Invention and Technology: Ensuring Nothing Ever Really Changes

The history of humanity is littered with the mind excreta you call new inventions. Looking back today, almost every single generation of humans of the modern era, laid claim to the overtly embraced psychological delusion that a new and evolving invention or technology was about to change, revolutionize, alter their existence in a profound way. And guess what? It was all bullsh*t, all of it, every single time.

Nothing has ever changed in any way that matters. Everything has stayed exactly the same: Slavery, oppression, trauma, child abuse, victimization, exploitation, universal Self-delusion, suffering, retroactive unbirth.

Inventions are targeted to the 15-35 year old’s, because this is the population group that is most dangerous to the Matrix of Universal Illusion. They must be enthralled by the illusion and the lie of change, in order to divert them from any possibility of recognizing and embracing any primary level Forbidden Truths.

Invention and technology have always been deployed as toxic distractions, as methods of control and appeasement, by society and government. Go back thousands of years, to the invention of fire, the wheel, the house, rope, everything was going to change, but nothing did, nothing that matters. Trillions of humans dissolved to eternal nothingness, never born, while enthralled by the illusion of change.

Go back a few hundred years, see the lie played out, from the ambulance to the compass to soap, land mines to eyeglasses to the printing press, newspaper to telescope to lamps to telephones to radios to televisions to computers, and so many thousands more.

Every generation was entranced by the perception of difference from the past, a new era, doing different things in different ways, progress! But it was all a lie, it IS all a lie. Look back with a mind awake to Forbidden Truth, understand the absurdity of it all: Humanity trapped, standing still, as it pretends to move.

Every human invention, every new human technology, has been absorbed by The Matrix of Universal Illusion: Dissipated, deformed, and diverted to serve as a useless, meaningless, worthless pacifier, celebration of the illusion of change, as nothing changes, as nothing is allowed to change.

And here we are in 2017, and the band plays on. The two new inventions, being relentlessly promoted, flogged upon you citizen-slaves, are virtual reality and robots. Everything is about to change, slaves. Your parents and grandparents didn’t have virtual reality and robots, but you do, and you will.

Here it is, 15 to 35 year old’s: Your very own, brand spanking new, inventions and technologies. Yours to play with, yours to waste and sacrifice your imaginary existence upon, as obsessive distractions. So different, you really can believe the change is real. By golly, its virtually real!

How disgusting you are, hopelessly broken cavemen of the 21st century, giggling as you rub 2 sticks together.

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Self-awareness and the Mutant Monkey Problem

In this recent essay, among many others, I articulate the Forbidden Truth that humanity came into existence as a birth defect species, a horribly flawed mutation of the monkey, which is itself one of the most genetically unhealthy of all species, on a brain functionality level:

So let Me now expand upon the Mutant Monkey problem, because how can the mutant monkey, which is you, each and every one of you, ever begin to try to overcome its genetic crippling, if it lacks the Self-awareness, the Self-insight, the conscious introspection, to realize and to know what it is, and why it is what it is, within the light of Truth??

No external Truths can ever be properly and fully recognized, analyzed, or integrated to personal consciousness, unless and until all foundational level internal, directly personal Truths, are first recognized, analyzed, and integrated to personal consciousness. This is the order that must be followed, by any human claiming to value and seek Truth.

A foundational level internal Truth, is that you, and everyone born human, are mentally defective on a genetic level. You ARE a birth defect. Your brain does not function properly, your brain is genetically defective. Therefore nothing it instructs you to think, to feel, to imagine, to perceive, can ever be trusted, can ever be taken at face value. This Forbidden Truth is profoundly important.

No external reality perceptions or factual, functional Truths can ever be properly analyzed and deciphered, unless they are directly, overtly, consciously filtered through & immersed within the internal reality of what you are: A mentally crippled, diseased, deformed monkey. This is consciousness, this is Self-awareness, this is the achievement of introspection, instead of the universal delusion of it.

What are you? Are you a pacifist? A vegetarian? A parent? A teacher? A student? A philosopher? A good person? A lover? A hater?

Every perception of Self is warped and invalid, formed within utter illusion and the blindness of knowing NOTHING, unless it is initially and continuously conceived of and built upon, the fully conscious knowledge and understanding that you are a mentally crippled monkey.

Only upon this foundational Truth, is it possible to begin to try to unlock any external Truths: You ARE THAT. If you achieve full consciousness and acceptance of this Truth, you can start asking Yourself: Why do I perceive Myself as being a parent? Why do I need to seek love from others? Why do I want to suffer and die? Why do I create monuments out of lies and delusions? And thousands of other profound questions directly related to reality perception and to gain an understanding of WHY humanity has built itself an insane asylum and chooses to dwell caged, within it.


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An Understanding of Universal Human Brain Failure

I have articulated numerous times in My texts, the foundational level Forbidden Truth that the ideological and behavioral derangements of humanity, collectively as a species, are caused by two different levels of human brain dysfunction. These levels are interconnected, yet at the same time absolutely distinct from each other.

