To Destroy Is To Create, Honoring the Sentience of the Creator

Every act of proactive, deliberate, sentient destruction should be honored by all who bear witness to it, and by all who come to know of its existence. Destruction honors the Truth of what happened to us, as created victims of destruction. Inhibiting, suppressing, denying, negatively judging, or in any way punishing any individual for committing any destructive act, betrays Truth and is an act of hypocrisy and injustice.

Justice is only obtained via honoring Truth. Preventing any specific act of harm or victimization, at the cost of betraying Truth, causes greater harm and victimization than it prevents, both on a directly personal level, as well as on a level of human evolution.

Sentient destruction creates Truth, in and of itself. The message and the messenger deserve NOT compassion, NOT understanding, but respect and admiration. The gift of Truth is worthy of far more than mere tolerance.

Moralistic and judgmental hypocrites are a plague upon the human landscape and MindScape.

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Is There Functional Value to Symbolic Violence Targeting Social Doctrines & Structures?

The answer is Yes, there can be, depending upon the specific doctrine or structure being attacked, and also depending upon the specifically stated/revealed goal of the attacker.

On a personal level of course, every attack against society and government is inherently valid and requires no justification beyond personal motivation. But My question goes to the broader issue of whether such attacks can overtly reveal Forbidden Truth, and inspire others to recognize and embrace such Truth.

Symbolic violence should be defined as direct actions undertaken with a clear intent to harm or to destroy specific structures, be they physical or ideological, that a society or government erects and deploys to help strengthen its Matrix of Universal illusion. The important distinction between symbolic violence and “regular” violence, which can have the exact same motivation and intention, is that symbolic violence very specifically goes out of its way to avoid hurting/killing humans.

In general, symbolic violence will receive far less media attention than any successful act of violence which does hurt/kill humans, especially humans empowered by title, social standing or high caste status. To deliver the strongest message, an act must be dynamic and shocking enough to directly pierce The Matrix of Universal Illusion, and this is easier to achieve with homicidal violence, than with symbolic violence.

Symbolic violence is more likely to appeal to the deep thinker, the philosophical analyst of the human condition, and to be ignored and dismissed by the regular Unwashed Masses.

In the end, from an external viewpoint, our appreciation of such violence must come down to the specific symbol(s) being targeted, and the specific message of the attacker, even as, of course, we unconditionally honor his True Reality, his victimhood status, and his sacred right of reflection.

This essay is inspired by 32 year old Michael Tate Reed, victim and Martyr of amerikkkan society, who deliberately destroyed a newly installed ten commandments monument on the grounds of the arkansas state capital building yesterday.

Three years ago, Michael did the exact same thing on the grounds of the oklahoma state capital building, destroying another ten commandments monument. He has also, in the past, walked into federal buildings to spit on portraits, made threats against former president Barack Obama and set money on fire.

All of these actions can be considered acts of symbolic violence, exposing perversions and injustices of amerikkkan society and government. We should honor Michael’s acts as attempts to expose Forbidden Truth, even as we must also acknowledge the functional futility of his attempt to expose the perversity of a claimed secular regime overtly promoting the Insane God Myth.

amerikkka is a religiously fundamentalist dictatorship, at every level, and you can argue these destructions of ten commandment monuments, this symbolic violence, could help others to come to recognize this top-level Forbidden Truth, but the problem is that Michael himself appears to be a god addict, and in his public statements only seems to bemoan a lack of separation between church and state, which has never existed and is pure illusion.

We can also argue that if Michael were to succeed in scaring/convincing the government to not install any more ten commandment monuments on government property, this would only reinforce the lie and the perverse illusion that there is a separation between church and state in amerikkka, thus strengthening both religion and the regime itself.

Symbolic violence is best appreciated as a reflection of personal victimization, and should not be falsely perceived as offering the potential for systemic social reform, or wide-scale Truth enlightenment for other humans.

You can read all about Martyr Michael and his attempts to reflect some Truth upon humanity, here:

And here:

Thank you for standing, Michael!

