Pain Waits

The pain is everywhere, growing and expanding, echoing and reverberating, filling every pore and every cell.

All is calm as the pain rests, prepares to awaken, prepares to unveil and unleash itself.

Everyone wears their Acting Mask, everyone combs their hair, checks their clothing for wrinkles and stray cat hairs, rearranges their facial features to smile mode.

Conceal your pain, so demands The Matrix. Conceal it from Yourself, and conceal it from others. Everything will be alright, even though nothing has ever been alright.

Should I kiss you, or stab you? Should I hug you, or shoot you? Should I shake your hand, or cut it off with a chainsaw? Should I smile at you, or rip your smiling face to shreds with my carnivorous teeth?

Wear your mask, pay homage to the social trance that everything was, is, and will be, alright.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Not much.”

Small talk for small minds, minds ruled by pain.

Pain everywhere, patiently waiting, to be acknowledged and reflected.

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I Feel and I Know, The Pain of the Universe

Sometimes I sound tough.

That’s because I am tough, tough enough to absorb and to integrate to My own personal core consciousness, the collective pain of the entire universe. It’s all there, inside of Me, a trillion trillion moments of supreme agony, as experienced by a trillion trillion creatures.

All of their agony lives within Me. I feed upon it, it helps Me to elevate Myself to king, queen, god, of pain.

For all who can no longer suffer, because they no longer exist, I feel your pain.

For all who refuse to face up to their suffering, I feel your pain.

For all who try to make themselves feel better by making others suffer, I feel your pain.

For all who make themselves suffer in specific ways, so they can numb other types of suffering, I feel your pain.

The more pain I absorb, the more rage and hate I reflect, and the more love I manifest as a Self-universe.

I feel pain. I know pain. I make love to pain. Yet I do not hurt.

I just say No, to the Ouch.

Me. The untouchable Me.


All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Humanity: Mentally Crippled Species of Pain Addicts

You will often hear humans opine: “How would we know what pleasure is, if we did not experience pain, and be able to compare the two?”

You know what that is, deranged creatures? It is philosophical insanity. it illuminates a Forbidden Truth of the universal nature of humanity. The species is addicted to pain, suffering, trauma, and victimization. It seeks out and craves all of these terrible things, unlike any and every other species existing today, or ever to have been known to exist.

This is yet another proof, among many, that the human brain, on a species-wide level, is genetically diseased and malformed.

Humans know pain, they are familiar with and comfortable with pain. It fits their consciousness well. Humans love the variability of pain, the fact that it can be increased and decreased and manipulated in many different ways. Humans love the secretiveness of pain, they can hide it from others, and from themselves, or they can selectively flaunt it.

Humans love how the experience of pain can be manipulated to create fake illusions, false Self-delusions, of pleasure. Relieving the pain is psychologically transformed to a perception of pleasure. But is it actual pleasure, this relief of pain?? Of course not! Were it not for the pain being lessened, the feeling of pleasure would not exist, therefore the sensation of pleasure is not merely invalid, but a direct manifestation of pain itself.

Since early childhood I have been fascinated with human suffering and pain, every aspect of it, from every angle. Sadism, masochism, bondage, chinese footbinding, emotional torment, the masks of pain worn and discarded, hidden and displayed, physical and psychological.

Women and their shoes was My first and grandest introduction to the vast universe of human pain addiction and courtship. Women stuffing their tender, inflamed, sore feet into high heeled pumps, struggling to walk, each step an agony, their faces stoic masks.

The afternoon and evening “rush hour” commute provided incredible displays of female foot agony. Some women, dressed in their elegant business suits, abandoned their agonizing dress shoes for sneakers, others hobbled to bus stops and train stations, desperate to find a place to sit down, the unlucky ones forced to lean against pillars and walls, shifting their weight from foot to foot, easing off their dress shoes for a few seconds of pain relief. I have many thousands of unique memories of these encounters, all committed to crystal clear mind movie.

But of course footwear is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to human pain addiction. The weightlifter, the runner, the over-eater, the indigestion creator, the self-cutter, the pimple-pincher, the breast binder, the necktie choker, the list of ways human beings choose to deliberately cause physical pain to their bodies, is endless.

Always, the pain itself creates emotional catharsis, as does the pleasure illusions that accompany the dissipation of the physical pain. Women themselves have described the moments when an agonizing pair of shoes are finally removed from the feet after hours of torment, as being more pleasurable than having an orgasm.

The termination of pain is perceived as the attainment of pleasure, by the human conscious mind. How perverse is that?!

And the actual, ongoing endurance of physical pain makes humans feel better, it is a mirror reflection of the lifelong abuse, trauma, victimization, and punishment they have been externally subjected to, forced to endure. They relish the “choice” to inflict pain upon themselves, it is perceived as a form of freedom and control, contrasting with the monument of lifelong pain they have had imposed upon and against them externally, with no ability to control or limit.

