Divide and Conquer: Understanding the Mind Molestation of Free and Open Democracy

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I have already addressed in comprehensive detail, in several different essays, the supreme human insanity and perversion that is voting and elections. And yet, as the most diseased and deranged society on planet earth, amerikkka, approaches yet another Choose Your New Slavemasters day on November 6th, My contempt and hatred for all of you humans and your hopelessly shackled minds reaches new heights, compelling Me to proudly unleash this Mind Bomb essay, even though it basically just restates Forbidden Truths I have already publicly revealed in past writings.

As a preface, all seekers of Truth must be mindful that it is their own government that is their greatest enemy, their most brutal oppressor, and directly deserving of their own personal hatred, rage, rejection, and efforts to dissolve and dismember. Even as we must acknowledge the fact that “free and open democracy” is the most evil, harmful, and destructive “type” of government that exists today, in the early 21st century, we must also fully understand that personal focus of negative and destructive ideation should never be directed at other, foreign, or so-called “enemy” regimes. To do so plays directly into the hands of your government, strengthening and legitimizing it, and thereby strengthening all governments.

The only theoretically possible way to bring down this universal structure of human genocide, is for every caged population of human livestock to gain the enlightenment of mind I reveal above, to the specific and overt degree that they refuse to accept any and all efforts of their government, to propagandize and brainwash them to stray from the overtly conscious recognition that it is their own government that they must hate, acknowledge as being their mortal enemy, and seek not to change, not to modify, not to improve, but to dissolve and disintegrate to a state of non-government, a condition of freedom and relief from the slave shackle that is government.

Okay, with this profoundly important preface out of the way, let us dismember democracy. Tuesday November 6th, in amerikkka, is an “election day”. It is declared to be an opportunity for amerikkkan slaves to change and improve their current and future existence, by choosing and/or rejecting specific individuals who hold specific ideological positions, to be their leaders and cultural representatives.

None of this is True. There is not a shred of legitimacy to this claim, or, by proxy, to the structure of government itself. government is an immovable cage based upon, built upon, sustained within, universal harm, slavery, and death for all human-borns. No government ever has, can, or will provide for any opportunity for any individual or group of individuals, to improve or to change their existence in any meaningful or legitimate way.

Every government on earth demands and obtains the allegiance of its citizen-slaves via the deployment of just two specific, different forms of offensive attack. One is terrorization, The other is deception/brainwashing/propaganda. These two offensive attacks must be understood as being fundamentally different from each other, yet at the same time deployed for the purpose of achieving the exact same end result, and always deployed in conjunction with each other. Meaning simply that every government, all governments, both terrorize, and deceive/propagandize/brainwash. Only the exact recipe, the balance and the percentage of terrorization versus deception/propaganda/brainwashing, varies.

So, why is the “free and open democracy” very specifically the worst, the most evil and perverse and universally destructive “type” of government that exists today, in 2018?? Specifically because it has successfully positioned itself as being the best type of government. Specifically because it deploys less overt terrorization, and more deception/brainwashing/propaganda, than other types of governments. Specifically because hundreds of millions, if not billions of human slaves caged by different types of governments, dream about and hope for and might even be actively trying to gain “democratic reforms” for themselves, within their own nation-states.

The “free and open democracy” today, legitimizes government itself, not merely to those it directly holds as terrorized slaves, but to billions of others, deluded to believe that their dictatorship or oligarchy or autocracy or monarchy is not as good, not as valid, and should be “changed”. No, you stupid idiots! government is itself the doctrine of forever frozen minds. Nothing has ever changed, ever, under any government. Your collective, universal delusion that change is not merely possible, but has actually occurred and continues to occur, is the greatest, real-time and ongoing triumph of your greatest enemy, government. And this triumph, as of today, is both engineered by and anchored within, the “free and open democracy”.

Just a few weeks ago, a tortured victim-creation of amerikkkan society and government, Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr., voted in the November 6th amerikkkan election:

Of course he did! Cesar voted 15 times, with each mail bomb that he chose to send, Cesar voted because he embraced the Divide and Conquer propaganda and brainwashing of the free and open democracy that is amerikkkan government. He bought the lie that republicans were good and democrats were bad, the lie of difference, the lie of choice, the lie of freedom and opportunity and change and progress, that lies at the corpse heart of democracy.

