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April 22, 2017: Two Billion Child-slaves, Bought, Sold, Owned, on Earth

The human child in 2017 is bought, sold, owned, a piece of property: Caged abused, used up, destroyed.

It is 2017 as I type these words, and the state of the children on planet earth is exactly the same as it was 5000 years ago, 500 years ago, 50 years ago. Every child on this planet alive at this moment, is a piece of owned property, an animated object, a piece of clay to be molded into the perverse and diseased image of his parents, his society, his government.

Every child is destroyed, day by day, hour by hour, year after year, the property of destroyed ex-children exacting their vengeance, destroying their own mirrored reflection of what was taken from them.

Every child on earth exists void of all rights: Civil, legal, human, moral. Every child exists absent all protection, a thing to be fouled and contaminated with everything that is wrong with humanity, a piece of property locked up body and mind, transferred from cage to cage to cage, an endless series of cages, by destroyed ex-children for whom the cages are the only illusion of freedom they can perceive.

Parents and step-parents and foster parents and teachers and coaches and uncles and social leaders, political leaders, cultural leaders, religious leaders, everyone wants their piece of innocence to defile. Everyone! “These are our children. We will make them in our image! We will force them to serve the Matrix of Universal Illusion, we will destroy them as we were destroyed, and in the process we will deny what we are, what was done to us. Their reflection of us, glorifies our hatred and destruction of ourselves!”

Nothing has changed for thousands of years, since humans began to claim to be “civilized”. Every child is today what every child has always been: Property, to be broken, deformed, crippled, stunted, left a shadow to himself, so he can never see, never know, never contemplate, what could have been, what should have been, the infinite potential murdered within him.

Look at the enigmatic photo above. It was taken in 1948 amerikkka, city of Chicago, Illinois.

Now, read the interesting backstory behind the photo:

“4 Children For Sale”, a sign revealing a universal Truth, invisible to humanity, to the breeders, owners, buyers, sellers. It was just two breeders trying to sell their property, trying to cash in, honestly. But you humans hate honesty and Truth. Always have, always will. So you demonized them back then, and continued to do what you have always done, what you do in 2017.

The welfare mom breeds for money, the government gives her money to breed. New slaves are always needed, as old ones age and die. Replace the property! A win-win situation for breeders and the monstrosity that is government, sponsor of universal slavery for all.

Look, in that mansion, the wealthy executive claims his $5,000 tax deduction for owning a child-slave.

A slave to money, he feels so very free, $5,000 of his very own money, credited to him by his slavemaster. Take it, you’ve been a good slave, you can begin to get old, weak, and die, you have served your purpose, in creating a new slave to replace yourself.

And look, there is the middle-class suburban mom, sending her womb excretion to private school so he can get a good education so he can get a good job and give her money when her poor feet become so worn out from so many years of wearing painful dress pumps to her slave labor job, that she cannot stand the pain any longer and decides to retire, to wait to die, all the while rejoicing in her triumph: I created a new life, and he is a slave just like me, just as doomed, just as victimized, just as clueless and oblivious to all Truth as I am.

Selling children for money via posted advertisement sign outside of your home was not illegal in 1948. The Matrix was not yet familiar with this type of blatant Truth display.

Today, just 70 years later, such an honest expression would result in a criminal charge. “Child endangerment”: Heavens to Betsy, what if the buyer is a dangerous pedophile??! No, no, you can’t sell your child like that! Just keep it, and destroy it in your own private way. Maybe rent the child out to pedophiles you befriend, but please, no public signs…

Or it might even bring a charge of “human trafficking”. Never mind the Forbidden Truth, that every child and every adult human on earth is already being bought and sold. Sssshhhhh, they don’t know that! Bringing a Human Trafficking charge will strengthen the universal ilusion that children are protected and nurtured from the tiny minority of “bad” people.

You make me sick, you diseased hypocrites! Progress? Enlightenment? The law protecting children now, as never before? You can lie to yourselves and to your own world, but you can hide nothing from Me. I see and I know you as you are: Destroyers of all children.

From 1948 to 2017, we have regression, not progress. Laws created to maintain and strengthen the lie that children cannot be sold anymore, even as every child is sold, every day, by everyone, everywhere.

Look at the photo, read the story of these children as they get ready to die, 60+ years later, read this essay of Forbidden Truth, and understand: History is the sanctification of the illusion that things have changed, are changing, will change. This is the purpose of all historical timelines created by all modern era societies and governments.

Look back at the past, and see how things have changed! Everything is better now, we have progress and enlightenment, we see the errors of the past, we strive to correct them, and things will only get better and better in the future…you’ll be dead, but so what? Things will be better, worship the lie of history, as you worship every other perverse delusion you base your imaginary existence upon!

History is the succubus that prevents you from seeing and from knowing: Every horror of the past is alive and well, more horrific, more destructive, than ever before. History is the mechanism by which every horror can be inflicted, imposed and embraced by everyone, at will, without ever having to be consciously perceived, acknowledged, understood for what it is.

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Which Is More Harmful: Motherhood, or Child Pornography?

The answer to this question is clear, simple, obvious. It requires no complex internal debate, no deep philosophical analysis. If you are sane.

In every way, individual and universal, and in terms of all measurements of harm: Physical, psychological, structural, short-term, long-term, severe, moderate, etc.., motherhood is far more harmful than child pornography.

Motherhood is an unviable structure that causes universal harm for every single human being. Motherhood is a weapon deployed by the Matrix of Universal Illusion to ensure every child is brutally harmed. Motherhood causes billions of children to suffer enormous harm. Even in the rare circumstance of a woman being competent enough to provide nurturing care for her offspring, the genocidal harm caused by this universal slave structure is not mitigated.

Motherhood weighs the entire world down, it is dead weight, the torment of every generation of adult victims of universal child abuse, transferred to every child.

Motherhood, biological, step, and foster, all three forms, as practiced by all modern era 21st century societies, is the malicious and arbitrary enslavement and caging of helpless children, and it is, in and of itself, a purely harmful structure. Motherhood, as a practiced social structure, decrees all children on earth to be worthless, subhuman pieces of owned property, stripped of the most basic rights to safety, protection, nurturance, empowerment of mind, body, and soul. Motherhood serves no positive purpose, achieves no worthy or progressive end result.

So now, let us compare and contrast the above Forbidden Truths of motherhood, with child pornography. Most child pornography does not harm any child, in any way. Most child pornography consists of written stories, and hand-illustrated drawings, and computer generated images utilizing Photoshop or similar photo manipulation software, and video recordings using dolls or adults pretending to be children.

In all the child pornography formats I list above, and there are many more, no child is harmed by the creation or the dissemination of the child pornography. Over 95% of all child pornography is exactly this way: No actual, living child is abused or harmed in any way, by the creator of the child pornography.

Now, in a small number of cases, about 5%, actual, living children are sexually abused via the creation of the child pornography. Is this harmful to the children involved? Of course it is! But at the same time there is a mitigating factor: If this child pornography is sold or disseminated to others by the creator, it serves to reduce occurrences and incidents of child sexual abuse, because many consumers of child pornography use the material, to varying degrees of success, to try to psychologically satiate their rage and hate and impulses to sexually attack children, without actually carrying out such personal attacks.

Child pornography, despite the fact that it causes great harm to a small number of children, has numerous mitigating factors that render it far less harmful to children than motherhood. The vast majority of child porn is not harmful to children, and the material itself serves to reduce child sexual attacks, and would do so much more if it was legal to create and possess, and freely and openly available.

But no, instead we have motherhood exalted, deified as a glorious and sacred structure, even as it causes genocidal harm to all children, while child pornography, creation, possession, and sale/distribution, is demonized, criminalized, decreed a horrific attack upon human sensibility, even though it serves positive purposes and would reduce child sex abuse if it were legalized and promoted as a beneficial psychological release.

