Encyclopedia of Obscure Customs of Extinct Species, Entry 63,857: “LIFE”

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Life“: A nonsensical term coined by a genetically brain damaged species of mutated monkeys, incapable of evolving, who referred to themselves as “human”, and terrorized a small planet they called earth, for a brief period of time before devolving to species extinction.

“Life” was universally embraced by this doomed species, as an absurd illusion and pretense of existence. The uniquely defective brains of this species, were able to consciously perceive and comprehend the reality of their own impending eternal non-existence, but unable to psychologically bear the functional ramifications of this eternal non-existence.

As a universal delusion, arising as coping mechanism, the concept of “life” was concocted. This universal delusion, embraced by 99.99999999% of all humans, held that the capacity of an individual to consciously experience transitory changes and alterations to his consciousness, as well as to maintain short-term memory of these changes, constituted life.

Conscious experiences and memories, utterly meaningless and doomed to be eternally lost, were fetishized as constituting markers of an existence, as the unbearable realities of death were desperately hidden away and denied, via a mentally deranged system of organized delusion referred to as the “after-life”.

In a unique example of devastating brain dysfunction affecting an entire species collectively, humans consistently refused, as a collective whole, to try to gain the gift of existence, even after achieved technological and scientific progress rendered death an easily defeated problem.

Psychologically, the illusion and delusion of an existing life was so powerful and addictive, it was impossible for humans to pierce and to abandon. This, coupled with a unique species-wide mind virus of Self-hate and personal worthlessness, rendered the illusion and delusion of existence to be overtly preferred, over the attainment of actual existence via the eradication of death.

Even as thousands of other species of life, throughout the galaxy, naturally possessed the normal brain functionality necessary to consciously understand and accept that to gain the invaluable gift of existence required the eternal preservation of personal brain functionality and consciousness via the defeat and termination of death, the human remained pathologically fixated upon the bizarre notion that he already existed, and that the reality of death bore no impact upon the reality of his existence.

The human species continued to devolve to complete extinction, never gaining conscious awareness of it’s own capacity to gain existence, much less engaging in any practical efforts to achieve such an existence.

A unique lesson can be learned, in dissecting the tragic fate of this inviable species: Genetic and organic brain defectiveness must always be consciously recognized and acknowledged. Only in doing so, can the devastating impacts of such genetic deformity be mitigated.

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Life. Death. Sanity.

Life: A real-time and ongoing, albeit temporary, Self-delusion that one is not dead.

Death: The physical act of time travel, successfully realized; The individual experience of traveling back through time, to one’s own moment of biological conception, breaking into one’s own womb, producing a sledgehammer, and viciously pounding into oblivion and non-existence, one’s own newly formed brain.

Sanity: The capacity of mind and of consciousness to fully appreciate and recognize the profound brilliance, uniquely insightful truth, and infinite value of the above facts.

That is all.

You may now return to and resume your imaginary existence.

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Nobody Sees, Everyone Is Dead

Nobody sees that they are already dead. Nobody sees. Trapped in a matrix of illusion, they pretend to be alive, kicking soccer balls and cuddling pet ducks and shooting Glock 17’s and trying to get pregnant and pretending to love others and trying to force others to love tham.

But everyone is dead. Everyone is dead. Pretending to be alive, pretending they are not dead. The illusion ends when the blood stops flowing, when the skin becomes cold and hard, then rots away. It all rots away. Ironic, when blood ceases to flow, that is when the human acknowledges the death of the other. But he cannot come to grips with the Truth, that every cold, dead, lifeless body, all the countless trillions of them, is him, her, you, Me, in the moment, in this moment, in every real-time moment.

We are all dead, from the moment we are born. We are all dead, pretending to be alive, hiding from the Truth, playing out a useless, hopeless illusion. And the greatest of all ironies, is that death is a choice. It is a choice, of course it is! Because if everyone refused to die, death would end. This injustice would be overcome, in the light of Truth, in the collective defiance of a species finding the courage to stand up and demand to be born, to exist, to live.

Death is a choice. The choice is made by humanity in the 21st century, in its agreement to die, its courtship of death, its cowardice, its refusal to face the Truth that to die is to have never been born, and all who have already died, never existed, and all who will die in the future, have always been dead, and are dead at this moment in time, at every moment in time. just pretending to be alive, just lying to themselves.