Cesar did not attack government, he did not try to harm government. He only tried, in his own way, to vote, to bring about political change, to impact the future by changing the structural makeup of government, rather than to bring government itself down. Listen up, fools: Despite all the public condemnation of Cesar and his mail bombing attempt by the media and by political pundits, amerikkkan government leaders secretly celebrated his actions. Why? Because Cesar only sent his mail bombs to democrats. And his actions prove that government, and specifically the democracy, is stronger than ever.

Everyone wants to vote, even the homicidal mail bomber! Nobody is sane enough to cast the only valid vote: Against government itself! Against universal slavery for all, against forced labor, against all freedom illusions, against the universal injustices of law, religion, the family unit, monetary currency, class and cultural difference, and against the perversion that is leadership itself, external of Self.

On November 6, 2018, every voter is Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr., only with much smaller balls.  Everyone who chooses to vote, everyone who chooses to participate in this perverse sham and illusion of freedom and opportunity, this lie of change and of a future existing, when you yourself are a corpse waiting to become retroactively unborn as you feed and make love to the monster that has already murdered you, is a murderer. You are a murderer of Yourself, and a murderer of all that is right and real and True!

And even if you choose not to vote, but simply stand aside and allow this abomination to play out, for new and different slavemasters to be chosen and empowered to serve as symbolic figureheads for The Matrix of Universal Illusion to maintain its seamless deathgrip upon the collective consciousness of all of humanity, you too are murderers.

Something terrible is about to happen in amerikkka on November 6th, 2018. An act of violence not seen on this soil since November 8, 2016. You do know what happened on that day?? It was the last national election day.

Something terrible happens every election day in amerikkka. 300+ million human beings, collectively commit the violence of Self-murder, Self-negation, Self-castration, Self-destruction, by choosing to accept the shackle and the cage of universal destruction for all, that is to be ruled, to be led, to be governed.

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Donald and Hillary: Mr. and Mrs 2016 Human Being

hillarydonaldOne of the foundational Forbidden Truths of human leadership, brilliantly revealed by Me well over 15 years ago, is that the pathetic human species of sheeple will never choose anyone to lead them, who meets or exceeds their own level of personal functionality.

Always and forever, the human will choose humans inferior to them, as their primary leaders. This is the Law of Reflection: Humans reflect their perverse, diseased, and devolving natures upon others, and demand external validation of the house of cards universe of illusion and delusion upon which they have built and base their imaginary existence.

This Forbidden Truth is proven beyond all doubt today, in 2016, by the choice of 320+ million humans in the genocidal slave-state of amerikkka, to enslave themselves to either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Both of these humans represent and manifest the worst human features of barbarity, deceit, Self-hate, and Truth-hate. Both are slavemasters on a genocidal scale.

Both have already caused millions of human beings to suffer and die. Both are actively immoral and mentally ill, as mental illness is Truthfully defined.

These are the reasons why YOU humans have chosen to cage and continue destroying yourselves, by validating their right to shackle, harm, and murder you.

Donald represents the religion of monetary addiction: The glorification and sanctification of what is directly USED to enslave you. His seething, subconscious hatred, his insatiable appetite to destroy others, in the name of helping you, validates your own homicidal and suicidal ideations.

Hillary represents the religion of nationalistic state and family unit addiction: The maternal figure devouring her young, as all humans seek to do, and to have done in their names. She sold herself, fornicated and copulated her way to the top, just as every amerikkkan woman is encouraged and instructed to do.

Your leaders destroy you, as you wish to be destroyed.

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The Despicable Voter

Human beings are despicable creatures, in general. They prove this as a collective species, each and every day, in everything they choose to do. What you DO reflects and reveals what you ARE.

The voter earns limitless hatred and contempt from all who are sane, like Me. The voter directly destroys every living thing on this planet, by choosing to commit this singular act of universal genocide.

