Nothing That Happened on 9/11/01 Was Horrible

In response to My recent brilliant post of Forbidden Truth marking the anniversary of 9/11, which you can read right here:


I received an interesting comment which provides a good opportunity for Me to elaborate upon the causes of the 9/11 event, and why it is the height of perverse hypocrisy for any human to morally judge the event itself, much less specific individuals involved in the event occurrence, in any negative manner.

I strongly urge all who are accessing this essay, to first read or reread the above essay, and watch the attached video as well, before proceeding to this followup post, in order that you may understand the context of what is being addressed. As always the words of the individual who is commenting are in italics, while My replies are in bold and non-italicized print.

“If the uploader of that YouTube video were sane and rational, they would have titled the video simply “9/11 CALL WITH FATAL END”, instead of arbitrarily labelling it “HORRIBLE”.”

Correct. Humans love to editorialize biased, invalid, and hypocritical projections of morality and justice, to cloak and deny the Forbidden Truth factual realities behind endpoint expressions of personal True Reality, which would be an accurate way to describe the 9/11 event. A great many horrible injustices and perversions and betrayals of Truth, directly led to causing the 9/11 event to occur.

The Superior thinker recognizes universal child abuse, the toxic imposition of religion upon the vulnerable minds of all children, the perverse construct of the nation-state, the social ritual of war as practiced by nation-states, the propagandized classism by which leaders of nation-states obtain the allegiance of citizen-slaves by demonizing other leaders and other nation-states, as just a few of the genuinely horrific human structures in place and propped up by humanity as a whole, which led to the 9/11 event occurring.

For an individual human to label the 9/11 event as “horrible”, is akin to a human grabbing a shovel, digging an eight foot hole in the ground, placing a small child inside of the hole, using a shovel to refill the hole with dirt, and then decreeing the suffocation death of the child inside the hole, as being “horrible”. It is the hypocritical and blatantly invalid moral judgment of an individual, denying the horrific immorality of the society and the species guilty of directly causing the event to occur.

“By labelling it “HORRIBLE” the uploader is attempting to elevate their own individual, arbitrary (and also flawed and inferior) emotional reaction to the status of the “correct” reaction, as if to say it is objectively “horrible” and that this status quo emotion is the “right way to feel about it”, the way that you “should” feel about it if you are a “good person”.”

Correct. It is the very height, no pun intended, of invalid moral hypocrisy. Why is it horrible that a man who wants to die, who is preparing to die, who chooses to spend his imaginary existence passively waiting for death, and looking forward to death, is about to die?? What is horrible is the backstory, the Forbidden Truth reasons why Kevin worshipped death, and why 19 human beings believed a god creature will reward them after they die, for committing Self-murder, and why thousands of human beings felt compelled to spend their day of 9/11/2001 carrying out slave labor tasks inside vertical towers built by men in a vain attempt to immortalize themselves via the utterly useless social construct of fame, in exchange for the terror bribe of worthless pieces of paper given an arbitrary value by their slavemasters. Just like the near-term extinction of humanity, a far more accurate adjective to describe the events of 9//1 than “horrible”, would be “inevitable”.

“As Eric Harris so aptly summarized, the only things that are true are science and mathematics. All value and moral judgements are relative to each individual, and have no basis in objective, physical reality.”

Once again, you and Martyr Eric are correct. Morality is one of the greatest of propaganda prejudices invented by human society and government to cloak and deny the limitless and universal harm, victimization, suffering, and death that these structures, and the humans who serve at every level within these structures, from supreme leader to lower class wage slave who identifies as a citizen, are guilty and responsible for sponsoring, legitimizing, and causing.

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The Forbidden Truth Lessons and Revelations of 9/11

The events of 9/11/2001 inside of amerikkka, the most diseased and dysfunctional society on planet earth in the 21st century, provide valuable insights to the True nature of the human condition, and the devolutionary status of humanity as a whole.