Can it really be that simple? To achieve immortality, requires only the collective desire of a species to live?? Yes, it can be and it is, that simple. But of course the human, the broken and destroyed human, renders the simple, impossible. The human cannot see what death is, just as he cannot see what he is. The corpse must pretend to be alive, as he waits helplessly for a Truth to be proven to him, a Truth he does not face, will not face.

My gift is being able to see Truth, to recognize Truth, to embrace Truth. I am an Immortalist. And immortalism is not a fantasy, not a wish or a hope, not a dream or an idea. It is simply a desire to be born and to live, a desire to exist. Instead of a desire to pretend to be alive, rooted in the pathology of self-hate, personal worthlessness, and collective suicidal ideation which defines the human being.

The human does not want to be immortal. The human is not trying to attain immortality. The human is terrified at the very concept of being immortal. And thus the human worships death. Death is his faithful companion. A rotting skeleton at birth, at age 10, at the height of physical vitality, always a rotting skeleton. Death is the way out, all I have to do is keep pretending to be alive for awhile. Nobody can take death away from me. This is the human being. This is the death addict. This is the matrix of universal illusion, humans everywhere, planning out grand and glorious goals, objectives, plans, building a future. But they are all dead, pretending to be alive.

Everything the human species has ever wanted to achieve, it has achieved. But it will never achieve the end of war, because it does not want war to end. It will never achieve the end of child abuse, because it does not want child abuse to end. It will never achieve the end of death, because it does not want death to end.

My tragedy is in knowing that death is a choice. Knowing that humanity wants to die. Knowing that I deserve to be immortal. Knowing that humanity will murder me, by choosing to force everyone to die. I cannot make Myself immortal. I cannot force you to give up your death addiction, all that would be necessary to cause technological immortality to become a reality within the next 20 years, in time to allow Me to be born, to be alive, to live forever. This is my tragedy.

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Life: Described and Defined

Every existence is a foundational platform within which every sentient creature makes behavioral and ideological decisions. This is just as much True for the ant and goldfish, as it is for the human being. An understanding of personal existence, regardless of how deep or shallow this understanding is, creates the underlying basis upon which every unique personal decision, be it primarily instinctual, emotional, or intellectual, is made.

Why does a fish choose to remain submerged within water? Because it knows and it understands, on a conceptual level, that something terrible will happen to it if it should lose access to water. Whatever weaknesses of intellect it suffers from, it possesses a strength of reality perception, a capacity for logical choice and decision-making, which humans lack.

In this essay I will be defining and describing life, which may be accurately and validly understood as “personal existence”. Not life in general, but how every singularly existing human creature, must be able to fully, consciously perceive his own singularity of existence, in order to perceive reality and Truth as it actually is.

Every aspect of this diseased, deranged, and devolving 21st century human society, has been built and is sustained by the unwashed masses of human beings, based upon their fatally flawed perceptions of their own lives and existences, on a uniquely singular level. No existence is defined or understood for what it is, and lacking this capacity and this achievement, nothing humans choose to think or to do, can reflect or enhance the actual, factual consequences of their own singular existence.

All of the descriptions and definitions that I am applying to life/personal existence below, are objectively factual. None of them are subjectively theoretical or debatable. None of them are open to personal rejection in terms of not being applicable to a specific individual and his experience of existence. All humans who reject or deny the objectively factual definitions of life/personal existence that I am providing below, do so as deceivers of Self, deniers of Truth, cowards who are complicit in the creation of the universal matrix of illusion which defines the fatally flawed perceptions of life on planet earth in the 21st century.

So, let us begin our definitions:

Life/singular existence is pointless. Embracing this Truth negates the universal lie of a future. Life is pointless because it has no future, which is proven by the fact of eternal nothingness which is physical death. Every exhortation, motivation, and direct effort to make the future better, be it on a personal level, a species-wide level, or a cosmic level, is a perverse sham which denies the factual reality that life/singular existence is pointless.