The vote does not merely conceal Truth, it destroys Truth. Every vote is a stated mandate, on a personal level, to be enslaved, victimized, and murdered. Every vote is the chosen signing of a death warrant for Self. And for ALL others, of course, because it legitimizes the deranged structure of government.

Voting destroys Truth because it functions as the absolute abdication and abandonment of all free will, dismembering the very concept of what freedom is.

If humanity were sane, no voting machine or booth or address could exist, as no sane creature would allow it to come into existence.


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The Missing Voice

As I begin to type these words, we are 35 minutes away from the beginning of a political debate in amerikkka. It will be called the republican presidential debate, and the purpose of this brief essay is to lay bare the Forbidden Truths of all political debates undertaken within regimes which decree themselves to be free democracies.

A free democracy is a form of government which uses deceit, lies, terrorism, bribery, vicious coercion, delusions, illusions, propaganda, and indoctrination to brainwash its citizen-slaves to believe that they enjoy political and personal freedoms, as they are subjected to brutal, unjust, lifelong, and ,unrelenting personal and ideological slavery at the hands of a totalitarian dictatorship which controls all parameters of thought, ideology, and choice.

A political debate, in this case I am directly addressing the republican presidential debate which is about to begin, is an orchestrated theatrical performance, micromanaged by the media, a functional arm of the government. A media whose ongoing mandate is to legitimize and strengthen the existing regime by imposing thought control, idea restriction, propaganda and indoctrination upon all citizen-slaves. All political debates occur within this specific framework.

In a few minutes, a group of professional liars will do their best to deliver comforting lies to a group of brainwashed citizen-slaves, attempting to convince them that they represent an opportunity to achieve progress and positive improvement to their existence in the future. Every human being who will be participating in this political debate is a malicious con artist, a liar, an actor, a deceiver, a manipulator of reality. Every candidate is a representative of the existing regime, which is right now deploying its media propagandists to pare down the field of candidates to the individuals that the existing regime most desires to achieve the title of supreme leader.

Of course I will not be watching the debate. As soon as I post this essay I will be plotting out a Conscious Dream, then immediately I will go to sleep, so that I may enjoy the untouchable creation of My omnipotent mind. Every candidate is a liar, and the purpose of this debate is for existing government leaders to decide who is the best liar, and then to deploy their media propagandists to propel the best liar into a favorable position to become the next supreme leader.

This debate is marketed as a republican presidential debate. But the Truth is, there are no republicans or democrats. There is a single totalitarian dictatorship, which chooses to divide itself into two factions, in order to more effectively crystallize an illusion of political freedom and electoral choice to you citizen-slaves. The Truth is, in amerikkka there is one government, there is one political machine, there is one regime which enslaves all that it claims as citizens. Every political candidate pledges allegiance to this totalitarian dictatorship and to the universal illusions of freedom that it propagandizes.

I don’t know how many candidates will be participating in the republican presidential debate which will begin in 15 minutes. 10? 11? 12?? I am too repulsed by the process to pay attention to such meaningless details. It makes absolutely no difference how many participants there are, because the outcome is pre-determined: Slavery wins. government wins. Freedom loses. Truth loses. Humanity loses. All of human potential is lost. This is what every government does: It destroys all human potential.

I titled this essay The Missing Voice. Why?? Because it makes absolutely no difference what any candidate might say in this debate. The only voice that can make a difference, is the Voice of Truth, and the Voice of Truth cannot be heard, it cannot exist, and it will not exist, today or any other day, in any political debate.

The Voice of Truth would declare that the diseased and deranged structure that is government is wrong, impossible to justify, universally harmful, universally enslaving, and must be abolished. The Voice of Truth would declare religion to be a crippling mental illness, would declare all who believe in god to be mentally ill, and would express the eradication of all religion as his/her primary mandate as future leader of the world.

The Voice of Truth would declare all monetary based economic systems to be ponzi schemes which impose universal slavery upon all human beings. He/she would resolve to eliminate all money, to tear down all monetary-based economic systems, to end all forced labor. The Voice of Truth would declare the family unit a failed social experiment, would declare the family unit the primary cause of child abuse, would acknowledge all children to be victims of universal child abuse, and would decree the eradication of the family unit as the most important and necessary step to achieve positive human progress.