Here you see the insanity, malice, and perverse hypocrisy of 21st century humanity. All of you who allow motherhood to exist, are guilty of raping every child.

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Definitional Brainwashing & Universal Child Abuse

Definitional brainwashing permeates all aspects of human existence, permanently warping all reality perception of those who have failed to reject and successfully transcend their humanity.

A perfect real-time illustration of definitional brainwashing at work today, is in how child abuse is defined & perceived. Note that this definition and perception is worldwide, crossing all nationalistic and cultural boundaries:

Child abuse is anything done to a child that causes him physical, psychological, emotional, or mental harm, anything done to a child that hurts, traumatizes, or stunts the capacity of the child to thrive and to mature within love of Self, recognition and embrace of Truth, and ability to understand Himself and others, as well as organized social structures, as they actually are.

But every human society defines child abuse under different, limited terms. This is done to legitimize and sponsor the universal abuse of children, while cloaking the actuality of it.

The result is simply this: It is impossible for any human dwelling as a human, within the matrix of universal illusion, to perceive the reality of universal child abuse. Under the definitional brainwashing of the matrix, child abuse cannot be universal. Every society creates its own statistical lies, proclaiming a certain percentage of children to be abused in differing ways, while the majority of all children are decreed to not be victims of child abuse.

Go online, or do any type of research, and this is what every 21st century organized structure will order you to believe: A percentage of all children, are abused. You can believe the percentage accurate, or not. The matrix does not care, because simply accepting the lie a percentage of children are abused, utterly and absolutely cloaks from all human perception the Forbidden Truths of universal child abuse.

And this lie allows the matrix to propagandize you to believe you are not a victim of severe child abuse.


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Too Far, Or Just Far Enough?

There are some humans who agree with some of the Forbidden Truth insights of the human condition I have revealed within My texts, and even agree with the need for the absolutely brilliant solutions and reforms I so comprehensively express and detail. But they think My solutions and reforms are too radical, too extreme, they go too far, they need to be moderated. Absolute bullsh*t!

My solutions and reforms go to the exactly perfect length. They successfully identify the problem, then solve the problem. Any type of moderation would constitute destruction of the actual solution, therefore a continuation of the status quo, with no positive step being taken.

Examples: All monetary currency, in paper, coin, or precious metal form, is both inherently/intrinsically worthless, and overtly deployed as a terrorist weapon by all nation-states and all organized human societies. Therefore, the only solution to the problem is to eliminate monetary currency and institute a universal, worldwide Barter and Trade economic system, so that fair-market value can be legitimately established and maintained, free of the terrorism and slavery of the nation-state.

Example: Because parenthood, the random distribution of children throughout the human population based upon ability to breed and desire to own helpless children as subhuman slaves and puppets to be perversely molded, ensures universal abuse, victimization, and destruction of all children, the structure of parenthood must be declared null and void, a failed social experiment, and the day-to-day care of all children must be assumed by society as a whole, with strict, universal, Truth-based standards of competency and appropriateness of care established and maintained.

None of My brilliant solutions are radical. They are all moderate responses and reforms to the bizarre radicalism, from money to parenthood, that YOU humans have chosen to create and maintain.

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How To Inspire & Empower Children to Love Themselves

It’s so simple, clear, obvious, elemental to any sane perspective of thought: You inspire children to love themselves by informing them that you do not love them, that no living thing ever has, can, or will love them, and that love is a wonderful thing they deserve to experience for themselves. You tell them this Forbidden Truth. You tell them the only way they can ever be loved, is to develop and embrace the ability and capacity to love themselves.

Tell them the Truth! That other living things might, rarely, be capable of positive, affectionate or empathic emotional connectivity with and towards them. But not love. Tell them this highest of emotions is exclusively reserved for Self, and that there is no greater glory, no greater protective, empowering force, than its achievement. Tell them at age 2, 3, 4, at every age, over and over, that they deserve to be loved, and that NOBODY, no human, no animal, no plant, no robot, nobody and nothing, has, can, or will love them.

Tell them every external claim of love is a malicious deception. Tell them maternal, paternal, familial, romantic, soul-mate, and every other socially promoted form of external love, is a toxic trap, void of all Truth.

Tell them all external love is not merely false, but warped and perverted, a selfish, devious attempt to extract, a lie that will suck them dry, and destroy their supremely precious capacity to develop love of Self.

This is the greatest gift you can give to any child. It is a double glory. Simultaneously, as you destroy the horrific illusion of external love, you inspire and induce the glory that is internal, Self-love.

Tell them love is the most positive, unconditionally empowering emotion of them all, and it can only be developed by Self, for Self, internally bloomed, internally generated, internally bestowed.

But no, you will not do it, you pathetic hypocrites. And why not??

Because you cannot bear to destroy for yourself, the lie of external love to which you are addicted and enslaved. And why are you addicted and enslaved to external love, desperately insistent it is real and valid and you are experiencing it and must continue to embrace and seek it??

Come on, tell me WHY??! It is because NOBODY empowered or inspired you to love yourself when you were a child. Nobody revealed this Forbidden Truth to you. And so you were broken. And so now you will break and destroy EVERY child on this planet. You will perpetrate this genocide of mind, upon every child, destroying his capacity to develop love of Self.

Here you see the perfect circle of human hopelessness. Why humanity is a devolving species, every mistake of the past endlessly repeated, as Truth remains eternally dead.

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The Eight Foundational Mistakes of Humanity

Humanity has made hundreds of thousands of structural, ideological, and operational mistakes throughout its history as a species. But almost all of these mistakes can be directly traced back, and are a direct reflection of, just eight primary, foundational mistakes. In this essay I will reveal all eight foundational mistakes, but first it is important for all seekers of Truth to understand that whatever reasons and rationalizations may have existed in the past, to cause humanity to make these eight foundational mistakes, are invalid and have no place in the here, in the now, or in the future.

Further, it is important to understand that in order for humanity to make any positive progress, all eight of these foundational mistakes must be openly acknowledged, on a worldwide, species-wide basis, and the actual structures themselves, erected as a result of these foundational mistakes, must be absolutely and completely eliminated, eradicated, and dissolved. This dismemberment must occur dynamically, not in pieces or stages.

None of these eight foundational mistakes can be resolved through reform, or modification of structural design or operational parameters. The very structures themselves are organically diseased, impossible to fix, or to render neutral, harmless, or beneficial. They must be recognized as foundational mistakes, and completely eradicated, to the same point as though they never existed. All traces of their toxic legacy must be wiped clean.

So now, the eight foundational mistakes, not listed in any specific order, because all seven are equally perverse, equally genocidal of mind, body, spirit, and Truth, and must be equally cast aside to an eternal void, as unspeakable perversions.

A) The Family Unit. This toxic scourge is the direct cause of universal human slavery, in itself and within the pathologies of mind and reason it organically inspires. As sentient individuals, we must eradicate this structure, from every legal, cultural, and philosophical perspective. It must be recognized and understood as a mini-dictatorship and a mind/body prison, holding us individually and collectively hostage. In eradicating the family unit, we free ourselves to pursue interpersonal relationships, or to reject the very concept of the interpersonal relationship, within the spirit and the reality of personal freedom and autonomy, absent hive mind control, and absent the internal shackles inherent to a diseased, deranged, nonsensical construct created and deployed to enslave us all.

B) Parenthood. In universally rejecting and dismembering the toxic human construct of parenthood, we create the singular tool necessary to finally put an end to universal child abuse, a man-made pathology that has crippled all potential of the species for many thousands of years. Parenthood was always a mistake, the fact that humanity could not, in the past, functionally devise or discern a better way to rear its young, in no way negates this Truth.