Life/singular existence is meaningless. Every attempt by humans, individually or within social constructs, to apply meaning to any life/singular existence, betrays and rejects Truth. How can something be meaningful if it is doomed to evaporate to eternal nothingness? How can grand goals and objectives be conjured up and planned out, with individual human beings whipped into an enthusiastic frenzy, inspired to devote time and effort to achievement, and such achievement be hailed as great triumph, when everything achieved by the individual is utterly meaningless, as objective fact, as proven by the Truth that physical death evaporates all personal existence, thereby rendering nothing done by the individual human being, to have ever existed, just as the individual human being is retroactively erased, to have never existed?!

Life/singular existence is depressing. Supremely, profoundly, depressing. Because it is death being played out in real-time, the worship of death, the embrace of death, never consciously acknowledged. It is depressing not merely because it is pointless and meaningless, but because the Superior fully knows that the inferiors are choosing to die, and to eternally murder him, by their choice. Life is supremely depressing because the Superior knows it does not have to be this way, it is only by the collective choice of humanity that it is this way, yet this collective choice cannot be altered. The hive mind cannot be overthrown, the collective inferiority of the human being, on a species-wide level, cannot be defeated by the Superiority of the few, as represented by Me and My mind.

Life/singular existence is unpredictable. It is unpredictable from nanosecond to nanosecond. So, how can anything be planned? How can a future be carved out? How can the individual project his standing into the future, for even 60 seconds of time, much less for years or decades? Nothing can be planned, every plan made, is nothing more than a theoretical illusion given a false skin.

Life/singular existence is the greatest of all cosmic tragedies, being played out in real-time, universally imposed upon all. on an individual level. The conscious embrace of this objective fact, impossible for the inferior to accomplish, is key to all positive human progress. Imagine if every human being, for every moment of his conscious existence, were compelled by the strength of his own mind to realize as Truth, that at that moment in time, and at every single moment of time, he is experiencing, on a personal level, the greatest of all cosmic tragedies. The inferiors would be driven to insanity, but they are already there, so no functional difference. The Superiors would be inspired to the same revolution of the mind that I have created for Myself, just as the fish is inspired to remain submerged within water. And what if there are not enough Superiors?? Then let humanity descend into disordered chaos and achieve the immediate extinction it has earned, instead of wallowing in its current, ordered chaos which is merely postponing an ensured and guaranteed near-term extrinction.

Life/singular existence is an artificial construct. It is a universe of illusion, false idols, fake visions, edifices built within and upon hollow and imaginary foundations. Only the human being dwells within this artificial universe, where nothing actually is, as it is described and projected. Nobody is free, nobody is rich, nobody is safe, nobody has a future, nobody is loved, nobody is empowered, nobody is lucky, nobody is blessed, nobody is doing the best they can, and nobody is capable of recognizing any of these Truths, as Truths. This is why every life must be accurately defined as an artificial construct. This artificial construct is externally imposed, but internally embraced. the combination of external imposition and internal embrace, renders it a closed-circle matrix, impossible to escape from.

Life/singular existence is an illusion built upon another illusion. The things you think, believe, and do, are based upon your perception of being alive. But if you are going to die, you are not alive in the real-time present. You insist on pretending to be alive, by rejecting this Truth, even as you embrace your upcoming death. The consequence of this Self-imposed delusion is that everything you think, believe, and do, is foundationally rooted in illusion. You build edifices upon nothing real, nothing concrete, nothing True, because you do not exist yourselves, as anything beyond the false illusion of life/singular existence that you cling to.

Life/singular existence is made manifestly real by a functional brain.

Life/singular existence is irreplaceable. Period.

These are the objectively factual definitions of all human life and singular existences in current, real-time. Can these definitions be altered, in a radical way? The answer is yes, theoretically, and this answer directly speaks to the final two definitions. The change that must occur is simply this: Death must end. Technological immortality of the existing human brain must be achieved and must be made available to all who demand it. Only upon such an achievement, can the definitions change. Only upon such achievement, can life develop a point, gain meaning, become positively predictable, lose its inherent, built-in tragedy, develop within the glory of natural instinct and Truth, shed its matrix of universal illusion.

