Greatest MindPower Quotes of Murdered Martyr Charles Manson

Attention aspiring Superiors: Let us use these uniquely powerful and brilliant MindPower quotes of Seer Charles, to grow and deepen the strength of our own untouchable minds. So that his True Reality finds safe harbor within us.

“I have X’d Myself from your world.”

“In my mind’s eye my thoughts light fires in your cities. Each night as you sleep I destroy the world.”

“Believe me, if I started murdering people, there’d be none of you left.”

“These children that come at you with knives, they are your children. You taught them. I didn’t teach them. I just tried to help them stand up.”

“I think it’s high time you all start looking at yourselves and judging the lie that you live in.”

“The real strong have no need to prove it to the phonies.”

“If I wanted to kill somebody, I’d take this book and beat you to death with it, and I wouldn’t feel a thing.”

“The mind is endless. You put me in a dark, solitary cell, and to you that’s the end, to me it’s the beginning, it’s the universe in there, there’s a world in there, and I’m free.”

“The truth is a knife and cuts sharp.”

“And you can project it back at me, and you can say that it’s me that cannot communicate, and you can say that’s me that don’t have any understanding, and you can say that when I’m dead your world will be better, and you can lock me up in your penitentiary and you can forget about me. But I’m only what lives inside of you, each and every one of you.”

“They been selling you a phony fake picture of reality all your life.”

“I am whatever you make me, but what you want is a fiend; you want a sadistic fiend because that is what you are.”

“I can stand here in front of this court and smile at you, and you can do anything you want to do with me, but you cannot touch me because I am only my love, and it is all for me, and I give it to myself for me, because I look out for me first and I like me, and you can live with yourselves and your opinions of yourselves.”


Charles Manson: Forever Within Me! <The Seer of Forbidden Truth

Manson aged 5.jpg

Charles Manson, Tortured and Murdered Martyr of 20th and 21st Century amerikkkan Society and government, at the Age of Five.

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The Art and the Science of Hating Well: 20 Tips from a Master Hater

Hate is a beautiful thing. It is empowering, uplifting, Self-healing. orgasmic of mind and of body, the perfection of Self-love blooms, within the delicious embrace of hate…most especially when hate is done right. For decades I have immersed Myself within the glory of hate, digging deeper and deeper to uncover and unlock the keys to perfecting and maximizing the positive benefits and advantages of hate.

And so, without further suspense, here are twenty briefly worded but profoundly important ways to become the very best hater you can be. If you seek elaboration on any specific point, ask with sincere interest and humility, and you may be obliged, if My mood is not particularly hateful towards humans at the time of reading.

Unconditionally embrace your right to external hate as intrinsic and organic to your core consciousness.

Understand and know that hate is a Seepage Emotion, it can leak out beyond your chosen and designated target(s). Avoid this.

Hate must always be directed outward, and within such directionality, love of Self can and must be specifically enhanced and strengthened.

Always know that you were, are, and will always be hated. And within this conscious knowledge, that the hate you direct upon others is the most honorable and sacred of reflections.

Be consciously aware that hate and harm are always different. You can and are always entitled to harm those you hate, but you are not and never can be, obligated to harm those you hate. Placing a proactive obligation upon Yourself to harm those you hate, is an act of Self-betrayal.

Know and differentiate between the various branches of hate: Intellectual, Emotional, Ideological, Sexualized, Philosophical, Impulsive, Sublimated. Mix and match your hatred in ever varying branch patterns and formulations, to always keep all mind journeys fresh and new and uniquely actualized.

Learn to express your hate in different ways and within different realms of consciousness, such as fantasies, Conscious Dreams, projections of violence, recreations of attacks others have carried out both in real-life and within fictional texts or movies.

Analyze and discover the root motivations for your hate: Why do you hate the specific individuals/structures/species that you do? Knowing why, within absolute Forbidden Truth, adds to the pleasure and the purity of your hate.

Never try to justify your hate to Yourself. Your hate is justified by virtue of the very fact that it reflects your True Reality, and is being proactively directed outward.

Use your hate to specifically grow your ego and your love of Self. Within every thought-scape of externalized hatred, unconditional love of Self, appreciation for your victimhood status, and admiration for the beauty of your own Self-universe, must be consciously conceptualized.

Always find joy and pleasure within the process and the experience of hating. It doesn’t have to always, or even often, be at the forefront of consciousness, but it must be an underlying force of mind. Not only is the hatred itself enhanced, but positive mental health is nurtured and it is another form of victory against who and what is being hated.

Build upon your specific hatreds, day to day, month to month, year to year. Take them to new heights and depths of passion, allow the long-term history of your hate, in and of itself, to increase the mass, the scope, the richness, of your personal experience of hate.

Revel within the anonymity of your hate, appreciate and savor the fact that the specific targets of your hate may be completely unaware of it.

Deploy hate via psychic attack. Stalk your desired targets and silently destroy them via conscious experience of directed MindPower, dynamic, secretive violence of mind unleashed, impossible to block.

Take time off from actively hating, every once in awhile. Just like sexual climaxes are often more intense when spread further apart, the mind pleasures of hate can become stronger and more enhanced when spaced out, instead of obsessively maintained within conscious focus for long and uninterrupted time periods.

Know that even if not directly inflicted upon others via physical violence or verbal tirade, your hatred does usually make a very real impact. Negative and hostile energy, in and of itself, can be felt and experienced by others, impacting their True Reality. Do not minimize or mock this factual reality, but take advantage of it to enrich your own Self-universe.

