Forbidden Truths Uncloaked by Charlie Gard Slave Ownership Fight in UK

I received a set of interesting questions from a seeker of Forbidden Truth, in reply to a recent post here at My WordPress blog. Because the questions are off-topic from the actual post, and allow Me to expand upon some very important primary-level Forbidden Truths, I have decided to address them in a brand new essay.

If you are unfamiliar with the british case of Charlie Gard, a helpless child-slave that the regime wants to proactively murder, you should read up on it in order to gain proper perspective on My analysis. Here is a very good overview:

My reader says:

Begin quote: “I was very curious about what you thought about the Charlie Gard “controversy”??

This seems so unique from a FT perspective since it is god freak parents wanting to keep Charlie alive versus a government that wants to limit “parental rights” and let Charlie die.

I hate to side with god freaks but it’s better to fight for Charlie’s right to life no matter what right? This proves that governmental slave owner’s are supreme in my opinion.

Does this show that a so called “secular” government is more malevolent than brutal god freak parents? Even if Charlie is forced to live under deranged christian doctrines it’s better to be alive than dead. I think you agree?

I like the idea of limiting parental rights via the state but in actuality think it would create even worse child abuse like this case kind of proves. Child abuse stems from humanity as a whole disregarding the well being of children on the individual level. It doesn’t matter state vs parental debate in my opinion.

But I want to get your take because this case has thrown a new element to me.

If you want to comment on this topic, I’d be very curious and excited to read your analysis.” End quote.

Okay, to begin, this case proves, beyond all doubt, the contempt for all individual human life that exists within every 21st century First World society, on an institutionalized level. Social institutions are structural foundations created and maintained by a society and government. Medicine is a social institution. The judicial system is a social institution. Parenthood and marriage are social institutions.

Individual human life and personal existence, the most sacred, irreplaceable, and valuable thing any individual can possess, is officially decreed worthless and disposable, as existing functional mandate of every society and government.

Religion is a social institution created, promoted, and maintained by government. Is religion pro-death?? Of course it is! Every organized religion granted legitimacy by government, overtly promotes death, under the deranged doctrine that an omnipotent creature is responsible for your creation, and wants you to die, and will reward you for agreeing to die by providing you with an existence after you die.

Even as every religion promotes and legitimizes death, governments also use religion to try to limit and control who dies, and how they die. A constant and steady supply of slaves is always needed. If too many young humans who could be terrorized and brainwashed into serving as productive slaves, die at young ages, the slave pool is unnecessarily depleted. And so religion tries to convince a majority of tortured and tormented younger slaves who have the potential to be used up for many years as productive slaves, not to commit Self-murder.

Let us understand, there are no “secular” societies in the 21st century. None! England, the nation-state holding Charlie Gard and his parents hostage as citizen-slaves, promotes and imposes religion upon its citizen-slaves. Different governments use religion in different ways, creating an illusion of variability within the separation of church and state. But religion is always a directly embedded social structure, overtly legitimized and promoted by every government. The exact methods of legitimization and promotion do vary, but this variability is essentially meaningless, since religion is universally deployed as weapon of social control and terrorization.

In this case the government, as always, is pro-death. We have a helpless child-slave, physically and mentally compromised, who is very unlikely to become a productive labor slave in adulthood. Therefore, his existence is functionally worthless to his society and government. The only value his existence could carry, would be as a false flag symbol of morality, positive social progress, and respect for all individual life, for his regime. But the regime has decided there is no need for any such effort, as the brainwashed citizen-slaves are already sufficiently deluded to imagine their genocidal society to be moral, socially progressive, and valuing human life.

Charlie’s two slaveowners are trying to prevent him from being legally murdered. Why? Do they possess genuine altruistic motivation, respecting the sacred value of Charlie’s life, to Charlie, respecting the Truths of life and death, or do they simply want to not lose a slave, want to extract free money from their regime, want to perceive themselves more moral and progressive than their society is?? I cannot read their minds, but the odds are high that their reasons do not reflect genuine altruism or respect for the sacredness of life and of Truth.

