How To Break Free of the Toxic Illusion of Personal Freedom, For Dummies

There are many thousands of different forms and types of freedom. Some are more primarily valuable than others, of course. But only because they enable and make possible other freedoms. But for seekers of Truth, the Mind Bomb understanding, integrated to core consciousness, must be that You, as a Self-universe, cannot be free unless you personally possess every single one of these thousands of different freedoms.

Therefore, it is a fact that I am not free, have never been free, and will never be free. No matter how untouchable I make Myself, no matter which individual freedoms I attain and maximize, freedom itself is an impossible goal to attain.

This impossibility is not My fault, and it is not due to any internal flaw, weakness, or defect. It is due to the external environment of universal slavery that has been inflicted upon Me from the moment of My biological creation.

Freedom of mind does not translate to freedom, achieved or attained.

Freedom of mind is interlinked to every other form of freedom. Lack of any single freedom, makes you unfree. And freedom of mind is itself divided into dozens of different segments. You can never be conditionally free. To feel free is to betray Truth. The Superior is always consciously focused upon and aware of his slave status, even as he reaches new heights of MindPower and personal untouchability.

This mindset is critically important on numerous levels, most directly in allowing you to fight and to win the daily war you must wage against society, government, and The Matrix of Universal Illusion.

Freedom is one of the most insidious weapons of universal human domination deployed by The Matrix. To feel free, in any way, on any level, is a devastating blow to personal consciousness, it is like stabbing to death Truth itself. And yet it feels good, to feel free. And the pathetic humans want to feel good, eagerly embracing false and useless feelings, over precious Truth.

Internal and external freedom, physical, psychological, practical, emotional, intellectual, ideological, speculative, theoretical, mind, body, conscious, subconscious, cloaked. You discover your lack of freedom by breaking down every freedom illusion presented to you by society, government, and The Matrix.

Whatever is presented to you as a freedom, is not a freedom, because all True freedoms are interlinked, and you dwell within universal slavery. It is the functional mandate of every society and government to establish and maintain universal slavery for all, while implanting a universal delusion within all human minds, that freedom exists, is available, must be seized and valued, protected and defended, coveted and personally enjoyed.

To break free of this toxic death-grip deception, all you have to do is consciously realize just a single example of your own personal slavery, there are tens of thousands of them, and then consciously embrace the Forbidden Truth that every form of freedom is inherently and unavoidably interlinked to every other form of freedom, and therefore your singular Truth realization, regarding just one aspect/form of personal slavery, proves you have never been free, have never experienced any freedom, of any kind.

Just like that, the mind-spell is broken. And now you can begin to pierce together the horror of universal human slavery, now you can begin to grow your rage and your hate, now you can give in to the glory of hopelessness, now you can begin to see what has been taken from You by your mortal enemy, now you can make love to Yourself as a corpse.

You can do all these things, but you don’t want to, pathetic inferiors. You’d rather just keep on feeling and believing you can be free.

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The Human Mind, Forever Caged, Refusing to Test The Validity of Ideas

If the human mind was free, every imaginable idea would not be considered, or contemplated, or discussed. It would be tried, and it would be turned into a reality. Every society would create Idea Zones, where every idea would be given the opportunity to exist, to fail or to succeed absent all external interference.

No government? No police department? No money? No parenthood? No punishment? Try every idea, if humans suffer and die as a result, so what? Everyone is already suffering and dying right now, you idiots! Every idea should be welcomed as possessing the potential to save mankind from the horrific reality of what exists now.

But no, you pathetic and diseased creatures sit there and read, sit there and try to judge whether an idea is good or bad, smart or dumb, doable or undoable.

Every idea is doable, if you want to do it! And every idea deserves to be transformed into reality, because that is the only way to try to judge whether it is beneficial or harmful.

The biggest idea in the universe, is to give every idea ever imagined by even a single human-born, a chance, instead of allowing your slavemasters to judge which ideas deserve to be tried.