Understand the power of hate as a collective force, bear witness to how society and government harnesses and controls the directionality of hate in order to maintain universal oppression and slavery for all, and figure out how to subvert this theft of consciousness by promoting outlaw hate.

Know and understand that hate can be used to achieve many different goals. It is a premier weapon that all Superiors must cultivate, in direct response to the war being proactively waged against them by society and government in the real-time moment of now, and every moment going forward.

Learn how to automatically and instinctively transform any and all negative Self-doubts or Self-perceptions, to externally directed hate. At an advanced level, this should occur absent any and all conscious and deliberative effort or focus of mind.

Love your hate! Make love to your mind, in appreciation for giving you the gift, the capacity, the strength, and the wisdom to hate within limitless freedom, absent all censorship, void of all external control and judgment. Celebrate hate as one of your most precious freedoms and rights as a uniquely sentient and Superior individual Self-universe. As the inferiors use love as toxic crutch, we must utilize hate as the miracle healer it Truly is!

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The Scam of All Self-help Gurus, Life Coaches, and Psychotherapists

Every society on this pathetic planet is filled with help peddlers. They go by many different names and titles, from buddha to spiritual advisor, from guru to enlightenment teacher, from life coach to medically licensed psychotherapist, and much more.

All of these help peddlers are scam artists. They are trying to sell hope by negating and whitewashing the Forbidden Truths of hopelessness. Selling hope to the hopelessly broken, not by empowering them, but by stripping them of whatever power potential may still reside within their battered brains.

The Self-help peddler never shows his customers the Truth, never reveals the True nature of their psychological distress, failure, and dysfunctionality to them. Instead, he actively conceals Truth from them.

Every Self-help peddler preaches personal change. The message is always the same: You need to change your mind, change your choices, your reality perceptions, change Yourself, to make your life, your existence, better.

This is absolute bullsh*t! It is horrific advice, and the better it works at making you feel better, the more harmful and destructive it is to You.

Listen up dummies, You are not the problem, no matter how stupid and inferior you may be. You are a created reflection of the problems of humanity. How does changing Yourself, address or alter the cause, past, present, and future, of the problems of humanity, as they have been imposed and reflected upon You??

Changing Yourself, abdicates humanity of its guilt and responsibility, and it changes nothing. It is a betrayal of both Self and Truth.

The Self-help peddler will never try to empower You to change the world, but only your perception of the world. And the perceptions he peddles will never encompass Forbidden Truth. Never! Why not? Because he wants to succeed in making You feel better about Yourself, and Truthful perceptions about humanity and the external world, will NOT make 99.9999999% of all humans feel better.

The Self-help peddler will never even allow, much less actively help you, to attain the Forbidden Truth MindPower enlightenment that no change to Self-perception can ever be genuinely positive, unless it is directly accompanied by a fully conscious understanding that you must destroy what it has, is, and will destroy you, literally and not figuratively, in order to actually help Yourself within the parameters of Truth, fact, and reality.

Listen, you idiots: To feel better about terrible and horrific things that have been done, are being done, and will be done to You, without concretely, directly, and proactively changing the actual things that are horrific and terrible, and are the cause of having destroyed your personal potential to thrive in the past, present, and future, is a supreme stupidity, an ultimate betrayal of both Self and Truth. And this is exactly what the Self-help peddler is trying to do, teaching, preaching, and advising.

Seekers of Truth must shun, reject, and condemn all Self-help peddlers. They are actively collaborating in your ongoing victimization.

To consciously appreciate this Forbidden Truth, you must not want to feel “better”, about anything, ever, unless the actual, root, functional causes of your psychological, emotional, and/or ideological distress are directly and legitimately addressed and altered. You must demand to be better, to destroy everything guilty of harming You, to negate all external capacity of all external structures to harm You, instead of feeling better about having been and being harmed.

This profound distinction, is the difference between mental health attained within the courage and glory of Truth, versus the illusion and lie of mental health attained only by ignoring and rejecting the Truth, and creating a delusional fantasy everything is okay and things are getting better, which only ensures your ongoing, oblivious victimization and destruction.

Do not seek help from others! Help Yourself, in the name of narcissism and ego, in the name of the Truth, that nobody benevolent can ever or will ever place your well-being, as it is Truthfully defined, ahead of their own. He who offers to help You, is trying to take from You.

If you need guidance, find it only in those who do not actively offer it, who do not pretend to peddle help within the false face of altruism. Take Me, for example. I do not offer any human “help”. I have no desire or interest in “helping” any human. And yet human-borns who seek genuine help, can obtain incredibly, uniquely valuable aid by successfully studying and emulating My philosophies, ideologies, and brilliant revelations of Forbidden Truth.

Help-peddlers, even in the rare circumstance when they ask for no money or direct compensation of any kind, are not interested in or capable of helping you. They are offering you harm, disguised as help, the perfect gift for haters of Self and Truth.


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The Twelve Primary Principles of Personal Power

Listed in no particular order, because all are vitally important to cultivate and master.

1: Develop personal untouchability, so that nothing any human ever says or does to you, can ever impact your own psychological experience of your own existence. All opinions of you held by any and every life form, must be meaningless to you.

2: Develop limitless and unconditional love of Self, and understand how and why this uniquely glorious feat of mind is completely different from principle #1.

3: Embrace fully and unconditionally your inherent and intrinsic right to both hate and harm others, with no need to justify or rationalize your decision to do either, to anyone, not even to Yourself. Know that the motivation to hate and harm others, is in itself the justification.

4: Be subordinate to nothing alive, nothing that has ever lived, and nothing given a claim of existence by others. Create a universe based upon everything you know you want and deserve, and be the absolute ruler and owner of this universe. Murder anything and everything that tries to interfere with and compromise your absolute ownership.

