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How To Successfully Integrate the Forbidden Truths to Your Self-universe

I have revealed all of the primary Forbidden Truths of humanity and of human existence, within My Main Manifesto and blog posts. But Truth, in and of itself, is useless as “knowledge”. To know something important, unique, and revolutionary in ideological concept, in and of itself, has nothing to do with achieving the revolution of personal and of Self-mind that constitutes becoming a top-level Superior who has rejected and transcended his humanity.

Integrating Forbidden Truth to your own Self-universe goes far beyond any and all aspects of factual knowledge of the Forbidden Truths. Yes, such knowledge is the first step, and nothing can be achieved absent factual knowledge, but at the same time, such factual knowledge, lacking immense and extremely difficult progression of personal consciousness, is absolutely worthless on all levels of mind evolution and becoming better than human.

There are four distinct and primary steps to developing a Self-universe grounded within an impenetrable layer of Forbidden Truth. They are:

1: Knowledge
2: Embrace
3: Connection
4: Application

In this profoundly important essay, I walk you through the four steps that must be 100% understood and successfully realized. To begin, these steps are ordered. You follow them in the order given, any variation of order will fatally compromise any attempt to integrate Forbidden Truth to your Self-universe.

Step #1 is Knowledge: You must know all of the Forbidden Truths as intellectual and philosophical understanding. Without understanding, knowledge itself is useless. Therefore, the actual facts I present as Forbidden Truth must be known, but more importantly, understood consciously within a framework of meaning: Why is this so? What does it mean, these Forbidden Truth facts? How do these Forbidden Truth facts fundamentally alter the nature of the human universe itself?

Still, what we are talking about here is knowledge and understanding on a detached level, externalized rather than internalized. It is important to keep this progressing knowledge of Forbidden Truth externalized from all emotional involvement. Why? Because there are thousands of different, highly important, Forbidden Truths. It takes time, lots of time, to intellectually process them within your own, unique mindscape. An external focus must be maintained, in order for all these Forbidden Truths, one by one, as they are introduced to the brain, to find safe harbor within your brain, free of the distorting and deforming forces of emotional involvement and impulse.

I talk here about thousands of different Forbidden Truths. Do all of them have to be recognized within factual knowledge and understanding, before you can move on to the other three steps, to the actual integrative process? The answer is…No, but that would be the ideal situation and the goal to strive for.

The farther and deeper you can go on a Forbidden Truth quest, while still maintaining the quest absent internal enmeshment to your own True Reality, the more successful you are likely to be when the time comes to move forward to the integrative process.

As I have previously revealed, among the thousands of different Forbidden Truths, we have primary-level, and secondary-level, Truths. It is more important to develop conscious, external knowledge and understanding of all the primary-level Truths that focus upon big picture issues of human existence, such as government, religion, child abuse, criminality, death, ego, Self-love, external love, the primary deceptions of The Matrix of Universal Illusion, etc…

For example, racism would be a secondary level Forbidden Truth. Sports as toxic ritual, a secondary level Forbidden Truth, etc… Still vitally important to all Truth quests, but in terms of progression of mind, less harmful if externally dissected later on.

So now we can move on to the second step, which is: Embrace.

Knowledge and understanding have absolutely nothing to do with the personal and True Reality embrace and acceptance of Forbidden Truth within one’s own Self-universe. You can know everything, and completely understand why this knowledge is valid and accurate and profoundly important, while still completely refusing this knowledge the capacity to alter your own experience of your own existence.

When I use the word “embrace” here, what I am outlining is the transition from factual knowledge and understanding, to internal acceptance as guiding principles and definitional markers to how You, as an individual Self-universe, personally perceive, react, and respond to your own perception of existence.

To know all of the Forbidden Truths makes it theoretically possible for you to reject and transcend your humanity. Without such externalized knowledge and mind understanding, such a feat is impossible.

But this acquired externalized knowledge and mind understanding, in itself, is still utterly useless in achieving the feat. Before you can even begin to imagine trying to attempt to become a Superior, this second step, the internalized and very personal embrace of all the Forbidden Truths, must occur.