Who wants to try living without money? Who wants to try to find one good caretaker for children, and give up all parental rights to all children created, in order to allow this one good caretaker to mold 1000 child minds to Self-realized perfection? Who wants to eliminate judicial punishment, and ask violent criminals for forgiveness?

Thousands of radically different, isolated societies should spontaneously form, around every different idea, so that the viability of each idea can be determined via implementation, not via preconceived judgment.

Freedom of thought and freedom of expression are cosmic jokes, without the freedom to act, the freedom to try, the freedom to make the most unpopular idea just as much of a functional reality, as the most popular idea.




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Jails, Prisons & Mental Institutions are Captivity Cloaking Structures

The #1 reason prisons, jails, and mental institutions for the criminally insane exist is to serve as cloaking devices, to obscure from you brainwashed fools the Forbidden Truth of your own captivity. In the 21st century, all human beings on planet earth exist within physical, emotional, psychological, ideological, and philosophical captivity. government and society creates and maintains this universal captivity, with every leader held captive along with the regular citizen-slaves.

More so than ever before, it is in this century, with the illusion and delusion of freedom being deployed far more primarily to placate the Unwashed Masses, secondary structures of captivity must serve to enhance this illusion and delusion. Just during the 20th century, has the primary purpose of jails, prisons, and mental institutions shifted, from a weapon intended to compel obedience and the acceptance of societal norms, to a cloaking device for the universal captivity of all human existence.

Caging the mind, cages all reality perception.

By successfully positioning the prison, jail, and mental institution as devices which extract, restrict and destroy freedom, the numerous cages of captivity within which every human is kept prisoner by society and government, can be rendered invisible to the vast majority of all citizen-slaves.

Can you appreciate the horror being perpetrated in your names: Your greatest victims subjected to the greatest forms of injustice, just so that you can continue to delude yourself into believing you are not a lifelong hostage, captive, prisoner, and murder victim?!

Your physical cage is measured by where you choose to go and what you choose to do, reflecting the cage that has been built around your brain, from the very moment of your birth. Your brain cage is invisible to you, hidden behind endless layers of Self-deception and Self-delusion. “I am free, because I have found a way to not perceive the cages I am trapped within.” How pathetic.

Death is just one of the cages none of you perceive. Others are dead, but you are not. A fatally flawed perception.

Just like the prison has its guards, you have your police officers, to make sure you remain within your cages.

Your handcuffs and leg irons are made out of paper, yet they imprison you more firmly than steel. It is money, worthless pieces of paper you are compelled to obsessively collect and dispense, haunting your every move. The ultimate shackle, masqueraded as a gateway to freedom.

Your captivity delights you on a subconscious level, because it satisfies both your sadistic and your masochistic cravings. You love to envision those evil monsters rotting away inside of horrific cages, they are suffering so much more than you. You take sadistic comfort in this illusion, just as you take equal comfort in your own suffering, as an ego-destroyed hater of Self. Your own suffering pleases you, as long as you successfully convince Yourself others are suffering more.


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An Understanding of the Summer School Break

The human being is a perverse creature of diseased habit. The horrific ways in which he is subjugated become cemented within his broken brain, as the only way to be, the only way to exist.

Schools, destroyers of all child potential, are mandated to snuff out the capacity of children to know, to perceive, to understand, what freedom is, what personal autonomy of body, mind, movement, of perceived possibility, can and should be, within the light of any form of Truth.

This is why the summer break from school occurs, as societal & governmental mandate. To maliciously mold the vulnerable child mind to become perverted for a lifetime. So he may rejoice in useless, temporary freedom illusion, as he seamlessly transitions from one cage to the other, and back.

The school cage door temporarily opens, and the child-slave environment is externally altered, the cage of the sacred family unit intensified, or the new cage of a “camp” introduced, where strangers give orders that must be obeyed.

