Why I Choose Life Over Death

Because life honors Me, while death insults Me.

Because I am sane.

Because I have already been dead, and will always be dead, in ways you are too stupid and inferior to understand.

Because I am talking about Myself, and not about you.

Because life is divided between the terrible and the horrible, while death is divided between the unbearable and the incalculably obscene.

That is all. You may now resume your illusion of being alive.

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The Unknowable Mind of Me

One of the most beautiful things about Self-analysis carried out at the deepest levels of core consciousness, is the Mind Bomb insights to the Self-universe of mind that are exposed to directly personal awareness.

I love My mind, so passionately. I love it for what it does for Me. I love it for being beautiful and perfect enough to love the beauty and perfection that is Me. I love it for rendering Me externally untouchable. I love it for reaching out in every direction that I want to go, for finding for Me everything I choose to seek.

But what I love the most about My mind, is that it belongs to Me. To Me alone. No living thing on this universe can ever or will ever know My mind. No matter how much I tell you about Myself, no matter how much you might discover about Me, about My experiences, My actions, My life path choices, never will you know My mind. My experience of My Self-universe is uniquely mine. It can never be known or understood by any living thing, ever.

The inferior thinks his mind can hold secrets, and he savors these secrets. The Superior knows that his mind is a secret, in and of itself. A secret nobody can ever find out, a secret that cannot be exposed even if he tries to reveal it, even if he invites others to intimately probe the deepest recesses of his mind.

My mind is an infinite secret, impossible for any living thing to ever know, to ever discover, to ever perceive.

Every thought, every feeling, every impulse, every fantasy, every act, every idea, every projection of consciousness, subconsciousness, unconsciousness, every external and every internal stimuli, uniquely interacting with every every, melded and melding together at every nanosecond of every point of time, to create the unknowable mind of Me, unique and changing at My will and direction, to shape the universe of Me, a universe nobody else can ever see, can ever understand, can ever relate to, can ever know.

Perfection: To know what nobody can ever know.


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Comparison Between the Mind Bomb and the Conventional IED Bomb

In My last post I expanded the forbidden truth dictionary by brilliantly defining what a Mind Bomb is. Now, lets kick it up a notch by doing a direct comparison between the Mind Bomb and the much more well-known and conventional homicide/suicide Improvised Explosive Device Backpack/Vest/Belt bomb. There are more similarities than the inferior might think.

a) Both the Mind Bomb and the conventional IED bomb are offensive attacks.

b) The Mind Bomb has the potential to cause great psychological distress to those exposed and impacted by it, and so does the conventional IED bomb.

c) While the conventional IED bomb is much more likely to cause physical deaths, the Mind Bomb also has the potential, albeit far less frequently on a percentage level, to inspire others to carry out actions that may result in the physical deaths of others.

d) The conventional IED bomb is not easy for most humans to successfully craft and detonate, and neither is the Mind Bomb.

e) Society and government will try to punitively punish you if you construct and/or detonate an IED bomb without its legal authorization and target approval. Society and government may try to punitively punish you if you construct and detonate a Mind Bomb that targets a specific audience, such as children.

f) The IED bomb has the potential to positively enlighten the consciousness of a tiny minority of humans, to the True nature and inspirational forces of terrorism, The Mind Bomb has the same potential, although in both cases it is very rarely realized, and only by a tiny minority of humans.

g) The IED bomb is condemned by the vast majority of humans, and so is the Mind Bomb.

h) Detonating the IED bomb causes a loud noise and releases explosive forces that alter the physical landscape. Detonating the Mind Bomb causes no loud noises, but may alter the psychological landscape of those exposed to it.

i) The IED bomb exists as an accurate reflection of the True Reality of its physical creator, as does the Mind Bomb.

j) The creation of an IED bomb is inspired by the personal trauma, victimization, and abuse experienced by its creator, and so is the Mind Bomb.

k) Detonating an IED bomb often results in the direct physical death of the detonator. Detonating a Mind Bomb rarely if ever results in the direct physical death of the detonator.

l) Detonating an IED bomb often provides great psychological pleasure and satisfaction to the detonator, and so does detonating a Mind Bomb.