And please know that even if you choose to label Yourself as being mentally ill, you are not. You are a created victim of the mental derangement of 21st century humanity. Your addiction to the Insane God Myth is not your fault, it was violently imposed upon you, as child and as adult.

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Honoring Mutsuo Toi (都井 睦雄),Torture Victim of 20th Century japanese Society

I’m in the mood for a Blast from the Past essay, so lets do it!

Let Me set the stage, in case you are not familiar with Martyr Mutsuo:

The date is May 20, 1938. A 21 year old victimized and abused child, enslaved within the tiny village of Kamo, total population of about 80 humans, in Japan, is getting ready. His name is Mutsuo Toi, and he is getting ready to seek and claim his vengeance against society, government, humanity.

There are no terrorist leaders for him to gain inspiration from. There are no terrorist networks to help him. There is no or, for him to spend time reveling in the True Reality rage reflections of others. There are no violent movies for him to watch, no obscene rap or heavy metal songs for him to emotionally commune with.

No, there is none of that. There is only Mutsuo, tortured child, just 21 years old. He must radicalize Himself, he must inspire Himself, he must start a chain, not integrate to an existing one.

It is 1938 in a tiny village in japan, and 21 year old Mutsuo Toi has reached his Ground Zero.

11:00 PM, May 20, 1938, and Martyr Mutsuo is getting ready. He assembles his arsenal: One shotgun, one sword, and one ax. But there is a twist, his most important items are two flashlights. He carefully checks the batteries, it is very important that the flashlights work. He is a man with a plan, and everything is ready.

The night rolled over to the next day, it was now May 21st, 1938, 1:30 AM, the deepest dead of night, and Martyr Mutsuo was ready to go to harvest. He strapped the two flashlights to his head, I would assume one on each side, over the ears. Did he use tape, or rope?? Tape must not have been very common in 1938 rural Japan.

Step #1: Mutsuo cut the singular electrical line that supplied electrical power to the tiny village of Kamo, plunging the entire village into complete darkness, in the dead of night, 1:30 AM. Then he began his catharsis.

In the pitch blackness, Martyr Mutsuo shone like a double star, two flashlights tied to his head, shining brightly. He needed his hands, to do other things. First he cut off the head of his 76 year old grandmother, who had raised him as her slave since he was a small child. Then he stalked the village, invading house after house, killing everyone he encountered. In total he harvested 30 humans, seriously injuring only 3 others. He was in it for the kill, attacking 33, killing 30, a percentage any modern day terrorist equipped with state of the art weaponry, would deeply envy.

The entire rampage lasted about 90 minutes, ending around 3:00 AM. Then Mutsuo rested, for a few hours, hopefully savoring his vengeance. As the sun was coming up, probably 6:00 AM or so, our tortured victim-creation tragically chose to end his own life.

This rampage held the #2 total kill count position for a lone attacker event, worldwide, for 44 years, from 1938 until 1982. Andrew Kehoe from the good old usa, was #1. You DO know about Martyr Andrew, I would hope….

Thank you for standing, Mutsuo!

You can read the Wikipedia account of Mutsuo’s rampage, here:

It is not completely accurate, but you cannot expect all details to be completely known, with such a long ago and little publicized event.

I chuckled when I read about the japanese custom of yobai, popular in the mid 20th century in japan, of which Mutsuo partook.

Read about that, here:

“At night, young unmarried men would silently enter houses with young unmarried women. A man would silently crawl into a woman’s room and make his intentions known. If the woman consented, they would sleep together. By the morning he would leave. The girl’s family might know about it, but pretended they did not. It was common for young people to find a husband/wife like this.”

Ha-ha! Good practice for Mutsuo, he knew exactly how to get inside most if not all of the houses. And exactly the same idea as the 2017 singles bars you humans frequent. 🙂


Mutsuo Toi, Tortured Victim Creation of 20th Century japanese Society.

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Breaking News: Ariana Grande Homicide Bombing in Manchester, England

Terrorism is the personal reflection of being the victim of lifelong terrorization.

