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Dear Parents: Let Me Help You See Yourselves, and the Truth, More Clearly

Hello slaveowners (you probably answer better to your preferred self-perception of “parents”). How are you today? Kindly indulge this brief interruption to your ongoing human clay molding and Self-replacement endeavor. I’m just gonna try to help you to see yourselves a little better, in the soft, warm, piercing light of Forbidden Truth. Are you game? Lets give it a try:

Imagine you tuck your child-slave into bed for the night, kiss him on the forehead, wishing him sweet dreams as you gaze down upon him, filled with the universal illusion of externalized love, and then go to sleep yourself, eager to resume your human clay molding in just a few hours.

But, the next morning, when you go into the child-slave’s bedroom, you find only a Post-it note on the pillow, reading, “Sorry, he’s gone. I needed him more!“, accompanied by a smiley-face, all written in dark red….pen. Let’s not get too gruesome here.

You would not be very happy, at all, right?

Now, lets vary the scenario a bit. What if instead of this Post-it note, you found a very realistic looking doll lying on the bed the next morning, but no sign of your child-slave? Still, you would be very unhappy, I will presume. Unless of course you secretly wished and hoped to be freed of the horrific, externally imposed burden of familial child-slave ownership…but that is not the Forbidden Truth direction this essay will take.

What if, instead of a doll, you found a very much alive cat or dog sleeping on the bed of your child-slave the next morning, but again, no sign of the slave. Your consolation would be very limited, because the value of these creatures is less than the value of a child-slave, as decreed by your society. But your reaction would be somewhat different. After all, a living thing is found, a living thing, replacing a different living thing, a living thing that you could use, that you could also mold, and train, and control.

Now, lets continue our dissection of your human brains: What if you walked into your child-slave’s bedroom the next morning and found a different child-slave, definitely not the one you left in the room the night before, but an absolutely human, replacement child-slave. Would you welcome the replacement with a loving hug?? No. You would still be shocked and confused and angry. But your frame of mind would be different than in all the other, previous scenarios. Perhaps not your conscious frame of mind, but your subconscious frame of mind.

Why? Because your loss will be smaller. There is still a human child-slave, right there. And what if this child-slave is crying, and afraid?? You love feeding on fear, parents. You love it! Might you not try to comfort the replacement child right then and there, even in your shock and confusion? Think about it, and be honest with yourself, if you can. Probably you can’t, but try…

And as you comforted this terrified replacement child-slave, somewhere in your deepest subconscious mind you will be thinking, “Well, this isn’t so bad. He is scared right now. I will be able to scare him in the future, to terrorize him, just like I did Mikey… But…I wonder, what the hell did happen to Mikey, he was here last night…Jeez…

Now, what if this replacement child you find in the bed the next morning, is hurt, physically hurt, maybe covered in bruises or welts?? Again, your reaction would be far less negative, you might very well go the child, even in your shock and confusion, and display affection and comfort towards him. You’re such a good mommy/daddy, aren’t you?? Well, no. Because within your deepest subconscious mind you will be thinking, “Well, this isn’t so bad. this one can be hurt, too, just like Mikey. I can feel better about Myself by comforting him…and when I need to, I could hurt him, he could serve as a Poison Container for Me, too.

So, my dear parents, do you see yourselves clearly, yet? Do you understand what you are? Do you understand the role that your child-slaves play within your illusion of being alive?

Your children are receptacles for you. Containers, like garbage containers. Yes, they are useful to you. You put within them, what you need to get rid of, within yourselves. Fear is a huge part of your subconscious existence, and so you feed upon their fear. You try to ease their fears, sometimes. Because in doing so you ease your own fears. But other times, you need to make them afraid, you need to terrorize them: Catharsis for your own childhood and adult terrors, traumas, victimization.

What about pain and suffering? Same thing. You need to feed upon their pain and suffering. You dispense comfort, sometimes. When it makes you feel better. But you also dispense pain and suffering at other times, for the same reason, catharsis, to feel better. But, will you admit to this Forbidden Truth?

The Post-it note is an unacceptable substitution for your missing child-slave. And so is the doll. Why?? Because they cannot feel fear and pain, because you cannot terrorize and hurt them., and yes, at times comfort and soothe them. Not because you “love” them, simply because you are psychologically, subconsciously comforting and soothing yourself.