5: Master the MindPower of Conscious Dreaming, so that you can create for Yourself as experienced reality while asleep, everything you can imagine and envision, at your own will and command. Concurrently, develop your awake MindPower, so that every fantasy you create within your mind, is experienced as vividly as any actual event and action you carry out.

6: Know with certainty that you are hated and feared by humans, and relish this fact. Get high on the fear others have of you.

7: Root out and eliminate any and all interpersonal dependency upon others, ensure that you both crave and thrive within absolute isolation of mind and body.

8: Take what you want and need from others, with absolutely no reciprocity. Allow no living thing to take anything from you.

9: Always prepare for and expect the worst possible outcome, prepare and plot out exactly how you will deal with such outcomes, so that you remain untouchable on all levels of consciousness.

10: Allow no personal or tactical vulnerabilities to come into existence within your Self-universe. Run Self-diagnostic analysis on a daily basis to ensure no such vulnerabilities can ever gain even the slightest of footholds.

11: Worship Yourself more than you worship the Truth, and worship Yourself as more than a brain. Understand how and why You, as a Self-universe, go beyond Truth, and dictate the parameters of all consciousness to your brain, instead of allowing your brain to dictate anything to you.

12: Develop and maintain a perfect memory, know what is important to remember with crystal clarity, and never allow those memories to fade, dull, or be replaced.


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I Am The Greatest Victim In The History of the Universe…

…Past, Present, Future, Now, Always, Forever.

The above is a factual Truth. Not a personal perception, or an ideological projection, or a philosophical rationalization. It is simply a statement of fact, consciously realized, understood, embraced, integrated to the Self-mind of Me.

It is a Truth I hold dear, and I make certain to consciously focus upon, each and every day. It is a Truth nobody can touch, and if they try, I destroy them, in one way or another.

Why am I the greatest victim in the history of the universe, yesterday, today, always, forever?? Because I am the owner of Myself, the owner of all that has been, is being, will be, done to Me. It has nothing to do with ego, although a healthy and sane ego is necessary for this, and all, Forbidden Truth realization.

It has to do with factual reality: Your victimization is nothing to Me. It does not exist to Me, because I have not experienced it. And I will never try to pretend to experience it. To do so would be the ultimate insult. Not to you, but to Self.

The inferior, meaning the billions of Unwashed Masses constituting humanity as a whole, refuses to embrace the Forbidden Truth he is the greatest victim in the history of the universe. He will even attack Me, for daring to reveal this Truth to him. Why?? Because he is a Self and Truth-hating hypocrite, a mind-cripple, a masochist clinging to his own pain as a gift given to him by his slavemasters, the slave-state.

“Look at the war refugees, look at the homeless, look at the paralyzed and the dying and the babies being raped by their fathers… How dare you place your own victimhood status ahead of their suffering??” This is the insanity of the inferior humans, and it is directly implanted within their minds by the terrorist structure they call government.

“Count your blessings, citizen-slave! Others are suffering more, you are so lucky, now bow and give thanks!”

For this atrocity alone, this desecration of Truth, every government deserves to be destroyed.

The only possible path to positive change, is for the revolution of consciousness to occur, in which every human develops the sanity to know and to consciously experience, each and every moment, as I do, that he is the greatest victim in the history of the universe.

My suffering belongs to Me, it is incomparable. As long as I suffer, as long as I am victimized, nobody else suffers, nobody else is victimized. Their experiences are nothing to Me. And you say this is unfair, immoral, unjust. No! It is the Truth, it is the only path forward, the path of revolution, rooted within limitless and unconditional love of Self.

Suffering will always be acceptable to the human, if he can be brainwashed to believe others are suffering too, or more. Look your enemy in the eye and see what he has done to you!

Others are suffering too, and more?? Whoever and whatever tries to convince you of this, is committing an atrocity upon you, directly attempting to harm you, to violate your victimhood status.

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Hope: The False Savior Destroying All Human Potential

Hope is one of the most singularly destructive of all human brain pathologies. Do you find strength in hope? Does hope make you feel better, does it inspire you to not give up, to carry on?? Right HERE is the crux of the greatest problem of humanity, yet you cannot even identify it, can you?? You find hope to be the SOLUTION to a problem, when in Truth it IS the problem, in and of itself. It is what makes the solutions impossible to even imagine.

The problem, perceived as a solution! Only the multi-defective human could make such a gigantic error.

Where do you find hope? In the insanity of religion? The lie of an afterlife? The alteration of reality perception induced by toxic substances like alcohol and marijuana and prozac and nicotine and a thousand others? Or maybe the delusion that someone else can & does love you? Or maybe the steady accumulation of worthless pieces of paper given to you in exchange for your agreement to live and die an eternal slave??

Don’t you see the Truth? The Forbidden Truth so clear and obvious to Me, as I observe you in your death throes of devolution, pathetic humans?

Every avenue of hope you choose to follow, is a dead end, leading to nowhere and to nothing that is real and True. Hope is the pot of death at the end of the rainbow you choose to IMAGINE you see, to IMAGINE you create, the imaginary solution to every REAL problem.

So where is the solution? In hopelessness, of course! In recognizing hope to be a pathology of the human brain. Every solution to every problem, as I so brilliantly reveal in comprehensive detail in all of My texts, is void of all hope. Every solution could be and was recognized and integrated to personal consciousness, ONLY after the rejection and abandonment of every avenue of hope.

