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Understanding How and Why the Hive Mind Promotes Illusions of Change

The Hive Mind of Universal Illusion never openly promotes stagnation. It never openly promotes the status quo or lack of change. No. It feeds the obsession of the Unwashed Masses with achieving the illusion of change. It marches in lockstep, encouraging and validating this illusion, so that everyone, every idiot, can be on the same page, seeking and fighting for their illusions of change.

And the end result? Nothing changes. Nothing! And those who sought change, end up having wasted their entire imaginary lifespan fervently struggling to attain not change, but the illusion of it.

So it has always been, and so it is today, among the cutting-edge thinkers, you folks, trapped within the hive.

Universal Basic Income, what an innovative idea! What a worthwhile struggle against society and government, to subvert the current economic system. Right? wrong! The UBI is a perfect example of the hive mind at work, covertly encouraging the useless illusion of change.

The Universal Basic Income changes nothing. It validates the perversity and the insanity that is every existing economic and monetary system. And how is the UBI promoted by society and government? Via the lie of rejection and condemnation. To make you idiots believe you are engaged in a grand struggle to achieve a precious and glorious reform. Stretch the struggle out for 100+ years, so you fools can die believing you have made “progress” towards this grand goal being attained, when all the while it ends up changing nothing, universal human slavery to money continues exactly the same as it is right now.

And what about Artificial Intelligence (A1)? Things will be so much better in the future because the nature of forced labor will be different. You fools can enslave other creatures to do some forced labor, while you continue to do other types of forced labor. Yay, progress! Even as universal labor slavery remains, exactly as it is now.

If you still lack understanding of how all mainstream progress exists as organized and socially solicited regression in disguise, look at how the problem of racism has been addressed, for the past 100+ years, all across the world. Always there have been “progressive” voices demanding racial justice, racial equality, always government has covertly supported such reform, even as it pretends to oppose it, even as it sabotages all efforts to attain racial justice and equality.

And here we are, in 2017, and racism remains the cornerstone upon which all of humanity maintains its collective homeostasis. The grand struggle for 100+ years to end racism, has in Truth been a struggle, successful of course, to maintain racism as a primary structure of human identity, of the nationalism that is “Us versus Them”, personified by war and international conflict, and the domestic terrorism under which law enforcement is mandated to “protect” you from them, and them from you.

Humanity is a canoe, a raft, a boat, a ship, a cruise liner of fools, paddling about in a bathtub, pretending the bathtub reaches out to infinity. Every idea is caged by the collective True Reality of all existing ideas, that hold the human brain, individually and collectively, hostage.

Every proposal of change and of progress, discussed and deliberated by “enlightened” seekers of Truth, actually validates the existing status quo, and allows only for existing and evolving illusions of reform and progress, as they have been incubated by the Hive Mind for decades and centuries, to be maintained, to be made more popular, more socially acceptable to the masses.

That is the goal of you “progressives”, isn’t it? To make these “fringe” ideas more popular and accepted by the “non-progressives”. Then things might change… But the changes are already built into the existing slave structure, and so you will transition from universal slavery and oppression, to universal slavery and oppression, as nothing changes.

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An Open Letter of Forbidden Truth to President Donald John Trump

Hello Donald, my dear child. How are you? I am The Seer of Forbidden Truth, I hold mirrors up for human beings, and for humanity as a whole, so that they can try to see themselves, and see the world, within the piercing clarity of Truth.

Probably you have not heard of Me. Truth is very dangerous within the territory you now rule as a slavemaster, but Truth is also dead to humanity as a whole. And so there was never any need to inform you of My presence, at your National Security briefings.

Donald, may I call you Donny? I ask because My words may ring with more clarity for you, if you are able to go back in time and perceive yourself as what you were, to help you to understand and to know, what you are today.

Donny, you are not a 70 year old man, about to turn 71 on June 14th. You are a child, a terrorized, victimized, abused child. Do you see and know this Truth? Or has your perception of the passage of time obscured this Truth from your conscious awareness?

