Destiny and Fate as Devastating Weapons of Social Mind Control

The central issue of perversion and derangement of mind that must be understood, when considering destiny, fate, reincarnation, and other hogties of personal potential, is that of religion, god, and the supernatural. Seekers of Truth need to fully understand that all supernatural conceptions are philosophically identical to that of traditional, organized religion. To believe in destiny, fate, reincarnation, or any supernatural concepts that defy science and factual reality, carries the same negative, enslaving, and personal potential destroying ramifications, as belief in a mainstream religion such as christianity or islam.

Of course destiny, fate, and branched concepts such as reincarnation, are false delusions, but our understanding must go much deeper. We must consciously grasp that these concepts are a substitute for organized and mainstream religion, deliberately and overtly promoted by all societies and governments specifically because they are profoundly useful in psychologically and ideologically enslaving and destroying the personal potential of the population minority who choose to reject and abandon traditional, organized religion.

Such abandonment is functionally useless, and a Self-delusion in itself, when any such individual falls prey to any other organized system of mind slavery such as a belief in destiny or fate. Destiny is a lie. It is all wrapped up in the toxic embrace of religion, of afterlife mythology, and the cage of universal social control via the neutering and dismemberment of all personal potential.

The lie of destiny is overtly promoted and imposed by all societies and governments, and is extremely valuable in maintaining universal slavery for all as public policy mandate. The idea of destiny imposes and demands personal impotence. It is the neutering of free will, of mind perception and of physical reality. Destiny is an overtly supernatural concept, devised by humans to avoid having to take responsibility for their own future, which is of course a pure illusion and delusion of mind in and of itself, based upon the Forbidden Truth realities of death, as I have already revealed them to be.

Suffering, oppression, victimization, harm, abuse, injustice, death. all of these horrors, and many more, are deliberately and organizationally legitimized by The Matrix of Universal Illusion, and one of the premier philosophical lies deployed to attain this legitimization, is the foundationally flawed falsehood known as “destiny”.

None of us possess any future. In order to obtain a future, the social shackles of mind control must be severed and dismembered. Destiny is absolutely one of these social shackles, and must be totally obliterated as a belief, in exactly the same fashion as organized religion, must be obliterated.

Destiny as an idea, cages all human potential to shape, mold, control, dictate, and determine their own fate., individually and collectively. That is why it has always been an extremely valuable, weaponized lie of society and government.

How can the Forbidden Truths of death ever be recognized, much less embraced, if one is convinced that some supernatural force has preordained that they must die?? Now you can understand, if you sane, why destiny and reincarnation, fate and all afterlife mythology, all conception of any “outside force” manipulating and controlling your experienced existence, are marketed as being intertwined and connected by society and government.

Fall victim and prey to just one social delusion, and the end result is the same as if you were ensnared by each and every social delusion.

To believe in destiny or fate, is to handcuff and hogtie your own mind and body. because something can and will determine your destiny and your fate, but not a mystical force, rather your very own worst nightmare and mortal enemy: The society and the government that holds you as an owned prisoner, birth to death. It is this enemy that determines your destiny. And your destiny is: To be brainwashed to believe that you cannot control and determine your own destiny, to the degree that you don’t even try.

Or, just as effectively, to be brainwashed to believe you can determine your own destiny, but only within specific sight-lines of the cage where your mind is being kept captive. And so you feel so proud and lucky to believe you can determine your own destiny, and you sincerely try, even as you remain completely oblivious to the reality of the cage you are being kept in, a cage that ensures your destiny can and will only be, what your slavemasters choose to allow it to be.

Your destiny is to be lost to eternal oblivion, , retroactively unborn, and to never get to know or to understand that it is so, and why, until it is too late. Whoops, there it is, eternal oblivion, your destiny has arrived, too late for you to even know it, much less try to change it.

The Superior knows that to control and determine his own destiny and fate, with 100% freedom of mind, rooted within unconditional love of Self and unlimited knowledge and conscious embrace of all Forbidden Truth, is his sacred and inalienable right, as an autonomous Self-universe intrinsically entitled to live, to exist, to be, eternally and forever, all of which can only be achieved via the personal attainment of technological immortality.