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The Glory of Pride, Definitionally Redefined

In My past writings, I have exalted the mentally supreme and Self-empowering states of mind and reality perceptions of Egoism, Egotism, Narcissism, and Self-Love. Rightly so, these four distinct platforms vitally express and manifest the creation of personal godhood to which all Superiors should aspire, and which I have personally achieved and maximized.

But there is a fifth component to this equation which I have failed to properly address on an in-depth level. This necessary component for the maximization of Self, is referred to by the humans as pride. Why have I not comprehensively addressed this component? Partly due to a simple lack of available time, but more so due to the fact that this specific term, pride, has been even more definitionally distorted and warped from its True meaning, than the other four platforms, by you humans and your diseased societies.

It is now, right now, that I choose to take back pride, to reclaim this state of mind as positive and vital, an integral component of Superior Self-maximization. But in order to do so, I must first radically redefine the definitional parameters of pride, within the glory of Forbidden Truth.

Society and government has viciously corrupted and hijacked the term pride, using it to establish inferior and diseased states of mind and perverse and invalid reality perceptions, within its brainwashed citizen-slaves. I will now dissect these definitional brainwashings, in order to properly reclaim Pride as a vital component of the Self-realized, Superior mind which seeks to transcend its humanity.

Pride is decreed by humanity and by society to be something solicited from others: “I want you to be proud of me.” “I want to do something that will make others feel proud of me.” This is a perverse and outrageous attack upon the very definitional essence of pride as a Self-inspired, Self-inspiring state of mind.

Pride is decreed by humanity and by society to be dependent upon the opinion of others. “I can feel proud of Myself, because others are proud of Me.” “I need to find a way to make others feel proud of Me, so that I can envision and bestow pride upon Myself.” No! All pride must be Self-inspired. Pride can never be externally judged, all who attempt to express pride in you, must be recognized as your mortal enemies, seeking to limit and control the parameters by which you recognize and embrace pride of Self.

Pride is decreed by humanity and by society to be dependent upon what you do, what you achieve, or the achievement of a goal, instead of what you are. Unacceptable! All pride must be 100% based upon the creation of the individual Self-mind, completely non-dependent upon any action or behavior, accomplishment or lack of accomplishment, the meeting of a goal or the failure to meet a goal.

Pride is decreed by humanity and by society to be something you bestow upon others, individuals and structures: “I am proud of my country, I am proud of my team, I am proud of my family, I am proud of him, of her…” No! All pride must be Self-originating, and Self-directed: I am proud…of Myself!

So, let us proudly, no pun intended, summarize the Superior redefinition of pride:

  • The only valid form of pride, is Self-pride.
  • All pride must be directed by the individual, upon Himself.
  • All pride must be unconditional, internally inspired and created by the individual mind based upon what he recognizes Himself to be, not on anything that he might or might not do or achieve, and not upon the pursuit of any goal with an outcome not 100% within his control.
  • Pride must never be impacted or influenced by either the positive or the negative sentiment or judgment of others, as it may be directed towards you.

Within this Forbidden Truth redefinition, it is appropriate that aspiring Superiors recognize the positive value and importance of cultivating and maximizing personal pride of Self, as an integral building block to the creation of an untouchable fortress of egoism, egotism, narcissism, and Self-love.

Pride must not be considered equal to these four primary platforms, as it fails to reach an actual primary platform level. Instead, pride should be understood as an integral component of all four primary platforms. Meaning simply this: Maximized egoism requires absolute pride of Self. Maximized egotism also requires absolute pride of Self. Maximized narcissism, and maximized love of Self, also require absolute pride of Self. Pride, as properly defined above, is a vitally important ingredient in achieving all four of these primary platforms. Pride must be achieved and realized, in order for these four primary platforms to be properly created and maintained within an externally untouchable Self-universe.

All this said and understood, let us be clear that in and of itself, pride is not enough to elevate the human mind. It is shallow and it is porous. It is too easily exploited and it fails to directly lead to new and ongoing Truth realizations. It is an important ingredient which can lead to the development of personal Superiority, but it is only an ingredient, not a direct component, such as egoism, egotism, narcissism, and Self-love. This is an important distinction which must be recognized.

My vow of pride, as an untouchable transcendee of my humanity, is this:

I will always be unconditionally and limitlessly proud of what I am. Nothing that I may or may not do, no achievement realized or not realized, can ever or will ever impact the pride of personal creation that I claim, as the owner, designer, orchestrator, of the universe of Me.

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The Pleasures & Benefits of Lifelong Virginity

Those of you who have read my writings know that I am a lifelong adult virgin, by choice, by right, by philosophical communion with Self, in accurate understanding of my rejection of my humanity, and as the honorable reflection of Truth itself. In this essay I will broaden out the context within which the personal choice of virginity must be analyzed, and articulate why it is the only logical and sane life path decision for both Superiors and aspiring Superiors.

To begin, virginity must be understood as a personal choice, and not as a state of “innocence”, or a lack of sexual experience, which may be exernally compromised against individual will. This means, very simply, that an individual who is raped, or directly forced by another to physically engage in sexualized contact, does not lose the right to personally seize and claim sexual virginity. This rule must be equally applied to adults and to children. We must not allow any external violation of Self, to compromise our personal right and ability to seize and claim a personal path of behavioral and ideological Superiority.

Personally, I have always and will always very specifically identify Myself as an adult virgin. Why do I apply this preface?? Because I wish it to be clear to all sentient minds who access the True Reality that I choose to share with others, that I am a created victim of multifaceted forms of child abuse, and that one such facet was the repeated sexual rape I was subjected to at the hands of one of my biological creators, and therefore I exist as direct victim of human society and government, guilty of sponsoring universal child abuse and of imposing the deranged family unit structure of injustice upon all child and adult citizen-slaves.