Each of us dwells within a unique perceptive universe, created, imposed, influenced by external forces, crushing our own capacity to dwell within the glorious darkness of Forbidden Truth. These malicious external forces combine with our own defective and dysfunctional brains, to render all Forbidden Truth impossible to perceive.

Step one allows for externalized perception of Forbidden Truth to be made manifestly real. But step two allows for the great leap to internalized embrace of these perceptions, of these Truths, to occur. It is a gigantic leap, requiring great courage and motivation, just as gigantic a leap as the acquisition of the initial, externalized knowledge.

This second step, the internalized embrace of Forbidden Truth, must change you, personally and completely. Not change your perception of life or of humanity or of the universe, but every aspect of your own Self-universe, how you relate to the external world, your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, life path choices. It must be the catalyst to inspire you to declare Yourself a sovereign universe, free and detached from all human enmeshment on a directly personal level.

The embrace of Forbidden Truth must establish new parameters to how you know yourself to be, in relation to the external universe. Every horror you Yourself have been and are being and will be subjected to, must be personalized within all emotional, as well as all factual and intellectual levels.

“What am I now?? What are the differences between what I know Myself to be now, Me, as a Self-universe freed of all mind shackles by Forbidden Truth, in contrast to how I perceived Myself to be absent the Forbidden Truths??” <This is the seminal question the aspiring Superior must ask Himself, a thousand times over, again and again, as he makes the transition from step one to step two. And the differences must be profound and immense. If they are not, you can know you have failed to properly and successfully take this step.

Step three is Connection: Every Forbidden Truth is directly interconnected to every other Forbidden Truth. In isolation, the Forbidden Truths, while extremely valuable and fully possessing the capacity to completely alter the Self-universe if properly embraced on all levels of consciousness, still fail to expose the collective core of human failure, dysfunction, and genocidal malice.

In other words, even after every primary-level Forbidden Truth is fully known and embraced, externally and internally, you cannot attain the status of a top-level Superior, absent the step of successfully deciphering the direct connections that exist between all the Forbidden Truths. Knowing the connections opens an even broader, absolutely vital wormhole of perceptive consciousness, to the deepest levels of illusion and of delusion as deployed against each Self-universe, by The Matrix of Universal Illusion.

For example, universal child abuse is a foundational Forbidden Truth, it directly causes many other human failures, the sabotage of all human potential both personally and on a species-wide level. The universal terrorism that is government, can only exist directly due to the universal terrorism that is child abuse. Religion does not merely exist as false antidote to the disease of death, but also, directly, as homage to the collective suicidal ideation of humanity.

Every Forbidden Truth must be expanded within the Self-universe, to accurately reveal the existing connections to every other Forbidden Truth. This is the step beyond knowing and embracing Forbidden Truth itself. Within this expansion of knowledge and embrace, the Self-universe is rendered impenetrable and fail-safe, Truth becomes more crystal clear, the mind acuity of every horror is sharpened and focused to perfection, and the profound validity and accuracy of every Forbidden Truth becomes even more undeniable and unchallenged.

The thousands of different, individual Forbidden Truths prove themselves True, via the discovery of their universal connectivity. Understand: This is the third step, it should not be undertaken until after step 1 is successfully realized, then step 2. The order must be followed.

Finally, step four is: Application. Here we come to the singular focus of individual life path choice.

After the Forbidden Truths are known, and after they are embraced, and after the interconnectivity between all Forbidden Truths is consciously realized, now comes the moment of Truth decision you must make, as a Self-universe, whether or not to give your life over to the Forbidden Truths, or to continue to serve as mind-slave to The Matrix of Universal Illusion. There are degrees to this, inferior compromises that can be made, but if you want to rightfully claim position as a top-level Superior, you must completely and absolutely give your conscious mind to the Forbidden Truths.

Every life path choice and decision must directly honor the Forbidden Truths as they are, in harmonious conjunction with the untouchable ego and love of Self that must be established within the war against humanity that every top-level Superior must choose to consciously undertake.

This 100% application of Forbidden Truth to your real-life Self-universe, is what elevates you from student to teacher. It is what allows you to possess the Alien Eye of telescope and microscope, to study and dissect humanity as Forbidden Truth scholar, above, beyond, and Truly Superior.