Destiny and fate can never be externalized from the Self-universe. Destiny and fate are real, only as weapons at my disposal, to destroy and to annihilate the false illusion anything or anyone external of Self, has a right to determine My destiny.

To believe in destiny or fate, and to not believe in destiny or fate, is functionally the same for you pathetic humans. If you do believe, you consciously accept the horrific harm and destruction imposed and inflicted upon you by society and government.

If you do not believe, you subconsciously and unconsciously accept the limitations of free will and of personal potential, equally imposed by society and government, that serve to effectively compel you to place your fate and destiny in the hands of society and government. The exact same end result is ensured, the perfect lose-lose situation.

The only way to break free of this duality death-grip of the mind, is to know exactly what destiny and fate are, how and why your reality perceptions have been externally warped and controlled, and exactly how destiny and fate are deployed as weapons of mind genocide against you, to render your perceived freedom to choose or not to choose to try to alter your future, to be an absolute illusion.

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All Humans are Pathological and Instinctual Liars

Tactical advice for actual and aspiring Superiors: Never take what any human says, at face, voice, or literary value. Never. The human is born and bred to lie, to himself and to every other living thing, in every interactive contact. To the Alien Eye, (and Ear), they inadvertently reveal and expose their deception in many different, subtle ways. The Superior always seeks out these failures, recognizing them and completely rejecting whatever lies are being offered.

It makes no difference that sometimes you cannot be 100% certain the inferior is lying to you. Assume it to be so, based upon what they say and how they say it, as determined via a properly functional Alien Eye analysis. Always tilt the balance against the human, most especially if he is initiating contact with you. Because all humans are liars, so addicted to deception they usually are genuinely unaware, on all conscious levels, that they are lying.

And it is these liars who are able to deliver the most believable lies.

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The Profound Difference Between Hope/Optimism, and Possibility

Hope and optimism, as defined, promoted, and legitimized by 21st century human society and government, always involve magical thinking. Hope and optimism exist as beliefs, exactly parallel to the Insane God Myth. Very specifically, they require no rational quantification, no scientific or mathematical calculation of odds or probability, no Truth-based analysis of whether the specific thing that is hoped for, or the specific thing one is optimistic about, can or cannot actually occur, actually become an existing reality.

For this reason, there is never any legitimate reason for a seeker of Truth to possess any hope or optimism, for anything, within his conscious mind spectrum of consideration. To embrace hope or optimism is to very specifically reject the organized and analytical thinking that is required of all Truth quests.

This brings us to the question of “possibility”. Possibility differs from hope and optimism, in that it allows, this is a very important point, it does not require, but it does allow, for a rational and deductive analysis to be performed, that can, for a Superior thinker, lead to an accurate and Truth-based conclusion as to whether or not something is possible, and further, whether or not the actual and legitimately calculated odds of this possibility becoming a reality are sufficient to warrant encompassing the particular possibility in question, to the philosophical and ideological mindscape of the Self-universe.

Of course inferiors will intermingle possibility with hope/optimism, they will fail to recognize the distinction, and fail to perform the rational and deductive analysis. But My point is, possibility can be legitimately incorporated within the Superior mind, but hope and optimism, like belief, cannot and must never be allowed to find any such safe harbor.

All magical thinking is directly destructive to mental health and to proper brain functionality. It constitutes the embrace of the irrational and the illogical. It opens a pandora’s box that cripples all Truth quests, by allowing wants and needs to transform into hopes, belief, and optimism, spinning a web that cages the brain, rendering Truth invisible and impossible to recognize, decipher, embrace.

As a top-level Superior, I know exactly what is possible and what is not possible. For the possible, I know the full backstory, I know what must occur first, in order for something to become possible. And this is profoundly important and valuable.

For example, many positive evolutions of human consciousness are possible, only if and when and after, all child abuse, child victimization, and child trauma ends, and an entire generation of children reach mental maturity having never experienced such harm.

But you humans insist upon pursuing positive social change right now, as a mass of destroyed ex-children, permanently scarred and crippled by the universal child abuse you and everyone of your generation has been subjected to. And so your endeavor is absolutely guaranteed to fail. It is impossible for you to succeed, yet you waste your imaginary existence in a doomed and futile attempt, ignoring the actual and singular path by which such positive evolution could, as legitimate possibility, be attained.