And the cat or dog?? Well, you can terrorize and hurt them, and you probably will, but it’s just not nearly as psychologically satisfying as doing it to your own kind, your own species. The connection is not direct enough, and so the garbage receptacle, the Poison Container, is not nearly as inviting.

But a human child?? Yes! Any child will do, it’ll just take awhile for you to feel as comfortable and safe scaring and hurting the replacement slave.

So there you have it. Feel free to dismiss this essay as just more ravings from that crazy Seer guy. But I see you, so well, so clearly, even as you can never see yourselves.

Sweet dreams.

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The True Face of Motherhood

Here you see not a bizarre anomaly, but the True face of motherhood among humans on planet earth, and the True nature by which each and every child on earth in the 21st century is treated:

Motherhood is wrong, it is a failed social experiment, it results in universal child abuse, every child in the world being harmed and destroyed. It is perverse beyond all measure that a single mother harvesting eight child-slaves makes international news headlines, while the Forbidden Truths of the universal destruction of every child via maternal child abuse, are completely denied and rejected by the media, by society, and by law enforcement.

Imagine the media response if a complete stranger had broken into this house and murdered eight children. The suspect would be named by the media, immediately demonized as a terrible criminal who must be punitively punished in the worst possible ways. But because it was Mommy Dearest, and the Sacred Family Unit must be sanctified at all costs, the murderer is not named, the incident is described as a terrible tragedy, and the murderer is not even immediately charged with a crime.

Society and the media will always go to great lengths to describe maternal or paternal massacres of child-slaves as isolated incidents impossible to predict or prevent, the result of mental illness. This is done in order to maintain legitimacy of the bizarre and deranged Sacred Family Unit structure within which every child is automatically decreed from biological conception to be a worthless, subhuman piece of owned property, entitled to no personal autonomy and no attempt to ensure their safety or benevolent care.

The elimination of the family unit and the imposition of universal, Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, as outlined here within My Manifesto of Forbidden Truth:

is the most obvious and logical and necessary of social reforms. It is the single social reform without which absolutely no other legitimate social reform can ever occur. The hopelessness of humanity, a devolving species doomed to near-term extinction, is proven by the fact that all discussion and contemplation of initiating Mandatory Parental Competency Testing has been decreed taboo, and a complete media, governmental, and societal blackout, all across the world, is in effect regarding this brilliant and vital reform.

Children are decreed, by every society and government on planet earth in the 21st century, to exist as Poison Containers, to suffer the cathartic reflection of rage, hate, and mental illness which is the birthright of every single adult, who was brutally victimized by universal child abuse. Every child must be brutally destroyed, because every adult exists as a brutalized and destroyed ex-child. This is the functional mandate of your societies, of every single society on earth.

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The Family Unit: Child Prison

Drive or walk down any residential street, anywhere in the world, and look at the windows. Some will be covered by curtains, and some by venetian blinds and some by shutters and some by cardboard and some by newspaper. Some of the windows will have iron bars covering them, others will have cracked glass. Some will display twinkling lights while others display a “Secured by ADT” sign. Some of the windows might even be open, but this does not alter the Forbidden Truth: If a child dwells within the structure, that child is being held prisoner and hostage, by your choice.

The family unit is a prison for children. The family unit decrees every child a piece of owned property. The family unit is what empowers any adult to inflict any torment he or she can imagine, upon a child, with the impunity of ownership. Universal child abuse is what you want, it is your choice. You demand the right to own children as subhuman pieces of property, and within this demand, you respect the right of all others to own children as subhuman pieces of property.

All of your claims to value and love children, to abhor their mistreatment and to strive to provide them with the best possible life, are pure lies and the epitome of hypocrisy. You know children are being tormented, on every residential street you drive down or walk through. You know it! And you do not care in the slightest. Your sacred right to own children as subhuman slaves, supercedes all rights of all children to be protected from victimization. This is your chosen mandate, your morality standard, as a species.

And so you go home and you use your child prisoners to meet your needs. Maybe you kiss them, maybe you rape them, maybe you pour shampoo into their eyes to try to blind them. It is all the same. You are using them to meet your needs. And you sit there and you judge others, who harm and kill children. You judge the victims you are guilty of creating, you judge the killers of others, as you totally reject and deny your sponsorship of the destruction of all children, everywhere, on every block, as you drive and walk past the houses, not even imagining a right of the child to not be blindly imprisoned as an impotent slave to adults who are themselves victims of universal child abuse.

This is your world, the world you have created, the world that you protect and defend each day. And so I will judge you, as a species, unworthy of existence.