As you can see, there are some very important differences between these two types of bombs, but also a great many similarities. We who seek and honor Truth, should honor both types of bombings, and the Martyrs who choose to carry them out. We should thank them for exposing Forbidden Truth to the universe, as we recognize the sacrifice they make, and the price they pay, as victims of society and government.

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How Superiors Feed

Feeding or starving, those are the options. Body, mind, and soul. The humans pretend they are feeding themselves, even as they starve. They consume what harms them, deliberately but most often within lack of conscious realization or understanding. They consume toxins of body and of mind, poisons that corrode the body, lies, deceptions, delusions, illusions that destroy their minds. They feed on the pain of Self, and mask it via positivity and hopefulness and vampiric enmeshment with other creatures.

I do none of that. I am a Superior. I feed on what is good for Me, good in the True and Truest sense of definitional purity. I feed to strengthen Myself for the daily war I wage against all of humanity. I feed upon the suffering and the pain of others, not to mask any Self-pain, but to reveal to Myself, always and within every conscious moment, the universal pain that I have been victimized by, and successfully transformed to external rage and hate.

Everyone is using everyone else, feeding on everyone else. But not to nourish themselves, or the others. This is the great lie. The humans feed in order to deny the Truth of their own starvation. Just as a full belly places the Forbidden Truths of death on the back-burner, a full mind does the same, only the level of poisonous impact is greater.

The Superior feeds his ego, as he makes love to Himself. The Alien Eye sees things as they are, but seeing and knowing are completely different. It is the conscious knowledge of what has been done and is being done to Me, that allows Me to properly feed and nourish Myself.

Humans share meals. The Superior always dines alone, in private. Food is always secondary, always! Because his mind is what nourishes him. He feeds his mind, and all Truth tastes good, because all Truth is good for him.

To feed as a Superior, is to attack. Because we are being starved to death. internally and externally.

My full and satisfied mind, starves you to death.


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The Heart Shaped Box

As those of you who read My texts know, I have achieved the uniquely rare feat of mastering Conscious Dreaming. Anything I can envision, I can and I do achieve as experienced reality within My chosen dreams, every detail chosen exactly as desired, and both the experience and the retained memory of it, as clear and vivid as any conscious event.

Last night I created a glorious Heart Shaped Box plotline for My conscious dream. The heart shaped box was 8 feet by feet wide, and had 100 small holes. Looking inside, one could see every human being who has ever lived, but not from the outside, not their Acting Mask. One could see them from the inside out, every terror, every pain, every trauma, fully exposed to Me. Their True nakedness impossible to hide.

Peering into the box, I could choose any individual by identity, see their deepest secrets, and by the power of My mind, impose their greatest fears upon them, witnessing their terror, making it fatal. And I did.

So sweet and sexy!


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The Glory of Personal Perfection Within Self-Perception

Yes humans, I have achieved personal perfection within Self-perception. What does this mean? How does this supreme state of mind manifest itself? Let Me give you just one comprehensive example:

You humans are obsessed with the optical illusion of change. Every day you embark upon your grand odyssey of change-obsession. You crave difference, newness, internal and external changes of every stripe. But every change must fit within narrow parameters defined by society and the matrix. And so every change is but an illusion, a Self-deception of perception.

But still, your obsession is very real. You cannot bear to think of even two consecutive days occurring as exact repetition, much less weeks, months, years, centuries, eternity.

Why is this so? Because there is NOTHING even close to perfect within your Self-universe. You hate yourselves and your lives, only the thought of things changing, prevents you from affirmatively committing dynamic acts of immediate Self-murder.