How delightful to wake up from a long night of deeply satisfying, intricately plotted Conscious Dreams, three separate ones in fact, spanning 10 hours, to the news of the Ariana Grande concert suicide bombing in Manchester, England. Details are still breaking, but at least 22 harvestees, many more injured. A successfully executed homicide bombing, by all indications:

government and its media puppets call it a suicide bombing, but the sane thinker knows this is psychological misdirection. Homicide bombing is much more accurate, as clearly the primary goal of the attacker was to harvest others, his own death being a price he was willing to pay, but not his primary motivation or desire.

Everything labelled as terrorism by any and every society and government is nothing more than an honest and accurate reflection of the personal experience of being terrorized.

government inflicts terror upon every child and every adult, then solicits them to reflect this terror upon others: Their legally owned children, defenseless animals, sex partners, spouses, employees, foreigners, demonized foreign regime citizen-slaves, etc… None of this is ever accurately described and labelled as terrorism, but that is exactly what it all is.

Those who terrorize you reserve this term, to specific acts of reflective terrorization that they desire to condemn and morally judge, and a primary reason why, is to successfully conceal from all conscious perception and understanding, the reality that every citizen-slaves exists as a tormented victim of terror as inflicted upon him by his very own society and government.

I so wish I could spend the day inside My isolated fortress, reveling in the developing details of this homicide bombing, but I cannot. Slave labor is My fate, but at least My mind is alive with invigorated consciousness, on this particular morning.

For now, you can follow ITV live coverage of this act of reflective revenge via this Youtube livestream:

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Outlaw Violence: A Forbidden Truth Understanding

A sane species would thank, honor, and beg forgiveness from, all of its outlaws. Every mass murderer, serial killer, assassin, rapist, would be overtly recognized as not merely a victim, but a direct emissary of Forbidden Truth, a teacher and a philosopher delivering a profoundly important lesson, via action and deed.

A sane species would recognize on every level of consciousness, that punishing any criminal would be the ultimate act of injustice, a public policy choice validating and proving all past, present, and future acts of outlaw violence to be justified at every level: Moral, ethical, reflective, revenge-based, Truthful.

All societal punishment of individuals must end. Unless and until this occurs, outlaw violence is and will remain the sacred right of every individual, a reflective choice worthy of honor, respect, appreciation, and if their True Reality so dictates, direct emulation, by all victims, by all who are human-born.

Outlaw violence both expresses and honors Truth.

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New Lone Gunman usa Mass Murder Record Set Today

Omar Mateen 7.png

Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, Tortured victim-creation of late 20th and early 21st century human society and government, shattered the all-time death count record for an amerikkkan lone gunman massacre, today, June 12, 2016

It sucks being stuck at slave labor when top-level revenge is sought and claimed by a tortured victim-creation of human society and government. Not owning a cellular phone rubs additional salt, or is that gunpowder, into the wound. But there is a bright side, hearing tidbits from co-workers, and anticipating home arrival, for a solid immersion with CNN Breaking News.

About 13 hours ago, Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, aged 29, opened fire at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Acting as a lone wolf, Omar shot at least 103 humans, killing at least 50, shattering the all-time lone gunman, GUN-only mass murder record for amerikkka.

It is good to know Omar did not commit a Self-murder at the end of this top-level massacre, but engaged arriving pigs in a gun battle. Tragically, he was murdered in this battle.

It is my pleasure to openly acknowledge Omar’s achievement, and to recognize him as a victim and Martyr.

Rage and hate is externally inculcated within us all, True Reality reflections must be honored.

You can follow this developing and breaking news via this direct link:

Omar Mateen 8

Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, Newly Crowned amerikkkan Lone Gunman Mass Murder Record Holder.

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Violence: The Generous Sharing of Personal Pain

Definitions are the holy grail to all Truth quests. Nothing can be recognized for what it is, unless it is accurately defined. Definitions must be like laser beams, definitions must illuminate, they must open a wormhole which simultaneously exposes the perverse hypocrisy of the hive mind, and counters this diseased darkness with a direct exposure of Forbidden Truth.

