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The Family Unit: Ground Zero for the Destruction of All Human Potential

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I have already written and publicly disseminated numerous texts in which I out the family unit as being one of the greatest mistakes, one of the most perverse abominations, and one of the most harmful structures ever developed and maintained by the hopelessly doomed human species. But, in rereading all of My texts, I notice that I have focused very heavily on one specific holocaust and genocide directly caused by the family unit: Universal Child Abuse.

And of course universal child abuse absolutely is the single most pervasive and devastating end result of the existence of the failed family unit structure of human socialization and cultural development. In no way is this essay intended to minimize this primary-level Forbidden Truth. In fact, at the end, I will include direct links to at least three or four of my best essays, in which I exhaustively outline how and why the family unit directly causes every single child on earth to be permanently harmed, body, mind, and soul, and stripped of all potential to positively evolve, love Self, and seek/embrace Truth.

But we must understand this: In all Truth quests, the details matter, the whole picture must be clearly dissected and understood. All human problems, mistakes, and failures have occurred and will always occur within an ordered behavioral and ideological timeline. One mistake, one failure, leads to another, which leads to another, etc… And nothing can ever be fixed or resolved unless and until you successfully dig down and unearth ground zero, the exact source of the string of human failures. Absent such an achievement, the problems themselves cannot even be consciously realized by the Unwashed Masses of Human Garbage, much less directly confronted and resolved.

The family unit is absolute Ground Zero for all human failures. Let us understand: The universal slavery of government can and will never even be acknowledged by the Inferiors, for as long as the family unit continues to exist. The terrorism and death worship that is religion can and will never be recognized as such, for as long as the family unit continues to exist. Self-love, personal autonomy, freedom of mind and of body, the capacity to recognize and make rational decisions and choices, the ability to define what mental health and mental illness are, and to gain mental health, none of these personal triumphs can even be imagined by humanity, much less achieved, and the foundational reason why is simply the existence of the family unit.

The family unit causes all primary human failures. It is a malignancy that directly creates all other cancers. It is impossible to even try, on a level of Forbidden Truth, to eradicate government, religion, money, war, self-hate, leadership, mental illness, or any other top-level human failure and mistake, because all of these mistakes and derangements were originally incubated, nurtured, made real and vibrant within the collective consciousness of humanity, by this singular malignancy: The family unit.

The first necessary and vital step, that must be achieved as functional reality in order for any of these other top-level problems to be legitimately addressed, is the absolute termination and eradication of the family unit as a human social structure. This is an absolute Forbidden Truth, and no human-borns on this pathetic planet, beyond Myself, seem capable of consciously recognizing and embracing this Forbidden Truth. The fact is, every “anarchist”, every “atheist”, every anti-war protestor, every self-help guru and every human who imagines himself a radical thinker pushing for change and reform and progress, is thinking and acting within pure delusion of mind.

You are all idiots, putting a 1000 pound rock in front of a horse, and then trying to get the horse to push the rock forward with his mouth. No human progress is possible, on a group level, until the abomination and malignancy that is the family unit, is ended. There should be no anarchists or atheists, every radical thinker should focus on this one goal, the one achievement that makes all other progress and achievements possible.

Don’t you understand, you pathetic idiots?! The hive mind allows the ideas of anarchy and atheism to circulate among you, it even gives them names, specifically because it knows you are wasting all of your time and effort in trying to achieve an impossibility.

Meanwhile, tell me what you call an advocate for the eradication of the family unit?? What is the name of this militant, how can we label him, discuss his idea and his proposal?? There is no name! This is the most dangerous and the most forbidden idea, fools! This is the idea that the Hive Mind will never allow to be surfaced to human consciousness. It cannot even be defined, given a name, because to do so allows the thought to enter the realm of awareness, which could lead to the realm of consideration.