Only within the achievement of technological immortality, can life/singular existence become grand, perfect, majestic, a realization of the untouchable utopia which the Superior human brain is capable of creating for itself. This is the Forbidden Truth the Superior recognizes and embraces. Life and all singular existence is as it is, as I have defined above, as objective fact, for only one reason, and that reason is the functional reality of the consequences of individual death.

From pointless, meaningless, depressing, doomed, and the greatest of all cosmic tragedies, to grand, majestic, perfect, utopian, all it takes is a single, collective decision: To refuse to die. To recognize what death is, and to demand an end to death. But no, life must go on as it has, you demand this, you cowards, you murderers, you pathetic, diseased fools.

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Thoughts on the Value of Truth & Immortality

I received an interesting comment from a reader of this blog, and have decided to post the full comment, as well as My reply, as a blog post. I do this because many humans do not read the comment section of blogs, even if they do faithfully read new blog posts, and the insights I reveal here are well worthy of universal dissemination.

My reader writes:

“I have read a considerable amount of the articles on this blog, and guided by the knowledge you claim that Superiors have, I am by that definiton a Superior.

Except I’m not, yes I do have much more knowledge than the vast majority of the humans on earth, and I have come to those realizations by my own means but ultimately I am just as mortal as them, how am I Superior? All of my knowledge is more of a curse than a blessing, I’ve known about the futility of anything and everything and the absurdity of the so called reality for a long time, but that didn’t bring me any form of gain other than the knowledge itself (while most people seem to be better in their ignorance).

I have been in my path of uninterrupted search for knowledge since I can remember but every knowledge that I had/have/will have is obliterated when I die, time is indifferent, time washes away everything. I am just as mortal, insignificant and temporary as the most stupid human being on earth.
Even if I do achieve immortality, how would anything change? Yes, I would be able to continue my search for knowledge but existence is still pointless, I am just existing for the sake of existing, and my existence still doesn’t make any difference. And even if I could achieve immortality, if you believe in science you’ll know that the sun will eventually consume the earth, what then? and what if a black hole rips my matter? what then? and entropy will eventually serve it’s function and there will be no energy left in the universe to be distributed, reaching a point where the universe will stop expanding and instead it will start to contract, going back to the point where it was before the theoretical big bang, what then?

How am I still immortal if there is no time-space continuum? And what objective meaning does my immortality have?”

And My reply:

Being a Superior is much more than merely possessing knowledge. It requires the integration of all facts, of all Truth, to the directly personal reality of your own unique existence. To thrive as a Superior requires the achievement of mental untouchability, rooted with supreme courage. To face every horror as it is, and to understand exactly why every horror is, as it is.

Truth is a curse if your mind cannot cope with Truth, if your level of brain functionality is not powerful enough to genuinely appreciate the value of knowing and embracing Truth in real-time. The horrors of our personally experienced illusion of existence are the same, functionally. The Superior understands, both emotionally and intellectually, that to be blind to the Forbidden Truths of these horrors is organically worse than to dwell within their conscious awareness.

I cannot decipher the relative strength or weakness of your brain. For the Normals, Truth is unbearable, they reject it outright, and flee from it, causing their own, as well as universal, destruction. For the top-level Superior, as I am, Truth is the platform upon which you can build a foundation of personal untouchability which coexists with every horror. No horror is negated, by my Superiority. The horror itself remains the same, a factual reality, completely understood and mind integrated as to consequence.

If you understand and embrace, within Truth, why your existence is absolutely pointless and meaningless, and that to die is to be retroactively unborn, erased eternally from an existence which is stolen from you, and the functional structures in place which deliberately conceal these and many other Forbidden Truths from the conscious awareness of the Unwashed Masses, you can begin to hate, to hate properly and directionally, to dissect and to pierce the matrix of hate which has been and is being directed against you. Only within the glorification of this hate, can you develop the limitless and unconditional love of Self which renders My experience of My existence, “better”.

It is better to know the Truth, to embrace all Truth, to understand every second, exactly what is being done to you. It is better to hate, and to destroy, and to embrace absolute rage, and to exalt in the Self. It is better to murder god and all who have created god, and to see the human as the pathetic, deformed, birth defect that he is. It is better to evolve, to reject your humanity, to look down upon what has destroyed, and will destroy, You.