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Anarchy and the End of Child Slavery within Family Units

One of My readers posed an interesting question to Me via email, concerning the viability of Mandatory Parental Competency Testing within an anarchistic social structure, void of government dictate and rule. The answer to this question explores important Forbidden Truths and deserves a wide audience, therefore I am reprinting the question, and My response, in full.

The question: While I agree that anarchy is the only sane state of existence for humanity, I wonder, how would you have a mandated parental exam or enforce such a system?  I for one value a mandatory parental exam over lack of government/force in this case as a sane society requires a sane family system, free of the myths of parental “rights” and “freedoms”. But that is only my two cents and I would like your own take on the issue.

My answer:

Anarchy demands personal freedom from organized social/governmental oppression, law, and enslavement. The key word is personal. The ownership of children, what society terms “parenthood”, has nothing to do with personal freedom. The right to own and possess children is in Truth not a right, but an imposed obligation of the state. Society literally forces adults to serve as parents, based upon biological creation or sexual relationship with a biological creator. Anarchy must be rooted within the elimination of personal obligation as imposed by external structures.

Parenthood is a personal obligation imposed by an external structure. Therefore, anarchy and the child slavery that is blood or sex-based parenthood, are mutually incompatible. An anarchist social structure would consciously respect the autonomous right of every child to exist free of the toxic impositions of incompetent, damaged caretakers.

Within the freedom of anarchy, no child can be allowed to exist as owned property, just as no adult can exist as owned property of the state, which is the reality of existence under government. You do not need a government in order to implement Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, no more than you need a government to allow for physicians to be tested for competency. What you need is humanity to break free of the shackle of government and its imposed illusions, one of which is the sacred family unit. Emancipation of mind reveals the obvious Truth: That every child exists as independent, autonomous creature, entitled to exist within the same anarchistic freedom as adults, and the only way this freedom of mind and body to positively thrive can be assured, is via the establishment of clear competency standards of environment and treatment.

An anarchist society would reject the family unit in its current form, just as it rejects the shackle of government itself. The family unit exists as oppressive shackle, harming not just every child, but every adult as well. Anarchy would allow the need for Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, with clearly established standards rooted within logic, Truth, and the best interests of every child, to be recognized and implemented, absent all malevolent distortions which government indoctrinates upon every child, from birth, to cripple and destroy such positive, Truth-based insight.

This sane evolution of mind I am outlining, is impossible to achieve as reality. Humanity as a species cannot and will not embrace either anarchy or Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, because every generation of children is hopelessly destroyed by every generation of adults, who exist as destroyed ex-children. And yet the link I am articulating is perfectly valid. Parenthood in its current diseased and deranged format is specifically intended to result in the universal harming of all children. This need to harm is rooted within the Forbidden Truth that all adults exist as destroyed, brutally harmed and traumatized ex-children. This universal child abuse is sponsored by, government.

So here you see the paradox of a classic catch-22 situation. Serious scholars of Forbidden Truth constantly find these types of catch-22 situations, as they analyze the dysfunctional state of humanity. Consider: If parenthood in its current diseased structure did not exist, and children were positively nurtured within the light of Forbidden Truth, they would absolutely reject the legitimacy of government as adults, and demand/establish anarchistic freedom. On the flip side, if government did not exist, if all human beings were not brutally enslaved and traumatized by government, the insanity of the sacred family unit would become blatantly obvious, and adults, not being victims of child abuse as sponsored by government, would not be obsessed with owning children as slaves, and with harming them, using them as reflective Poison Containers. The equal value of every child would become obvious, as would the obligation of the adult population to protect all children from abuse, via Mandatory Parental Competency Testing.

Quite simply: If government did not exist, Mandatory Parental Competency Testing would be accepted as the best way to provide universally beneficial care to all children. And if Mandatory Parental Competency Testing were properly implemented, the brutally unjust and universally harmful structure of government would implode, would be rejected by the masses of adults who have been spared traumatic and soul/mind destroying child abuse. But because government and parenthood do exist in their horrific forms, neither enlightenment is possible, and there is no hope for either anarchy or Mandatory Parental Competency Testing to become functional realities.

The problem is that government sponsors child abuse, by choice. It will not allow the family unit to be positively reformed in any way. It depends upon universal child abuse to create destroyed adults who will allow their entire lives to be controlled, their entire existence to be oppressed, and to agree to suffer and die. government is the greater force of malevolent harm, over the family unit, only because government is the foundational sponsor of the family unit.