So, the only positive social change that can be legitimately attempted, is to end all child abuse. If successful, you open up new, other, different possibilities that are otherwise utterly impossible.

The path to possibility is hopelessly (pun intended) obscured by your pathological addiction to the mind poisons of hope and optimism. Ironic!

This is the cosmic tragedy, and for those Superiors, like Me, who love irony, the darkest of dark comedies: What you are trying to do is impossible, specifically because you are too blinded by hope and optimism to uncover, within your minds, the actual and real path, the singular path, that would make the impossible, possible.

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The Lie of Religious Extremism

Every society and government overtly promotes the concept that belief in the existence of god is completely different from religious extremism and radicalism. How utterly absurd, and what a beautiful illustration this is of the universe of perverse illusion imposed upon all humans as Truth, and so accepted and embraced.

The christian god freak who shoots dead an abortion doctor, is not a radical or an extremist. He is a mainstream, regular, ordinary believer in god, reflecting the toxicity of religion.

The jewish god freak who shoots 154 muslims, killing 29, see this excellent account,, is not a radical or an extremist, he is a mainstream, regular, ordinary believer in god, reflecting the toxicity of religion.

The muslim god freak who beheads christians is not a radical or an extremist, but a mainstream, regular, ordinary believer in god, reflecting the toxicity of religion.

The buddhist god freak who commits mass murder of muslims, see this excellent article which lays waste to the insane myth of buddhism being a peaceful religion,, is not a radical or extremist, but a mainstream, regular, ordinary believer in god, reflecting the toxicity of religion.

Let us understand the reasons why every society and government promotes and legitimizes the lie that religion has radical extremists among its devotees. The number one reason is this: Religion, the belief that a god creature exists, is the most radical and extreme form of mass delusion which exists within human consciousness as of today. Religion exists as the worship of universal death, of Self and of all other living things. Religion mandates the embrace of suffering, and the infliction of harm. Every believer in god is a direct sponsor of universal death and harm for all, so how can the motivations or actions of a specific, individual god addict who causes death or harm, be deemed radical or extreme??

Very simply, society and government relentlessly imposes the absurd myth that some religious beliefs and actions are radical and extreme, in order to position religion itself, belief in the existence of god, as normal and natural and appropriate and mainstream, and to conceal the Forbidden Truth that such belief, religion in and of itself, represents the most supreme form of radical extremism of mind and brain function, and that religion itself, the insane belief that a god creature exists, is directly responsible for causing every atrocity for which the ideology of god existing, or any form of religious belief, is invoked.

Every action, by every human being, performed because the human either genuinely believes that god exists, or is using the mythology of religion as excuse or justification for the expression of True Reality rage and hate, only occurs, can only occur, because the insanity that is religion exists within human consciousness as a whole. Therefore, everyone who supports the very ongoing existence of religion itself, regardless of whether they personally believe in god, is directly guilty of sponsoring every atrocity, every harm, every action carried out by anyone and everyone who wears the mantle of believer in god, god worshipper, or “religious person”.

So, what is the only form and expression of religious extremism and radicalism?? Supporting the right of religion to exist. Allowing society and government to promote and legitimize belief in god. It is you, the “moderate democrats and republicans” and secularists across the world who might not even personally believe in the existence of god, but who defend the existence of religion as a right and/or a necessity, who are the True radicals and extremists. It is you who allow the mind virus of religion to remain viable and to infect vulnerable minds. It is you who directly cause every atrocity that has been and that will be carried out in the name of religion, to occur.

It is you who are sponsoring the greatest atrocity of all: The embrace of universal death for all, the proactive murder by the state of every human being, no longer necessary, preventable via scientific research and the development of technological immortality. You are the extreme radicals, clinging to religion for useless false comfort, sacrificing all in the name of pure illusion, an absolute lie, and a deranged myth.

Religion is terrorism, and belief in god must be understood as the definition of radical extremism.