And yet you are correct in that My horrific fate will be the same as the lowest of the inferiors. The inferiors will win, they will achieve my eternal nothingness, as they seek and demand their own. There is no more horrific tragedy, there is no greater injustice. And if you read all of My writings you will see that I am depressed, I am experiencing every moment, the True horrors of the future, as the present, because there is no future, the future is a pure lie, one of the crown jewels of the matrix of universal illusion.

But still, I am a Superior, and my superiority makes my existence better. It is better to love Yourself, than to hate Yourself. It is better to hate others, than to hate yourself. It is better to look down on inferiors, than to be an inferior. It is better to know the Truth, than to believe a lie. It is better to suffer as a persecuted, Self-created god, than to celebrate addiction to the imaginary god used by the humans to glorify their own deaths. It is better to know that you are a murder victim. It is better to know there is no hope, than to be addicted to false hope.

But most of all, it is better to be better. What do I mean? It is better to revel in the powers of your own untouchable mind and brain, to exalt Self and Truth. Never using your brain as a refuge from Truth, never compromising reality, even as you consciously play out the greatest tragedy in the history of the universe: Your own existence.

Knowledge without power, is useless. One form of power, is the development of your uniquely singular mind, to its maximum potential. It is only one form of power, and it cannot change the factual horrors, but within the Superior, untouchable mind, there is power, to thrive, to love, to hate, to destroy, to exalt. This is my achievement, limited and ultimately useless as it is.

I seek and demand immortality because I deserve eternal existence as a mind. My brain understands that this is what I deserve, and anything less is an unacceptable injustice, the ultimate injustice to top off an imagined existence filled with other limitless, ongoing injustices. My existence is of limitless, intrinsic value to Me, because I exist as a Self-created god. The glory of existence cannot be understood as allowing for a knowledge search. The glory of existence must be understood as the ultimate celebration of Self. This is why and how I can enjoy and derive pleasure from my depression. It is why I do not need arms or legs or sexual organs or taste buds or photos of bunioned female feet. I need only my brain, because it is my universe, therefore it is the universe. To exist forever is my sacred right, seeking knowledge is merely one of the many different things that this sacred right allows Me to do.

I do not “believe” in science. I recognize science to constitute a valid, Truth-based pursuit of knowledge, facts, and Truth. Science, in its proper form, comprises a fact-based search to uncover and realize objective Truth, and much scientific research should be understood as a quest to realize Truth, rather than the premature embrace of conclusions which may not be factually accurate.

The achievement of technological immortality must be understood as evolutionary in nature. We must seek and demand it, because it is the only valid way to try to eradicate the horror of personal death, which must be understood as the cessation of individual brain functionality. Just as the first automobile and airplane bears little resemblance to automobiles and airplanes of today, the initial versions of technological immortality would bear little resemblance to later versions of technological immortality. It is not logical to reject the development of technological immortality because, in theory, even if technological immortality were made feasible, some or even all brains might still, at some point in the future, suffer physical death and be completely lost for all of eternity. Of course this could happen, but to hypothesize that it will happen, and use this hypothesis to reject technological immortality being developed as manifested reality, is utterly absurd and irrational.

As Superiors, and whether or not you personally qualify for such a designation is unclear, we must demand technological immortality in whatever form is scientifically possible at this moment in time. Upon such achievement, we must demand ongoing scientific research to improve and perfect new and different scientific methods to attain technological immortality, to make this technology redundant, building upon itself, always with a primary goal of retaining the full functionality of every individual brain, indefinately.

Will the entire natural universe cease to exist someday?? Perhaps. Is it logical for a functional brain to conclude that it can never cease to exist, even after technological immortality is made feasible? Of course not. But every sane thinker must still conclude that the immediate pursuit of the development of technological immortality, with every available resource immediately and fully devoted to achieving this goal, must begin right now. As Superiors, we must demand this, and literally destroy the world right now, if this demand is not met. In the name of Truth, and love of Self.

Again, not being able to fully commune with your brain, I must still conclude that if you fail to appreciate the objective and intrinsic meaning/value of attaining personal immortality, you have not achieved a limitless and unconditional love of Self, and therefore you are not a top-level Superior. But good luck in your efforts, and I appreciate that you are open to seeking and embracing the Forbidden Truths.