The organic purity of every new life, in its creation, must be recognized, honored, and respected. This can never occur, so long as parenthood exists. Children must be treated as independent life forms, to be exalted in the light of their personal potential to thrive. Nothing from the past must be allowed to impose itself upon them. Parenthood, as a structure, is the imposition of universal slavery upon every child. Parenthood is the imposition of the horrors of the past, upon a helpless, vulnerable, virginal mind of limitless potential. Parenthood cages and cripples, It causes universal harm and destruction, it victimizes every child. It is a mistake, an error of choice and of judgement. It must be recognized as such, and eliminated from the human landscape of consciousness.

C) The Nation-State. The division of land via territorial border, and the creation of unique cultures within these territorial borders, should never have occurred. It was an organic mistake of the mind, and nothing that exists today within this mistake, is valid. All territorial borders must be simultaneously dissolved, and the concept of the nation-state must be abandoned completely.

The nation-state is a structure of imprisonment and of hostage-taking, It renders all individual life inherently worthless, every Self-mind a number and an object to be used up and later discarded. It is the ultimate betrayal of every valid concept of freedom, autonomy, and Self-value.

D) Government. Why is government listed separate from the nation-state? Because it is completely different. government is the organization of universal terrorization. It is the only True criminal enterprise, the criminal enterprise responsible for and guilty of creating all crime, and criminalizing freedom and the aspirational potential of humanity to thrive within Truth. The concept of government is fatally flawed, it is the ultimate prison camp, harming everyone, all of the time, individually and collectively.

E) Leadership. Humans have always chosen other humans to be their leaders. At every level, Political, social, cultural, familial, This organic mistake must be completely rejected and abandoned. All human leadership of humans is intrinsically harmful. The structure must be dissolved, and every human being must be empowered to seize his sacred right to create an autonomous universe of Self-mind, within which he leads Self in all he chooses to think, to feel, and to do.

No creature may be followed, and this requires the eradication of the concept of individual leadership. Ideas, philosophies, Truths, realities, facts, these structures must be exalted and empowered to inspire every human MindVerse to lead itself, to establish Self as the autonomous leader of every individual existence.

F) Religion. All religious writings, beliefs, and practices must be eradicated from all of human consciousness. Religion must be recognized as a collective delusion transmitted to others as a communicable mind virus. The lie of an external god must be openly acknowledged as one of the greatest failures and tragedies of all of human consciousness. Religion must be understood as the destroyer of all human potential, and all belief in or worship of god must be consciously acknowledged as the worship of death.

All who believe in or worship god, while recognized as tragic victims of organized mind and sanity destruction, must also be ridiculed, persecuted, and marginalized, so that their mental illness becomes obvious to all. The transmission of religious mythology must be defined as a crime against humanity, an act of Self-destruction and Self-annihilation.

G) Punishment. For many thousands of years humans have deployed punishment, and the threat of punishment, to terrorize and destroy others. All punishment, cultural and judicial, psychological and physical, against everyone, for any reason, must be eliminated and eradicated. Punishment must be recognized as the creator of all crime and of all injustice, and the commission of any punishment must be understood as the commission of the greatest of all possible crimes.

Nobody should ever be punished, the very concept must be dissolved from all human consciousness, within the understanding of the Truth that every action is motivated by either personal ignorance, or the sacred right to seek and claim personal vengeance based upon experienced victimization and injustice.

H) Money. Money should not exist, it should never have been invented, and must be defined as any human artifact to which an artificial, external valuation is assigned by a controlling entity. All precious metals must be recognized as externally controlled monetary substitutes, and therefore inherently valueless.

Money must be understood as a universal enslavement device, whose only operational function is to oppress, victimize, harm human beings, individually and collectively. It must be understood that monetary policy can never be reformed, and therefore money, any human artifact assigned an external value, can never be utilized as a way to facilitate economic activity or transactions. Direct barter and trade, of goods and services, must directly replace all monetary currency.

Okay, there you have the eight foundational mistakes of humanity. I wish to emphasize that none of these mistakes can be rectified, none can be modified or altered to mitigate the harm they cause. Every mistake must be openly and consciously recognized as a fatal error that must be completely eliminated from planet earth, everywhere. All eight of these structures must disappear, dissolve to nothingness.

If you say this cannot be done, and if it actually cannot be done, or will not be done, you prove that you are devolving to species extinction, and are powerless to prevent it.

Good. Good riddance. Now go back to your imaginary lives, as broken slaves to the diseased and perverse mistakes of your pathetic ancestors.

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The Forbidden Truths of Abortion

Imagine for a moment that you are an extraterrestrial creature, of Superior intellect and organized functionality of the brain, tasked with the mission of attempting to understand the ideological and behavioral dictates of the diseased, deranged, and devolving to extinction species of humanity.

So, you deide to visit earth. Quite by accident, your landing coordinates take you to the central portion of amerikkka, let us say Iowa, why not even Iowa City, the “heartland. The very first building that you lay eyes on is at 850 Orchard Street, Iowa City, IA 52246. So you decide, why not begin your research of the human condition right there, at that building. Look closely, this ordinary looking, blocky white structure has a sign on it. Zoom in with your laser vision, and you can read it: “Planned Parenthood of the Heartland”, it says.,-91.5414799,3a,15y,95.11h,87.17t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sB9ADvRm3YWXCWKlCw_tkDA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x3409671e084f6fb9!6m1!1e1

“How very interesting! This must be a place where humans who desire to serve as caretakers to children go, to plan and prepare to be parents, to undergo training, competency evaluation and testing, I must explore this place further!”, so you decide, as a sane scholar of the human condition.

So you begin your research into the human condition right there, and very quickly you realize that your initial, logical and sane assumption was completely and absolutely wrong. This place, this “Planned Parenthood” place, is a place where humans go to exterminate, annihilate, and murder completely helpless and supremely vulnerable children. You learn that this type of murder is completely legal, accepted, embraced. You learn that inside amerikkka alone, evenly scattered throughout the land, there are approximately 700 Planned Parenthood buildings, owned and operated by a single company, where female humans can go to murder helpless young children. Not to mention many thousands of other such companies providing the same service.

“Fascinating! They have an organized system to allow biological creators to exterminate their young at will, they have legalized this activity and they promote this activity as a valuable right and freedom to be afforded to their female slaves, who express appreciation and gratitude by pledging loyal allegiance and accepting lifelong slavery and death as imposed upon them by this very same organized system. They call it a ‘government’ ”

So begins your written report, as you reveal your research findings into the most diseased and deranged species you have ever had the opportunity to psychologically dissect.

Just a few days ago, a 57 year old Martyr and tortured victim-creation of 20th and 21st century amerikkkan society named Robert Lewis Dear went on a shooting rampage inside a Planned Parenthood Abortion Center in Colorado. He successfully harvested three humans, and wounded nine more. This incident provides Me with an excellent opportunity to restate some of the Forbidden Truths regarding the perverse human activity you creatures call “abortion”.

I have already written at great length on the legal murder structure of abortion, within my Main Manifesto, specifically the Child Abuse page, located here:

But in terms of blog essays, I have only superficially mentioned this issue, in posts that primarily address other subjects. Let us end this omission right here and now.

The derangement of humanity as a collective species is proven by the functional structures of organized and systemic genocide that it clings to, that it chooses to legalize, to maintain, to promote, and to defend. Parenthood itself is one such organized and systemic form of genocide. Parenthood, as a functioning structure, in and of itself, creates, maintains, ensures the genocidal victimization and destruction of all children.

I begin with this Forbidden Truth because it is important to understand that abortion is nothing more than a minor symptom, a side effect, of the primary hive mind structure of parenthood, which officially decrees all children to be worthless, subhuman, owned pieces of property, possessing no rights, no freedoms, no autonomy, no identity, no right to exist outside of being possessed by others, to destroy and to cripple.

It is the structure of parenthood, in and of itself, which directly causes the hundreds of different forms of systemic, organized genocide of the minds, souls, and bodies of children. Abortion is simply one of these many hundreds of forms of child genocide. Therefore, no sane thinker should fixate upon abortion as a “problem” that needs to be resolved or stopped. Abortion is not the problem. Parenthood is the problem. Parenthood, as a functional structure, must be eradicated.