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Santa and god: The Child Mind Destroyed

I read an interesting article yesterday, it is written by a guy with a Ph.D, in other words, a guy who has been officially accredited by his society to serve as a mouthpiece, validating existing social structures and doctrines. Sure enough, he lived up to his title. The name of the article is: What Makes Children Stop Believing in Santa Claus? And you can read the article right here:

Even though this article is highly inferior and avoids even the most rudimentary explorations of Forbidden Truth, you should still read it, as I will be dissecting several of its details, as well as extracting brilliantly insightful Forbidden Truths from its main premise and the obvious next question it raises, which is why do children stop believing in santa claus, but continue believing in god.

Lets begin with this gem of insanity: An actual scientist “recruited” 47 children, aged 3 to 9, for a “research study”. All 47 child-slaves claimed to believe that santa claus was real. The scientist questioned them, attempting to probe why they would believe in such a fantastical myth, but his questioning was biased in favor of santa claus existing. Whenever a child-slave expressed skepticism or doubt about santa claus existing, the scientist, and this is a direct quote: “Could not directly assess the kids’ skepticism, because provoking young kids to question the plausibility of Santa might draw the ire of their parents.” End quote.

How’s that for a kick in the head?? A scientist, mandated to seek and honor Truth, is terrorized by the sacred family unit mythology of his society, to refrain from helping brainwashed children to realize that santa claus does not exist. He can’t do it! The slaveowners might complain: “Hey scientist, you messed with the head of my child-slave! You interfered with my sacred right as a parent to addict the brain of my child-slave to an insane myth. Oh boy, you’re in big trouble now, I’m going to get the university which employs you, to fire you! And maybe I can even get my government to strip you of your scientific credentials. How DARE you pollute the brain of MY slave!” How can such things be, how can you face yourselves in the mirror, the eternal shame of your inferiority never ceases to boggle My mind! The scientist, who should serve as unwavering advocate for Truth, shakes in his shoes, is literally too terrorized to even suggest to these children that santa claus does not exist, even though he knows, of course, that santa claus does not exist. And he further knows that the only reason these children believe santa claus exists, is because they have been lied to. Doesn’t matter, he can’t help the children. He can’t free their minds. He can’t and he won’t. Because he is a human being living in the 21st century, the century of barbaric contempt for both the lives of all children, and for all Truth.

Later in the article, our pandering Ph.D oh so gingerly suggests a link between belief in santa claus and belief in god, never daring to condemn either derangement, never daring to call out parents and society for infecting the minds of helpless children with deranged delusions. He concludes: Begin quote: “…an adult who admitted to believing in airborne reindeer would be openly mocked. An adult who admitted to believing in God is more likely to be respected.” End quote. Thats it! He even capitalizes the g, as his malevolent and deranged societal masters demand. Of course the Truth cannot be uttered aloud, that belief in god is more functionally deranged than belief in santa claus. Or the Truth that infecting the brains of children with the santa claus myth, directly infects them with the insane god myth.

So, let us dissect this issue and expose the Forbidden Truths the none of the normals will accept, the Forbidden Truths that would have turned this superficial, feel-good, christmas day fluff piece, into Truth-based, hard-hitting investigative journalism that would have resulted in Slate losing many of their god addicted subscribers.

First, understanding why children believe in santa claus is a foundational step to understanding why each and every child and human adult on earth is hopelessly addicted to insane lies, myths, brainwashings, and hypocrisy of every stripe. Belief in santa claus is externally coerced and terroristically imposed upon children, by slaveowners, and by society. The link between belief in santa claus and belief in god, is primary. It is an incestuous link, and not merely because santa claus plays an integral role in the christmas holiday, which is the foremost toxic lure of the worst religion on this planet; christianity.

No, the link between belief in santa claus and belief in god, is foundationally direct, because the exact same malicious forces and structures are deployed, to infect the vulnerable minds of children. Addicting a child to the santa claus myth destroys the capacity of the child to value, respect, seek out, Truth itself. Making a child believe in santa claus, or the tooth fairy or the baby-delivering stork for that matter, destroys the mind of the child, destroys his mind forever.

And the dim bulbs, that would be you humans, will say I am being hyperbolic, After all, almost every child overcomes their santa addiction, they come to accept that santa claus is just a myth, and seem none the worse for wear. But you are so very wrong! You are blind to the horror of possessing a brain that has pure contempt for Truth. Why? Because your brain has this contempt, and you refuse to consciously face up to the horrors you are responsible for creating, for yourselves and for every other living thing.