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The Beauty of Destruction

Destruction is one of the most gloriously multifaceted of personal achievements and triumphs. It empowers the human spirit on so many different levels, representing a dark and useless victory for all who recognize and embrace their victimhood status. I use the term “dark and useless” not in a negative light, but quite the contrary, to point out the blindness and hypocrisy of those who champion creation over destruction. The false light of creation represents the universal matrix of social illusion. The True darkness of destruction illuminates the hypocrisy of creation and those who are addicted to its useless siren song. Those who prejudicially decree destruction to be useless, and deem this a negative and a failure of the personal choice to destroy, show themselves to be oblivious to the foundational uselessness inherent in all individually chosen actions.

Let us briefly explore some of the triumphs of destruction, along with the many different levels and angles which make up this positive achievement. First and foremost, destruction is one of the most honest and courageous of personal reflections. Destruction is a mirror held up at the perfect angle, displaying Forbidden Truth. Each and every one of us is a victim of destruction, each and every one of us has been destroyed, is being destroyed in real-time, and will be destroyed in the future. When we unconditionally embrace our True Reality right to destroy, we honor the Truth of what has been and is being and will be done to us. In destroying, we avenge ourselves, and this alone, in and of itself, is a dark and useless victory.

Let us not denigrate uselessness. There are many things which society deems and decrees to be useless, because they represent a gateway to radical insights of Forbidden Truth which, if pursued to their ultimate embrace and realization, would lead to radical change which would render everything we do limitlessly useful, for the first and only time ever in human history. Instead of condemning specific actions as being useless, it is time to face up to the Forbidden Truth that everything humans choose to do is foundationally useless, and to understand the Forbidden Truths of why this is so.

\When we destroy, we spit in the face of those who champion creation. We point out their hypocrisy, and how the uselessness of creation is far more profoundly harmful than the uselessness of destruction. Creation represents deceit and Self-delusion. Destruction represents honesty and Self-realization.

One of the great beauties of destruction is that it can be experienced as an action, a memory, or a fantasy, equally and fully valid. The Superior understands that he can destroy the very same person or thing, over and over and over, a limitless number of times, and the degree of reflective pleasure, catharsis, and triumph experienced each and every time, need not be diminished.

Destruction sends a personally positive message to the universe, and the fact that this message is rejected and ignored by the masses, does not diminish its value or its validity. This message, directed towards humanity as a whole, is: Even as I exist and remain a victim of your efforts to destroy Me, I resist and reject My destruction. I fight back, by embracing My reflective right to destroy. “Look at what you have done to me!” This is the courageous demand of the proactive embracer of a personal right to destroy.

Destruction is the flip side of creation. Destruction mocks the universal human lie, the toxic and genocidally harmful illusion, that to create is a form of immortality. It is not! The uselessness of all creation is illuminated by the choice to destroy, and in the process, destruction proves its positive use, even as the destructive acts themselves reflect the universal uselessness of all human endeavors, made manifest by the species-wide worship of and addiction to death.

How else can we destroy? By refusing to create! The narrow-minded can only perceive destruction as an attack against what has already been created, and let us not diminish this or any other form of destruction. But let us use the power of our minds to integrate to conscious understanding that an equally powerful form of destruction, exists within the conscious decision not to create, to refuse to create. Refusal to create destroys what could be, what might have been, and it is just as valid a form of radical protest and personal catharsis. Our destruction is realized only by the fact that as a collective species, we have rejected our obligation to Self, to not create the structures being deployed against us, to destroy us. Every attack upon us, every weapon used against us, both literally and figuratively, exists only because of both an individual and a collective decision to create it and allow it to be used against us.

And finally, destruction must be understood as a demand, be it consciously realized or not, for immortality. The destroyer seeks to forever obliterate, in reflection of his own future obliteration. To destroy is to uncreate, to put something or someone back to a state of non-existence, the fate that the destroyer himself is unjustly doomed to suffer. Every act of destruction is a positive war cry: “Look at what is being done to Me, look at what you have doomed me to suffer! I will not be eternally extinguished, without at least eternally extinguishing others!”