And so we have the title of this essay. In seven simple and clear words, a massive universe of toxic illusion is wiped clean, so that all who seek Truth may see clearly. I could write 100,000 word essays dissecting the root causes of violence… Oh wait, I have written 100,000 word essays dissecting the root causes of violence:

100,000 words, or just 7 words? Can two expressions of Truth be of equal value, given such a wide gulf of expression?? The answer is yes, and the reason is that laser beam definitional accuracy is being delivered in both instances. My original 100,000+ word essay, published within My main Manifesto 12+ years ago, is uniquely invaluable in destroying the human hive mind matrix of brainwashing and illusion regarding crime and violence, dating back thousands of years, which has never been stronger and more popular than it is today.

But at the same time, to the seeker of Truth, seven words can and do deliver the same message. Violence. What is it?? The generous sharing of personal pain. Imagine how different the deranged human landscape would be, if this simple, clear, obvious, infinitely valuable definitional Truth were understood, accepted, embraced by all of humanity?!

“This is CNN Breaking News: A tortured ex-child unexpectedly delivered a generous sharing of his personal pain earlier today, opening fire inside of a kindergarten classroom, killing 22 5 and 6 year olds. By his actions, this victim of abuse, violence, and trauma, has taught us a valuable lesson on why we must redouble our efforts to end all child abuse. As we mourn the tragedy of reflective violence, let us all, as members of the human species, pause to honor the sacrifice made by this tortured ex-child, in pointing out to us our failure to protect him. Evil is not to blame, insanity is not to blame, guns are not to blame. We are to blame, and we must acknowledge what happened earlier today as the generous sharing of personal pain, by one of our created torture victims.”

Do you understand now, how crucial definitional accuracy is? When something is understood for what it is, a universe of illusion, hypocrisy, irrationality, demonization, insanity, is wiped out. The definition changes everything. The definition alters not the event itself, but the meaning of the event, the impact of the event upon an entire species, moving forward.

Only within the embrace of definitional Truth, can humanity evolve. As long as humanity is trapped within definitional delusion, it will continue to regress and to devolve to species extinction.

And no, I am under no illusion that you humans can ever or will ever accept the definitional Truth of what violence is. It makes no difference if I reveal this Truth via 100,000+ word essay, or a seven word blog title. Truth is dead to you creatures, forever dead.

I write this essay to concretely give life to the beauty of Truth, so that it sparkles more brightly within Me, in My eyes, in My mind. I write as I think, to honor the reflective beauty of violence, as expressed within Truth. I write to honor every victim, most especially those who generously share. Can you say ouch?? Come on, open wide and say it!!


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Some Forbidden Truths Exposed by Ismaaiyl Brinsley

Two days ago, a tortured victim and Martyr of amerikkkan society named Ismaaiyl Brinsley decided to seek and claim personal vengeance through violence, in a way that violated the social doctrine of the amerikkkan slave state. He decided to try to proactively murder members of law enforcement.

I just published an essay dissecting the role of law enforcement within the 21st century slave state, and I suggest you read that essay first, before this one. The essay is here:

Now, let us analyze the response by society, government, and media to the reflective actions of Ismaaiyl Brinsley. But first, if you are not familiar with Ismaaiyl, his True Reality, and his chosen path of personal vengeance, here is a nice overview:

Lets begin by noting how the media is overtly demonizing Ismaaiyl, in a way they would never do if he had merely killed his children, spouse, a storeowner in a robbery, or anyone who existed on par with him, as a societal slave. He is being demonized by the media and government because he targeted police officers, agents of government who perform the vital function of terrorizing the Unwashed Masses of citizen-slaves into obedience, via the terrorist force of the state.

There are many forms of overt murder which amerikkkan society overtly promotes: Murder of the fetus, of animals, of “foreigners” in war, of children by parents. And there are many other forms of murder society tacitly promotes, over other forms of murder: Ghetto blacks are told to kill other ghetto blacks. Homeowners are told to kill those who trespass on their property, gang members are told to kill other gang members, etc… But the murder of cops is not promoted in any way, because cops are front-line terrorists, vital to the defense and protection of the slave-state that is government.