It is important to understand that even as I insist upon referring to Myself as an adult virgin, I recognize Myself as a virgin, with no limitating quantifiers. I recognize Myself as a virgin because I have never, not as a child, and not as an adult, chosen to voluntarily engage in sexual contact with any living thing other than Myself, and have never engaged in such contact. Victims of rape should never allow external victimization of Self, to place a restriction or limitation upon their capacity to seize a Superior lifestyle path of Self-determination, moving forward.

This issue becomes much more complex when we consider the human adult who has “voluntarily” chosen to engage in sexual contact with others, and then claims personal entitlement to refer to Himself as a virgin, because he is vowing to never make this choice again, in the future. I use quotation marks for the word “voluntary”, because in Truth, no personal choice is ever made, totally free of the coercive influence of external imposition, as expressed via trauma, victimization, brainwashing, social indoctrination, and many other plague viruses of the mind, as experienced in response to external attacks.

The fact remains, humans are pathological liars, and their most popular target of deception, is Self. Therefore, when an individual who has voluntarily chosen to engage in sexual contact with others in the past, claims to recognize the error of his ways and takes a vow of personal celibacy for the future, such a vow cannot be taken at face value, and the individual may not accurately refer to Himself as a virgin.

I want to very clearly define the term virginity, within Forbidden Truth. While there is an absolute component of abstinence from sexual intimacy with others within this definition, there is also an equal requirement that all emotional enmeshment and interactive addiction to fellow humans, be rejected and not allowed to occur. There are many humans who form extremely toxic interpersonal relationships with other humans, but choose not to engage in sexual intimacy with these humans.

It is an affront to the Superior path of personal autonomy of body and of mind, for such humans to claim the honor of being virgins. Such humans are not virgins, because this honorable title demands freedom of both mind and body, from the shackle that is the interpersonal relationship.

Another vital point worthy of clarification, is that human contact, be it visual or physical, can occur without violating personal virginity status. For example, you can “rape” others, on a directly personal level, using your eyes and your brain, by decreeing them sexual objects available for your attainment of personal pleasure.

Such rapes do not violate personal virginity status, and such rapes may vary widely in terms of their interactivity. Meaning, the rapist may simply observe a complete stranger in a public environment, never making any physical contact with the individual, or even speaking a single word to them, yet gain hundreds or thousands of masturbatory climaxes as a direct result of memory integration of this singular event. Or he may pay money to a prostitute and physically touch parts of her body, and even sexually climax near her body, but as long as he forms no interpersonal relationship with her, and does not insert any sexual organs into her body, or in the case of a female, choose to allow anyone to insert sexual organs into her body, virginity status is not violated.

Virginity must be defined as the combined personal autonomy of body and of mind, from all interpersonal relationships, as sought, demanded, and obtained for Self. The personal right and the sacred entitlement of the individual to seek and obtain sexual climax, is in no way diminished or compromised by the seizure of such personal autonomy by the individual.

Before I move on to outlining the pleasures and benefits of lifelong virginity, let Me, for the official record, reveal the details of my own lifelong virginity status. As a young child I was forced to perform oral sex upon my father hundreds of times. At the age of 13 I made a series of Sacred Vows to Myself, one of which was to never engage in sexual contact with any human being for the remainder of my existence.

Decades have passed since I made this sacred vow, and of course I have kept and honored it. How have I kept and honored it? By never allowing any human to touch my sexual organs. By never touching the sexual organs of any human being. By never forming any interpersonal relationship with any human being. By never attempting to form any interpersonal relationship with any human, meaning never going on a “date”, never “socializing” with a human being, etc… This is my triumph of Self and of mind.

Inferiors say that the future cannot be predicted, but this is not True in terms of personal choices made within a functionally healthy mind. As long as I know Truth, and as long as I know Myself, I can predict with absolute certainty the fact that not only am I a lifelong virgin as of the moment in August of 2015 that I am typing these words on a keyboard, but my virginity status will continue for as long as I exist within the possession of a sane and functionally healthy brain. Because I am the owner of Myself, the owner of my mind, and I am not capable of choosing to betray Myself, to violate the terms of personal superiority and untouchability that I have chosen to embrace and to develop and to solidify, and have achieved as absolute and glorious feat.

Within the understanding of the above personal achievement, let Me be perfectly clear that I am a prolific masturbator and recognize the achievement of sexual climax as a personal pleasure to which I enjoy limitless right. I strive to achieve masturbatory climax an average of 2.5 times during every 24 hour time period, and have met this goal dating back decades, resulting in tens of thousands of masturbatory climaxes. Additionally, on a few rare occasions, I have engaged prostitutes in physical touch and body manipulation which involved no sexual organ contact and no formation of an interpersonal relationship, therefore in no way compromising my lifelong virginity status.

I will now transition to an analysis of the many pleasures and benefits of lifelong virginity, a path of Superiority which all who are born human should strive to claim and to attain. One of the greatest horrors of the human condition is the enslavement of individual minds, to other individual minds. Such enslavement automatically causes the loss of all individuality, and it is a core structure of social control. All sexualized personal relationships violate and betray personal freedom and autonomy. All personal relationships shackle all individuals, on many different levels.