Abortion is simply a word that humanity has invented, to deny the fact that it chooses to sponsor the organized murder of womb-trapped children, as a way to promote the illusion of personal freedom being provided by government, and as a way to covertly satiate the homicidal rage of all human beings, who exist as tortured and enraged victims of universal child abuse.

Using the word abortion, just like using words such as “hunting” and “death penalty” and “euthanasia”, is the method by which a society based upon the exaltation of death and murder, is able to promote and popularize ritualistic murder, and use murder to appease its population of humans, who are obsessed with harming, abusing, victimizing, and destroying others, in True Reality reflection of their own past, present, and ongoing victimization and psychological torment.

Abortion is very important to 21st century first world societies, because it is one of the only forms of legal murder specifically marketed to younger females, while younger males are offered more legal murder options. Female slaves play a vital role in domesticating and taming male slaves, therefore it is vital to society and government that their homicidal ideation be satisfied.

Abortion is also vitally important because it lays down a concrete platform of absolute worthlessness, captivity, and dehumanization, for all children, of all ages. Abortion empowers and uplifts the structure of parenthood as that of the slavemaster and the terrorist god, instructing every parent to perceive and to treat “their” child(ren) as worthless pieces of property, and bestowing upon every parent the ideological right to inflict limitless harm upon every legally owned child, up to and including direct murder.

Every moral, ethical, intellectual, and ideological argument that can and is made, which attempts to legitimize the act of abortion as being anything other than the pre-meditated and intentional murder of a helpless human child, is absurd and defies all sanity of mind.

One argument is that the “fetus” is not a human being. That is absurd. It is like saying a kitten should be murdered because it is not a cat. It is the same as saying a 5 year old child must not be murdered, but it is perfectly okay to murder a 4 year old child. A child is created when a sperm cell successfully comingles with an egg, fertilizing it, and then the first cellular structure of the new life form, a human being, is created.

“Fetus” is a word created by human beings to dehumanize a human being for a specific period of time, for the purpose of denying this human being a right to life and to be protected from harm and murder. For the exact same reason, humanity creates the word “child”, to distinguish these human beings from “adults”, and to allow their genocidal enslavement, abuse, brainwashing, and cultural indoctrination by adults, acting on behalf of society and government.

Another argument used by homicidal pro-abortionists is that the “fetus” must not be afforded any protection from being murdered, because it cannot live and survive outside of the womb. How insane and absurd! I cannot survive on mars, or underwater, or in a thousand other places. The idea that the physical location of an individual renders him deserving of murder is deranged, yet it is exactly what this argument posits.

Another argument is that the existence of the womb-trapped child is negatively impacting the existence of the female carrier, and therefore, under the laws of freedom and personal autonomy, the female carrier is entitled to try to improve the quality of her daily life by murdering this child. I like this argument, but only if you carry it forward to its only natural conclusion: That all individuals possess a sacred and inalienable right to murder any living thing that negatively impacts their experience of their existence. The list is long, folks! At least my list is!

But of course you creatures react with shock and horror at such a logical progression of argument. You insist that only the worthless, subhuman “fetus” is open to murder, not actual adult human beings, so that the gal can try to enjoy her own illusion of existence a little bit better. How perverse!

Another mindboggling argument made by the idiots, is that the female might not have wanted to become pregnant, or maybe she was even sexually assaulted against her will, resulting in her pregnancy, and these facts somehow entitle her to carry out the murder of a womb-trapped child. How absurd! I do not want to engage in slave labor, so am I protected from legal persecution if I murder my boss, or the heads of the economic system that holds Me hostage to money?? I do not want to see human beings, so am I legally entitled to murder every human being I lay eyes upon??

This argument, as every previous argument, can only be rationalized by a deranged mind. So you were raped! This gives you the legal right to murder a helpless, innocent child that had nothing to do with causing you to have been raped?? Note my emphasis on the word legal, because of course I respect the True Reality right of all victims to commit all murders, as their True Reality dictates. But not as a legal right, not as other murderers are demonized and punished by the same society and government that sponsors all rape, and all universal victimization.

Abortion is murder. The coldest of cold-blooded, premeditated murder, of the most helpless, vulnerable, and innocent of human beings. Only a diseased and deranged species, unable to function within sanity, populated exclusively by traumatized victims obsessed with harming and destroying others, could or would legalize and popularize and promote and defend the act of murder it calls abortion.

Of course there is one argument in favor of abortion which is valid and honorable. In very rare and isolated instances, allowing a womb-trapped child to continue to exist and develop inside the womb, poses a direct medical danger of causing severe and permanent physical damage, or death, to the woman who is pregnant. How often does this occur?? Very rarely! But within medical fact, these very rare situations absolutely can and should allow for the destruction of the womb-trapped child. It is called Self-defense, the individual right to protect his direct physical health and existence from suffering permanent harm and destruction is absolutely valid and must be recognized.

To destroy a womb-trapped child under this very specific, isolated, solo, and rare circumstance of fact, must not be labelled as an act of murder, because it would be an act of Self-defense, perfectly moral and justified within the legal and ethical glory of unconditional narcissism and love of Self.

I respect and I honor all reflective acts of violence. The attack on the Colorado Planned Parenthood abortion center by Robert Lewis Dear represents an attempt by a victim of universal child abuse, to pierce the hive mind of humanity, as well as to reflect his own personal True Reality. But in terms of enlightening the minds of others to the Forbidden Truths of child abuse, his actions are useless.

So what if every abortion clinic in the world stopped performing abortions?? In terms of impacting the reality of universal child abuse, such a dramatic occurence would change nothing, in and of itself. Abortion is not the problem, it is only a tiny symptom, one of hundreds, thousands of different symptoms, of the actual problem. The actual problem is parenthood, the sacred family unit, child ownership, the dehumanization of all children as law, as public policy, as social and cultural decree and doctrine.

The problem is that every adult human being alive at this moment is a victim of child abuse, and is damaged by child abuse, and is psychologically obsessed with harming children. Every adult human! The only way to go from universal child abuse, to the elimination of child abuse, is to terminate parenthood, end the family unit, emancipate all children from the horror that is all of human history, as I have outlined within My Manifesto.

But the human being is not capable of this. He is not capable. And so we go back to the beginning of this essay, with our extraterrestrial visitor filing his report on those darn humans. In the end, he concludes that humanity is doomed, and the abortion “clinic”, staffed by medical doctors who have sworn an oath to protect and defend life, instead choosing to directly murder completely helpless and supremely vulnerable children, under the authority, protection, and instruction of law, is simply a structure which demonstrates beyond all doubt, the hopelessness of the human condition.


Robert Lewis Dear, Jr., Tortured victim-creation of the universal child abuse sponsored by 21st century human society.

All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Additional Forbidden Truths on Maternal Instinct

I received an interesting comment/question to this essay:

You should read the entire above essay first, before proceeding to this followup. The comment below allows Me to expand upon the specific issue of maternal instinct, which I have written about extensively in my main Manifesto, which I highly recommend all seekers of Truth read in its entirety:

As always, my reply below will appear in bold and non-italicized text:

“Is there any basis to believe that there is a maternal instinct in at least some human mothers? We see it in animals as a simple instinctive awareness of how to PHYSICALLY nurture offspring until they are able to fend for themsleves, but there is no ritualised, lifelong bond. Would this be the extent of a true maternal instinct in human females? Granted it may be a moot question given the convoluted nature of human society’s perversity.”

Your question is interesting, but the answer is complex, and several different factors must be taken into account. First, we need to look at the instinctual responses of other female animals who breed. Some female animals provide almost no care to their offspring, while other female animals provide highly nurturing levels of care. Concurrent with this fact, is the equally important fact that as a general rule, the level of care that is provided, matches the level of care that is needed by the offspring. Simply put, some species of baby require a lot of care when they are young in order to grow up safe and healthy, while other species of baby do not, being much more self-sufficient.