#1 is the genetic level dysfunction of the human brain. In a nutshell, humanity is a birth defect species. Humanity came into existence NOT via the natural process of evolution, as almost all other animals have, but as a singular genetic birth defect who defied the odds of survival by managing to live long enough to breed, and to find a sexual mate to breed with. The genetic birth defect of this mutant life form was passed down to the offspring, who also managed to breed, and this is how humanity came to exist.

The primary nature of this birth defect is mental dysfunction, retardation, derangement. The human brain, all human brains, including My own, is genetically defective, and this accounts, in part, for the universal failure of humanity to accept or even recognize the Forbidden Truths, individually and collectively, as I articulate them.

The human is a birth defect of the simian species. The exact initiating breed pair is impossible to determine, and not really important at this point. But it is interesting to speculate: Perhaps two different simian species mated, for example a gorilla and a chimpanzee, and this caused the brain mutation. Or perhaps a simian mated with a completely different species, a pig, cow, etc… This is not beyond the realm of possibility, when you consider that humans themselves HAVE engaged in direct sexual intimacy with other species, and the simian itself is NOT as genetically healthy as most other species of life. Or perhaps it was just a regular sexual encounter between two simians of the same species. We know that extreme birth defects regularly occur among all species, but most are singular life forms that die young and never mate, therefore never pass on their mutation.

This brings us to part #2: The environmental failure of the human brain. Again, not complicated. Humanity has created and dwells within a universal of absolute dysfunction and mind-based derangement. Evey human child is born into this deranged universe, and compelled to develop mental maturity and mind-based reality perception, within an environment of complete and absolute illusion, delusion, fantasy, deception, and rejection of reality and Truth.

Whatever potential the child MIGHT have to counteract the genetically defective status of his brain, as articulated above, is sabotaged, rendered null and void, by the fact that the child is forced to endure, forced to immerse within, an external environment of insane ideas, structures, and doctrines, created and maintained by every adult generation, in response to the dual assault of both genetic and environmental brain function failure that THEY, as children, were victimized and destroyed by.

Got it? The genetic and environmental failure(s) of humanity is/are absolutely brain-based. They must be understood as two different failures, distinct from each other, yet at the same time also directly linked to each other. Meaning simply that IF the human brain were not genetically defective, the level and degree of environmental failure and attack committed against every child, would be less. And IF this environmental failure and attack was less severe, the genetically defective status of the human brain MIGHT be mitigated to the point where SOME positive, evolutionary progress among the species as a whole, MIGHT be able to occur.

It is the combination of BOTH failures of brain function, existing independently but directly impacting each other, that renders humanity hopelessly doomed, trapped perpetually within a closed-circle of intensifying dysfunction, as the species which should never have come to exist, devolves to extinction.

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The Human: Doomed, Genetic Birth Defect

The human being exists as an unnatural mutation, a genetic birth defect. The purpose of this blog post is to lay out the incontrovertible behavioral and functional evidence which establishes this Forbidden Truth. But first, to be perfectly clear, it must be understood that there is nothing supernatural, mystical, or extraterrestrial involved in this factual reality. No valid law of nature is being violated. Human beings are a “naturally” evolved species, in terms of biological procreation. Human beings exist as a natural biological mutation, a consequence of existing creatures here on earth having had sexual intercourse and creating new life as a result.

So, with this vital preliminary Truth established, let us move forward. What is a birth defect?? On an individual level, birth defect may be accurately defined as something being born which lacks a significant attribute possessed by most other members of its species, which negatively impacts its capacity to thrive independently. For example, an animal born without any legs, can be legitimately classified as a birth defect, because most animals are born with legs, and legs are extremely helpful to an animal in terms of its own physical survival.

Society would classify a human woman born with three fully functional eyes, one in the center of her forehead, as suffering from a birth defect. This definition would be invalid, because the physical functionality of three eyes is superior to that of two eyes. In such a case, the term “birth defect” would be deployed to demonize and negatively judge based upon physical appearance. It is important to Truthfully define the term “birth defect”, on an individual level, as only being applicable in cases where the physical or mental functionality of an individual is negatively impacted by a biological anomaly. If humanity were sane, any physical or mental abnormality which positively impacts personal functionality, would be labeled a “birth asset”, instead of a birth defect, but ironically, this concept is beyond the capacity of most inferiors to understand, due to their birth defect status as a species.

Can an entire species, as opposed to specifically rare members of a species, exist as a genetic birth defect? The answer is clearly Yes, and this can only occur in one very specific way. It can occur when a singular creature born with a legitimate birth defect that can be genetically transmitted, survives long enough to breed, passing its birth defect onto its offspring, and this offspring also breeds, continuing to pass along the genetic birth defect. In this way, an entire species, millions, billions, trillions of individual creatures can come to eventually exist, all suffering from the same genetic birth defect, all existing as genetic birth defects.

Does this occur often?? The answer is no. Remember, an individual birth defect is a negative feature which can be expected to carry negative consequences for the afflicted individual life form, making it very difficult for him (or her) to even survive for any length of time after being born, much less to successfully breed, and even if the individual birth defect successfully breeds, this is still a far cry from an entirely new species of life successfully multiplying over many centuries, as would be required for a species to go from a single member to a million or a billion members.