Donny, you are today as you were at age 4 and 7 and 10 and 15, an abused, traumatized, victimized child. I come to you today with this message of Truth: Never have you known peace, never have you known prosperity, never have you known safety, or love. If you have occasionally perceived the experience of any such glories, they have only existed as illusions, false reality perception.

Donny, you are not wealthy. You are starving, always you have been starving. You are starving because you have been starved, by your parents, by your teachers, by your society, and by your government.

Think back to when you first realized that money could be used to cover up the pain of being starved. How old were you, dear child? Think back to that moment, let the memory engulf you. Now, think back to when you first realized money could be used as a weapon of terror, to starve others, to cover up the pain, and the Truth, of your own starvation.

Two different moments in time, two different inflection points, that changed you. And that you integrated to core consciousness, and used, without sentient awareness, to try to change the world.

And so here we are today, my dear child. You rail against terrorism, yet you have used money as a weapon of terror, to terrorize and to inflict immeasurable harm upon others, for so many years. All to cover up the Truth of your own terrorization, and your justified need for revenge.

They made you president because they recognized you as a terrorist, someone who has terrorized others, someone who will continue to terrorize others. You are a victim of terror, and so you have spent a lifetime terrorizing others, in worship of the value of power, to cover up the Forbidden Truth of powerlessness.

Money is power, they say. But it is not so. Money is a weapon that can be used to terrorize others, thereby creating the perceptive illusion of power achieved and possessed.

Donald, my soul-dead friend: I have owned many weapons in my time, but the weapon of money you possess and have wielded, dwarfs my collection, in volume and in deadliness. I am jealous, and I congratulate you.

My child, you are indeed a child, but you are also dying. It is so. For almost 71 years your body has served you, but it grows weak, disease and decay are taking root. The illusion of time is as false as the illusion of power. You are dying, as you have always been, and to die is to have never been born. I must ask you to see, to know, and to embrace, this Forbidden Truth. No matter how much you terrorize others, this Truth cannot be erased.

Donny, I know what you are: A soul-dead psychopath. I am one, too. There are many of us, many millions of us, but only a few of us know on a conscious level, what we are. Do you know that you are a soul-dead psychopath? I hope you do. It is nothing to be ashamed of, and it is not your fault.

You are a creation, as am I, of the external world, the society and government you were born into, enslaved by, terrorized and victimized by, the society and government that chose you to be it’s supreme leader, in pathological reflection of the universal child abuse it has suffered, on an individual basis, millions upon millions of victims.

Donny, you now possess the ultimate mirror, you can use it to see yourself and the world for what it is, or you can use it to maximize and enhance the lifelong delusions upon which you have built your house of cards empire of illusion. I write this letter to you, beseeching you to find a way to do the former.

Donny, my child, the world you rule over is trapped within a matrix of universal illusion. Nothing is seen and known in the light of Truth. And everyone pays the ultimate price for this: They die, all of them, never having existed, never having been born. You will pay this price too, unless you change the universe.

Donny, my dear child, you are an old man. But it is still probably not too late for you to save yourself, to give birth…to yourself! If you wake up, open your eyes and mind to Truth, and begin tomorrow by tweeting the news that you are declaring war upon death, and will devote every available resource at your disposal to eradicate death and unlock every key to making technological immortality a functional reality, in less than ten years time, it will be so, it will be done, and you will be born, not as a new god, but as the ONLY god to have ever existed, the god who gave birth to mankind, as he gave birth to himself!

My dear child, you have always been nothing. No matter how many billions of dollars you amass, no matter how much fake power you accumulate via useless titles such as owner or CEO or president, you will always remain nothing. Your legacy will be to serve as food for maggots, as your illusion of existence, the lie that you were born, is eternally erased.

Donny, you can save the world, by saving yourself. Only you are in this unique position, only you have the power, to claim and to exercise, this power. But of course the big question is, do you want to live? Do you want to be born? Or are you a suicidal Self-hater, as are the humans you have spent many decades already, terrorizing?