The next point which must be emphasized and analyzed, is that human babies do require a significant amount of physical care in order to survive and develop into strong and healthy adults. In other species, the female biological creator usually provides this care, when it is needed by the baby for survival and to thrive. This fact speaks to a natural instinct existing in female animals, to provide necessary levels of care to offspring.

Now we must move forward to the reality of how human biological creators treat their children, the universal harm they cause to their children, the fact that while a majority do not directly terminate the existence of their child via physical violence, they do universally enslave, oppress, victimize, stunt all positive development, and use all children as personal Poison Containers, none of which is done by other female biological creators, of other species.

So, let us begin a Forbidden Truth analysis: Many other species of life possess a maternal instinct, and display it by providing positive and necessary aid to babies and offspring that they create, and in many cases to specific young members of their own species that they have not biologically created, but come to know via ongoing interaction.

The human female who breeds, as a general rule, is motivated to seek and to maintain possession of their biological offspring, who need to be cared for in order to survive and to thrive. But what are the primary causes for this motivation?? Is it natural instinct? Or is it the relentless brainwashing and terrorization of human society, towards every female, that they are morally, legally, and culturally obligated to serve as mothers?? Or is it the desperate need of female humans, who exist as brutally victimized slaves, to obtain access to a human being, a baby and child, so that they may obtain personal catharsis by brutally victimizing and enslaving it?? Natural instinct is a primary motivation in the choice of other female animals to serve as caretakers to their offspring. But upon objective analysis, natural instinct is not the primary motivation of the female human being.

The term “motherhood” is itself hopelessly weighed down by countless centuries of social propaganda, brainwashing, and mythology. Other animals do not perceive themselves as “mothers”, but as caretakers to offspring, acting upon their natural instinct. To the human, motherhood is slave ownership, motherhood provides a warped sense of self-identity, motherhood is a death placebo, allowing the woman to more actively and eagerly court and embrace her own upcoming death, motherhood is a form of freedom illusion, the freedom to dictate, to terrorize, to victimize, to use a specific living thing in ways they are prohibited from using all other living things, as a Poison Container.

So yes, it is fair to say that most female babies are born possessing the capacity to develop a maternal instinct. But, in and of itself, this fact is meaningless. Because every female baby is also born deeply deformed on a genetic level, so that her maternal instinct cannot and does not develop naturally or normally, and is further warped and destroyed by the genocidally harmful external environment of relentless trauma that she is subjected to throughout her existence.

Female humans are unfit to care for their offspring, and whatever vestiges of maternal instinct they may possess, are diseased and deformed to the extent that they cannot, do not, and will not provide positive and nurturing care that allows a child to reach its potential. Female mothers hurt, harm, victimize, and destroy their children, in reflection of the fact, the Forbidden Truth, that they are hurt, harmed, victimized, and destroyed ex-children, genetically and environmentally broken.

For female humans to possess a legitimate maternal instinct, would require them to reject and renounce all social concepts of motherhood and the family unit, to recognize and respect the sacred autonomy of every child, and to be able to want what it is best for the child. The last requirement might seem fairly simple, but in Truth it is the most impossible for those who are human, as they are incapable of wanting the best for even themselves. How can a creature even begin to imagine wanting what is best for another, when it can never even begin to imagine wanting, or even understanding the definitional parameters inherent, in wanting what is best for Self??

A genetically and mentally healthy female human mother cannot come to exist, given the birth defect nature of the species, and the universal external trauma every human being is subjected to from the moment of their birth. Therefore, the maternal instinct of all human females will be severely damaged, stunted, warped, and dysfunctional, and if they serve as “mothers”, they will horribly harm their children. Now, if they are aspiring Superiors who reject the entire concept of motherhood as defined by society, and consciously desire to serve as emotionally detached caretakers to help nurture children and break the cycle of deliberate, universal child abuse of humanity, they could, in theory, recover some portion of their biological maternal instinct, and combine it with the detachment of a child caretaker, to perform this task more effectively. But we are talking 1 woman out of 50 milion, and only as theory.

Within functional, day-to-day reality, natural and healthy maternal instinct among humans does not exist. The obsession with serving as a mother, runs concurrent with the obsession to harm and destroy the children a woman is given possession of, as a mother. All of motherhood is shrouded in mysticism, mythology, and fantastical thinking which spits in the face of reality and Truth. You cannot compare the maternal instinct of other animals, to that of humans. Among humans, maternal insinct is buried and crushed under the titles of motherhood and the family unit, obscene and grotesque monstrosities of slavery, oppression, trauma, mental illness, and layer upon layer of obsessive mythology.

What would be a healthy, intellectual understanding of maternal instinct, for the human female? Simply this: I will help this child to survive and to thrive because within infinite love of Self, I desire to thrive and to survive, and absent all obligation and absent all responsibility and absent all emotional connectivity, this child possesses the potential to help Me to thrive and to survive, because his mind might be able to develop within the purity of Truth, healthier and stronger than my own, recognizing Myself as a victim of universal child abuse. Therefore I will strive to protect this child from being harmed, not for his sake, but for my own sake.

But of course this is beyond the capabilities of the human being, and I respect the law of reflectivity under which universal child abuse, as well as all forms of cathartic vengeance, take place.

You cannot obtain purity of maternal instinct in a human female. You cannot. All maternal instinct is compromised and warped. It cannot and it will not be restored to any purity of form. The most you can even imagine occurring, is for the compromised maternal instinct to be reshaped, reinvented, but this is only possible within the conscious embrace of all Forbidden Truth, by the rare, isolated individual. Not by the species as a whole, or any portion.

I certainly can’t think of any women off the top of my head who are truly, selflessly “maternal”, but I wonder if they exist. Not even necessarily Superior mothers, simply females who have a natural awareness of a child’s physical and psychological needs, and a desire to satisfy them.

All women are victims of universal child abuse. They cannot treat children with genuine benevolence, because they were not treated as children with genuine benevolence. Their physical and psychological needs were not met when they were children, and so they cannot meet the needs of children, as caretakers. Do they want to meet the needs of children via maternal instinct?? Perhaps a few do. Perhaps a few try. But they fail. They all fail. They fail because they are human, and the law of reflection applies. Their needs were not met. They were victimized and harmed as children. And so they do not meet the needs of children, and they harm them, victimize them.

It is not very difficult to articulate a desire which conflicts with your own True Reality. But to render this desire a manifest reality, to turn it into functional fact, meeting the needs of a child you have created, when nobody has ever met your own needs, that is a whole other story. That is an impossibility, unless you detach from your own humanity.

All Text not in italics is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Child Rights: A Forbidden Truth Dissection

This promises to be one of my most lengthy and comprehensive of blog posts. The issue is worthy of an entire book, a book that no human on planet earth has either the balls, or the intellectual capacity to write, since no human on earth has been afforded any of these most basic and elemental of child rights, when they were a child.

The Forbidden Truth: No child ever born in the history of modern, civilized humanity, has ever been afforded any genuine legal, moral, civil, or human rights. Every child born in the modern era of human civilization has been officially decreed a worthless piece of owned property, possessing no intrinsic value of Self, no right to safety, protection, Self-determination, personal autonomy, freedom of mind, of body, of spirit, of thought. Nothing but a piece of clay to be molded into a robot, a drone, a slave terrorized to serve others for his entire imaginary existence.

The child has always been nothing, and never has the child been more less than nothing, than in the year 2015. That is why the Unwashed Masses of humans recognize themselves as nothings, absolutely worthless to Self, eager and willing to waste their singularly unique existences submitting to a completely unnecessary, unrelenting series of slave-based relationships and a lifetime of terrorization, trauma, and suffering, as personal choice.