The freedom of the virgin may be accurately described as the freedom of a newly created fetus, possessing a mind unburdened by the needs and demands of all other life forms. The virgin owns Himself, because the virgin refuses to allow others to own him. This form of freedom is central to any quest to become a Superior. Now, if you violated your own virginity in the past, by choice,and later seek to free yourself of the horrific ritual that is the human relationship, you enjoy this right, and there is nothing wrong in making a proactive vow to never again in the future form such a human relationship. But you should do so without laying claim to being a virgin. Honor the tiny handful of born humans who have never chosen to violate their virginity, such as Myself, even as you attempt to overcome your own failures of the past.

The human being is a filthy creature, diseased on many levels, in many different ways. All who violate their own autonomy of body and of mind, by choice, are guilty of soiling themselves. Understand and accept the mark of personal failure inherent in such a choice, even as you equally understand that this choice was coercively imposed upon you by the hive mind of organized human leadership.

The slavery that is the interpersonal relationship directly leads to the embrace of many other forms of human slavery. Purity of mind is in Truth much more important, much more useful, than purity of body. The lifelong virgin lays claim to a unique mindscape unpolluted by implanted memories of past mistakes.

Because let us be clear, all sexual contact with others, and all interpersonal relationships, are not only immensely harmful in real-time, as they occur, but remain harmful on an ongoing basis, in hindsight. The harm caused by any such encounter remains dynamic and impactful, even decades later, even if the individual takes a vow of lifelong future celibacy and abstinence from all interpersonal relationships.

Owning your body must run concurrent with owning your mind. The achievement of sexual climax is positive, beneficial, a physically and mentally healthy act, and a natural goal which should not be denied or mitigated. The Superior virgin possesses fully conscious awareness of this Forbidden Truth, and that it has nothing whatsoever to do with interactive sexual contact, or with establishing any interpersonal relationship. The Superior virgin instinctually maximizes both the frequency and the duration of his sexual climaxes, free of all guilt, free of all externally imposed qualifiers, and free of all need to be aided by others in what is understood as a profoundly personal activity.

Intimacy must not be defined within the context of an interactive relationship. Intimacy must be defined as the greatest love of all, the expression of affection that an indivual developes, maximes, and bestows within and upon Himself. Intimacy is the perfection of an individual in love with Himself, making love to Himself, giving love to Himself, free of all external contamination, limited only by the universe of Self-love he has created and bestows upon himself, with unconditional pride and understanding of right, on all levels of consciousness.

Humans have nothing of value to offer Me. And they have nothing of value to offer you. If you fail to embrace this Truth as valid and accurate, it is because you exist as a broken inferior. You seek value from others, but all that you are doing is destroying whatever remaining value might still exist within yourself. Not a day goes by that I do not pause to give thanks to my own brilliant childhood mind, in recognizing the need to embrace lifelong virginity at a young age, and proactively granting Myself both physical and psychological untouchability on a maximized scale.

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Self-Love: The Great Shield, The Great Weapon

How do I love thee Me, let Me count the ways… This essay exalts the single most glorious of all personal achievements, the absolute foundational bedrock of mental health and personal strength, the base upon which all actual and aspiring Superiors center the universe they build and own: Love of Self.

I am a lover of Self. Everything I do and say, everything I experience and represent, everything I am now and will ever be in the future, is the embodiment of limitless and unconditional love of Self. This love is owned by Me, as it has been created by Me. I gave birth to Myself, when I established Self-love within my True Reality and built it to an apex void of all limitations, and untouchable by any external force or entity.

In writing this essay, I glorify my love of Self. But I glorify my love of Self in everything that I do. Everything! Eating and thinking and moving my bowels and brushing my teeth and shooting my guns and sleeping and vacuuming and performing slave labor and everything else. All that I do expresses all that I am. I am a Self-created creature, having built a brain that is fully under my control.

Self-love is the integration of Me to all personal consciousness. Without Self-love, I would not be Me. And I would not be Me, if Self-love was not reflected in all that I am.

The lover of Self is at the mercy of nothing he can control, and since he can fully control his own mind and brain, he is untouchable by all external enemies and attacks. Death can harm him, absolutely. And failures in his ownership capacity to direct and control his own mind and brain, can harm him. But nothing else, nothing at all.

What do I love more, Myself or the Truth?? This question can only be answered by expressing the factual reality that Truth and love of Self are inextricably intertwined to the universe of Me. Without my embrace of all Truth, I could not and would not possess love of Self. And without love of Self, Truth would not be embraced by Me. I love Truth because I love Myself, in loving reflection. And I love Myself because I love Truth, in loving reflection.

Humans sometimes ask Me what I do in my “spare time”. First of all, no sentient creature in love with Himself and with Truth, ever has any “spare” time. Time is limited and finite, I have none to spare, I hoard time, recognizing it as one of the only resources I cannot properly control. So, during my experience of all time passage, I spend it loving Myself. I express and integrate love of Self within everything I do, within all moments of time.

The power of mind ownership is expressed via the capacity to focus the mind within personal will and choice. Self-love is the achievement of the top-level Superior. Self-love is the realized and experienced reality of mind triumph, directly at odds with all expressions and with all invocations to deliver and to receive love from others. Self-love is real and Truth. The love of others, be it given, received, or reciprocal, is false and a lie, it is the illusion of the inferior, a betrayal of Truth, which directly results in a betrayal of Self, since it literally extinguishes and destroys the capacity to establish love of Self.

Let there be no doubt: Love of Self and love of others, and/or love sought from others, are mutually exclusive. You cannot attain love of self, while seeking to attain love from others, or attempting to bestow love upon others. Love must be developed and cultivated by Self, for Self, and once established, it must be ruthlessly and unrelentingly hoarded, even as it is exalted and maximized. Love externally directed, is love wasted and dissipated to nothingness. Love requested from others, is invalid, unreal, a Self-delusion. Nobody else loves you, and if you perceive yourself to be loved by others, you are suffering from a crippling and toxic false delusion.