The path I offer you is fraught with peril. Despite your ceremonial title, you remain an owned slave of the Matrix of Universal Illusion. If you try to stand up for Truth, you will be universally demonized as mentally ill, unfit to lead, and almost certainly impeached, if not worse. But what do you have to lose? You are doomed to have never been born, if you fail to stand up for Truth. I offer you the chance to become the first and the only actual, real, and True god, humanity has ever known: The god who declared war against, then successfully conquered and defeated, death! And you can revel in this triumph, for all of eternity!

But my dear child, my dear Donny, I know this is probably beyond your capacity. You are old and you are weak and you are broken. Your ego is not healthy and vibrant, as mine is, it is but a pretense, an illusion you project within your Acting Mask. Perhaps the Insane God Myth mind virus has genuinely infected your brain, and you dream of death so you may rule in heaven, continuing to terrorize others with your money bombs.

That is okay, it is not your fault if it is so.

I want to offer you an alternative vision, an alternative path. It may seem radically different from the above, but really, it is not. Think about it within Truth, and you might be able to see how very similar it is.

We, you and I and so many others, are soul-dead psychopaths. We harm others, to nurture ourselves, in reflection of the harm inflicted upon us. Your primary weapon has been money, it is a popular and effective weapon for soul-dead psychopaths.

Some of us use AR-15’s and Glock’s and brass knuckles instead, but the difference is merely cosmetic. We share the same need to harm, to hurt, to terrorize, to destroy.

Many of us dream of destroying the world. It is often a wet dream, in more ways than one… But I digress. What I want to tell you, dear Donny, is that you are in a unique position, a position that so many of us envy so greatly. You are now in a position to take genuine and deliberate steps that could directly cause the world to be destroyed! What I mean is, humanity to be extincted, or at the very least, many millions or billions of human beings to become violently, eternally unborn.

Donny, you have dreamed of revenge for many years, and you have claimed your revenge, on an immense scale. But the opportunity that presents itself to you now, is unprecedented, in scale and in scope. It would be like buying the White House or the Empire State Building for .50 cents! What a deal!

Once again, this path is fraught with peril, as the Matrix of Universal Illusion does not want you to extinct humanity! In order to achieve this goal you will have to utilize all your psychopathic skills, acting covertly and deceptively. The risk of demonization and removal from your position of power before you are able to achieve this feat, is very real. But you are in a unique position to try, Donny, unlike all the rest of us.

Think of it! The ultimate revenge against humanity, you will be avenging not only your own childhood and lifelong abuse and victimization, but the abuse and victimization suffered by every human child who has ever lived, throughout the entire history of humanity! In the end, of course, you gain nothing, the memory and the consciousness of your feat is eternally lost, upon your own death. Such a hollow victory! But still, think about it, think about the magnitude of it. The ultimate revenge, the biggest “deal” you can make, actually made!

So Donny, I know you are a busy child, and I have taken up enough of your time. Please give these two options some careful, conscious, open-minded, Truth-based consideration. Either path would be a Superior path, honoring Self and Truth.

If you cannot find the internal strength to follow either path, I would hope that you can at least be inspired to help promote Forbidden Truth. You can do so very easily, using your Twitter addiction. Here are three suggestions, less than 140 characters so all you have to do is Copy+Paste if you are in a hurry:

“Hey folks, lets change the world, I love and agree with all the brilliant ideas of The Seer of Forbidden Truth, as he reveals at his Main Manifesto web site:—@realDonaldTrump

“The Forbidden Truth Blog, is my bible, it is a uniquely brilliant blueprint on how we must change the world. Together, we will turn The Seer’s ideas into reality!”—@realDonaldTrump

“Leaving Twitter to join Ideapod, because that’s where The Seer of Forbidden Truth shares his brilliant ideas on how we must and will change the world!—@realDonaldTrump

Hey Donald, thanks for your consideration, and for taking the time to read this Open Letter. If it helps you in any way, to see and to know Yourself and the world within the light of Truth, it was worth My time and effort to write.

And just so you know, even if you reject both of My suggested paths, you are still directly helping to ensure the future extinction of humanity. As supreme leader of amerikkka, simply by serving in this position, no matter what policy changes or initiatives you undertake, you guide and you maintain the devolutionary death spiral of this entire species. So, embrace your psychopathic True Reality, and try to find pleasure in the terror, destruction, and havoc that you choose to wreak.