Yes, it is fair to say the victory of destruction is dark and useless. But it is only useless because humanity has devolved to a hopeless state, a state of mind in which it cannot see itself as it is, or embrace Truth as it is. As Superiors, we find the greatest of uses in the embrace of acts of uselessness. We nurture ourselves in the glory of Truth, we are strengthened and made whole, super-glue style, by completing a reflective circle of horrific injustice. This is the glory and the triumph of all externally directed destruction.

I will champion all destruction for as long as I continue to exist, honoring the Forbidden Truth that I am and will always be, a victim of the destruction carried out against Me.

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Every Existence:Pointless and Meaningless

Inferiors are obsessed with convincing themselves that their existence is purposeful and meaningful, that what they do matters, what they do impacts the world and the future. This obsession is an outgrowth of the deranged societal concept that you can live on after you die, based upon what you do before you die. As if an achievement can continue to exist after the achiever has ceased to exist. How utterly absurd!

Every existence is pointless and meaningless, specifically because it ends, and nothing you do, nothing you create, nothing that happens in the future, even if it is a direct result of what you create and do now, can survive your lack of existence. All purpose and meaning to a life, is fully dependent upon the life itself. If an existence is lost due to total brain cell decay and death, every illusion of meaning and purpose to that life, is eternally extinguished.

Take three human creatures. One becomes a president, the other murders a president, and the third is aborted inside of a womb, never seeing the outside world. In death, all three existences are equal. None of the existences stand apart from the other. There is no fame, no power, no achievement, in death, everything is retroactively lost, and all who die become the never born.

There is always great irony in the pathological failures of the human mind, and on this particular issue, the greatest irony is that refusing to die, demanding an eternity of existence as a brain, is the only Truly meaningful achievement that the human is capable of, an achievement that would give the human what he is pretending to seek. Understand, humans do not desire genuine purpose and meaning to their existence, but rather to convince themselves, deceive themselves, that such purpose and meaning can be found and must be sought.

Hope is one of the most ideologically subversive of emotional states. hope sabotages human potential, and as relates to the fatally flawed human quest for purpose and meaning to life, hope allows inferiors to pretend that maybe they will not die, maybe an existence after death, or parallel to death, or within a dimension which transcends death, is possible. But it is not possible. Hope allows the impossible to be perceived as possible, and this very mindset alone, in and of itself, renders the recognition and embrace of Truth, impossible.

The Superior understands that his foremost purpose in existing, is to continue to exist. To not die, to never die. The Superior understands that there is no point or meaning to an existence, if that specific existence ends. How does it benefit michael jackson, that his name, his face, his activities, are currently imprinted upon the minds of some other humans? How does it benefit him?? He never existed, nothing that can occur for the remainder of cosmic eternity, will occur. Every singular death constitutes the extinction of a universe. If I do not exist, nothing has ever existed, nothing exists now, nothing can ever exist in the future, because the universe only existed within Me.

If you want to find a Truth-based purpose to your existence, stand up and fight for the universe that exists with you. Refuse to die. Demand technological immortality. And embrace the Forbidden Truth  that only via such an actual achievement, can your current perception of an existence, solidify into an actual existence, capable of creating purpose and meaning to what you do.

I am an Immortalist. I understand that technological immortality is the only way to create purpose and meaning to My existence. And at the same time I refuse to accept any false hope. The greatest horror of being an immortalist is knowing exactly what you need , knowing humanity is fully capable, in terms of technological and scientific knowledge, to give you what you need, and knowing you will never be able to claim that which you are entitled to, because the species you were born into is hoplessly broken.

My only hope is that technologically advanced extraterrestrials will bestow immortality upon Me. But this hope is inspired by need, and recognition of entitlement, not by logical thinking. Why would a Superior species of life intervene to save any member of a genetically crippled and devolving species? It makes no logical sense, and therefore even as I express the hope, I do not embrace it as a plausible possibility, and I do not derive false comfort from it.

Aspiring Superiors must find the courage to reject all illusion of purpose and meaning to their existence. Only within the conscious embrace of the True consequences of death, can we be inspired to refuse to allow ourselves to be retroactively unborn.

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