But lets assume I am wrong. Lets assume they genuinely consider Charlie to be individually sacred as a life form, infinitely precious as a mind and a Self-universe, of infinite value to himself.And that is why they are trying to prevent their society and government from murdering him.

That’s good. If it is so, they, as individuals, honor Truth and demonstrate Superior consciousness.

But, does that legitimize parenthood?? No, of course not. Parenthood remains a social structure deployed to enslave, terrorize, and harm all children. Does it legitimize religion, assuming these two humans are religious?? No, of course not. Religion remains a social structure promoting and legitimizing universal slavery and death for all.

You cannot point to isolated incidents of isolated individuals defying the functional mandates of social structures in “positive” ways, as being a reason or an excuse to adopt an ideological stance that the social structures themselves might be positive, or even benign. That is ideological derangement!

The british government wants to specifically limit the parental rights of Charlie’s slaveowners, because they refuse to embrace/accept the pro-death doctrine of the regime. There is no intention of limiting parental rights as a whole, in any way.

The malevolence of society and government is consistent. Of course the degree of pro-death orientation of individuals, will vary. But so long as government and society promotes death, humanity as a species is doomed to always remain a death-worshippng cult choosing universal suicide, instead of fighting to defeat death, recognizing death to be our greatest enemy, recognizing we must wage war against death, to defeat death and to attain technological immortality.

Parenthood and religion are both foundational mistakes that cause universal harm. They are mistakes created and maintained by government and society. If Charlie is given the best medical treatment and does not die for many years into the future as a result of this care, and this “victory” can be credited directly to the battle waged by his religious mother and father to prevent doctors from murdering him, he still loses, he still becomes retroactively unborn, and parenthood and religion both remain social structures that cause universal harm for all.

Humanity as a whole, represented by societies and governments, officially decrees all children to be worthless, subhuman pieces of owned property. Eliminating parenthood, and imposing Universal Mandatory Child Caretaker Testing, would only achieve the positive result of ending child abuse if, first, humanity as a whole, represented by societies and governments, officially decrees all children to be independently and individually sacred life forms, of infinite value to themselves, owned by nothing and nobody, beholden to nothing and nobody, empowered to carve out a Self-universe absent all external imposition of all past and present human ideological, structural, and institutional failures and mistakes, which include of course religion, nationalism, patriotism, and the family unit form of cultural indoctrination.

Parenthood can never become benign, it can never serve the interests of children, so long as humanity as a whole, every human society, and every government, officially decrees all children to be worthless, subhuman pieces of owned property. As it does today, as it has for thousands of years.

No individual effort can change this, and so if Charlie’s parents fail, Charlie is doomed. And if Charlie’s parents succeed, Charlie is still doomed. His murder, his retroactive unbirth, is postponed, not prevented.

This fight is not about saving Charlie’s life. It is a fight over property. Who does slave Charlie belong to? His biological creators? Or the state? Who owns, who controls, who determines the fate, of this piece of property?? The state positions this fight as being grand, noble, profoundly important, a cutting-edge moral debate to shape the progressiveness of british culture for decades to come.

NO!!! No matter who wins, Charlie loses, Truth loses, and the universal evil that is government, wins. Because Charlie, and every child, all children, remain worthless, subhuman pieces of owned property.

The only valid moral debate, would be to eliminate and eradicate the concept of child ownership. The end of children being property. An age of enlightenment where the sanctity of all individual life, to and for the individual Self, NOT for his judged value and usefulness to others, can be understood and embraced.

charlie gard

Charlie Gard and his slavewners: It is the 21st century, and pathetic humans fight over who should own children as property.

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The Gifts of Murder

I know, this post would have been more appropriate just before christmas, but legal murder is the gift that is always in season, the gift that never stops giving, and, ahem…taking too.

Every society and government on planet earth, in the 21st century, gives all citizen-slaves the gift of being allowed to commit murder. Yes, it is a gift, and like all good gift-giving, it is based upon reciprocity, requiring an exchange.