So why is it that you humans come to reject the santa claus myth, but not the god myth? It is because your puppetmasters, your terrorizers, instruct6 you to let santa fade away to mythology, even as they tighten the noose of religion around your neck and broken mind. You never get over your addictions to santa and the tooth fairy, you merely trade them in, for far more toxic addictions, deranged delusions that are created by your puppetmasters to terrorize and enslave you for every day of your imagined existence.

Let us dig deeper. Let us summon forth logic: If children manage to realize that santa claus does not exist, should this not spur them on to question and to reject everything they have been and will be, told? Should this malicious deception, upon their conscious realization, not inspire them to lifelong mistrust and rejection of all externally imposed concepts? Should they not be personally inspired to demand rational proof before they fall prey to additional deceptions? The answer to all of these questions is No, and this answer cuts directly to the heart of a Forbidden Truth humanity has never and will never face up to:

Humanity exists as a genetic birth defect species. The entire species is genetically crippled and retarded and deformed. This Truth goes far beyond the impacts of child abuse, it speaks to how every human being, immediately upon biological conception, is predisposed to the worst and most horrific pathologies of brain function, which have devastating impact upon each and every individual throughout their personal existence.

If the human brain were genetically healthy and viable, of course the recognition by a child that he has been externally deceived via the santa claus myth, would inspire him to immediately and forever question every external command, instruction, and ideology. The child would vow to only trust his own mind, to always be skeptical of external presentations, to demand Truth-based proof and evidence rooted within his own logic and deduction. But no, the exact opposite occurs. The child sheds the santa claus and easter bunny and tooth fairy myths, but no enlightenment of mind occurs, none at all. His vulnerability to every toxic mythology that his society seeks to impose upon him, remains as great as ever before. Not even the insane god myth, directly linked to the santa claus myth which he has just shed, is exposed as absurd farce to him. Truth remains dead to him, even as he sheds specific, isolated brainwashings that his puppetmasters deem no longer useful.

Those who ask how I can be so certain that humanity is a birth defect species, need only to consider, with an open and rational mind, how Truth, fact, and reality, things which every other species instinctually embraces and craves, recognizes and integrates to its own existence, do not exist within the consciousness of the human. To the human, Truth, fact, and reality mean nothing, they are interchangeable with lie, illusion, and deception. The human brain goes out of its way to reject, ignore, condemn Truth. This is one of the greatest of all proofs, that humanity is genetically defective on a species-wide level.

So let us return full circle, to the child, and to the definition of child abuse. So many of you diseased hypocrites will scoff when I declare that infecting a child’s mind with the fairy tale of santa claus existing, constitutes the most brutal and harmful of child abuse, fully on par with sexually raping a child 100 separate times. But it does! The mind, the brain of every child, is so very vulnerable. The brain of every child is already crippled, on a genetic level, upon biological conception, and upon womb emancipation. Perhaps some children can develop the capacity to value, respect, honor, and seek Truth, overcoming their genetic defectiveness, but only if their brains are absolutely protected from exposure to lies and deception.

But no, you choose to bombard the brain of every child with a never-ending assault of deliberate lies and deception. You attack every child mind, ruthlessly exploiting its genetic weakness, exactly as your mind was ruthlessly exploited when you were a child. You destroy as you have been destroyed. And all the while you laugh and you smirk, refusing to acknowledge the destruction, the literal genocide, you are causing. “It’s santa, every kid deserves to believe in santa claus, it’s harmless fun!” No, you pathetic fools. It is genocide of the mind, inflicted by you, oblivious to the Truth that you are a victim of the same genocide you are now perpetrating.

Every child deserves to have his brain treated as a shrine, a place of purity, a protected place where only Truth, fact, and reality is allowed to enter. No child needs stories, myths, fables. No child needs magic or illusion, or fiction. Every exposure to what is not real, cripples the capacity of an already genetically compromised brain, to gauge Truth, to value Truth, to embrace Truth. And the result is exactly what you have today: A functional universe rooted within absolute insanity, the rejection of all that is real, all that is fact, all that is logic, all that is Truth:

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