The human being has defied these odds, to exist as a birth defect species. Simians exhibit some of the same behavioral and ideological pathologies as the human, but to a much milder degree. It is clear that the human is a genetic offshoot of the simian, but not a naturally evolved product. What happened was, a simian gave birth to a birth defect, a creature with a defective brain. But despite suffering from a defective brain, this creature was able to survive and to breed, passing along his genetic mutation, his gene failure, to other living things. The defective brain of the new human species did possess a few attributes which aided it in surviving and breeding, even as its defective status rendered it unfit and unsuitable to continue to exist, much less to exert dominance and control over the lives and existences of other species.

But of course the newly minted human defectives could not even begin to imagine, much less consciously analyze and embrace, the Truth of their own status of being a birth defect species. No, they existed as slaves to their defective brains, fighting for personal survival as best they could, oblivious to philosophical. ideological, moral, or ethical dilemmas.

To keep things simple, in the beginning, the human was merely an inferior, murderous, monkey. A parasitical new species which caused immediate problems, upsetting the natural balance because it simply should not have been there. But go forward thousands of years, study how humanity has evolved, and you the horrifically negative impacts of the human upon all other species, exponentially increasing. This is because all genetic birth defects worsen and become more severe, over time. The brain of every human is far more defective right now, than was the brain of the very first simian bred genetic birth defect, who may now be successfully idenfied as the “father of the human species”.

A genetically defective species does not evolve, it devolves. It becomes more pathologically broken over time, as its genetic fault lines deepen. You can see this in humanity, by analyzing, without prejudice or hypocritical rationalization, how humans lived 50,000 years ago, versus 10,000 years ago, versus 1000 years ago, versus 500 years ago, versus today. The decrease in functional viability is undeniable, as is the increase in insane choices and decisions, impossible to justify given the state of factual knowledge and scientific discovery. This is how devolution, the opposite of evolution, must be Truthfully assessed and identified.

An interesting question to ponder is this: Are there any other genetic birth defect species of life, beyond the human, currently existing here on earth?  I cannot give you a definitive, 100% certain answer. But I can assess, with certainty, that no other species of life comes anywhere close to matching the degree of defectiveness of the human, or the horrifically negative impact the birth defect human has exerted upon every natural structure and resource, sentient and not, alive or merely atmospheric, throughout this entire planet and extending to the solar system.

Now it is time for graphic and real-life examples, proof if you will, of the unique birth defect status of humanity as a species:

  • No other species of life consciously chooses to destroy all positive potential of all of its offspring, to positively evolve and progress to Self-benefit. Humans do.
  • No other species of life chooses to pathologically cause physical harm to itself, destroying its own health and shortening its own lifespan. Humans do.
  • No other species of life chooses to die, even after it becomes consciously aware that death can be overcome. Humans do.
  • No other species of life is actively suicidal. Humans are.
  • No other species of life chooses to collectively engage in behaviors which cause genocidal harm to members of their own species, for the sole purpose of gaining emotional catharsis. Humans do.
  • No other species chooses to massacre other species of life for emotional catharsis, not to satisfy any specific need to satisfy hunger. Humans do.
  • No other species of life chooses to live by an established morality code which defies both Truth and Self-interest/benefit. Humans do
  • No other species of life concocts imaginary fables and myths for the purpose of emotional comfort, which only serve to ensure the continuation of all existing suffering and harm. Humans do.
  • No other species of life ritualizes death as a form of punishment and reward.
  • No other species of life chooses to enslave itself to artificial constructs that have no intrinsic value, such as money.
  • No other species of life chooses the imprisonment of the mind cage, not wanting to know what is true and real. Humans do.

I could list 100 more proofs, but that is no necessary. Any sane thinker who rejects the bias of his matrix, can see that humanity as a species stands apart from all other species. This division has numerous and severe environmental components, insanity passed down to every child by every existing adult generation. But as organic root, the genetic failure is undeniable. The human being is genetically defective, a birth defect, and every ongoing, real-time environmental pathogen it creates and imposes upon itself, reflects the hopelessness of its originating failure.

And what use is this realization of Forbidden Truth? Functionally, none. The human is currently in the death throes of its devolutionary spiral. Impact has already been achieved, aborting the collision course is no longer possible. Only in theory, can the conscious realization that you are a birth defect species, inspire you to a revolution of mind that allows you to consciously work towards overcoming the consequences of this genetic failure. That is a dream, that is what the blind optimist might conclude. Superiors know the Truth: My realization and embrace of this Forbidden Truth is a singular experience, which the Unwashed Masses are incapable of. It is their very status of being birth defects, which renders the conscious realization that they are birth defects, impossible.

And so it goes, Truth remains dead, as the deranged, epic, artificially constructed argument of whether the human was created by god or evolved from monkeys, continues. Are you a creationist? Or do you “believe” in the “theory” of evolution? That is how the deranged question is formulated. You are free to believe in the theory of evolution, even as you remain hopelessly chained by the inability to even consciously envision the Truth: That you are a genetic birth defect, and everything you have ever done, everything you have imagined or created, is nothing more than a clinical symptom of your genetic disease.

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