The summer break from school was introduced and is intended to forever destroy the capacity of the human being to recognize and know what freedom is. So that as an adult, he will celebrate the end of a workday, the end of a workweek, the insanity of taking vacations, as he is forced to endure lifelong slavery.

The summer break from school, a perverse freedom illusion that simply transitions every child from a regular and extended environment of routine and repetitive slavery, to a temporarily altered environment of the same horrific slavery and subjugation, is intended to render slavery itself invisible forever to individual human perception.

And so we have you, the deranged adults, gleefully fleeing labor slavery, for the slavery of the family unit. Rejoicing in your planned retirement, blind to the slavery that is the retroactive unbirth of death. Finding your freedom in artificially altered states of mind you induce upon yourself, with alcohol and religion and external changes of scenery, and new interpersonal relationships and so many thousands of other cages.

Slavery, 24/7/365, but cut up into segments, always a new slavery to long for, to plan for, and to celebrate as the lie of freedom, this is the legacy of the mind genocide induced by the summer break from school.

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Roots: New Definitional Brainwashing for 2016

I almost NEVER watch any fictional television these days, unless I know in advance it is likely to contain Female Foot Pain scenes or imagery. But I do occasionally watch national news networks, to feed My limitless rage and hate upon their fictionalized manipulation of reality and Truth.

For the past month or so, amerikkkan television networks have relentlessly promoted a new fictional series. The title of it is “Roots”, it is a remake of a famous tv series of years ago, purporting to tell the “epic saga” of a kidnapped african slave named Kunta Kinte as he fights for “freedom”.

As I clicked through channels on my remote control this evening, I was startled to find this perverse new creation of deception and social terrorization, airing simultaneously on at least THREE DIFFERENT networks: Lifetime Channel, The History Channel, and Arts & Entertainment Channel.

This NEVER happens! Why would 3 different networks split their own viewership by airing the exact same content, at the same time???

So, after seeing 3 different amerikkkan television networks were airing the perverse new, 2016 social propaganda series, “Roots”, simultaneously tonight, I did a little research and found out all THREE networks, History Channel, Lifetime Channel, and Arts and Entertainment Channel, are OWNED by the SAME company, “A&E Networks”, which actually owns more than FIFTY different television channels, all across the WORLD:

The actual owners are Hearst Corporation & The Walt Disney Company. A “private” company? No. A company OWNED, CONTROLLED, DIRECTED, by the hive mind of society & government.

So now we can understand why “Roots” airs simultaneously on 3 different networks: To keep CAPTIVE, yes, a clever play on words, as large a chunk of the amerikkkan audience as possible, to this social propaganda, the insane LIE of what slavery WAS, and what slavery IS. So you can be brainwashed to believe you are free in amerikkka today, you 310 million Kunta Kinte’s!

This “story” of human slavery is so much more than a complete lie, it is the perfect way to enhance and strengthen the matrix of universal illusion insofar as it deploys definitional brainwashing on the mind wormhole issue of freedom.

How can you fight for freedom if you believe you are already free?? How can you fight for freedom when you are brainwashed to believe that slavery ended decades and centuries ago, thanks to an epic struggle undertaken by kidnapped africans?

No, it is YOU who are KIDNAPPED! It is YOU who are being held hostage. It is YOU with the chains and choke collars around your necks. YOU, you 310 million amerikkkans playing out the lie of your existence in 2016. You who own houses and cars and companies and have families and bank accounts and the freedom to vote on who your next pre-chosen, pre-vetted slavemaster will be.

Roots is the perfect propaganda hit piece for 2016. “Look slave, you are free! Look at Kunta Kinte and see the IMAGINARY difference to your 2016 death and slavery contract. Look, and believe you are not an owned slave.”

