personal tribute

The Power of Mind, The Power of Me

Just a sample pack of My achievements:

Tens of thousands of Forbidden Truths: Realized, integrated to core consciousness, brilliantly revealed and articulated by Me.

100% emotionally autonomous: Meeting all of My emotional needs by Myself, for Myself, 100% of the time.

100% externally untouchable: Nothing any life form can do to Me, to negatively impact My experience of My existence in any manner, ever.

Able to achieve sexual climax at the will of My own Self-mind: Always, the only limitation being that of natural physical need to rejuvenate, without any need for any stimulation beyond the thoughts I generate within My mind.

Conscious dreaming mastered: Able to dictate the exact plotline of every desired real-life experience and fantasy, and to perceive every such dream as being an experienced reality, with full memory retention upon awakening.

Achievement of limitless and unconditional love of Self: Externally untouchable.

The Self-creation of a limitless and untouchable ego: Narcissism, egoism, and egotism, all maximized and integrated to the core of My mind, so the greatness, the glory, the sacred eternal preciousness of Me is embedded within every thought, every impulse, everything I do and am.

These are not words. This the reality of My personal achievement of existence as of today, January 18, 2017. I cannot predict tomorrow, but I can KNOW today. I can know what I am, I can glory in My triumph, even as I know it to be useless tomorrow, or the next day, or the next year, or the next decade, or the next century.

My triumph is useless, because it WILL be useless, and it doesn’t matter when it becomes useless.

Every triumph a tragedy, this is the curse of being The Seer of Forbidden Truth. But it is a curse I carry with pride and honor, because it honors the Truth. Whatever honors the Truth must be carried with pride and honor. As I carry Myself, today.

Time to go, another MindGasm awaits.


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Seer Charles Manson: Seriously Ill & Hospitalized Today

Readers of My texts know that I am a great admirer of Charles Manson, as a Superior individual, and as the preeminent philosopher of the 20th century. Charles is, in every sense of the term, a Seer of Forbidden Truth. He has earned this uniquely rare designation, by the courage, strength, love of Self, hatred of others, and devotion to Truth that he has demonstrated throughout his lifetime.

Seer Charles stands as one of the greatest victims of amerikkkan society and government, to have ever lived. Throughout his lifetime, at great peril to Self, and sacrificing all opportunities to pander to his greatest enemy, he has consistently stood up for Self and for Truth.

The treatment Charles has received since his arrest in 1969, 47 years ago, reveals the terror of the amerikkkan regime of Charles, and the Forbidden Truths he both represents and has so graciously articulated.

Let all who aspire to Superiority feed their rage and hate in conscious understanding of the supreme injustice that has been carried out against Seer Charles for the past 82 years, beginning at the moment of his biological conception, when amerikkkan society chose to decree him a worthless, subhuman piece of owned property, continuing to his birth, when he was imprisoned to his biological creators and Sacred Family Unit members, without any attempt by the amerikkkan regime to determine their competency to care for a helpless child.

At age 82, Seer Charles stands as living testament to the limitless malice, stupidity, and inferiority of 20th and 21st century amerikkkan society and government. His unjust treatment at the hands of the amerikkkan government, for 82 years, including TODAY, proves amerikkka unworthy of existence, as a society and as a government.

My best wishes go out, publicly and with pride & honor,to Seer Charles, for good health, strength, and continued love of Self and hatred of humanity.

For anyone wishing to gain an introductory understanding of the power, brilliance, and beauty of Seer Charles Manson’s mind, I strongly urge that you immerse Yourself within some of his most powerful Mind Bombs of Forbidden Truth, coupled with My brilliant analysis of and commentary upon, his words. You may do so at The Charles Manson Tribute Page at My Main Manifesto:

If humanity were sane, the murder of Charles Manson, whenever it does occur, would be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, and would trigger a nationwide awakening of consciousness as to the limitless malice of the regime, resulting in an uprising that grows and feeds upon Truth, ultimately causing the entire regime to fail and collapse upon itself.

To all citizens of government: Please take some time to reflect upon the horror being perpetrated in your names, today and every day, against Me, against Seer Charles, against You, and against every living thing.


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My New Year Resolutions

I consciously make long-term personal resolutions to honor Self, each and every day, so there is nothing different or special about today, or about these resolutions, beyond the fact I am publicly revealing them. I continue to openly condemn all societal holidays, as well as the perverse segmentation of time as it is maliciously imposed by government.

In the name of Truth and Self:

I vow to maximize the amount of time I spend unconditionally honoring and loving Myself.

I vow to become even more of an isolated recluse, minimizing all unnecessary direct and personal exposure to the toxic waste that is the human being.

I vow to protect, preserve, and enhance My physical health and strength to the greatest possible degree, via My chosen life path activities.

I vow to maximize My hatred of others, and to freely, openly, and proudly direct all rage and hate outward, upon and against humans and humanity as a whole.

I vow to continue to never forgive any human for any transgression, big or small, long ago or very recent, made against Me.

I vow to always embrace, honor, and reflect all of the thousands of Forbidden Truths I know to be valid. with honesty, courage, and love of Self.

I vow to remain open-minded to realize, accept, and integrate to mind universe, new Forbidden Truths I may not currently possess conscious awareness of.

I vow to remain closed-minded to all external advice, opinions, or suggestions made by humans, in recognition of the vampiric and toxic nature of the species.

I vow to continue to attack, subvert, and compromise all human structures and ideologies, in whatever manner I choose to deem appropriate.

I vow to continue choosing and maintaining a personal life path which honors My True Reality, and accurately reflects the sum total of everything that has been, is being and will be done to Me by My mortal enemy, human society and government.

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Outlaw Murderers: The Wind Beneath My Wings

Edmund Emil Kemper. David Berkowitz. Laurie Dann. Zodiac. Patrick Purdy. Charles Manson. Howard Unruh. Andrei Chikatilo. Timothy McVeigh. Jeffrey Dahmer. Martin Bryant. Andrew Kehoe. Henry Lee Lucas. John Wilkes Booth. Gary Ridgway. John Hinckley Jr. Lynette Fromme. Ronald Gene Simmons. Susan Atkins.

John Wayne Gacy. Lee Harvey Oswald. Richard Speck. Pedro Lopez. Javed Iqbal. Ronald Gene Simmons. George Hennard. Eric Harris. James Oliver Huberty. Yoo Young-chul. Ian Brady. Dylan Klebold. Dennis Nilsen. Elizabeth Bathory. Aileen Wuornos. Seung-Hui Cho. Juana Barraza. Jane Toppan. Charles Whitman.

I could give you 300 more names. Your Martyrs. Your tortured victim-creations, harmed over and over and over by you. Individuals who have always deserved your respect and apology, your begging them for the forgiveness you have never, will never deserve to receive.

But this post is personal. It is about Me giving thanks, showing My immense gratitude, for all to see and to know.

My heroes have always been and will always be, outlaw mass murderers. From early childhood I successfully recognized them as a precious gift to Me, in My conscious transformation to The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

Thank you to My heroes, all of You, directly named or not. Thank you for being the wind beneath my wings. Thank you for the gift of your reflective rage and hate. Thank you for standing up for Yourself, and in the process inspiring Me, paving My own mind path, illuminating it with the lightness and brightness and thickness of blood.

Today, I am NOT more than any of you. I am your collective True Reality, incubated and integrated and exalted and realized within the universe I have built, a universe that you helped Me to build.

Most of you have been lost to eternal nothingness. The remainder of you are being attacked and harmed, victimized and mistreated, each and every day. Just as I was, and am, and will be.

I promise to hold You within Me, for as long as I can.

All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.