Society & govt will not call their gifts murder, this term is reserved for moral propaganda purposes, deployed as a premier weapon of definitional brainwashing. They will not even allow their gifts to to called legal murder, even though that is exactly what they are, absent definitional brainwashing. So of course, in the name of Truth, I must and will refer to them all as what they are: Socially and governmentally promoted, encouraged, sponsored, and rewarded legal murders.

Here is a list of the top 7 most popular forms of legal murder, worldwide:

1: Suicide
2: Sport Hunting
3: Military service
4: Abortion
5: The killing of infants and toddlers by their mothers and fathers
6: The death penalty
7: Euthanasia

It is important for seekers of Truth to understand that legal murder is in no way limited to the specific individual carrying out the act. It is a collective celebration and catharsis: Millions gain pleasurable catharsis thinking about, envisioning, and fantasizing about the incident, for every actual soldier who commits an actual battlefield murder, and for every sport hunter who guns down an actual animal, and every executioner who carries out an actual death penalty sentence, and every woman who has an actual abortion, and every parent who actually kills an infant or toddler, and for every officially reported act of suicide.

There are, of course, many other forms of promoted and encouraged legal murder, hundreds of them. But these seven are the most popular in the 21st century, worldwide.

I state above that all forms of legal murder exist and occur as reciprocal gifts. This is a very important Forbidden Truth to consciously process and understand. Let me help you do so, pathetic humans:

Every living human on earth exists as a traumatized victim of universal child abuse. Every human on earth is filled with rage and hate, only the level and degree of conscious awareness and acceptance of this rage and hate, varies. Society and government is directly guilty of sponsoring and causing this universal child abuse. In order to maintain domination and retain the allegiance of its created victims, it must offer them a valuable gift.

This valuable gift is legal murder: Official permission and authorization by society & govt to its victims, to commit, or to revel in the commission by others, of the legal murder(s) of their personal choice, protection from all punishment and moral judgement, and in many cases, official praise and reward from society and govt. .

Enjoy your gifts!


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The Freedom and the Right: To DIE!

I have written several blog posts dissecting the issue of Self-murder, what you humans call “suicide”, in reflection of your addiction to the universal matrix of social illusion. But the topic of suicide, and I will only use this brainwashing term for the purpose of clarity, is worthy of much deeper exploration, as it cuts right to the very heart of exposing humanity as a doomed, birth defect species.

Before we continue, you must read and integrate to conscious understanding, the facts of this news story:

Because this link will eventually expire, I am reposting the entire news article below:

“Physically healthy 24-year-old granted right to die in Belgium

24-year-old right to die Belgium
According to national statistics, there are increasing numbers of young people requesting to die legally in Belgium, citing depression as their “intractable and unbearable pain” Volkan Olmez

Filed Under: Health

Updated | Doctors in Belgium are granting a 24-year-old woman who is suffering from depression but is otherwise healthy the right to die as she qualifies for euthanasia under the Belgian law, even though she does not have a terminal or life-threatening illness.

The 24-year-old woman, known simply as Laura, has been given the go-ahead by health professionals in Belgium to receive a lethal injection after spending both her childhood and adult life suffering from “suicidal thoughts”, she told local Belgian media.

Laura has been a patient of a psychiatric institution since the age of 21 and says she has previously tried to kill herself on several occasions. She told journalists: “Death feels to me not as a choice. If I had a choice, I would choose a bearable life, but I have done everything and that was unsuccessful.” The date of Laura’s death is yet to be decided.

Belgium passed a law to legalise euthanasia in 2002, the second country in the world to do so after the Netherlands. The law states that Belgian doctors can “help patients” to end their lives if they freely express a wish to die because they are suffering from intractable and unbearable pain.

Dr Marc Van Hoey, a general practitioner and president of the Right to Die Association in northern Belgium, is a vocal supporter of the legislation. Van Hoey told the Independent newspaper that he believes that sometimes euthanasia is the kindest option. “I’ve seen quite a lot of persons dying in – how do you say in proper English – agony?” Van Hoey said. “I never saw that when I gave someone euthanasia he or she asked for.”