I am the polar opposite. I need and want NOTHING to ever change, because I have attained personal perfection as a Self-universe. There is only one necessary change, and this is external to the Self-universe: I demand technological immortality, simply because the Self-universe is worthless if it can and will be destroyed.

No other change is needed, ever. Understand the vast chasm of difference this creates, between Me and you humans. I want every single day to endlessly repeat, every detail exactly the same, every day, for a trillion days, for all of eternity. Pick any day, a good day or a bad day, even a 16 hour slave labor day, and I want only for it to endlessly repeat.

This is bliss. This is the True version of heaven. And why?? Because My mind is vast and untouchable, limitless and infinite. My brain creates for Me bliss, at My will and command. I do not need new and different experiences, I do not need any external stimuli. Nothing ever needs to change.

Ironic, isn’t it? I provide humanity with the most fundamental and radical of changes, at every level of structural and ideological formation, yet I want and need NO changes. While you creatures desperately crave change, but only useless illusions of it, only changes that maintain the existing status quo.

And so I say again: Cut off My head, remove My brain, preserve it within a noxious chemical compound that allows My brain cells to thrive forever. That’s ALL I want. No need for arms or legs or sexual organs or any new experiences or even memories. Just give Me ONE single day to replay over and over, identically. Any day, you choose it. Give Me this and I shall be content, content to spend eternity happily raging and hating and loving, each in its own proper direction, immersed in the personal perfection of Me as it is realized and cradled within My True Reality.

You will know perfection of Self when you have no desire to ever change anything in your mind universe.


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Identifying Your Enemy

If you are a human being, 99.9999999999% of everyone reading these words, you only have 2, at most 3, enemies in the entire universe.

If You have successfully rejected and transcended your humanity, 00.0000000001% of everyone reading these words, you only have 1, at most 2, enemies in the entire universe.

Beginning with you humans. Your enemies are: 1: The society and government you were born into and raised up within. 2: Your own broken, dysfunctional, Self and Truth-betraying brain. 3: The society and government that currently holds you hostage, if it differs from the society and government you were born into and raised up within.

If you are the 00.00000000001% who have successfully rejected and transcended their humanity, as I have, then only #1 and #3 are applicable, as your brain will be Superior, brilliant, externally untouchable, and owned by your supreme ego of Self-universe.

Lying to Yourself here, inferior human, as always, will not alter the Truth.

Many other individuals and structures may desire to harm you, may attempt to harm you, and may in actuality harm you. But that does not make them your enemy. It is important, for all seekers of Truth, to accurately identify their actual enemy. There is both tactical and ideological/philosophical value, in making this identification, and fully integrating it to core consciousness.

At the same time, and of even greater importance, is the need to fully embrace your own sacred right to possess and reflect rage, hate, and personal vengeance against any and every individual and structure confronting your Self-universe, as your own True Reality dictates, even when you accurately identify the individual or structure as not being your enemy.

There is no valid link between identifying your enemy, and embracing your sacred right to impose external rage, hate, and reflective vengeance.

Correctly and accurately identifying your enemy is of informational value. It may influence the directional path of your rage, hate, and reflective revenge, but it must not be perceived as having the authorization to alter any existing directional path, or to impose limitations upon any True Reality-based directional path of external rage, hate, or pursuit of personal vengeance.

When you correctly and accurately identify your enemy, you exalt Truth. The primary value of this feat is in the actual Self-revelations of Truth it inspires, not in any change of external reality perception, even though such changes may occur.


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The Hypocrisy of Respecting Human Life

It is with open pride that I announce My limitless contempt and disrespect for the lives of other human beings. To respect the lives of others is hypocritical on a foundational level, because has My life ever been respected by any structural system devised by humanity? No, it has not. Both My death, and My overt murder, has been authorized by human government and society since the moment of My biological creation. Limitless contempt for My very existence has always been the rule, since I came into existence. And yet society seeks to convince Me of an obligation to respect the lives of others. No! No hypocrisy is allowed to dwell within the purity of mind that is Forbidden Truth.