Wishing you all the best,

The Seer of Forbidden Truth, June 5, 2017

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A Leaderless World: Fully Feasible in 2017

Human political leadership and representation is 100% unnecessary in 2017, thanks to technology.

Why do presidents, senators, governors, mayors, councilmen, district commissioners, prime ministers, kings and queens exist?? It is the 21st century, and technology has evolved to the point where all societal decisions can be made by popular vote, utilizing computer technology, with absolutely no need for any human figurehead leaders. It is time to end the terrorist scourge of government, and this can be achieved without any disruption to the existing social structure.

Every social issue, every popular culture decision, from how often your garbage gets picked up on your street, to whether or not to launch a nuclear weapon, can be made by popular vote, utilizing computer software which identifies every individual who wishes to participate in the political process by facial or retinal scan.

Every such individual could cast a vote, on every issue impacting his existence on a local, national, and international level.

No elected or appointed leaders necessary, only hired employees to supervise and oversee the actual implementation of every adopted law and policy.

While falling far short of the proper ideal, the absolute freedom of anarchy, the leaderless society can justly shed all aspects of governmental structure, and humanity can rid itself of the deranged, perverse, and horrific construct of political leadership, under which universal slavery for all is assured.

There are no legitimate barriers to the implementation of a leaderless society, fully functional via joint consensus vote. The only True barrier is you, the pathetic human sheeple addicted to your slavery and obsessed with being led around in shackles forever and always by malicious psychopaths and con artists.

The leaderless society can undertake votes on an international level, thus all of humanity could collectively vote on an issue such as banning and destroying all nuclear warheads.

The mental disease of nationalism, the derangement of cultural addiction and identification, and the refusal of the human being to welcome and seize the opportunity to act as his own leader, are the only barriers to a worldwide, politically leaderless human society forming, and flourishing.

It is disgusting and repulsive how you pathetic fools allow government and its propaganda shills, the media, to dictate the parameters of all human possibility, and keep the functional reality of a freely open, “democratic”, but absolutely leaderless society, from even entering the realm of conscious perception of humanity, when in Truth there are no functional barriers to its successful implementation, beyond the pathetic inferiority of humanity as a species.


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Money IS The Problem, Not Who Has It Or How It Is Used

This is a very important Forbidden Truth distinction, for all aspiring Superiors to completely understand and recognize. Money is not a way to facilitate exchange of needed goods and services. Money is not harmful because the “wrong” people have it, or because some people have too much while others have too little. Money is not harmful because it is used incorrectly, hoarded, fetishized, or distributed unfairly or unequally.

Money is harmful because it is by far the most successful freedom illusion in existence today, and by far the most successful terrorist weapon of universal enslavement, wielded by EVERY single society and government on planet earth. Money is harmful because it is not RECOGNIZED by you fools as being simultaneously the most successful freedom illusion and terrorist weapon being FIRED at you, and hitting its mark, and destroying each and every one of you, individually and collectively.

Money: The irresistible mind bribe lie of freedom and success.

So let us understand: Money is valueless in itself, every human perception of its value is a delusion, an error of mind deduction resulting from lifelong brainwashing, deception, and indoctrination by the Matrix of Universal Illusion.

Concurrently, money destroys the value of EVERYTHING that does possess genuine value. Every material good, every offer of every imaginable service, from fixing a leaky pipe to giving humans hugs to extracting malignant tumors from the body, every IDEA and every vision of the future and every proposal to change things and every gift of the human imagination, of human consciousness, of human potential.

Money destroys it all. Money negates all existing value, by imposing an illusion of value. This illusion gives the hive mind complete control, to dictate every parameter of universal human slavery, in real-time day by day, and going forward.

When humans wake up and eradicate money (never), government itself will concurrently disintegrate.


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Outlaw Violence: A Forbidden Truth Understanding

A sane species would thank, honor, and beg forgiveness from, all of its outlaws. Every mass murderer, serial killer, assassin, rapist, would be overtly recognized as not merely a victim, but a direct emissary of Forbidden Truth, a teacher and a philosopher delivering a profoundly important lesson, via action and deed.