Over the past few years there has been a sharp increase in the number of euthanasia cases in Belgium. In 2013, there were 1,807 deaths recorded compared with 1,432 in 2012. More than half of last year’s cases were patients aged 70 and over but there are increasing numbers of young people requesting to die legally, with the majority citing depression as their “intractable and unbearable pain.”

However, not everyone is in favour of the law. Carine Brochier, a project manager with the Brussels-based European Institute of Bioethics, tells Newsweek that she believes too many people are dying as a result of Belgium’s liberalised euthanasia laws.

She argues that many people who experience psychological suffering and treatable mental illnesses may be wrongly given the go ahead for euthanasia because “there is absolutely no way for healthcare professionals to measure another person’s mental suffering to decide if they should receive euthanasia.”

“Euthanasia is not the answer to all human suffering,” Brochier continues. “We need to develop better palliative care for people,” something she believes Belgium is not currently doing.

Earlier this year in February, the parliament in Belgium passed a bill also allowing euthanasia for terminally ill children without any age limit, by 86 votes to 44. The vote makes it the first country in the world to have legalised euthanasia without an age limit.

In the Netherlands, the first country to legalize euthanasia, sick children are allowed to request it, but only if they are 12 years or older.

As of June 2015, euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia and Luxembourg.

Update: After comments from readers, the headline of this article was updated to better reflect that the woman is physically healthy, but has severe problems with her mental health.”

Okay, before we dive headfirst into the Forbidden Truths exposed by this specific news event, let Me express some general Truths concerning suicide. Suicide is the deliberate and conscious murder of Self. As such it is the greatest crime, the most supreme injustice, and the most impossible to justify action, that exists within the spectrum of human behavioral choice.

If you do online research, you will find numerous articles which claim that animals other than humans, commit suicide. The fact is, all of these claims are anecdotal and not based upon scientific research. In Truth, humans have a vested interest in deluding themselves to believe that animals sometimes choose to commit suicide. In fact, if you read these articles, they reference a higher level of brain function being required, in order for an animal to cognitively choose to commit suicide.

The Forbidden Truth is this: Only the human being, by far the most genetically defective and evolutionarily diseased species of life on this planet, chooses to commit suicide: dynamically and in slow motion, consciously, subconsciously, and unconsciously.

Suicide is not expressed via swallowing 100 sleeping pills, or shooting yourself in the head with a handgun. Suicide must be understood and defined as simply wanting to die, accepting death, even if this embrace is absolutely passive and does not involve what you hypocrites refer to as “self-harm”. Willingness to die is in itself an act of supreme and absolute self-harm. All who accept death are in reality, committing suicide.

As I have repeatedly revealed in my writings, suicide represents the ultimate victory for society and government. Inspiring the universal embrace of suicidal ideation among all human beings, is the overt tactical goal and mandate of every government and every human society. It is the suicidal ideation of humanity as a whole, which allows for the universal enslavement, victimization, and brutalization which all humans willingly choose to submit to, at the hands of government.

Now, let us begin dissecting the Forbidden Truths to be gleaned from the above news article. I suggest you reread it at this time. First, it is important for all seekers of Truth to understand that this news, of the government of belgium legally granting a 24 year old tortured child-slave the right to commit suicide, has been censored by the worldwide news media. Yes, Newsweek magazine published one article, and local belgian media first reported on the news, but the fact is, with there being 50,000+ online news media outlets, less than 15 published any news of this event, and none inside of amerikkka did so, besides Newsweek, which is a magazine, not even a newspaper.

Why? Because governments and their controlled medias understand that this news article comes dangerously close to allowing a Forbidden Truth to be realized by the Unwashed Masses: That their government wants them to die, that their government is actively promoting suicide in every form and manner, that their government is responsible for deliberately rendering everyone suicidal, even as it shamefully pretends to be interested in reducing and preventing suicide.