I have already written an essay in which I describe the many ways in which I express love towards Myself, physically, mentally, and philosophically. You can read it here:

I do not wish to repeat My brilliant points over and over, but this essay would not be complete without a comprehensive outline of the need for all Superiors and aspiring Superiors to obsessively bestow love upon Self. Self-obsession is a vital positive for all who recognize their existence as an never-ending war against humanity. And the most vitally dynamic core of all Self-obsessions, must consist of establishing, developing, and then protecting & maintaining limitless and untouchable love of Self.

To all who seek Truth, there is an intersection between the physical, the mental, and the philosophical. This intersection must be consciously recognized and understood. I spend hours, each and every day, physically licking, physically kissing, physically smelling, physically caressing Myself, my body. And I spend hours every single day mentally strengthening the limitless and unconditional love I have created for Myself. And I spend hours each and every day engaging in philosophical conversation and debate with Myself, exploring why I love Myself, exploring what it means to love yourself, exploring how the love of Self integrates to and honors the hatred and destruction of others, exploring how to reach and gain ever greater heights of Self-love, even knowing I have already achieved it to an untouchable and limitless degree.

Yes, there is some overlap between this triangular pyramid of self-expression: The physical, mental, and philosophical. I can lick Myself passionately, while at the same time mentally focused on strengthening the love I hold for Myself within my mind. But all three pyramids must also be developed independent of one another. Spending time physically licking yourself, focused only on the physical pleasure of the act itself, and having a positive mind-meld as to the value and perfection of your own body, as unconditionally recognized by your mind, must also occur.

I know how you humans are. I know you find the idea of spending an hour or more every day licking and smelling your own hands, arms, and shoulders, does not appeal to you. Just thinking about doing it makes you feel weird and disgusted. Am I right?? The reason you feel this way is because you do not love yourself, but far more tragically and perversely, you cannot mentally conceive of loving yourself, within consciousness and Truth. Your consciously realized perception of disgust and weirdness, masks and conceals the fact that you genuinely hate and despise yourself.

If you possessed love of Self, you would delight in licking and kissing and caressing Yourself. Such actions would be recognized as natural and instinctual, as natural as eating food when you are hungry and moving your bowels when they are full. Those of you who like to pretend to love yourselves, to pretend you have achieved this feat, should know that you are lying only to yourself, and harming only yourself in doing so.

All Superiors who love themselves will spend hours of time, each and every day, bestowing love upon themselves on all three levels: The physical, the mental, and the philosophical. If you have any difficulty or lack of motivation in expressing love of Self on a daily basis on any of these three separate, distinct platforms, you do not possess love of Self. Period.

I titled this essay Self-love: The Great Shield, The Great Weapon, because this is exactly what Self-love is. The Superior knows that limitless and unconditional Self-love is and will always be his greatest shield, for as long as he can successfully maintain it. Inside of a grand mansion or on lockdown in a solitary confinement cell. In sickness and in health, in age and in youth, and while being harmed, persecuted, victimized, destroyed, Self-love will always be his greatest shield.

And he knows that limitless and unconditional Self-love will always be his greatest weapon. Destroying planet earth via a conscious dream, or laughing at the judge as he condemns you to be executed, or reaching new heights of exuberantly expressed hatred of others, or jumping into the extraterrestrial spaceship, or doing bad things to others, while knowing you are good, oh so very good, and justified, and entitled…. Self-love is the weapon that never runs out of ammunition. For when 120 rounds just isn’t enough.


It has taken Me about two hours to write this essay. Two glorious hours wallowing in the perfection of achieved limitless and unconditional love of Self, and strengthening it, mentally and philosophically. I even managed to get in a few tender and sweet wrist licks and delicious body odor inhalations. Time well spent!

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An Open Letter to Dylann Storm Roof

In My last blog post, I briefly addressed Dylann Storm Roof directly, but I feel it is necessary to pen a more comprehensive missive in his name. All readers should understand that even as I direct this blog post directly towards Dylann, all of the sentiments I will be expressing apply to each and every victim of injustice, and in totality, this message is one of universal Truth, as opposed to only being applicable to Dylann as an individual.

Further, I wish it to be understood that while passionate in their intensity, My comments to Dylann are firmly rooted in intellectual honesty and philosophical appreciation of his True Reality, instead of sentimental emotionalism. I appreciate Dylann and his True Reality as a cathartically reflecting victim, on an emotional level, but I do not choose to interact with anyone born human, on such a level, and there are no exceptions made to this rule.

And finally as you read this Open Letter to a tortured child, understand that every sentiment expressed, is intended for every tortured child, and the letter, this open letter to Dylann, is exactly the same as the letter that I would write to Myself.

With the above caveats, here is what I would wish to directly communicate today, via a brain-to-brain mind meld, to Dylann Storm Roof, the 21 year old child who carried out the Charleston, South Carolina Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church massacre, just 20 hours ago

Hello Dylann,

I know you will probably never get the opportunity to read these words of Forbidden Truth, but at this moment in time I find Myself intellectually and emotionally compelled to attempt to communicate to you, and by proxy to the entire world, the Truth of who you are, what you did, and what you are.

I do not personally know you. I have never met you. As I type these words, you are only known to Me as the individual being demonized by the media for allegedly carrying out a mass murder inside of the Charleston, South Carolina Emanual AME church, approximately 20 hours ago. I do not know you personally, and without prematurely crediting you as having carried out this act of mass murder, I do want you to know that I understand very clearly what you are. I hope you understand and know Yourself, with at least as much accuracy and clarity as I know you. Hopefully, more.