Readers of this blog post who have not transcended their humanity will find the 39 different illuminations of how children should be treated, and what their rights as sentient, independent creatures should be, bizarre, wrong, impossible to realistically imagine within their personal worldview, and impossible to contemplate the practical, universal, worldwide implementation of. Why?? Because none of you have ever enjoyed any of these rights. All of you were born into and forced to develop mental maturity within an atmosphere of universal slavery, universal terrorization, and the official decree that you, as a child, existed as a subhuman, worthless slave.

This is the factual reality of your childhood, as a collective species, and it makes no difference how much you personally deny it, or how much you try to pretend that your childhood was better, and that you can possess an enlightened and progressive attitude towards the current and future rights of children. You cannot and you do not! Only by actually and fully transcending your own humanity, is it possible for you to properly appreciate the validity of each and every one of the 39 child rights reforms that I am outlining in this essay, to be rationally analyzed, understood, and embraced as the most clearly obvious, the most undeniably just, fair, and appropriate, for immediate, worldwide implementation.

To you, the destroyed ex-children who remain human, who cling to your humanity, it is impossible to fathom children possessing the most basic and elemental of personal rights. You never enjoyed any of these rights, and you are emotionally, intellectually, and psychologically invested in ensuring that no children in the future enjoy any of these rights. To even consciously acknowledge the validity of this essay, would require you humans to face up to the Forbidden Truths of your own childhoods, as well as the horrific realities of your day to day adult lives, existing as broken and terrorized slaves trapped within a matrix of universal illusion, pretense, and imaginary freedoms and rights.

These 39 fundamental and foundational child rights will be listed in no specific order of importance. They are all equally valid, they all deserve to be implemented immediately, on a worldwide basis.

Your failure as a species to recognize, embrace, and implement every child welfare reform I outline in this essay, reveals the hopelessness of the human condition, trapped within the diseased and deranged social constructs of family, religion, government, money, control, power, slave ownership, and the matrix of universal slavery directly imposed by these malicious social constructs. Slavery is at the very heart of the child genocide you are all victims of, and that you choose to perpetuate upon every child, now and in the future, as you devolve as a species to extinction.

If humanity possessed any capacity to positively evolve, this essay would be hailed as the single most important blueprint for revolutionary reform and positive progress, ever created and publicly disseminated. Every human leader, from presidents to top scientists to top philosophers to top religious leaders to every newspaper, magazine, and television station in the world, would embrace the validity of every child right, and a worldwide movement to dismantle the family unit, dissolve religion, end schooling, and terminate the diseased construct of government, would begin tomorrow, in direct response to the Forbidden Truths of this very essay and blog post.

But of course none of this will happen. This essay will be universally ignored, blacked out from all public discourse, the author decreed a madman, as the insanity of humanity wins out, as the deranged inmates of the self-created asylum known as earth in the year 2015 continue the orgy of child genocide which defines normal human existence within the death throes of suicidal devolution.

With this introduction, we now move forward to the detailed articulation and expression of The Natural, Organic, Moral, Ethical, Just, and Sane Rights of the Human Child:

1: To be protected and shielded from all lies, as expressed verbally, via physical treatment, and via cultural edict. Lying to a child must be recognized as an act of supreme violence and destruction, an attack upon the brain of a child which is always impossible to justify. Lies must be defined accurately and absent all currently existing prejudice and irrationality in favor of insane belief systems and the adult right to deceive himself and embrace fantasy/illusion.

2: To be told the Truth in regard to every question asked. Every child, of every age, must be told the factually accurate Truth in response to any direct question. No child should ever be told that he is too young to understand a Truth, and no question asked by a child may be answered in a deceptive or vague manner due to any concern that the child might be traumatized or frightened by being exposed to an unpleasant or undesirable Truth. Truth must be recognized as a nutrient which builds and enhances the healthy brain functionality of children.

3: To never be touched against his will, and to never be subjected to the proactive touch of any adult. The touching of children must be recognized as a violent invasion of the personal autonomy of the child. This understanding must cross all boundaries which allow for a distinction between “benevolent” and offensive touch. All touching of children which is not directly initiated and solicited by the child, must be decreed offensive, abusive, and unacceptable. This includes hugging, kissing, and unsolicited “comfort” touch from caretakers.

4: To never be subjected to any type of discipline or punishment. The discipline or punishment of children, of any age, must be outlawed and decreed to be overtly abusive and an act of harmful terrorization. This includes physical attack, as well as verbal threat, as well as any and all forms of deprivation or forced limitation of desired activity. Punishment must be understood as an unacceptable crime of violence, in all circumstances and regardless of how it is applied. The only acceptable form of behavior modification attempt which can be deemed acceptable, would be the use of verbal reasoning rooted within Truth, as well as appeals of genuine emotional empathy, such as an adult caretaker crying in front of a child, and these behavior modification attempts must only be permitted in cases where the child is actively harming or endangering his own safety, health, and welfare, by his actions.

5: Absolute autonomy from all ownership claims, by biological creators, personal caretakers, societal leaders, and the nation-state. Every child must be granted absolute personal freedom and autonomy, as his most basic right, beginning 72 hours after he is biologically conceived. This demands that no ownership or possession rights be allowed to exist. Parenthood must be eliminated from the social construct, along with citizenship. Every child must be recognized as autonomous within the universe itself, and not able to be claimed as a “son” “daughter”, or “citizen”. The obligation of humanity must be to proactively provide safety and positive nurturance within functional Truth, to every child, while denying all individual adults and all social constructs, such as religions and governments, all right to claim possession, ownership, or impositional privilege/authority over any and all children.

6: To reject all caretakers and all external environments which he finds unsuitable for his positive and natural evolutionary development. Every child, beginning at the age of 5, deserves the right to choose his own caretakers and to alter the environment of his day to day existence, even if such caretakers and environment are free of overtly identifiable negative impacts. Every child must be empowered to decide for himself what he finds harmful and unsuitable, and to be free to sever all contact with specific caretakers, and to leave the places where he is living, at his personal will and choice, absent all need to establish just cause or provide reasons to be externally judged. Criminal imprisonment of children must be defined as the child being kept against his stated will by specific caretakers and/or within a specific location, with no additional criteria needing to be established. This child right runs concurrent with right #5, to enjoy absolute personal autonomy of body and mind.

7: To be free of and protected from, all emotional blackmail from adults. Emotional blackmail must be understood as the promise to provide emotional comfort, in response to the providing of emotional comfort. “I will make you feel better, if you allow me to use you to make myself feel better.” Emotional blackmail must be recognized as an abusive attack against children, destroying the vital capacity of the child to maintain and develop mental health and emotional autonomy.

8: To be free and protected from, all claims and all impositions of emotionalized affection from adults. No adult should be allowed to express or decree his personal love towards any child. The emotional attachment of adults to children must be understood and defined as inherently negative and abusive. The lie and illusion that children need positive emotionalized affection must be purged from the human experience of existence. Emotionalized affection must be recognized as a vampiric attack upon the child, which cripples the emotional capacity of the child to mentally mature into an an autonomously functional, Self-loving, and emotionally healthy adult, capable of positively meeting his own needs.

9: To be empowered to unconditionally love and value himself, and recognize his own singular perfection, absent all physical attributes, absent all connectivity to others, and absent all ties to any social constructs. Every child must be empowered to unconditional blossoming of his natural ego, narcissism, selfishness, and understanding of intrinsic Self-value and Self-love. All of these personal character traits must be recognized and treated as being both natural and positive, as well as proactively nurtured and encouraged, so that every child may recognize himself as entitled to every privilege, the real-life equal of every imagined god or idol ever conjured up by his species.