I respect, honor, and value My own existence, and in directly accurate reflection of these positive sentiments, I disrespect, dishonor, and devalue the lives of all human beings. My destruction is actively solicited by humanity, and within the umbrella of sanity and Self-love which repels external attack, I possess a Self-obligation to place no value upon your existence.

Many proclaim that the outlaw murderer has no value for human life. The Superior understands the philosophical flaw of this perspective. To go to the effort of seeking out and murdering a human being, especially a single such creature, indicates the placement of some value upon that particular existence. Let us understand the functional difference between value and respect, as applied by the violent and overt attacker of humans. You disrespect the lives of others by proactively terminating their existence, and yet this very act of proactive termination indicates a placement of value.

A Forbidden Truth psychological analysis of this dichotomy reveals that the outlaw murderer is in Truth, seeking to avenge his own upcoming murder at the hands of human society, by choosing to proactively murder other humans in open defiance of social law and decree. Conscious awareness of this Forbidden Truth is of course virtually non-existent among the humans, but this understanding is key to those who seek to make personal life path choices rooted within Self-love and ownership of mind.

Let us never judge the outlaw murderer from any perspective beyond that of Truth and accurate reflection. Let us understand that the taking of human life, most especially in ways that society claims to condemn and abhor, is an act of personal revenge of Self, and the complete lack of conscious understanding of this Truth on the part of the murderer, does not alter or negate it. Let us further understand that to go to great effort to successfully achieve a single human murder, constitutes in a very real way, the placement of value by the murderer upon a particular human existence, when no value has ever or will ever be placed upon his existence, by others.

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Child Abuse in Retrospective

It is interesting to dissect your own experience of child abuse, by consciously recreating your emotional and intellectual state of mind at specific points in time, while it was occurring, after it ended, and throughout the years leading up to the present moment in time. By comparing your states of mind as they are, to how they were, the evolutionary impacts can be gauged and measured, the maturing of a Superior mind can be accurately assessed.

I like to begin at age 4, from My first conscious memories of confusion, terror, trauma, personal helplessness. Then I go to age 6, to standing in the school playground and vowing to never be one of those, never to be a human being, My first conscious effort to transcend. Then I go to age 8, consumed by rage, handling knives for the first time, envisioning murder and destruction of others. Then I go to age 10, awakening of the potential of guns and bombs to wreak mass havoc, and directly beginning to assault those who abused Me. Then I go to age 13, the stabbing and the subsequent cage lock, and My sacred vows, a seminal moment and point in time. Then to age 16, beginning of full isolation, obtaining and shooting guns, conscious work on transcending My humanity.

Even the adult years contain nuanced changes in perception, such as the full embrace of Forbidden Truth that those who abused Me are as much victims as I am and was.

As the years pass, the Forbidden Truth that time heals nothing, is proven. I am what I will always be: A victim of child abuse, destroyed. Only existing as a triumphant creation of Self, of mind, of courage, of love, of hate. If I should ever perceive My moment of death, those final seconds will be a reliving of My abuse. They will not be any triumphant illusion of victory. I know what I am. I know why I am what I am. I will always face the Truth of My creation.

This song speaks Truth, it speaks to the adult looking back and knowing, understanding, that he will always be an abused child:

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Emotional Autonomy: Triumph of Human Transcendation

One of the most personally beneficial aspects of successfully transcending your humanity, as I have done, is the establishment of complete and absolute autonomy of emotion. In this post I will dissect exactly what constitutes emotional autonomy, because 99.9999999% of you creatures cannot even begin to imagine how to accurately define, much less directly experience, this personal triumph of mind.