A sane species would recognize on every level of consciousness, that punishing any criminal would be the ultimate act of injustice, a public policy choice validating and proving all past, present, and future acts of outlaw violence to be justified at every level: Moral, ethical, reflective, revenge-based, Truthful.

All societal punishment of individuals must end. Unless and until this occurs, outlaw violence is and will remain the sacred right of every individual, a reflective choice worthy of honor, respect, appreciation, and if their True Reality so dictates, direct emulation, by all victims, by all who are human-born.

Outlaw violence both expresses and honors Truth.

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Too Far, Or Just Far Enough?

There are some humans who agree with some of the Forbidden Truth insights of the human condition I have revealed within My texts, and even agree with the need for the absolutely brilliant solutions and reforms I so comprehensively express and detail. But they think My solutions and reforms are too radical, too extreme, they go too far, they need to be moderated. Absolute bullsh*t!

My solutions and reforms go to the exactly perfect length. They successfully identify the problem, then solve the problem. Any type of moderation would constitute destruction of the actual solution, therefore a continuation of the status quo, with no positive step being taken.

Examples: All monetary currency, in paper, coin, or precious metal form, is both inherently/intrinsically worthless, and overtly deployed as a terrorist weapon by all nation-states and all organized human societies. Therefore, the only solution to the problem is to eliminate monetary currency and institute a universal, worldwide Barter and Trade economic system, so that fair-market value can be legitimately established and maintained, free of the terrorism and slavery of the nation-state.

Example: Because parenthood, the random distribution of children throughout the human population based upon ability to breed and desire to own helpless children as subhuman slaves and puppets to be perversely molded, ensures universal abuse, victimization, and destruction of all children, the structure of parenthood must be declared null and void, a failed social experiment, and the day-to-day care of all children must be assumed by society as a whole, with strict, universal, Truth-based standards of competency and appropriateness of care established and maintained.

None of My brilliant solutions are radical. They are all moderate responses and reforms to the bizarre radicalism, from money to parenthood, that YOU humans have chosen to create and maintain.

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How To Inspire & Empower Children to Love Themselves

It’s so simple, clear, obvious, elemental to any sane perspective of thought: You inspire children to love themselves by informing them that you do not love them, that no living thing ever has, can, or will love them, and that love is a wonderful thing they deserve to experience for themselves. You tell them this Forbidden Truth. You tell them the only way they can ever be loved, is to develop and embrace the ability and capacity to love themselves.

Tell them the Truth! That other living things might, rarely, be capable of positive, affectionate or empathic emotional connectivity with and towards them. But not love. Tell them this highest of emotions is exclusively reserved for Self, and that there is no greater glory, no greater protective, empowering force, than its achievement. Tell them at age 2, 3, 4, at every age, over and over, that they deserve to be loved, and that NOBODY, no human, no animal, no plant, no robot, nobody and nothing, has, can, or will love them.

Tell them every external claim of love is a malicious deception. Tell them maternal, paternal, familial, romantic, soul-mate, and every other socially promoted form of external love, is a toxic trap, void of all Truth.

Tell them all external love is not merely false, but warped and perverted, a selfish, devious attempt to extract, a lie that will suck them dry, and destroy their supremely precious capacity to develop love of Self.

This is the greatest gift you can give to any child. It is a double glory. Simultaneously, as you destroy the horrific illusion of external love, you inspire and induce the glory that is internal, Self-love.

Tell them love is the most positive, unconditionally empowering emotion of them all, and it can only be developed by Self, for Self, internally bloomed, internally generated, internally bestowed.

But no, you will not do it, you pathetic hypocrites. And why not??

Because you cannot bear to destroy for yourself, the lie of external love to which you are addicted and enslaved. And why are you addicted and enslaved to external love, desperately insistent it is real and valid and you are experiencing it and must continue to embrace and seek it??

Come on, tell me WHY??! It is because NOBODY empowered or inspired you to love yourself when you were a child. Nobody revealed this Forbidden Truth to you. And so you were broken. And so now you will break and destroy EVERY child on this planet. You will perpetrate this genocide of mind, upon every child, destroying his capacity to develop love of Self.