Both Mandatory Parental Competency Testing and anarchy, are enlightenments of the mind to Truth. Within the embrace of one, the other becomes clearly visible as necessary and appropriate. The great tragedy of the human condition is that a single genuine enlightenment could so easily create a domino effect and result in numerous, different enlightenments. And yet the human, en masse, is completely incapable of achieving and functionally embracing any of these singular enlightenments.

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The Family Unit: Crippling Shackle and Failed Social Experiment

In My Manifesto, I use the term Sacred Family Unit, in capital letters. The reason I use this term is to illustrate how human society and government has successfully positioned the family unit as an untouchable bedrock structure upon which it has built its house of cards illusion of civilization. The Forbidden Truth is, the family unit is a completely artificial construct, void of all legitimacy, and directly responsible for crippling humanity on both individually personal, and universal levels. Very simply, the family unit should not exist, it was a mistake of judgment from the very beginning, and as this essay will make clear, it cannot be positively redeemed, and it must be fully abandoned and discarded in order for humanity to have any chance of reversing its devolutionary death spiral.

Let us begin by accurately defining what the family unit is: A diseased social structure which enslaves and toxically enmeshes human beings to each other, utilizing state-sponsored brainwashing, indoctrination, bribery, and terrorism. Motherhood, fatherhood, marriage, live-in lovers, gay partnerships, grandparents, uncles, aunts, these are all artificial titles bestowed by society and government upon individuals, intended to trap them within a closed-circle of toxic enmeshment based upon imposed obligation and a cultural role. “You are this…”, decrees society, trapping the individual within a role, imposing a set of obligations upon the individual, obligations rooted within absolute slavery and oppression, of body, mind, and time, disguised as a right and privilege to be celebrated and valued.

The family unit is not natural, it has no basis in natural instinct, as society and government would have you believe. Human women, as a whole, have no positive natural instinct to rear children. Human men, with very rare exceptions, have no positive natural instinct to care for children. Marriage is a completely unnatural ritual which openly defies the instinctually individualistic and hedonistic desire to achieve sexual climax, which all children are born possessing, and which should be nurtured and encouraged, instead of neutered via brutal coercion and brainwashing.

Humans are naturally solitary creatures, their personal relationships should be transitory and superficial at most. The only deeply emotional relationship any mentally healthy human should have, is with Himself. The family unit cripples human beings on a psychological level, forcing them to engage in lifelong personal relationships which exist as nothing more than prison cages and torture chambers of the body and mind. You are a mother, a father, a wife, a son, a daughter, a grandpa, an aunt, a niece…the list is endless, and each and every title is maliciously imposed upon you, intended to trap you for a lifetime. In Truth, no familial relationship is ever chosen, not even the unmarried live-in lover chooses to be an unmarried live-in lover. The very decision to cohabit within a sexual relationship, is externsally coerced and induced.

Each of us is changing minute to minute, in terms of our perceptions of reality. The idea that someone can positively serve as a mother or father or wife or son, or any familial role, spits in the face of the Truth that something we may find desirable today, we may find unbearable a week from today, much less years and decades from today. One of the greatest causes of universal human dysfunction of mind is the insane and diseased sacred family unit, which brutally traps human beings within horrific cages you call “relationships”. The relationships of parenthood, marriage, and every title, from gay live-in lover to uncle, which are all designed to force human beings to remain rigidly enmeshed in specific, ongoing ritualized contact throughout their entire existence.

Think of it: You are born, and society decrees you to be a son, and so for 21 years you are ordered to serve as a subhuman slave, and after these 21 years you still remain a son, still trapped in the same prison, still owned by a slavemaster, even as you are told to create your own son, and so you create your own son and you now own a slave, and still you remain a son, hopelessly trapped, waiting for your slaveowners to die. And yet even after they die, you continue identifying Yourself as a son, you “used” to have a father and mother, and now you are hopelessly trapped as a father, as you wait to die. The chain cannot be broken, the chain can never be broken, and if you dare to break it, you are demonized by society as a failure, an outcast, having “lost” the family to which you are ordered to sacrifice your entire existence to.