Each and every day provides the opportunity for revolutionary reform, and yet it is worth noting that specific days on which unexpected and extraordinary events occur, and how humanity reacts and responds to these specific days in the weeks, months, and years that follow, shed a piercing light upon humanity, allowing the Superior to determine with certainty, whether a species is progressing, or regressing, evolving or devolving. 9/112001 qualifies as such a day.

I am very busy, so let us briefly dissect a few of the Forbidden Truth lessons and takeaways that the events of 9/11 should have inspired. Let us begin with the perverse concept of government. 9/11 could not have occurred without the existence of government. Government is what caused 9/11 to occur, and a sane species would have risen up as one to compel an end to government, a new dawn of anarchistic freedom, in the wake of 9/11. Instead, the exact opposite occurred, government became stronger, more valued and desired by you pathetic humans.

9/11 could not and would not have occurred without religion. A sane species would have risen up as one in open rebellion against the perverse, barbaric, and prehistoric fable of the insane god myth, in direct response to the events of 9/11. All organized religions would be directly blamed, belief in god would be recognized as mental illnesses, and a worldwide movement to end human dependency upon this toxic fable would grow and prosper, marginalizing all religious practice. belief, and worship, to the realm of sideshow freaks and mentally deranged cowards. Of course the exact opposite is what has occurred, religion has propered and gained favor all across the world over the past 14 years.

9/11 could not and would not have occurred were it not for the human practice of the insane war ritual. A sane species would haave demanded an end to the war ritual, in direct response to the events of 9/11, recognizing war as a con game practiced by governments and aspiring governments, undertaken for the purpose of terrorizing the allegiance of citizen-slaves, and that all wars are undertaken as cloaked attacks by a government against its own citizen-slaves. 9/11 would be recognized as proof that it is impossible to win a war undertaken by a nation-state against another nation-state or aspiring nation-state. Every claimed victory is nothing more than a guarantee of future defeat, and therefore no sane human would allow any foreign war to be fought, or agree to participate in such a ritual. Of course the exact opposite has occurred, as foreign wars reach new heights of popularity.

A sane species, upon witnessing the real-time deaths of species members via mass media, would have been inspired by the events of 9/11 to demand the immediate marshalling of all scientific resources and technologies to achieve technological immortality for human brains, so that the horrific injustice of retroactive unbirth would end. Death would be recognized as unacceptable, and that the only rational way to honor the victims of 9/11 would be to put an end to this horror. This would have been the legacy of 9/11, the seminal event which finally galvanized humanity to put an end to death. But of course nothing like this has occurred, death remains embraced, worshipped, demanded by humanity.

I could go on with additional examples of what 9/11 should have taught humanity, but there really is no need. Because the fact is, nothing was learned by humanity, nothing at all. Every Forbidden Truth exposed on this day 14 years ago, remains buried even deeper in darkness today, than it was on 9/10/11.

So, what is the Forbidden Truth lesson and revelation of 9/11?? That humanity is a doomed species, in the final end throes of a devolutionary death spiral, on a collision course with species extinction. The species failed to extract any Truth from the events of 9/11, failed to make any Truth realizations, and in fact it has accelerated its fatally flawed course, proving itself to be devolving.

I am closing this essay with my favorite YouTube 9/11 clip. This is the second essay in which I am posting this same clip, but I cannot resist. It is so delightfully illustrative of the hopelessness of the human. Just listen to this human idiot, protesting that now is just not the right time to die. Invoking god and family as he begs for help, etc… Here you have the perfectly inferior specimen of humanity, and to witness his final moments, right up to the climactic ending, is far better than any fictional horror movie.

Let us all understand the complicit guilt that all humans who choose to live as members of society bear, for the horrific fates they doom themselves to.