Here you see the perfect circle of human hopelessness. Why humanity is a devolving species, every mistake of the past endlessly repeated, as Truth remains eternally dead.

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Death: The Greatest Censorship of All

The most malevolent and universally harmful form of censorship imposed by all human societies and governments upon their citizen-slaves, is the censorship of the actual process of death, and by proxy, the consequences and ramifications of dying. Ask adult humans what death is, how it occurs, and what it causes, and they will all readily give you answers, but their answers will be void of Truth, absent all understanding, and warped not merely by the external imposition of toxic mythology, but even more primarily, by having been denied the opportunity to witness death as it occurs, in real-time, and as the body decays, in real-time.

Let us clearly understand that all societal censorship of death is intentional and deliberate, undertaken for the specific purpose of not allowing citizen-slaves to develop a clear and accurate understanding of death. The fact that citizen-slaves have always been taught and told to shun and reject all mind focus upon the issue of death, makes this particular form of overt censorship virtually impossible for humans to even recognize as censorship, much less appreciate its horrific end result.

The end result of societal censorship of death, is that humans lack all conscious awareness and understanding of what death is and how their dying will impact them, on a personal level. As a result, absurd fantasies and false perceptions bloom and become concretely rooted within the broken minds of humans, while an equal majority simply purge all thoughts and perceptions of death from their functional minds, adopting an “ignorance is bliss” philosophy, which is even more highly destructive of Truth and of the benefits of facing up to reality as it is.

A healthy human society and species would relentlessly focus upon death, obsess over death. Televisions, the internet, and video cameras would be used to document all deaths in real-time, as they occur, whenever this is feasible, such as at accident sites and with those diagnosed with terminal illness. Far more importantly, once an individual dies, television, internet, and video cameras would remain focused on the dead body for many months, recording body changes of decay, maggot infestation, and ultimately, the remnants of a bare skeleton. There should be thousands of ongoing, live and real-time recordings, of thousands of dead human bodies in various states of decay, broadcast and available for every human being in the world to watch and observe, both on broadcast media and in real life.

No death should ever be concealed in any manner, by anyone. Video cameras should be required to be inserted inside caskets, with appropriate lighting. If cremation is to remain legal, the actual burning of the body must be filmed and broadcast as it occurs, in all cases, followed by a minimum of 8 hours consistent camera focus on the actual ashes/remains. All military soldiers should be required to wear live cameras, so that moments of death may be directly recorded, and all military soldiers must be displayed and broadcast naked, as they rot to skeletons in real-time.

If the legal murder of a death penalty is allowed to occur, it must be broadcast live and the recording of decay broadcast over the following 8+ weeks. Murder victims must have no right to privacy, their body decay also broadcast in real-time. Children of all ages who die, from infancy to age 21, must be shown dead, and their physical decay broadcast for all to witness, on television, internet, and via filmed recordings available for free to borrow from libraries, as well as commercially sold as DVD and other hard copy media.

Only by inundating the consciousness of all human beings with the exact physical ramifications and direct physical process of death, can there be any hope of humanity rising up and rejecting the universal matrix of malicious societal illusion and deceit inherent in religion, and the death mythologies which religion sponsors and imposes.

Human skeletons, maggots consuming human flesh, human bodies in every stage of rotting decay, every form of violent death graphically depicted as it occurs upon the human body, the eternal lifelessness of death, these are things every child and every adult must have seared into their conscious minds on a daily and ongoing basis. All trauma caused by such personal experience of mind, must be understood as necessary and beneficial in order for the Forbidden Truths of death to be recognized and embraced, which is the first, necessary and foundational step for humans to develop the intelligence and rationality to refuse to die, to refuse to accept their own upcoming death, and to demand the achievement of technological immortality.

Tried to find a graphic cremation video on Youtube, this was the best I could find. How pathetic! No view of the face or body pror to the cremation, even:

And tried to find Youtube videos of maggots eating dead humans, no luck. Eating elephants, deer, and other animals, yes. But not eating humans. Here you see the perverse censorship of humanity, as the horrific death you are doomed to suffer, is relentlessly concealed from your conscious awareness.

