What if Personal Pleasure is the Only Accepted Motivational Force?

Raising the Me, Myself, and I, to omnipotent and infinite value is the obligation of the Superior who basks within unconditional love of Self.

There are many different ways to attain this sacred right and achieve this blissful glory of MindPower. One way is to raise the Pleasure Principle to the same plateau as limitless love of Self.

How would this manifest as functional reality? Lets consider and integrate the primary components:

A) As an individual, I will do nothing unless it provides Me with overt pleasure.

B) As an individual, I will allow nothing to be done to Me that compromises or diminishes My existing and ongoing experience of personal pleasure.

C) As an individual, I categorically reject all external demands, all impositions of obligation, all ideological or moral constructs, that negatively interfere with My ongoing pursuit of personal pleasure.

D) As an individual, I consciously recognize that direct Self-harm, of any kind, is incompatible with the pursuit or the attainment of personal pleasure.

E) As an individual, I embrace as unconditionally valid, My right to deprive others of attaining personal pleasure, if such deprivation directly creates and/or strengthens within Me, the attainment of personal pleasure.

Individually, such an engrossing devotion to personal pleasure would honor Self and Truth at the highest levels. But let’s take it one step further: What if every human individual pledged and attained this level of devotion to the Pleasure Principle?? This would change everything. This would bring down The Matrix of Universal Illusion. Why? Because pleasure and suffering are incompatible.

Every human society and government is founded, based, built, and maintained upon universal suffering for all. The Pleasure Principle as outlined above, renders suffering intolerable, individually and collectively.

If suffering becomes individually intolerable, meaning that individuals refuse to suffer, the very fabric of every existing society and government is directly attacked. If suffering becomes universally intolerable, meaning that all individuals refuse to accept suffering, Truthfully defined as any limitation or deprivation of the attainment of absolute and ongoing pleasure, the very fabric of every society and government is torn asunder and permanently destroyed.

That is all it takes, you idiots. The refusal to suffer, within the envelope of an unconditional demand for sustained and uncompromised personal pleasure.

And for those who say that a universal demand for personal pleasure would end all progress and productivity, you are dead wrong. Because every individual would define pleasure within different parameters. Things that needed to get done, would still get done. Because doing things provides, and does not sacrifice, legitimate pleasure for some humans.

For the Superior, pleasure is a sacred right. For the Unwashed Masses of inferiors, pleasure is something to be feared, judged, condemned, rejected. Self-hate is the disease every child is deliberately infected with, by every human society and government, knowing that Self-hate is incompatible with the Pleasure Principle as brilliantly articulated here, by Me.

Give Me pleasure, always and forever, or I shall tear asunder anything and everything that stands in my way! This must be the war cry of the Self-lover, taking pleasure to the height where it deserves to be, the place where it can reign destruction, to rightfully and pridefully destroy everything that is destroying the Self-universe of Me, Myself, and I, individually and collectively.

Let pleasure be the weapon and the shield, simultaneously. Rendering our minds invincible, and rendering all that seeks and attempts to oppress us, transformed and disintegrated to impotent dust and rubble.

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Suffering and the Sacred Right of Reflection

Everyone born human, alive at this moment, is suffering. Even if you have rejected and transcended your humanity, as I have. Of course I am still suffering! Suffering is a reflection of the experience of personal victimization, therefore the Forbidden Truth of universal victimization, translates to the reality of universal suffering.

Now comes the Mind Bomb: In real-time, the eternally singular moments of Now, suffering can be denied, experienced, and/or reflected, in singularity, in combination, or even as a mixture of all three mind paths.

The majority of humans seek to deny, reject, and ignore the vast majority of their suffering. This is the pathetic, cowardly, inferior path. To deny your suffering is to reject the Forbidden Truth of your lifelong, and ongoing, victimization. It does not alter the fact that you are suffering. If it makes you feel better, the harmful consequences are only magnified, because you are literally destroying Truth, in real-time.

Every attempt to deny & reject the Truth that you are suffering, is doomed to failure. Meaning you are actively and overtly harming Yourself, via this deception, no matter how much better you feel. This is the path directly promoted to you by your genocidal society and government, because you are literally choosing to destroy Truth by doing so, and this is a wet dream come True for your greatest and mortal enemy, guilty and responsible for your victimization. In denying the Truth of your suffering, you deny the Truth of your victimization.

The second available mind path is that of experience. Should you choose to experience your suffering?? On a level of Forbidden Truth mind consciousness, it is certainly a better path than denial/rejection, because it faces up to the reality of your past, present, and future real-time victimization. But it is still not the Superior path. Choosing to experience suffering empowers your victimizer, legitimizing their victimization of You.

Integral to the process of becoming an untouchable Superior, is to consciously acknowledge and dissect all the different ways you were, are, and will be a victim, always and forever, and never attempt to deny or mitigate this Forbidden Truth. The reality of the consequence of victimization, is trauma, pain, and suffering. Truth is honored via the experience of suffering, but the Superior consciously knows this suffering must be transformed, via deployment of his MindPower.

To what must the suffering be transformed?? Rage and hate, externally directed within absolutely conscious awareness and intent. Only via this successful achievement, can you reach the third level, the Superior path, of reflection.

The Superior transforms his experienced suffering into externally directed rage and hate, and via this achievement, he reflects his suffering upon others.