10: To be emancipated from all social and cultural pressure, intimidation, or bribery to conform to and accept the validity of, any existing social construct and structure. All children must be overtly told that nothing they may find to exist within the adult world, possesses any inherent legitimacy or power over them. Children must be taught that adults exist as compromised ex-children, and that adults are guilty of and responsible for causing all human dysfunctions, of behavior, of ideology, and of operational constructs. Children must be empowered that it is their intrinsic and moral obligation to change the world, not to fit into the world, and that they are inherently superior to adults, in intellect, in purity of mind, and in their right to negatively judge and to reject any and all human ideological, philosophical, and behavioral constructs.

11: To disrespect and to overtly destroy what adults have created and what adults are addicted to. The child must be taught that he owes no respect and no allegiance to adults. He must be made to understand that his only debts are to Self and to Truth. He must understand that the history of his species is a history of enduring and unending mistakes, terrible mistakes made over and over by adults. As a child, this fact must be consciously embraced, so that as he matures and attains adulthood, he is inspired to both recognize and reject whatever pathologies of thought and of behavior, the existing adult generations cling to.

12: To be empowered to consciously recognize that what is popular and commonplace and universally accepted, is often completely wrong and impossible to justify. Every child must recognize not merely a personal freedom, but an obligation to Self and to Truth, to challenge every sacred cow, to question everything he is told and to independently dissect the underlying rationales used by human society to justify existing social structures and constructs.

13: To develop the strength of mind which allows the child to trust only himself, and to rely only upon himself. Every child must be empowered to understand that to trust others is irrational, and to rely upon others is an unnecessary and overtly dangerous weakness. Independence and autonomy of mind must be exalted as an obligation of the child, to himself. Reliance upon others must be decreed a weakness, not a strength, and absolutely unnecessary.

14: Every child must be empowered to recognize and identify false and invalid comfort, and to understand that the embrace of false and invalid comfort directly compromises and destroys Truth itself, and is therefore directly harmful to the individual self. Children must be allowed to understand that all problems must be directly confronted within absolute Truth, and only in doing so can the problems be solved. The embrace of false comfort carries horrific, long-term consequences, and children must be allowed to consciously recognize and understand this Truth. Aiding and abetting children to obtain and embrace false comfort must be recognized as child abuse, in and of itself, as it solves no existing problems, and destroys the capacity of the child to mature into a mentally healthy adult capable of facing up to the realities of his existence.

15: To possess unlimited, unrestricted freedom of emotional experience and expression. Every child must be empowered to feel and to express the entire range of his personal, emotional experience of existence, including fear, hate, and rage, absent all external judgment and/or restriction. External behavioral restrictions must be recognized as invalid and impossible to justify. Protecting children from being victimized via emotional trauma, must be understood as the only valid way to try to limit and prevent children from experiencing and expressing negative emotions against and upon others.

16: To be empowered to deal with and to solve their own emotional distress. No child should be subjected to the externalized imposition of emotion-based comfort. Every child should be taught to comfort himself, to find the mental strength and resources to meet his own needs. Only if and when a child in distress proactively and overtly seeks out and solicits comfort from others, may such comfort be provided. Even in these situations, the comfort provided must be non-vampiric, and must not solicit or encourage any ongoing dependency.

17: Every child must be overtly told and taught that the human being exists as a biological birth defect, and that this birth defect directly impacts brain functionality and reality perception, in a negative manner. Only within this understanding, is it possible for the child to consciously attempt to mitigate these negative consequences, during the natural brain maturation process. As an adult, it is almost always too late for such mitigation efforts, and the adult brain is generally unable to even rationally analyze the possibility trhat his brain is genetically compromised via birth defect. To know that that their brain is genetically compromised, this is a right of every child. To withhold this information from a child, is overtly harmful and directly limits the positive potential of the child to minimize the harmful consequences of this genetic fault.

18: Children must be taught that emotionalism is a mental weakness, and intellectualism is a mental strength. To subordinate emotion to intellect, is to achieve superior brain functionality and to minimize the negative consequences of the genetic birth defect status of the human species. Rationality and Truth are realized and extracted via intellect, and emotions directly compromise and distort the capacity of the brain to optimally function. Encouraging children to embrace emotionalism and to covet emotional experience, must be understood as a form of child abuse.

19: Children must be given absolute freedom to pursue, and to reject, all learning and all knowledge, on their own terms, absent all external imposition or direction. The brain of a child is instinctually oriented towards learning and obtaining knowledge. The child must be empowered to choose what he learns, when he learns it, and how he learns. When children directly seek knowledge, it must be provided to them, free of all external bias and speculative opinion. This is done by waiting for the child to ask questions, waiting for the child to formulate and express a knowledge quest, and then fully meeting the request. Organized schooling, at best, must be recognized as an unacceptable way to ritually impose facts in a disruptive and harmful manner upon children, which minimizes and compromises their instinctual quest for Truth-based knowledge and understanding of their universe.

20: Children deserve to be empowered to understand that their capacity to teach adults, is greater than the capacity of adults to teach them. Children must never be treated as receptacles for knowledge, but rather as functional sources of knowledge. The child is instinctually purer of mind and of consciousness than the adult, and knowledge is operationally and organically grown within purity of mind. Children should be encouraged to teach adults, instead of being told to learn from adults.

21: Children should be told to never accept what they are told to be True, factual, accurate. Children should be empowered to question everything they are taught and told, to be skeptical of everything they are taught and told, and to overtly assume that everything that they are taught and told is invalid and untrue. Only within this empowered frame of mind, can children see through the universal matrix of social illusion, using their independently functional minds to sort out facts from fictions, deceptions from realities.

22: Every child must be overtly empowered to reject and to destroy whatever he personally finds to be harmful or damaging to his mind, body, soul, and psyche. This individual right must be understood as sacred, incontrovertible, and superseding all consequences and all ramifications of his rejection and destruction. Only within this power, can the child genuinely defy the institutionalized social structure of child abuse, by protecting himself from being abused, instead of having to rely on others to protect him from being abused, which is in and of itself a form of child abuse. To be ideologically denied the proactive right to personally destroy what is harming you, is the same as being forced to endure abuse.

23: Autonomy of body parts and of bodily function. No child may be subjected to any act of body modification, such as circumcision, and no child may be inhibited, discouraged, or restricted from engaging in any body manipulation, such as masturbation, nail-biting, thumb-sucking, etc…, unless the specific body part or body manipulation is directly endangering, on a physical level, the very ongoing existence of the child, as determined by an independent medical doctor.

24: Equal access to universally appropriate medical care and treatment. No child caretaker may be allowed to make medical decisions on behalf of any child. No cultural, religious, ethnic, or other human custom or tradition may be allowed to determine or to prejudice the medical care and treatment any child receives. All medical care and treatment decisions must be made based upon a universal scientific and medical standard of care which is applied equally to every child in the universe. Children may not make medical decisions regarding their own care, unless such decisions are harmonious with the validly established scientific and medical standards which provide the greatest possibilities of restoring physical health.

25: No clinical-based mental health treatment of, or medication of, any child. Item #24 above, is specifically limited to the physical care and treatment of medical issues. The mental health care and treatment of children must be provided within a completely different standard. The inherent mental dysfunction of humanity itself, as a collective species, must be fully recognized and taken into account. Therefore, unless and until humanity overcomes its current universal mental disease and dysfunction, children must not be externally judged as mentally ill or mentally disturbed, and no mental health treatment must be imposed upon any children. The only valid form of mental health treatment children may receive, is to be to protected from all child abuse and given the rights, freedoms, and privileges I am outlining in this essay. Only mental retardation may be recognized as a valid brain functionality “problem”, to be treated via specialized caretaking and teaching, but not with any medication. Every other type of mental dysfunction experienced by the child, must be recognized as a responsive symptom of and to the genetic and environmental mental derangements and dysfunctions of humanity as a species, and therefore must be addressed holistically, on a societal level, and not via the imposition of any mental health “therapy” or medication upon any child.