The amount of psychological torment which the family unit system inflicts upon individuals cannot be measured. Everyone suffers because of it, everyone. No matter how successfully an individual deludes himself into believing he has found bliss as a mother, a daughter, a husband, and every other familial title, these are all Self-deceptions. There is no bliss in any form of imposed, lifelong slavery which defies the laws of nature and of natural instinct. Child abuse, parental abuse, spousal abuse, mass murder, serial killing, every form of addiction, every form of Self-harm, every death wish by every individual, has a root basis in the toxicity of the family unit, and a desperate need, on an emotional level, to break free of these lifelong chains.

There is a distinction which must be understood, between individual “relationships”, and the family unit as social structure. The human being, in his mentally healthy state, is a solitary creature, but can still form personal relationships with others. Such relationships, when transitory and superficial, can be independently established free of social coercion and indoctrination. Such a relationship can exist outside of the family unit structure, and My dissection of the family unit does not include these types of rare relationships. They are rare because of the pervasive imposition of shackle-based family unit relationships.

Let us now explore the specific role that the family unit plays, within society and government. The family unit did not arise out of a vacuum, it is a very specifically designed construct, it was invented by leaders of society and government to achieve very specific, and utterly malicious, tactical goals.

The family unit relationship serves many specific mandates of society and government. Let us dissect just a few:

  • The family unit is intended to domesticate and tame. The family unit instructs individuals to partition themselves off inside of mini-governments, where they can rule and be ruled. The father can be a dictator, the son can be a slave, the wife can be a vice-president, or a humiliated slave. Every family unit exists as a mini-government, and this is by specific design of every political government. In allowing citizen-slaves to establish their own familial mini-governments, all individual impulse to challenge and attack the genocidal harm imposed by political governments, is neutered.

The family unit is intended to serve as a closed-circle of toxic emotional enmeshment. Society and government seeks to contain the rage and hate of individuals within their established familial cage. Every member of the family unit is instructed to unleash his emotional pathologies upon fellow members. This is why parents spend decades tormenting their children, abusing them physically and emotionally, day after day after day. This is why 50 year old men sadistically savor abusing their 80 year old mothers, in reflection of their own lifelong familial torment. This is why teenagers slaughter their parents, and young mothers serially kill their children after they are born, and women choose to become pregnant just so they can serially abort their fetuses, and adults carry out family massacres of every stripe.

Society and government overtly promote limitless violence and trauma within the closed circle of the family unit, understanding this to be the most effective way to stifle all social unrest and limit violence against “strangers” or against empowered social institutions, which could destabilize the entire social structure.

  • The family unit is a premier form of distraction and diversion for society and government. How can any individual analyze and understand the universal matrix of illusion that he has been enslaved by, when his mind is constantly occupied by an endless series of familial dramas and obligations? The life of the family unit is imbued with the illusion of urgency and importance, every day the insane soap opera is played out, intended to consume all focus of all members, so that the window of Truth, enlightenment to the nature of universal social oppression, remains forever shuttered.
  • The family unit makes Truth-based Self-identification impossible. The Truth: I exist as independent universe of mind, a brain obligated to consume the world with My own independent desires and needs, is impossible to positively realize, when you are trapped within the mind cage of identifying Yourself as a mother, a son, a husband, an uncle, or any other baseless familial title.

The family unit is a failed social experiment. From the very beginning, just as the insane god myth, its promoters were empowered leaders and agents of society and government, motivated by malicious need and desire to enslave and control the species itself. The family unit is not only unnatural, but a pure slave structure, by legitimizing the family unit, society has successfully legitimized every form of slavery, to government, to money, to forced labor, to subjugation of personal identity, personal will, and freedom of mind.

The family unit serves no positive purpose or role in the human experience of life. The family unit ensures that every child is destroyed, brutally traumatized just as every generation of adults who sponsor the family unit, were brutally traumatized. The family unit renders positive evolutionary progress impossible to achieve. It is a horror which must be eradicated, and yet any sane thinker with insight to the human condition must understand that the enlightenment of mind which could inspire humanity to reject and abandon the family unit, is impossible to achieve.

How many articles in the media have you read, which call for the dissolution of the family unit as a social structure?? Zero? In your entire lifetime?? Here you see how Forbidden Truth is dead to humanity, your supposedly free and open minds unable to conceive of even this most basic of social reforms, thanks to a media and cultural blackout of philosophical discourse, as well as the impact of relentless propaganda and indoctrination from the moment of your birth.

To access hunderds of other Forbidden Truths on the nature of family, sex, love, and human relationships, you should read this page of My one million word Manifesto of Forbidden Truth:

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