Dylann, you are a victim, a created victim of a malicious and diseased structure. This structure is the society and the government of amerikkka. Also Dylann, you are a child. I do not know whether you choose to identify Yourself as a child at this time, but it does not change the fact that you are a child.

You are a child, and you are a victim of trauma, abuse, injustice, oppression, and harm. I do not know whether your mother, father, or other family members directly attacked you on a physical or sexual level, and for the purposes of this letter, such details are not relevant. I know that you are a victim of the universal, systemic, ritualized child abuse inherent to and embedded within, the deepest levels of amerikkkan society and government.

Dylann, it is important that you recognize and appreciate Yourself as being a victim of brutal and severe abuse, because that is what you are, and only within the embrace of Truth, can any of us achieve personal salvation. Dylann, you are a murder victim. This is what you are, at this moment in time, and this is what you will be, at all future points in time. No matter if you have harvested other human beings or not, you Yourself are already, at this moment in time, a victim of murder.

Dylann, you are young and you must be strong. If you have not already cultivated an untouchable mind, I urge you to attempt to achieve this feat. The power of the individual human brain can reach limitless and untouchable status. I have achieved this remarkable feat. It is not easy, it requires an incredible degree and amount of willpower, single-mindedness, time, and focus. But it can be done, and you need such a brain, such a mind, in order to thrive.

Dylann, I am so very glad that you have chosen to not physically harm Yourself over the past 20 hours. So many of our fellow victims succumb to external pressures on our minds, choosing the perceived easy way out. But the easy way out is wrong, it is the choice of a coward, and it betrays Self. He who has courage embraces all Truth, embraces unconditional love of Self, and will not choose to harm Himself, ever, under any circumstances.

I want you to understand that life is a war, you have been relentlessly attacked, and you will continue to be relentlessly attacked. In recognizing your existence as a war, you must also recognize that the only thing worth fighting for, the only thing worth defending, protecting, destroying the universe itself to preserve, is Yourself.

Dylann, you are infinitely precious and valuable. Not to Me, but to Yourself. This is the Forbidden Truth you must recognize and embrace. The more contempt, scorn, and hatred you perceive to be externaly directed towards you, the more you must solidify your conscious understanding of personal value, so that you may successfully bestow infinite love of Self, upon Yourself, at all times, and absolutely free of any external capacity of interference.

Dylann, please understand that all humans are your enemies. Even if they profess to care about you, display positive sentiment towards you, they must be recognized as vampires, attempting to extract from you, in order to meet their own needs. Deny them all extraction efforts, without prejudice, without trying to figure out their level of sincerity. If you must extract from others to meet your own emotional needs, feel free to do so. Meet your needs, with pride of recognized entitlement. But also understand that the need to extract from others is itself a weakness that can, through Superior effort, be overcome.

Dylann, throughout the remainder of your existence, humans will attempt to judge you. They will claim a right to judge you. They possess no such right. They have earned no such right. As a created torture victim, it is You who have the right to judge others, as you may have judged your chosen victims worthy of death. Your right to judge has always been valid, and will always remain valid, even as no human being has ever, can ever, will ever, earn any right to judge you.

Dylann, whoever seeks to harm you must be recognized by You as a mortal enemy. Within the glory of Self-love, you must repel all attempts to inflict harm upon you, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Nobody has ever had any right to inflict harm upon you, and nobody can ever gain such a right, now or in the future.

Dylann, I hope your mind, your brain, always remains open to understanding both Yourself, and the universe as it has imposed itself upon you. You are not a racist, you are a victim of racism. You are not a murderer, you are a victim of murder. You are a reflection of all that has been done to you, in the things you have chosen and will choose, to do.

Dylann, you are a voice of Truth. That is what you are, even if you never utter a single word, or pen a single sentence, for the remainder of your existence. To all who are not deaf and brain dead, your voice of Truth resonated with thundering clarity just 20 hours ago, when you proved the ludicrousness of the insane god myth, of humans gathering in a sacred place to beseech favors from an invisible creature, only to be drained of life and left cold, dead, eternally unborn in a void of eternal nothingness, inside that sacred space, in the middle of their useless prayers. No, god was not on a bathroom break.

Dylann, you have proven that god does not exist. Credit Yourself with achieving this remarkable feat. Find strength in atheism, because it is atheism, not racism, which represents and embodies Truth itself.

Dylann, I ask you to build your own universe. Make it rich and full, make it strong and untouchable. Live within Yourself, allow nobody inside of your universe. Yes, you will be harmed, you will be made to suffer, injustice will be imposed, and in the end you will lose everything. So will I. So will obama. So will your jailer, your persecuting prosecutor, maybe even, Dylann Forbid, your executioner. But still, each and every day, you can build and you can dwell within, and you can rejoice in the glory of, the universe that you build, that you create, that you own, that nobody can touch.

And no, that is not a typo, the above phrase, “Dylann Forbid”. Recognize Yourself as the murderer of god, and seize his crown, usurp his title, seek to achieve his imaginary powers, as your functional reality. Not within a state of delusion, but within a state of recognized Truth.

Love Yourself Dylann, passionately and unconditionally. Love Yourself with your eyes, your hands, your mouth, and your brain. The future is dead, as is all of humanity, so celebrate the glory of each moment as it plays out in real-time. And never forget, you are Dylann Storm Roof, a unique individual carving out a unique universe, each and every day, that nobody else can ever touch.

My best wishes to you,

The Seer of Forbidden Truth

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Dylann Storm Roof

Dylann Storm Roof