Readers of My essays might feel that I am prejudiced against amerikkkan society and government, that I view this specific regime as more diseased and perverse than other regimes. This is not accurate. Every human society and government is profoundly and hopelessly broken. You find differences in how governments present themselves to their slaves, only because every government is trying to brainwash its citizen-slaves to believe that it is different, morally, ideologically, and behaviorally superior to other governments. This is pure poppycock!

amerikkka legalizes abortion and the death penalty, in its effort to brainwash its slaves to believe they are free and that a moral standard of conduct exists and must be upheld. Belgium, in this case, allows a tortured child-slave to commit suicide, under law, in order to present a varying illusion of personal freedom and autonomy. In Truth, the ideological mandate is the same: To promote the universal embrace of suicidal ideation, to position death as the solution to a problem, concealing the Forbidden Truth from all conscious awareness, that death is the problem.

Suicide is the solution to all of your problems. Death is the solution to all of your problems. This is the universal mandate of government. Suffer! And if your suffering becomes unbearable, die! Die quietly and die alone. Die with your blindfold on, never understanding that you are a murder victim. Do not kill others by personal choice, you are not free to do that. You may kill others only as you are told, ordered, allowed. But you may kill yourself as you wish, this is your right, this is your freedom, this is your victory.

Can you imagine the headline: “Enraged 24 year old granted right to commit school massacre.” ??? Or “Enraged 24 year old granted right to assassinate head of state.” ??? No, of course not! But the Truth is, the granting of such rights would be far more logical, rational, morally appropriate, and ethically noble, than giving a tortured child-victim the right to murder herself.

This news story is consored because it opens up a wormhole of Forbidden Truth that is too dangerous for a fascist dictatorship like amerikkka to allow. Even if only a handful of citizen-slaves realize the perverse hypocrisy at play, and turn their suicidal ideation to homicidal ideation, the matrix is still weakened. What the government of Belgium has done via a judicial proceeding for a single woman, the amerikkkan government is doing to 320 million citizen-slaves: Granting them the freedom and the right to die, and positioning universal suicide as a valuable freedom and right. And of course belgium is doing to same, to each and every belgian citizen-slave. The end result is exactly the same. What differs is how these two slave-states choose to publicly shroud their promotion of universal suicide.

As long as definitional brainwashing rules all human reality perception, humanity is doomed to extinction. How can death be perceived as a right or a freedom??  How can any sane creature demand the right to die??? How can death be marketed as a solution to suffering??? How can dying be perceived as the solution to a problem, when death is in Truth the greatest of all problems??? All of these perversions of thought, deformations of reality and of Truth, are only possible when definitional brainwashing triumphs over every aspect of reality perception, to the point where nothing can be seen and understood as it is, so that the most obvious and clear facts, are impossible for human beings to recognize and accept.

24 year old tortured child-victim Laura has the right to be murdered, because she is depressed?? But she has no right to murder others, even though her state of mind results from the harm inflicted upon her and upon all of us, by others, by human beings, by human society, individually and collectively??? So she has the legal right to be further victimized, further harmed, affirmatively destroyed and rendered unborn, but she has no right to harm others????

I am not one of you humans. I am not a brainwashed hypocrite. And therefore I know that to die is not and can never be a right, or a freedom, or a choice. But I will tell you what is a personal right, a personal freedom, and a personal choice: To kill others. And why is this a personal right, freedom, and choice, inalienable, in fact?? Because your society and government wants Me to commit suicide, as it carries out My murder.

Me, you, Laura in Belgium, each and every human being not dead at this moment, we are all equal victims of society and government, seeking, soliciting, and carrying out our destruction, of body, of mind, of potential, of our universe of Self.

To all who are suicidal: You are suicidal because you are blind to the Truth of your victimization, and because the love of Self that is your inalienable right and freedom has been hijacked and murdered by others, other human beings, human beings who deserve every last vestige of the contempt, hatred, and rage that you are tragically misdirecting towards Self.

