Recognizing What is Guilty and Responsible For Our Mistakes

Recently I have received several interesting replies to My brilliant essays, particularly at this WordPress blog. I always reply to posted comments I deem worthy, but I know that these comments receive far less exposure than My actual essays, so sometimes My reply deserves to be fleshed out into an actual new essay. This is the case here.

Genuine Truth-seekers should already know that breeding is a mistake. When we breed, we create new slaves for The Matrix of Universal Illusion to brainwash and destroy. When we breed, we help society and government to maintain and strengthen the genocidal lie that death is necessary and good, by creating a replacement for ourselves. When we breed, we diminish and dilute ourselves, we fragment our Self-universe, we actively harm ourselves, and this is True even if we find the Truth and courage within ourselves to completely reject and abandon all “parental” responsibilities and obligations as demanded and imposed by society, upon birth.

So, breeding is a personal mistake of the individual, given the fact that we can, in most cases, fully control whether or not we breed, simply by refusing to engage in interactive sexual contact with humans. But who is to blame for this mistake? Should we blame ourselves, should we accept guilt and responsibility for “our” mistake?? No!

In a recent comment to an essay, a genuinely aspiring Superior addressed her own mistake in breeding, in her own words: “SEER, I wish that I was armed with this knowledge prior to creating a child. Oh, Boy! I know I made a BIG MISTAKE that i cannot reverse.”

Yes, it was a mistake, and it is very important that all aspiring Superiors consciously and fully acknowledge all mistakes they make. But knowing and acknowledging a mistake is completely different from assigning guilt and responsibility for the mistake having occurred. We must blame the appropriate parties, in acknowledgement of our victimhood status.

Here is My full reply to the comment of this aspiring Superior, with a few additional closing remarks. Please note that the perspective I offer is fully applicable to all individual mistakes resulting from societal and governmental brainwashing, indoctrination, and child abuse:

Every society and government on planet earth successfully destroys the capacity of every child to recognize, comprehend, embrace, and reflect Truth. It is then up to every destroyed child to try to rebuild and recreate this capacity within his own MindScape and True Reality. The vast majority of all humans, children and adults, 99.9999999% of them, never even try to do so, never even consciously perceive what has been taken away from them. These are the brainwashed sheeple, the Unwashed Masses, the hopelessly broken Inferiors.

The rest of us, a tiny minority, can only try, with varying degrees of success, to regain this supremely and profoundly precious and important MindPower.

The process is always very long, very slow, and quite difficult. So it was for even Me, even as I began at age 6, just about the earliest possible age to begin such a process. Because I began so early, and was so very determined and obsessive in My quest, I was able to attain a level of Truth consciousness by the age of 13, that allowed Me to make numerous Sacred Vows to Myself at that age, that guided and shaped My life path choices throughout My later childhood and young adult years.

Almost no children, literally one in a billion, begin such a process at age 6. As I state, most humans never even know what has been taken away from them. The tiny minority that do come to this conscious realization, generally do so beginning at the age of 13-25. At this point it is far too late to avoid making tactical mistakes and Truth betrayals, such as choosing to engage in interactive sexual contact with humans, and breeding.

From initial conscious realization of mind destruction, to reaching a threshold capacity of Truth insight as to the profoundly negative consequences of breeding, takes as least 7 years of daily and obsessive effort, usually much more. So even if you begin at age 13, you cannot expect to even begin to achieve such a profound insight of Truth, until age 20 at the earliest.

Still, fully recognizing the nature of such profound mistakes, in hindsight, at any age, is a great feat of MindPower, and marks you as the very rarest of humans, the one out of many millions, who found a way to regain the capacity to perceive and to consciously embrace primary-level Forbidden Truth.

Of course you should feel “regret” over being brainwashed, coerced, terrorized by society and government into agreeing to produce a replacement slave for Yourself.

But this sense of regret should be far surpassed by profound rage and hate directed at society and government for the mind rape and murder it is guilty of having carried out against you as a child, and profound pride in and love of Self, for fighting back and regaining the capacity to perceive, to know, and to understand, exactly what has been done to you, as a victim of the motherhood/parenthood ideological delusion and illusion.

You made a mistake, but the mistake was caused by the atrocities committed against you and your supremely vulnerable child mind. You bear no guilt or responsibility for the mistake you made. In recognizing Yourself as a pure victim, while simultaneously acknowledging that you did make a mistake as a result of your victimization, you glorify and honor both Self and Truth, which is a personal triumph that places the mistake within proper context, allowing you to learn and to know never to repeat the mistake, while negating all negative impact to consciousness.


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Human Breeding Is An Act Of Murder

When you create a human life, you condemn that life to become retroactively unborn, via your sponsorship and support for the indefinite continuation of universal death for all. You condemn the life form that you have created, to be murdered by the collective will of humanity as a species, which includes of course, YOU, on a directly personal level.

Therefore, in choosing to breed, you choose to commit an act of murder.

Of course 99.999999% of you brainwashed hypocrites lack all conscious awareness of what you are doing. But make no mistake, on a subconscious level the MAJORITY of you humans are primarily motivated to breed by rage, by hate, by a desire to inflict pain, suffering, and trauma upon another human being.