The Voice of Truth would decree humanity itself to be a shameful failure, a species void of all future, a species devolving to extinction, a species addicted to death, and the Voice of Truth would blame himself, the society he is a member of, the society he is now seeking to become leader of.

But no. There is no Voice of Truth in a totalitarian dictatorship such as amerikkka is. There can never be a Voice of Truth. There can only be The Missing Voice, the Voice which does not exist, as a genocidal government maintains its barbaric grip on power via the electoral process of solicited human slavery via terrorism, brainwashing, and universal deceit.

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Clementa Pinckney: amerikkkan Leader

Perhaps by pure luck, or perhaps by deliberate targeting, one of the nine god addicts harvested in last night’s Charleston Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church mass shooting rampage, was a nationally known, elected political figure in amerikkka. His name was Clementa Pinckney, he was a state senator representing South Carolina, and before you proceed with this essay, I strongly urge you to read this CNN profile/obituary of Clementa:

I also strongly urge you to read his official profile/resume as published by Charleston Emanuel AME church:

Now, let us begin with this fact: As of yesterday, Clementa Pinckney was the pastor, the religious leader, of Charleston Emanuel AME church, AND at the same time, he was a politically elected state senator of South Carolina.

How many thousands of social leaders across amerikkka have combined the perverse structures of religion and government, to establish and claim power and control over the minds and over the lives of citizen-slaves and god addicts?! Amerikkka is a religiously fundamentalist fascist dictatorship. This is what amerikkka is, and if you pathetic creatures were not brainwashed by government and unable to formulate a rational thought, this fact would be clear, obvious, and undeniable.

Politics and religion are bloodbrother twins, born of the same desperate desire of broken and destroyed children to gain and exercise power, control, and domination over others. All political leaders are malicious con artists, as are all religious leaders. Within its fundamentalist design and operational structure, the leaders of amerikka seamlessly enmesh politics with religion,deploying each to strengthen the other, deploying both as weapons of terror to control, dominate, destroy the minds of all citizen-slaves, from birth, throughout childhood, throughout all individual lives.

The con artist is a professional liar, he perfects the perverse art of deceit, delivering lies with greater sincerity, purer passion, and more clean-cut earnestness than he could ever deliver Truth. The political leader makes a perfect pastor, and the pastor makes the perfect political leader. Leading a religious group is ideal practice and training for becoming a future political leader. Successfully brainwashing and indoctrinating fellow humans to believe the insane concept of a god creature existing, proves that you are capable of seeking and gaining elected political office, capable of convincing broken sheeple, brainwashed slaves, through lies and con artistry, that you deserve to be handed a shackle with which to enslave them on a secular level, and they will cheer their own slavery, they will clap as you propose your intent to govern, to own, them.

The factual life story of Clementa Pinckney could not more perfectly illuminate the religiously incestuous and the functionally horrific state of the 21st century amerikkkan political system and governmental rule. Clementa was enslaved at birth to mentally deranged and functionally crippled slavemasters, his parents. He was then subjected to relentless brainwashing and terrorization via the imposition of the insane god myth, christian version.

At the age of thirteen, a helpless, brainwashed, destroyed child, he began preaching the insane god myth to others. Yes, it boggles the sane mind, but it is True. As a helpless child, only 13 years old, he was officially empowered by his slavemasters and other adults, to not merely be exposed to the insane god myth, but to impose it upon others, fellow children as well as adults.

At the age of eighteen, believe it or not, Clementa was given the official job title of pastor, legally authorized to teach, to preach, to impose, to terrorize anyone and everyone he so chose, with the insane god myth. The amerikkkan government welcomed him as an official sponsor, an official promoter, of the mind virus of religion, and more specifically, christianity, the official religion of this fundamentalist regime.

Clementa was a good pastor. Oh yes, most church-destroyed children make excellent mind virus hosts and disease spreaders. Can you not appreciate the horror of this 13 year old child being empowered to promote religion, and then rewarded five years later with the actual job of pastor, leader of a church?! Understand what we have here: A brainwashed and broken 18 year old child, being shamelessly exploited by his society to enhance and strengthen the god addictions of adults, as well as to inspire children younger and more naive than he is, to become god addicts.