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There Is No Dignified Way To Die

The media propagandists are hard at work in recent days, promoting the noble and tragic tale of Brittany Maynard, a 29 year old gal who died of brain cancer. But wait, Brittany did not just die, she murdered herself. Now that’s a juicy tidbit, that’s what puts her over the top in terms of garnering media coverage from the death worshipping cult that is 21st century humanity.

Just read the articles. Brittany is so much more than a Self-murderer, according to the articles. She is courageous, a role model, the “leader” of a “death with dignity” movement. How absurd! How perverse! How pathetic! Choosing to die provides you with a dignified death?? Murdering Yourself, aided and abetted by a doctor who gives you lethal drugs, is courageous?? Murdering Yourself makes you a role model, someone to be looked up to?? There is nothing sane in what Brittany chose to do, or in the manner in which the media is covering her act of Self-murder.

The Superior thinker understands exactly what death entails, fully embraces these Forbidden Truths, and therefore fights for his own life, always and under all circumstances. We all suffer from a fatal disease, it is called death. If you know you are going to die very soon due to brain cancer, there are numerous logical courses of action to take, the most rational being to cryogenically freeze and preserve either your entire physical body, or just your head/brain, consciously understanding that this course of action provides the remote possibility of future reanimation.

Choosing to proactively murder Yourself so that you can pretend this provides you with some type of control over your fate, and then to be buried into the ground to rot away to nothingness, or burned to ashes so that no part of you can ever exist for the remainder of cosmic eternity, is stupid, deranged, and the height of personal cowardice.

Yes, I am directly attacking Brittany Maynard for her insane choice, but I reserve My greatest venom for you humans who are able to continue pretending to be alive, as you read these words, unlike Brittany. It is you who have chosen to create and sponsor human existence as a death-worshipping cult. It is you who legitimize death by clinging to religion and other afterlife mythologies. It is you who destroy the minds of children, inspiring them to embrace, instead of to decree as a mortal enemy, death itself.

Shame on Brittany for promoting Self-murder as a way to escape from life, and shame on the media for legitimizing and glorifying Self-murder, and shame on the amerikkkan government for finding yet another way to promote and impose suicidal ideation and action for you citizen-slaves under the insane cloak of freedom and individual rights. You have the right to die, slave. You have the right to suffer and be victimized and to die. Die however you wish, whenever you wish, Murder Yourself, it is your right! Ain’t life grand?! Freedom to die, freedom to believe in god, freedom to pretend you are alive now, and that it only gets better when the pretense eternally ends.

The Death With Dignity movement is nothing more than a further illustration of the devolution of the human species. It boggles the mind that a movement which promotes the right to Self-murder gains popularity, while a movement to demand the eradication of death itself, can find one fervent advocate from a million humans, at most.

Brittany lost everything not at the moment that she physically died, but at the moment that she decided to die, that she decided it was okay to die. It is not okay, it can never be okay, it will never be okay, and each of you is directly responsible for murdering yourself and every other creature on earth, by refusing to fight for and demand technological immortality.

Here is a typical news media article on Brittany’s act of murder. There are hundreds, and they all take the same deranged tone, expressing respect and honor for her choice to murder herself, as though she has achieved some type of victory. But the Truth is, your society and government is celebrating a victory, using Brittany in death as a propaganda mouthpece: “Look folks, its okay to die, its just fine and dandy. Look at sweet Brittany, she took her death like a man, and like a woman. Now she is famous and admired. Be like Brittany, your new role model!”

See her smiling in that photo?? But that’s not Brittany. You will never see Brittany as she actually is. Her skeleton, the maggots feasting upon her, a meal for bugs is what Brittany is. But no, you can’t be allowed to see that. You can only see what Brittany looked like while she was pretending to be alive, so you can keep doing the same. Keep pretending, cowards, and keep murdering yourselves. 

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PHOTO: Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old with terminal illness, is fighting to expand the death-with-dignity option to all.

PHOTO: Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old with terminal illness, is fighting to expand the death-with-dignity option to all.
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