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The Social Organization of Violence: A Forbidden Truth Definitional and Operational Dissection

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What is violence? How is violence deployed by society and government to control, oppress, enslave, and destroy every human-born life form? What is the proper, sane, and legitimate context within which all violence must be judged and understood? This Mind Bomb Forbidden Truth essay answers all of these profoundly important questions, and more.

There is nothing actually new here, I have already perfectly and beautifully articulated all of these Truths in My Main Manifesto and other essays. But I like to repackage Truth sometimes, express it in a new, equally if not more brilliant way. So, enjoy this new detonation, allow my shrapnel the grace of penetrating your mind and your consciousness, violently, of course.


Violence: /ňąvńę(…ô)l…ôns/ noun: A) The ritualized and organized direction of universal human trauma, hate, and rage, by an existing society, culture, and government, towards specific actions that provide emotional catharsis without threatening or undermining any existing social and governmental structures. B) Organized psychological, ideological, and emotional attacks by society and government against individual human beings and against the collective mass of humanity, intended to render human beings weak, passive, submissive, fearful, and eager to embrace promoted social illusions and delusions of peace and safety. C) The initiation of a cycle of harm, physical and/or psychological, against an individual by an organized social system, intended to compel retaliatory response based upon experienced trauma.

Criminality: /krim…ôňąnal…ôdńď/ noun: A) The reflective response actions of individual human beings to the trauma and harm they have been subjected to, as victims of the organized social violence of society and government. B) Specific acts, sometimes violent in nature, that society and government seeks to control, regulate, and limit, but never to fully eliminate, carried out by individuals in defiance and rejection of socially promoted, organized violence. C) Individual acts judged and decreed to be immoral and evil and harmful by nation-states and societies, for the specific purpose of cloaking and concealing from all human consciousness, the immorality, malice, and evil inherent within the organized social violence legitimized, promoted, and committed by all societies and governments.

Okay, now, if you successfully integrate these definitional Truths to your mindscape, you can begin to try to break free of the universal illusions and delusions of violence, crime, and justice, that hopelessly enslave and control the minds of the Unwashed Masses.

The organized violence of the nation-state is expressed via abortion, the death penalty, war, classism, spanking, bullying, parenthood, marriage, sexual intercourse, anal sex, sports, euthanasia, employment, suicide, cutting, drug and alcohol use, and hundreds of other ways, but most primarily, via Universal Child Abuse, the systemic destruction and annihilation of the personal potential of all children, as public policy mandate.

The organization of violence is universally practiced, by all societies and governments. It functions as daily attack, directly against and upon every individual, every day, from the moment of biological conception.

Organized violence is the means by which every existing generation of destroyed ex-children, successfully maintains the universal delusion, in simple terms, that everything is okay. That life does not consist of the dead and destroyed ritualistically and pathologically killing and destroying everything that is not yet completely destroyed, under cloak of complete denial and invisibility as to what is being done, and why.

To realize the Forbidden Truth, we must abandon the very concept of criminal violence. Criminals are not violent, the actions they carry out, while capable of causing isolated harm to individuals, occur as reflective response to the only real form of violence, organized, maintained, carried out in an organized way by every society and government.

Criminal acts are the medical, psychological side-effects of the individually experienced trauma that is the organized violence of society and government.

The nation-state demonizes individuals for carrying out outlaw “violence”, in order to maintain the universal illusion and deception the nation-state is not guilty of initiating, sponsoring, and carrying out organized violence against everyone. At the same time, it promotes, enables, and ensures such outlaw “violence”, and the ongoing threat of it, always continues to exist as functional reality. This allows not merely for the deception to be maintained, but for the nation-state to position itself as protector and defender of individual safety from harm and violence, even as it carries out genocidal, universal harm and violence against everyone.

Violence must be understood as being 99% psychological, and 1% physical. Organized social violence is the culling of all individual potential of mind, not of body. The threat of bodily violence is deployed in order to carry out the actuality, the reality of mind murder: The elimination of personal potential to thrive within Truth.

And so here we are, February 23, 2018, and in amerikkka the media and the Unwashed Masses, 350 million brain-dead citizen-slaves, are debating how to prevent “violence”, in response to the courageous reflection of personal trauma by a tortured child named Nikolas Cruz, at a Florida high school a week ago.