Make no mistake, there is no crack dealer, no heroin pusher, no cocaine fiend, who could ever dream of causing as much harm to as many human beings as Clementa Pinckney has caused in his shortened lifespan, beginning at the tender age of 13. And of course I am not trying to blame or demonize Clementa. Of course not! He was a pure and absolute victim of the horrific child abuse that is religion itself. His society, 20th and 21st century amerikkan society, destroyed him, empowering him to destroy so many others, and look, yes look, my dear flock of Truth-seekers, how incredibly, how perfectly, the mirror of reflective Truth shone last night, as Clementa was shot dead by a young torture victim, as he maintained his lifelong rampage of terror, imposing the insane god myth upon others.

Do you know the age at which the typical human can expect to reach mental maturity? As I have outlined in My writings, this age is between 28 and 36, depending upon the individual. But your malevolent society decreed Clementa competent to judge the existence of god at age 1, at age one, by allowing him to be exposed to religion. Then it judged him competent at age 13 to instruct and advise others to believe in god. Then it decreed him competent at age 18 to be officially ordained as a minister, to teach, instruct, impose the insane god myth upon others, as a paid professional. How can this be?? It is because Truth and sanity are dead to you humans. It is because all of humanity, in the 21st century, functions within absolute mental illness and derangement.

But wait, the horrific life story of Clementa Pinckney only gets worse. As so many other deranged and power-crazed victims of society, once Clementa got a taste of possessing power, control, domination over others, he could not get enough of it. Being pastor of a large church was not enough. Clementa determined to seek and attain elected, political leadership. Was he successful?? Of course! His many years of practice and training as a con artist promoter of the insane god myth, made him ideally suited for the con artistry of the political arena, of democracy to be specific. Democracy, where every political leader must convince the sheeple that they have achieved and enjoy freedom, even as they spend their pathetic existences as terrorized slaves.

At the age of 23, a veteran of 10 years of terrorizing others via religious preaching, Clementa won election to the South Carolina house of representatives. Twenty-three years old, and there he was, a religious and a political leader, even though no human can even attain mental maturity prior to age 28! How can these things be? Because you humans are not merely pathological slaves, but collectively suicidal, pathological slaves. And then, 4 years later, aged 27, Clementa gained far more political power, as he moved up to a successful political election to the state senate.

Now, Clementa is physically dead. He died last night. But his legacy is not dead, not by a long shot. The minds that he murdered via religion, remain murdered. The slaves he addicted to the insane god myth, remain addicted. Religion is the worship of death, and government is the worship of personal slavery and universal destruction. All who worship god, worship death.

And so we have the life story of Clementa Pinckney, an amerikkkan leader, a shining star, representing religion and government, a face and a voice of god and flag, and therefore the face and the voice of death, of universal slavery, of universal oppression, the face and the voice of humanity destroying itself. A face which will rot away to nothingness, a voice forever silenced, but how many thousands, how many millions of human drones are today stepping up to fill his void??!

This is the horrific legacy of Clementa Pinckney, a destroyed child lifted up so that he may lead a large group of destroyed ex-children, and he has led them to the same horrific fate to which he was subjected and doomed, by you, by you humans, by you cowards, by you, the broken and destroyed ex-children who pray, who vote, who choose the path of universal slavery and death.

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The Greatest Con Game on Earth

Ladies and gentlemen, deformed human brains of all ages, shapes, sizes, and colors, it is time once again to commence playing the greatest con game on earth, a/k/a, and otherwise known as, the amerikkkan presidential election cycle. Yes, it all officially began just a few days ago, and it will continue for the next 19 months, yes NINETEEN months, until November 8, 2016. 19 months of relentless media and social brainwashing and indoctrination, to the bizarre, insane, and absurd concept that a free people is being empowered to choose its next supreme leader. Nineteen months of deception and illusion, a show and a soap opera, to be played out for 350 million slaves. The longest show on earth, intended to ensure the lifelong slavery and genocidal slaughter of each and every observer and participant.