26: To know and to understand that whatever seeks to harm you, or causes harm to be experienced by you, is your enemy. Children must be allowed to realize that suffering, injustice, harm, are not acceptable, and not to be considered inevitable and one of the costs of being alive. Whatever harms a child, be it via sentient will or via generalized negative impact, must be understood by the child as unacceptable, a foreign attack which must be repelled. In this mindset, death is recognized as a malevolent force, an enemy to be targeted for destruction, just as much as the individual who tries to lie to you, or to sexually assault you. As long as life remains a war against the individual, all children have the right to know that they are under attack, and at war, and that they have enemies both sentient and not. Within this conscious knowledge, defenses and counter-attacks may be mounted, which is the overt obligation of the child, to self.

27: To know that they are better than adults. Every child has the right to absolutely know, on all levels of consciousness, that they are better than adults. Better in every way, healthier in every way, more sane, in every way. This child is genetically, morally, mentally, intellectually, ideologically, consciously, instinctually, behaviorally, better than the adult. Every child must know this, so that he possesses the self-confidence of personal authonony, to break free and remain free of the hive mind, to find the strength to choose to transcend his humanity, instead of to join the collective and become a drone, destroying himself in the process.

28: To never be led, anywhere, by anyone. Every child deserves the right to be empowered to create his own universe, and to establish himself as absolute leader of that universe, and therefore of the universe. Children must be taught that nobody has the right or the authority to lead them, anywhere. That nobody has ever or can ever earn the right to be perceived by them as their leader. Children must be empowered to recognize that all leadership is inherently wrong, unjust, and harmful, both to the leader and to his followers. Leadership must be defined as synonymous with slavery, with the understanding that to be led is to be enslaved, and to follow a leader is to be a slave.

29: To know with absolute certainty that their only obligation is to Self. Every child must be empowered to recognize and embrace the Truth that selflessness is not a virtue, but a horrific betrayal of self. That selfishness is positive, necessary, and a glorious expression of all that is good and right within the universe the child is creating and must claim ownership of. Children must be empowered to realize that selfishness harms nobody, that selfishness prevents harm from occurring, because all harm originates from betrayal, subjugation, and hatred of self. To love, to value, to nurture, all these glorious choices must be directed towards self, this is the right and the obligation of the child, required in order to render his world, and therefore the world, safe, strong, protected, defended, untouchable.

30: To never feel compelled to misdirect emotion. As already articulated earlier, children must be empowered to subordinate emotion to intellect. But at the same time, children must also be enlightened to the horror of sublimation and misdirection of emotion. Hate and rage must be accepted as valid, and appropriately directed outward. Hate because you are hated, hate that which hates you, and that which causes you to be hated, and if you are taught and told to hate yourself, hate that teacher, be it an individual or a social structure, with the deepest and purest of enmity. Children should be taught that to direct all negative emotion outward, and all positive emotion inward, is the single greatest form of self-directed mental health therapy and best way to maintain & nurture existing mental health.

31: To be 100% emotionally autonomous. Every child should be taught that love is something to create, nurture, develop, and direct, towards self. That the love of others is a vampiric illusion, overtly harmful and functionally useless. Children must know that to obtain love from others, is to create toxic dependency and to embrace personal slavery.

32: To know that being human is nothing to be proud of. Every child deserves to know that his human status is simply the result of scientific and biological chance. He is a genetically weak and deformed animal, and this is not his fault, but it is something that he must strive to overcome. The child must be empowered to accept the fact that he was born human, but not to idolize his humanity. He must embrace an obligation to overcome the genetic and environmental limitations and deformations of his species, while consciously developing an understanding that his species is guilty of and responsible for creating, sponsoring, and causing all of the greatest mistakes, injustices, and horrors to have been visited upon planet earth.

33: To recognize a sacred right to personal immortality. Every child must be inspired, within the grace of selfishness, self-love, and the glory of their self-created universe, to recognize and embrace both physical and memory-based technological immortality as a sacred birthright, a natural and instinctual entitlement, something they deserve as a most basic and inherent right of existence, and something they must overtly fight and demand to achieve, in order to gain the gift of life itself. Every child must be intellectually challenged to face up to the philosophical Truth that to die is the same as never having been born, and to live with a future of individual death, is to not be alive, but to merely be pretending, within absolute illusion, to be alive.

34: Uncompromised freedom of physical action: The external assignment of “homework”, “chores”, jobs, tasks, or activities to a child must be recognized, in all cases and circumstances, as a violation of the personal autonomy of the child, constituting absolute child abuse. Children must be taught that to be free, you must be allowed to do exactly and only what you personally choose to do, absent all external coercion, threat, bribery, or other enticements, including so-called “positive” enticements such as superficially useful reward or verbal praise. The universal slavery of citizenship under government, with illustrations such as the monetary system and “employment”, must be openly revealed and expressed to children, as they are protected from any and all forced physical activities, so that they may recognize an obligation to Self to reject government and all labor and monetary based economic systems, as they mature to adulthood.

35: Empowerment of personal potential: Every child deserves to be overtly inspired to recognize and embrace the Truth that he, alone and individually, possesses both the intrinsic right and the functional power/capacity, to completely alter every aspect of the entire universe, via overt destruction, via dynamic creation, via idea, via action, and via any combination of destruction, creation, idea, action, and any other impulse or motivational force he is capable of consciously experiencing. Every child must be empowered to recognize both his capacity and his self-obligation to create a universe within his own mind that exceeds all perceived functional validity of the universe of current human existence.

36: Recognition of the mind as representing self, and by proxy, the mind as the gateway to personal omnipotence: Every child must be taught that he exists as a brain, as a mind, and that all body parts, all physical representations of identity, and all body functions, are mere accessories, not necessary and not to be irrationally placed upon a pedestal of imagined importance.

37: To be empowered to recognize and define all problems, and to solve all problems, not to benefit others, but to preserve and better the universe of self. Children deserve to know, from earliest age, that every problem has a solution, and that every problem they accurately identify as a problem, is a problem which is harming them, and therefore must be solved by them, personally, within the power of their limitless and untouchable, self-developed and self-nurtured mind. That every problem, every failure, every dysfunction of humanity is the direct result of humanity, of weakness, cowardice, the rejection of Truth, and of brain pathology, genetic and external, of personal weakness and of mental damage. Let the child appreciate his own unique position and capacity to maximize brain function, transcend his humanity, and save the universe, by saving himself.

#38: To be proactively shielded and protected from every form of physical, emotional, and psychological abuse, trauma, and victimization, by all human beings and by human society as a whole. This child right can only be achieved as reality via the elimination of the family unit, the termination of the diseased social structure of parenthood, and the institution of universal, mandatory Child Caretaker Competency Testing, in conjunction with Mandatory, Yearly, Live-in Child Assessment Centers, both of which are comprehensively explained and described right here:

#39: To be proactively shielded and protected from the imposition of all customs, rituals, belief systems, and traditions of all human societies and cultures, so that a clean break can be made from the horrific legacy of human history and of the human past, allowing every child the autonomy of mind necessary to forge a new, superior, and uniquely different path to the present and future.

The end. Except for this: The question of what rights should a child have, comes down to this answer: To not be harmed, to not be abused, to not be hurt, to not have his personal potential destroyed, to not be destroyed as I was destroyed, as you were destroyed, and that as every adult and every child ever born on planet earth, has been destroyed.

Even the tiny handful of humans who agree with the brilliance expressed in this essay, will declare that it is not “realistic”, that children cannot be given the 39 rights I have articulated here.

You are right, they cannot. And the reason they cannot receive these rights is because all of the Forbidden Truths I articulate at the beginning of this essay, are True: Humanity exists as a species of destroyed and deranged ex-children, subjected to horrific abuse throughout their childhoods, unable to face up to this Truth, and pathologically obsessed with destroying all children of the present and of the future, in cathartic reflection of their own destruction. Got it? Good. Now go back to your lives, go back to sponsoring the destruction of every child. You will feel better, just deny the Truth of this essay. Deny it, bury it, purge it from your minds, and label Me insane.

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