Instead of¬†thanking and¬†honoring Nikolas for exposing the universal violence of society and government, you are demonizing and condemning him, for showing and for telling you the Truth. Idiots! Why do you want to prevent future school massacres? Let’s say you are completely successful, let’s say you ban all guns and¬†never again does anyone get killed inside of a school.

What you have just accomplished is to increase and strengthen the organized social violence of society and government. Everyone will be even more victimized by violence, everyone, every child and every adult, than is the case right now.

Dynamic child suicide and Self-harm will skyrocket, Sex, war, sports, all will become more popular. The less criminal “violence” that occurs, the more organized violence, the¬†only real form of violence, will occur. But of course you do not care about that, brainwashed sheeple. You are only interested in maintaining the universal trance that everything is okay, so you can destroy your own tortured victim-creations in the name of justice, morality, and safety.

I hate you humans for what you are, as proven by what you choose to do!

Every school massacre should be welcomed, every criminal act should be applauded as a courageous expression of Truth, a brand new opportunity for enlightenment.

You want to stop school massacres?? There is only one way, only one valid way. To even try any other way, is an act of violence committed against Truth. The way to stop school massacres is to end the organized violence of society and government. End it all. End it all, so no child ever develops the reflective need for catharsis that motivates all criminality.

You say that is impossible?? It is impossible only because humanity as a species is hopelessly broken. So face up to this Forbidden Truth, at least, you pathetic fools! Stop the insanity of illusion that banning an inanimate object, or any other reflective response to criminality, can ever even positively impact, much less prevent, violence.

Inside every elementary, high school, and college in the world, today and tomorrow and every day, tortured child-slaves think about and want to kill. Of course they do, they are being killed there, right now, every day, via the organized social violence of mind murder.

So, your victory as a species, in 2018, is to successfully terrorize, ego-destroy, and mind-murder most of your child-slaves, that you commit universal, organized social violence against, to not carry out the school massacres that they dream about, fantasize about, need to carry out as reflective catharsis to what you are doing to them, by choice, as public policy mandates.

That is your victory, and there you sit, not debating how to stop and end violence, you can’t even¬†consider within sanity what violence is, but instead debating how to stop your children from showing you the Truth of what you have done to them.

You are pathetic, murderers of Truth and of all children, and so I stand and I speak in this essay, not to you, but to every outlaw, and I say: Thank you for standing up, thank you for speaking Truth to the brain-dead and to the mind-murdered, thank you for reflecting back at humanity, the Truth of the genocidal violence it is guilty of inflicting upon us all.

Thank you.

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“Patriots Day”, New Movie Viciously Exploits Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

A brand new theatrical movie debuts all across amerikkka on January 13th. The title is Patriots Day, and it perversely exploits tortured victim-creation and Martyr Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who currently, right now, is on DEATH ROW, condemned by the most evil and diseased society on this planet, to be legally murdered!

This movie exists as a piece of entertainment and amusement, as well as a political propaganda hit job for the amerikkkan regime. It was created and intended to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars in monetary profit, for the producers and actors. But this movie would NOT EXIST were it not for the real-life actions of Martyr Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Very simply, this entire movie revolves around the Boston Marathon Bombing attack carried out by Dzhokhar and his brother Tamerlin, now tragically deceased, on April 15, 2013. If that event, orchestrated by the Tsarnaev brothers, had not occurred, this movie could not have been created, and would not exist today.

So, did the creators of this movie go to Dzhokhar and ask him for permission to make a movie based upon his creation, the boston marathon bombing? Of course not. Was he offered ANY monetary compensation for allowing his own creation to be used as the basis for a movie designed and intended to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars in profit? Of course not. Is he being GIVEN any monetary compensation, even as his actions are fictionalized and viciously exploited by uninvolved partes for monetary profit? Of course not.

This is the height of perverse hypocrisy and injustice! A tortured child-victim, being subjected to the most outrageous form of punishment, terrorized via the threat of legal murder on a daily basis, being used as a theatrical prop for the patriotic propaganda of a terrorist regime, thousands of people conspiring to exploit him via the generation of hundreds of millions of dollars, even as he faces legal murder.

Stay strong, Dzhokhar, and thank you for standing.


Torture Victim and Martyr Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

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Clean Getaway for the San Bernardino Mass Murderer(s)

Breaking news out of San Bernardino, California, where at least one and possibly as many as three gunmen went on a well-planned, well-orchestrated shooting rampage just a few hours ago, killing at least 14 humans, and wounding at least 14 more.