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My Favorite 9/11 911 Emergency Call

We all have favorite things. The Normals tend to limit themselves to foods, colors, animals, and the like. The Abnormals, within which I proudly claim a charter membership, tend to look beyond these bland, popular, and non-controversial distinctions, cutting right to the heart of the more esoteric. In this spirit, I have decided to share my very favorite 9/11 911 emergency call, with the universe. Here is the direct link to the full call, but I would encourage the voyeuristic to first read this entire essay, where I explain why it is my very favorite, and maybe, if you seek Truth, it can become your fave, too:

I love this 911 phone call because it so beautifully illustrates the pathetic nature of the human being, and it also serves, for the seeker of enlightenment and Truth, as a metaphor for the hopelessness of every existence. The human being begs for life, yet at the same time sabotages his own existence, embracing death. The human being is always looking for excuses for why he should not die at a specific moment in time, even as he remains suicidally ideated and utterly rejects all proactive efforts to genuinely avoid death.

Submitted for your consideration, one Kevin Cosgrove, a typical human, with a typical brain, playing out the final five minutes of his imaginary existence to a worldwide Youtube audience. At the 1:30 mark of the above video, doomed Kevin declares “I got young kids”. The unenlightened listener likely thinks he is saying this in order to try to get the firefighters to hurry up and rescue him. But I know different. On a subconscious level, he is trying to rationalize to himself, why he should not die at this moment in time. His thought process goes like this: “I have young kids, they need me, so it is not good for me to die right now. I should not die right now, because if I die it will be bad for my kids.” How pathetic is that?! He wants to live, at this moment in time, but not for Himself. Here you see the horrific manifestation of a destroyed ego.

Our next illustration of the doomed human having doomed himself, comes at the 2:38 mark of the video, as Kevin declares, to the 911 operator: “Tell god to blow the wind from the west.” Kev, she’s a 911 operator, she accepts incoming calls, and makes outgoing calls, but only to entities that exist and have a working phone line. god is not listed in the phone directory, as god does not exist.

And the normals will say, how can you blame Kevin for invoking the Insane God Myth at such a dire moment? My answer: Very easily. The insane idea of god, is the foremost promoter of death. It is because religion exists within the deranged minds of humanity as a whole, that Kevin is doomed to die. Without religion, technological immortality would already be a reality today. Without religion, even if Kevin were actually inside the world trade center which was about to collapse, technological immortality may have already allowed for a clone/duplicate of his brain to exist separately, in a safe place, with the end result that a few days later Kevin is back, his brain function intact, perhaps even fully mobile with a robotic body.

But no, Kevin is a human being, suicidal, Self and Truth hating. The plague of religion is what claims him as eternal victim, and in the last moments of his imagined existence, he desperately seeks help from an imaginary creature. But the horrific Truth goes much further than the impotence of his plea. god can not only not help Kevin, but as factual reality, Kevin’s belief in god is what will result in his eternal loss. How pathetic is that? Very.

Continuing on our less than merry journey, my very favorite line comes at the 2:54 mark, as Kevin lets loose with this very sincere yet fatally flawed, no pun intended, sentiment: “We’re young men. We’re not ready to die.” Oh boy. So Kevin, what you mean is, it’s okay to die when you are old. Yes Kevin, you are thinking, I wish I could die when I am old. Let me get ready to die. Now is not the right time, I haven’t had a chance to get ready to die. Here you see the horrific tragedy of the human condition. Kevin does not want to live, he does not want to be alive. What he wants, as do 99.99999% of you pathetic humans, is to postpone his own death for a brief period of time, so he can continue to enjoy the insane and false delusion that he is alive.  “I’m young, I’m not supposed to die right now. I’m supposed to die later, in the future.”

Don’t you see, don’t you understand, you cowards: To die is to have never been born, exactly and absolutely the same. Kevin is not fighting to stay alive, he is fighting for the opportunity to continue to pretend to be alive, as he courts death, as he embraces death, as he enables, facilitates, and causes his own death, by refusing to fight for life.

How do you fight for life?? By refusing to die, by demanding eternal existence via technology. By making this demand at age 8, and 12, and 16, and 22, and 35, when you are at the peak of “good” health. By rising up as a collective body, a collective species, shedding all insane mythology, by rising up in the name of love, of purity of mind, of worship of Self and Truth, and declaring death to be your greatest, mortal enemy.