You do not merely have the right to do this, but an obligation to do this, because it honors both Self and Truth.

When you consciously reflect and direct your own experience of suffering upon others, you gain the capacity to end your own experience of suffering. Which is your sacred right, and obligation as lover of Self. You do not deny or reject any Truth in the process, you exalt multiple Truths: The Truth that you did not, do not, and cannot ever deserve to be victimized. The Truth that you do not deserve to experience suffering based upon acts of injustice committed against you with malice aforethought and with you helpless to defend against them. The Truth that your victimization was not, is not, will not be, accidental or unavoidable. The Truth that you possess a sacred right to end the experience of your own suffering. And many more Truths, because all Forbidden Truths are interconnected.

There are many different ways to accurately reflect your own suffering upon others. Some involve directly causing other individuals to suffer. Some do not. All are equally valid.

You have the right to try to choose from among different ways to reflect your suffering upon others, only within the conscious realization and embrace of the Truth that every form of reflection is absolutely valid and justified, as sacred personal entitlement. And every form of reflection represents the only Superior path, the only path honoring Truth and Self.

Personally harming others, with completely conscious awareness of what you are doing and why, is a 100% valid path of reflecting personal suffering. It is inherently and intrinsically justified, at all times, in all circumstances.

Are you obligated to choose this specific path of reflection?? No. But in order to properly integrate to consciousness your sacred right to reflect your suffering, you must embrace your absolute right to choose this specific path. Right to choose is of course different from obligation to choose.

There are other viable reflection paths that may be considered, as your True Reality dictates.


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Five Favorite Child Abuse Songs

As you can tell if you have been reading this blog, I choose to obsessively focus My mind upon many different things, and child abuse is near the top of this list. I do so because I am a created torture victim of child abuse, and because unlike you humans, I choose to always dwell within the openly conscious acknowledgment and embrace of the Truth of exactly what I am, and exactly why I am what I am.

I focus obsessively on My own status as a created victim of child abuse, not due to any masochistic tendencies or desire to suffer, but because doing so reflects Truth and empowers Self. The Superior neither wallows in his own past, nor rejects his own past. He fully embraces a personal obligation to hold his experienced past within him, so that he may never forget the lessons of Truth it has taught him. The reason why I will never identify as a survivor of child abuse, is because doing so dismisses the reality of what occurred, and betrays the Truth of what I am: A victim, not a survivor.

I have achieved the remarkable feat of transcending My humanity, by force of will and conscious choice. This has nothing to do with transcending either the past, or My experiences of the past. Quite the contrary, this transcendation, rooted within embrace of factual reality, requires full embrace of the past. My experienced past is what motivated Me to seek to transcend My humanity, a topic I will be addressing in future blog posts. I honor Myself, and My unique achievements of mind, only by focusing upon My experienced past on a daily basis, with courageous and Self-loving insight of consciousness.

No matter how busy I may be, even if forced to perform 16 hours straight of slave labor, as sometimes occurs, I choose to find time, every single day, to consciously do three different things: To focus on and validate My justified rage and hate, to proactively nurture My love of Self, and to reflect upon the Truth that I am a created victim of child abuse.

And so, over the years, I have sought and located songs which speak to the heart of the abused child, songs which help Me to fully open My mind, on a daily basis, even after a long and exhausting session of traumatic human interaction, to the cleansing horror of Truth. To be clear, these are five of My more favored songs which specifically focus on child abuse, I have many other songs which are favorited for different reasons, because they focus more on rage, hate, personal vengeance. In the future I may provide blog posts listing those songs.

Also, be aware that these are not necessarily My most favorite, and are not listed in a specific order of favoritism. But they are songs that I have each listened to thousands of times, and they are songs I seek out and replay over and over, finding them to harmonize with My personal True Reality of Superior mind focus.

We begin with Down With The Sickness, by Disturbed. A stirring declaration of personal outrage by a child abuse victim:

Next we have an epic rant of childhood torment, which speaks directly to Me because I was locked up in a psychiatric prison as a child, for stabbing My father after he forced Me to perform oral sex on him hundreds of times, Institutionalized, by Suicidal Tendencies:

Proving that My musical tastes extend far beyond the lyrical assault of heavy and thrash metal, we transition to Luka, by Suzanne Vega. This song also resonates directly with Me on a personal level, because as a child-slave, I was imprisoned within a large apartment building, humans above and below Me, humans on both sides of Me, and I was even locked outside in the hallway, wearing only My underwear. as a child, and nobody, no human, ever tried to help Me:

Next we have Hell Is For Children, by Pat Benatar, a rather simple but still passionately deliverated message of the Truth that every child grows up in the only real hell. I am posting this version specifically because it includes Pat Benatar’s completely clueless and Truth-blind introduction to the song, as it proves just how disconnected from the Forbidden Truth reality of child abuse, all humans are:

And finally, The Mirror Black, by Sanctuary, another child abuse song that speaks very directly to My childhood journey to recognize and embrace all Truth, to create limitless Self-love within Myself, to make Myself untouchable, to create a personal universe of pure and absolute isolation, and to transcend My humanity, all of which I am proud to have successfully achieved:

Most humans use music to escape from reality and Truth. The Superior does the exact opposite. He uses music to commune with Himself, to make love to Himself, to always hold close and reawaken the past as it has been carved into him, so that Truth may always flourish and be reflected.

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