A specific aspect of human pain addiction which enthralls Me, is that in a majority of humans, physical pain is deliberately induced and chosen by the individual, in order to cover up and mask psychological pain.

Pain is an ordered emotion, meaning that two or more different types of pain are almost never experienced simultaneously. If you suffer from one pain, you can relieve it, actually eliminate it in most cases, simply by deliberately inducing a different pain. If you don’t want to suffer psychological pain, all you need do is cause yourself physical pain, and the psychological pain fades back deeply to the subconscious level.

The physical pain is a subconsciously created diversion, it takes over the conscious mind of the inferior, allowing for all psychological pain to be neutered.

If you want to try to understand Yourself, dissect all the different ways you choose to cause yourself to suffer and endure pain, and realize this choice to be subconsciously compelled.

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Five Favorite Child Abuse Songs

As you can tell if you have been reading this blog, I choose to obsessively focus My mind upon many different things, and child abuse is near the top of this list. I do so because I am a created torture victim of child abuse, and because unlike you humans, I choose to always dwell within the openly conscious acknowledgment and embrace of the Truth of exactly what I am, and exactly why I am what I am.

I focus obsessively on My own status as a created victim of child abuse, not due to any masochistic tendencies or desire to suffer, but because doing so reflects Truth and empowers Self. The Superior neither wallows in his own past, nor rejects his own past. He fully embraces a personal obligation to hold his experienced past within him, so that he may never forget the lessons of Truth it has taught him. The reason why I will never identify as a survivor of child abuse, is because doing so dismisses the reality of what occurred, and betrays the Truth of what I am: A victim, not a survivor.

I have achieved the remarkable feat of transcending My humanity, by force of will and conscious choice. This has nothing to do with transcending either the past, or My experiences of the past. Quite the contrary, this transcendation, rooted within embrace of factual reality, requires full embrace of the past. My experienced past is what motivated Me to seek to transcend My humanity, a topic I will be addressing in future blog posts. I honor Myself, and My unique achievements of mind, only by focusing upon My experienced past on a daily basis, with courageous and Self-loving insight of consciousness.

No matter how busy I may be, even if forced to perform 16 hours straight of slave labor, as sometimes occurs, I choose to find time, every single day, to consciously do three different things: To focus on and validate My justified rage and hate, to proactively nurture My love of Self, and to reflect upon the Truth that I am a created victim of child abuse.

And so, over the years, I have sought and located songs which speak to the heart of the abused child, songs which help Me to fully open My mind, on a daily basis, even after a long and exhausting session of traumatic human interaction, to the cleansing horror of Truth. To be clear, these are five of My more favored songs which specifically focus on child abuse, I have many other songs which are favorited for different reasons, because they focus more on rage, hate, personal vengeance. In the future I may provide blog posts listing those songs.

Also, be aware that these are not necessarily My most favorite, and are not listed in a specific order of favoritism. But they are songs that I have each listened to thousands of times, and they are songs I seek out and replay over and over, finding them to harmonize with My personal True Reality of Superior mind focus.

We begin with Down With The Sickness, by Disturbed. A stirring declaration of personal outrage by a child abuse victim:

Next we have an epic rant of childhood torment, which speaks directly to Me because I was locked up in a psychiatric prison as a child, for stabbing My father after he forced Me to perform oral sex on him hundreds of times, Institutionalized, by Suicidal Tendencies:

Proving that My musical tastes extend far beyond the lyrical assault of heavy and thrash metal, we transition to Luka, by Suzanne Vega. This song also resonates directly with Me on a personal level, because as a child-slave, I was imprisoned within a large apartment building, humans above and below Me, humans on both sides of Me, and I was even locked outside in the hallway, wearing only My underwear. as a child, and nobody, no human, ever tried to help Me:

Next we have Hell Is For Children, by Pat Benatar, a rather simple but still passionately deliverated message of the Truth that every child grows up in the only real hell. I am posting this version specifically because it includes Pat Benatar’s completely clueless and Truth-blind introduction to the song, as it proves just how disconnected from the Forbidden Truth reality of child abuse, all humans are:

And finally, The Mirror Black, by Sanctuary, another child abuse song that speaks very directly to My childhood journey to recognize and embrace all Truth, to create limitless Self-love within Myself, to make Myself untouchable, to create a personal universe of pure and absolute isolation, and to transcend My humanity, all of which I am proud to have successfully achieved:

Most humans use music to escape from reality and Truth. The Superior does the exact opposite. He uses music to commune with Himself, to make love to Himself, to always hold close and reawaken the past as it has been carved into him, so that Truth may always flourish and be reflected.

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