Unlike most other mass murder rampages, the gunmen appear to have made an absolutely clean getaway. This adds greatly to the terror aspect of the event. Terrorization on a sustained and ongoing level, is what humanity has earned. If these gunmen remain at large for a lengthy period of time, the terror level will remain high and possibly increase over time.

From a tactical perspective, this incident instructs us that from both a sustained and ongoing media focus, and a capacity to stoke the fear of others, there are significant advantages to the mass shooter who makes a successful and clean getaway.

Again, everyone interested in following this dynamic and breaking news event online, can go to:

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It’s a Brand Spanking New Massacre!

Hey folks, breaking news out of San Bernardino, California. Just a few hours ago at least two, possibly three enraged torture victims of human society went on a shooting rampage inside of the Inland Regional Center, a very large building that has 670 employees, and serves humans suffering from “developmental disabilities.”

CNN is confirming at least fourteen are dead, and at least fourteen more were shot and injured. The gunmen appear to have successfully fled the scene, and remain at large. This rampage occurred just about 5 hours ago, so details are still very sketchy.

I would urge all who are interested in following this breaking news as it develops, to tune to CNN or other news sources, or go to a website that provides real-time updates, such as:

Unfortunately I have slave labor to perform in the near future, so my ability to provide real-time updates will be limited. This is a fascinating incident, I am particularly intrigued by the fact that law enforcement pigs appear convinced there were at least two and very possibly three gunmen, quite unusual for a domestically-based mass murder rampage.

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Some Forbidden Truths Exposed by Ismaaiyl Brinsley

Two days ago, a tortured victim and Martyr of amerikkkan society named Ismaaiyl Brinsley decided to seek and claim personal vengeance through violence, in a way that violated the social doctrine of the amerikkkan slave state. He decided to try to proactively murder members of law enforcement.

I just published an essay dissecting the role of law enforcement within the 21st century slave state, and I suggest you read that essay first, before this one. The essay is here:

Now, let us analyze the response by society, government, and media to the reflective actions of Ismaaiyl Brinsley. But first, if you are not familiar with Ismaaiyl, his True Reality, and his chosen path of personal vengeance, here is a nice overview:

Lets begin by noting how the media is overtly demonizing Ismaaiyl, in a way they would never do if he had merely killed his children, spouse, a storeowner in a robbery, or anyone who existed on par with him, as a societal slave. He is being demonized by the media and government because he targeted police officers, agents of government who perform the vital function of terrorizing the Unwashed Masses of citizen-slaves into obedience, via the terrorist force of the state.

There are many forms of overt murder which amerikkkan society overtly promotes: Murder of the fetus, of animals, of “foreigners” in war, of children by parents. And there are many other forms of murder society tacitly promotes, over other forms of murder: Ghetto blacks are told to kill other ghetto blacks. Homeowners are told to kill those who trespass on their property, gang members are told to kill other gang members, etc… But the murder of cops is not promoted in any way, because cops are front-line terrorists, vital to the defense and protection of the slave-state that is government.

And so Ismaaiyl must be demonized as insane, evil, a fiend. He must be condemned and vilified so that all other created victims of society are discouraged from following in his footsteps and targeting pigs for murder.

Note how government officials and the media have referred to Ismaaiyl’s murder of these two cops as an “assassination”. Why is the word assassination used? There are two primary reasons. The first and most important, is that traditionally, an assassination is always very difficult to successfully carry out. In labeling this act an assassination, leaders of society are overtly seeking to falsely convince all citizen-slaves that killing police officers is a very difficult thing to do. Convincing them it is difficult, will discourage future attempts.

In Truth of course, killing police officers is remarkable easy. They are wandering around in very busy public places all of the time, fully uniformed for easy identification. They are sitting inside donut shops with a donut in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other hand. They are effecting a traffic stop, standing on a busy highway completely oblivious to all other vehicles whizzing past them. It is impossible for any sane thinker to conclude that killing a cop via ambush is in any way difficult. And yet by decreeing this very rare event as carried out by Ismaaiyl to be an assassination, the deliberate deception that what Ismaaiyl did was extremely difficult, on par with killing a head of state, is successfully delivered.