And so Ismaaiyl must be demonized as insane, evil, a fiend. He must be condemned and vilified so that all other created victims of society are discouraged from following in his footsteps and targeting pigs for murder.

Note how government officials and the media have referred to Ismaaiyl’s murder of these two cops as an “assassination”. Why is the word assassination used? There are two primary reasons. The first and most important, is that traditionally, an assassination is always very difficult to successfully carry out. In labeling this act an assassination, leaders of society are overtly seeking to falsely convince all citizen-slaves that killing police officers is a very difficult thing to do. Convincing them it is difficult, will discourage future attempts.

In Truth of course, killing police officers is remarkable easy. They are wandering around in very busy public places all of the time, fully uniformed for easy identification. They are sitting inside donut shops with a donut in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other hand. They are effecting a traffic stop, standing on a busy highway completely oblivious to all other vehicles whizzing past them. It is impossible for any sane thinker to conclude that killing a cop via ambush is in any way difficult. And yet by decreeing this very rare event as carried out by Ismaaiyl to be an assassination, the deliberate deception that what Ismaaiyl did was extremely difficult, on par with killing a head of state, is successfully delivered.

The second primary reason media/government uses the term “assassination”, is to propagandize that the lives of these two police officers were more important, more valuable, more worthy of protection and preservation, than the lives of other human beings, and even more importantly, that the lives of all other members of law enforcement are more important and valuable than your life, or any “ordinary” citizen-slave. This also serves to discourage future ambush attacks on cops, because the vast majority of humans, despite being torture victims obsessed with harming others, still perceive themselves as impotent societal slaves who must direct their negative emotions in ways that society and government tacitly and overtly promotes and allows.

The goal of government and media is to convince others to not try to kill cops. Let them instead go home and torment their child-slaves, or join the military and kill foreigners, or get drunk and high on drugs and kill their fellow slaves in a blur of mental intoxication and distortion. The goal of government and media is to conceal the Forbidden Truth: That Ismaaiyl ‘s actions beautifully reflect the Truth of his own personal victimization and destruction at the hands of his society. The Truth that the police officers who prowl your cities and streets and blocks, are carrying out the terrorism of the nation-state, against you.

Note how the media and society is describing Ismaaiyl as mentally ill, even as it is demonizing him as a “fiend”. Why? Because society has no sense of shame, it will never acknowledge its own hypocrisy. It will say anything to demonize and destroy those who expose its weaknesses and target it for direct attack. In demonizing Ismaaiyl as mentally ill, government and its media propaganda agents seek to de-legitimize his actions: “He was crazy, and so he did a crazy thing”. Any rogue act which threatens the established social order and cannot be rendered invisible via media blackout, is decreed to be the act of a madman by societal leaders, who understand this to be the best way to discourage others from pursuing a similar path.

“I don’t want to be decreed insane, so I must refrain from doing things that society says are only done by those who are insane”, this is the deranged reasoning of the masses of citizen-slaves, blind to the Forbidden Truth that every aspect of the mainstream social structure which they are enslaved within, is rooted in functional insanity and the deepest and most profound of mind dysfunction and pathology.

Everyone who stands up in direct defiance of mainstream societal doctrine and decree, whether they do so via direct, dynamic violence, or through completely “legal” methods, is treated in one of only two ways by society and government: They are either completely blacklisted, shunned, and rendered invisible, or they are demonized as evil and mentally ill. Obviously, if you murder two police officers in public, in broad view of others, you cannot be shunned, ignored, rendered invisible. And so Martyr Ismaaiyl is demonized as evil and mentally ill.

Nobody cares about the dead cops, of course. No more than they cared about Ismaaiyl. Every human is a disposable piece of garbage to society and government, used until and for as long as they are useful. The two dead cops were useful while they were alive, to enforce the terrorism of the state. Now they will be replaced by two new brainwashed drones. What government cares about now, is in extinguishing the tiny light of Truth that Ismaaiyl’s actions might cast, upon the perceptive minds of a select group of citizen-slaves who are openly seeking to break free of the social matrix. It is for them, that society is labeling this act an assassination, and decreeing Ismaaiyl a mentally ill fiend.