But no, you are all Kevin Cosgrove, pretending to be alive, pretending to value life, as you try, at best, to postpone your death. “I’m not ready to die, just yet”, this is what keeps you going each day. You pretend you have a future, you hide from the Truth. “Death is okay, just not right now.” But you are wrong. Dead wrong. Right now is when you will die. Right now is when you will die. Because every single second is right now. You will die right now, at this very second, because death erases the illusion of time. In death you never existed, in death you were never born. This is the Truth.

So we keep listening to kevin for almost exactly two more minutes, and then it happens, the world trade center tower collapses, with Kevin still on the phone line. His illusion of life is finally over, and he played out his illusion to the very end, as the vast majority of you humans do.

The final 5 seconds are very climactic, or anti-climactic, I guess it depends upon your perspective. My biggest takeaway is simply this: Truth always wins, in the end. The humans will never know it, but Truth will win in the end. Individual deaths of humans, reflect the victory of Truth, and so will the upcoming earned, sought, and Self-created extinction of the species.

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Tactical Analysis of the 9/11 Attacks

It is beautifully appropriate that I choose March 20th, 2015, the date that you humans consider to be the first day of spring, and celebrate as a renewal of your fatally flawed illusion of life, to offer up this tactical analysis of one of the most successful days and actions of human initiated destruction in the history of this doomed species. I refer to September 11, 2001, when 19 tortured victim creations of human society and government, directly, intentionally, and proactively harvested a total of 2,977 other humans.

This brief essay will provide a tactical overview of the primary components that came into play to allow and cause the specific revenge attack of 9/11/2001 to achieve a most impressive victim count in terms of fatalities, in comparison to all previous and later date revenge attacks by human victims. But let us first acknowledge that these attacks did not come anywhere close to maximizing human potential for fatal carnage. The fact that this incident stands as the most successful revenge attack by a singular or group of human beings, in known human history, speaks to the failure of humans to maximize their homicidal potential.

That being said, the 9/11 attacks achieved an impressive fatality count, in comparison to other planned and executed mass casualty revenge attacks, and it is well worth exploring the tactical factors and elements that came into play to allow this fatality count to be achieved. So, here we go:

  • Element of suprise: The 9/11 attacks successfully utilized an element of surprise which is essential to maximizing carnage. The coordinated hijacking of four large aircraft and their use as weapons of mass destruction was not expected or anticipated by any of the law enforcement structures of the amerikkkan government. This element of surprise played an integral role in helping the attack to be successful, and this is evidenced by the fact that any similar attempt made today, utilizing the exact same operational tactics, would stand a far smaller chance of achieving similar success.
  • Undetected and coordinated conspiracy: The 9/11 revenge attacks are an example of what rarely occurs and is difficult to achieve: An undetected, coordinated conspiracy among a group of human beings which plays out to its operational conclusion absent all governmental and law enforcement detection and intervention. 19 active players, backed up by a command and control structure which involved at least 3 additional players, worked together to achieve the end result of the 9/11 attacks. Due to the inferior nature of humans, these types of organized conspiracies targeting government and society rarely achieve success, and are therefore overtly encouraged by government, over lone wolf attacks. What we witnessed on 9/11 was the rare example of a conspiracy properly designed and executed, and not undermined by the functional inferiority of the typical and general human populace.
  • Suicidal ideation of the attackers: Let there be no doubt, the absolute willingness and desire of the 19 9/11 attackers to personally die, played an integral role in allowing for the achievement of their high harvest count. The 9/11 attacks were a suicide mission, all 19 attackers knew that, operationally, the only way their attacks could prove successful, would be for them to personally perish. Without the overt intention to personally perish, it would have been impossible for these specific attacks to be carried out in the specific way that they were.
  •  Innovative tactics: Every successful attempt to harvest humans on a mass scale must involve a specific tactical plan. The tactical plan of 9/11 was innovative, in a way that goes beyond merely being different from previous tactical plans of other seekers of vengeance. Specifically, an object not normally thought of as a weapon of mass destruction, a large aircraft, was recognized as being potentially useful as a weapon of mass destruction, and was deployed as such, in a specific plan which maximized its potential lethality.
  • Margin of error accounted for: The revenge attack of 9/11 were specifically planned to allow for a margin of error to occur, without resulting in catastrophic failure of the planned mass casualty outcome. Specifically, there were four separate and distinct components to the attack, and even the absolute failure of one or more components, would not have necessarily derailed the overall attack in a catastrophic manner. For example, even if a potential hijacker had been stopped by airport security and that specific flight cancelled or delayed, it is unlikely that the conspiracy plot as a whole would have immediately unravelled, and therefore the other three hijackings would have gone forward as planned.