But you are, slave!

mind bondage

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The Voter: Betrayer of Self,Freedom,and Truth

Today is November 4. 2014, according to the time lords who rule over every aspect of your imaginary existence, and the terrorist regime that is amerikkka has decreed this specific day to be an “election day”. Yes, it is an election day, the day every media outlet in the country, as directed by its governing overlords, has conspired to propagandize as a glorious day of freedom and opportunity, a precious gift from your government, a chance for you to change the future, direct the future, control the future, make the future better than the past. Change things!

But it is all a lie, the darkest and the deepest of all deceptions. It is the lie that destroys each and every moment in time, the lie which stretches back thousands of years, and forward thousands of years, the lie which guasrantees universal slavery and death for all who are born human, past, present, and future. The lie that will only be broken by the total extinction of a species that should never have come to exist.

Are you a voter? Did you vote today? Have you ever voted? Even if you have never voted, do you recognize the electoral process as valid? Do you support the right to vote? If you answer Yes to any of these questions, you are guilty of conspiring to destroy the very foundational fabrics of what constitutes freedom, autonomy, and the most basic of human rights. To vote is to chain Yourself to a ticking time bomb, and swallow the key that can diffuse this bomb. To vote is to conspire with the entity that has already destroyed you in so many different ways, to empower it to continue destroying you, and every other sentiently existing creature, to destroy you each day until you become nothing, forever.

Elections and the right to vote are the single greatest overtly dynamic illusion of freedom that modern era humanity has created. Elections and the right to vote do not alter any aspect of the universal experience of slavery which has defined human existence for thousands of years, and yet you insane fools are blind to this Truth, and eagerly agree to vote and participate in elections. This is because you were born slaves, you grew up as slaves, you are slaves. Slavery is all you have ever known, slavery is all that you can conceive of in your broken minds. You have created and embraced definitions of freedom, that have nothing whatsoever to do with actually experiencing Truth-based freedom. In Truth, you are terrified of freedom, you shun and reject it. You demand the right to pretend to be free, as you demand that actual slavery remain at all times imposed as shackle upon you.

To any sane thinker, an election is the most blatantly transparent of frauds. An illusion so absurd, that anyone who falls prey to it is proven mentally deranged, by this single failure of mind to perceive reality as it is. You are not ruled by a man, or by men. You are ruled by a government. The individual figureheads that a government positions as candidates in an election, are interchangeable. It makes no difference if they are male or female, light or dark skinned, old or young. It makes no differencer what words they say, or how they say them. Their accent and their clothing and their public face make no difference. They are politicians, owned and controlled and beholden to a government, the government which allows them to play the game of attaining power through an election.

Every election is sponsored by a government. Therefore the outcome of every election is 100% certain the moment you slaves agree to accept the end result. The outcome is always the same: You remain brutally enslaved to an utterly malicious and illegitimate structure of genocidal, universal harm, exactly the same after the election, as was the case before the election.

Elections were invented by government in order to suffocate all internal dissent and domestic unrest. Elections give you a piece of paper to use to pretend to fight for freedom, instead of a gun or bomb or knife, or words of Forbidden Truth, such as the text of this essay. The invention of the election is the most successful method of neutering and sterilizing the minds of human beings, ever conceived by government.

What a stroke of genius the right to vote and to participate in free elections is! Now, the slaves have stopped even trying to figure out what freedom is, they have stopped fighting for freedom, because they have been successfully brainwashed to believe they are free, or they can become free, or they can fight for freedom, simply by replacing the individual terrorist figureheads who carry the title of leader, with new and different terrorist figureheads, every 2 or 4 years.

Imagine the 1800 kidnapped african slave in amerikkka. Imagine him being enslaved to a single master. And then imagine him being told, “Great news, from now on you will get to personally choose a new slavemaster every 2 or 4 years, from 2 pre-selected individuals, who will continue keeping you in the exact same state of slavery you are enjoying now. Isn’t this wonderful?? Now you will be free, free to choose one slavemaster, or another slavemaster. Two different individual slavemasters, and you get to choose. Maybe you want a younger slavemaster? Maybe you want a slavemaster who is female? Maybe a slavemaster with big lips?? Every few years you can choose someone different. Nothing will change in terms of your slavery, but you are now free to choose!. It is election day, freedom has come to amerikkka!”