One final point, government and media very quickly decreed Ismaaiyl to have murdered Himself via suicide, immediately after he carried out this double murder. This is despite the fact that there are no eyewitness accounts saying he shot himself, police were actively pursuing him when he was shot, and in fact several early reports quoted eyewitnesses as saying that he was shot dead by cops who had pursued him into a train station. I cannot say for certain that  Ismaaiyl was shot dead by pigs, but I can say with certainty that the government and media conclusion that he committed suicide was made far too prematurely, lacking ballistic, eyewitness, and other evidentiary facts, and this conclusion once again serves the malevolent agenda of government.

If in fact police shot Ismaaiyl dead, this could provide motivational fuel for retaliatory strikes against additional cops, not something that societal or governmental leaders want. Therefore government has a vested interest in decreeing Ismaaiyl a victim of Self-murder. Just as importantly, society uses suicide as a way to invalidly judge someone mentally ill, and to further de-legitimize their actions: “He knew he had just done something wrong, something he should not have done, something that you should not do, that is why he killed himself”, this is the covert, perverse message of society, in seeking to discourage future cathartic reflections of personal victimization, targeting police officers.

You can judge the threat level by which a government perceives any action directed against it, by its response to the action. Seekers of Forbidden Truth should analyze and understand the reasons behind how a government responds to an incident such as this one,

Every state is a police state, because no government can exist without the terrorism carried out in its name, under its authority, by those it employs as police officers.

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police state

Charles Whitman’s Brain Apparently Destroyed

It is always tragic when a human brain is destroyed, as this eliminates all possibility for any future reanimation. Brains preserved in formaldehyde are clearly being damaged and rendered unsuitable for future reanimation, yet their proactive destruction is still an outrageous act, impossible to justify. In the below article we learn that 100 brains were destroyed by the university of texas in 2002, very possibly including the brain of Charles Whitman, a seminal figure in the school massacre phenomenon, who held the school massacre record for 41 years, between 1966 and 2007, before Seung-Hui Cho finally bested him.

It is still not fully confirmed that Charles’ brain was destroyed, let us hope it remains preserved, and meantime this article contains a nice collage of 15 different photos, some of them quite rarely seen, which relate to his university of texas clock tower sniping rampage:

“I never could quite make it. These thoughts are too much for me.”–Charles Whitman

A comprehensive chronicle of Charles’ life., including what is known of his child abuse, and a detailed account of his school massacre of August 1, 1966. Charles Whitman, the original School Shooter:

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Forbidden Truths Exposed by Ferguson Verdict

The number one news media story in amerikkka today, is that one pig, a formerly tortured and victimized child, was decreed by the amerikkkan government, blameless and not guilty for murdering one tortured child, and the domestic unrest which has resulted from this judicial decision.

There are so many different Forbidden Truths being concealed, rejected, exposed, and ignored, just within this one incident and the resulting media and public response, that it is difficult to know where to begin, in terms of dissecting and revealing them. First, understanding that this blog has an international audience who may not have followed this case, here is a good overview, first from a recent wikipedia entry, and second from an updated news article just published today:

It is important for all readers to understand that the Forbidden Truths I am revealing below are universally applicable to all societies, and not in any way limited to the governmental or cultural dynamics of amerikkka. No matter which government enslaves you, and no matter how its cultural constructs and genocidal history may vary from that of amerikkka, the Michael Brown child murder by the amerikkkan government, and everything which has transpired in its aftermath, reveals many universally applicable Forbidden Truths which transcend all cultural and societal illusions of difference.

Let us begin with one of the grandest of themes: Punitive punishment is always wrong, and always impossible to justify. This Forbidden Truth is extremely dangerous to all slave-based social structures, and therefore must be completely concealed from all conscious contemplation. Consider: In the wake of a supreme act of injustice: The murder by the state of a tortured and victimized child, Michael Brown, the state puts forth the deranged concept that justice can be achieved by carrying out a new and different act of supreme injustice, in direct response to the initial act of supreme injustice: The punitive punishment of Darren Wilson, who exists as nothing more than another tortured and victimized child.