The family unit is mothers and fathers and husbands and cousins and grandchildren and wives and uncles and nieces, but it is also homosexual and lesbian lovers living together, and sexual partners mind-chained to each other absent any formal paperwork or blood contamination. The family unit is even friends, friends grown dependent upon each other for emotional homeostasis. Always the Hive Mind seeks to strengthen and to broaden the family unit structure, positioning it as being under external attack, while simultaneously and covertly inviting outsiders in, to cage and to neuter themselves without even the individual awareness of what they are doing.

So, let’s finally begin the dissection of why and how the family unit is capable of, and does, blow all human beings, and all human potential, to smithereens.

  • The family unit is a prison of mind and of thought. The past: Customs, traditions, cultural mores, stupid beliefs, ideas, and mistakes, are all deified by the family unit, handed down from generation to generation, imposed as mind malignancies, rendering free and progressive mind functionality going forward, an impossibility.


  • The family unit exalts and uplifts death. There is no cycle of life, there is only universal death worship, everyone dead pretending to be alive. A primary mandate of the family unit is to cloak and conceal this Forbidden Truth from all conscious awareness. Parenthood as a structure renders all individual life worthless and disposable. You breed in order to create an illusion of justification for your own suicide, your own choice to accept and embrace the eternal nothingness and retroactive unbirth that is death, Truthfully defined.


  • The family unit mandates the annihilation of all ego and Self-love, it instruct every individual that he does not, cannot, and never will belong to Himself. It demands that he subjugate his own life path choices, on a day-to-day basis as well as on a level of making important choices for the future. The family unit forces the individual to restrict and minimize his own needs, desires, and natural entitlements. It incubates within all, a profound and consistently deepening perception of personal, individual worthlessness.


  • The family unit spits in the face of the sacredness of the human body to the Self-universe. It instructs all, that others are entitled to touch, to kiss, to hug, to impose their body upon You, to violate and to rape the very notion, as well as the personal potential to recognize and demand, the beauty and autonomy of Sacred Space.


  • The family unit is ground zero for universal sexual slavery among all adult humans. It deifies interactive sexual contact as being the only appropriate way to achieve sexual orgasm and climax, dooming billions of humans to lifelong sexual slavery by stripping them of the capacity to thrive within the glory of complete sexual autonomy that exists only with solo masturbation and individual stimulation of one’s own sexual organs.


  • The family unit destroys the capacity of individuals to thrive in personal solitude and isolation, by addicting them to an immersive environment of the constant, close proximity presence of other humans, and brainwashing them to believe that such constant interactivity is normal and healthy and necessary, an absolute lie and a direct source of lifelong misery and oppression of autonomy for billions.


  • The family unit functions as a dual, lifelong devastating physical cage. Humans are instructed that they must maintain ties, bonds, and contact with existing family unit members, and that it is also their personal obligation to establish and to extend the family unit by breeding. Once the individual breeds, he is brutally beaten, psychologically, to embrace the submission of lifelong mindcuff to his biological creations or adopted child-slaves. The cage of coerced contact is every bit as physically devastating as it is psychologically devastating.


  • The family unit destroys all individual capacity to successfully identify and define what freedom and personal autonomy are. Why? Because the family unit, in itself, is the personification and the realization of absolute slavery, but this Truth is completely cloaked, denied, and suppressed. Therefore, every family unit member inherently develops a warped, perverse, and completely inaccurate perception of what freedom and personal autonomy are. Within this universal delusion, organized, genocidal slave structures of the Hive Mind such as government, religion, employment, and money flourish and thrive, as the masses dwell within complete oblivion to the devastating theft of freedom and personal autonomy inherent within them.


  • The family unit teaches everyone that to be hurt and to be harmed is good, that it will happen and that you should accept it, instead of rebel against it. As long as the person hurting you can be judged to love and care about you, you must accept the harm. Masochism, Self-hate, and every other brain dysfunction is legitimized by this violation of the Self-universe.


  • The family unit incubates, encourages, legitimizes all forms of mental illness and dysfunction. The environment itself is incompatible with mental health as it must be Truthfully defined. Individuals are forced to do what is bad for them, forced to hurt themselves, forced to accept harm, forced to deform their own minds in order to fit into the deformity that already exists, that has always existed and pathologically becomes more severe, within the unit itself.