Breeding is not a celebration of new life, but an affirmation of universal death. In breeding, you assume direct guilt and responsibility for causing a newly created human being to endure suffering, pain, trauma, injustice, slavery, and death.

The choice to breed should be understood as a form of legal murder, directly promoted and encouraged by every human society & government.

Just as breeding allows the human to achieve catharsis for his own childhood abuse and lifelong enslavement, by empowering him to inflict ongoing child abuse and slavery upon his sperm creations and womb excretions, breeding also helps the human to gain catharsis for the suppressed and denied Forbidden Truth of his own impending murder, by allowing him to cause a life form that otherwise would never have existed, to become doomed to suffer the same horrific fate as he.

Consciousness exists on an infinitely layered scale. There is no clear line separating unconscious, subconscious, and conscious motivational intent. On some level, many men and women who choose to breed have homicidal intent and inspirational motive, just as many women who choose to have abortions do so directly motivated by a desire to gain homicidal catharsis.

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Why Do Humans Choose to Breed?

Understanding the nature of universal child abuse requires a keen and absolute insight to the human condition of existence. On its most elemental level, universal child abuse perfectly reflects the Forbidden Truth that everyone who breeds, as well as everyone who is allowed to serve as a child caretaker, is already a created victim of universal child abuse, and the law of human reflection, as articulated within Forbidden Truth philosophy, applies.

But let us now dig deeper, to expose the Forbidden Truths of breeding itself. Why do humans choose to breed? The normals will always fall back upon their imposed doctrinal illusions, that breeding is natural, instinctual, normal, and universally practiced by all other animals. But these arguments, upon Forbidden Truth analysis, are void of all credibility.

The human being is an unnatural life form, and proves this fact each and every day, in millions of different ways, on an individual and a species-wide, collective level. The instincts of the human being are warped, not oriented towards either personal or group survival. The human being exists as the only species with an obvious and undeniable suicidal ideation, which is not limited to individual members, and which directly contradicts and undermines the argument that a natural instinct for survival, inherently present in all species of life, affirmatively motivates humans to breed.

The human being is an abnormal animal, the thinking patterns and reality perceptions of the human being, differ from all other animals. Therefore, when the human engages in behaviors that mimic the behaviors of other animals, it is not an acceptable explanation, to simply decree the motivational forces behind these behaviors as being “normal”. The human being thinks abnormally, behaves abnormally, and perceives reality in abnormal ways, in direct comparison to all other animals. To decree the human choice to breed as merely a “normal” and natural decision, is a cop-out which obscures Truth on this very question and issue, and by proxy, on a much wider and diverse set of profoundly important human ideological and behavioral issues.

It is very True that all other species of life choose to breed, but this fact, in and of itself, fails to explain why humans choose to breed, and it fails to reveal the profound differences, the functional pathologies, which are in direct play in how humanity approaches and utilizes this biological function.

Here are the top seven reasons that humans choose to breed, and I want to preface by making it clear that all seven reasons are flawed, illogical, directly harmful to the individual Self, and a betrayal/abandonment of Truth itself.

1: Humans breed in order to obtain a false, invalid, and intellectually absurd illusion of personal immortality. Humans delude themselves into believing that creating offspring somehow bestows upon them, a method of cheating death, a way to exist and to live on, after they die. This concept is utterly deranged and delusional, and has no basis in any sane philosophical or ideological conception. And yet it is a primary and foundational reason, on an intellectualized level of direct contemplation, as well as a subconscious emotional pathology, for why humans choose to breed.

2: Humans choose to breed because they feel compelled to relieve their own experienced childhood trauma, victimization, and abuse, by inflicting similar trauma, victimization, and abuse upon children. Breeding is the governmentally and culturally preferred and promoted way for all adults to reflect their own experienced child abuse, upon children. Legally, morally, and ideologically, all adults are instructed by society that breeding is the proper, natural, and appropriate way to obtain children for usage as reflective and cathartic Poison Containers.

3: Humans choose to breed because governments coerce and brainwash them to accept the perverse lie that it is their obligation to the slave-state to breed, to create new citizen-slaves who will replace them, and in the process keep the slave-state strong and vital. governments terrorize citizens into believing that they are personal failures, and are betraying a debt they owe to the state, if they refuse to breed.

4: Humans are convinced to breed by society and government, under the lie that breeding and raising a child provides a legitimate purpose and meaning to their existence, that it is personally important and a proper channel for them to direct their focus, attention, and peceived “free time”. Nothing could be further from the Truth. In actuality, on a personal and individual level, breeding and raising children is meaningless, a horrific waste of precious time, and serves as extremely harmful distraction and diversion from proper focus on Self and the True issues and problems inherent in all individual existences.

5: Humans choose to breed because on some level they recognize that they are being forced to exist as absolute slaves, and breeding is marketed to them by society as the perfect and best opportunity to become slaveowners themselves. This slave ownership is delusionally perceived by the individual as a way to successfully mitigate and escape from the reality of their own slavery.