All punitive punishment by a nation-state or by any organized social structure, is always wrong, supremely immortal, and impossible to justify. All punitive punishment serves the interests of the slave-state in maintaining and legitimizing the perverse notion that punishment can be utilized to achieve justice, when in Truth the infliction of any type of punishment can never do anything but perpetuate the cycle of universal injustice upon which citizenship itself, and the structure of governance, was founded and is sustained.

Further, the very concept of punitive punishment posessing any legitimacy as an individual act of emotional catharsis or intellectual instruction, within any approved social ritual, is fatally flawed and impossible to justify. Spanking is marketed by society as an acceptable and appropriate punishment for children. Verbal terrorization and threat, social shaming, chores and homework imposed upon children, are all marketed as necessary and appropriate child-rearing techniques, when in Truth they are acts of punitive punishment which harm every child and destroy all human potential to evolve, as a direct result.

The punitive punishments suffered by fellow victims Michael Brown and Darren Wilson, directly led both of them to make the stupid, Self-hating, and Self-destroying choices of the Inferior human being, directly resulting in the incident itself which resulted in Michael Brown being murdered by the state. The murderer of Michael Brown is not Darren Wilson, but the government of amerikkka, which is guilty of and responsible for destroying both of these children.

Understand how the media and the usa government completely cloaks Forbidden Truths such as I have articulated above, by the very specific and deliberate manner in which it covers and positions a news event such as this, boxing it into absurd illusions of racial and economic strife.

So now we can begin to understand a second Forbidden Truth being exposed: Racism and ethnicity addiction is actively promoted by all governments and societies, in order to allow for and actively foster the blind misdirection of justified rage and hate by individual citizen-slaves, against each other, instead of against the government itself. government destroys each and every citizen-slave, then deploys the completely artificial construct of racial division and strife, to pit destroyed victims against each other, in an epic and grand struggle intended to stretch over centuries of time, because government understands that this struggle can never achieve any positive result, because it is fatally flawed and ignores the Forbidden Truth that government is the puppetmaster, the creator, of all racial and ethnic division.

The usa regime and its puppetmaster media deliberately played up the Ferguson incident, because an opportunity to exploit racial division was recognized as useful in solidifying the misdirection of social unrest. Now, the inferiors cannot understand how encouraging social unrest can strengthen a regime. Does not encouraging social unrest weaken a regime and make it more vulnerable to sabotage and destruction from within?? No! Especially not when a regime is as powerfully integrated to the core consciousness of its citizen-slaves, as amerikkka is.

Domestic unrest rooted within and directly inspired by the Forbidden Truths, poses an absolutely grave threat to destroy government itself. That is why government actively seeks to promote domestic unrest which occurs absent all recognition, much less embrace, of Forbidden Truth. These manifestations of social unrest, and the Ferguson police murder of Michael Brown is a perfect example, strengthen regimes, by allowing them to raise artificial constructs such as racism, to new heights of public obsession, making the True enemy, and all Truth-based solutions to eradicating the enemy, impossible to even imagine or conceive of.

Race and ethnic makeup had absolutely nothing to do with what happened to Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, usa. Universal child abuse, the slave shackle of government, the imposition of universal injustice via law, and the institutionalized contempt for all Forbidden Truth which defines the human experience of existence in the 21st century, is what caused one tortured child to murder another tortured child in Ferguson, Missouri, an act identical to millions of similar acts which occur every year all across the world, directly linking to the Forbidden Truth that each and every one of us has already been murdered by the state in certain ways, is being actively murdered on a daily, ongoing basis, and will ultimately be fully and completely murdered by the state, just as Michael Brown was.

So now we can move on to another primary Forbidden Truth: As all murder is sponsored and solicited by the State, the very notion of the state holding any individual accountable, guilty, and responsible for carrying out any act of murder, is simply insane and absurd. Darren Wilson was employed by the government of amerikkka as a police officer. The mandate of the police officer is to force citizen-slaves to conform to the terrorism of unjust law, and to directly inflict harm, up to and including murder, upon any citizen-slave who defies the terrorist law being imposed upon him, without his consent. The police officer is empowered to commit murder, by the state, by the government, just as every military soldier is so empowered. Therefore, any act of murder carried out by a police officer, is an act of murder carried out by the state, which bears absolute guilt and responsibility for it having occurred.

