Barter and Trade economy

Money IS The Problem, Not Who Has It Or How It Is Used

This is a very important Forbidden Truth distinction, for all aspiring Superiors to completely understand and recognize. Money is not a way to facilitate exchange of needed goods and services. Money is not harmful because the “wrong” people have it, or because some people have too much while others have too little. Money is not harmful because it is used incorrectly, hoarded, fetishized, or distributed unfairly or unequally.

Money is harmful because it is by far the most successful freedom illusion in existence today, and by far the most successful terrorist weapon of universal enslavement, wielded by EVERY single society and government on planet earth. Money is harmful because it is not RECOGNIZED by you fools as being simultaneously the most successful freedom illusion and terrorist weapon being FIRED at you, and hitting its mark, and destroying each and every one of you, individually and collectively.

Money: The irresistible mind bribe lie of freedom and success.

So let us understand: Money is valueless in itself, every human perception of its value is a delusion, an error of mind deduction resulting from lifelong brainwashing, deception, and indoctrination by the Matrix of Universal Illusion.

Concurrently, money destroys the value of EVERYTHING that does possess genuine value. Every material good, every offer of every imaginable service, from fixing a leaky pipe to giving humans hugs to extracting malignant tumors from the body, every IDEA and every vision of the future and every proposal to change things and every gift of the human imagination, of human consciousness, of human potential.

Money destroys it all. Money negates all existing value, by imposing an illusion of value. This illusion gives the hive mind complete control, to dictate every parameter of universal human slavery, in real-time day by day, and going forward.

When humans wake up and eradicate money (never), government itself will concurrently disintegrate.


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