6: Humans choose to breed because pretending to try to make a better life for a created offspring, is the perfect excuse to insanely rationalize acceptance of personal suffering, injustice, a horrific present and a doomed, hopeless, illusionary future, for Self.

7: Humans choose to breed because they are unable to love Self, and desperate to obtain love from other living things, and are brainwashed by society and government to accept the lie that maternal and paternal love is pure, natural, instinctual, and the easiest & bestway to obtain love from another human being. In Truth, of course, the only valid form of love is Self-love, and owned child-slaves are emotionally coerced and terrorized into expressing/demonstrating love to adults, as well as psychologically crippled to the toxic dependency of emotional enmeshment. Taught that they must not love themselves, they are doomed to a lifelong addiction of vampiric emotional enmeshment, compelled to try to extract love from other living things, instead of incubating and blossoming within the glory of limitless, unconditional love of Self.

So there you have it, the True reasons humans choose to breed. Breeding for humans, is wrong. It is a toxic, crippling crutch. Universal sterility should be a scientic, as well as a terrorist, goal. Maybe, just maybe, if humanity as a species were to become universally sterile, a sense of personal Self-value might develop, not out of genuine evolutionary progress of mind, but in response to whatever last vestiges of instinctual Self-preservation as a species, the diseased human animal might still possess.

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The Greatest Gift of Science

As those of you who read My writings should know, I am a technological immortalist, demanding technological immortality as My sacred birthright, based upon the uniquely brilliant capacity of My Self-developed mind to both perceive and embrace the Forbidden Truths of death. Given this understanding, you might be drawn to conclude that this essay will name technological immortality as the greatest gift of science. But alas, such is not the case.

I cannot decree technological immortality as the greatest gift of science, because science exists under the control of human beings, diseased and inferior creatures who destroy everything they touch and who cannot create anything of positive value, in defiance of the universal code of mutual destruction within which this suicidal and Self-hating species dwells.

Science is a glorious thing, but the human being is a pathetic and perverse thing, and as long as all scientists are human, every scientific problem can only be successfully resolved via the backdoor, by confronting humans with a problem, which is not actually a problem, but which they will perceive as a problem, requiring the Truth-based solution they otherwise cannot face up to.

Confused? Allow Me to cut right to the chase: The greatest gift that science, and by proxy, scientists, could ever bestow upon humanity, would be the proactive development and worldwide distribution of a communicable virus which causes universal, absolute, and irreversible sterility. Yes, sterility for each and every member of the human species, sterility which renders all biological conception of life via breeding absolutely impossible, be in in utero or externally based via medical laboratory.

The development of a communicable virus which actually is deployed and actually causes universal sterility among humans, is the only conceivable path to inspiring governments and leaders of society to allow for technological immortality to become a reality, as is already scientifically feasible. As long as breeding can occur, each of us is doomed to an imaginary existence in which we are used up as worthless, owned objects, to be intentionally discarded into the void of eternal nothingness, replaced by a new doomed creature, created via breeding, and destined to the same horrific fate.

This does not need to be. This is a choice made by your human leaders, deranged, suicidal, and Self-hating. They themselves do not desire immortality for themselves, so how can they imagine it for you? Only the absolute certainty of species extinction, foretold decades in advance, and made absolutely clear as destined to occur decades in advance, could perhaps inspire the revolution of mind among you broken fools, to recognize, embrace, and demand technological immortality. The only practical way to create this inspiration among you, is to render the entire species sterile, and fully incapable of breeding.

To be clear, the development of technological immortality inspired by universal sterility, would itself be fatally flawed, because the Self-hating mindset of the human would not be foundationally altered. Technological immortality might be created, but not as the glorious reflection of love of Self, not as the Superior understanding and embrace of Self as god. No, technological immortality inspired by sterility would be just another pathetic step down the wrong path, a desirable thing only rendered as manifest reality due to the surviving slivers of natural instinct towards species preservation, within a fatally flawed species.

Still, you take what you can get, this is the Forbidden Truth doctrine. Having transcended My humanity, I know that I deserve technological immortality, and I further know that one of the only conceivable ways humanity can ever be inspired to accept this glorious gift, would be the rendering of universal sterility upon every member of the species.

So, a message of Forbidden Truth to all scientists: Do not pursue technological immortality. It is a doomed effort, the forces of humanity, society, and government are aligned against you. You will fail, even if you unlock every single key to technological immortality and unveil it to the world. You will not be hailed as a hero, you will not be celebrated as the murderer of god. You will be locked inside of a mental institution at best, or you will be silenced via a governmentally paid assassin’s bullet to the brain, at worst. Your gift, the greatest gift, will be rejected and you will be destroyed for offering it.

Dear scientist, what you must do is go through the backdoor, the only door humanity allows to be opened. You must develop a communicable virus which causes universal sterility. You must unleash this virus upon all of humanity. It must successfully afflict all of humanity. It must work, it must cause universal sterility which cannot be reversed or cured. This must be your scientific mandate, because only if and after you have successfully achieved this scientific breakthrough, is it possible that human minds might be pried open enough to allow you to grace them with technological immortality.

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