The concept of “legal murder” has already been fully dissected and discredited by Me in a previous essay, so I will not repeat Myself here, only to affirm that the concept that in some situations a pig may legally and appropriately kill a fellow victim while acting as hired goon for a government, while in other cases his action is illegal, inappropriate, and constitutes an act of “murder” for which he himself deserves to be punished by the state, is supremely deranged.

Law as imposed by a government is nothing more than organized criminality: The legitimization of universal suffering and injustice and harm, built upon the specific standards as set by the organized criminal enterprise that is the nation-state. government gives itself permission to steal your very life, while decreeing you a criminal for stealing a cigar, after addicting you to the toxic and deadly substance of nicotine, by overtly encouraging and rewarding its production, sale, and usage. Smoke this Forbidden Truth, as you focus upon the detail that the alleged “crime” which prompted torture victim Darren Wilson to confront fellow torture victim Michael Brown, was the theft of a box of cigars from a store.

Which leads us to still more Forbidden Truths regarding the use of monetary currency by the state to inflict universal slavery upon all, and to specifically create a caste system of economic inequality to brainwash the majority of citizen-slaves that they must protect and defend their government because it has granted them a lesser degree of monetary oppression and injustice than it has imposed upon others. The Forbidden Truth: Nobody is rich, nobody is middle-class, nobody is poor. Money has no Truth-based value, it exists simply as a diversionary tool, to cloak the supreme injustice of universal slavery which every government imposes upon every citizen and resident.

government wants you to open a store and sell cigarettes and alcohol. Deliver the instruments of death to others, even as you accept your own death at the hands of the state. And government wants the ghetto, the slum, the homeless, so you can be successfully brainwashed into believing you are rich, believing that you are different, believing you have been given something of value by the state, something to protect and defend, believing that you owe something to the state, because it has managed to convince you that others are suffering more, and that it is protecting you from their suffering, even as it is guilty of sponsoring universal suffering of and for all.

And so you can turn on CNN right now and enjoy the ongoing propaganda campaign. The blacks against the whites, the rich against the poor, the good against the bad. The blacks are upset because they are being denied justice! Oh noble cause, let them fight for justice! But they burned down a store! Now the store can’t sell deadly tobacco and alcohol. What an injustice! We must stop the violence, lets unite behind this grand idea: No more violence! Never mind that each of us is a directly victimized creation of the genocidal violence of the state of amerikkka.

Dissect what is happening right now in Ferguson, Missouri with the Alien Eye of uncompromising Forbidden Truth and you will see what the amerikkkan media is making certain you can never see and understand:

1: Your government is your greatest enemy.

2: No police force has any legitimate right to exist.

3: All punishment is injustice.

4: No nation-state has any legitimate right to punish any individual for violating any law.

5: All actions designated by a nation-state as crimes, are deceptions which serve to cover-up the criminality inherent in all governance.

6: Race and class division is a deliberate and intentional construct of government and society, to pit victims against each other.

7: Domestic unrest, in limited and controlled environments, is deliberately fomented by nation-states in order to increase patriotic allegiance of the masses.

8: No riots or other localized incidents of domestic unrest can pose any threat to a government, unless the rioters and perpetrators of violence are specifically ideated, on a conscious level, to destroy government and institute anarchistic freedom.

9: All attempts by citizens to obtain justice within a legal structure as sponsored by government, constitute absolute betrayals of Self and Truth, which only guarantee the continuation of universal injustice for all.

10: The victimization of those successfully brainwashed to serve the state, such as police officers and military soldiers, is just as great and must be just as fully acknowledged, as the victimization of anyone that these victims may harm.

11: Justice is dead. Justice is a victim of the murder that is government propaganda and brainwashing. It is not possible for any victim of injustice to achieve justice, within any state or government sponsored structure, as government exists as the foundational source and root of all injustice.

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