The second primary reason media/government uses the term “assassination”, is to propagandize that the lives of these two police officers were more important, more valuable, more worthy of protection and preservation, than the lives of other human beings, and even more importantly, that the lives of all other members of law enforcement are more important and valuable than your life, or any “ordinary” citizen-slave. This also serves to discourage future ambush attacks on cops, because the vast majority of humans, despite being torture victims obsessed with harming others, still perceive themselves as impotent societal slaves who must direct their negative emotions in ways that society and government tacitly and overtly promotes and allows.

The goal of government and media is to convince others to not try to kill cops. Let them instead go home and torment their child-slaves, or join the military and kill foreigners, or get drunk and high on drugs and kill their fellow slaves in a blur of mental intoxication and distortion. The goal of government and media is to conceal the Forbidden Truth: That Ismaaiyl¬†‘s actions beautifully reflect the Truth of his own personal victimization and destruction at the hands of his society. The Truth that the police officers who prowl your cities and streets and blocks, are carrying out the terrorism of the nation-state, against you.

Note how the media and society is describing Ismaaiyl as mentally ill, even as it is demonizing him as a “fiend”. Why? Because society has no sense of shame, it will never acknowledge its own hypocrisy. It will say anything to demonize and destroy those who expose its weaknesses and target it for direct attack. In demonizing Ismaaiyl as mentally ill, government and its media propaganda agents seek to de-legitimize his actions: “He was crazy, and so he did a crazy thing”. Any rogue act which threatens the established social order and cannot be rendered invisible via media blackout, is decreed to be the act of a madman by societal leaders, who understand this to be the best way to discourage others from pursuing a similar path.

“I don’t want to be decreed insane, so I must refrain from doing things that society says are only done by those who are insane”, this is the deranged reasoning of the masses of citizen-slaves, blind to the Forbidden Truth that every aspect of the mainstream social structure which they are enslaved within, is rooted in functional insanity and the deepest and most profound of mind dysfunction and pathology.

Everyone who stands up in direct defiance of mainstream societal doctrine and decree, whether they do¬†so via direct, dynamic violence, or through completely “legal” methods, is treated in one of only two ways by society and government: They are either completely blacklisted, shunned, and rendered invisible, or they are demonized as evil and mentally ill. Obviously, if you murder two police officers in public, in broad view of others, you cannot be shunned, ignored, rendered invisible. And so Martyr¬†Ismaaiyl is demonized as evil and mentally ill.

Nobody cares about the dead cops, of course. No more than they cared about Ismaaiyl. Every human is a disposable piece of garbage to society and government, used until and for as long as they are useful. The two dead cops were useful while they were alive, to enforce the terrorism of the state. Now they will be replaced by two new brainwashed drones. What government cares about now, is in extinguishing the tiny light of Truth that Ismaaiyl’s actions might cast, upon the perceptive minds of a select group of citizen-slaves who are openly seeking to break free of the social matrix. It is for them, that society is labeling this act an assassination, and decreeing Ismaaiyl a mentally ill fiend.

One final point, government and media very quickly decreed Ismaaiyl to have murdered Himself via suicide, immediately after he carried out this double murder. This is despite the fact that there are no eyewitness accounts saying he shot himself, police were actively pursuing him when he was shot, and in fact several early reports quoted eyewitnesses as saying that he was shot dead by cops who had pursued him into a train station. I cannot say for certain that  Ismaaiyl was shot dead by pigs, but I can say with certainty that the government and media conclusion that he committed suicide was made far too prematurely, lacking ballistic, eyewitness, and other evidentiary facts, and this conclusion once again serves the malevolent agenda of government.

If in fact police shot Ismaaiyl dead, this could provide motivational fuel for retaliatory strikes against additional cops, not something that societal or governmental leaders want. Therefore government has a vested interest in decreeing Ismaaiyl¬†a victim of Self-murder. Just as importantly, society uses suicide as a way to invalidly judge someone mentally ill, and to further de-legitimize their actions: “He knew he had just done something wrong, something he should not have done, something¬†that you should not do,¬†that is why he killed himself”, this is the covert, perverse¬†message of society, in seeking to discourage future cathartic reflections of personal victimization, targeting police officers.

You can judge the threat level by which a government perceives any action directed against it, by its response to the action. Seekers of Forbidden Truth should analyze and understand the reasons behind how a government responds to an incident such as this one,

Every state is a police state, because no government can exist without the terrorism carried out in its name, under its authority, by those it employs as police officers.

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