Just as importantly, the operational failure of any of the four hijackings, once underway, would not and did not undermine the potential of success for the other hijackings. Each hijacking was designed to occur separate and distinct from the others, to stand on its own, with a singular failure only impacting 25% of the operational potential of the overall event. Even two or three failures, compromising 50% or 75% of the operation, still allowed for the achievement of an impressive fatality count.

In point of fact, this operation suffered a 25% failure rate, in terms of united airlines flight 93 crashing into an empty field, killing a total of only 40 people, yet this failure in no way compromised the much greater success of the remaining 75% of the operation. It is worth noting that even if all four hijacked planes had crashed into empty ground, causing no on-ground fatalities, we would still have had 227 fatalities, not including the 19 actors, which would not allow for the overall operation to be deemed a failure, when judged free of bias.

  • Good luck: Yes, good luck. It is clear to any unbiased thinker that good luck, and it would even be fair to use the phrase blind luck, played a significant role in helping the 9/11 attack achieve its high fatality count. It was impossible for the strategic planners of the 9/11 attack to know for certain, or even to logically assume, that one or both of the world trade center towers would actually collapse, in response to an aircraft being flown into them. Not even the most learned building engineer could have known exactly how the buildings would respond to such a trauma, even if given factually unknowable in advance information such as the exact speed of the aircraft, angle of impact, or location/building height of impact.

If one or both of the world trade center towers had not actually collapsed, the fatality count would have been much lower, there is no doubt about that. In fact, the overall harvest count might have been as low as 500 , or even less, if the entire incident had played out exactly as it did, with the only difference being that neither tower collapsed. The strategic planners of the 9/11 attack may well have hoped to cause both towers to collapse, but if they were logical thinkers and tacticians, they should not have assumed this would occur, even assuming direct strikes to both towers. Therefore, what we have here, even given the 25% failure of flight 93, was a “best case scenario” which did involve an absolute element of good luck, allowing the fatality count to reach the 2,977 mark.

  • Strategic planning and execution: The 9/11 attack plan was good, both in terms of chosen targets and in terms of operationally training and preparing the attackers, mentally and physically. The plan contained built-in redundancies to compensate for isolated failures, which in fact did occur and were compensated for. The execution of the plan itself, was also good. All 19 hijackers successfully bypassed airport security. None of them betrayed the plot itself, either intentionally or accidently, as would be expected given the nature of humans. Once aboard the aircraft, tactical actions were good and successful, even taking into account the ultimate failure of the four hijackers on flight 93 to successfully reach their desired destination. They still succeeded in bringing the plane down. In terms of piloting their aircraft, we see excellent training and retention of knowledge by the three pilots who did reach their destinations and made impact exactly upon their chosen building targets.

To conclude, the 9/11 attacks are an example of good tactical planning and execution. They cannot be “redone”, however. This type of attack can only achieve results on this scale, as a singular, uniquely planned event utilizing the element of surprise both in time and in specific tactics. It is always possible to nitpick details, in terms of critique. For example, the three most successful hijackings utilized five hijackers. The one “failed” hijacking utilized only four hijackers. Perhaps it would have been more successful, if five hijackers had been used?

No tactical action can ever be “perfect”. It must be judged by results achieved, and reasonable potential for the achieved results. Analyzed fairly and objectively, the 9/11 attack must be given credit for being innovative, well-planned, well-executed, and successful beyond even the reasonable expectations of those who planned and executed it.

For anyone who might need to be brought up to speed, no pun intended, on the exact events of 9/11/2001, a very good factual overview can be found here:


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