pain or otherwise, can be provoked. In the name of science!

And yet the intact foot, especially wearing the high heel, cannot be ignored. So I would ask her if she can walk, help her up onto her single foot, offering an arm for assistance, but not immediately offering to carry her. Lets see if she can walk on her artificially handicapped foot, as we contemplate whether she was wearing the same high heeled shoe on her cybernetic leg, before the accident. Of course all this assumes that I am feeling altruistic, which is a pretty big assumption to make.

Do not dismiss the power of images to provoke insights of Forbidden Truth. Yes, I am a female foot pain fetishist, but time is precious. Even as we prove love of Self via compulsive masturbation and the seeking of erotic content, we should try to combine sexual and intellectual focus, to broaden our minds and enhance the pleasures we create for ourselves at every level.

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Image appears originally at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/11075696@N02/1049146221/

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