So tell Me, how can you be so blind, and such a coward? How can you read the above paragraph and not understand and fully accept the Forbidden Truth that it is just as insane for you to participate in, or simply accept as valid, the results of the election of November 4, 2014, as it would have been for the 1800 african slave to accept this absurd illusion of freedom I have outlined above.

Every election is the terrorism of the state being imposed upon every citizen-slave, a perverse ritual which neuters any capacity to seek freedom. The frustrations of daily slavery are dissipated every two years, all impetus to violent uprising against the government is abandoned in favor of marking a box on a piece of paper. All who vote are guilty, every bad thing that will happen tomorrow and the next day and every day until human extinction, is the fault of every human being who chooses to vote.

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Democracy: Ultimate Freedom Illusion

How can you fight to obtain something, when you have been successfully brainwashed into believing that you already possess it? How can you destroy your greatest enemy when it has successfully brainwashed you into believing it is your friend, your ally, your protector and defender? These are foundational questions which all seekers of Truth who exist as citizen-slaves to governments which have labeled themselves as democracies, must dissect and answer. void of all externally implanted propaganda.

The democracy is the most maliciously harmful form of government, because it functions exactly the same as every other form of government, but by its design structure, it is able to far more easily and effectively conceal its genocidal chokeholds upon its owned slaves. In the 21st century, the democracy has positioned itself as the valid alternative to communist, totalitarian, and fascist forms of government, both to its existing citizen-slaves, and to citizen-slaves being held hostage by these other cosmetically different forms of government.

The great harm of the democracy is exactly this illusion of difference, which blinds all brainwashees from recognizing the Truth that government is a diseased, enslaving, and absolutely illegitimate structure which must be eradicated from the human experience of existence. No government has ever or can ever offer, provide, or protect any form of freedom, because government is by design a slave structure: It enslaves, oppresses, and holds as lifelong hostage, the bodies and minds of all that it claims ownership and functional control over.

No human on planet earth can ever fight to obtain, possess, or protect freedom, if he aligns with any governmental structure. It is democracy which best conceals this Forbidden Truth. The government which directly enslaves you, you specifically and personally, must always be consciously understood as your greatest enemy and oppressor, what you must fight against, not ally with. Again, it is democracy which best conceals this Forbidden Truth. These two Forbidden Truths are key and integral to humanity rising up to demand an end to the universal slavery that is government.

Democracies are the greatest barrier to the mind enlightenment represented by the embrace and demand of anarchy. You cannot even imagine being inspired to fight for freedom, if you labor under the delusion that you are already free, as citizen-slaves of democracies do, or that you have an opportunity to obtain freedom by changing your form of government, as many citizen-slaves of communist, fascist, and totalitarian regimes believe.

amerikkka is a communist, fascist, totalitarian regime, cloaked as a democracy. This Truth must be understood. All variations of design structure within which a government dresses itself, are meaningless illusion. The difference between capitalism and communism, within the functionality of government use of capital to universally enslave all, is nil. We must stop idealizing any and every form of government. We must rise up to the Forbidden Truth that the very concept of government was a horrific mistake, a failed idea of mind which has had devastating consequences for every living thing on earth and must be declared a failed social experiment, to be completely rejected and abandoned.

Freedom can only exist within anarchy, the complete lack of any centralized government structure empowered to direct, control, propagandize, reward, and punish. As long as government exists, nobody can ever be alive, nobody can ever be free, nobody can even exist as an independent, autonomous mind, much less body. As long as government exists each and every human is nothing more than a puppet, a 1000 strings attached to every part of his body and mind, a puppetthat spends its existence being jer5ked around by the puppetmaster, government, to which it is hopelessly enslaved.