The Forbidden Truth definition: Election: noun, A theatrically organized charade intended to brainwash an organized nation-state of citizen-slaves that they are being given the freedom to choose their next leader. Or, Election: noun, A three ring circus organized and orchestrated by currently elected slavemasters to inspire the patriotic allegiance of citizen-slaves by convincing them they are free to change their futures. Or, Election: noun, A government sponsored pseudo-rebellion by which terrorized citizen-slaves are convinced to reject civil war and armed overthrow of their slavemasters, by the perverse lie that they can use a pen and a ballot to achieve freedom and emancipation.

For the next 19 months your media propagandists, serving and obeying the demand of their governmental overlords, will bombard you with the most absurd illusion of freedom imaginable: That you, as an individual, face a grand and crucial choice in personally deciding the specific identity of the figurehead slavemaster who is to rule over your existence for four years. 19 months of wasted, imaginary existence. 19 months, enough time to make technological immortality a reality. Enough time to end the family unit. Enough time to eradicate religion from the consciousness of all of humanity. But no, you will eagerly waste all this time playing an absurd game of Let Me Pretend To Be Free. Shame, eternal shame on all of you!

You are told that amerikkka is a free democracy. You are told this so that you may never realize the Forbidden Truth: That amerikkka is a religiously fundamentalist dictatorship, void of all freedom, a worldwide warmongerer, the greatest international source of terrorist harm, carried out for the sole purpose of creating imaginary enemies so that you may never recognize who your only real and True and valid enemy is: Your government, the amerikkkan government.

It’s a democracy and you are free, so you can vote. Yes you can, you can vote. You can vote for whichever new slavemasters your current slavemasters deem acceptable. And if you don’t vote, that’s okay, but you will be just as much a slave, until you die, every moment of the future, just as you have, every moment of the past.

Everyone who is given the opportunity to become your supreme slavemaster, is already a top-level slavemaster. Yes, the senator already owns and terrorizes millions of slaves. So does the governor, and the mayor. Relax, don’t worry, they are experienced slavemasters. They know what they are doing, they know how to keep you successfully enslaved, as they are already enslaving millions. They want more slaves, 5 million, 20 million, that’s not enough, so vote for the mayor, the governor, the senator, for president. The slavemaster wants more slaves. Comply!

And what of dear Hillary Rodham Clinton, our designated early cycle front-runner? Such a sweetheart, she was the secretary of state of amerikkka, directly serving the will of existing slavemaster barack, so in a very real way, she has already directly owned as a slave, each and every amerikkkan citizen. My dear slave, you can feel comfortable shackled by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Do you not worship the past? She owned you already, let her own you once again, only this time by official proclamation.

Choose your new supreme slavemaster, slave! Take your time, there is no rush. You have 19 months to decide. Of course there is no rush, you have always been a slave, you will always be a slave, pretending to be free, pretending to be alive. Maybe you will die within the next 19 months? No problem, you are a drone, you are 7 of 9, you will have served your masters with honor, go forth to your cosmic eternity of nothingness, and don’t worry, the greatest con game on earth will continue without any interruption.

The single greatest con of every presidential election, is not the ongoing illusion of freedom. That is actually the second greatest con. The #1 con is the perverse lie, drilled into your skull with more vehemence than Jeffrey Dahmer used, that you are shaping the future, determining your future. Ha! Shaping the future, something alive. But the Truth is you are already dead, when you cast a ballot in an election, you are actually signing your own death certificate, fools! Every existing and aspiring slavemaster talks about the future, and because Truth has always been dead to you, this absurd lie and illusion is so eagerly seized and celebrated. Yes, the future, we will make it better, somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come truuuue… But no, you idiots, they don’t! It’s just the greatest con game on earth, in full bloom!

The future, your future, is eternal nothingness, retroactive unbirth, you never existed, you were never born, you never lived. That is the future, that is your future. But no, you are a citizen, you are a voter, you are a human being, and Truth is dead to you.