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The True Face of Motherhood

Here you see not a bizarre anomaly, but the True face of motherhood among humans on planet earth, and the True nature by which each and every child on earth in the 21st century is treated:

Motherhood is wrong, it is a failed social experiment, it results in universal child abuse, every child in the world being harmed and destroyed. It is perverse beyond all measure that a single mother harvesting eight child-slaves makes international news headlines, while the Forbidden Truths of the universal destruction of every child via maternal child abuse, are completely denied and rejected by the media, by society, and by law enforcement.

Imagine the media response if a complete stranger had broken into this house and murdered eight children. The suspect would be named by the media, immediately demonized as a terrible criminal who must be punitively punished in the worst possible ways. But because it was Mommy Dearest, and the Sacred Family Unit must be sanctified at all costs, the murderer is not named, the incident is described as a terrible tragedy, and the murderer is not even immediately charged with a crime.

Society and the media will always go to great lengths to describe maternal or paternal massacres of child-slaves as isolated incidents impossible to predict or prevent, the result of mental illness. This is done in order to maintain legitimacy of the bizarre and deranged Sacred Family Unit structure within which every child is automatically decreed from biological conception to be a worthless, subhuman piece of owned property, entitled to no personal autonomy and no attempt to ensure their safety or benevolent care.

The elimination of the family unit and the imposition of universal, Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, as outlined here within My Manifesto of Forbidden Truth:

is the most obvious and logical and necessary of social reforms. It is the single social reform without which absolutely no other legitimate social reform can ever occur. The hopelessness of humanity, a devolving species doomed to near-term extinction, is proven by the fact that all discussion and contemplation of initiating Mandatory Parental Competency Testing has been decreed taboo, and a complete media, governmental, and societal blackout, all across the world, is in effect regarding this brilliant and vital reform.

Children are decreed, by every society and government on planet earth in the 21st century, to exist as Poison Containers, to suffer the cathartic reflection of rage, hate, and mental illness which is the birthright of every single adult, who was brutally victimized by universal child abuse. Every child must be brutally destroyed, because every adult exists as a brutalized and destroyed ex-child. This is the functional mandate of your societies, of every single society on earth.

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The Family Unit: Child Prison

Drive or walk down any residential street, anywhere in the world, and look at the windows. Some will be covered by curtains, and some by venetian blinds and some by shutters and some by cardboard and some by newspaper. Some of the windows will have iron bars covering them, others will have cracked glass. Some will display twinkling lights while others display a “Secured by ADT” sign. Some of the windows might even be open, but this does not alter the Forbidden Truth: If a child dwells within the structure, that child is being held prisoner and hostage, by your choice.

The family unit is a prison for children. The family unit decrees every child a piece of owned property. The family unit is what empowers any adult to inflict any torment he or she can imagine, upon a child, with the impunity of ownership. Universal child abuse is what you want, it is your choice. You demand the right to own children as subhuman pieces of property, and within this demand, you respect the right of all others to own children as subhuman pieces of property.

All of your claims to value and love children, to abhor their mistreatment and to strive to provide them with the best possible life, are pure lies and the epitome of hypocrisy. You know children are being tormented, on every residential street you drive down or walk through. You know it! And you do not care in the slightest. Your sacred right to own children as subhuman slaves, supercedes all rights of all children to be protected from victimization. This is your chosen mandate, your morality standard, as a species.

And so you go home and you use your child prisoners to meet your needs. Maybe you kiss them, maybe you rape them, maybe you pour shampoo into their eyes to try to blind them. It is all the same. You are using them to meet your needs. And you sit there and you judge others, who harm and kill children. You judge the victims you are guilty of creating, you judge the killers of others, as you totally reject and deny your sponsorship of the destruction of all children, everywhere, on every block, as you drive and walk past the houses, not even imagining a right of the child to not be blindly imprisoned as an impotent slave to adults who are themselves victims of universal child abuse.

This is your world, the world you have created, the world that you protect and defend each day. And so I will judge you, as a species, unworthy of existence.

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