  • Domination, bullying, and obedience are hallmarks of the family unit structure. The older command the younger, the stronger rape the weaker, both sexually and psychologically. Decisions are made by the dominant, who demand acceptance from the submissive. The entire structure serves as a building block for the wider-scale domination, bullying, and demands for obedience that are built into all organized social structures such as the educational system, the military system, slave labor for money, acceptance of the social trance as delivered by mainstream media, etc…

Okay, we have now established some understanding of how devastatingly harmful the family unit is, completely above and beyond the number one horror it represents and imposes: The universal abuse, victimization, and destruction of all children under the deranged concept of parenthood and the psychological structure of the Poison Container, as I brilliantly reveal and dissect at great length in these essays:

I have penned dozens of other essays exposing the Forbidden Truths of familial child abuse, but these seven are a good starting point for a new seeker of Truth.

The importance of eradicating the family unit cannot be overemphasized. It is the initial key, that unlocks all other human potential to change, to break free of the universal shackle that is The Matrix of Universal Illusion. But of course it is all hopeless. How can the family unit be eradicated if the tiny handful of humans who are able to perceive “something” to be wrong with humanity, are still blind to top-level Truths, wasting their time posing as anarchists and atheists, hiding their own minds from the Forbidden Truths of what the Sacred Family Unit is and how it is the head of the beast, the first line that must be toppled, before any other social structure can be successfully terminated.

Now you can begin to understand how conspiracies work. The best conspiracies of a society and government are undetected and undetectable. Never recognized for what they are even as they sit in full view, operational, effective, and destructive.

“Go ahead, “radical” thinker! Be an anarchist, be an atheist, revel in your illusion of being dangerous and rebellious, fight the power! We will demonize you just so you feel even more dangerous, gather together others of a like mind. Maybe we will destroy you, if you get too cocky…But meanwhile we let you pose, because you serve our purpose, you waste your own time trying to change a secondary human failure that can never be changed unless and until you target the head of the beast, the family unit. The secret that nobody is allowed to know.”

The irony is that children who harvest their parents, parents who harvest their children, every human who carries out a family massacre, even teen-age girls who abort their womb-trapped child-slaves in secret, all these individuals come closer to the Forbidden Truth, closer to exposing the Forbidden Truths of the family unit and how it must be destroyed first, than the anarchists and atheists.

A final note: It does not matter if you personally reject the family unit, sever all ties to all family unit members, or even recognize how brilliantly right I am about everything I reveal in this essay. Your doomed fate, in real-time, continues to play out. The knowledge of Forbidden Truth is a personal triumph that is functionally useless. Just another tragedy and injustice that must be consciously embraced.

All I can do is stand alone, reveling in the glory of Self and Truth, proud and untouchable and impotent, even as I continue to enjoy an average of 2 1/2 masturbatory climaxes per day, talking to Myself, tragically wasting my own time as my fully aware illusion of existence plays itself out.

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The Reflective Perversity of Parenthood

For the human, parenthood is the most precious of gifts, a unique opportunity to go back in time and avenge the brutal and systematic destruction of their own innocence and personal potential, by doing the exact same thing to a helpless and supremely vulnerable child-slave, as was done to them.

The perfect circle of personal torment, reflected upon the perfect victim, in the perfect way. All, of course, without any conscious awareness or acknowledgment of what they are doing, or why. All done with the legal, moral, ideological permission and encouragement of society & government, which NEEDS every human child to be systematically destroyed. The parent is the functional, offensive weapon by which society and government ensures every child is molded into a destroyed adult, destroyed in such a way as to seek and to need to destroy other children. And so the endless cycle of genocide is perpetually renewed.

For as long as humanity practices parenthood, every child will be destroyed.