Seven years ago you chose Barack Obama as your new slavemaster. The future looks bright, everything will change, things will be better. And now, here we are, and how many millions of amerikkkans have been retroactively unborn via death? Nothing has changed, unless you have died, in which case the only change is that you have successfully aborted yourself inside of a womb. Nothing has gotten better, everything has gotten worse. Your slave status is greater today. Your future is far more hopeless than it was seven years ago, because you have wasted seven years worshipping your own deaths and celebrating your universal slavery.

government has stolen those seven years of your existence, just as it has stolen every previous year, and just as it is plotting, each and every day, in ongoing, real-time, to steal every moment of your imaginary future existence. And now the charade begins anew, the future, we must make it bright, choose a new slavemaster, allow him to convince you that the future will be bright, so that nothing may change, so that everything will be worse, so that your eternal coffin may continue sparkling and gleaming, in the future, somewhere over the rainbow.

Seven years ago you chose a supreme slavemaster because his skin color allowed you to pretend you were evolving. And now you are being graced with the opportunity to choose a female slavemaster, to once again delude yourself into believing you are evolving, making progress, going in the right direction. You fools! Your terrorist regime has perfected the siren lure of superficiality. Look at his skin, look at her breasts, something new, something different. But it is only the greatest con game on earth, concealing the Forbidden Truth that all slavemasters are slavemasters, and all slavery is slavery, and all existence as a slave to a government is hopeless, hopelessly doomed.

Dear amerikkkan, you are the kidnapped african negro, the year is 1840, you stand on a plantation in South Carolina and you feel joyful, because 10 different white men are offering to enslave you, they each hold out a shackle, “Come, be my slave…no, don’t listen to him, my shackle is nicer, look at the gold trimming….” You feel so happy, you are being given a choice, there is a younger slavemaster, and an older one, their eyes are different, their faces are different, and you get to choose. So lucky, you slave.

And now it is 2015, dear amerikkkan, and what I have described above is exactly what an election is. Each of you, on november 8, 2016, will be the 1840 kidnapped african. It doesn’t matter if you do not vote, simply by allowing this election to occur, you are choosing a slavemaster, you are making love to the slave shackle, you are dooming yourselves, and all of humanity. This is the Forbidden Truth.

voting change

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The Absurdity of Majority Rule

Democracy, voting, and elections are all built upon the foundational premise of majority rule. This premise holds that whatever a majority of humans within any particular social construct indicate a desire for, they are entitled to obtain, and by proxy, to impose upon the minority against their will. Let us analyze this perversion of all aspects of freedom and personal autonomy, from the Forbidden Truth perspective.

To begin, the structure of majority rule is fundamentally biased. It assumes that whatever a majority of humans want, is either right, or better, or both right and better. But under what rationale can it be presumed that the conclusions of the majority are more valid, more accurate, or more beneficial to the universe, than the conclusions of the minority? None! There is no sane basis to think that the conclusions of the majority possess any greater validity than the conclusions of the minority. In Truth, as I will soon outline, the exact opposite is True.

Next, majority rule is an inherently unjust system. Why should the majority get to impose upon the minority? This spits in the face of all rational definitions of freedom, equality, and individual autonomy. The Forbidden Truth is that the single most basic foundational premise of the “free democracy” form of government: Majority rule, guarantees and demands that individuals be denied freedom, equality, and autonomy. From the very outset, the democracy guarantees that nothing it claims to provide to its slaves, can actually be provided.

Digging deeper, majority rule overtly promotes every imaginable form of social propaganda, indoctrination, and brainwashing, by turning reality into nothing more than a popularity contest. Whatever the existing social structure can convince the majority to embrace, can be automatically imposed by force of law, against the minority. This ensures absolute contempt for all Truth, and for every version of equality and justice.

Now, let me let you in on an open secret, that any sane mind already knows, which of course means that you creatures are blind to: The majority is always wrong! Always, the majority will be wrong. Always, the majority will make the stupid, inferior, insane, Self-destroying choice. Always! Why is the majority always wrong? Because the vast majority of all children are brutally tortured and destroyed of all capacity to love Self and to make rational, sane, life path decisions based upon Truth. Therefore the vast majority of all voters are now and will always be, destroyed ex-children incapable of making positive choices to improve their own existences.