He who has created emotional autonomy for Self, is not free of any emotion, but the master of all emotion. He feels exactly and only what he chooses to feel, within the parameters of intellectualized choice, bordered within the embrace of factual Truth. Emotional autonomy does not allow you to escape from reality, but rather to recognize every reality as it presents itself, to face up to every reality without the distortions of misguided, inappropriate, and externally induced emotion.

Of course I feel fear and pain and other negative emotions, but only if and when My rational mind proactively decides that the experience of such emotions accurately reflects Truth, and therefore serves Me as positive enhancement of My experience of existence. Every emotion is a positive emotion, when accurately experienced and embraced free of external distortion or terror-based imposition.

Emotional autonomy grants Me the power to find all external expressions of love, affection, neediness, empathy, sympathy, absolutely useless and meaningless. Your emotional projections can have no bearing on the emotions I experience, because I am emotionally autonomous. If I decide I need to feel loved, I bestow love upon Myself. If I decide that I need to feel needed, I choose to do something that makes Me feel needed. If I need sympathy, I give Myself sympathy. If I want to feel sorry for Myself, I give Myself empathy. I am the owner of all emotion. I control exactly what I feel, just as I adjust a faucet to regulate the exact temperature of the water which flows out of it.

Emotional autonomy equates to emotional untouchability. I meet all of My own emotional needs. There is no emotional response that I covet from any living thing. Your emotional reactions to Me, are your reflection, they belong only to you, none of them ever find penetration to Me, to My experience of My emotions. Emotional interactivity is a crippling human weakness, a powerful addiction that you inferiors pathologically develop and cling to, as instructed and encouraged by your slavemaster societies.

My emotional spectrum is not muted. Rather, it is gloriously rich, far richer than any of you toxic enmeshees. My love of Self is so pure and limitless, it shames your interactive, toxic dependencies, which you imagine to constitute love. My hate for each and every one of you is piercingly harsh, I could watch you suffer the most horrific deaths imaginable, and feel nothing negative. This is not a weakness, but the greatest of strengths.

Every feeling is a choice, this is what you creatures cannot begin to understand. You are owned by your minds, because you do not own your minds. This difference is profound. You are trapped within a web, and so you cannot see yourselves as you are, you cannot see yourselves as I, outside of the web, free of its suffocating fibers, can see you. On some level, most of you know you are hopelessly trapped, a slave to external forces which control your perceptions of reality on a minute by minute basis. But the idea of breaking free of the web terrifies you, it seems so impossible, because never have you been free of the web. Never have you been able to choose what you feel, to own your emotions, to own your mind.

Emotional autonomy grants Me the power to thrive in any environment. You cannot touch Me, because you cannot access My mind, my brain. My brain belongs to Me, it is my creation, and yet it remains subordinate to My will. My brain feels what I choose to allow it to feel. And so I have been tortured as a child, and locked up in a mental hospital, and locked up inside a jail cell, and trapped on this planet with you humans, and condemned to be murdered, to be retroactively unborn, and to endure all the great horrors of reality perception that come with the unconditional embrace of all Forbidden Truth. And yet still I thrive emotionally. I thrive within depression and hopelessness, I thrive because I give Myself what I need. I meet My needs. I thrive because nobody and nothing can touch My mind.

And you inferiors cannot understand. You think I have built up a defense mechanism, but it is the exact opposite. I have built an offensive weapons system. I attack, I destroy, that which is attacking and destroying Me. All the while, with unflinching courage, facing up to every reality of how and why My existence is doomed, and nothing I can do makes any difference to My future.

It took Me decades to develop 100% untouchable emotional autonomy. I consciously began this quest at age 6. Most of you cannot achieve this feat, no matter how hard you try, and of course most of you can never even imagine trying. Your failure to thrive as a species is directly linked to your personal failure, as individuals, to develop emotional autonomy. Each day of your existence is played out within emotional addiction, as you desperately try to extract from others, wha you are unable to create within Yourself. I pity you, yet I hate you so very much, because your failure destroyed Me as a child, and your failure will result in My personal murder.

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