This is My level, and it is what allows Me to so brilliantly reveal all four levels, and the exact and exacting process of Forbidden Truth integration to the Self-universe.

There is freedom of choice and of mind within the application of the Forbidden Truths as a top-level Superior. You are not a mind zombie, but you are compelled to make every choice within direct honor to and reflection of every and all, of the Forbidden Truths.

So it should be. So it must be. The measuring standard of what you can do, must do, allow yourself to do, and refuse to do, as life path choice, in behavior and in ideology, must occur in perfect reflection of all that is True, and only that which is True.

Boom! 🙂

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Death and Birth, A Personal Retrospective

I was born at the age of 6, when I stood outside on a school playground watching my fellow torture victims play tag, and I vowed to never be that, to never be a human child.

I was born when I began picking up pencils and keys, forks and kitchen knives, and later switchblades and gut hook skinners and handguns and rifles, and recognizing each as a natural extension of Self.

I was born at the age of 13, when I declared my autonomy from the hive mind via a series of Sacred Vows I made to Myself, including to be a lifelong virgin, to never attempt to form a personal relationship with any human, to bestow pure and unconditional love upon Myself, to hate all humans with purity and passion which accurately reflects what humanity has earned, and to devote the remainder of my existence to developing a limitlessly powerful and untouchable mind.

I am reborn each and every day of my current existence, when I contemplate the vows I made aged 13, and the Truth that I have kept and fulfilled each and every one of them, and will continue to do so for as long as I exist.

I was born when I stabbed my father in the chest , exercising my rights of reflection.

I was born locked inside of a cage at the age of 15, as mentally deranged men and women, you call them psychiatrists and psychologists, tried to force Me to become as mentally deranged as they were.

I was born once again, many years later, locked inside of a different cage, when I recognized I was just as free locked behind the iron bars of this cage, as I could ever be walking and travelling your streets, cities, states, and countries.

I was born when I achieved personal untouchability and attained the capacity to bestow limitless love upon myself, at my chosen will.

I was born when I consciously decided to attempt to absolutely and completely transcend and overcome my humanity.

I was born years later, when I actually achieved the feat of absolutely and completely transcending my humanity.

I was born when I embraced my sacred right to eternal immortality within the vast and untouchable universe I have created and own as a functioning brain.

I died when I was chained via umbilical cord to a tortured victim-creation of human society and government, unfit to care for any living thing.

I died when humanity declared Me to be a subhuman piece of owned property and a worthless slave, to be possessed and to be destroyed by a family unit.

I died in the hallways and classrooms of schools, where I learned that all other humans beyond my family unit, also viewed Me as a worthless piece of subhuman property.

I died in the hallway of an apartment building, huddled against an apartment door, wearing only white fruit of the loom briefs, as neighbors cast glances before entering their own apartments and locking their doors behind them.

I died after my mother deliberately poured shampoo into my eyes for the 10th, 20th, 100th time, and refused to let me rinse it out, and I knew that nobody cared if I became completely blind.

I died after my father raped Me for the 10th, 20th, 100th time, and I recognized he was entitled to do this, based upon the functional decrees and mandates of humanity as a species.

I died as a child, when I recognized the intentional goal of humanity was to compel Me to accept and embrace victimization, suffering, injustice, and death, for as long as I existed.

I died when I recognized and embraced the Forbidden Truths of death, and consciously understood that I would be forced to suffer this horrific fate by the very species guilty of carrying out, with maliceaforethought, my ongoing, real-time destruction.

I died when I recognized that I was hopelessly trapped among a species diseased and deranged, collectively suicidal and homicidal, and there was no escape.

I died when I was a child, and I die every day of my existence. I died yesterday, I am dying today, and I will die tomorrow. I will die every day, until I am dead, until I am murdered and rendered retroactively unborn. I am already dead, waiting to die, even as I celebrate and rejoice in my many births.

Nowhere in this essay do I use the word “live”, because I do not live. I have never lived. I exist, and even my existence is only a currently valid illusion, within the conscious understanding that I am already dead, a murder victim, your murder victim.

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