Majority rule is an absolute stroke of tactical genius for government. Majority rule guarantees that a broken and destroyed, deranged and Self-hating majority of adults, brutally victimized ex-children, will control and dictate the shape of every future, of all futures, because every generation of children is so destroyed by every generation of adults. Therefore you have an unbreakable cycle that guarantees no positive evolution, no progress of any kind, no capacity to break free of any existing ideological and behavioral pathologies as desired and promoted by the existing governmental and social leadership structures.

Majority rule is the guarantee that nothing will change, the guarantee that nothing will get better, the guarantee that every mistake ever made by modern era humanity will be perpetually repeated, dressed up within useless illusions of cosmetic and superficial change which are guaranteed to change nothing substantive. Majority rule is why every generation of citizen-slaves feels free and deludes itself into believing that a better future is being forged, even as their slavery remains just as brutal as it has ever been, and their future just as hopelessly devoid of any possibility of even becoming real, much less better.

It is time to end all voting, to end all elections, and to destroy the toxic and impossible to redeem structure that is government. It is time to recognize voting and elections for what they are: Useless illusions of imaginary freedom that serve to guarantee an existence in lifelong shackles, followed by an eternity of cosmic nothingness.

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Democracy: Ultimate Freedom Illusion

How can you fight to obtain something, when you have been successfully brainwashed into believing that you already possess it? How can you destroy your greatest enemy when it has successfully brainwashed you into believing it is your friend, your ally, your protector and defender? These are foundational questions which all seekers of Truth who exist as citizen-slaves to governments which have labeled themselves as democracies, must dissect and answer. void of all externally implanted propaganda.

The democracy is the most maliciously harmful form of government, because it functions exactly the same as every other form of government, but by its design structure, it is able to far more easily and effectively conceal its genocidal chokeholds upon its owned slaves. In the 21st century, the democracy has positioned itself as the valid alternative to communist, totalitarian, and fascist forms of government, both to its existing citizen-slaves, and to citizen-slaves being held hostage by these other cosmetically different forms of government.

The great harm of the democracy is exactly this illusion of difference, which blinds all brainwashees from recognizing the Truth that government is a diseased, enslaving, and absolutely illegitimate structure which must be eradicated from the human experience of existence. No government has ever or can ever offer, provide, or protect any form of freedom, because government is by design a slave structure: It enslaves, oppresses, and holds as lifelong hostage, the bodies and minds of all that it claims ownership and functional control over.

No human on planet earth can ever fight to obtain, possess, or protect freedom, if he aligns with any governmental structure. It is democracy which best conceals this Forbidden Truth. The government which directly enslaves you, you specifically and personally, must always be consciously understood as your greatest enemy and oppressor, what you must fight against, not ally with. Again, it is democracy which best conceals this Forbidden Truth. These two Forbidden Truths are key and integral to humanity rising up to demand an end to the universal slavery that is government.

Democracies are the greatest barrier to the mind enlightenment represented by the embrace and demand of anarchy. You cannot even imagine being inspired to fight for freedom, if you labor under the delusion that you are already free, as citizen-slaves of democracies do, or that you have an opportunity to obtain freedom by changing your form of government, as many citizen-slaves of communist, fascist, and totalitarian regimes believe.

amerikkka is a communist, fascist, totalitarian regime, cloaked as a democracy. This Truth must be understood. All variations of design structure within which a government dresses itself, are meaningless illusion. The difference between capitalism and communism, within the functionality of government use of capital to universally enslave all, is nil. We must stop idealizing any and every form of government. We must rise up to the Forbidden Truth that the very concept of government was a horrific mistake, a failed idea of mind which has had devastating consequences for every living thing on earth and must be declared a failed social experiment, to be completely rejected and abandoned.

Freedom can only exist within anarchy, the complete lack of any centralized government structure empowered to direct, control, propagandize, reward, and punish. As long as government exists, nobody can ever be alive, nobody can ever be free, nobody can even exist as an independent, autonomous mind, much less body. As long as government exists each and every human is nothing more than a puppet, a 1000 strings attached to every part of his body and mind, a puppetthat spends its existence being jer5ked around by the puppetmaster, government, to which it is hopelessly enslaved.