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The Family Unit: Crippling Shackle and Failed Social Experiment

In My Manifesto, I use the term Sacred Family Unit, in capital letters. The reason I use this term is to illustrate how human society and government has successfully positioned the family unit as an untouchable bedrock structure upon which it has built its house of cards illusion of civilization. The Forbidden Truth is, the family unit is a completely artificial construct, void of all legitimacy, and directly responsible for crippling humanity on both individually personal, and universal levels. Very simply, the family unit should not exist, it was a mistake of judgment from the very beginning, and as this essay will make clear, it cannot be positively redeemed, and it must be fully abandoned and discarded in order for humanity to have any chance of reversing its devolutionary death spiral.

Let us begin by accurately defining what the family unit is: A diseased social structure which enslaves and toxically enmeshes human beings to each other, utilizing state-sponsored brainwashing, indoctrination, bribery, and terrorism. Motherhood, fatherhood, marriage, live-in lovers, gay partnerships, grandparents, uncles, aunts, these are all artificial titles bestowed by society and government upon individuals, intended to trap them within a closed-circle of toxic enmeshment based upon imposed obligation and a cultural role. “You are this…”, decrees society, trapping the individual within a role, imposing a set of obligations upon the individual, obligations rooted within absolute slavery and oppression, of body, mind, and time, disguised as a right and privilege to be celebrated and valued.

The family unit is not natural, it has no basis in natural instinct, as society and government would have you believe. Human women, as a whole, have no positive natural instinct to rear children. Human men, with very rare exceptions, have no positive natural instinct to care for children. Marriage is a completely unnatural ritual which openly defies the instinctually individualistic and hedonistic desire to achieve sexual climax, which all children are born possessing, and which should be nurtured and encouraged, instead of neutered via brutal coercion and brainwashing.

Humans are naturally solitary creatures, their personal relationships should be transitory and superficial at most. The only deeply emotional relationship any mentally healthy human should have, is with Himself. The family unit cripples human beings on a psychological level, forcing them to engage in lifelong personal relationships which exist as nothing more than prison cages and torture chambers of the body and mind. You are a mother, a father, a wife, a son, a daughter, a grandpa, an aunt, a niece…the list is endless, and each and every title is maliciously imposed upon you, intended to trap you for a lifetime. In Truth, no familial relationship is ever chosen, not even the unmarried live-in lover chooses to be an unmarried live-in lover. The very decision to cohabit within a sexual relationship, is externsally coerced and induced.

Each of us is changing minute to minute, in terms of our perceptions of reality. The idea that someone can positively serve as a mother or father or wife or son, or any familial role, spits in the face of the Truth that something we may find desirable today, we may find unbearable a week from today, much less years and decades from today. One of the greatest causes of universal human dysfunction of mind is the insane and diseased sacred family unit, which brutally traps human beings within horrific cages you call “relationships”. The relationships of parenthood, marriage, and every title, from gay live-in lover to uncle, which are all designed to force human beings to remain rigidly enmeshed in specific, ongoing ritualized contact throughout their entire existence.

Think of it: You are born, and society decrees you to be a son, and so for 21 years you are ordered to serve as a subhuman slave, and after these 21 years you still remain a son, still trapped in the same prison, still owned by a slavemaster, even as you are told to create your own son, and so you create your own son and you now own a slave, and still you remain a son, hopelessly trapped, waiting for your slaveowners to die. And yet even after they die, you continue identifying Yourself as a son, you “used” to have a father and mother, and now you are hopelessly trapped as a father, as you wait to die. The chain cannot be broken, the chain can never be broken, and if you dare to break it, you are demonized by society as a failure, an outcast, having “lost” the family to which you are ordered to sacrifice your entire existence to.

The amount of psychological torment which the family unit system inflicts upon individuals cannot be measured. Everyone suffers because of it, everyone. No matter how successfully an individual deludes himself into believing he has found bliss as a mother, a daughter, a husband, and every other familial title, these are all Self-deceptions. There is no bliss in any form of imposed, lifelong slavery which defies the laws of nature and of natural instinct. Child abuse, parental abuse, spousal abuse, mass murder, serial killing, every form of addiction, every form of Self-harm, every death wish by every individual, has a root basis in the toxicity of the family unit, and a desperate need, on an emotional level, to break free of these lifelong chains.

There is a distinction which must be understood, between individual “relationships”, and the family unit as social structure. The human being, in his mentally healthy state, is a solitary creature, but can still form personal relationships with others. Such relationships, when transitory and superficial, can be independently established free of social coercion and indoctrination. Such a relationship can exist outside of the family unit structure, and My dissection of the family unit does not include these types of rare relationships. They are rare because of the pervasive imposition of shackle-based family unit relationships.

Let us now explore the specific role that the family unit plays, within society and government. The family unit did not arise out of a vacuum, it is a very specifically designed construct, it was invented by leaders of society and government to achieve very specific, and utterly malicious, tactical goals.

The family unit relationship serves many specific mandates of society and government. Let us dissect just a few:

  • The family unit is intended to domesticate and tame. The family unit instructs individuals to partition themselves off inside of mini-governments, where they can rule and be ruled. The father can be a dictator, the son can be a slave, the wife can be a vice-president, or a humiliated slave. Every family unit exists as a mini-government, and this is by specific design of every political government. In allowing citizen-slaves to establish their own familial mini-governments, all individual impulse to challenge and attack the genocidal harm imposed by political governments, is neutered.

The family unit is intended to serve as a closed-circle of toxic emotional enmeshment. Society and government seeks to contain the rage and hate of individuals within their established familial cage. Every member of the family unit is instructed to unleash his emotional pathologies upon fellow members. This is why parents spend decades tormenting their children, abusing them physically and emotionally, day after day after day. This is why 50 year old men sadistically savor abusing their 80 year old mothers, in reflection of their own lifelong familial torment. This is why teenagers slaughter their parents, and young mothers serially kill their children after they are born, and women choose to become pregnant just so they can serially abort their fetuses, and adults carry out family massacres of every stripe.

Society and government overtly promote limitless violence and trauma within the closed circle of the family unit, understanding this to be the most effective way to stifle all social unrest and limit violence against “strangers” or against empowered social institutions, which could destabilize the entire social structure.

  • The family unit is a premier form of distraction and diversion for society and government. How can any individual analyze and understand the universal matrix of illusion that he has been enslaved by, when his mind is constantly occupied by an endless series of familial dramas and obligations? The life of the family unit is imbued with the illusion of urgency and importance, every day the insane soap opera is played out, intended to consume all focus of all members, so that the window of Truth, enlightenment to the nature of universal social oppression, remains forever shuttered.
  • The family unit makes Truth-based Self-identification impossible. The Truth: I exist as independent universe of mind, a brain obligated to consume the world with My own independent desires and needs, is impossible to positively realize, when you are trapped within the mind cage of identifying Yourself as a mother, a son, a husband, an uncle, or any other baseless familial title.

The family unit is a failed social experiment. From the very beginning, just as the insane god myth, its promoters were empowered leaders and agents of society and government, motivated by malicious need and desire to enslave and control the species itself. The family unit is not only unnatural, but a pure slave structure, by legitimizing the family unit, society has successfully legitimized every form of slavery, to government, to money, to forced labor, to subjugation of personal identity, personal will, and freedom of mind.

The family unit serves no positive purpose or role in the human experience of life. The family unit ensures that every child is destroyed, brutally traumatized just as every generation of adults who sponsor the family unit, were brutally traumatized. The family unit renders positive evolutionary progress impossible to achieve. It is a horror which must be eradicated, and yet any sane thinker with insight to the human condition must understand that the enlightenment of mind which could inspire humanity to reject and abandon the family unit, is impossible to achieve.

How many articles in the media have you read, which call for the dissolution of the family unit as a social structure?? Zero? In your entire lifetime?? Here you see how Forbidden Truth is dead to humanity, your supposedly free and open minds unable to conceive of even this most basic of social reforms, thanks to a media and cultural blackout of philosophical discourse, as well as the impact of relentless propaganda and indoctrination from the moment of your birth.

To access hunderds of other Forbidden Truths on the nature of family, sex, love, and human relationships, you should read this page of My one million word Manifesto of Forbidden Truth:

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